The overview of life on earth is simply this: the greatest of all species is humanity/ and the worst of all species is humanity; because they can experience and express both love or hate, as a deliberate decision. Making life a reality of consequences, that teach the widest range of disciplines, balance, and order/ or chaos, violence, and revenge: in order for you to know, what is your own truth.

Truth identifies Creation, as a life which grants the potential for eternity; as energy never truly dies; even if it can be dissipated into nothing memorable at all. We live in energy/ but we survive in thought; and only truth by laws which govern these processes determines if chaos will strip your existence away; or your truth itself, will become pure enough to survive beyond time. Only truth survives, everything else “has a time limit”. Which makes truth the single source of existence itself. With truth enveloped by thought, and structured by energy; we get life. But that is not a home. Within the laws which govern all truth and dimension, the reality of trust identifies the potential for harmony, security, and peace in the effortless expanse that is; a passion for love. Love is then the home we seek, in or beyond time; because nothing less will grant the desire to live, and continue to live as life.

That makes life, a question that needs an answer to survive. The question is why, because as is proven over time: what is new, will become old. While new can bring joy and happiness, familiarity can turn that joy into dust. So the critical question is: how do we survive with happiness, turning life itself into joy? The answer revolves around and within love itself: because nothing less can give us the hope “of spending another day, with you”. To do that, respect identifies the possibility, trust creates a bond that will not break without true forces tearing it apart, and the essence of truth will prove we can survive as one or more expressions beyond the limits of self. As is a love that extends into eternity.

The foundations of our humanity include the comprehension of “GOD”; and therefrom religion emerged as our best efforts to understand how these miracles came to be. That of course became corrupted by the constant curse of men and women which is led by hate to destroy whatever someone has, that they don’t. Hate is a vile thing that arises from the desire, “that I grasped more”/ because I wanted to be more: but failed. And I refuse to get up, try again, or accept the limits of my own life/ because I didn’t get all I wanted from you.

Religions seek to modify that curse, to make themselves bigger, by creating the stories that will make men and women believe is “us”. Nobody is better or more aggressive in making up stories than are the religions of “university knows”. Their cult has been the most destructive in the history of humanity; and will soon make us all extinct; because unlike their doctrines of hate: which remove the miracles of life for chaos as is destruction itself. They made their world of belief: very tiny indeed. Demanding of their primary followers: that you must only learn “one tiny little thing”/ and that, will make you a god too! Just one tiny little thing, in a reality of world complexity that is greater than everything; “but GOD HIMSELF”. One tiny little thing, out of a human body for instance that is composed of trillions and more “little independent parts”, which must all get along in “perfect harmony”/ or there will be chaos and death for YOU.

So then while the majority of religions are trying to make you understand “how big life really is”. The university religions (functionally of death, instead of life) are trying to destroy the very fabric of our reality, by insisting: nothing is important, but one tiny detail/ and no one should know the whole, because no one can know the whole of life. So to be experts (gods over them): you must be god of “a detail, without true substance or worth”. Doesn’t matter, because stories fill in all the lies, that are necessary; so long as people believe. And we all know, “give them what they want” and nearly all people will believe anything you tell them; without question. It just takes a bribe.

LOVE on the other side of life, beyond where religion can go: identifies with only one religion as a whole exception to the rest, as is Christianity. JESUS is the example of love, that can be understood with a purity of purpose that will not be denied by any form of truth. Therefore the question of love begins with HIS LIFE; and the expression of love begins with how you interpret that example of what we can or cannot do, as people who desire love. That is not functionally a religion, as it does not seek a believer/ but asks to identify who is, and who is not: accepting of the desire that is all things of value, to the living soul.

We then ask: WHAT is a living soul?

The answer is: a living relationship with GOD, as Creator of our world, and ourselves. Simple as that! A living relationship is a search for value, a desire for family, a creation of trust, a respect for the laws which govern all that lives, and all that exists; a cherished acceptance of truth, the sanctity of what has been born, and the discovery that is a journey into what eternity can be for you or me.

Within these things a soul is born; or more specifically: by searching so in thought, we gain the formations that are consistent with creating an environmental dimension to our lives, that allows for thought to be self sustaining, in the moment beyond death. That singular existence of life without body, does represent our moment to choose the destiny that is GOD over our lives. If that destiny is love, then GOD ; your Creator will find you (same). If that fate of consequences beyond time that began with your hate is found; nothing will turn that back to life. Only in the case of the very worst, revenge will occur instead.

The failure seeks: “an absolute proof, or he or she WON’T BELIEVE NOTHING”/ unless it is what they want to believe”. Even with absolute proof, they will seek a lie to prove that wrong. They do not belong to life.

Those who find faith will accept: that the evidence of miracles, as do surround us all in literally countless ways; simply cannot be denied the evidence of a GOD who built us to be life. Because this is no accident, the evidence and purity of thought is literally EVERYWHERE; the laws governing energy and environment are balanced and pure; while chaos only destroys, proving who is the liar and whore.

The journey beyond time is not simple, nor is it plain. It is a search, the best we can, into what is true. That truth reveals only love can make life purely happy, and only love can grant the possibility of our joining the Creator who made us. The evidence we were not simply given life and discarded: is JESUS. Seek and learn.

But do remember this: love is not free, it does require everything you are to be; and that means: you must not give “everything” except to the GOD who Created you. No other can be trusted to this level of life. GOD FIRST means, that our lives will be noticed, whatever happens beyond that moment is up then “to the ONE who loves us most”. It is no guarantee in time of anything other than mercy to meet you, in eternity. Time remains: the freedom to choose for yourself, what your destiny shall be. Reality suggests, the possibility exists: that help could come, even here; if you recognize it as true. It is also equally possible, that like me, all the things that would make life here on earth “kind and pleasant”; will just have to wait, because “a world of life” is more important, than you or me.

The constant human cry is: if GOD was real/ then why is their pain and suffering? The answer is: that you chose freedom for yourselves, and the consequence of freedom is the realities of what you chose will then govern your time and future. The answer as to why must people die: is, as is clearly evident; you refuse to control yourselves/ and overpopulation of humanity causes extinction. The end of all life, so death is necessary; because all of nature has a right to their lives too.

GOD IS NOT here to dry your every tear, or win “the big game” just for you. YOU are here to learn the realities of life, and choose what is most valuable to you. So as to prepare the way for your own eternity. IF YOU enter within the spiritual world, THEN you will be known, and participation beyond the limits of time can exist. If you do not enter the spiritual world/ then you have no reference to GOD whatsoever, other than religious conceptions or stories (some of which are true/ some are not). NO, “GOD” is not your buddy, or other. Yes, your search will be noticed; but that is not for you to know.

As to the world of human expressions itself: if you do not sustain and accept the respect that is necessary to put LIFE on earth AND PLANET itself COME FIRST, BEFORE ANY OTHER DECISION THAT CAN BE MADE.

Then you are not worthy to be freed to search in or by any “university method”/ as your means are hate, and your consequences are extinction. NONE have that right, not legal or otherwise. WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS WORLD, and it is not for you to abuse or use as a toy.

As to hate, and the insanities rising beyond the means to contain them: just look at your reality. People have become less than important/ friendships have become “only through a phone, or hiding box”/ opportunities have ended as university control takes over the world/ the threat of endless debts give rise to a plague of hate/ and the foundations upon which we all depend, are being destroyed every single day. Leaving the future, a known catastrophe that none will escape.

If you are wandering why it is not my duty to “come shouting at you/ or spending an enormous amount of money to communicate with you: as GOD would surely do; when facing death of this world”. But your money is entirely just a lie/ and I don’t chase after lies. The alternate reality is: that I have tried everything legal under the sun, over the decades.  But you would not respond to an atomic fire/ biological mutilation/ loss of planet, resources, drinking water, oxygen, ocean life, and more; NOT even your own money, is a fraud could touch your greed; or your worship of university. Because you want the lies and the bribes more than truth. Since I began at the time all people in America were consumed with greed: “the university is where the money is”/ and trampled themselves to get involved, throwing all caution to the wind. Establishing: I WANT MORE/ to hell with the rest! The opportunity to turn my life into a game (lets pretend he is the terrorist), and my name into a joke (not one of us); has led to the excuse “we don’t need to know nothing, he says or does (he ain’t perfect)/ absolutely nothing, because he is worthless (just a damn religious nut)”/ and will just make you POOR (he don’t offer any bribes at all, nothing but reality. And reality demands payment.). The end result is, with the laws of this nation useless and discarded and disrespected by the courts: all I can do, is tell you as is “delivering the message”. That your university games DO have consequences. The reality of your ways as a human world, DOES have consequences. Your disrespect for life, energy, and world, WILL PROVE TO BE YOUR EXTINCTION. And without true change, not a soul on earth will have a chance to survive; not even into the very near future. As to what GOD chooses to do: the bible is quite clear. NOT by the ways, expectations, or definitions of men.

If you had a brain, I could prove that too you with evidence as I have done/ and none could refute. But alas: you don’t need no damn truth or reality, cause you “have a university”; and they are your gods. Until the day their truth as a destroyer, ends this entire world. Since you are a cult that cannot question its leaders; you have no future.

My job, is only to insure: YOU DID HAVE YOUR CHANCE, to make a different decision.

Your epitaph will read: FOR RICHES, they would climb the highest mountain, and face the worst enemies. But for life or planet:  not a penny, nor a word in defense or respect for this entire Creation. Because the lies of arrogance and pride; controlled their life. Goodbye then, as a world that could not be saved. To your shame.

It is my request, that this world should have until September 1st 2019 to understand what it is that they chose, or even make a different decision. The end of mercy according to biblical old testament has now pasted. The reality of new testament predictions beginning with Revelation 12 allow for a remnant to exist. The fundamentals of evidence that dictate what our world shall become; are all in agreement: there “will be hell to pay”. Or severe change. So, I ask for a bit more time; because life is precious, and this world cannot simply be replaced. If you are to end by fire, letting atoms ignite/ then it is my hope for “relative peace” until that day arrives as it is such a horrific end. Otherwise, and by all other means; as are predicted in Revelation: it is likely to begin very soon/ as this is, what you chose. Not a religious prediction/ a reality understanding of where truth takes control, and the consequences of disrespect. Unfortunately I cannot prove you wrong, if you don’t have a brain. Unfortunately for you, you cannot prove me wrong, until there is “no second chances left”. You will die as a world of life: because you choose fantasy over reality, and worship lies more than truth; making you, “the stupidest generation” ever to be born. While arrogance and pride shout “we are gods”; compared with the past. The past chose life/ you choose extinction: making you “gods of death”. Led by the blind, plagued by the deaf, and destroyed because you refuse to defend yourselves: fearing ridicule. Oh wait, my mistake; you are just like “the buffalo hunters”/ plundering, the resources of others, causing extinction, and doing so down to the last one; “because that is what you do”. the difference is: From those who study you, research you, survey you, and spend their lives for the deliberate purpose of manipulating, controlling, tempting, and enslaving YOU, to believe in fantasy, and worship failure. But more devastating than all the rest are, the bribes (no reality, just numbers):  which are leading you to destroy the nation, leading the world to catastrophe, crucifying the children, and causing not only your extinction, but the loss of this earth; down to the very last one. No home/ no future/ no life! Simple as that, the difference is; today 8 billion people/ instead of just over one billion grabbing for all they can get; every one plans to do so, everyday; for one hundred years . Buy hey not to worry as, “all the adults scream: NOT in my lifetime”/ so it don’t matter; right! After all, new tools make you powerful: YES WE CAN. As that was how the millions of buffalo in the lower 48 states were made extinct: a new gun/ a train to haul/ a factory to process, and deliver, even across the ocean. YOU DO, have many new tools; which are making this world extinct, “yes you can”.

I would mention: that among those who are “fighting for environment or some form of life”/ is the endless pride which controls what they do. As is: NO, we will not join another, because that would or could end our job, and we won’t share the pride of “being the great ones”. Just like all the other university diplomas, in the world. Soon there will be no others to join, as the world itself will be lost. “too bad”/ what is pride worth now? The constant of course is: either I say two words and then you give me an hour long lecture about “what I was going to say”/ or, I refuse, and make you understand this is not a game; wherein you run away to hide, screaming “not in my lifetime”. So just make up your own story, from here on in: I do get to be done.

As we search, to uncover the essence of life, and the values of integrity; as the basis for understanding truth. The critical question becomes: what is energy, that we find within ourselves the freedom to be alive? That answer is obviously not E=MC squared. As that is nothing more than a measurement/ using kinetic energy as its guide. ENERGY exists as the law which governs all motion, whether at rest, or at speed. In that energy we find the boundaries of life, because it is with energy that we survive. The fundamentals of law, dictate there shall be no change in this: so as long as that remains true, eternity does exist. And our lives as a participant in energy itself, can in fact go on. Within the disciplines, order, balance, and means for accepting and then understanding boundaries.

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