Your university cult gods (we cannot question them): have failed in all major ways possible, relying upon assertions that simply do not exist/ and failing to recognize realities that do exist. Such as: with regards to the sun: they can only see the “ash cloud”/ released by the flame. They cannot see within the fire itself/ therefore the sun is not made of hydrogen; as anyone with a brain, not diseased by university knows. What escapes the fire is the tiniest atom, making it the fastest and most agile: which is hydrogen. Your university cult gods: failed to assess the reality of an atom itself. Whereas reality states for every action there must be a reaction/ which then requires that because an atom contains a maximum amount of kinetic energy known to exist because of an atomic explosion. THEN to keep that energy in place, the atom must also contain a slightly greater amount of opposing energy, or what is speed in motion would simply leave; as is consistent with centrifugal force. Your university cult gods: failed to recognize it is the sustained spin of an atom, that contains the force of atomic bound and balanced energy. These are all extremely necessary bits of knowledge: with regard to GAMBLING with our world. Proving beyond doubt: Your university cult gods, are here to destroy this earth/ not save you. Life without thought does not exist/ and anyone with a brain, not plagued with fantasy, knows it is no accident. Your university cult gods, are your enemy: because their extreme experimentation, gambles all life and planet; resting upon their assertion of “being gods (we know)”/ which clearly they are not. This earth dies only once. Biology is mutilated beyond repair only once, to end life and all value. Resources are destroyed only once. Chains of living that make existence possible, can be broken beyond repair; making life die. Etcetera, and more. Wake up and defend your world; because we certainly cannot build another one for ourselves. Kill this, and we are done. As every human being KNOWS: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, FOR HUMANITY TO REBUILD LIFE, EARTH, BALANCE, OR ANYTHING ELSE WE DO TAKE FOR GRANTED; just because we were born into “the riches” of earth.

Critical to all understanding is this: that nothing matters, except truth. Truth alone keeps life alive, because it is fundamentally the evidence of laws that govern life, existence, energy, and even more. That means for this earth and all its life: that we must identify what is true, which does require a court of law, to remove the doubters as best we can/ and substantiate the value of what we do know, with evidence that will not be refuted.

Understanding what is true, in the value of what is called democracy: MEANS, WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW/ rules the future, nation, world, and because we are now so many people all of life on earth. WE MAKE THE LAW OURSELVES, by conceiving of, and producing “the one page documents” that do identify what we need to protect, and what we need to accept. Throwing away all the endless garbage that has been produced before: to rebuild our nation and world with truth and respect which includes the future for all living things. The ten commandments are an example of that law/ as are the amendments to the US constitution/ as is the bill of rights/ as is the declaration of independence. SHORT, SIMPLE, TO THE POINT, AND WITHOUT ANYTHING EXTRA. Chosen by our own vote, to govern ourselves, and our leaders! To protect life and world.

One of the top foundation constants throughout forty years of “working for the stability of life on earth”: has been, NOTHING is going to happen, because the rulers (people with university (we are superior/ gods compared to you), money (we own your world), power (we can make you cry), media (nobody is going to hear you cry), and control over government (we got rules and prison) won’t let it happen. So they failed, without a whimper; even though the value was clear.

Today: with this entire world threatened by extinction from what those rulers have done/ DOES PROVE, that their own threats are weak and worthless by comparison. The threats themselves proving: the universities threw away their brain, for arrogance. Proving with the conspiracy to counterfeit endlessly: even the rich have no value in their numbers, and are bankrupt. Proving the threat of extinction covers us all, you will make yourselves cry, whimper, and scream for mercy; if it is not undone. Proving that propaganda, to cover the damned and the disease of failure; has no purpose other than to bring HELL to this earth. Proving that government overtaken by our employees, is NOT democracy at all.

Therefrom we assess the situation, by the following facts, which we literally can use to change our world.

  1. NO EXPERIMENTATION can exist unless we the people allow it to be so: we are the owners here. The terrorism that is concurrent with university knows, reflects the reality of where the massive impacts of extinction by our own catastrophe of choice comes from. That terrorism CAN be found legally criminal, and the costs of plotting to end life on earth CAN have consequences beyond anything the universities assume.
  2. Money is a reality of human existence, because we must be able to trade our work, for what we want and need from another. That said, MONEY IS a human decision, representing a human promise: and we are in charge of what those decisions and that promise can and will be. LIMITED CAPITALISM, is the reality of limiting the rich: “to no more than this”/ by our own vote as we the people. Which ultimately confines them to the power we allow by that periodic vote. Opening the door for all the rest to participate, and share.
  3. Power is functionally, the relationship between need and fear. No better example of this exists than does healthcare, and the extortion that is criminally established and controlled, by the powerful in government against us all. The critical choice of healthcare is VERY SIMPLE: we will own the patent rights to all medicines and equipment used for healthcare. We will own the buildings and maintenance for all healthcare. We will enforce, that all healthcare is charged at a percentage of income; and that everyone pays the central enforcer of this billing: who will then pay back the medical staff for what they proved themselves to have done. The only insurance allowed is an individual contract to protect beyond the first “thousand dollars”. Because it is insurance that caused massive change in healthcare/ and it is the counterfeiting of money by government that made it lose control. All social security is bound together: and distributed “same for all”/ removing all forms of pension; and controlled by a percentage of GDP, is all you get. Make your own decisions “per unit of people being served”.
  4. Media has proven to be an absolute failure to the health and well-being of this nation. They removed and hid all important facts; because the powerful not only own them, but control the news through hire of employees. The consequence of that is the nation, the world of life, the future of every child, and this earth have lost. That fact establishes the need to remove all of media, and redefine it as a purpose to provide for the people/ NOT against them. To accomplish that, ownership of all forms of media MUST BE by “we the people” of this area. To accomplish that all forms of editing MUST BE: by common consent, among those who present and those who will function by their vote: that this is necessary for the people to hear. To accomplish that: the political arena shall be given to the public view, by their vote: whosoever participates as a media outlet of any kind, shall in fact give the room for what this nation needs to govern itself, for a stipend that will be decided based upon actual cost. The reality of allowing you to present anything as media: is thereby given a price, that will be obeyed.
  5. GOVERNMENT; is the assembly of what we allow our society to be, and desire it to become; by our own consent and agreement to unite. That forms the basis of a constitution, which then becomes “THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF”. Our employees ARE NOT the government, nor is the government any organization submitted by them. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, and our contractual agreement with our employees hired to participate as our workers in defining and creating the society we desire: is determined by the constitution, which by sworn oath is your agreement to do this job as we have designed. First amendment redress of grievances: is public trial before the nation, state, whatever. For the true purpose of deciding if our employees have or have not kept their oath of office: where we the people decide their fate if they have not.

These are basic parameters of life in society, which means: you can either continue crying/ whining/ failing/ and betraying yourselves and your world: OR YOU CAN STAND UP, and be counted as someone who believes and accepts we will do better for ourselves, under controlled developments of reality. That do give us the power to change this world for ourselves.

If you fail to remember: that justice, peace, and harmony must come first/ then you will not succeed in building anything. If you fail to remember: LIFE FOR THIS WHOLE EARTH, AND ITS FUTURE; must come before any human desire or want/ your world will collapse, because of the damage already done. If you fail to remember: it is absolutely necessary to stop all extreme experimentation, which means all experimentation until we learn what is truly going on/ HELL will come. If you fail to remember that weapons of mass destruction, will end your world, and destroy our future/ then you are a complete and utter fool, and cannot be saved. If you fail to remember that resources are the difference between life and death/ happiness and hell: then you chose chaos for yourselves or condemn your children, and deserve the eternity you chose. If you fail to remember: that religion is a friend, unless it decides to be your enemy; and play god with life (because a group decides to be superior; just like the universities)/ who have literally proven to be “satan”. Which literally means “destroyer of worlds”.

Believe it or not: our world has changed. The tools to destroy it have been built. The arrogance to play god with life, nature, world, and everything in between: has risen be become “the devil in disguise”. The power of men to destroy the planet has been granted in several ways, and does proceed at a horrifying pace. The curse of fools who literally throw the future away surrounds us all. The tragedy of human over population is true, literal, and without mercy: unless we all agree, that it must stop immediately and forever. Not because children are not “a true blessing”/ but because humanity chose to play god; and this is literally the only choice we have left to save our world. Even so, it is the massive numbers of people, that lend itself to changing this world as a blessing, for all the people/ not just the few.

Your choice is simple: fight for your world with peace, justice, respect, hope, courage, choosing the essence of love must direct our steps by the comprehension of truth. OR, let it die in catastrophe and chaos, as your leaders have designed? Simple choice; but I remind you plainly, there is “not a leader left, without a diploma”. Which means the common thread to our existence, and where we stand today, at the edge of extinction as proven by the evidence: comes from that diploma. Because they are their own army of insurgents, and have replaced our decisions within a constitution of law (destroying unity), with their own purposes, rules, and ways.

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