There is an assessment needed, for the sustained reality of any type of social change. Humanity functions as a herd, or a pack of predators dependent upon who they are; with very few actual individual participants. NOT because they cannot be individuals, but because they lack the confidence to make or maintain their own decision regarding something that is going to make a difference in their world. They DON’T want the responsibility of being WRONG. So they hide from it, and run away screaming “you can’t make me do it”. Which does make them, or establish the beginning of a herd or a predator/ instead of the basis called human. Which is: I am not only free to choose for myself, I will choose for myself, because whatever the cost or reward is going to be: I must accept the consequences as they are generated as mine. “good or bad”.

Societies move as a herd (I am safe in the middle/ the predators have to eat these others first), because they form leaders (look at me/ listen to me/ do what I say) to replace them as the primary motivators of where we are going as a group. Groups create packs (we have the power), so they can get more of what they want; by taking it from someone else.

Civilization is the responsibility to create law, and thereby let our laws, become our justice; and therefrom establish the security we the people need, to become free enough to make our own decisions. As is the constant of humanity: those who are determined to remain as a herd (traitors, liars, cheaters, fools, fantasies, and want)/ or those who are determined to remain as a predator (terrorists, thieves, whores, bastards, failures, manipulators, tempters, powerful, and proud); find “civilization to be their enemy”. This ain’t what we want, because it removes the army we have become.

The consequence of that is: societies are extremely slow to change; because each army of animals, fights to remain the same. They know not anything else, nor do they want to change. Because for whatever it is that they do have that they do want; they believe the future could be worse (my protections are gone), and they want to protect what they know they do have today. Its called fear, and fears cannot be undone with reality or truth; as they arise from the creation of an image inside, which will not die.

CHANGE then means, that a variety of factors are fundamentally entrenched, to deny that change even though reality says it must occur for our own sake, for our own survival, for our own happiness and life on earth. Those factors are:

  1. the herd says: we want, what we know will keep us alive, and not starving or at war. The pack says: we want, what we know can destroy and enslave the others/ because we refuse to be like them. Ultimately we hate them, and will not live as their friend: they are prey.
  2. The herd individually says: I will NOT be responsible for what happens that I or we did not plan for or predict. Therefore NO decision will emanate from me; as I plan to blame forever, whoever does make that decision/ because we must. If it turns out well, all I have to do is say “thanks”; and I am done. The pack says: teach me how to be deceptive/ how to tempt, manipulate, control, and identify the slave or prey; so I can eat whenever I want.
  3. The herd says: I have a right to fear, the predators surround us/ and I choose for force someone else, to the outside, where they are the prey, and not me. The pack says: I want an easy life, may they break their legs, and lose their punch, and just fall down; because at heart I am lazy, and prefer to be “worthless, or evil”.
  4. The herd says: outside the boundaries that we have created as a society/ the realities of what we force each other to accept or deny. There is only abandonment and isolation (Loser), because none will accept me anymore: I chose not, to be in their army, of protecting the strongest, and surrendering the weakest. So they threw me away. The pack says: I am only happy, when I take a prey down (I got their stuff; winner/ because they could not stop me), and prove to be the best at what I do. Be damned or dead, to anyone who tries to stop me.
  5. Society then says: our critical choice is a very simple one, either we continue as we are, with known risks and rewards/ or we move into another area, where we do not know the reality of what will actually happen to us: not “good or bad”. Both predator and prey then have the same answer: WE STAY, UNTIL FORCED OUT, by realities we cannot control.
  6. Civilization argues: by using our ability to conceive of the future through knowledge, we have the understanding to make this move with more safety and certainty about what our future, is going to be. Therefrom the university rises; and the realities of choice become more clear. The consequence being pride in the universities rise astronomically, and they become extremely arrogant: believing “now we are gods”. God asserts: you cannot stop me anymore. And they prove that with all manner of manipulation, control, terrorism, betrayal, thievery, cheating, lies, and with every possible failure of the human mind and body. Life approaches extinction, a reality that cannot be turned back once the point of no return has pasted!
  7. The reality of extinction then says: that it is not fear that will save you/ not the universities that will make this better (the source of all major threat)/ not hiding in a herd, or being a predator. Because the reality of extinction is: EVERYBODY DIES.
  8. We then assess TRUTH as a constant of what can be depended upon as the evidence of a reality we must not allow to become WRONG. To find with certainty the choices you shall not deny: that are left for us all, to make as humanity united, in order to save this world.
  9. Discipline assembles a courtroom, to achieve the maximum relationship between what we can do, and what we cannot. As is the best in public view, with truth as our guide: of what we are together as a human race on earth.
  10. Order asserts: that when faced with a crisis, that can be identified by the cost of “letting this threat continue” into a reality which gives us no other choice but to die, and be extinct. The only choice that lives: is to understand as best we can for ourselves; what will become of our future if we do nothing, but what we do right now.
  11. Balance lives or dies in the reality of what we can do; it testifies that fantasies and lies, won’t work: and must be isolated and removed so that truth can come.
  12. The critical question then becomes: are you human, able to make a crucial decision that will determine your own life, and your own world, from this moment on. Or are you animal, frozen in time, as a world of creatures who cannot consist of more than a predator or its prey. The individual brain, being useless.

The choice is yours!

But the reality won’t wait/ now or never.

Religion is the means for the herd, to believe itself more human; as the individual choice to believe whatever you want the future to be will be, is the assertion of a choice. It is the choice, that makes us individuals/ it is the herd that makes us an animal, that will obey the flow, and keep the herd separated “from the immigrants” presented. Not like us, means they won’t move like us, or think like us, and that causes chaos when presented with predators. The predators like religion, because it slows down the flow of the herd, and makes the individual more vulnerable because these are not as focused on being a herd, as the rest. They also get to believe whatever they want, to be their truth; even if it is entirely a lie.

As to individual realities: emotion is the internal drama of making yourself believe what you want to believe you are or will become or whatever it is that has not yet become attached to your existence. “its like the hermit crab; who needs a new shell”. Drama on the other hand is making the others believe what you want them to believe, so the values shift and change. The lies alter themselves into fears and rejoicing. The trophies are either what you gained or what you did not gain: as nothing matters, but controlling the audience.

Sexual predication is the act of identifying a victim for the purpose of lust: which is to use the victims body, for whatever chemical release you desire within yourself. This gives the victim no value except for the body they inhabit; and assumes the cost of using or abusing that body will not exceed the price these are willing to pay for that lust. If it goes wrong, and the price is suddenly or substantially beyond what the predator expected: they will destroy the evidence, so it cannot convict them and make the price beyond what I want it to be. Child predation (I am the predator/ you are the victim); is done because of control: you cannot fight back/ you, are not yet “Unclean”.

The reality of sexual predication between adults; is manipulated with media for the singular purpose of redefining the boundaries that separate the groups into their own distinct herds. By removing these boundaries, the herd is separated into much smaller groups; which then allows the predators who are waiting to consume them; a much easier time to enslave, tempt, manipulate, control, steal, lie, cheat, fail, abuse, use, and destroy the lives they intend to own. The foundational lie is: you must treat everyone the same, and let them into the herd regardless of who or what they are. The critical truth however is: our ability to defend ourselves and control our environment is dependent upon what we can and will do together as one united civilization. Seeking justice is to give the status of equality to each one (IT IS YOUR RIGHT, to be as you wish to be, to choose without damage to the others the life you can or will live)/ but equality is not family, and family is the foundation of a home. Ultimately the critical relationship of being human versus being animals as in a herd: is to discover the principle difference between us all, is the fact that we do choose as individuals, when identified by peace, security, and desire. That fact separates us all from a herd into a human being. But since you all live as animals in a herd, or predators in a pack/ that herd does far better for itself when separated into distinct groups. Anything less makes the animals vulnerable to the cost of those among us, who are not going to act or react, or desire, as do we. Sex is the primary method of invading another group; either by violence, as in marauders simply causing pregnancy/ or by temptations, which then lure women to become pregnant/ or by religion which proclaims “nothing you can do now”. To which the universities demand: yes we can, and that leads too the decisions that affect and change the lives of women forever in this world. Because a pregnancy that goes too far, becomes a murder that cannot be forgotten. Even so, the foundation of our reality as human beings: is we are owed, “freedom of choice”. So the critical definition of life or death or rights: is determined by the process itself.

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