The difference between us, is very simple: you believe whatever you want to believe, worshiping university as gods. While I search for truth, without any preconception; opening doors/ lifting rocks/ picking through the garbage if absolutely necessary/ and understanding the only solution to be found: will occur with respect. If you don’t respect the question/ you cannot respect the answer. Consequently every reality of existence, that does participate as life or living: must begin by respecting the reality consistent with the evidence to be investigated. Respect means: that even though the outcome CANNOT be respected, the cost of being human is not necessarily a reality of thought. To understand the essence of humanity, It is critical not to judge. To understand the consequences that bring this reality to our existence: it is critical “to get dirty”; because the essence of every mistake is not purity formed by the values of life.

People simply believe in what they want, and that want translates into a wide variety of behaviors and choices that will lead, to where the individual did not intend to go. Want is “dirty”/ pride is worse. The difference between falling into the trap, and investigating the reality: is to know, when opening the door is far enough, to know the consequences/ and how this occurred. You need not enter; because we all face the same basic elements of life and need. The specific direction taken, the deliberate choice that brought this moment about, the elements of why this choice was made: is the door.

It is a constant of human life, that people want to be more than they believe or accept they are. The consequence of that is: trying to prove, I can be better than you think; which leads to games/ assumes I know what you think before you can tell me/ I know some tiny detail of gossip, so YOU must listen to me; even if it lacks substantive truth; and so on. All because you want to be “the best you believe that you can be”. The problem with that is: it is NOT the best you can be/ it is the intentional manipulation of what other people believe you can be. Truth or not is irrelevant, because only the image matters. Want controls the image.

In contrast to that is pride, which always tries to control “more for me/ less for you”. The primary method is manipulation by money; as is money makes me more than you. Any type of poverty regardless of money or body or mind or whatever; is judged to be less than me. The cost of judgment is “measured”. The cost of measuring someone is the decision: “I am a god/ next to you”. Because everybody has to be placed in their “position of society”. And those considered to be the least, are also judged as worthless, and can then be thrown away, used, or abused however “your own image of god desires”. To throw a life away, because you have judged it worthless: is to assume “GOD of this Creation”; would let you “be HIM”. It is not so, but endless amounts of people do it anyway. Being superior can have eternal consequences; because pride is not accepted, in eternity. The cost of playing god, can be severe.

What we need to understand to identify the human condition, is why do you “desire to be more than you are”; because every basic human fault, begins with this decision. The most common answer to that is: If I was more (people flock around those who are more), then people would want to be my friend, and play with me; and I would have everything I want/ I would be the winner & not a loser. While it is a grade school sentiment; it is also a reality of life and living; that is aggravated by loneliness, and all the things a lack of respect will do.

We then learned simply: that the constant condition of human behavior is linked directly to how many honest and real friends do you have/ or don’t you have. Because loneliness is a driving force that does have consequences. As does a lack of respect. People bully each other, for pride: yes I can/ because you, can’t stop me. So the second largest force pushing humanity in the direction the masses will take is: “you don’t respect me”/ you use or abuse me instead; because you judged me a loser. While that is a sentiment that ranges throughout living life, no matter where you go; the cost is very simply “it grows hate” and hate has consequences.

We then look to power as the result of denying life can be equal to me. Which very simply means: my greed (I want yours too) has taken control, and pushed the very life of me, out. So selfishness arises to take the place of life, and consumption replaces happiness with the certainty, that I am the superior one. The cost of power is war, because the end result of no respect, and the damage of judgment is: only violence will do.

We now search the question of democracy itself: to understand what people can and cannot do for themselves when faced with the realities that are described above. In the “soup of destruction” that is the constant human condition/ the reality is simple: no matter what we choose for ourselves, that is not ELEMENTAL JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY; the reality of our lives will become subjugated to those who hate. Love requires freedom and equality to survive and be happy; gathering its values under the umbrella of respect, honor, and courage. Very little of that exists in American society, and without doubt no other places as well. People want money; because people want to prove they are superior to the rest: so “you have to win the game”. Which makes the game, the functional tool that ultimately destroys society itself, and causes war.

That means: the very first attempt to establish a civilized world, does require that there should not be any games (for position or power) to be played. Instead the laws of justice, and the rights establishing fair play and equality must be chosen instead. The end result of that is: the powerful, stop being excessively powerful, and the lives of all the people suddenly become valued. Because they have rights now too. Limited capitalism does that without the game/ by deciding according to public vote: just how rich any person or thing, can be. Leaving the opportunities to be found in society for all the rest to share in.


  1. Control the currency, and establish a constitutional law that cannot be changed without all of society accepting that change. (only so many numbers per citizen/ according to the census). NO allowance for government employees to change the law or make a tax or cause a debt. Because we will create our own percentage of the tax collected for each enterprise we decide to support. NO acceptance, of war: the people decide for themselves/ the military shall only defend until that day.
  2. Whosoever makes the law, rules the nation, state, world, whatever. So the value of each law is absolutely important to every single citizen. We choose then to make the law we must obey and defend for ourselves; insuring that no lawyer will be needed/ no judge can take away the law: that lets us all know what that law can or will do for us all or each one. Demanding we own the courts means: we will throw out any judge or lawyer we deem unfit/ without exception, by our public vote.
  3. The value of our society shall not be made into a game! That means: the curse of those who are playing god with life or environment shall be removed. And our choice shall forever become: ALL LIFE AND THIS EARTH, are what we protect first, and forever. No more gambling, no more experimenting with nature, no more utter destruction of resources, no more anything, where being WRONG; becomes the essence of our own extinction or demise. We will protect life and environment as if it were our own “very survival”; because it is. You cannot escape your own cost of living/ by making your children pay. Simple as that.

The reality of choosing for life and environment does have a job for all/ and a respect, that will linger forever (until the earth itself dies).

True power of the people is: “first amendment redress of grievances”; which does legally allow the people to create a courtroom for determining if our elected officials have in fact kept their oath of office to us/ as constitutionally declared. That does include the judiciary, president, etc.

True failure of the people is: to assume there is no cause for the wealthy to exist/ because you want more. The reality is far more complex, and the foundation is: decisions that work, must be made or the entire reality falls into chaos. Rich and poor will continue: but the spread of inequality between them, will shrink tremendously. You will choose to survive, by remembering respect: for life, work, resource, and realities not easily changed.

True survival will NOT be less than returning respect to all living things, and keeping humanity within the boundaries already in existence: NO MORE expansion/ NO MORE “its a long, long list”. Because this world comes first/ and all your universities and leadership could do: was put life and earth last. Which has established the truth: we do face our own extinction. Choose to investigate and prove what the evidence will support. Because we cannot be so WRONG, as to let our own world die.


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