The creation of an elemental mind: one that develops through the purposes of a mob (I want, what I want), rather than an individual constructed by the desire of life, which is to be truly “alive”. Is the reality functionally described by judgment, which means not only to measure, but then assign a value: from “like a god/ to absolutely worthless; or an enemy”. It is that measurement, which constructs the inner workings of human behavior, and it is that judgment that assigns the definitions, and describes the destruction, of hate. Hate is the relationship you seek, with the demand to play god over another life or living environment. By accepting hate, you choose to become isolated into the vacuum of a death spiral. Which simply means: you have no anchor, and no miracle, to keep you alive inside.

Of the endless delusions of a university education; one of the worst is evolution. Which is basically people playing god, who take their human waste (poop/ shit/ etc) and rub it into the lives of others who then cannot see. While they piss in your ears (so you cannot hear), the trumpeting human elephant herd comes to stomp on your head; so you cannot think. It is a human elephant herd, because they do have force, and are constantly claiming we have the big brain: which cannot compare to the essence of a human being alive. Yet you do have to be careful around them, because they do have force: to disgrace life itself by assuming chaos, and destroying lives, time, and creation itself. By removing the brain of children, and replacing that brain with the soup of fools (we are gods, life is an illusion/ an accident built upon what we chose; without even a brain). The soup of fools (we are superior to everything) is always trying to prove they are gods/ so their primary battleground assertion is: no TRUE GOD can exist. They commonly rest on “we are at least superior to you: we have stories to confuse and confront; to prove you cannot stop us”. Lies or not, is irrelevant; as all religions do know, “to achieve control, you cannot let the people make up their own mind”. That is akin to thinking for themselves; and that is not allowed. Nonetheless it is possible to escape the curse of university delusions; the plague of university violence: by simply entering “the water” of miracles.

A miracle is: the basis of all human identity. A miracle is the basis of life, and it surrounds us all “like water”; with an endless array of realities that cannot be explained by anything less than “a level of thinking so far superior to our own; the only word left is GOD “! A reality of excellence and purity by design: that we are given the comprehension of love, as the essence of life. The elegant ascension into thought, is the foundation upon which we do become alive.

Love: rather than hate, which is the cost of playing god when you are just a human. The cost of that hate is: humanity turned to animal (I want, I want, I want, I measured you/ I don’t want, so I hide in me); rather than alive in life. Love is: the elemental search, that lives inside us all; to conceive of what life beyond the limits of time could become. Love is: the critical construction of a value immeasurable, that lifts life beyond the mass of a human body, into the realm of what it can truly mean to be ALIVE. Alive; then searches for the meaning of life itself, within the respect that miracles do achieve.

Miracle is: the growing elevation of what can or cannot exist in the revelation that is “thought as life”. That is not the intellectual games of a university brain/ but the essence of miracles inside the search that contains the consequence of where my soul desires to live. We have received the knowledge once accepted: that a miracle is from GOD our CREATOR. Therefore the path back inside the miracle that is life, rather than self: constructs the return to that beginning is through thought. The path back to the beginning of “why are we here”; assembles “at the feet of love”. There is no better example of true love and respect: than is the biblical account of JESUS. Simple as that, not as a religious statement/ but as a matter of fact, as relayed by the written testimony of people. While people can never be fully trusted to deliver “just the truth”/ the essence of their testimony is such that I consider it the best we, as people, can do.

MIRACLE means: there is a discovery to be found, IF you accept the value of the evidence, and subject yourself to the fundamental that is truth. That discovery is: “body is not life (as is seen in death: which is life removed)/ it is only time achieved through motion, as the evidence of life”. Therefrom the question becomes: WHAT is life, if not, or as an addition too; a body called time?

LIFE: the elevation of existence, from simple movement into a relationship with the thought clearly established by the existence; in miracles itself. Life then becomes the first step toward existence. Movement becomes the first step in the recognition, of existence. And thought becomes the elevation of essence, toward the soul of our own creation. Soul is that expression of value, used to achieve and establish the laws which built our trial, as a living experience formed by the decisions that we will make. To achieve identity!

An identity serves three purposes: to establish the boundary of self, by definitions of the law conceiving “love or hate”/ that we chose to desire. To use desire as the foundation of a destiny conceived of by you; as the value which can sustain an eternity by the substance you create. To evaluate the respect assigned by you through the purity of your own dimension; in the journey that can or cannot achieve “a life with GOD”.

LOVE, lifts the soul into its treasury of truth, by the values you accept. Love identifies the purity of your heart: the demonstration of what is or is not to be shared by you, through your own level of caring. Love, establishes the door; by which the spiritual world can achieve soul. Thereby soul does in fact become your relationship in truth, with a world that is beyond time. The critical question is not: do you want love. The critical reality is, can you accept truth?

TRUTH is, the discovery of boundaries. Respect for those boundaries establishes the fact, that beyond this distance, there is no truth left for you to find. Therefore the edge of life or death; is determined by what is true. Life, has a boundary; it cannot be sustained in chaos. Therefore the critical edge is your decision to remain within the values that love creates; or you die. Time permits the translation of death as hate. Hate evaluates the difference between life and death; as intense jealousy, and the desire to make you lose your life too. You cannot stop hate, “until you wash out the sewage”.

The university soup of human fools, is a venom that seeks your death, by introducing the word “believe, in the stories we tell”. Religion seeks belief, by addressing the cost and consequences of living with hate/ as do not seek to understand this; just believe that there is a better way, and accept the values we suggest as worth that belief. Do you see the difference? Both the religious and the universities believe in themselves; which is the essence of why they cannot achieve more than simply telling stories. The difference between want and truth is: the boundary that will not accept lies/ the essence of life itself, that must understand the reality upon which each truth is born.

The reality of being human is: we must each search in our own way, for what is most important to “I”. that relies upon no judgment exists to confront the value of I/ but rather the essence of I, becomes the creation of self. It is self that lives in time/ it is “I” that will live in eternity. But each confronts the description of belief, by its own truth. You cannot build the journey into life, with judgment. But you can approach the values of existence through time. The essence of that entanglement, identifies self. Your ability to disengage from time, and assemble the values of your own heart, conceive of “I”. That “I” is: the search for GOD.

The human animal is constantly shouting: “I WANT to do what I WANT to do/ regardless of the consequences: for free”. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT FOR FREE; and don’t let nothing bad happen to me, because I just want, what I want; WHY, should I not have what I want. IF IT AIN’T MY RIGHT/ it damn sure ought to be. “well except for a few things other people do”.

The human soul seeks to remain within respect for the boundaries of law that sustain and create life and love; thereby understanding the price of life, the justice of our existence, is worth my choice to live as peace, harmony, hope, and love.

Do you see the difference?

The human animal hates, because it has lost its ability to conceive of miracles, and becomes disoriented when consumption or winning/ losing, is no longer enough. Mass murder is the evidence of judgment: as in “You (somebody has to be the enemy) stole my life”/ so I am going to steal yours. Without an enemy, there is “only me”; and that is suicide. Those judgments are a descent beneath time, where hope is destroyed, and the grave is established as your only reward. “so, let’s get it over with”.

When sex no longer makes the human animal “happy”. The male animal most often blames the female; and that ends with abuse, discarding the female for another, or murder as in “its all your fault”. Without some type of happiness, life becomes a burden/ and that makes people mean.

You can’t buy happiness for long, this is not “friend”/ you can’t use sex to make you happy “forever”, the chemicals won’t last: that makes it work. You cannot hide from life, and make things better for long. Nor can you give up on the living/ because that leaves you with the dead: a recipe for disaster. So, the question is: HOW, do we achieve and create happiness within ourselves?

There is no ultimate solution by which you suddenly inherit “I AM ALIVE, and this feeling is a joy far beyond self”. Every participation in life that you design by your own love is an ascent beyond the limits of time, where being truly alive becomes real. The closer you get “to that light (this is my destiny, the choice of my whole desire) of life”, the happier you can be. Therefore happiness is limited in truth, to the gift that is love returned.

Unfortunately while animals, and plants and miracles of both life and environment are elementally love shared with me. The reality explained by a lack of human involvement in any life, does limit the elevation of life by love, to the disciplines and order of truth. The spiritual world shares existence by that truth, but it will NOT allow you to sustain any amount of time: that is not consistent with human experience or expression. It separates you from humanity, and while in time: we are human. Which does mean, that happiness although born inside as life itself, now alive: must be contained until the time has ended.

The value of a friend is, “I will spend my time/ as is my life; with you”. As it is realistic to do, for me and for you. You cannot judge a friend, even if the law itself can. Because the essence of love itself is to create and bind the value of living, with the truth of what we can be together. Every judgment takes something away, and that ends friendship. The lack of respect between you: ends the value of sexual relationships. The binding of hearts, is a description that aligns only with trust. You must stay within the laws of value, to sustain love. You must accept the costs of purity to rise above the limits of time. You must understand the disciplines of survival, to assess and accept the order of: what must be done, if life is to survive. Balance is the foundation of human gender roles. Or more simply: what men can do/ women cannot: what women can do/ men cannot; to the level or cost of what is necessary for life to be “happy”. Without happiness, there will always come “chaos”. The price of doing what your friend needs you to do, that you can accept without destroying respect for each other; is a decision that only you can make. A reality that only he or she that has a need; can cherish or deny, as your gift to them. Sexual behaviors are neither good nor bad: so long as there is equal acceptance, NO force; among the participants/ so long as, it is “the natural process of life” between genders.

IT IS, when life fails to be “fun”/ that people choose to be arrogant, and build the destruction of more than just “self”. That is true of individuals, whether they are alone or leaders of a nation. It is when arrogance causes leadership to fail being justified, that war is established. When the rules destroy this sanctuary or, when the mob comes biting at their heels: that people decide to use weapons of mass destruction, “to show them”; NEVER mess with me again. The consequence being arrogance and isolation (to build hate) is the surest sign of war coming, that there is. This world is filled with arrogant leaders, and isolated people. It ain’t no game, you cannot turn back the clock, or the destruction. The critical test becomes: is your life worth living/ or is your hate worth killing for. One or the other will decide. A civilization with value, searches for the development of justice by law. A society without value, searches for control by creating rules: “to make them damn people obey”. The disciplines necessary to defuse the arrogant from their own mission: “fear me”/ requires that leadership be removed from the power to create a war: which is by law, not shouting, or biting their heels with your own arrogance. Requires that the individual threat be reduced: to a discarded piece of clay. By the absolute absence of mention in media/ he or she becomes a no name, no cause, torture will occur: end of life at 30 days: gone forever. As in “you should have chosen suicide instead.” The appropriate torture for gun violence in a civilized world might be:  “a child’s bb gun”. In the hands of anyone who wants to shoot him, night or day. But only one gun at a time, so the reality can remain:  death is not enough, the others must learn why not. Torture is reserved ONLY for the intentional mass murderer, and is limited ONLY to realities where there can literally be NO doubt.

Your life will be erased.

The constant and common path of humanity, is like a multi-lane highway. You can get in a wreck, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or, you can carefully negotiate around the wrecks that present themselves on a very regular basis. Or, you can be stuck in traffic, because the wrecks preceding you; have caused people to stop, and wait for their turn to drive around. When everyone is “driving at the same time” it increases the probability of your own accident; because the traffic is so much worse.

Given that essence of human endeavor, to be as a herd that is driven to stampede; just to keep the predators away. The cost of being an animal rises to the critical mass of a very tightly controlled group, which must act and react as all the rest in their group/ or be trampled to death. That critical mass understands: we are threatened with a competition, that will not give us the peace or security we need to calm down and enjoy life/ therefore any insertion of “the immigrant who is different”; raises the flag of what can go wrong for us; if we let them stay.

Competition then breeds hate: because there is never enough time to just be happy for me, and at peace. The competition will soon accelerate beyond anything it has ever been: because the rate of population increase has hit its moment of “mass ejection”. Or more simply “the insurgency of babies” are grown up now. That leaves the bulk of humanity who have been here fighting to survive: with the clear certainty, soon there will not be enough of anything, for any of us.

No more “I will just go to the store”. No more, room to breathe; literally because of oxygen concentration will begin to fail. No more water to drink, or food to eat, or resources to use: because we are so many humans on earth now. That turns into catastrophic war; because as history proves: the answer of men is “somebody has to die”/ and we want your stuff. The rich say, “not us”! But their reality is the same as the rest; as their money is counterfeit: but as the common people do know, money won’t matter, it is a simple as who has control over “the guns”. Women will be abused, used, raped, and murdered; as history also proves when the reality of law breaks down into chaos. Children will be eaten, but they will not be alone “as food”.

Are you running yet? It won’t be long; because the road of men, is a constant move away from reality when threatened with violence. Returning only when they can group into an army, and believe they can win; or have no choice. Death comes anyway. Throughout history women were given very little choice; but simply wait.

So then, we do stand on the edge of extinction in more ways than anyone needs to count: the odds of our survival are small, but we can still hope; for a few moments more. But not without change!

The reality of change is very simple: the miracle of birth has now become ONE OF, the clear consequences that lead to our extinction. This is, the one area of our reality, that is strictly the domain of women. Their actions or reactions or indecision leads to the road of our demise as a world; because once past the point of no return if not already/ and there is literally no going back. Nature will fail, before humanity will be stopped. The alternate is of course weapons of mass destruction; which kills all life forever, and presents no hope for our world.

Since the constant of men is to run away from every situation like this one; waiting until they absolutely cannot escape the aggressor and only then: must respond. Their failure will ensure death of this earth. There is no hope in men. Which leaves us with women, who have always been hiding in the background awaiting the decisions and realities of what will men do. But this time, in this one area of extinction: it is literally only the women who will matter. And if they won’t step forward to deal with our reality of “just more people than this world can support”; it will be left up to men. And they will war, just as they have always done throughout the entire history of humanity. So the question is: are women braver than men, by facing their reality, before “death and mutilation”/ or not? This one, is literally their own choice!

UNLIKE any other time in history, women DO have options: that is deliberately thanks to “university realities”. as does prove, the universities are not all bad/ it is the arrogance (the intent to play god) and failure to respect (they think they are gods):  thereby discarding life, environment, miracles, and GOD; as if it were their own personal toy/  that makes them fall.

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