In the question of our existence, comes a few simple details:

  1. there is life/ there is death: and everything in-between those two boundaries is either body or time.
  2. A human being alive, is frightening to both predator and prey; because being human is greater than being an animal.
  3. A human being alive is neither leader or follower, because he or she is not part of a herd or a pack of predators; being human relies upon “I make my own decision”/ and need no media or university, to tell me what I think.
  4. The critical question of life is: “without body or time” as a carrier for the display of our expressions and its experience”/ WHAT does life mean?
  5. The critical question of death is: “what does surrendering the vessel, and its motion mean to freedom, and value”?
  6. If life exists behind a boundary, that cannot be seen without a body/ then what is it?
  7. If death exists behind a boundary, that cannot be identified outside the destruction of that body and its time on earth: where did life go?

Each of these elements, assemble a reality that is ultimately a definition to be assigned by our own decision. Therefore we must begin the search into evidence, by assessing our own ability and become advised, by the dimension of thought.

Critical to the illumination of value: as is consistent with the decision that “I do desire life”; is the reality of placement. Or, if I live, where will I reside in that possibility called eternity? Because life is valuable under some conditions, but not valued under other realities of destruction, or failed construction. So the question of an eternity does in fact reverberate within the dimensional expression of what the dynamic experiences of living can be. Dimensions occur because of the internal structures responsible for “opening space”.

Time and body give us our first clue. Nothing exists in complexity, which does demand order, discipline, and balance: without thought constructing that definition, by interfering in open space. Existence is then reliant upon the essence of thought, the potential of space, and the substance of what can achieve strength. Without these three, nothing exists.

So, we ask: what is the essence of thought? Unfortunately, “that is not given to animals, without respect for life”; as is consistent with a university diploma. So we must go on. We ask: what is the potential of space? Relying upon the definitions of thought to understand “there is a freedom here/ which allows the possibilities to expand wherever thought can take them”. Which makes space an endless mass, without a boundary that matters. We ask: what is the substance of strength? The foundation upon which we anchor our beginning desire. Because desire forms the structure, that will then decide to survive or die. While there is no strength in death/ the essence, and thereby the purpose of life seems less distinct, without it. So we have the beginning discipline of order. Either arise from the middle to appreciate life/ or you will fall into the abyss, and die.

We now search the disciplines of time and body to construct the dimensions of our thought. Where is the structure that assembles our space: the human element that becomes “our choice”? We call it time, as a relationship born in moments that can be defined or redefined by our own description of a decision. Each moment assembles a memory, which can be kept or discarded, or which remains “want it or not”. These moments/ this memory: is the structure of what does or does not become the internal strength of our decision to be, “what we will determine our own specific desire for value, to be”. It shapes our world of thought and decision to accommodate the fears, or the courage/ the love or the hate/ the substance of our desire to survive/ or the surrender of life to death. That internal shape, then forms the boundaries of what can or cannot become attached, and thereby shared with you.

There are three basic choices to the elemental rise of life in you: “human/ predator/ or prey”. Each is formed by the boundaries we choose to identify as our home in time. Each boundary is the result of our decision, and the courage or fear that shapes our relationships with life. Courage lives as the partition we create between what can be lost, or will be lost; and what we protect or defend, as too valuable to lose. Fear arises from the conception that what we must protect first and before all else is “ME/ damn you, ME”. Which does mean that the partitions you create inside of your mind, will become your own prison, as defined by you. A human being is the core principle of courage: that life, is more and greater, than just me. An animal is the core principle that “what I want/ or don’t want”; is all I need to survive and be content with life. While predator says, “I am a god/ or fear us”. The prey says, “we are a mob, that cannot be defeated; so long as we all stick together, think together, and act together; as if we were all, just one, living element of life.” That does not include “other subspecies involved”; they cause casualties.

The rise of human instead of animal, is dependent upon what you do with the space, and dimension allotted to you, as time. Space allows for the creation of fantasy by your mind, as a reflection of what the animal brain can conceive. Dimension is the development of decision, by the structural elements of truth, and the byproduct of that truth, which becomes the law of what can or cannot be, to achieve and sustain order. Thought arises from the embrace we give to law, and the construction we attain in truth. The animal fantasizes/ the human does not; because it is elementally destructive to the anchor of our identity. Which is why the continual university delusions are a pandemic fighting against the very foundations of life. You are either about truth, and the distinctions of law as do lead to your own thought/ or you are living the life of an animal.

We then assemble the decision of a life that is human: to become a participant in the value of living, by the creation of an identity that will defy chaos, and achieve the environment of soul. Soul asks: because truth creates everything that can or will survive, even into eternity; can you be truth? The laws that govern this reality, of life itself; cannot be avoided, and that requires your decision to face the realities of existence, and choose to accept the price of continuing beyond the boundary of time. That price is purity of purpose and desire, so the spiritual element that shapes our dimension as a family can be established. Spirit is truth, and its boundary is the law governing that truth. Truth has an identity, and it is anchored into the values which sustain that truth until, or after it becomes a law. Your identity must search for, and find its anchor; because that is necessary to achieving the courage required to become eternal. Time gives you the “trial and error” for shaping what will become “your mental truth”. Body leads you to the anchor, of what we rely upon as your “physical truth”. These are both boundaries which you cannot escape; thereby it forms a prison (freedom stopped here) in the elemental terms of time. Your own construction of thought, is required to go beyond. Which does make thought, the elevation of life beyond death.

We then approach death as the boundary which separates what does have value (life)/ from what no longer has value; as is evident by the rotting of a body that is no longer a participant in life as time. Asking the question: what is death, and how does it separate us from the space we inhabited by the freedoms, and realities assigned with time? The answer relies upon the evidence of chaos has come to your existence in time/ chaos reduces everything complex down to its simplest form: because that, is what it does. Consequently, everything that use to be your body and life in time is ruined and destroyed; clearly leaving you the human being; no place in this existence/ you are gone. The discovery of what can be left of that existence, is elementally thought. The dimension which holds the secret of where can you go, and what can you be: as truth? By disassembly of all that hides what is true, as is then a lie. That job relies upon the spiritual world to accomplish the foundation element, that is your absolute truth.

The question begins with: WHAT is truth? That value is identified by thought, and whatever is determined, without substantive value is identified as death. The chaos that destroys thought: the list is long, but fantasy, violence, hate, etc are included. LIFE THEN BEGINS; when chaos is removed, and what is left of the environment that you created to conceive of and accept as the boundaries of your own truth; then govern the existence of what you can or cannot be. The purpose here is freedom and desire. Without freedom happiness will die. Without true desire for life to be shared, because you care and respect the realities of “family”; there can be no love. Therefore the quest of life in eternity is to create an environment for truth, as determined by the laws which govern this universe; and fill it with love as the value you can bring to family; even for an eternity.

The critical question is however: WHAT is the essence of thought, as a passage between life and death? When we remove time and body, “what is left”? That ultimately depends upon the confinement of energy, and control over its movement as space without boundaries. Therefore it is imperative that you create your own boundaries; so as not to be dissipated beyond recognition. That passage (the boundaries of where I search or live) exists between life and death: these walls, then determines the destiny you will achieve. More distinctly when thought is released into space as an energy, it must have an identity. That identity is you, and the anchor you have created to control your own truth; is what exists beyond the spiritual wall that leads to the door you will choose for your life beyond time. The critical path is your choice: for what is most critical to the value of your existence. If that is GOD our Creator/ then your truth is that. If not, your passage will end somewhere else as determined by what is most valued by you. There are only two distinct directions for life: love or hate. If you found only the middle ground, then your direction is “elsewhere”/ and that will cause you to dissipate into nothing. Because eternity is not a kind or endearing place; unless you find GOD with your soul.

We cannot discuss the values or venue or passage or creation of thought; as these form a relationship with life/ and the plague of university is strong. They wait for what they want, and what they want is to finish bringing chaos onto this world of life. Which they will do, unless enough “humans” are found: to make them stop. Are you human, OR animal? THE CHOICE is yours to make/ but the reality of our existence has run out of time. Threats which will make you, and this world extinct, are many.

The essence of every life is based upon “courage or fear”/ because these control your reaction, and that limits the actions that you are able to take. Fear is “the great dragon”; because in the night, fantasy and imagination can arise and leave you without the courage to fight; because you know not where this comes from.

That reality gives birth to “the religious incarnation called Satan (worst fear)”. Or more distinctly: “don’t blame us/ its Satan’s fault”. All manner of human animal assertions go with that claim, “to snake around, from every hidden side” : as is consistent with the conversations and other common elements of “human being human”. That do arise as our combined experience. Giving to fear, its greater power to deceive by creating the horrors of imagination; rather than truth. Which do lead people into area’s of belief, that they would not otherwise know, or be affected by. Death is the existence of chaos/ fear brings chaos. Which means the reality of “satan and hades” is, the fear and the horror, of your fantasy; taking control over your life has been maintained. Dissipation is the “rotting of a body”; that occurs when your truth cannot be sustained either, and your life then disappears from existence. Fear must dissipate as well for that to occur.

WE NOW, stand on the edge of world war 3; with all weapons bared to reveal the cost of playing with weapons of mass destruction. Those who want to be “gods”/ will seek to use those weapons, believing they will survive unharmed. But a world destroyed leaves no life for anyone. So the question is: can you survive your fears, and stop the inevitable result of men: that is war. Before it destroys this world?

It cannot be done with less than world law, and world policing of leaders. That takes the enforcement of massive amounts of people insisting: we shall have this law.

Those who make their living with death, will fight against you. Because they want war, as that gives them the right to produce fear, and play “satan”.

If you fight for world law, the universities will rise against you as well; because they see and know in my work here, that their time to control life and environment on earth has ended. Because you cannot rise for life, without being able to “think for yourselves”/ and that ends their control, manipulation, thievery, power, and pride. Each of which is their decision to survive; by making you their slave. The cost of defying them could be high; because they have invaded the realm of realities, that can do great harm to this earth and all its life. As they have been doing, only worse. But if you do not confront them with law, and demand the investigation to determine what is true: you shall become extinct, without even the chance to survive in time. It is a reality of the descent universities have caused: by discarding life, the sanctity of life, the value of environment, the necessity of resources, and literally everything we, and the living element of nature itself, need to survive into our future here on earth.

I cannot lead you, as I am not your Sheppard or your enemy or your prosecutor or other: I am a messenger granting to you the message, that is change your direction to life is precious, as is this planet/ or die. YOU can lead your herd, because you are one of them; and they need a leader to begin the journey back to life. As you proceed, the value of making your own decision, identifying your own truths; will lift each one out of a herd, and into humanity itself.

If you achieve anything for life: the day will come, when each and everyone shall in fact be required to choose their fate (let want lead/ we won’t care) or destiny, as is the law shall decide for us, our love shall guide our truth. A reality of “cleaning out” what does not belong in you; for the sake of love nor life, nor truth.

We then face as a world, the spite, and the revenge of those who will not let their want for pride and power to play god; die. What they do, determines how great the remnant of life which survives this time will be. These are the choices humanity did make, and these are the consequences you chose, by letting them control life, nations, and planet. It is fair/ as your universities built for you chaos, and disgrace. But if it becomes completely overwhelming: GOD may intervene if you pray honestly.

The possibilities of university created violence: is literally HORRENDOUS at every level of life or death.

The discovery of such violence formed from the worship of “university is god, religion”: shall in fact destroy that religion, and they shall attack. Whosoever caused their disgrace; planning all manner of lies and violence as is consistent with absolute hatred. Religion faced with the reality of their own participation in the devaluing of life and destruction of planet due to “university is god” over us too. Find themselves worshiping universities and making up lies, attacking against whosoever caused their own disgrace, and the possibility of their religion ended/ as is the cost of refusing GOD is GOD, as truth requires. Much like “religion in JESUS day”; who saw their power, pride, and easy job disappearing too. Evolution is a primary beginning of where they began to go wrong/ the worship of money, and things fights for second.

This is a separated issue from revenge and hatred as is the possibilities for universities refusing to be brought to trial. If you have trial/ then it goes to the reality of what can they defend as true: and NOT consistent with WRONG, ends life on earth. There will be many who believe they can fight, and never lose: because they believe the universities are god. But will fail.

Failure means the lies will end, and that means the reality of life on earth shall change. Your riches will die, because they are burdened with lies. And the existence of humanity on earth will adapt as needed to rebuild a reality that will survive. Even though the wealthy shall cry, the people shall not.

As always the poor want revenge against those who betrayed them by taking power, and destroying with pride. But it is by the law that we rise to return to life; and by the law you shall not judge. Only the truth can define what is justified or not.

IF you achieve the value of life shall win, and rebuild a future for every child: “good things will happen for you”; as is the prophecy of Revelation 21. if you do not accept that the value of life is worth fighting for/ then your fate is sealed, and your universities shall throw you into hell. As they have already created the literal edge of an abyss.

Every threat will come true, nuclear war will begin. Perhaps the ignition of nuclear fire “Just like the sun”/ cannibalism and extreme war for water/ resource failure/ and nature collapses, as do life in the oceans. Falling into that man-made abyss, is the end of this Creation. Extinction soon!     NOT because I say so, or prophecy says so: but because the evidence of these threats cannot be denied/ nor can they be defused and contained by anything less than true human involvement in the search for what is, or is not true. About what happens when the reality surrounding these threats goes WRONG. That is your truth!


my truth is:  I have never caused you to fear; because nothing I have done exists to threaten you. It is the universities, leaders, and others, who have made you fear/ it is not me. I have been as bland as it is realistically possible to be in the youtube videos I have created; so no attempt to manipulate or control can exist.


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