facing truth


As I search for the values which you will recognize as necessary to understand; the constant is, that you want what you want, and nothing is going to change that until you are forced to accept the consequences you do not want. Only then, as history does prove, are you willing to understand that want is not enough, lies are not to be valued, and tragedy cannot be undone.

Those failures of the human mind are animal; as in, “yes I can, does not mean you have a right or that it will not end badly for life, or environment”. You fail to think. You fail to accept the cost of being wrong. You fail to understand with every action you take, there will be a consequence that comes; either good or bad. You fail to accept the realities of life and environment; casting adrift the truth; to play god or accept lies instead.

I cannot fix any of that; because it requires you to change yourselves; and only you can do that. Instead you have been warned: that the university leadership, which has taken over all things, has failed you to the very point of extinction. You have been given the necessary “clues of evidence” to support the valid demand: we must investigate these threats as if our lives and our world depended upon the answer. To find out what is honestly true, as the evidence itself will prove. But you want what you want, and you want the university to be your god; because you believe they have made your lives better.

So let’s review:

  1. you are facing world war 3; as Trump so clearly defined with “we will obliterate you”. It is no game, as he unfortunately believes Israel “is his ticket to eternity”. They are not. Nor does he have the legal right to declare war, or establish that threat/ yet you do nothing waiting for weapons of mass destruction to be used. Because the universities, built these weapons, and took away your voice; so all you believe you can do is shout. So you face extinction.
  2. You are facing an entire earth overrun with people. So many people there is nothing left to keep nature itself alive. So many people they will soon run out of water/ food/ resources/ space/ and everything that makes life possible on earth. Leading to cannibalism and world war 3; because you have no choice. Because the universities were certain they could play god; and yet failed to recognize the consequences are extinction.
  3. You are facing the coming crisis of economic reality: as is all the numbers have been counterfeited by hiding inflation in the claim of assets/ and denying that debts do in fact matter. Allowing thievery, tyranny, treason, fraud, deceit, the obliteration of all securities humanity depends upon. The stealing of elections. The control of media propaganda. The insurgency against nations from the inside; giving lies and liars control of government. An extreme disgrace, and intentional disrespect by those who claim to be superior (nobles) and with that demand: made the rest their slaves, by destroying the future of every child. No resource/ no life/ only war.
  4. You, and your universities, have built your cities and the rest; to be extremely wasteful in every possible way. Discarding the value of life and environment and the future: to control, manipulate, tempt, and orchestrate “we are gods, and we want trophies/ toys/ and trinkets” just to throw away. As we have so clearly done with the people as well. Making every kind of device and every kind of change that isolates and removes humanity from the very society they depend upon. Destroying friendships/ abusing sex/ fighting against diversity/ building mountains of garbage/ mutilating nature and risking the entire food supply/ utterly abandoning life in the oceans, with extreme contempt/ playing games with toys/ and assuming that you can control “the same fire as on the sun”. Just to begin the reality of “university knows best”.
  5. Global warming is real, but the propaganda of media, government, and education; has been used to abandon and disgrace our world, our lives, and murder every child. Oxygen depletion is real, but the propaganda of media, government, and education; has been used to abandon and disgrace our world, our lives, and murder every child. Water rising, and every part of what we depend upon to raise crops and survive is being lost, but the propaganda of media, government, and education; has been used to abandon and disgrace our world, our lives, and murder every child. The atmosphere that is attached to our planet, which is a primary factor in allowing life to remain here is being destroyed with deforestation, but the propaganda of media, government, and education; has been used to abandon and disgrace our world, our lives, and murder every child. Just to begin the reality of “university knows best”.
  6. Governments are being destroyed, because they have no answers left. All the money is gone, and all the lies have had consequences. There is nothing left for the future, and the cost of being led by universities; is several extreme experimentation’s that are guaranteed to destroy nature, and the world itself. The cost of being led by universities: is the multiplication of disease, into the monsters we will now face. The cost of being educated by universities is: the people have been forced into their religious cult. Memorizing what they have been told/ because they fear the reality of debt’s they have been forced into: knowing that their gods of university can simply have them destroyed from all further participation in anything but pure poverty. While the list of the impoverished simply continues to grow. And the cost of no birth control adds immigration to the point of panic and mass shooting.
  7. Religions have been destroyed by the influx of university gods proclaiming they “know the way”. Adding in their own proclaimed religion which is evolution; by claiming “its all just chaos/ its all just an accident/ its all just choosing what we wanted a body to be; without a tool, a brain, or any reality whatsoever involved. Just presto “its magic”; like so much of what they claim. The tragedy of pride forming the coffins of the foolish.

The constant of university is: REALITY DOES NOT belong here!

The constant of university is: TRUTH DOES NOT belong here/ we have stories instead!

The constant of university is: LIFE does NOT belong here/ WE ARE gods, and we will build our own, by creating chaos in nature. Destroying what exists.

The constant of university is: we are gods, and we will play any game we wish/ because we have destroyed the communication with value, that is the search for reality, and the cost of being wrong.

The constant of university is: we are insurgents, and we have destroyed the value of democracy, by corrupting the courts, the law, the process of election, the value of evidence, “the news”, the educational process, the “everything we could touch” reality by manipulation and control of media and creating our own cult out of their children; by forcing them to accept slavery (pay our debt and go to college at the cost we proclaim): or be called NOTHING, and WORTHLESS.

The constant of university is: rampage against resources/ ravage every form of life/ rape the environment/ destroy the securities of humanity/ consume every form of escape/ and mutilate life itself so they have to come to us, and bow down as slaves.

The constant of university is: curse this earth, and all its life forever/ even threatening to ignite the planet itself into a sun. To prove, our power to destroy is something they cannot stop.

In America, the reality is: the universities command, “you are a mob, and we will control you like puppets on a string: to do nothing more than shout, or kill at our command”. Because money and greed mean more than life and environment here.

In america, the people are losing their right to work, their ability to survive without a bribe, their concept of unity, their opportunity to be “what I choose to be, with work”, their grasp on individuality, as media directs them, and broadcast news tells them what they “think, or will think”; other than hate. Hate is excepted, because the ground layer of media involvement is manipulation: which causes the people to be directed into that choice, rather than achieve it on their own. The few are in fact becoming what they want to be: gods and tyrants over you/ by removing all options, and proving “just blame the others”. Which through the propaganda (an enemy here/ an enemy there) of “news”; is constant. And as always, “government” means snake in the grass”; the cost of which is, all the people which surrounds it, “are shouting in fear”.

Fear and pride form the basis for destroying a world, and sacrificing every child: by saying and believing “NOT in my lifetime”. To their shame.

THE CONSTANT OF UNIVERSITY IS: THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE. LIKE GOVERNMENT employees, WHO CLAIM TO BE MORE THAN “JUST PEOPLE”; they lie! They want to play (power). And they want to be superior (pride), to the rest; its called humanity (the animal, WANTS, to be in charge). So, he or she can take everything they want, and piss or shit on what is left for those who come behind. Predators in contrast demand: I will hurt you bad, if you don’t obey me.

The reality of being human, literally requires you to find your brain back. Because without a brain, life is placed on the edge of chaos, and will fail; as history and reality have proven to every generation ever born. Nothing valued, is ever achieved without thought comes first. Proving conclusively to each and everyone who has a brain: that evolution is nothing but lies. Proving to everyone with a brain: that we CANNOT ALLOW, those who gamble with all life on earth, and even the planet itself: to be THAT WRONG. They must be stopped, and that cannot be done when dealing with a cult: unless you go to court and prove the evidence is true, as best we can.

Your opportunity as an individual life, having found a brain: is to demand trial, so that none can hide behind the illusion of “university, government, education, military, or whatever it is”. Out in front, “take your bow for being right/ OR be confronted by the cost of being WRONG”. One or the other; or it waits until we are sure.

And humanity says: WE DON’T want nothing to do with you, cause we are doing just great/ we got money, and we got pride, and we got power with that money, and we don’t need to do nothing, unless the television tells us to obey.

But alas: your future is proven bleak and destroyed, along with your children who will pay for what you have done. Your money is all a fraud, and exists only because your government is stolen, and the pride you assume as winners: does in fact make you guilty of causing all these threats, just like your universities who created them. The power of every society is its resources: take a good look at your GARBAGE MOUNTAINS/ the trillions of tons of poison you have created, and dumped EVERYWHERE/ and the entire globe changing due to your influences: should eternity forget? Past the point of no return, which is where men are willing to admit they were wrong: will fail you. As the true point of no return in this day, due to the decisions that you all did make as a society or world: is extinction itself. And that will not be undone, past the point of no return. Just like you do understand: once your scientists ignite a nuclear fire which does burn atoms “just like the sun”/ this planet becomes a sun. NOT EVEN in your grave can you escape that truth. EITHER CONFRONT YOUR REALITY NOW, OR GO EXTINCT. “ITS YOUR ONLY CHOICE”!

It is now true, that I have ceased to be “the messenger: warning you of extinction”/ because that is now YOU. I remain the “mailman”; who simply made the delivery.

Much as it was in JESUS day; when HIS LOVE was proven true, by death; and I do accept HIS resurrection. Becoming Savior, because HE proved to be an anchor for all elements in our own search for eternity. His testimony was carried forward by those who understood, just how important this was.

UNLIKE JESUS, those who understand how important this is/ should also understand, how important I am not. YOU could have “delivered the mail” just like me. I honestly have no clue why me/ other than, spent my lifetime, determined to get the job done. Most would not.

So, I say to you, as I said to me: that no one knows, when the last moment of our chance to make these changes will occur. Which means: I MUST, do what I can now, and refuse to be distracted till later; because if I take a single day to just do something else, that is not required for my survival. It may simply be too late, to make a difference.

In the religious world, the constant is: that people claim, “I wish, that I had lived back then” so I could have made a difference. Today, you live now, and can make a difference in whether this entire world shall live or die; as your own contribution, your own gift of respect: back to GOD for the life and reality of what HE DID give to you. How is that not “the same”? As to the secular world, this is your home, and everything you need to survive: and you know that is true. If by no other cause: then those who are trying to ignite the same fire/ same energy source, here as on the sun. the cost of being wrong is then: SAME FIRE/ SAME RESULT. Because they know not, what they are doing/ and if they do know, then their desire is to destroy this entire Creation; by playing SATAN (destroyer of worlds). Which functionally is, extreme arrogance!

As to all the middle of humanity, who wants just to live my life and gain all I can gain, in happiness or trophies, before I die. I remind you plainly: YOUR entire world, and all its life are threatened with extinction; and that means your life too. SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE OF OUR REALITY. The worst of the worst being. Www.iter.org (let’s ignite atoms on fire). A guaranteed NO SECOND CHANCES gamble; because that fire cannot be extinguished; as is the sun. Everything is fuel! Therefore to investigate and prove what is true or not, becomes justice found, becomes life renewed. Becomes sufficient cause to demand trial for every other extreme experimentation of “science”. A reality that protects and defends your own life and child, by demanding RESPECT for all our lives, and this earth. From this moment forward and forever.

For those who don’t know: the reactor at www.iter.org has already been built, and can be used at anytime. What they do now is simply to avoid testing that facility: because there is no going back.

Today, you are the protector of life and planet: if you choose to fail, extinction does in fact become a participation, that adds in, its your fault too.

YOU DID HAVE, YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and just walked away, because you didn’t care enough to stand up and say “me too”.

I end with this, that it is not “every university diploma” that makes up a list of enemies to life or planet. I do not hate them, nor do I discard everything that they have done without regard for reality. Instead the more simple truth is: a criminal act is a criminal act; and only the criminals need to be confronted. Instead a more simple truth is: groups should never be condemned as a whole, unless it is true, that they are joined as a mob doing harm. Every individual is responsible for the decisions that they make for themselves. There is value in some of the realities universities do/ but there is also terrorism in some of the things universities do; and that must be controlled. The fundamental truth is: before we can have a discussion regarding what is fair/ the blind curtain of “the university is god” must be removed. Until you think for yourselves, ending the cult rant that is: “our university gods can’t be questioned”/ there is no hope for life on earth. Consequently the value in condemning the whole, is to begin the conversation: of what is, and what is not true, by the reality of the evidence, and not simply grouping the whole as one.

We need truth, NOT judgment. We need evidence, NOT stories or theories or lies. We need the reality of our situation to be identified, so that we can all survive. That will not be done with armies, who cannot or will not think for themselves.

There will be those who deny any type of threat exists/ because they are happy with what they have, regardless of how many do not: that just makes it more fun. But reality proves that liars made this possible, and every lie will fail. This begins with one trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each and everyone of one hundred million people. The claim of a fourteen trillion dollar economy in America means: each and everyone of one hundred million people “divided equally” must then be creating: $140,000.00 for their nation. A fact that is not real. But using the resources to claim that amount, by stealing it from the future: is real. Your children have been “massacred”; because they will literally have nothing. This earth is finite, and that cannot be undone. So, if we don’t share with the future/ there is no future.

I ask you to investigate for life and planet, by proving what is true/ and identifying what it means to be WRONG; in all the threats that have been identified and more. So that nothing truly horrendous will fall upon us all. Same as it has been from the beginning: when all said, “we don’t care/ we just want the money”.   Change your mind or the consequences are grim.

You said: “the universities are extra special smart, and they know everything/ they are our protectors, and we all agree: we will defend them”/ YOU are nobody.

I said: “only the evidence matters, and the foundation of facts presented are displayed from your own information. From the people, places, and things which you support and defend/ NOT simply from me. I said: that evidence establishes a level of harm that will occur without even having to think about it; that will end in our extinction. Which is the end of your life and mine, here on earth. Because the evidence is so serious: WE NEED A TRIAL TO IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE or not true. Before it is too late, and we literally have no choices left, but to die a horrific death. That is honestly going to be equivalent with the worst predictions in religion. THAT IS ENOUGH, for any thinking human being to say: “it should be so”.

Just the fact that our population count is growing by 3% (one more per every 33 people) the historical average/ that cannot be denied: makes an increase of one quarter of a billion new mouths to feed each year. And YOUR EXPERTS, have been claiming that the population rise is only growing at one half of one percent per year (one more per every two hundred people) for decades now: SHOULD BE ENOUGH, to make you realize they are lying to you. In a reality that will make us extinct if we don’t face our truth.

The constant cult says: do something to their leader/ instead of we need to do something for ourselves. We need to accept reality, and decide what can be done. Because the cult cannot think for itself, nor can they act for themselves; they are slaves, forced to obey by the mere presence of anyone claiming authority. As is the claim today of policing by university rule. In terms of stopping a mass shooter, the most literal thing you can do is erect “barrier protections” (walls placed so that there are obstructions between the shooter and victim). In that way, with minimal trouble or expense: humanity is not simply, a shooting gallery. It is largely the rules that take away your own humanity, which then push people over the edge. Making the people who make “destructive to peace rules” the primary instigator of crime.

If we search elementally beneath the realities of life, so that the refuse of death surrounds you. Hate becomes a participation in the “battleground of stars”. Where only darkness exists: that which illuminates the night, “burns”. Those who fall so deeply into death, that hate now burns: conceive of themselves as “the guiding light”, for all others that do hate as well. The consequence of that is: what is evil. The only method of keeping them alive is: to offer life, with kindness and peace; the grace of acceptance with realistic understanding, so they do not descend farther/ even if they do falter and trip. Only the tiniest few will end as the living dead.

I will not search into hate, further for you. It would literally do no good. You need to create a true “Human discussion” about life and society, so that all understand the basic elements of their own life, and what society can and cannot do for each or all. This;  ends the delusions, that universities have used to replace reality, and construct the beginning of evil.

If you wish to know how things went wrong in America: just look back at media forty years ago/ when all the children playing “would then shoot you if you put up your hands to surrender”. Because that is what they believed they were suppose to do. But hey don’t worry: the universities manipulate “to make a better society”, so that we can all hate at once. After all, who learns better to hate, than a slave. Back when I was a child, none of the children did that.

When I was a child, none learned to play with extremely evil characters; nor did we watch them on tv, movies, or read about them in books, etctera. Nor learn to manipulate other people by media. Or be trained as passive, nor all the things “Universities did do”; to every child. As they did do twenty years or so later. We, were just children, learning how to be adults. That is of course what parenting is. Not like media trained (don’t need no damn parenting) children to remain as children, and pretend they could or would be “gods”; twenty plus years later.

. In contrast to the cartoons of sixty years ago: which every child knew “this is NOT me/ never going to be me/ and cannot be interpreted as me or someone I know”. The cartoon university insurgency that came twenty years later or so; was entirely fantasy based, demanding “this could be you/ this would be you; if you just accept certain things/ others might be this instead of you, so you better try; and so on.” that delusion of failed character building; has continued on in the fantasies of this day; and continue to build the images of utter foolishness, blind acceptance, useless garbage, and insanity; through a nearly complete lack of reality or truth. Guiding those children who failed to grow up into adults with common sense; because both those parents were largely busy with getting all the greed, and trophies, they could find. EVEN THOUGH, they knew the numbers they fought for were lies/ the raid on every child, and the ravaging of their future, made the fantasy real. Alas, all you needed forty to fifty years ago, was a university diploma; and the people running government under Reagan would give you “a million dollars” for free.

Once the currency was detached from reality, by its removal from a gold standard. Reagan then sold all the gold, with absolute silence from media and much more; [and the people rejoiced don’t have to pay] even though the media knew it was fraud, and betrayal (I told them/ they knew).

Those two acts in combination, created one of the worst financial catastrophe’s in American history. All the business and agriculture people who had accepted the idea that America would pay its debts; also accepted loans at high interest rates to protect their money. The constitutional treason that became “the Reagan solution” of not paying debts, and quietly selling all the securities away from the nation: then gave the business and property of America, to the university diploma’s who got their money, and their loans, and their purchase of the dispossessed, and bankrupted: “for free”. Who then went on a spending spree, and a give away tour to the world; which ended in “we have to sell America itself”. And the media remained silent, as always, because they represent only the interests of the very rich who own their jobs, and income. The consequence being: the children learned to be either depressed, and fighting for survival against an unkind and unfair society; like their parents/ or elated with pride and arrogance that could not be contained; “we are gods” too.

The temptation was too much, and the people nearly all, fell in.  “So what”, a few damn people get killed today; its worth the price: MY FANTASY IS god, TO ME. Now ain’t that so?  While the university insurgency continues to demand:  “now we all have to cry/ or you get thrown out of this herd”. lest you find the truth, that they are distinct participants in creating the desire of the insane: “to be on their news (look at me, you have to pay attention now)”. After all, “the news, GOT to sell something”, or you won’t watch.

Those who believed that America was honorable and would pay their debts/ were pushed to the side, discarded and crushed into financial ruin. The university elite who ran the currency, then took over and created their LIARS RULE/ THIEVES ARE JUSTIFIED/ TRAITORS OWN THE NATION, WE ARE gods, “the new nobles” and nobody can tell us NO. A reality of existence spewed upon the nation and world like, “unending for fifty years, diarrhea”. Reagan not to be spending outdone; went on to buy “battleships”. Because in the world of the damned: “debts don’t matter”. So the children learned “fantasies do come true”/ even though later they are all destroyed, by the realities they create. Today the consequence is: literally surrounded by threats of extinction so extreme, even the possibility of our survival is grim, and will require truth, reality, and practice beyond what people have known for the last fifty years. JUST to have a chance. So, “who’s mad” now? After all, you massacred the future for every child to play your games for greed.

If we look back in time to see: the worst of the worst in America. We do find the traitor American president and military leaders, directly responsible for allowing the American military “to use atomic weapons to blow up islands in the pacific”. LET THEM ALL FEAR US, “started it all”. Which led to the USSR needing those same weapons. Which then led to the American president Kennedy; to spend his time preparing for world war 3/ and leading America into extreme financial debt. By hiding his decision to “go to the moon”/ as a direct cover-up: to developing intercontinental missiles. As always: the media kept silent; because greed and power control governments! Which did create the enormous insurmountable debt that president Carter tried to deal with. The primary stop in that march Vietnam was a prelude too, (to harden the soldier): was the introduction of electronics in the military, and the missile to shoot down enemy planes by the USSR. All of Which, now becomes the basis of endless consequences that will become world war 3/ because men are men, and that is what they do, whenever a situation, or a people, they don’t want to deal with arises. The answer of men is: “let’s go to war”.

The answer of women, would surely be different/ because women are far more different than any man can recognize. The question of world war 3 is inevitable, unless all weapons of mass destruction are removed: by the creation of world law and policing by all nations, on every leader. It is to be a law, and a policing that is STRICTLY the force to either remove a leader (he can die/ too well protected), or bring them to a world court for trial by that law. Anything beyond that, is for the people to decide for themselves by “democratic vote, of all the people, for themselves”.

What women can do, instead of being like men: is to create the laws that will then govern society itself, in each nation. Once done, they need not be revisited; unless by public vote it is to be done. Every law you create MUST BE: short and simple to understand/ rather like the ten commandments or constitutional amendments. So that the people can defend themselves, and remove all irrelevant lawyers. Government employees are then hired only to investigate and prove: that our laws are in fact being kept as intended. Each law is subject to public vote. Once you have not less than 70% of the vote in favor of this law: it cannot be touched unless public vote asks for that to be addressed before the nation, and then re-voted upon. Anything less, returns to a vote each and every third year until you do. You need NO official authority to do this: in America you do have a guaranteed constitutional right. ONCE YOU DO HAVE the public behind you, as in acceptance of this law: your employees no longer have a say, and that includes those hired to be the employees of judiciary. We own this nation, means we decide and have the final word: so long as it is within constitutional intent; as is defined and isolated in the preamble of the US constitution.


The constant reality of human behavior is: that people want to laugh, therefore they look for imperfections, and scream “he or she ain’t no good”. When they cannot find imperfections: they are relegated to ridicule, which is the decision to create a character image, which can then be assembled to be as imperfect as they like. Throughout my work the image created by those in power, pride, want, greed, lust, failure, hate, and foolishness is consistent with whatever they needed to discount the content of the message: that they have failed life and planet and every child.

Alas, see: they did have a cause, as all liars, traitors, thieves, and cheats do.

Alas, that does not negate the truth, that evidence does provide to each one who accepts the conclusion: we cannot let catastrophe’s simply go on without an investigation to stop that from completing our own extinction.

Alas: every leader, court, universities, media, politician, etcetera all say: “the university is our god, and we will not question our god/ not even when the evidence is overwhelming we must. Simple as that. Because a cult worshiper has no brain. As is necessary: when facing extinction.

I remind you again: I am NOT the deciding factor in whether life goes extinct. THE EVIDENCE THAT CAN BE PROVEN TRUE, does in fact prove the need for a courtroom investigation: so that we all can decide, if we have no choice/ but to change what is wrong.

Love is an endless journey, into the creation of what we can be as one. NOT because we are the only ones that matter, but because family is the decision to include all of life itself, as our home. That expression matters, because it is the experience of us all, that blends into the grace and truth that does become, the living and the loving; as if life itself has arrived: to marry our souls. Thereby we become free, by the joy that lifts our world, the essence of life itself, into Creation. Where GOD HIMSELF waits for each individual to come.

The journey can be hard, but being alive is worth its price. Even if the body called time, will die. Life is: the elemental choice, I have loved as if “destiny cherished me”; as if life, was the blessing of us all. Happiness then knows, we are free, a value beyond measure. Because sharing with care, is a home. We cannot “chain love”/ it will not obey power or pride, nor will it surrender to want or use and abuse. Love rises into the core of our own desire to live, and with that ascension, we begin to recognize the only purpose that matters is love. The only value that lasts an eternity, is love. Nothing less can survive that journey, not even truth.

Life is the passage, between now and forever. Trust is the ascension beyond hate. Love binds heart (the living), to soul the essence of life born into freedom. Every relationship begins with thought, an expression that experiences truth as the body of life. Every journey is a destiny, where thought lives beyond the moment it expresses as life. The difference between living and life/ the experience called death; is then defined by your own decision to measure what is lost. If thought, the elemental search for freedom and all that value can be; is your life as love, then you live on. If a body is your life, then it will prove death, and you are gone.

The critical question is energy: the critical moment is, “who does love mean to you? The correct answer is: GOD IS LOVE. If your soul agrees, you will be found.

Desire is your individual truth, established with “every breathe (I do choose to live) you take”. Purpose is the relationship you share with courage. True Passion, conceives with grace the hope that lives inside. Respect is: what can or cannot build you a home. Friendship resides with happiness. While happiness knows, that everything alive has within it, the possibility of JOY. To be alive is to accept the value of miracles, is enough to trust: we are not abandoned. JESUS is the guarantee, that is so.

This is, “step one” into the intricate and elegant construction, that begins to conceive of life.

In terms of changing this world, as history proves an army will fail, because the primary cause of unrest is what power and pride can do. Hate will win. To change that requires a rebellion against their laws. Because whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation. By creating laws that are justified and fair: so that all of society agrees, this is better. Governments are changed forever, and they will bend to the will of the people themselves. Because with one law at a time, and by the rejection of their laws; to establish our own. We insure and prove the society we demand to create. This is achieved with: limited capitalism , it is used to establish, NONE shall have more power, than society allows for itself; by our vote. This is achieved with control over the courts: we the people will grade your decision/ and throw out anyone who fails us. This is achieved by complete control over currency: as is the count shall become “just so many numbers per citizen”. With a percentage of tax allocated to each decision we recognize as important. With no debts shall be made by our governmental employees: we alone shall decide that. With NO war declared, without a true public vote/ until that, the military shall only defend: at a level that is consistent with the force, and the casualties used against you.

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