Love is an endless journey, into the creation of what we can be as one. NOT because we are the only ones that matter, but because family is the decision to include all of life itself, as our home. That expression matters, because it is the experience of us all, that blends into the grace and truth that does become, the living and the loving; as if life itself has arrived: to marry our souls. Thereby we become free, by the joy that lifts our world, the essence of life itself, into Creation. Where GOD HIMSELF waits for each individual to come.

The journey can be hard, but being alive is worth its price. Even if the body called time, will die. Life is: the elemental choice, I have loved as if “destiny cherished me”; as if life, was the blessing of us all. Happiness then knows, we are free, a value beyond measure. Because sharing with care, is a home. We cannot “chain love”/ it will not obey power or pride, nor will it surrender to want or use and abuse. Love rises into the core of our own desire to live, and with that ascension, we begin to recognize the only purpose that matters is love. The only value that lasts an eternity, is love. Nothing less can survive that journey, not even truth.

Life is the passage, between now and forever. Trust is the ascension beyond hate. Love binds heart (the living), to soul the essence of life born into freedom. Every relationship begins with thought, an expression that experiences truth as the body of life. Every journey is a destiny, where thought lives beyond the moment it expresses as life. The difference between living and life/ the experience called death; is then defined by your own decision to measure what is lost. If thought, the elemental search for freedom and all that value can be; is your life as love, then you live on. If a body is your life, then it will prove death, and you are gone.

The critical question is energy: the critical moment is, “who does love mean to you? The correct answer is: GOD IS LOVE. If your soul agrees, you will be found.

Desire is your individual truth, established with “every breathe (I do choose to live) you take”. Purpose is the relationship you share with courage. True Passion, conceives with grace the hope that lives inside. Respect is: what can or cannot build you a home. Friendship resides with happiness. While happiness knows, that everything alive has within it, the possibility of JOY. To be alive is to accept the value of miracles, is enough to trust: we are not abandoned. JESUS is the guarantee, that is so.

This is, “step one” into the intricate and elegant construction, that begins to conceive of life.

Passion is not a sexual act. Sex is either a gift, or a war hopefully between friends; war means, “to distract, and take possession”, by whatever means necessary. Whereas gift means: by the blessing of our hearts, we seek the journey that binds our love. Anything less is just play. “While you conceive”, of what that means to the beginning of value, the critical question is: are you afraid of the distance, or do you share the hope? The question is: can you accept the price? Because a commitment comes only, when the price has in fact been accepted. This is the essence of marriage, the binding of trust created by desire. But as the core truth of reality will bear witness too; the living, which will not be shared as equals, as is the essence of care: turns the lack of that respect into the tragic loss called divorce. Desire is a discipline, order is the creation of time “for us”, while balance proves to be what we offer to each other as one.

Lust appears as passion/ but it is not, it is simply an addiction being enforced and dissipated by the one who demands; on the one who accepts or endures it. Only one body receives compensation, the other is used or abused. When the chemicals fail, “to make life, friendly”; violence [the abused are blamed] or depression (I don’t want this) begins.

IF, your only true relationship between male and female is “the chemicals” {sex starts for chemicals/ sex ends with the release of chemicals}/ you have failed the most basic desire of all: to put each other first. For instance: if you put the woman first in your desire (not chemicals), then no reason exists to have “a very short” sexual experience. “Heart to heart” is not about penis to vagina; life (we are alive in miracles of pure value) intervenes. That shapes the experience. Unlike the tragic university delusion, which takes the value of our lives, as a miracle: and shoves it in the sewer.

In terms of changing this world, as history proves an army will fail, because the primary cause of unrest is what power and pride can do. Hate will win. To change that requires a rebellion against their laws. Because whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation. By creating laws that are justified and fair: so that all of society agrees, this is better. Governments are changed forever, and they will bend to the will of the people themselves. Because with one law at a time, and by the rejection of their laws; to establish our own. We insure and prove the society we demand to create. This is achieved with: limited capitalism , it is used to establish, NONE shall have more power, than society allows for itself; by our vote. This is achieved with control over the courts: we the people will grade your decision/ and throw out anyone who fails us. This is achieved by complete control over currency: as is the count shall become “just so many numbers per citizen”. With a percentage of tax allocated to each decision we recognize as important. With no debts shall be made by our governmental employees: we alone shall decide that. With NO war declared, without a true public vote/ until that, the military shall only defend: at a level that is consistent with the force, and the casualties used against you.

The curse of a herd is: only the leaders can make a decision/ NOBODY else is allowed, period; “You will be cursed”. The blessing of being alive as a human is: I can and will make my own decision/ I can and will do the best I can, because that is my own personal choice. The demand of courage is to know, what truth requires of you.

In terms of fighting with those who climb into their cult prison of “only the universities knows”. It is like global warming, the evidence is absolutely indisputable/ but there will always be predators fighting to defend whatever they want for themselves. The only thing you have to prove is how many “trillion,quadrillion btu’s of heat humanity releases. And how much ice has disappeared. Nothing else counts in the true equation of damage done. Except the consequences! Do not, let them change the conversation to anything but human. Remind them greenhouse gases only matter, when the heat released is beyond what nature, and the laws which keep it in balance, will allow.

While it is nearly impossible to create a clear and distinct trial, to determine what is true for life. Because the media propaganda teams which insure the university knows cult cannot be questioned; are always fighting for their cult. The media mice are always trying to steal and corrupt the evidence of what is real. THE COST OF BEING WRONG in a large number of threats, already proven real: is our own extinction. Which does mean the cult itself must be dismantled, so that the truth of our reality, can come forth. That does require a truly public trial, so none of their “fan base” can dispute the evidence/ and must accept the reality of a choice very few want to make. YES, we do have to change ourselves! Simple as that. NO, the universities are not god; nor are they even an entity that allows “the covering called University”. Because like individuals on a sports team: they are individuals, but this is NOT A GAME. So it really does not matter what they believe is true. Only what we can prove, by the evidence: without any stories, or excess anything, which includes theories (no makeup, no props, no fancy math or words the public does not understand, only plain, as simple as possible: this is what we know): is true, decides. By our own public vote! That is functionally the foundation of this work, which does occur because the evidence is fundamentally proven and without doubt: that to be wrong in many of these threats, is the literal end of our world. THAT CANNOT be allowed to occur, without a true and honest fight for truth, and reality decides. Simple and plain, is the purpose here.

I have spent my lifetime, working against threats so extreme they will make us extinct. I am, “a whisper in the wind”; because the reality and numbers of people who want to protect what they want, regardless of the cost to life or planet, is literally enormous. They will not change, until confronted with a reality they cannot deny. The unfortunate truth of this day is: nobody gets to wait that long, because the cost of being wrong in many extreme experiments or realities is. WE CANNOT turn back the clock to undo this/ and there are no second chances, we will all die. Nothing is more certain of that than the experiments, to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. “Same fire (energy source)/ same result”; and as I have proven beyond doubt: their theories are built entirely upon lies. The sun does burn the bond holding atoms together, for fuel/ exactly the same as the chemical fires here, burn molecular bonds to release the energy. The difference between proving what we know to be true/ and the long list of their theories none of which can be proven true; is ignition of atoms into fire: makes this earth a sun. it is no game/ are you willing to let them be “one chance in a billion/ or a million”? Because whatever it is you are willing to agree to: the cost of being, WRONG MEANS LITERALLY, we all burn, even the solar system itself is changed. Should not every man and woman get their own vote? IT IS THEIR LIVES YOU GAMBLE WITH, and unlike an explosion which does have an ending/ A FIRE IGNITED IN A CONSTANT SOURCE OF FUEL, AS ARE ATOMS HERE ON EARTH. WILL NOT, BE EXTINGUISHED/ JUST LIKE A SUN. and there are so many more threats, even the possibility we can survive, if you stop this one; is unlikely. Give up means: there is no chance at all! THINK NOT? Take another look at the sun, from 94 million miles away.

Do not believe! My request is: INVESTIGATE AND PROVE TRUE, WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ THEN DECIDE, if the threat can continue, or will be stopped. By whatever means is necessary! WE CANNOT GO BACK IN TIME; which makes every threat, LIFE OR DEATH.

Your cult believers, are only believers: which means, regardless of the evidence, they will shout, “the universities cannot be wrong”. Like all the truly religious do. As is true of every religion: just believing is not enough to prove anything. Just creating a story and demanding this is true/ does not prove anything. Just having a theory, IS NOT worth gambling an entire world. WE, the life of this earth: DO, HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS. It is an extremely corrupt judiciary, that denies it is so.

To the young I say: that there are already numerous species of life, that have disappeared from where I live, and that is true around this entire world/ because of what people have done. The water I used to drink, because it was “excellent”; has been fouled by agricultural sprays to the point of nearly unusable, and potentially dangerous/ and will only get worse. The cost of change is: those who have something, and want to keep it protected, because we are too old to replace it: will fight, even if life and planet lose. Because they want what they fought, and sacrificed to get/ and even need to survive. EVEN SO: life and planet must come first. The future of life on earth MUST come first. The cost of being WRONG must decide what can or cannot be allowed. The realities we can change are a duty to change, because life and planet need us to do what we can do. There is no future unless we accept the cost of keeping this planet alive. Because the reality is: WE HAVE BECOME so many people, that we are overwhelming nature itself. Universities tools have become so dangerous, that they can make us extinct. Extreme arrogance has become so egregious and threatening, neither life nor planet enter into their decisions: and extinction looms for us all.

This is no easy thing, but if you fail to protect your own future: there will literally be no future to exist within. YOUR LIFE, will be extinguished, just like all the rest. Because we have changed this entire world: by becoming too many people, with too many threats to survive. Unless we literally do change, to respect life and planet first. To respect nature, and boundaries in energy, and chains of life required for existence, and water, and food, and more. Because NONE OF THAT is done in this day/ and all of that is the difference between our own life, or death.

That is simple reality, that even you can understand. That is a call to public trial, so that NO MISTAKE that literally threatens to make us extinct; can take our lives away. We do have a legal right, and a constitutional right in first amendment redress of grievances: to take democratic control over this nation and demand an accounting. A LEGAL RIGHT to decide IF WE WILL LET OUR OWN LIVES, OUR NATURE, OUR FUTURE, YOUR CHILDREN, OUR EARTH: be their toy. Not a game. Not a delusion, not an assumption: by the evidence, extinction can literally occur for our entire earth. Nothing is more certain of that, than releasing a nuclear fire. The current worst offender, and most likely to succeed Therefore if you cannot do anything else: BEGIN WITH THAT. AND IT WILL, then decide what comes next!

Even your elders will not find fault in that trial; if they understand what is true.

Make no mistake, the cult will fight; as this confronts their arrogance, pride, and absolute power to control everything and anything they want to do. As is constant with all cults: only the true leader has an opinion, and it will be. THEY CANNOT question us/ or me! Reality however knows: the evidence cannot be defeated by anything less than true respect for the reality of being wrong. A cult, no matter how powerful it is/ cannot give you back your life, or your world; not even if they claim they can. Simple and true, this is not a game, and their university religion (just believe), is not enough. Only the cost of being wrong, and the reality of what people then decide to allow, by vote: can protect our lives and planet from the failure of what people believe. Truth does not want the answer to be “anything”. Truth declares: the answer is, as best we can; whatever the answer is, by our acceptance of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. WE DO HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW; YOU THREATEN OUR LIVES, AND EVEN OUR PLANET/ AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE, “WE CANNOT GO BACK”; once an atomic fire has been ignited. It is, the literal end of life on earth to be wrong.

To the young: I will direct you back to “the billion dollar gift” on the homepage of advising you simply. Do not expect those in powerful positions to want or accept the concept of this machine without a fight/ AS IT CHANGES EVERYTHING, regarding more than “wall street” can stand. And it will largely collapse, because the lies are so heavy. But make no mistake; money is just a promise made by humanity; and promises are broken everyday. BUT: WITHOUT REAL CHANGE IN HOW ELECTRICITY IS GENERATED; the future is very grim and will die. So it needs its chance to prove “true or false”. Make it so.

As to environmental groups which you expect to widely desire the possibilities: most will not/ because the foundation of their group is, “IF WE FIND A SOLUTION/ THEN, we are out of a job”. No power, no pride, no position, or money or anything but equal with all the rest. And rarely does that, “not mean war”. Just how reality is.

To the young: I know you have been told, “The university is everything, for a future you want to have”. But the reality is, every aspect of society, business, religion, and more has been taken over by the insurgency that is ‘”the universities shall rule here”. Everyone else has been evicted. Making them, the single largest destroyer of jobs and potential that ever existed; apart from war & military takeover, and subsequent enslavement of the people. As is fitting of tyrants. They make you pay for a job. They make you memorize and accept whatever you have been told to memorize/ admitting they are the leaders who know; or you are banished; as all cults do. They have created the illusion of elections. They have created bankruptcy, through currency takeover with lies: debts don’t matter (unless its yours)/ assets increase in this USA by 9 trillion dollars a year, regardless; and that translates to extreme inflation, which the media will not report . The extortion of medicine. The weapons of mass destruction. The extreme threats we now face as our own extinction/ and so much more it is useless to list them; but they are all bad, with very little good involved. Your future/ your world/ your nation/ your life: is being decided by lies. I only ask for an investigation, to prove what is true: and have been denied in courtroom case after courtroom case including the US supreme court. Because power protects power.

If this was comedy, there would be a punchline: to let you know, “we don’t really have to deal with this at all”. Its just there, and its just someone else’s problem: you can just be free. But alas, that is simply not true: as the threats of extinction face us all, each and everyone individually. Because nobody escapes what is true: the evidence is simple and plain, extinction  comes. The primary truth here is, OUR WORLD is facing extinction, because of our humanity, and what we allow, or choose to do. WE ARE, the problem!  And all the world of humanity says: NOT ME, I don’t give a damn or I won’t pay NOTHING/ because I will escape reality, and hide in the prison (no one gets in) of my heart (no happiness here). Waiting for some other fool, to do what life needs from us all/ let a damn hero pay: NOT me. The cost of that is: eternal death (there is nothing but darkness), for both you and this world. I suggest you honestly, reconsider; and support life, hope, and truth: DO your part for life. There are only two directions for a human heart: “love or hate”/ indifference is escape from living, the price of prison. Wanting both cannot be sustained, and you will choose one or the other, because they are opposites; and never “live together”; even if we must survive, in the same environment. Value is entirely the result of love. Hate brings only revenge and violence. CHOOSE!

While you bitch and complain, about how you ain’t going to change no matter what: I ask you, just take a moment to calculate all the oxygen each vehicle requires to go down the highway, furnaces, forest fire, 8 billion people, and more, including you. One average semi tractor needs about the same volume of air, every hour on the highway/ as does 128 people per 24 hours. And that is only the beginning/ and upper atmosphere oxygen depletion has been proven true. IF THE CONCENTRATION of oxygen drops even a little; we breathe like on a mountain top.

The reality here is: that I desire you to, use your brain and think about consequences. The universities want you to memorize and not think beyond what they tell you to believe (as all religions do). Mass hypnosis works that way, mob control results. While the constant of people is: don’t teach me nothing/ just tell me what I want to know. The value of a brain is, by interpreting the consequences which will become our future: we are able to use wisdom, to change the circumstances and decisions, as needed. IF we allow the truth to lead! Where there is only memorization, no thought is required, just belief/ and belief is not thought. Where there is no desire to learn, history repeats itself according to whatever is easy for the moment/ even though reality as is history, has proven it will be a disaster in the end. The cost of leadership by men. Rather like the propaganda of believing “weapons of mass destruction are our saviors”. Therefore the battleground is simple: identify the consequences, and use the force of what it means to be WRONG, to ignite the possibility that is, “trying to find their brain back, from the sewer of those who do deliberately intend to own your life”. History proves: that the universities were of little influence, until the atomic bomb/ until they took over education and spewed sewage onto every child in the form of evolution and more puke and vomit. Then came the control over US currency, and its removal from reality; and suddenly every university diploma got an enormous raise, for free/ and all the people said I WANT that. To their shame. It use to be, that business and industry paid people to learn what they needed them to know for the work that they would do; always hiring from within. That was cursed by the universities, and now you need to engage in massive debt for most/ a majority who will never get it paid back; and no way out, even though you were given “damn little”. Taking over business and industry with “human resources” who will only choose a university diploma for a job with money. How did your lives then improve? Today, your jobs are failing as well, with the machines you built. Your future is dead, because of resource loss, pollution, and the catastrophe of a university diploma who is mutilating biology and searching beneath every rock for a chance to play god over this world, and you! Try using your brain, and proving me wrong?

I wish you to ask: if the sun releases energy/ then it consumes fuel. If it consumes fuel, then it had to be bigger “4 billion years ago”/ so how did that affect the assumption of life here? I wish you to ask: if the universe is declared to be 13 billion years old, because they measured through “the dark spot”. Then if a big bang occurred by the law of physics “every action brings a reaction”: how is the center of that big bang not “the dark spot” or beginning/ reducing their claim of age by at least half. I wish you to ask: how does chaos which deliberately means to reduce anything complex, into its most simple form create life/ or how is it, their prediction of life: we just went shopping and picked it off the shelf for free; and didn’t even have a brain or a tool or a food source or anything required to sustain life? Can’t have a heart without blood/ can’t have blood without a heart; etcetera and more. I wish for you to ask: where is the energy of an atom, if not the spin of its nucleus? Rather it is that, because we know that can exist/ making fusion impossible, because you cannot force two spinning tops into each other without destruction. Making their conclusions about the sun and all the fantasies they created to make themselves appear as if “gods (we know it all)”: WRONG. I wish you to ask yourselves: since geneticists are deliberately trying to defeat LIFE ITSELF, by removing the disciplines/ order/ balance/ thought/ everything life needs. IN A DESPERATE attempt to prove evolution (chaos will make something else great)/ WHEN WHAT WE HAVE IS DESTROYED. If this is a reality that you support/ BECAUSE THEY LITERALLY ARE DOING THAT VERY THING; To try and learn how to rebuild life by destroying it/ as if it were a damn bridge, and they were looking for the weak spots; so they could change that. The list is long/ and it even includes “Noah’s ark” as being true. Proven by the fact of fossil fuels. Because we all know, that fossil fuels required the gathering of life materials into massive clumps/ and then burying that all in one place; under sometimes thousands of feet of dirt and rock and debris. NO OTHER METHOD EXISTS, than a flood. And the amount of life that was buried all at that one time: was extremely massive, indicating a world filled with life, that was lost. Because we have the gas, oil, and coal to prove it was so.

Did I forget to mention inflation; oh wait, that wasn’t me/ it was your media who claims repeatedly NO inflation since the Carter administration. Which would mean: everything is the same price as it was back then/ reality does not agree. The reason banks do not pay anything for interest on your savings is: reality no longer matters/ they don’t need your money to create an investment fund. Those in government; just counterfeit money, and give it to them: its all great/ isn’t it? Well, all money is either a promise or a resource. So if the promises are lies/ then the work is a slavery. BUT IF the resources are plundered, the future is war/ because in a finite world, WE CANNOT “just go get more”. It is literally ALL GONE! And then it is the children who pay, for your garbage mountains, with their lives. So the reality being hidden by media, government, business, banking, and others: is actually robbery, theft, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, assassination, extinction, and the end of the world in more ways than one. But hey not to worry, “a lot of people having a good time/ as counterfeiters always do, until reality comes. Good thing you don’t need to worry; after all, “if its not in your lifetime”; its just your child that dies in absolute poverty, cannibalism, and hate. IF however you listen to the reality of university knows religion: they could be right, and everything will be dead from overpopulation/ energy experiments gone wrong/ biological meltdown from mutilation/ no drinking water left/ weapons of mass destruction/ environmental catastrophe/ massive pandemics of coming disease “modified man-made”/and more. Who knows, maybe instead of making the children try to save their world; “we just let them play today”. Now, isn’t that better?   Because it will be one way or the other:  TRY TO SAVE THIS WORLD/ OR JUST LET IT DIE.

People who are unaware of the consequences for their actions/ or unable to comprehend the cost of being wrong: are like young rats. Their elders send them into a considered trap, to see if these survive first/ then the older ones take control; because some wisdom assembled from reality, does come with age. While it is deliberately unfair for any youth to be used to check for consequences; the reality is: you cannot stop those will will not accept the cost of being wrong/ or what it means to believe anything you are told, even by your elders. Even though it has been decades of failure, lies, deceit, theft, betrayal, corruption and MUCH more: the reality of our situation has not improved. We face our own extinction, because that is what the leaders chose, and the people followed them to do; as they want to do, without accepting the price of having a brain. Which means we are obligated to life and self: to think first/ and let truth, by the evidence then lead. Of course in reality, university leadership (invaded, and took control over everything) did think first: and they chose “to be elder rats”/ because they want what they want, and to HELL with life or planet; because they know, time will end for them/ so they just don’t care, about what happens to every child/ every life, they leave behind. Believe it or not, eternity will pay them back/ but that does not save this earth. Because in the end: all the people followed, and didn’t care enough to accept what they already knew: there are lies, and major trouble here/ buried under the bribes, hiding what we already know and see. Alas, “trophies, trinkets, toys, and pride come first”; to the ending of time on earth. To your shame. And all the people say: “you should be nicer to us”/ and then we would follow you, to fix “a little” of what we have done. Reality replies: you will change in major ways, or the few minutes you claim will just make the horror of what humanity has caused: that much worse. It is you, who have not been “nice” to me: because the end result is simply, “you want what you want/ and you don’t want to pay for one damn thing, because with a bribe and a lie; everything is free”. And that is what you want, even what you believe; because the universities are your god. All done, “ain’t that so”! Alas, so is time on earth; because the evidence is true, and nothing is more certain of that than the people trying to ignite atoms on fire/ or the people trying to destroy and mutilate nature by playing god/ or the drinking water that will soon be gone/ or another billion more people on earth in less than five years/ etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and more. Past the point of no return: the ending is final, death comes with vengeance and hate. Because that is the reality you chose.


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