The core beginning of every human behavior is want. There is nothing else so pervasive and so destructive as is what you want/ or what you don’t want. Which then causes you to measure and judge each other with pride; as life is turned into a game, to defeat the boredom caused by not wanting to understand the reality of “why”/ or even who, what, when, where, or how. Life is not a game, which makes understanding the very nature of why, becomes important.

Want exists, because it marks the crossroad, that requires your decision. Which way will you turn: to love or hate/ or will you just stand in the middle to survive, and let love and hate disappear from your life. There is a cost, which is why want exists. So the critical question is: WHAT are you willing to pay for? The common answer throughout all of history is: whatever is free, easy, or cheap. But each of these comes with a price as well. The cost is: “people lie”. The cost is: unless you know the consequences of what you have chosen, for your future, and more/ the reality of your choice can be extremely high. The cost is: “as is true of most everything; you cannot be rich/ unless you make many others poor; or steal it”. That affects their judgment on you, and it affects their lives, even yours; more than you will imagine could be true.

We then begin: with the understanding, that every single decision has a cost, some will be immediate, and some will not occur for years. Some costs can be good, some will be bad; because the end result is, that you did not understand what the future would hold. So then many people choose to hide from every decision, and pretend they don’t have to choose: by following those who do want to lead. Leadership means: I BELIEVE! If people wish to follow what you believe, then you are a leader/ because they became followers. But they become followers, only to receive whatever they want/ and blame you, if they don’t get what they wanted. Either way leadership is about want, just like following is the decision to take what you can get, even if it is less than you want; it is still something that you want.

One of the primary costs of wanting is: you bury yourself inside the decision “I want this/ or I don’t want this”; to exclude the rest of the world/ and keep them out. Same as shouting “MINE/ MINE/ MINE”. Just the decision is enough to exclude everything but what you want. Which means: people cannot hear, once they have heard or understood they get something they wanted. The door is closed, and the words shall not sink in; no matter what they are; because want has arrived, and that is all I need. Even if it is not.

One of the secondary costs is: when you make a decision, that belongs to you. It is an extremely rare individual who can comprehend any detail, of how this might not be the best choice you could make/ or how this might be bad. Doesn’t matter, because want is a door; and once the decision has been made the door is closed/ and the human locking that door is absolutely afraid. Fear makes it impossible to revisit a decision: I didn’t understand something important, or consider that cost, is like a dagger to the heart, for those who rarely make their own decision. Because it is simple fear proven true: I was unable to govern my own life. Even though that is not true, people dig holes and you cannot pry them back out; to assess the value within their decision that they did make. They fear, and fear is a prison, with violence hunting you; which makes you an enemy. OR, in the alternative, if you present someone with the option of learning there is a better decision they could make: if they simply let truth decide instead of their want. Most will assume, “this is a trap/ and that makes the one suggesting change; to be the enemy”. These commonly choose hate instead of extreme fear. Both types of fear have the consequence of producing judgment. To stay buried in your prison, it becomes necessary to measure the value of the one who has caused you “to attack yourself”. To choose hate, is to open the door for revenge; and thereby measure just how far that revenge should go to get you back for making this one fear the possibilities of failure. Truth does not enter in; because that “would end the game”. Causing reality to decide, and not you.

We now assemble the world of human behavior into three simple categories: I fear/ I hide/ I play the game.

FEAR: means you follow to decide if you can get more of what you want, from this one or the other ones. It establishes cowardice, because you choose NOT TO PAY NOTHING for life, but fear.

HIDING: means, “so long as I don’t stand outside the group”/ no one will recognize that I am afraid. Same/ same. This is not a measurement, but submission to the reality I will not choose for me. Which allows want, to conceive of you as an “animal”; which makes you less, wherever pride or power does rule.

PLAYING THE GAME: means, that I want both love and hate, and I choose to survive by discarding the reality of life; so that I am included among the leaders who made these rules. Scoffing at those who won’t play, because we are better.

MEASURING that mass of humanity, requires the decision: will you love or hate/ because survival is not a participant in this. Those who love will abandon measurements; because that is what equality, as the essence of our respect; will bring to life. On the opposite side of human behavior is hate, and these will measure constantly, and apply to themselves pride, power, violence, and even playing god over life. Because they measured, themselves as god in the most extreme cases of arrogance comes first. To be measured has a number of stages: the most extreme, “worthless to me” assigns you to the garbage. That then accepts the decision, if you are only garbage/ then I can do with you whatever I want, which does include murder, and more.

Each of these categories, consistent with the cost of being human for the vast majority of people, relies upon the conclusion that YOU, are not able to make a decision that will turn out for the best, for you. Which makes you unable to determine the future/ thereby to get what you want, selfishness arises; as in I will just grab and take what I want, instead of working for it. Selfishness exhibits the foundation of hate, and contributes the demand for greed (I want yours too) which means now you have made your choice.

In contrast: love ascends from the beginning of every decision, into the assertion, that I must let truth decide where my life should go. Love asserts, that if I cannot decide/ then I must let religion teach me what or where my life should go. But lies erupt, as want interferes; and religion is then isolated into believing whatever this group wants, is what I want too.

Value resides in truth; it is unable to be found anywhere outside of truth. Which means, you must love to fundamentally value your life, and then make the decisions that bring the life in you outside, “to become ALIVE” in the miracles of everything this earth is. Unfortunately for us both: the universities have stolen your brain, and you cannot or will not understand any of this/ because it is not on the list of what you must memorize to be part of their group. As is true of all religious groups. As is true of all religious groups “they tell you to question everything/ JUST NOT your leaders here, because they cannot be questioned; they are god”. That is the difference between most religion and universities. Religion states they are not gods (just children of god)/ while universities declare they are gods, because everything was built with chaos; and they can do, and create chaos. “so they must be gods”/ right. Of course chaos comes with destruction (kill it all), the end of complexity (no miracles here), and the demand for absolute submission to the purpose here (we are gods alone/ not you).

Society is then formed: everything valuable has joined together to try to stop everything destructive from ruining their lives; by creating law, and the people to enforce that law. But with power come the righteous; and the righteous worship the idea “we can make rules, and control them all”/ with a prison or fear.

Alas corruption starts with a vengeance. And the reality of power becomes: whosoever has the better weapon will rule the day or night. That brings the criminal; and the criminal makes the righteous believe government must now save them, from themselves and these others; because mistakes have been made. So they hire leaders who promise to give them what they want, and make them rich. Because you do have to promise everything the majority want to be elected/ or you have to divide the electorate up into groups; so you can control what they want to be elected. Money buys it all, because selfishness and greed are far more pervasive, than the demand for justice.

Where there is justice, there is also equality. Where there is equality: there will be those who hate equality, because that makes me less than what I want to be. So justice is always under attack, particularly by the righteous. NO I DON’T WANT TO SHARE/ NO, I REFUSE TO CARE; I WANT MORE FOR ME! Period.

But the world is filled with people/ and extreme overcrowding is now normal; and that produces immigration: I WANT MORE FOR ME TOO! And that brings compromise until what I want to keep for myself, is under attack from all these foreigners I didn’t want to be here anyway. BUT NOW, they don’t want to “go home”! So the war chants begin/ and the blame starts to make an enemy that we can now focus upon to gain the strength of a purpose that does not need any real cause.

History repeats, and repeats, and repeats and repeats; due to these “human behaviors”. As is want controls the masses, and want is based upon the lie; that all you need to do “is want”.

The alternate view is: that those who are, believe they are, or are certain they will be judged, measured, ridiculed, or abandoned/ retaliate by “I will judge you first/ I will measure you worthless first/ I will become the bully that ridicules or creates fear/ I will isolate myself, so you cannot do it to me. The consequence being what is commonly called “counter-society”; as in gangs/ can’t get into college so I won’t give a damn for schools that only teach “college”/ and so forth. As to college itself, the constant resides in three distinct theaters of design: I want to learn/ I want to be free, and surrounded by people my own age/ I want, to earn lots of money, and gain lots of power, and prove how superior I am. With a trophy, called the diploma.

As to making enemies out of any group, so that you can measure them to create a judgment against them: which now because you are measured, we can commit to that judgment. Which is normally, when society is stressed: “you are worthless to me”. The murder then begins.

NAZI Germany in world war 2 is particularly evident of that fact. So we look there, understanding that what I can know is based upon the investigation of what was reported on during those days and time. Jews were isolated into a group to be called enemies: the critical question is WHY? What was reported was: due to religious concerns, Germans did not do banking/ because it was considered morally unfit to charge someone else interest on the money that you loaned them. To avoid this moral dilemma: they chose to hire Jewish people to do their banking. Because they had no such concerns; and that allowed them to collect interest on the money they invested in that Jewish bank. It is also reported that due to this arrangement: it was the Jews who became the owners of most all business in Germany. And when the economy turned bad: it was the Jews who were dispossessing the property of Germans and throwing them into the streets/ to then give that property to Jews. Which is consistent with every group that ever existed on earth. We will protect ourselves first; simple as that. Even though the massive amounts of money ended in only a few hands: all the group suffered the same fate. One consequence that enforced and multiplied the reality was: Jews have always kept strictly to themselves; which allowed the creation of “they are the enemy” so much easier. So the lesson here is: when you try to evade a religious rule (for instance), which you should have either obeyed or thrown away instead. Or dealt with honestly as a society in need of a better solution than this rule. Failing that: The cost of “being extra special smart”; can be far beyond anything you can imagine. Because it opens the door wide to more lies.

We now look at race again; and explain it with reality, rather than want controls the rhetoric. Rhetoric means; we are the civilized ones/ the superior ones everybody needs to listen too; you damn people you.

Reality however understands four distinct problems. It sees race as truth, rather than want. The truth is each subset of a species has different traits and different ways and different looks and different “essence of need”. Which is what makes them different. Mixing subsets of the same species together gets traits that are shared, and traits that are different in the same character of body and type that makes a child neither one of ours, or one of theirs. Which does cause problems, because these cannot be easily categorized; and that creates a communication between the groups, that neither is happy with. We must put up with you, because of these/ which can easily turn into: we will just not put up with the one who has “mixed us together/ even though it is not their own fault”.

The second truth is: whenever one group dominates an area, it controls because “we built this for ourselves, our children, and our future, it is ours; it is mine/ WHY, should we now give it to you”? That ain’t fair! GO build your own/ and stop trying to invade our part of this world; it ain’t yours to do so, and that is war. Reality states, this is in fact fair. But fair has been altered by the consequence of overpopulation, and the reality of people trying to invade by simply having more children than do we. Which is an insurgency against us who hold ownership here. Yet the people who own less say: WE ARE EQUAL, WE HAVE RIGHTS, WE DESERVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO. Because we too, have been here a long time, and this is life for ourselves, our children, our future, and our hope for a better living than what we had. Reality states: if you are working to earn and build for yourselves, that is in fact fair. But reality also knows: now, in an overcrowded world, to be fair: NOBODY is going to get control over everything they want/ or we all go to war. Because want is an abyss, and it never ends until you have descended into the depths of hate. Which then destroys your life, and seeks violence against all the rest. As is seen in mass shootings.

The third truth is: “we want to play” with your sexual partners, for free. Because we want too/ but you cannot play with our sexual partners, because that ain’t right. Possession of the value that is fundamental to our own subset of this human species, is an absolute right/ and that makes you the enemy for invading our space, and our lives, and our families. How is that not the same regardless of which race you are? So the games begin: as young men try to say, “you cannot deter us, we have rights/ and we have the strength to say no you can’t”. How is that not the same regardless of which race you are? Young women are interested in those who are interested in them; and it is nature itself, to be curious. How is that not the same regardless of which race you are? But the trouble begins, when anyone is perceived to have “hurt one of us, or tragically impacted one of us, or betrayed one of us”: which then gives the right, “to see that entire race” as our enemy. Rather than by individual construction. Where the law intervenes, the reality becomes who can defeat the law, and make this group pay for what they have done; gaining some sympathy from their group as well. The greatest foundation trouble between black and white: is the reality of sex between the races/ instead of within the races. It was initially and for decades if not more: that white men crossed the line, and found black women as a trophy (yes I can) for sex. Today it is much more that black men have crossed the line and found white women as a trophy (yes I did) for sex: to prove to white men, you can’t stop me. The cost of that has been: black men are far easier to throw in prison, than would be fair; because it remains true, that white men built this nation, and they hold the key. The end result of proven reality is: “stay within your own race for sex/ because you are the cause of most racial trouble; when you don’t”. That does not negate the truth: where there is REAL LOVE, between two humans (I accept my decisions are real, and not governed by less than truth)/ instead of “animals who want, whatever it is they want for the moment”. The reality of love identifies an act of GOD ,lives here too. Whosoever causes trouble here, causes themselves true harm, and it would be best for you: to stay away, and protect your own eternity from harm or hell.

The fourth truth is: the power of each humanity group, is determined by their own ability to make war. EVERY group inwardly knows: that when a minority threatens to become the majority/ their own power has diminished; and what was once “mine all mine”/ can now become theirs, and not mine. Which is a major upset, and cost of being invaded. Because even weapons will not hold the ground for us; when a horde of humanity has been released by them. So every group that accepts reality decides: does in fact want and need to limit immigration, and the insurgency that threatens everything we worked for. These are not small issues, and they do deserve real solutions: which will always be, “build your own”/ but that costs resources we wanted for ourselves. That takes space which we wanted for our children. That takes power away from us to determine what our future is going to be/ and gives it to those who want to take from us what we have owned for ourselves. And the scream will be: THAT AIN’T FAIR. But reality says: overpopulation, even if it ain’t your own fault/ cannot be defeated by wanting it to go away. So the cost of accepting new members to this society is: WE ALL MUST control the population, and limit growth to none/ or we cannot survive; but will quickly descend into war. Only then can reality divide the property and establish: build it for yourselves/ don’t come here to take control over ours. Don’t be demanding to invade what we have built for our children: build it for yourselves. But more importantly than anything else is: the cost of university mutilation of nature through DNA manipulation IS GOING TO BE, disease runs rampant, the hospitals will fail/ and our only defense will be in separation; so as to limit the spread. Do it now, or at least prepare now; or be sorry and dead.

The immigrant is, as the immigrant has always been: caught in the middle; because it is with few exceptions, NOT my fault that things in the nation where I originate from are bad for me. I didn’t choose to be born/ but I am here, and I deserve an opportunity to be equal, and treated fairly just like you. Reality knows this is true/ but the end result of it is: you bring the realities which caused your nation to overrun itself with people and resource depletion here; because that, is what you were taught to do. That is “memories of home”. But now the world itself is full of people, and all the resources are being depleted forever; and little room is left or it will be the end of life on earth. So reality says to you: unless, your nation is willing to accept true zero population growth and enforce it by whatever women choose to do [men must pay]. There is no longer room for anyone to move. If your nation creates the problem/ then your nation must fix its own problem; and international war shall not be allowed. Nor will food be distributed or given or allowed; inside your nation from the outside, unless you have achieved or are working towards zero population growth. When you have done that/ then immigration becomes possible. NOT because we want it to be so/ BECAUSE REALITY FORCES US ALL, to make this so. Bear in mind: if the situation was reversed, do I not need to learn your language/ do I not need to work in your society where the reality is: you and your people, “were in fact, here first”; etcetera and so forth. Immigration is not a right/ it is a need. But reality states; your need can now force us into needs of our own, which we cannot then fulfill for ourselves. The consequence of that is: CHANGE FOR LIFE ON EARTH, or we die as one tragedy after another. And that is the truth.

There is a fifth dimension to race relations: which is the universities build armies by incorporating those who did not fit into the main stream. “To divide and conquer” is the truth, of their method: which is why, there is very little unity left in America. they were effective; because Reagan gave control over the currency to “the university diploma” and the counterfeiting and massive bribes that then occurred took control over everything. Why did Reagan do it: to sell the gold, that belonged to the American people; and play god (yes I can). That insurgency created with our money, then allows them to build a bigger base/ and the bribes, as well as changes that universities have spread throughout the world; brings the immigrant here. Having changed our world/ having destroyed our nation with bankruptcy enforced by debts don’t matter, and our assets accrue by 9 trillion dollars every year (inflation; media and wall street, knows about but won’t report)/ having enslaved nearly every child with college debts/ having created endless threats which will make us extinct without true reality, and real democracy; forcing them to stop. Every possibility that could be used to detract and deter from those who were in power; which was the white population; because they built it. And because they committed genocide on the Indian populations/ because they overran their European nations, with overpopulation; and had to go somewhere. Just like today, when the entire world is overpopulated and now has to go somewhere; or die in war. It ain’t no game, and there will be winners and losers; which is why people want “weapons of war”. In the end, it was the one thing people hated most of all: population control by nature/ that was their greatest gift. Because without population control as is the result of university knows; all that stands between extinction for life on earth, and saving it: is the truth of what humans will now decide for themselves. And you “just want what you want/ throwing reality aside, as is the evidence of racism: NO WE WON’T deal with the truth.” We ALL; want what we want/ until we war for what we want; end of our story.

I REMIND EACH ONE: “KILL A BILLION PEOPLE”, AND YOU STILL HAVE AT LEAST 7 BILLION MORE TO GO/ and they will all be back by human numbers in less than five years; the actual predictable (for the entire twentieth century) rate of population rise. YOUR GUN is NOT going to solve any problem. NOR WILL WAR, because the resources you destroy; are the only thing keeping your future alive/ so don’t do it. Weapons of mass destruction are even worse; so remove them with world law, and policing of leaders.

YOU ARE FORCED, to accept the reality of law will rule this world/ or it will die. YOU ARE FORCED, to accept the truth of what our situation demands/ or our world will die. YOU ARE FORCED, to acknowledge: there is no future for any life on earth, UNLESS WE CHANGE and make it so for ourselves. Because the rate of destruction here is extreme, and our catastrophic extinction: is not far away. Beyond the point of no return, there is only “the living dead”. CHOOSE BETTER.

You are forced to accept the reality of simple facts, as do prove the evidence: that “the university knows religious cult” running this world/ has in fact failed in countless ways, bringing us to the very edge of our own world extinction. NOT because I say so, but because reality proves it is so, by the evidence which surrounds us all. Nothing is more certain, than the fact: they will not do anything to stop the descent into chaos/ as chaos by their scripted religion called evolution; demands chaos is their god. And they are deliberately trying to sacrifice life on earth as it is/ into chaos: so their god of chaos can bring something else; because they obviously then don’t like their lives. Just wanting to play god instead. The critical edge, or point of no return for life on earth: will not be, whenever you decide “we are in trouble now, and must fix this a little bit or war”. The critical edge is as your food and water already is: once nature cannot be sustained so that humanity itself is sustained/ everything collapses into an abyss. Because unless billions are ready to commit suicide to save the rest. There is no possibility that “the very seeds of the next generation” will not be eaten; enforcing there shall be no future for life on earth. Once the reality of thirst is enforced with: we cannot spare the water or we thirst to death too/ extreme war will follow, and spread around the world. It cannot be stopped, because with thirst demanding in three days you will die or fail to be able to fight: NOBODY gets to work for peace. You have been set up to fail as a world going extinct. The diseased of universities: they have done their best to take over control throughout this world; demanding like nobles, “we are the superior ones/ and we will make all the decisions”. The plague of universities: they have changed nature, and the balance that kept us all alive; to replace it with want, disrespect for everything, cult worship (don’t question your leaders) for themselves, endless extreme experiments, worthless toys and trophies for only themselves, and the reality of an abyss appearing as is the complete failure to prepare for the future; as needed to sustain life and planet. Destroying all they touch, with apathy, and the decisions: life, nation, and world; shall be dismantled. So we can be gods.

The consequence of their failure is our need to investigate and prove to ourselves what is true, and what happens when their decisions go WRONG. Or we die. That cannot be done outside the public courtroom; because their cult is strong, and as all cults prove to be: they will not accept anything less than an entire society demanding WHAT IS TRUE SHALL RULE/ not you. Even then the terrorists among them will erupt into chaos unleashed; and our ability to survive as a world, will be threatened. The plague of university consolidation: so they can rule everything (one is easier than millions)/ MUST BE DISMANTLED. The endless failure that attacks and kills our world, our nations, and our planet, MUST BE DISMANTLED. The extreme “satan worship” that is experimentation that gambles with our entire world: IS TERRORISM, AND MUST be dealt with accordingly. Some mercy will be applied, but only if the end result is worth that mercy to understand the risk to life and planet that did not die, was mediated by those who were in a position to stop the destruction; did so/ by our demand; not simply their decision. If one fails us all, by such things as releasing a weapon of mass destruction no matter what that is/ THEN THOSE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE, face the consequences. Simple as that; police your own. If you tried and failed because “our policing failed you”/ then it is their fault, and they will face the consequences you would have.

Satan worship is”: my judgment is, that this world is worthless/ and even if it dies, and extinguishes all the life that is here; nothing valuable to me, has been lost. EVIL is: the reality of gambling (experimentation, abuse, or judgment) with life or planet, beyond the limits of what can be recovered/ as does then become the extinction or execution, of that fundamental in truth.

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