The rights, realities, composition, and purposes of sexual decision and its aftermath. Unlike the constant delusion that is “university knows”/ the reality of sex in the relationships between male and female are not simply chemicals. Even in the realm of animals, it is more than that/ until the brain no longer functionally exists. There are three elements to functional sex: I want to do this/ I am aware the decision requires male and female/ and I want the result to be, a reality I can live with. When it is not a reality both can live with in peace and security; the brain has quit functioning, (as addictions demand) making chemicals all that is left of life or body. Or, there is hate, the judgment I will take whatever I want. The brain works with want, to measure and record the decision: establishing both an action and its reaction as truth. That is true of animal as well.

Immediately perversion will add in: that I don’t need no damn opposite gender. While nature insists, the elemental cause for animal sex is not domination/ submission: but population. Which does require male and female. Bending that into something “you make out of yourselves”; has a cost. The cost is: you lost control over your own decision. Because nature is not a want/ it is a reality: which means the brain has ceased to work correctly. Equal is, as equal does! Perversion wants control; those who feel as if they never had control over sex for whatever reason, target youth. Some also demand “new meat”.

The rights of sex are simple, even for the human animal (I want what I want).

  1. Anything “naturally assigned by the human body to be used” can be used without intentional harm. Therefore if accepted by your partner in sex; it is “nature ok’d”.
  2. anything NOT “naturally assigned by the human body for use” is NOT OK. You do have a right to do whatever you wish to your own body/ as that is entirely yours alone. But so is the price of being wrong.
  3. Every sexual partnership requires freewill consent/ nothing less will do. No temptations should exist in causing this decision to be made: as each must live with the result individually. Good or bad.
  4. It is never ok to risk the health of another person with any type of serious disease/ if it should not be, or should not have been, done to you: don’t do it to anyone else. There are NO EXCUSES. If you have intentionally chosen to potentially give a deadly or “forever disease” to another person: that is a criminal act, (by your decision) and should be prosecuted as such.
  5. Every consent for sex is made, when intercourse willingly, begins. If it turns out you don’t like it/ that is just too bad: don’t do it again with this one. Even if you ask them to stop and they don’t it is not rape. It is however an assault if they don’t stop; and can be treated with far less penalty than rape. Consent means: until I or you, say no! But the reality of sex is: once you get the other one started, some don’t know how to stop/ they never grew up.
  6. The curse of sex is, once the chemicals are released, they can and do turn addictive/ and it is up to the individual, to take control over their own lives. The failure of that results in taking control over someone else’s life: and that is criminal by nature. That is human animal ruling over your life with want/ and potentially altering or destroying another life, because of your want: which is war. So the question before each sexual relationship is: are you animal, or are you human/ or are you criminal? “listen for the wants (want betrays itself with pride or power or hate)/ listen for the “I’s”(the more they use the more selfish they are)/ listen for the lies, because they seek to trap you. Listen for the greed: because that is about taking “yours too”; and giving nothing in return. Listen for the lust: only using your body matters to me. Those who fail the honesty of love in sex, spend their soul, and it may die.
  7. The rights of sexual love between male and female are few: we must both be happy with the result/ once “bound as one”,we must both commit to the other one’s, realistic honest need (not want)/ we must remember, no one has a right to be slave or accept slavery/ we must acknowledge, that a limit or boundary is real; and should never ask or expect to exceed that truth/ there is a foundation for discipline, which builds our trust, and binds us as one. There is an order, to the realities of living, which establish “I am too tired” today. There is a balance to the relationships we share with other people, but make no mistake there is a cost, if you cross the line. There is heart, the essence of why we choose to live; and it needs us both to remember not only respect, but sharing and caring as equals. There is soul, the relationship we choose to create with GOD , by our connection as, “one life in love”, that respect: being blessed with HIS miracles, shared, in us both. That reality returns as, “I/we, ARE ALIVE”. A reality that cannot be found in any other way.

The realities of sex are: you cannot take this back/ it is, now a truth, and a reality shared between us both.

  1. Men and women are far more different, than either sex accepts or understands/ it is that simple. Although it may be that because girls do not “change” until 13 years or so/ it is likely they understand boys far more than boys understand girls; because the effects of that change are enormous. Not so with the change in boys; they just get a new toy. And must learn how to use it honestly. Some never do. Most must experience “something bad went wrong”/ before they understand the reality: “this is no toy”.
  2. Girls and women all know: “I am pregnant/ or I had an abortion” will get a response; and if they want a boy or man, are willing to use it as best they can. Even when intercourse has not occurred. The next response is; we might as well have all the sex now that we possibly can/ cause I can’t get pregnant twice. But alas, that may or may not be a lie; so if you fall in, the intent is to get pregnant: to take away your choice. The list is long regarding how women manipulate men, to establish control. If you kill off respect, you have destroyed all potential for your future as one. If you intentionally get pregnant, by using a man/ and then charge him to pay for your child: you are a rapist. You took what you wanted, by using their body; and made the man pay for what only you wanted.
  3. Boys and men all know: a relationship with female, is either about love, lust, or hate/young boys typically have no real clue about what is going on. While older boys, do know it all, and choose. The difference between boy (I have a toy) and man (I have a responsibility) and whore (greed, “I bought you”, or lust, “I own, or intend to own, your body” controls) is: RESPECT. Without respect, there is no relationship, only lust or hate using or abusing you. Rape exists when lust takes over, and you demand: the woman no longer matters/ and will do whatever you want/ or you will do whatever you want, with her body. There is no excuse for “chemistry”; you failed life and love: which then equals hate.
  4. Respect determines reality. Reality determines the level of trust that can be created between friends. Trust determines if you can bond together as more than friends. And truth decides if you can remain together and share a future; because you chose to care for each other. Relationships exist, because we share something/ or because we care about something/ or because we need something/ or because you want something from me.
  5. Lust cares nothing for you/ but it can be determined, to get the chemicals I want, which appears like passion but is not; because regardless of you, only the body matters. As to sex: Fighting to survive and build a life, requires a lot of energy and patience to succeed: leaving little energy for sex. Some who want more, then go find another who is not working; because they have not been tired out, from trying to make your life better too. A vasectomy ends sexual desire, because it eliminates the chemicals that make sex desirable. Sex has a price for men; if it does not pay you back, desire ends. That means the result of a vasectomy, does in fact affect women too/ changing relationships forever. It would be better: to insist “boys with toys” experience “this toy is out of control, and cannot be simply stopped. Because that would give them a whole new perspective regarding female.
  6. Some; Young women or girls, can and do decide they want an older man; to avoid all the work and effort of building a life, or finding money of their own. Expecting to supplement their need for sexual contact with others. So they can and do tempt older men: who should know better. Some fail. In contrast: older men can and do tempt young girls with money, and promises they will not fulfill: strictly for the purpose of sex. The reality is: one blanket, does not cover the whole. Wanting is an animal solution/ not a human one. Sacrifice is basically ALWAYS going to end with tragedy at some level. Boys with older women on the other hand: have an automatic ticket out/ the penis must be willing, and that is your decision. That too, is not a “one blanket covers all”. The critical matter is: what did you promise/ what did you threaten/ what did you do, or fail to warn; as an adult who should know better.
  7. Having sex takes all innocence away: BECAUSE it opens the door to every problem, every need, every insecurity, every want, every temptation, everything else; and every sexual demand that each other can think of, or will provide. Which makes stopping sex, along with the chemical addiction sex provides; very hard. Leaving no room to doubt: something more than play happened here. In an adult world, the responsibilities inherent in opening that door can be dealt with; because you have been introduced to “the real world”. Children and young adults have no real clue, and will then make many mistakes for each other; which cannot easily or simply be reversed. More simply: you made a decision, and now you must live with the consequences of that decision; no amount of complaining will change that.
  8. Beyond the teenage years, is the desire to play: now we know, can easily become a sexual disease, you didn’t know would happen, because you trusted “life would be fair”. It is not, when considering people lie, to get what they want: both men and women. They just lie about different things for different reasons, offering different temptations/ but the end result is the same, you didn’t care; about me. So the reality of falling into bed with different people for fun; absolutely ends, when confronted with a life altering consequence. The demand to decide what your life is going to be; is a true challenge, and human relationships are only one part of that. Unfortunately, sexual partnerships are intended to be fair; but people are not. They want what they want, and for most that is all they want; simple as that. Sex is chemistry, and chemistry has consequences that are not easily controlled. Love is not a chemistry, and it is “shared moments of happiness”, because you care. See the difference?
  9. Unfortunately, the reality of a life is determined by the decisions that you make. If your decision is like mine: and something more important than a personal relationship must come first/ then reality states, you just can’t have sexual relationships; because heartbreak will follow. When even if you tell them, and they know: you have to go; it truly will not help. Tears like a flood will prove, a romance that ends; even for the sake of this world/ is better not to start. In that vein; I use to think, “those who just want to play with me, to prove they can tempt me into doing what they want/ can be played with as well, by turning the tables so to speak”. But I was wrong/ even though it is fair, it does open the door to possibilities not offered, and that has consequences. So, just leave it alone. Love is a discipline, that balances order with truth. But it is also a reality, that shapes life with caring and sharing into “a delicate flower, that blooms in the grace of hope and happiness releasing its love through passion and desire”. Walking away “kills that flower”, even if you never intended that should be. The consequences can be severe; even if you are as kind, as it is possible to be.
  10. In older age, the realities of male and female are much more simple. Don’t take too much from me, and I promise not to take too much from you. Decisions based in reality, should support that. Let us remember the value of friendship, and trust in the grace of a love that will die; but never in my memories. These are the fundamentals, and they exist on the path that shapes eternity; so even if you are not “first”/ you are important. Just as I would hope to be for you.
  11. If life were to be fair: NO child, would arrive before it was welcomed and desired by both parents, who were truly ready to become parents, because their love had solidified into a relationship that lasts; “as best we can, forever”. Few children are born into that relationship, and suffer accordingly. A child is not a trophy (a reality most women do not adhere too)/ they believe it is. A marriage is not a trophy (a reality men and women do not adhere too). A life shared, is not a toy, nor is it a trinket you can put on display. It is an expression of your care, and the experience which does establish how much you share. Unlike the common description of women: who believe being married means, now I don’t have to do nothing, but have sex. Or unlike the common description of men: who believe being married means, now I can have all the sex I want, without doing nothing but to say I want it.
  12. The foundation of HONEST sexual behavior, is participation in the same event, for an equal distribution of happiness as best WE CAN. That does mean I do things for you/ and you do things for me; and NOBODY is forced to do anything they do not happily choose to do on their own. IT IS NOT, “using women as a rubbing post for your penis”. NOR is it an open bank account for your own purposes, by his slavery. Stop being whores (nothing matters but what I want), and learn how to be happy. Happiness exists in freedom, but it is earned only in the trust that builds a life to be shared; because I now know with hope, this is, “because you care, and you do honestly love; for me”. Proving I never need to be alone, anymore; I have a true friend.

The compositions of sex: can be used to create lies/ liars/ traitors/ and more. But it can also be a benefit to those who need more understanding, than simple life provides.

Begins with the expression used by the extremes: “most trusted friend/ most hated enemy/ and everything in between”. The vast majority live in the middle; but all perversion (Not as nature intended) resides on the side of enemy. That can be “just over the line/ or extreme”. On this side, there are many crossroads into the delusions and fantasies of both men and women.

On the side of love, as does begin with trusted and proven friend; the value of that relationship is expected to control the path beyond this moment as a guide teaches and controls those who follow: with truth and kindness that will not fail. Reality however knows, humanity is not up to the challenge; with only rare exceptions. Therefore crossroads exist here too.

The first sign of an enemy is: “I want more sex (not love), than you are willing to share”. Because, it is the sign of the chemicals involved taking control over your relationship/ rather than love asking for clarity and the chance to grow as one. Chemicals gone out of control, turn into judgment/ and judgment turns into measurements/ and measurements become: “if you are worthless to me/ then I can do with the garbage, whatever I want”. Which becomes murder, abuse, use, theft, rape, and other forms of hate.

The second sign of an enemy is: “I want what I want, and intend to get what I want any way I can”. Because this is pride, and pride has only two purposes: either to win (I made you a loser)/ or to lose and then claim revenge (I have a right). Either way the cost will increase, to know this person. There will be consequences unless you are the same; in which case a “pack of predators” is born.

The third sign of an enemy is: power, I can make you cry; just because I want too. That is not based upon a reality of living/ but exists in the realm of what I want from my own life, is to prove: you shall be my slave.

The fourth sign of an enemy is: selfishness. Which includes lust, greed, violence, hate, theft, lies, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, and more.

And the people say: there are not enough “good men and women” around, to choose; so I ended up with this one. Because I can’t be lonely anymore!

Loneliness is dealt with by some: who then believe that sex is the escape/ the consequence being; a sexual body to use, is “savior to me”. The reality of it, is somewhat less than lust; but it is not love.

So, we examine loneliness as the cause for considerable heartbreak. Finding in fact, that the primary cause is wanting what you do not, or realistically cannot have. Because want is an abyss, that chokes life, into assuming there is nothing valuable here. To abandon want (a personal decision established by you), is then to be freed of its control. Love begins with a “clean slate”/ or more distinctly, without preconceived ideas or expectations. Because love is not a measurement, it is a decision beyond the limits of “just me”.

Therefrom, we enter into the world of “trusted friend”; as the partnership which leads to love. The first sign is a feeling of no need to fear. As in I can be “just me”, as free as I desire to be; without being judged for it.

The second sign of friend is: we have chosen to spend our time together. To achieve the value of life, by sharing these moments; even if it is not “the best we can be”.

The third sign of friend is: I will be here for you, in your time of need/ because it is my choice to do so. My desire is to make your life better, and unafraid of reality or its truth.

The fourth sign is trust: as is, I am willing to hope, the value of our time shared, is because you care for me/ even for what has value to me. Because that is my decision, in the relationship we choose, for me too.

The fifth sign for trusted friend is: we have begun the test, that will determine if our paths can join, to become the same journey into life and beyond/ or will separate/ or will remain parallel (we cannot join) through time, for reasons as wide or varied as life itself. The value of that test is then the discovery of what living together will mean for me and for you.

The sixth sign is for love, if we can join, the heart begins to sing, and passions will rise to include the value of sexual happiness. Because the message we give to each other is, “I am your soul mate”.

The seventh sign for love as soul will allow; is our joy in being alive, is a value none can question; is true.

Every sexual decision has a purpose, a consequence, and the aftermath of that experience; as an expression that changes lives, because it can. University led media has reduced sexual expression to a chemical exchange that has no meaning other than using a body for your own purposes. In other words, they say “our miracle of human existence”; is nothing more than “shopping at a store” to simply buy what you want/ and then throw it away.

In contrast to that is the truth of being born as a miracle: the reality of being a participant in the miracles of life on earth, grants that we can express or experience even more than our body will produce. By becoming what love knows is true. The essence of life itself, as explained when the truth of our desire, joins the possibilities of an eternity: as love shared. Caring joins us with trust. Truth creates, the path between us, is our heart and soul. A life far beyond just what body can do.

We then turn, to the realities of “limited love”/ or more specifically, the choice between love: what time and body have to offer as an experience: and hate.

Love elevates the essence of thought, by combining “heart, mind, and soul” into a creation of its own: that will accomplish the desire to remain true, to the treasure we have created within ourselves as “the light of our lives” shining in this world. It is an eternal grasp, of a journey that needs us both to survive as one.

Time and body offer momentary experiences, that express a wide variety of elements in life, that alter the composition of our time into the things we can do, the places we can go, the expectations we will achieve, and the desire for new things to change the dimension of our lives into something different “as best we can”. It is personal, and it is valid: because this truly is “my time/ unless it truly is, our time”. That level of love, is not easy to find. So people compromise, and then become disenchanted with their companion. Our journey is not the same. The question of right versus wrong; is not valid. Because time is both enemy and friend: it gives us our freedom/ but it takes away that freedom as well. So all we have, to identify life with; resides in the middle/ unless you rise above time itself into a spiritual world.

Hate is the descent that begins with judgment, slides downward with every jealous moment (he/ she has more)/ trips and falls due to pride/ fails do to the violence of want. And constructs revenge based upon the measurement of what “I” mean to you. Never good; but varies with the conclusion of bad, or garbage to be used, abused, or destroyed.

Love and hate are opposites: one cancels out the other/ they do not exist for long together, in any composition or way. Time however does exist as both love and hate, and they do exist together; because the option of being human is to recognize, that I am free enough: to use or abuse both. So the question of your own identity, as is the evidence of your own truth; resides in the critical composition of what you did in fact choose to most identify and create the life, and relationships, you chose in time. These are: your desire, purpose, and passions explained for all to see.

What is critical about that, and NOT a participant in the games people play: is eternity cares. Or more specifically, the life separated from body: is entitled to achieve its own truth. What belongs to love, will belong to love. What belongs to hate, will go in the opposite direction to hate. And what did not care enough to choose an identity formed; will simply dissipate into “nothing left, of you”. That conception is dedicated to the understanding: truth can survive. Therefore it depends upon “what your truth is”/ to determine where you will go.

The critical search for life itself: is in miracles of reality, that cannot by any description in truth, be less than thought expressed through love. That fact isolates the realities of earth: into an incubator for what can be thought accepted by love. Flushing out “with the sewage” what is hate/ and what never did “care enough” to find life happy. The reality of death, separates us from time, by removing body. But the essence of life itself is not body, but exists strictly in the construction that is freedom associated with thought, and the constraints called truth, by those elements born, as thought. The consequence of that is: where there is thought, there is life/ and where truth can survive, that life can go on. So the critical question is: what about thought, established by truth, can survive?

Discipline states: that the essence of life, resides within the creation of a body; as it describes the miracle which caused this to exist. Order assembles a journey back beyond the limits of time; by balancing what can be true, with what can be known; to achieve the dimension that is spiritual by conception. Spirit means: born by truth into the compositions that become “the nature of each individual truth, by its law”. Thereby we begin the search for truth, but accomplish that truth only by the conception of law which governs each individual truth. A law governing the universe: survives, as is the reality assigned. It is a dimension achieved by invitation only (are you pure enough to survive?); and it is fraught with peril. Open the wrong door, and your eternity will change/ even becoming extinct. Remain within your own truth, and the freedoms to be achieved are “wonderful”. MERCY means: those who have love, but are not pure enough/ may live within their own circle of friendship, with those who are the same. Until the happiness leaves, and they then disappear forever.

I can testify (I lived it) to this: unlike religion suggests, “that you die and then get everything you ever wanted for free, without any inconvenience or hassle, or change, or anything related to a cost; taking whatever you want, without even needing to ask”. I find: That is completely untrue! Whatever you lack, of the purity in love, thought, truth, or whatever it is that has value to eternity: you will be assigned to fixing that, before you can visit any other conception of life. No excuses, no one to blame but yourself. Life is life, NOT a game or the essence of a spoiled child: you are owed nothing. You are given the possibility to continue as life, through the choices that become “your living”.

I can testify (I lived it) to this: all the things you hate, will not join life in love/ and that includes all the things which you bring with you. They will be dissolved, including all pride, power, want, and selfishness; what then survives as your truth, if enough; can exist. Love is not a game.

I can testify (I lived it) to this: past the point of no return, you cannot change anything in yourselves or anyone else, that is trapped “in the middle”. Unless you give them what you need to survive; ending your life, while they again lose what you gave (that is their truth). So don’t do it for any cause or reason: each HAS made their choice.

I can testify (I lived it) to this: within the passage of doors, there are many things from which to choose. Never open a door, that is not true to your own desires. Because unless you can fully acknowledge and understand that truth at is core foundation element; you will not gain access out.

I can testify (I lived it) to this: that while I opened many doors, I then chose to open the door of female: to ask just this one question, “what would woman do, to save this earth?” Unfortunately it is a world apart, wherein I recognized nothing; and became trapped. But even so, she did give me an answer/ and she did change my direction/ and she did balance my work; until it became as you see before you now. “its complicated”. I am grateful for that.

I can testify (I lived it) to this: in contrast to what greatly benefited me, as it was my heart’s desire to find a solution man did not have. I am now trapped in what is intended to be “a great benefit to her female world, on earth”. As this is where I am, both as body and soul. “its complicated”! From balanced and fair while we worked together for life. We have changed to, I am basically “penned in by an electric fence”; go too far, and I will be turned back. In addition, from being basically equals in all things; after the beginning due to we needed each other for life. I am now treated more like a “beast”/ broken to ride; as I cannot escape her choices. I don’t know why, but the possibilities are not desirable (at least by my conception) : “its complicated”. So when I tell you, that it is absolutely critical what you choose in the spiritual world; kindly accept that as true, or you will pay the cost.

I can testify (I lived it) to this: the spiritual world sits between time and eternity, so once you have proven to be “pure enough” to continue in freedom and rights due to your values. Things will then again change. Although I have never gone beyond the spiritual world, I have seen “the possibilities” at a great distance.

While you may consider that as impossible, insane, delusional, or whatever; I assure you it is my truth. Entering the spiritual world of woman was never my intent; I just desired to ask a question we both needed to answer for this earth. It was a sacrifice I made; the only sacrifice that ever had value. Our work as male and female joined as one; made this work possible/ not simply her way nor mine, but ours produced the work I present. The same will be true of fighting for this world. But it is also the worst possible decision for male/ a reality I did not comprehend. Even so, if the earth survives; I will deem it a good decision regardless of the consequences.  My eternity was not lost/ merely changed; but in ways I cannot even comprehend, as strictly male has been lost: literally missing, I can’t find it back. I did search as “strictly male” for ten full years; and could find not one single possibility for earths survival in men. This is the best they did do/ because this is the truth of what men do decide; and only true change can save our world as earth, and life survives. Men choose war, for everything not frivolous or a game. THAT IS NOT an answer that will survive.

As to my current situation: it is true and without doubt/ even held separate. The purity of female truth in a spiritual world; had to bend to accommodate me, or more. So, I do suppose it is only fair, that this life will bend a bit as well. “its complicated”, and she never tells me anything in advance. Besides this is about what women apparently need; and I have no clue about that anyway. Other than being “made to wear tits”; they really are VERY different. Men cannot imagine.

The functional difference between: strictly male, and now not strictly male/ is strictly male utterly and absolutely refused (not going to give you nothing, beyond the facts) to change, in order to help save this earth; by establishing the facts we cannot ignore anymore. He would not do it, considering: “the enemies of life, would use any information just to make things even worse, and accelerate our demise”.

Not strictly male, being forced to understand: if you want change to occur, it is absolutely necessary to be inclusive of all parties that are willing to accept only the truth can decide. And give each a chance to understand, why that is important. Even to the point of risking more destruction. To assemble the realities that need to be discussed: means the current leadership must be proven wrong, by the evidence. It means: the propaganda teams who support the destruction of life and earth, must be dismantled by creating a court case/ so that the evidence itself can decide what is true. It means: the foundation of male decides everything must be dismantled; because this is how we got here/ and change requires different than that.

The end result is: even if you fail, I did do the best I could, because I was joined to female (even if spiritually)/ and that became a working partnership, that could balance what was needed, with what must not be shared. My work, her leadership; even if I complained. It still proved to be “the best we could do together”. I am grateful for that. And it is absolutely irrelevant, whosoever you believe. Because it makes no difference at all to me. I have written and worked; “for this earth and its life”/ not just you. In contrast as media have taught you: to be disrespectful, ridicule, lust, and hurt everyone you possibly can; making “the gun” your answer to most every problem. “we” have taught you to respect life and planet; to care because love exists; to share as reality will allow; and to participate as the miracles you are/ each and every single one, that has not been swallowed by hate. End of my story, so it would seem/ as none are now able to complain, “it was not enough”. Instead, it is the best I did do.

My work is done, with regard to saving this earth and its life; the message change or die is delivered. Regardless of many or few, to read it. As to what “the spiritual woman” has for me to do: I honestly, have no real clue; I just hope for the best. Definitely not the same job/ nor am I the same man who started this work. “THAT, IS COMPLICATED”, because I still do not understand women! Apparently trapped forever, I really don’t know. I did do, what I did do, even if it wasn’t perfect, it was my life’s work.

So the question is: are you still going to do absolutely nothing?

It occurs to me/ or is pointed out to me: that my current situation is not unlike a vast number of women have endured throughout history. Being treated like “a beast to be contained; used, or even abused, and controlled”/ rather than a value that should be treasured instead. The critical point being, that love is not a description of animal; but a relationship that endures through the values it creates as life to life, and hope to existence. Freedom and respect are primary ingredients in happiness; which means the more you take these away, or even deny they exist/ the less happy all people involved shall become. Because YOU stole a life of love, to use or abuse or even cause that life of love, to be lost from eternity. The ONE reality, that GOD never forgets/ and neither shall you. If you want an animal/ then find an animal; and save yourself from Hades (eternal punishment): by leaving love and truth alone. The same is true for women as men: do not destroy love, or you will receive more terror, than imagination can fathom. As to the realities of life and living, nothing here is perfect, and we all need to adjust as best we can. Remembering simply, that my own participation and my own decisions need to be heard: even if your decisions will be different. We do have an obligation to each other, to insure as love allows forever, “that I shall listen, and be fair”.

Love gives back, the value you have given to me. Therefore the essence of love is: that we are more than equals, we are the passion of each other, as heart/ the respect which aligns with soul/ and the value of everything true, that brings happiness into the rise of hope, and all that joy can bring.

People cheat each other, lie to each other, steal, manipulate, tempt, trap, entangle, lust, hate, control, use, abuse, fail, and fantasize; to create images, and assume identities that are simply untrue. Playing the winner with games/ discarding life itself with a choice, to deny reality, and the honesty that brings hope. The consequence of that is an endless excuse, not to be trusting, truthful, respectful, or loving to each other. Thereby the human lacks the intensity to be truly “alive”/ and fumbles in the dark (I don’t know what I am doing), with want (I know that) instead.

The light of our lives is very simple: love ignites a truth that will not be diminished, because that love is the core reality, of eternity itself. Purity assigns the discovery of desire, with the passion to be “the best we can be”. Anything less is just playing games; and life means more than that, so it does not play, other than to say “yes, I will spend my time with you”.

The differences between male and female, “literally do, make the world of human emotion, go round and round”. While female is the cause of emotion, it is male that benefits by learning “life is more than just a game”/ it is the cause and the consequence of why we make our own decision, to survive. Therefore be very careful in all things “male to female/ or female to male”; because the values here do have consequences. The purpose here is to remain fair, as it is possible to be; to listen as it is right to do; to help when we can; and to see the future as a place for you and me. If not as one, then as friends who shared. Caring opens the door, to imaginations best left outside. But caring also opens the door, to those who are or could be, the greatest blessing we will ever know on this earth: be that small or great. So share openly with friends/ care as if it made a difference, with all those who you trust. But understand, when you care, it makes people come alive; and those who have been abandoned (I need more than this) might fail their own discipline. Be clear/ be certain/ be friendly so as not to make enemies; and be honest with each other, so that no delusions can exist. Just remember this: although sexuality can fix a broken heart (you cared)/ it opens the door, that can be very hard to close. At least without doing as much damage or more, as you intended to fix. Be fair, and always be honest with each other, and especially yourself; so that no sacrifice is made/ nor lies conceived. In the end accept responsibility for what you did do; because truth never dies, there is no escape. It is, whatever it is.

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Jim Osterbur

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