There is, little in life more distinct; than our need for friendship as it meets the value beyond isolation, and therefrom makes living far more worthwhile. Yet there is little more distinct than the reality of lives being degraded and diminished by other people; because they don’t value our friendship, and refuse to respect the life we can share. That fundamental creates the avalanche of failures, which becomes the life and time of our human existence. The better the friends we are as a society, the greater peace, happiness, and harmony our society shall have. The greater the disrespect for life and planet that exists; the more “rats, serpents, failures, and the disease of human indifference for each other multiplies into war”. It all hinges upon respect: or its denial; as does the multitude of sexual abuse, battery, and failures that comes with it.

So the critical question is: WHY, is respect so valueless/ while honest friendship, is literally what we do all want and need in our lives to be truly happy? The answer is: “want/ pride/ and power”. Or more distinctly, the old generations called it “Satan inside/ war with the devil”.

So the question changes into: why do people want, and what is it that makes people choose selfishness and hate because of that want?

Answer: want is directional, it gives to your life an avenue of purpose that lets possession replace the value of friendship with things you can get without being respectful, or taking into consideration what other people need or want; same as you. That means: you can have more stuff, if you let want decide/ instead of friendship. But the question of why or how could that be more important than a friend arises? Answer, with stuff described by want; pride emerges as is “look at me, I am the superior one”/ and that means you must look away from the others to do so; and they are left in the shadows. “out of sight/ out of mind”; and become isolated due to your claims of success. But winner has its cost: you have discarded their friendship, and denied their access to the same as you. Which then becomes an isolation, even when surrounded by people; because the intensity of friendship is replaced with the desire to use you for their own gain. Making want even more aggressive; because without friends of value to you; what is left is to get even more stuff, to replace the friends you no longer have. Which then surrounds you, with trophies, trinkets, and toys; but the happiness of a life being shared, because we do care for each other is lacking. Making people “bought and sold”, as your new trophies, trinkets, or toys. Sex enters into want here, as the reality of what the others want; becomes the game most desired; as is I can have this/ by taking it away from you. Even the poor can play this game; because if you deny the others/ then you win the game, even if that means you do sacrifice a life, and destroy their happiness; pride does not care.

Instead pride searches to demand: “listen to me/ I am the superior one”. By proving with games, I can or have beaten you with my superiority/ and as such I deserve to participate in any way I can. Which begins judgment, whenever I don’t get whatever it is I want. Here begins power; as the reality of measurement, needs the means to prove “listen to me/ I am the superior one”; confronts life, with the decision to play god, with you. Abuse, use, perversion, battery, violence, hate, ridicule, gossip, fantasies, delusions, imagination; and the sewer called “university plays god”; all arise from power (I am___) to create pride (life is our game to win). As the group now illuminates itself as above the rest. Are they the only ones? No, throughout time groups have formed to establish power; thereby judgment; thereby the rules to play god with. From plain criminal/ to governments/ to religions/ to money decides: the game of humanity seeks its respect, by confronting all the rest with what is never “the truth of friendship”. But resides as judgment takes control, and removes freedom to shout: YES I CAN/ with you.

All of it starts with want: the decision, that I need no friendship, if I have these things. Which must then become more important than friendship, because isolation results from making life a game. Which then becomes anger, because even though “a winner”/ you have still lost something far more valuable than what you gained. But there are always winners who then shout: I WILL TAKE IT ALL/ then you will beg me for what you need; and I will shout NO. unless you do everything, and anything; I say. So now the majority need to want, in order to survive/ and weapons result from the abuse, battery, and perversions of those who obtained power: to refuse me, what I need. Crime erupts with true needs: but much of it is neither right or wrong; do to the force being applied.

Pride then enters in: I PAID, what I had to pay, to the damned to get what I wanted from this life/ and ANYONE who believes they can take it away; is my enemy. The price to me was high/ the price to you will be even higher; and war begins. Because the reality of it all is: those few stole life by happiness, peace, and harmony from all the rest; leaving little hope, and no reason sufficient to believe war is not our only solution.

That illicit s power: the distinction, we the powerful can make these enemies of ours pay even more: IF WE BUY the poor, to defend us, with these weapons. Control is ours, IF we can make them fear/ making any decision on their own. Consequently, there are generals who do whatever the rich want/ and there is enforcement including death; for all those who fail to obey our rules. Fear constructs anger, and anger constructs fear, by assigning “horrifying to you” as the cost of fighting here. Which grants hate an open door, to be vile, and worse.

So now the question is: do you want hate/ or do you want love, to be your “eternal friend”? Because truth is a question, and your answer is a direction. Love and hate are opposites/ and never walk together as one. Instead in the description called humanity: YOU CHOOSE one direction or the other/ and if you do not; you go insane, because you cannot stay in the middle. The need to make a choice, is elemental to direction/ and movement in one direction or the other is considered to be life; while frozen in time, is considered to be death.

To avoid the cost of death, as is complete isolation: hate hides itself in the darkness of lies and deception; as a predator does/ so that when an opportunity to consume its prey appears/ it can use manipulation to attack. “the devil; death walking this earth; is formed”. Which further causes the masses, to run and hide from the realities of what they don’t know. Which gives rise to imagination (we can guess/ its better than nothing), gossip (we can force this one out/ can’t take chances), ridicule (make him or her war/ we can defeat that one); and so on.

The direction of hate is anger; but since anger has a cause, it does not fall into the abyss of true hate; until the cause of that anger has risen beyond your ability to sustain it as why you chose this direction. Which then brings life back to the moments that stand between love and hate as your truth. If you do not return to love/ you will be isolated by the truth, of insanity; which then becomes recognized without the “veil (all things hidden) of darkness; as is now hate. Refusing to return to the need for love, the value in life and living. By “shouting fear me instead”/ locks the door shut: as is, the living dead. That becomes: using people/ abusing people/ disrespecting people/ denigrating people for their group, gender, color, size, or whatever it is. Therefore watch out for your anger; forgive what is possible for you; fight to understand, so you can return to love/ or you will die, even to eternity. And if violence is added by your hate/ and you cause a life to be lost to GOD ; you chose, “eternal war with terror”/ as your prize.

Those who are less; chose to be animals; and animals will simply dissipate and be forever lost.

Life is a direction, your own choices define the dimensions of your heart, and create the respect needed to join the values of soul; as is seen in the creation of miracles; as do surround us all. If you are isolated and alone, as very much am I; and have been for decades/ that fact does not mean you are not loving, or thrown away. It merely states a value not shared by the others, and a reality they cannot identify as “part of their group: which then becomes we don’t trust you”. Some will imagine you are “this or that/ by using gossip to align you with what they want you to be”. Imagining you are less, by attributing what they fear must be hiding in you. The consequence: “I know there is evil in you somewhere/ and I will imagine where”. Because if not, then I must change; and I refuse! AS is the claim: “heaven has to take me/ I am no less, or better, than those”.  But even so; reality states few are chosen:  because life is your decision; just as it is mine. LOVE, RESPECT, TRUTH, AND TRUST are foundations of that reality. The critical moment: when humanity realizes “if some do not choose hate”; then they rise above the rest in love; and assemble a choice, “like flowers in bloom”/ that will leave the rest behind. Unlike human decisions: the value of a life is not determined by the herd, or your beliefs/ but by you alone, as the truth of your individual identity proven by life. I do consider the miracles of this entire Creation as “in partnership with me/ the essence of soul, shaped by the dimensions of thought”. Which through respect accepted, becomes the faith of “my Creator is near by”/ a value that removes isolation, to become a treasury of trust. How are you, not allowed the same: CHANGE, accept the price, value respect? Because if you don’t;  “the gardener, picks only flowers in the bloom of love; to reside within   the house of the LORD;   as is the owner here”. Beyond time!

My life needed to be isolated to identify the descriptions used in this work; without the contamination of want, pride, or power/ true enemies of life. Unfortunately, humanity is “filled with want, pride, and power”; which made it impossible to be “simple and plain” in your presence. You don’t want that; as is so common throughout human existence; “you want what you want/ and you don’t want what you don’t want”; and that is the end of your life choices. Thought be damned; as it does confront you with decisions in love or hate; you don’t want to make; as is the elemental descent into “animals”.

Nonetheless, my work is done; and whatever is next for me, is no longer my decision. Time will reveal it/ or extinction will take it away from us all.

No, you cannot have everything you could want: 8 billion people has changed this world/ and you may now only choose life or death, as this planet and all its nature descend into chaos: by university knows. Time is ticking by, and the point of no return begins soon.

And all the people say: “I HAVE CAUSE to hate”; they did _________ or that/ it is only fair.

But the elemental truth of life, the price of living is: as proven by JESUS written of in the bible. Even though no cause existed for hate, they not only beat and condemned him/ they crucified him; as a person to be evicted from this world by hate. The descriptions involved, even though he knew it was coming: he did not choose hate. Letting the truth of judgment be with GOD !

The greatest fools who have ever lived; war with the “Children of GOD “/ somehow believing they are gods too. But; even though animals live as animals live: IF YOU cost a living life of love to be lost; and each one will know the cost of THAT war;  is terrifying CHAOS, forever.

The question is: WHY, did they kill the only healer that existed/ a man who proved, “yes he could and did heal life”?

The answer is: that took away pride from the religious leaders, “who imagined they knew it all; practically gods themselves ”/ and when they thought they would get rich from his presence: he turned over their tables of money, which gave most of it back to the people who spent it. Power took control from there, hate which measures “more than me”/ then said, “not any more”; and proved yes they could kill life. Which means: FEAR me, “I play god”.

The cost of it, proved two things: the difference between love and hate is absolutely clear. And the reality of life beyond time, will not be given to those who hate/ will not be given to animals who live for wanting more. But will extend to the people of life, who rise above hate to become alive in the presence of love, as gives back for the gift they did receive.

Which brings us back to “why me”? The reality: “its not really me”/as proven by the fact I am no longer the owner here; but found, now in the back seat of my own life; its complicated. Whatever living, or body or life, is to be from here, will NOT be shaped by me; I am functionally evicted from a choice; as has been proven true. I don’t know why? “LIFE” is working through me/ not as me; which means TRUTH will decide. The difference is, I am basically the package used to deliver the message inside; the critical reality of “me”, continues to disappear; changed, to understand in detail “the life or woman” can be unkind, at best. More than that is a mystery, not intended for me to know. While I did do the work, while it is my lifetime spent: the value of fighting for an entire world of Creation is clearly worth the price, and I accepted that is so. The reality simply: NOT up to me to save you or this world/ I just simply did my job, as best I could: “why, much” is unclear. The reality  clearly needed is: BE FAIR, let all women be free, from male insanity; DO BETTER. Nobody knows better than me: NOT PERFECT/ someone else might have done better. But nobody probably would have been more determined than I; so perhaps that is why. No real clue; life is a journey built upon your own decisions. I did do, what I accepted as I could do;  no matter what you believe, nobody really does better than that; even if you could have done more. The best I could do, remains the best I did do. Even if it fails; I did what I could do. The cost of losing this world, does not allow for less!     I do wish you well; an entire lifetime of fighting for life and earth to survive; is proof enough, that is true.     THE DECISION, however is entirely yours.     Mine, has been made.

No real clue, why me; life is a journey built upon your own decisions. My foundation decision (shaped my life) after being confronted with “the Cuban missile crisis”;  was simply, “if you save us from this, insanity of men/ then I will dedicate my life, to removing these threats from this world”. Everything else revolved around that moment of choice. NO, NOT perfect, but fair; as best I did do.

The values of your heart (our connection to “the living”) will shape the destiny chosen by your life. The truth of your existence, decides where balance will find the end of your given dimensions. Trust explains, where thought may travel. But love defines the purity from which your place in eternity will be chosen for you.

This writing is called devil as is developed first. BUT I REFUSE, to let that be “the last writing” of this post: therefore it is expanded to define the opposite side of life and living.

The value of the work, is then to identify “truth and destiny”, so that you may understand your choice better. A choice clearly identified as the destiny of love shaped by order, disciplines, balance, respect, peace, truth, harmony, happiness, and all that is desired for life to be shared among those who care. OR THE OPPOSITE, which is hate, and the cost of descending into chaos, choosing violence, destroying life and a future and this earth; mutilating all of nature into the terrors of humanity plays god. YET YOU CHOOSE ANIMAL (don’t tell me nothing); As you walk ever closer to the edge of no return. While media is an enemy, using manipulation to control you;  and news is largely the contribution of “circus mice”; trained to repeat anything the universities say. It remains true, that media contribution, along with university “beyond playing god”; has provided some of the limited reference: to the cost of human decisions with regard to this world and all its life. “Even if worshiping the universities as god, is the road to HELL”/ they have still provided some insight to the realities of  true catastrophe, that is coming our way. Collapsing everything into chaos; is your truth; even if you refuse to see it/ reality proves;  you will not escape the cost.

As for me; I make no prediction to my own future experience or expression; “its not my job to know; and I truly don’t know”. But once again, I am irrelevant to the cost of being wrong; that is so descriptive of your cult, the curse, that is: “universities play god, and all the people shout hurrah”; imagination is all we need:   lies, fantasy, delusion, theft, cheating, mutilation, betrayal, and terrorism; create the future we want.        To your shame.

As for you: it is elemental, that knowledge in and of itself is not an enemy; therefore “lets call it college” that allows for the disciplines and order to be recognized; that do have value to life and planet.

Whereas lets call it universities; that disrespects all life and planet, energy and child; everything with arrogance extreme, apathy fueled by disgrace, destruction on purpose, liar, cheater, thief, traitor, terrorist, Satan and more; comes from a purpose that has nothing to do with life. Thereby with chaos extended; the demand for death, and mutilation/ destruction to take control and play god over this world; is real.

As for us: without college, you will fail to understand what you do need to understand to survive; even if you must watch over them with reality; they are important to your future. Media communication is also needed and necessary; as is a courtroom to prove as best we can what is actually true/ and what is not true/ and what is the cost of being WRONG. An elemental reality; because animals need a leader; but, they cannot rise above that, until they think for themselves. Discovering the evidence itself, is then crucial, to change.

BUT UNLESS YOU DISSOLVE ALL the tragedies of university plays god; you will fail to survive and go extinct as a world. Discarding all disrespect. Removing all destruction of resource and life and planet. Changing apathy into grace and truth, by the values of life and living. Demanding an end to arrogance; so that even the possibility might return as a path into the future, we can choose. All of it is essential to survival. But make no mistake; without true population control coupled with these things; you still don’t have a chance to continue on this planet as a living world of life.


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