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The foundation of society is: while we live together with freedoms for all, the value of that freedom is to recognize, NOT all freedom has value to life or planet. Therefore as society we do seek to limit the losses of freedom without merit/ and create boundaries to stop the desires from one or a few, from inflicting or affecting the others/ in ways that are not fair.

While freedom recognizes happiness on a personal scale/ even happiness on a national scale of values for all with justice. The foundation of harmony is: we must seek to do the least amount of harm to the others and their world; that we possibly can. So that my life does not severely affect yours/ so that your life does not severely affect mine. But then come the compromises: in order for the majority to have this/ these few will endure that. So reality demands: if this must be so/ THEN YOU OWE, to those few, what will become the laws or rules; which require: your decision will invade the life of another; the least possible amount. Which then becomes most easily recognized in noise: that all machines shall comply with noise; to be held within the top five percent of the least damaging that can be built. Thereby the best we can all do, for life and world. That which is momentary, or limited is different and less/ than that which produces damage or must be tolerated for hours or days or more. Reality must govern: as is no complaining about agriculture comes for a day a year to do this. However in the case of grain storage which is agriculture: fans which run days or weeks or months; construct an industrial level of contamination that will be controlled. Some degree of social contract exists, wherein the rules were not made yet: therefore a cost to society shall help support that change.

The foundation of our existence on this planet is now governed by human population control; either we meet zero population growth and less/ or we die as a planet, taking all life with us, by your decision not to care. Simple as that.

The foundation of our ability to survive ourselves, is now governed by the choices we shall make. Resources should be considered gone, as you threw them away by university knows best; the curse of the damned in charge of life. Instead of everything they did do; reality must govern, not fantasy, delusions or imagination without the function of truth to decide. Or more simply, remove the children from leadership/ discard the vile and make them stop playing god with life and earth.

To survive and thrive; we must remove the failures, and accept what needs to be changed. The list is very long, and the reality of disciplines needed by humanity to accomplish this task is very limited; as apathy and disrespect are the result of media contamination. So I will begin with simplicity: as is MUCH MORE insulation is required. Vehicle traffic must be reduced by over fifty percent; which requires “the village (we walk to work and play)” to arise instead of spread out cities (we drive endlessly, to nowhere without cause). Foundations for work must be shared; which demands greed/ selfishness/ lust and more must be curtailed and controlled. Education must be turned to reality, not the scourge of fools. Religion should be reconstructed to present truth instead of beliefs/ evidence instead of “the book is god”. Governments reshaped by the public choosing their own laws/ not voting for someone to make laws to govern me. Policing and military and the public producing their own bill of rights; from which we all agree, this is needed, and must be tolerated by all. Judging the judge; so as to insure they work for us/ NOT the rich or powerful. Saving life and planet by respect means: MASSIVE CHANGE. It is a choice, but unlike the promises of university; it is not free/ and you are not allowed to steal, cheat, play god, betray, violate what is sacred as is nature, curse the world or each other with biological warfare. No more extortion in healthcare/ few factories as is the cause of resource dest ruction. No more experiments with energy laws such as the claim of fusion. No more avoiding reality or its truth: which demands only the truth shall decide/ by the evidence, as best we can. And SO ON.

Because anything less is murder of life and earth. You have gone too far/ and are far too many people; having run a muck in the sewage of universities play god for too long. Discarding life/ discarding resources /discarding oceans/ discarding chains of living existence/ discarding habitat/ discarding values/ discarding respect for what is sacred as is genetic nature/ discarding the future/ sacrificing every child, and deliberately assassinating their world: FOR NOTHING MORE THAN “trophies, trinkets, and toys”. To your shame.

People hide from their own fears: BY MAKING SOMEONE ELSE, “the enemy”. Thereby if that enemy is not frightening to them; they now have the courage “to play games (ridicule, gossip, more)”. They now have the courage, to conceive of how brave they are: because the enemy is expected NOT to win. With imagination, they conceive of cause. With fantasy, they imagine they are gods, and cannot be defeated. With delusions they expect, truth will not matter: because they covered that with lies, theft, and betrayal. Which then becomes the foundation of most social consequences as well.

To REMOVE THE GAME; THERE IS NO DISCUSSION OF CHANGE. Instead there is only the listing of what is possible, why this is possible, how we are going to achieve that change with our current possibilities, who will do the work and pay, where first: and the listing of others who believe you are wrong in competition with the first. So that layer by layer the fantasies are removed. Discipline by discipline the delusions are removed. Order by order, the foundation we know to be true are supported with values shared. And by balancing truth with reality of our situation; the fundamentals of existence will be expanded to remove the curse of what universities, playing god; have done.

It is an elemental truth: that the foundation of living is hope. Without hope for life itself to become valuable/ it is only time, measured by isolation or pain. Hope lifts the ascent into respect/ where respect assembles the value of time, as the beginning of being alive; rather than its ending in death. Hope challenges the heart to participate, whereas soul challenges life itself to accept that love has a price: beyond self is caring, sharing, truth, courage, and respect. Beyond time, trust intervenes as the passage between life and death. Pride is a failure of life, making time into a game; thereby passing by the foundations of hope, to continue only in pride or revenge or loser; as the case may be. Power is a judgment, that turns life into trash or treasure by your own command. Whereas want ceases to accept “any life but mine/ has no real value”. You will not find true happiness in possessions; they are only trophies, trinkets, or toys; which then collect dust, as time passes by. True happiness lives in love, just as love begins its journey into your life as respect. Soul creates the door, but only heart opens that door, to become a new life; reborn in the decision, to become alive in the essence of eternity, as value seeks the meaning of miracles, and the joy that is JESUS is the guarantor; we were not simply born to be left behind.

As to me; the passage beyond time into the spiritual world, has brought change. Just as the return to time, has brought more change. Just as the decision to open the door to the female dimension of life beyond time, has brought change. Just as living now, has been changed; controlled, by the female dimension of spiritual life. The end result of it is: “never would I have guessed” any of it.  ITS COMPLICATED; but functionally, it simply means:  “women get the last say, whether this world ends or not/ by their acceptance of the job/ the courage: to make new laws for human life on earth.”  IF they succeed, time will go on. But if not extinction is certain; their choice.

Trading places with women, was NOT “my idea”. Letting women have the final say, as to whether this planet will live or die: “is not my decision either”. But I say to you plainly: respect that truth, or you will pay more than you can imagine; as reality invades the evidence of what you have done. Whether it is “female that asked”/ or GOD that commanded: I do not know. I know, I have been “placed in the back seat” of my own life, no escape. HOW, this all relates to me; I do not know. WHAT, why, who, where, or whatever comes with it, I do not know. What I know is: this living world of Creation, by the evidence of your truth: faces extinction of life on earth.THAT is, “a big thing”/ change means DIFFERENT than this. DIFFERENT means: women must try; it is that simple.

Nonetheless, reality decides whatever truth will be, shall in fact change you to accept the dimensions needed by this planet: as appears to be “a mother/ or more distinctly the presence of female beyond time, through me”. Never my intent. While you ridicule that definition of an identity reshaped for time, the foundation of it is simply: I am NOT allowed to simply stop fighting for you. This world of life, is far too important for that; and I must continue to do what can be done/ merely hoping in the end result of it, at least some will survive to carry life beyond, what has become your extinction event.

There is no possibility of your survival without true change. If you will not accept that change; you will not survive/ because truth decides, and the evidence is now against you in its entirety, apart from me; and whatever tiny few are like me. Pointing to the law as our only solution, whereby truth decides/ not your wants.

How any form of “mother” is suppose to change you, when you will not listen/ and I will not manipulate, tempt, or other. You must think for yourselves, as is needed to survive/ abandoning the cult of university knows: they do not, as proven by extinction begins. Thinking demands: the accumulation of knowledge, by its evidence/ not by any assertion of media influence or expertise: what reality teaches as a true construction of discipline, order, and balance formed through respect for laws governing our existence. Not failures of humanity making rules, claims, theories, imagination, and such. The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, and shaped as plain and certain as it can be; so all will understand.

I have guided you with this work; into that definition of a decision. But only you can make it come true. It WILL be a fight/ because the power and pride are built with hate, while want seeks a bribe, to shout then “any way you please”.

You believe/ I seek faith: the evidence of truth shall decide. You want what you want/ but I seek truth to guide life, past time, into eternity. You choose animal: to get or take what you want. I choose being alive, in the values of love as formed by the destinies created within truth that build a heart & soul. You choose pride/ I choose respect. You choose power/ I choose love. The difference is the journey called life; as is “to each, his or her own”.

I shout: go to court and prove what is true, before you die/ to one and all; as true by the evidence itself will provide. The universities scream: we don’t need no damn truth/ we are the gods, we decide what is true. NO damn failure to achieve our diploma; shall challenge us. WE ARE THE RULERS, and none will take that away/ as is the constant of pride first, want forever, and power without end; by proving we are gods through the mutilation of all that is nature/ and experiments in energy that will let humanity “play with the same fire on the sun, here”; leaves no doubt. But alas their power is destruction, and unless GOD intervenes; they will create “HADES” to incinerate even the planet itself; the final consequence: even the planet engulfed by fire, will explode into dust.

So, how does a mother move you to accept: truth decides, not want? How do I construct a value worth fighting for a courtroom to prove what is true; if life and planet are not enough? How do I take the power of fear away, when you want hate just as much as you want love to be your life: when these are opposites and enemies and cannot live as one? Making you “the cost of chaos” inside. How can I demand: prove that evolution is anything but an outright lie/ when all you really want is a bribe, and resources to throw away; even though you know: this is, the end of your child/ as a future barren and lost; because of what you chose to do?

Answer; unless you stop running away to hide, it cannot be done.

CHOOSE: STAND UP FOR LIFE AND PLANET/ stop the insanity: sign your name, as someone working within the law; who demands the evidence of what we need to know/ in order to survive. Stop believing; and construct reality decides. Stop obeying university knows; and let truth decide. Stop fearing retribution; as the truth and reality of a lost world; will end all happiness and hope/ leaving you, with the desire to die/ before even worse comes to sacrifice our world. To your hate.

Religion looks for a “savior”/ but humanity has already been saved from hate, by revealing what love truly is; as was identified by “biblical JESUS”. While your book commands Jesus will return in the last days: the reality of it is, as a judge/ not a savior. Beware what you wish for. The same is true for those who wish for “the rapture”/ reality says, that will be the ignition of an atomic fire; the suction of which will draw anything “from a hundred miles into its pillar of fire”/ taller than you can imagine is true. I am NOT “your savior (YOUR choice, is your choice)/ nor anything like it”: just a plain human being, on a journey of my own; given this job to do. Simple as that. Not evidence by which “religion can now boast, or imagine itself as gods children”. Just a messenger given the task; do what you can do. LOVE, RESPECT, TRUTH, TRUST, COURAGE, HOPE, AND DESTINY shaped by heart and soul; are the elements of “GOD’S children”/ with a purity beyond us all. Not going to happen in this world of time; as is our need for mercy.

The best we can do, is fight for life and world; by a respect for this CREATION it does deserve. By a love for our CREATOR, as is true, and honest hope, granted by the gift we have received.

The best I can end with is: beyond the point of no return there is no mercy to be found. NO turning back, once it is obvious to all; extinction is coming. Nothing shouts that more than those trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun; here on earth. Claiming “not enough gravity to sustain the fire”/ so they need not worry about extinguishing an atomic flame. Truly dead inside, from fantasy overload. Their experimental machines are NOT for combining atoms; which cannot be done/ by the sheer physics of the realities involved. one of many delusions: because if proven wrong/ then they lose their job, income, pride, power, etc. And they refuse, even if sacrificing our world. Same is true of much; each representing an end to life and earth. Proving the cost of “believers”. Truth knows they lie.

The end is coming: your choice is the final nail in “the coffin” you chose too!


I have been ridiculed for roughly thirty years; because the end result of it is: since the evidence could not be defeated, nor the truth of consequences that are obvious, nor the reality of want that guides you instead of truth. The universities born; attention turned to me; as reality proves I can be defeated, and am not considered “same”/ therefore discarded as an invader. Failure worships a fool/ and it is a fool who turns away from life and a living planet, to focus on “one single person, as your enemy; for making you aware of the truth”. For guiding you: to prove what is true/ rather than believing those who brought you to the edge of extinction.

But alas, cult worshipers are blind, vagrants searching for a brain; because they surrendered their own to belong to the cult. Yet your cult is merely people just like you, that use imagination to cover all they don’t know. Pretending they are “the university gods; like all fanatics do/ if their team scores anything”. The delusions are massive; as proven by the courts will not question the universities; they are believers/ even though mass murder is a product of their failure. The politicians cannot question the universities; because without all the stealing, corruption, betrayal, terrorism, conspiracies and manipulation produced by media: their power is gone. And they will be found criminal at best. The citizenry cannot question the universities; because they went into debt/ and spent their future; on children now forced to become slaves: DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD/ believe and obey; or we throw you away.. While the universities leaders prepare to destroy this nation from the inside; by utterly crucifying democracy/ selling all properties to foreigners/ giving away all business to a tiny few/ constructing biological warfare to control and enslave the citizenry/ and educate every child into the dogma and indoctrination; that is “universities are god”. When examining the reality of where we are, and how we got here: truth always finds “a university diploma” did this. Whereas the media blitzkrieg of “the universities are god”/ invaded every home. As the government itself was invaded by the insurrection and rebellion against “real currency”; as has been destroyed by counterfeited assets and the claim “they don’t need to pay any debts”. ONLY YOU PAY, as is the slaves.

Failure deserves a fool/ because fools ingratiate themselves to those who fail life and planet; to gain a token bribe, so they may shout “look at me”. The “spotted monster” is upon you; the diseased death march, of a tyrant hidden behind closed doors: who does fully intend for you to die. And the people say; “I cannot defeat a cult”/ or its monster, or its disease. But reality says: EITHER YOU WILL fight for life and world/ or you will go extinct, as this living world itself, dies from the failure of your ways.

We should examine: the foundations of failure as they exist. In this time, and in this world, particularly in this USA: after one hundred + years of university experimentation: the ability to manipulate, tempt, control, and propagate beliefs, fears, or obedience are coupled with the “great communicator/ great Satan; of these things”; as is called MEDIA. Your belief allows for anything to be told to the herd; because as a herd all given the same messages: now you will decide if you are believers/ or result to abandoning the herd, to live alone. The vast majority fearing isolation; choose belief. Therefore it extends into drugs which are visually expanded to prove “happy and at peace”/ while verbally assaulting you with definitions that cause panic and pain: which then demand your decision/ are you a believer, or not? And again the vast majority shout; “we believe”/ because healthcare is our chosen savior. We don’t want to fear/ so we obey without questioning reality; “god has spoken”.

Into that hail storm of delusions, propagated for the purpose of control; comes the insurgency of rebellion against all forms of democracy. The fantasy illustrated and demanded by media propagation: that all delusions should be accepted and congratulated for their imagination: to rule over reality, and throw it aside as garbage for the trash. Thereby destroying the foundations of reality by its truth, that have kept humanity and life alive on this planet. Which causes the public at large to understand: they have no truth to rely upon/ no reality of conception by natural means of evidence/ no fundamental reliance on leadership keeps us “on course for life”. But are confronted with endless delusions, that can only bring hell instead of life. The consequence is: to destroy the anchors of life/ and release the “titanic” to sail into open waters waiting for the storm, or iceberg as it were. Life does not function with fools in charge/ delusions guiding the way/ imagination mutilating everything/ experiments destined for catastrophe/ cursed by universities, with poison everywhere/ with every chain of life dismantled/ every habitat extinct/ every possibility of life survives removed; as the devil called “university knows” invades even hope.

The foundation of all things fail/ therefore we have religion: fails as well. As their leadership is now governed by universities know everything demands. Causing such defecation onto life as is evolution is indoctrinated into religion as if it were not the most ludicrous lie ever told; which it is. Governed by changing life searches, into death knows; as is universities play god. Destroyed by propaganda, “never question the universities”; as is the constant of every cult. Reborn as “the devil works here now”/ instead of LIFE IS SACRED; WE CANNOT LET THEM MUTILATE LIFE/ OR DESTROY OUR WORLD/ OR ASSASSINATING EVERY CHILD, EVERY LIVING THING! And yet religion finds a way, to believe the universities are god, and nothing else matters: if we don’t believe that, is true. Making religion as big a liar as any or most. The universities brought us here to the edge of extinction: HOW, does that make them “your god”? Shame on you.

That of course brings us to the public cult worshipers, who not only believe the universities can do no wrong/ but fear them in all ways and forms; so they obey without question; as is the result of an imprisoned slave. 8 billion people, who still believe they can all do anything they want to the planet/ because they believe, nothing has changed. They believe; 8 billion people releasing as much fossil fuel heat as they can possibly burn has no consequences. They believe a population increase of perhaps 3% as is a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed added each year/ has no issues; they want what they want. They believe anything the universities tell them, regardless of what it is; because they made the decision to trust media to protect them; from all their fears. They obey, and question nothing to get “bribes”/ even though they know its all a game. But power worships a game; so they can become winners/ and make you losers; ending with “we are the superior ones/ therefore we can make you the trash”. Media worships a game as well; because it focuses away from reality/ and lets fools claim a prize; to hide truth that matters. They believe weapons of mass destruction are your saviors; greater lies are rarely told/ and those come from universities too. They believe oceans never die/ forests are not needed/ weapons will teach them/ fears will make them obey too; and all the other delusions that being indoctrinated from youth; allows for university cults to do. LET THE CHILDREN FIGHT for themselves, “WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT”; BE DAMNED to the rest.

NOT your “god”/ NO, I don’t want to lead you:  CHOOSE FOR LIFE, PROTECT WHAT IS SACRED:  OR DIE.

Not your savior either; I cannot intervene beyond this work/ it is forbidden. Humanity is the problem, the foundation of every threat but one (which stands alone as the last resort for saving this entire planet of life). Humanity is the solution; as is FIX YOURSELVES, find respect, find a brain, find a value beyond want, pride, power or hate; and resurrect yourselves, from the grave universities have dug.

USE YOUR LAW, particularly in this USA; which grants redress of grievances as the proper legal decision to confront your employees; hired to keep this society working as it was intended: but did not. GO TO COURT, and prove what is true. GO TO COURT, and prove what the cost for being WRONG, is. GO TO COURT, and identify what has value to you; demanding a moratorium on all university experimentation immediately; and enforce it with military and penalties. Make them stand down and back away from it all; across the globe: until WE THE PEOPLE, have our own chance to say, what we will allow.

STAND UP, AND BE RECOGNIZED/ sign your name; and make them know; we this people, are fighting for the legal right: TO BE EQUAL. TO ENFORCE JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY. TO REMOVE ALL FANTASY, DELUSIONS, IMAGINATION, BETRAYAL, TERRORISM, THEFT, LIES, MANIPULATION, PROPAGATION, AND IDOL WORSHIP as is the constant of a “universities play god CULT” that does now exist. Proving once and for all to see: evolution is a lie/ fusion is a lie/ and every threat that will make us extinct; SHALL be dealt with. WORLD LAW MUST ARISE; and in this democracy; we shall oversee that decision for ourselves; as UNITED we the people rise to meet our needs; and accept the price whatever it is to be. Life or death commands, it must be so!

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