In this “newspaper” of mine; the value of the work is in doing what I have established as: the evidence needed to prove “the death of this world”, is NOT far away. While people run and hide from that reality of evidence already proven true, by the consequences we have begun to see. The cost of simply giving up on you/ is giving up on this world of life, and every child as well. Therefore some elemental degree of hope shall survive, until you or life; proves it is too damn late now.

Universities have multiplied the problems of “this is a man’s world”; into catastrophes so distinct as to cause extinction. The cost of men remaining in charge is as the evidence does prove: their solution is war/ and another major war is the end of this world. The tragedy of smaller wars; an absolute disgrace upon those who have invaded; to prove the disease that is “a man’s world (which ultimately means; we will take whatever we want/ by discarding the law, and proving chaos by weapons will rule now”. Which also proves, and I have searched for ten years: that men cannot save this earth from its extinction: they are the cause/ their universities make it possible; and death of our planet is imminent without true change. Which then brings us to the inevitable conclusion: if men cannot save this earth from extinction/ the only group left is women. Yet reality proves they are not capable of more than men; in terms of living. The DIFFERENCE however is: that women know, their answer is law/ and not war. A reality that cannot be underestimated in value: because all of humanity has raged, ruined, devastated, cursed, destroyed, devalued, denied, violently removed and utterly waged war against every resource, every chain of life, every living thing that gives this planet life, and keeps it living. Which brings us to the truth: YOU DON’T have nothing left to play god with/ EITHER GROW UP OR DIE. Simple as that.

Growing up means: you WILL get used to the truth: NO YOU CAN’T! Because you already did, and our world is dying because of you. 8 billion people taking whatever they can 24/7 365 days a year: are now restricted to whatever truth will allow/ NOT you want, pride, or thirst for power. Get used to it, or die literally as a world: your choice. NO more playing god with life or planet or manipulating people. NO more enslavement, etcetera: YOU WILL work for peace and harmony by creating the laws that provide that/ and enforce it, from now until life no longer exists on this planet. Choose it, “or go extinct”. Your choice.

You are asked throughout my work: GO TO COURT, and prove what is and is not true/ SEARCHING OUT THE COST OF BEING WRONG; so that none can be excused from the reality of where we are, as life and earth; in terms of our survival. Prove what is true. Prove what is not true. Let truth decide what must be changed. Let women try to resurrect the law; to provide truth, justice, fair play, and all that harmony and peace will provide to those who accept the law governs us now; as a world, where NO weapons of mass destruction shall be left to interfere. The law will be enforced on leaders. World policing shall enforce: stay within your lines; as the law defines your duty is.

Stop running away from life and truth. Surrender your cult of worshiping university as god; to the sewer, where it belongs. Begin the journey back to a future/ or it will fail, and you will go extinct as a world. Because that is the choices you have made/ the consequences you bought, by playing god; instead of respecting the gift of living on this planet in time. Choose.

As for me, I have thought to finish this work many times; because the curse of your arrogance, apathy, and outright cult worship is so excessive; you are barely alive at all. CHANGE THAT AND FIND TRUTH, so that the animal called human the universities taught you to be/ can turn back into being alive as a human beyond the limits and boundaries of: “simple self, as is the formation of satan”. Be alive instead; and find love is a destiny beyond time, the expression of trust formed by truth; the existence of respect that will no longer be denied; as you learn the value of life; beyond you.

Of all things on earth, historically the most vile of all has been the tyrant: a fool (just a worthless human disgrace, a dirty diaper wrapped around a disease; without an army, and its weapons_), who believes he has the power to make people do whatever he decides they must do/ or not do. That reality of failure is absolutely simple: there are always the curse of human predator animals, who live to be violent. But they are few, which means all the rest who are “bought and paid for”; do it for the money, and the reality of which side is safer for me. That means: there are three things to dismantle an army within its own nation. 1) a bill of rights, that makes is absolutely clear what your duties to the nation are/ and we the people are in charge; and will protect you for siding with us. OR, we will pay you back; if not. 2) without extreme weapons to threaten with; no army in this world can withstand “8 billion people” saying no. therefore with world law and its enforcement by all nations upon our leaders; defending this earth as we see fit by our vote as a world. Those weapons are taken away, no exceptions made; ALL of them/ to retain peace, means to control the manufacture with true penalties and rewards for “tell us where and who”. 3) without money to control and resources to take away: there is no leader beyond what we allow our leader to do. Therefore all taxation should be geared only: to the realities of where it belongs/ rather than an employee to decide: open real world bidding on the work, takes the power away. Limited capitalism (we the people decide the limits and boundaries of what anyone can take/ and the least anyone is paid. NOT our employees/ by our vote). Removes the powerful, and opens the door for humanity itself to participate as equals; best we can. EVERY RESOURCE is the difference between wealth or poverty; unfortunately 8 billion people have been throwing those resources into the garbage for decades. YOU NOW FACE the truth of resource loss; and to accomplish a foundation upon which we must live to resurrect this world from extinction. REQUIRES every nation: TO SEARCH in world court for what is true; and then debate in real life evidence/ what can or cannot be done, by us all. REAL WORLD solutions begin with real world acceptance of “let only truth decide”/ by the laws we this world make; to govern ourselves, our lives, and by granting our children a future.

YOU DO have much to do; to return this world to life/ but first on the list is; no more trophies, trinkets, or toys to throw away. YES there will be vast changes, and realities none wish to bear: but the decision is: LIFE OR DEATH for this world. And there ain’t nothing to stop extinction: but YOU.

OR more directly: the most vile human existence on earth/ is now found in the universities; and their cults: who are playing god with nature, energy, planet, child, STEALING money, mutilation, manipulation, cult worshiping fantasy and delusions, and more.

YOU WANT CHANGE? THEN TAKE YOUR LEADER TO COURT/ NOT to war. YOU DEMAND a courtroom; by refusing to pay those who have chosen anarchy and rebellion against this nation: by destroying our future, and discarding our law to keep the peace by fair play for us all. BE AWARE: if you become violent; you lose your authority to demand: RULERS SHALL OBEY OUR LAW. You have NO authority to declare war, unless we are truly attacked inside the proven boundaries of this nation. We the people are the law. We the people pay the tax. We the people are the army and police. We the people do the work. We the people are the nation: and we NEVER DID, give it to any group of leaders, not a single one. INSTEAD; the values most defined and determined to produce our own happiness, to explain and justify our own peace. That which creates harmony and disciplines in governing. By an order achieved through the law: DEMANDS, no ruler, or his army shall make us violate our own truth. War destroys, mutilates, and kills. Policing that is not a friend to society: is the power hungry wolves, who have earned the right: to be tried by law; and reduced to prison. The judiciary MUST BE JUDGED, by our descriptions of what this society is intended to be; so they can be removed; if they fail our society and its purpose as designed for “a blessing to the people/ rather than a curse, designed by the powerful over us”.

A SOCIETY OF LAW, IS A SOCIETY OF LAW:  NOT rulers or their weapon. the difference is:  law governs the ruler/ NOT, the ruler governs the law.

In the constant that is: power and hate trying to override the realities of justice and fair play: it is worth noting, that only the rich rule the ruler, as their puppet: unless they are forced to recognize we the people are not playing this game. WHEN THE RICH are afraid; they force the leaders to stop. JUST PROVING your presence is enough to do that. Just proving they are not going to escape (same as us) will finish that job: you do know how. In this day of history: the universities rule the rich and the ruler, by providing the cult and its worshipers who will believe anything they are told. Cult means: NEVER question your leader/ which is exactly what ruler/tyrants expect. Policing is either for the benefit of the public; as is all who participate for life and society/ rather than money and power. Those who fail us: need to be noted, as a violation of our rights/ whereby face coverings do not hide the truth.

IT IS, an absolute truth: that power and pride will not surrender to justice and truth, without the law of penalties in prison; staring back at them, instead of they are warring to contain you; in their prison. To achieve LAW RULES HERE, by the justice we have created for ourselves: THAT LAW MUST be written in advance. Because by any other method of order, you have left room; for the vile to achieve corruption within the law. EVERY REVOLT; needs to be preceded by law: thereby explaining what we the people conceive to be “fair play” for us all. Every method of transforming society; by its own version of justice: constructs a reality that is similar to the military. IF YOU DESERT US, or BETRAY us: we will make you pay with your own life. More distinctly: leadership is about a very tiny few, who tell great numbers of people what they will or will not do: because they control the weapons. As is provided by the money, or resource; which then pays the military to obey the leader. NATIONALLY we the people are the money, in combination with the resource: making we the people the source of payment: when we control the leaders, by making them obey our law. That is done with limited capitalism [WE DECIDE, what the limits and boundaries of income and property you will control, shall be; by our own vote.] NOT YOU, we the people shall decide the limits and boundaries of your power, to control our lives. By forcing leadership to accept our laws, our society; as a nation; shall be decided by our people in combination with this world.

By proving the law, you remove the excuse: it is then: “us, OR you”.

Or more diligently: those called primary leaders, consider themselves to be gods/ while in reality, they are merely citizens hired by the rich, to sustain their wealth and power. JUSTICE is not a decision of any one man or woman: it is the combined conception of truth and value, that is subsequently upheld by respect, which grants the evidence shall decide; not you.

Peace is not attainable by war: that merely replaces the powerful, with those who want to be powerful; or gives more pride back to the powerful who survived the attack/ and now become tyrants, as fear overtakes. The abyss of fear: offers a constant descent into chaos as is hate. Where the coward believes power exists in that fear, if he or she controls it; the reality is opposite, and the descent accelerates to become a poison to life. Love judges no one, but lets truth and law decide. Hate judges everyone, and can then make you a god or a devil or worthless; by whatever means of judgment is being used on this day. The road is well worn into hate; as the animals attack, and the prey then turn to be predators as well; and what they feared is the abyss they chose for themselves. Fear is a terrible thing, as is pride, want, power, greed, selfishness, hate and all the rest. While some, simply fall into hate as their choice/ others wanting love and hate:  choose to scream at “their enemy (even if its a lie)”/ so as to avoid the fear of death. Accepting what they know as power, in a disgraceful effort “to make death fear me”. No fantasy (other than university) is greater than this/ and its end result is: love will die, as you sink farther into chaos. Hate is an endless plunge into tragedies beyond your comprehension. But past the point of no return; nothing will save you from yourself/ and a great many of these “forever die (a death which cannot be stopped/ a true fear that will never end)”. as is Hades.

And all the people say; “we want what we want”/ and yet all the people know: “love and hate are enemies” and will NEVER choose to spend eternity as the same home to share. love “goes in one direction”/ while hate goes in the opposite direction; as truth decrees is real. EVEN YOU, know you cannot go in opposite directions at the same time:  “making every choice is one direction or the other/ as is CHOOSE;  love / or hate?    Yet the scream continues: “we want love (life) and hate (death)”/ while truth insists: love will be pure, as found and formed by identity, in your true desire;  or abandoned to death, as contaminated and therefore useless or vile, to the living.

Love shapes the value of life, and therefrom lifts and elevates the destiny of life beyond time; to achieve the disciplines needed to remain in order, by balancing life with death. We will all die/ none can doubt; without extreme lies. So the foundation of living is not time, but what happens beyond the body of time discarded into “the dirt”; forever lost. The animals cannot attest to this question anything more than hate and ridicule or gossip; because chaos does not know true thought. Only love ascends into thought as the passage called being alive becomes real. Therefore the difference between a human animal, and a human being alive; is in true, “massive, and real”. NOT because one is better than the other/ but because choices have been made; and truth defines those choices into an identity that will either serve your desire for eternal life/ or condemn you to eternal hate/ or simply discard your life as an animal not worthy of eternity, because you refused to care. Respect is the beginning of care; and universities prove they own no such thing. Love is the destiny of sharing, but only when truth guides your path. Value seeks to protect what is sacred and true; because these are gifts we cannot replace.

Time simply disappears, as does your face; as death proves no more of this. Hate uses this as a weapon (such as covid, to remove your face from time as well); causing the descent, that then looks for an enemy to blame; so he or she can be killed (all safe now). Same as groups look for an enemy to blame; to they can claim “all safe now”; by blaming the individual, gave us this right of genocide. He or she did not. But power arises here; as the weapon of society to contain any group, so they don’t “destroy us all”/ or take what we have done for themselves. The consequence: now that group representing power, takes whatever they want, and threatens to destroy us all if we complain. “animals” one and all.

IF YOU WILL NOT THINK, beyond want and lies/ the fantasies and delusions of fools; you will die as a world. Because at 8 billion people or more; your world has changed and cannot sustain itself, due to the impact of all that humanity “destroying it all/ and taking whatever they please” just to throw it away. A humanity that could easily be growing at 3% which is a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year. Or, another billion in four years. You cannot escape this reality; you can only change it with a deliberate decision/ as the start of massive change in everything else; that universities led you to believe would be “free”; and was not. To their shame.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON, needs food, water, shelter, jobs, hope, space, purpose, education, and will want MORE; which you don’t have (as does every living thing you eat to survive). Making war inevitable, making habitat destruction inevitable, making every chain of life disappear throughout the planet: making HELL your reality/ because you chose fantasy, and you chose to let universities play god. They in turn finish disposing of every species protection, and pandemic disease invades everything; as is Armageddon, by your choice. Water supplies die, causing the Apocalypse (frenzied war; blood everywhere). While universities ignite “atoms on fire” to create HADES as the planet is consumed; by the same fire as is on the sun. NO, it was not a game; you are the living dead; by your choices.

Media communication is a powerful thing: HATE invades every powerful thing; to consume its value and reshape the purpose into tragedy, as it has done with “universities are god/ lets all play with everything sacred; no you cannot put it back; DEAD and gone forever”; because they refused respect, and absolutely did not care. Ending with extinction, because you let them be hate covered in fools.

It is a constant truth: that people want to play god for themselves; screaming we know, we know. The consequences of that is they decide they can choose “what GOD wants” for their life or society; as is they have “the book”; and their imagination cannot be wrong/ right. But their book is written of men/ written by men/ interpreted by men/ and configured by men, an a man’s language which is never “perfect”. NO book is perfect, and neither is your judgment; as leads to catastrophes in your life and others. imagination offers nothing, “but imagination” which cannot keep you alive.  INSTEAD of fantasies and delusions; every life is subject to its own truth; and will accept the consequences of that truth beyond this life. Because only truth survives: Simple as that.

and the people say:  “the universities are god/ they will save us; you can’t scarce us”. But as hurricane Ian proves today, “truth is not a believer”: it simply is, what it is; and the universities have no say. As always, “they are only you, dressed up with a diploma; hiding behind imagination is god”. But don’t worry though: they have attained the sign of Satan; as is “we can destroy a world”. They can’t save it; but hate (chaos is great) does not care.

As to abortion: IT IS A WOMAN’S BODY/ it is not the property or judgment of any man to make. Let the women decide for themselves; and let every woman know: their truth is their truth. But make no mistake: just because you force a woman to birth a child/ DOES NOT mean you saved a life. The living matters! Make no mistake, on this earth what is primal to all animals is: NOT every birth will survive. Instead only the strong will survive; as a means of sorting through those whose genetic structure failed them. Making universities: the curse of our world, by intentionally mutilating nature genetics. More critical to this decision of women is: that we are NOT intended to be animals, but until you rise above selfishness, greed, and lust; you are. Even so, the foundation of guilt or innocence is based upon the level of human life, not conception. There is a moment when all know for certain: “this child will experience murder” now. But make no mistake: IT IS A WOMAN’S BODY, AND IT IS A WOMAN’S LIFE, AND IT IS A LIFETIME THAT SHE MUST SUPPORT. You cannot make any person care. You cannot make any judgment against this potential mother/ unless you are woman. You cannot force pregnancy on someone else, as is functionally a rape: by demanding you have no choice/ when in fact you do. You cannot say: this life must not be lost: UNLESS YOU are willing to take the child for yourself, and raise it as your own. Because the end result of this is: “a few moments of sex (which covers a wide variety of reasons)/ should not change a life, UNLESS that is a decision you desire. What society can and should do: IS NOT control abortion/ but accept the responsibility, beyond this limit, a permanent solution must be found. Abortion is not birth control. Ending a pregnancy before “a true child is evident”/ is not abortion. Beyond that state of existence; it is.

TO THAT END: because you can, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, for society to provide the pregnancy test kits; for all and every female as would be realistically needed: FOR FREE. Thereby establishing: you did have a choice.

The construction of time, calls for a limited development in selfishness; as the right to exist, even if the others say no. The failure to retain this hope for self, establishes suicide. But life itself, rather than life in time; confronts us with the truth, that being selfish results in a relationship outside of life, established by power (yes I can) and pride (yes I am); that will result in an isolation that makes life sad. Combining these decisions into a relationship as the basis of your life itself/ rather than the living as time; results in being alive as is the beginning of stepping inside the miracles that describe your own existence, in a world so far beyond our own abilities to create; as is beyond imagination.

Even so, we begin with the limited development that is a selfishness; as a passage required by time. My own life being an example of this; will be used. Nothing is more certain, than the truth of our own isolation as a living identity, who must search for what has value to me. Reality assigns us to the truth, that only “love or hate” has a value to being human; while survival provides the basis of a search for that value to exist. While hate has no real value; people choose it to play god with life. Whereas LOVE exists as true value, where relationships grow into the destiny of respect beyond self, that is ultimately the essence of Creation itself within you; as given to us; the universal decision to share within the elements of thought, as if one single life given to all who belong. Even an idiot can see the difference; yet hate still exists; because people want to play with life, and scream “I want it all/ give me MORE”. That more, results in true selfishness; and discards life itself; for the potential of an animal; who will take whatever it can want/ by whatever method is available to use “to win”.

That fact of selfishness; has resulted in the curse of “life without a brain; as is university plays god/ media focuses your cult worship of want, into beliefs which lead by fear.” AS proven by covid, to even the dullest mind; without the least called evidence of a pandemic; you threw away your face, with fear. That fact of hate forming; allows for mutilation of genetics/ experiments so extreme; the consequences are terrifyingly true. Yet the cult of worshipers has no brain; and the dead walking; live only by whatever the TV tells them “they think”/ therefore they believe, with fear. CAN’T fight with the TV/ CAN’T fight with the universities/ DON’T WANT, to live within reality: so extinction comes closer for this entire world; every single day. To your shame.

Alas for us all; that level of selfishness, foolishness, stupidity, arrogance, apathy, disrespect, and all things vile leading to extinction as a world: REQUIRED of me, that I must be selfish too. To the degree, that little beyond a fight (time and truth and evidence by law; is the war) to “not surrender this world, without a battle”; MUST exist. A lifetime later; the cult continues to win their game, as the cult worshipers continue to believe whatever the TV tells them to believe; even with evidence mounting: selfishness simply continues to grow/ instead of truth, by the reality this will end life on earth. Evil: “nothing matters but me”/ takes control, because hate rules this earth.

So selfishness wins, making life on earth end: and that leaves us all who do remain alive, with the singular goal of living beyond selfishness as life grows into a truth that will survive beyond time. Suicide is murdering self, and should not be done: unless truth is now defending against the takeover of hate in you. BUT LIFE in that moment BY TRUTH, turns as best it can: to fight for this world of life, by not letting hate take over control. Letting this world die without a fight is cowardice/ thereby if you choose to die as self, without fighting for this world as life; the value of your existence dies somewhat too. As truth identifies; you were not strong enough to remain alive in the war against isolation. Isolation is an enemy; but life itself will defeat it, even if time will not. GOD truly is, “watching”/ but intervention means you have failed your time: or it means that time has more meaning that what is beyond the measurement of these walls; as is time in you.

As for me: to fight for life requires knowledge and dedication/ and reality knows I did commit to this work, as the essence of my time on earth. The fight with truth to convince you of values beyond self; failed. I therefore chose to search beyond time for an exit into life itself/ but was turned back to continue the fight with hate on this earth, as is particularly evident in “universities play god”. I was given the aid and balance of “a spiritual woman”; as reality proved true: men cannot save this world (they choose war)/ making only women a possibility for life on earth, beyond self. But they choose hate too, instead of law; and the law leaves them behind; to die a horrendous death, if they will not turn to life instead of death by universities play god. Nothing I can do; we did our best.

So the critical question as evidence begins to surpass the point of no return; is will GOD choose to intervene, “without destroying us all (mercy needed)”/ as is the purpose of universities play god: Satan unleashed?

Answer: I know not? Yet the foundation of life itself is: NEVER give up hope/ because if you do, life ceases to have meaning. Instead do the best you can, with what you have (none do better than their best)/ and let GOD be GOD ; that is not your job. You know not what the future will be/ therefore never judge. Let the law of life itself decide. Let the reality of you, be as true as can be; because only truth survives beyond time. The purity of love, grants acceptance. While the reality of miracles; shapes the hope we share on this earth. NEVER let the cult of “university Satan” take that away/ as is only true fools, believe in evolution, and all the rest as is delusions of hate warring against life. Survival is needed, to gain trust/ trust is needed, to survive beyond time.

Humanity exists, to create the space that then becomes our existence here in time. We add to that space, according to whatever life will grant that we might use or accept; “this”. Each must work to achieve what will become their own creation; as is “I found my life, here”. The most unfortunate reality of living is: that being human, allows the others to participate in what they want/ rather than to let truth itself decide what our existence will become. The demand “for this is my choice”/ commonly exceeds the truth of what “I can do”. While the reality of what I can choose for myself is commonly desecrated by what others choose for me: thereby changing my reality into the conclusions of what we will do instead. The value of participation, becomes the truth of isolation: “yes we will/ or no we won’t”. The freedom of self, becomes a dedication to the values we hold most dear/ until the competition of others makes that “not worth the price”. The animals WANT to win/ but all you get from winning is: the game is over now; so power takes control, to say, “you can’t take this away”; and tyrants are born.

LOVE explains; where freedom achieves happiness within the laws that do keep us all alive; we share a joy in that relationship beyond ourselves. Where the essence of being alive constructs the truth: love shapes our home, and in that space we create the difference between life and death. A reality beyond expression. But a truth required of us all to experience in time: so that we know, and are not “born to wander” beyond the limits of what will survive. The unfortunate truth of human existence is: the vast majority want to wander beyond what will survive; just to prove they can be more than the others: which is isolation. But they do it to prove “listen/ look, at me”; which simply means, I won’t share superiority, or more simply I want to be god over you. A reality that never survives beyond time; as it is a war with life itself. That is called hate, and it seeks the power of energy to prove you will obey and believe, or fear. Beyond time however, the energy changes from measured control; into terrors beyond imagination; and it will be that, which hate enters to war against and lose.

Foundations exist to build a home inside of self. But in the end result of it all, a home without life to share with, or a living that loses its value, which means caring is lost: becomes an empty shell of existence. LOVE shares, because it cares; which makes living grow in the values of freedom, that shape our happiness with joy; and even beyond that are the relationships of both “heart (within me, you are home/ equals who know not superiority) and soul (within GOD, eternity beckons, as we share the elemental truth that is thought, cherished by love; among us all”). Disciplines guide the path, order directs our decision, but balance achieves the creation of truth; and truth alone, survives beyond time. Therefore accept the blessing of thought, which is truth; accept the distance we shape with our identity, as is love; accept the hope that is joined to trust, which grants “the door into eternity” shall exist for me, and you: by our own decision to love, as purely as we can. While my life has not been “evidenced” by love shaping the path I have walked: that fact exists, because the tragedy of human disrespect to life and planet, is so vile/ extinction looms close by. Love does not allow death to take it all away; without a fight. Therefore I have chosen and lived, the life: truth comes first/ even if you won’t hear it. To your shame; the universities taught you to be animals instead [I will take whatever I want/ I will “eat whatever I find, as competition proves”, so you cannot have it; to demand, I am the superior one].  Choosing want instead of life/ choosing pride, instead of sharing/ choosing power, instead of caring:  just to prove, “yes, I can”.

TIME grants the decision: “to experiment” with existence, and the direction of your heart. Every challenge to your own decision is the demand to choose: the differences between love and hate/ as is clearly depicted in the biblical story of JESUS. The common cost of that is: people want love and hate/ therefore they choose power and pride to prove “I am the superior one”. But it is a fools game; as love and hate are opposites, and they never live as one. The consequence is conflict inside of you/ the very serious reality of which do you desire to be? IF YOU FAIL, to release the violence or failure of others that has been done to you/ you DO FAIL YOURSELF as well.

Death removes everything but truth: and the truth of being human is YOU EITHER CHOSE: LOVE OR HATE, as your permanent truth of life. But since the most common human version of that is “I want both”: the spiritual world exists, to prove what is true to you. Ending with the choice you did make/ or the mercy you will receive, as is “a level of existence” beyond the grave, that is not eternal.

Becoming what they wanted you to be; as is an enemy of life/ proven by the violence you are now willing to commit. A reality of truth; which fails to remember, the vast majority of hate comes directly from those who hated them first. NOT all, but the vast majority does. Some are born to hate, surrendering life itself to violence; as is the human predator. Anger is different than hate. Anger has a cause that can be dealt with: if they will let that cause be released into the light of day, so as to accept the evidence of what is true, and what can be done to remove that anger by our choices today. Those who fail to release the anger, hiding from the truth; want to use that anger in their life to avoid reality, and combat isolation by using anger as their chosen prison. “can’t get me here/ I am locked in: safe from change or truth”; as is belief. Making belief one of the greatest enemies of life itself. NOT as is the constant of religion: “we must believe what we don’t know”. But as is the constant of life: I believe whatever I want to believe/ and you can’t stop me; I am playing god here. Therefore by being god, I now possess the ability to judge. And by judging you: I now own the right to call you worthless, and disown whatever I might do to you; because you are merely trash to me. Catastrophes to all.

The alternate to belief is: FEAR commands “cowardice or courage/ one or the other”. The end result of that is: the coward decides, IF THEY FEAR ME/ then they won’t come. So, I must be vile, and horrendous, and talk with a poison called hate. But alas pretending, sometimes ends with truth; and the cost of hate can be massive/ even eternal. While courage decides either: to fight as I must fight/ to prepare in case I co. OR, in combination with cowardice; the decision is made to attack, by forcing others to fight for me. While the predator, who cannot face the truth; hides himself behind the lines while shouting how brave he is. He sacrifices others, to claim “he is not sacred of death”. Because the end result is: we all die/ the only difference is how and when. Some cannot live with that fear, choosing cowardice in all its forms/ others accept it as the cost of life in time/ while others attempt to hide or run away from the reality, they too, will die and face eternity; as it is/ rather than as they believe. Or more simply: the game is dead/ truth decides, and it cannot be changed.

LOVE does not judge. Truth judges by laws which control our reality; when it is fair. The constant of human decision however is: I DON’T want to be fair/ I want what I want; and I will win this game of power; by declaring you the loser; even if justice is damned, because of what you chose. The constant of human disgrace is gossip and ridicule: gossip being, “I found something”/ which I now turn into whatever I believe is true; regardless of the consequences/ or as a direct decision to produce consequences someone else will bear. Ridicule being: I make myself superior/ by destroying you; thereby playing god, just to prove I can. But that too is often preceded by the destruction of others. I have known people who carried a grudge for fifty years; and refuse to surrender it/ because they cannot resolve the truth: this time/ this cost/ this reality has now pasted, and you cannot change it; unless you surrender it to the reality that you did lose. What has value is not what is lost/ but what has been gained: the lesson most common, “love forgives, where repentance allows it”. Reality forgives, because your own life will suffer if you don’t. Hate will never forgive: and you should be aware, if that is you: eternity is warning you of failure, or tragedy comes. I knew a man blind: who would not forgive “GOD” because he went blind, as is a reality of this life in time/ no matter what the cause, time is time. When death took him; he remained defiant/ and was left behind to dissipate into forever lost/ now gone. The spiritual world knows what is true. YOUR decision is not to judge, because the gift of life expands into eternity: and all leave this earth, “without a body of time to experience or express it with”. Therefore thought becomes the body, and “space constructed”, becomes the shape of what you chose with your truth in time. Thought ascends into love; when we share our soul with life. Purity of love, the disciplines of truth, and functional respect: decides the level of your participation; and determines your place in eternity. No bartering or change beyond time exists: it is, what you built it to be. “tiny lives” take with them the gift of their parents, someone who loved, or fears; if they die before gaining their own truth. My 9 month old nephew died; changing this family forever: demanding truth from us all. The end result of that; is a decision. Either GOD grants life, and whether reality takes it back or not: that gift of a living soul, is to be cherished as love exchanged. Or you will discard respect, forgetting life is a true gift/ that then threatens your own existence with pride, as power surfaces to want “more than this”. Death is the destruction of choices. But life is the law of what thought can produce; by encountering energy. The question is: do you survive or not/ because energy has no mercy, only laws govern it. JESUS produced as much evidence as can be testified too: as real world, we were not left behind. But are in fact invited beyond time to exist within love; as love proves true.

Universities scoff: claiming they are gods/ and know better. Deciding on evolution as their proof. But chaos builds nothing/ and accidents do not order themselves into discipline/ nor do they balance the laws of energy with thought and its creation of life. Proving foolish and blind beyond belief, an absolute idiocy, with no support of evidence or reality. “this looks like that” is not enough; making evolution, just some of the sewage called “university knows”. But the sorcery of media intervenes; and makes fantasies and delusions the parasites who steal your soul; and claim “nothing here but animals”. To their shame.

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Jim Osterbur

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