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FROM: JAMES F. OSTERBUR SS xxx-xx- xxxxc

DATED: 3/30/2022

RE: 0966558018 MAR 15, 2022 LTR 672C

I am aware, that all tax liabilities both state and federal are paid in full PRIOR TO: 2021 & now 2022; as are you. Instead of your avoidance: at which time I have said to you: in each year. That I will not file, nor will I pay the tax considered owed by me: UNTIL such time as you have done your constitutional duty. THIS IS NOT a refusal to pay the tax owed, but it is a refusal to support the anarchy of those who are attempting to destroy constitutional government. As is the legitimate right to demand: the law that is our government/ which is not given to our employees, to change or deny, without our consent. But the law is our government, as stated within the constitution. Therefore in order for you to collect from me: it is my demand that either you simply obey the government of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/ which is the constitution/ OR YOU GIVE TO ME A CONSTITUTIONAL TRIAL; that Identifies why you refuse. I have been through the legal process/ as US SUPREME court trials 08-1339 & 11-0100 prove true. Each was denied AFTER BEING DOCKETED FOR TRIAL; by a secretary of the court/ who has no such authority to do so: WITHOUT THE LEGAL BINDING REALITY OF A SUPREME COURT JUDGE SIGNING THAT ORDER. There is no legal refusal of constitutional law/ no length of time to deny it! Therefore, as a citizen here, I have been denied my legal right of due process/ my constitutional guarantee of citizenship/ and the fundamental of democracy itself, which is WE THE PEOPLE OWN this nation and state/ and we have not given it up to those employees who refuse their oath of office which is: I quote: “I do solemnly swear or affirm, that I will faithfully execute the office of _____________ and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States”. NO allowance is made, “for your opinion/ expectations/ or assumptions”.

YOUR DUTY EXTENDS: TO PRESENTING THIS DEMAND, TO THE APPROPRIATE EMPLOYEES OF OUR GOVERNMENT; in order to make public trial/ the trial to examine our democracy and the actions taken by our employees: either legal/ or not. BECAUSE THIS TRIAL: IS ABOUT THE MONEY/ THE RIGHT TO TAKE AND USE AND ABUSE OUR TAXATION, for illegal purposes. As is done in subservience to “the university is god/ and cannot be questioned”: as proven in trial after trial. As is done in hidden inflation, and debt creation: that has literally bankrupted the nation, and through the failure of federal oversight; bankrupted the state of IL as well. As is done in the support of university fantasy, delusions, and imagination: beyond the foundation of real world evidence to prove: “the preamble” allows for this. OR, more distinctly: because the IRS stands for the threat of pay or cry/ YOU, are the army standing against this people called the USA. OR, YOU are the soldiers demanding: NOT against our own people. The constitution is our government/ the universities are not “our god”/ the religion of this nation is NOT evolution/ and the critical foundation of WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION AND THIS STATE, shall not be denied. By those who commit treason, to avoid their own delusions of grandeur. YOU DO, “WORK FOR WE THE PEOPLE”/ AS DO EVERY EMPLOYEE CALLED “government” does. YOU DO NOT work for our employees/ YOU work only for us; as collectors who support and defend OUR government/ NOT an insurgency against we the people; as is the current day.

That constitutional duty includes the following:

  1. even the US supreme court is not allowed to hide from the constitution, or deny it/ as it has repeatedly done: with regard to each lawsuit filed by James F. Osterbur. Both state and federal. The full and deliberate intent to evade and deny that constitution as our government, by plain deliberate avoidance of the constitution itself is how. But reality proves: THEY ARE, MERELY CITIZENS WITH A JOB, that can be taken from them. As is article 3 ….during good behavior….! As is, ..”the judicial power shall extend……..arising under this constitution…”. Presents the question of treason: REBELLION.
    . Which when translated, the judiciary serves to protect the constitution from every judge; by removing The interpretation of our constitution. As that, is for WE THE PEOPLE, to decide for ourselves.
  2. NO, employee of our democracy, a constitutional government called we the people: is above the law/ or entitled to change the direction or purpose of constitutional law, and its intent as written. NO, employee of our democracy is entitled: to make sweeping decisions marching as an army against us/ as has been “covid”. By using “university says” as the god we must all serve and obey without question. By making “university says”; the collector of our taxation/ our substance as a nation; their slave; by using the propaganda of media to produce fear. By making “university says”; the true essence of a cult: “no questioning the leader”/ OBEY, and shut up or be punished. Amendment 4: proves treason.  OVERTHROW OF GOVERNMENT
  3. NO EMPLOYEE is allowed to hide the truth of our currency, our securities as the promises of work allow: by pretending there are assets, which reality itself will deny. The pure fantasy of numbers proves, the delusion of debts are just a covering as well. As reality itself denies that enough resources exist; to even conceive of paying the debts; our employees have claimed we owe. Article 6: proves treason.    INSURGENCY AGAINST US
  4. You, as are all employees of government: are not allowed to lie to us/ you are not allowed to steal from us/ you are not allowed to ransack and rape our efforts and securities as a nation of workers who do depend upon the currency to be stable and secured. You are not allowed to support “social engineering by media, propagating the decisions of university”. You are not allowed to support or defend the religion of evolution as “the nation decides”. You are not allowed to create a cult of worshiping university as god. You are not allowed to fail world law, and choose for weapons of mass destruction instead. You are not allowed to gamble with our nature, our world, our lives, our future, the needs of every child/ the destruction of every resource/ the poisoning and destruction of our water supplies/ the death of habitat/ being wrong about global warming/ the experiments trying to ignite a nuclear fire; when wrong is this earth itself burns; just like a sun. A REALITY THAT DOES IDENTIFY TRUTH, rather than the puke of delusions and fantasy, from the people who claim to know: as is, university physics. THE CULT WORSHIP; of university is god: SHALL END. And reality return to us, as FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TRIAL; to determine for ourselves and our world: what is TRUE. By untainted, and best we can do as a world: evidence of threat against our lives, our planet, and our future.    RELIGIOUS DELUSIONS AND CULT WORSHIP/ THE UNIVERSITIES ARE god.
  5. YOU. As our employees trusted to protect and defend this people and this state: are collectively charged with criminal contempt and extortion. By allowing healthcare to explode into extortion and the collusion to steal from this government: by attacking both social security and medicare. That trial begins with the billing against James frank Osterbur: for a broken bone, that became a one hour out patient; and a couple of casts demand currently against me for, a total of: “$39,334.47 : to medicare $31,832.30: which does prove criminal intent COLLUSION in government/ against we the people, by using medicare in particular, to defraud. Thereby a whistle blower defense: which does make this portion of the demand for trial, a federal law/ defrauding government case. I then am, demanding resolution to this wave of failure: those in government employment have allowed. Additionally $6,001.75 to secondary insurance.   RACKETEERING
  6. SO, you don’t get lost: the preliminary of trial ends here.

SUCH IS MY DEMAND FOR REDRESS TRIAL; AS HAS BEEN PRESENTED TO YOU. AS IS PRESENTED TO THE EMPLOYEES OF THIS GOVERNMENT; EACH OF WHOM, having a substantial office of authority: HAVE SWORN TO OBEY THE PURPOSES AND INTENT OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. OUR GOVERNMENT, which is the constitution itself, as the law of our land. Your job is to adhere to constitutional intent; and present the demand for redress.


To those who believe; “never question government”/ I remind you: they are merely our employees

Declaration of Independence:

….”we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends; it is the right of the people to alter it, abolish it, or form a new government, laying its foundation upon such principles and recognizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness…..” We are surrounded with betrayal instead! By people indoctrinated into the cult and curse: of “university is god; and that make them ruler”. Which is an outright insurgency against democracy itself.

The reality of theft, conspiracy, collusion, failure, fools, tragedy, treason, terrorism and more; as is the result of “university controls everything/ including media”. Has proven to dissolve the US currency into dust/ it has no true value; even if it does allow you to rob every child. that is an insurgency against this USA; orchestrated through governmental employees. The insurrection that is now attempting to take control over the title to each and every property; thereby evicting all the people who built the nation/ in favor of “give the immigrant a chance”:  constructs betrayal, the sign of a traitor. As are the terrorists who mutilate nature;  because genetics are “nature itself”/ and the cost of being wrong is:  pure chaos, and everything vile comes. wake up or be extinct.  The serpent of death; resides in your media/ the parasites constantly trying to “worm into your brain”; and take control over what you believe or see or hear; by excluding your own decision or concern (only they have a brain: you are their robot). the cult of fools, cancer, and tragedy remains “as university is god”: use FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY, hiding that in “expertise”/ shaming you into “a herd; who cannot question the leader (cult)”.

My job: is NOT to support anarchy or uprising, against this nation called WE THE PEOPLE. BY DEMANDING REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TRIAL; as is the legal authority/ to rule this nation as a democracy UN-tethered. A revolution by law: against those who claim they are rulers, instead of our employees. Which does mean: the constitution itself decides. By our own public vote; from the evidence of public trial, as proven by the best we can: TRUTH.

Your job, is to fight for truth and nation and world and child; or none of it survives, as we all go extinct. I do NOT ask you to believe that/ I ask you to investigate the evidence, and find what reality can and will prove about the price of being WRONG. As is a reality of this trial. I would be the litigant representing “we the people want this changed”/ you will not be paying me (unless overrun by time commitments); costs are about lawyers, etc. “the free press” IS about presenting the evidence we do need to know/ and making a decision of the people “more realistically possible”/ rather than manipulated, tempted, controlled, propagated, bought, abused, used by power, or other equally insurgent reality of treason.

there is much you do not know:  such as in permeable soil, it takes fifty inches of rainfall to equal one inch of water rise in an aquafer: so says the state of IL water resources division.  MY cat, nor I don’t drink the water here no more; because it is bad; “what happens when your water goes bad: because you can’t change it: now”? And the people hired to monitor water:  are not allowed to tell you anything/ unless you ask: or they lose their job. As for me: the water that used to be “excellent, sixty years ago”/ is now undrinkable due to chemicals or precipitation in the soil, due to chemicals. The cat won’t drink it either, and if your livestock won’t: the cost of being wrong is high. Your ethanol production will prove the ogahalla aquafer which ended the dust bowl/ is now dry; and in all cases: when an aquafer goes dry, the spaces which held the water close into a rock/ and the aquafer itself dies.  “just one little tidbit of information”, you cannot afford to lose. Pollution surrounding it and toxic waste injected around it; waste sites being used decades beyond where they were called “full”. And yet people/ farming is putting excess tiling in place to insure the aquafer goes dry/ as are towns and cities destroying the means for an aquafer to exist: and you have absolutely no clue; how much water you have.  Only the assertion “it rained”/ but what is taken up by plants, or just runs off: does not end in the aquafer. YOU have no clue about your water supplies/ no clue as to contamination/ no concerns about people who claim “they know”/ when in fact they clearly do not. Wake up.     “just one little clue, of now or never”!

demand the evidence of covid;  without the taint of failure and deceit as is cult worship media/ let the real world of evidence and truth of damage done, and to who; construct your reality. THEN DECIDE, if you have been betrayed, and why the people who mutilated & then released this altered disease that had already existed: are now being paid? YOUR political puppets, who belong to the university elite (their expert is god): agreed to pay 5+ trillion of dollars to the people who released a deadly disease, after they created it on purpose: to sell you a vaccine.  And not a single squeak (even a mouse can do that), from a single one: because media controls your mind. And the people scream “healthcare, we must/ they are saviors”: but reality in this USA points to: when checked a few years back, the cost of your healthcare before covid was 5 trillion dollars;  WHICH EQUALS, $50,000.00 per each of one hundred million people spent. WHICH LITERALLY MEANS: YOU ARE THE SICKEST PEOPLE WHO HAVE EVER LIVED/ OR,  they are not your saviors, they are your abusers/ users/ manipulators, terrorists, traitors, failures, and for the purpose of GREED; those who enslave you and your nation; while leadership fails in its entirety. WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN? answer: the cult of university is god/ owns your soul; as you obey and sell this world to HELL.

Demand the evidence of real world substance: between the electric vehicle/ and the gas vehicle; because your failures at university is god, will not tell you the truth about anything: not how much they have stolen/ or gambled this world/ or anything of relevance to life. Such as this begins with the reality: “the diesel locomotive replaced the steam train; and it used piston displacement, which is more efficient than a turbine”; because “so lets review”; it was so much more efficient. EVERY SINGLE WATT needed to power an electric vehicle comes from the least efficient power plant:  because they make up what the rest cannot do/ and long transmission lines are said to lose 10% of the power being distributed. Ask them: WHY they do not condemn the release of heat; as the primary cause of global warming/ why the power plants which used to distribute steam throughout the community for, “free heating”/ was discarded, so the powerful could rule more. Ask them: WHY, are they not moving every fracture operation to the artic circle; where they say all that  underground methane exists. And a thousand more; such as the constitution forbids counterfeiting currency; yet your television advertises exactly that “a thousand times a week”: your leaders want reality destroyed/ so their fantasies need not be questioned. Liars, failure, fool is found everywhere the universities have been: even including the set back thermostat, which is now beginning to affect gas and electric transmission lines; as the atomic clock; “turns them all back on” at exactly the same time. In terms of global warming: what matters is how much heat you release (particularly with air conditioning), with greenhouse gases coming in at a very distance 2nd or 3rd/ the propaganda of university disease and media death: lies, and fails to account for all the oxygen being consumed by your fires.  8,000,000,000 make no small decisions anymore; everything you do matters to life and planet and your own extinction if these fail.  SATAN as is university genetics and more; are mutilating life, in worship of their god called evolution; and expect CHAOS to “make new life”/ as it destroys what now exists. because that is what you chose to let them do. TO YOUR SHAME!

while death stalks us all, the curse of damnation walks among you freely as media overtakes and manipulates the propaganda; with full intent of mass hypnosis; through their invasion of space and time in your life. the video screen glued to your eyes and ears. the pandemic of information gathering, that is the essence of a Nazi takeover [find the enemy/ and kill]. wake up or die.

Just because you should know: Reality will prove: there is a valve in your neck, that controls blood flow at higher levels when standing/ lower levels when sitting. IF you fail to wait for that valve to close, when “attempting #2”; you can give yourself an Arianism, or stroke (because it puts too much pressure on the blood vessels in the brain)/ and at lesser levels of over pressured; migraines occur. Sit down and wait 15 seconds or so; until you feel calm.  Media being a disgrace, a propaganda nightmare of people intending to  manipulate and control everything you think or believe or fear. The university diploma being a traitor to life and earth; fails. there is no free press, although a few are now trying: the reality is they fail.  IF the free press existed as it should: they would have told you for instance, that the older versions of diabetic insulin still work, and are very cheap: and people I know, used them for decades without any serious consequences. INSTEAD media sells you “extra special insulin”, without proof; so they too, can make a “ton of money” with advertising.  YOU are just a pawn to be used or abused/ sold into slavery, or abandoned into death: to make money.

NOT A SINGLE WORD FROM MEDIA, over decades in this USA:  about inflation destroys us all, as we have bypassed the claim of 600 trillion dollars in assets (utterly untrue/ pure fantasy). not one single word; about the endless tragedy of derivatives (buying debts/ we will make them pay; in a world or nation with nothing left) sneaking back in/ or other delusions of money that do not exist. debts which cannot be paid/ claims of payments that are only made by increasing the debt: FAILURE AND LIFE “ALL around”. Because media hides the truth, propagates lies instead; or pretends like the courts (the real world doesn’t matter), that “the constitution does not exist”;  unless an audience is watching. Traitor, terrorists, failure, fool, liar, thief, cheat, even “satan”; are all elements composed from a “university diploma” and the curses they caused to exist.

not a single word, about the extreme risks of pharmaceuticals, and chemicals; particularly in pregnancy/ genetic mutilation of nature/ satanic departure that is trying to ignite a nuclear fire;  ONLY FEAR/ BELIEVE/ AND OBEY THE DEAD, that is “university plays god”.  WHY does healthcare give you pharmaceuticals at every turn? TO KEEP YOU PAYING, for a lifetime/ the more you take/ the more they get. dumbass!   LITERAL THREATS OF EXTINCTION SURROUND US ALL; and they won’t go away, until we are all dead/ OR YOU make them change: with truth and respect for life and planet.  TAKE THEM TO COURT;  AND PROVE WHAT IS, AND IS NOT TRUE!  PROVE BY THE EVIDENCE:  THE REAL WORLD COST OF BEING WRONG!     MAKE, the most vile curse to life and failure and fool as has ever lived, which is “university knows”:  PROVE EVOLUTION, because unless they can prove truth by reality; their sewage is merely religion disguised by the septic system that is “University plays god”. PROVE fusion, because unless they can prove the truth by reality (and they have already proven it a lie)/ THEY GAMBLE WILL ALL LIFE AND EARTH; in a pandemic of being wrong means: this earth becomes a sun.         ROLL THE CURTAIN BACK; and look inside, to find “SATAN”; LET’S DESTROY THIS WORLD.         by choosing pure arrogance and disrespect/ by invading nature which is genetic structure: THE FACTORY INSIDE, which cuts apart the raw materials, and builds the finished parts, which become your body; with 208 individual bones which find their own position, bind themselves together with joints, allow muscles, blood, sensors, controls and feed back; A BRAIN, and all the realities we can NEVER REPLACE OR PUT BACK/ once these death traps of puke and vomit finish their worship of evolution. by INJECTING CHAOS into life/ in worship of their god which is evolution.  while the priests of media: manipulate you into delusion and  their sewage.           while atomic structures are attacked, and the balance of life or death as a planet; rests in the guillotine, they made.      WAKE UP, YOU DAMN FOOL.   the building of a body called life, is a concert; orchestrated by RNA, and played by DNA in connection with the female body, that aligns and creates the energy for getting that done. And you have no idea of the song that is being played, or the extreme timing that is needed, or the participation of parts and pieces beyond your grasp. YOUR “gods” of university (the failure of life itself/ cult of the DAMNED); DO NOT conceive of even a monkey in the operating room: they are merely parasites, consuming the grace and value of life itself. AND IT ALL, has to get along in true, peace and harmony with each other.  CAN your former classmates: GIVE YOU AN EYE BACK?  HELL NO, BUT THEY CAN “TAKE IT AWAY”.

STOP BEING A DAMN CULT:  AND QUESTION “your disgrace; of university (your former schoolmates) plays god”.        THEY AIN’T gods/ and there is DAMN LITTLE expertise among them about anything of value/ THEY PLAY Games, avoiding truth and its consequences; as the arrogant (hidden insanity) curse they are .         WAKE UP/ or you’re dead.  And remember: I am not your anything/ which means they can’t simply point to me and say “he is the enemy”. the evidence is their enemy/ FORCE THEM INTO TRUTH AND REALITY.  I am merely acting as “the free press”; the vile sewage of your university gods have defeated.

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