A lesson to be learned is: you must train yourself, to be yourself; anything less allows others an opportunity to make you fail. Pride is the enemy, in both them and you: because for them your failure, lets them believe they are more/ while in you, it is hope that decides, if you can pay this price, or if you cannot. Pride fails hope; by making life into a game, to be won or lost. Whereas hope lets “the light called living” give you substance and support; in the essence of being alive beyond self. Therefore above the target, of their design. To belong to life, is to respect the miracle that is your life. To understand that: is to recognize GOD “Created you”/ by the design of nature, given to all. The difference in being alive, instead of animal wants: is truth. Truth makes you equal, regardless of an image, whatever that may be. Because truth sees you as a living miracle; and no human decision/ no judgment, or righteousness; can measure up to that.

I am, as are you, “the living element” that exists within the structure called a human body in time. That foundation of separation presents us with “heart and soul”. Heart being, the functional desire of love/ while soul is the separation of life from time. RESPECT is the battleground of our existence: the place and purposes which identify what is true within us, as a singular identity capable of eternity, or not/ and to what level freedoms may exist for you: before in a universe which does contain threats/ your own failure will cause your own catastrophe. Chemistry does not exist as life; it simply is, what it is. Time does not exist as more than the measure of life/ because only life conceives of thought. Only thought conceives of eternity, and it is the very foundation of life itself. Thought does not exist as a body of time; but as a relationship with energy. Thought is not a conception of body/ however body is a conception of thought; as is proven by the evidence, & the word: “miracle”. The search for destiny, shaped by desire constructs value. Only love identifies the value I accept; that is “life with you/ life with us/ life with GOD”; as is truth shaped by respect. Each decision is: a path to your heart and soul/ what carefully, that you are not misled.

Love is a destiny, that our desire shapes into the hope we build into our lives; as the value of your heart to mine. Soul adds the dimension called an eternity; because it is the relationship with GOD, that only respect can define. The struggles of this life in time, are not simple/ some are harsh/ some are joy; but each is a reality of disciplines we must learn to identify what is the value and truth of self. While self is easily spent “with animal wants, pride, and power”/ it takes more than that to be ALIVE; as intended by GOD our CREATOR. Therefore always search, for order to align with truth/ always shape your life with balance, as does this earth to achieve the blend of everything as one/ always construct love as your participation beyond self. Because in that quest, we face our future; and find the decisions that form our lives beyond simply: “an animal” as does the universities demand. You are not an animal, unless that is your choice. Those that belittle life, and ridicule truth; are.

The critical quest is; to simplify life, in order to achieve your own clear desire; a reality that does come down to one “major thing”/ above all the rest. Life does not allow, for more than one true desire in you: doesn’t matter why. You cannot: allow others to make that decision for you/ you cannot allow: expectations to cloud your path/ you cannot accept the guidance of others, or follow their construction of life. You can only arrive at a pure identity of you: by discovering you. Separated from body or mind/ image or color/ or any element of social (herd) decisions. The person you are, is locked inside the freedoms you choose. In order to escape the prison of what other people influence you to be; you must accept whatever it is, you are destined to be, by the truth of life itself. Reality creates us as male or female; and that is not a matter of choice/ it is a truth; even if you don’t desire it. You cannot blame GOD for anything; as that is unfair/ you do not know: simple as that. You cannot assume life is going to be as you expected it to be: truth and reality may have different plans. I for instance; “have had my life, even perhaps eternity; turned upside down”/ freedoms taken away/ decisions altered/ even male versus female challenged; as reality demands, I shall learn “the basic costs; of what men did do, to women”/ by exchanging places. NO, you don’t have to help her”; she has proven capable! Realities beyond my perception; and completely beyond my expectations; simply remind me, “I chose one desire/ that this world should survive, and I would not let it die without a fight”. Somehow, this is involved; even more than simply for balance. I know not/ not my decision to make! From an identity defined and settled as sufficient for eternity: freedoms beyond your conception/ strictly male, I decide/ “yes I do understand”. My life is “turned upside down (without my consent)”: no real freedom, a short leash/ strictly male is dead; with no clue how that turns out, now or in eternity/ “a thousand, I don’t know” life in time.  Becomes: Fix your lives yourself/ I have my own set of problems, no escape possible: simply adjust. But in a world gone insane, as cult worshipers of “university is god”; reality is askew, respect is denied, arrogance rules, and what is true has been confronted as unnecessary. Let not the world lead; choose your own way.  BEWARE of the fearful (traitors are found there)/ BEWARE of hate, liars are found there/ courage makes a distinct honest based decision/ love is kind and fair, even patient most of the time.      Your life, may be influenced “beyond expectations” just like mine; stay true to yourself; as best you can.

Fundamentally, a dimension is shaped by the energy it represents/ or the lack of real energy that exists. As a consequence to that, thought shapes existence, from the boundaries and limits of the energy which both displaces, and creates an environment. Which means: there is an environmental definition presented by shapes, which then does conform to the limits and boundaries of an environment. So the question is: how does thought control and identify the relationships which then create an existence of dimensions isolated from the rest of space? The answer is critical to the pressures that make energy reveal itself. More is unwise; but the construction of male or female begins in the question of pressure, and how it relates to the beginning of mass. I am confronted by “a new dimension”/ which is much like “standing in the mist, where time and space are structurally unknown”. Within that element is the opportunity to question: to experience or express discovery. But the end result of it is, in order to move beyond self: a desire must be formed. I loved male life, “we were perfect for each other”/ but, reality has changed that. I see in the distance “colors” and the potential for more; but transitions do not exist, beyond self/ if self will not expand into that shape. I really have NO conceptions of definitions beyond this point; but the quest for desire must exist. The spiritual world is not a game. The spiritual world of female which occupies space within my life/ has demanded that you will be informed of her contributions to this work; and it is so. Which makes simply hiding; an irrelevant excuse.  I HAVE found a conception, where I can desire “female, in eternity”. As I have no “real world experience”; with what that means/ or what it means to “travel beyond the barrier” for male either. I do expect, and fully adhere to “both are equal”/ even if life is different.  Time, will now decide what that means, here.

Life itself, creates a passage beyond time; but there is no going back. The decisions you make, are the decisions that you will live. As for me: opening the door into the female dimension (which was extremely hard to find)/ provided exactly what I needed to finish my job; “for life and GOD “. And I would not alter that for anything, even male. So, the end result is; whatever the end result will be.

TO BE COMPLETELY CLEAR; in this world: that description will NEVER include “homosexual/ transvestite/ or other”. NOR are those who fall into these categories welcome: [there is no sex for you here] or judged [do not try or your eternity will be tragic]: not my job. THIS is between female and me; and that fact does extend into miracles: but I do not know what else.

The continual disgrace is, “we want/ we want/ we want; damn you we want, OR WE DON’T want; because that is all that matters, to me, or us”. So the herd gathers, and describes itself as “we can’t all be wrong”/ because as a herd, the competition is constant, and the predator always comes back. Pride among the herd demands, “I WANT, the best/ give it to me; or I will hate you”. Therefore power is used to enforce that decision, with the behaviors that will cause fear to be exhibited. To reduce those fears, “I can lose”; beliefs are born. To compensate for beliefs, obedience and rules are formed; to remove the leaders, and reduce their power; religion is born. To love exists only where real life expands beyond self to accept the disciplines and realities of respect. Whereas hate expands itself, to demand MORE for me/ by using disrespect, to create judgment; which then allows for the worthless “to me”/ to be used, abused, removed, or treated like garbage (something to throw away). These are the basic parameters of human life, and they vary little across all groups.

The cost of that is: now that you and your universities have changed the basic order and disciplines of life and living; this world can no longer balance itself; and you do stand at the very edge of your own extinction, both as life and world discarded by human choices to become “a HELL”/ before it extinguishes life and planet. And the herd says: WE, won’t believe nothing/ that we don’t want; because we want what we want; and we won’t listen to nothing we don’t want; because you can’t prove NOTHING, until this world turns into HELL, and chaos continues to eat our lives, into dirt. Pride is a terrible enemy, that gnaws on your foot, and consumes your legs into submission;[to keep you from moving beyond self. To refuse what needs to be accepted, in order, discipline, and balance as is required for life to survive]. Leaving the power of fear, to eat your heart, and make you insane; as pride goes from belief in superiority/ to the arrogance of playing god. As reality turns from this failure, into what you wanted,  realities of playing god, also turn, into the end of life and earth. By the choices you have made. As that increases into insanity; this world will turn to religion/ and religion will give you rules and sacrifices to make: which will help you not at all.

The reality of life is simple: the laws which make life possible must be kept/ or the world and its living space will die. The laws which respect the realities of energy as does give us the abilities of motion and more; will be kept/ or your freedoms will end in the graveyard of “university imagination”. The laws of truth will be honored, and justice will prevail; or the truth of what you stole from each other will be found, and murder, chaos, and mutilation will be your reward. Because that, is what you chose; by cult worshiping “the universities as god”.

that fact of this time on earth: will lead you to change, by discarding the demand of universities (you are animals)/ and returning to life as all the evidence of truth provides, the foundation “we are, and we live; among the miracles”/ and nothing less can be proven true.

Ultimately, human existence on earth in this day is a stampeding herd of “elephants: by the damage done”/ all focused on the mirage of treasures you can have if you just get their first. Destroying everything in your path, that is life and earth. But it was just a mirage/ and as you are forced, to turn back to the life you abandoned in your thirst for wealth; you will find it as you left it, “beyond repair”. It has abandoned you. Just as you have abandoned the future for every life, and even the planet (destroying both); to chase your dream of playing gods.

Universities lead, by reducing you to animals; through the indoctrination of every child; the critical failure and disease of every school; forcing lies, distributing disease of the mind, contributing to the cancer in nearly every brain; that is “university knows”. Which has then allowed the forced creation of insurgency/ the acts of pure rebellion/ the foundation of lies, theft, cheater, traitor, terrorist, “even satan”; as has been the result of universities playing god. Being elevated by media mice, who form the basis of every preacher and propagation that is destined to be the end of life and earth. The courtroom holding only soldiers to the cult of power, that is: university is god/ to insure no questions shall be asked; as the primary foundation of their existence is to insure “only the money decides”. Every puppet of government (just a citizen if that, biding their time); to collect bribes as the army of desperation is formed; to produce both civil and then world war. While destroying all hope that life shall remain; even trying to ignite this world into a sun; as a means to prove “yes we can; play god”. Yes we can create chaos in nature; to destroy what exists: to prove the religion of university shall no longer be denied. To prove: WE CAN KILL YOU TOO; ;as is the result of all biological mutilation; and their creation of disease as is, the mild release of covid: to prove you FEAR/ BELIEVE/ AND OBEY, the terrorists who betray you. As is the evidence, “they even stole your face/ they even infected your child/ they betrayed your world”; and yet, you cannot question a single word these tiny few “university elite”; say. To your shame.

LIFE LIVES in this world, by eating other living things. Each of those living things requires distinct realities of their own to survive, and form the chain that keeps on living in time. Human over population destroys all of that; as you seek to trample the world, in a desperate thirst for wealth/ as is greed (I WANT, yours too). Forming selfishness as your participation on this earth; which grants to you, extinction/ as every living thing you need to survive; dies.

WHO could possibly be more blind than you/ who could conceivably be more ignorant than you:  only an animal, as the universities demand. A complete lack of brain; just like the universities say, when describing how their religion “evolution” came to be.

The conclusion for us all, is: you sold your soul for want, and your heart for pride; letting power do anything it desired: by using a sea of lies, theft, and betrayal.

I used my soul to search for “keeping this earth and its life, among the living of this universe”. I used my heart, for a living world, rather than a life in time. The primary difference is: “you got what you believed you wanted”/ while I received according to the needs presented, and the reality of my own truth. Desires shape us, as love or hate: proven true. Survival suggests: unless women lead, to a different life, based upon the foundations of law and justice; there is no hope. Because this is, the best men did do; after thousands of years.

Unlike religion: instead of heaven or hell for the majority, I accept that the majority will get what they want: “dissolving into dirt; as animals do”. While like Christian religion: I accept that love is so treasured, a place will be found for it to survive; at the distance required, to “not contaminate the rest”. I accept true love shall find its home in eternity, with GOD our CREATOR.

I also accept, those who use hate to destroy a life above a “human animal”/ who declare themselves basically at war with GOD; by claiming the arrogance to be gods themselves. Shall in fact receive their own true desire, to participate in evolution: by entering CHAOS, without the slightest potential for escape. A reality governed by what you did do: to curse what GOD did build. To deny, or destroy: to GOD CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE; those whom HE seeks. While religion offers: that cannot happen/ reality says, we are here to prove what only truth by the evidence can prove; of our own true self. Intervention, would then be death.

So, lets talk survival:

  1. in terms of war, the reality is CHANGE THIS, or your world dies! Simple as that; your only method is world law, and enforcement by all nations, with periodic replacement of all policing parties. OR, more simply FIND YOUR BRAIN; instead of cult worshiping the manure, and septic deceit and disease:  of “university knows”.
  2. Providing a bill of rights to the soldiers of every military; forms the basis of how and why they can comply; without destroying their purpose or position. That begins with: a soldier defends the nation/ an enemy invades without a cause, as mercenaries do. The difference being: we have no real choice. The law being: defend and you are your nations hero/ attack across the line of an others’ boundary, and you are a criminal jeopardizing this nation. As a leader of the military: your position is: to DEFEND your nation/ and nothing more or less than that. As the “hitler-want to be, commander” should no longer exist. In the current case of Russia:  let their army stand on the edge of their own boundary, in defiance of an attack/ and demand we will let the law, that we choose for ourselves, rule us. NOT a ruler, anymore. HELP them , as a world; to succeed; if in fact they choose this to be so, and take measures to enforce it.
  3. Leadership no longer needs a leader; under these conditions of law. Law means we all comply, no individual shall be allowed an exception. Therefore by our laws as we the people; chose this for ourselves/ we remove the leader, and let law itself decide. As this becomes then “the government”; selected from who we are, as this society says; “our choice” shall be true.
  4. Leadership conquest: the ability to overrun law, and demand power. Is enabled only by the control over resources, or the claim of money and prizes; which buys a mercenary. By limited capitalism: you eliminate excess money/ take control as a society over resources; to be distributed as a “thousand more years of life” will allow/ and remove the power of weapons; by proving “we will stand up for ourselves; as a nation of law, against the reality of murderers and thieves”. LET THE MILITARY OF THIS WORLD; KNOW THEY HAVE A CHOICE: THE LAW DECIDES, not the fool.
  5. The critical test of every society is: that we share the reality of our lives, and work within the means available to correct and sustain the relationship we have with all living things and this earth. By guaranteeing a job at a realistic wage to all: all have the power to say no/ but the duty to say yes, according to what reality will allow. By removing hate from among you; the mob ends, the propaganda stops, and the value of life ascends.
  6. The critical choice of this day is: “NO, YOU CAN’T do that anymore”! Because this world is in crisis; nature is attacked with chaos/ the earth is being attacked from all sides/ every resource ends in your garbage mountains (destroying the future, and every child). Your curse of failure and fool: searches only within the universities, to find this cause. While remembering, “of the thousand greatest threats”/ among them is overpopulation of humanity; and that will stop or you will be extinct: a reality of the masses/ rather than a cause that belongs only to the universities.
  7. The critical choice is: “YES YOU WILL”; of the many decisions that are required of you/ that you do not want to do. Want is dead, pride is evicted; and reality now decides; or you go extinct. Of those choices; we begin with three, just to let you know: this ain’t no game.
    1. Global warming ends life on earth/ unless you end it by stopping immediately all air conditioning/ all excess burning of fossil fuels as is the release of heat.
    2. The oceans life, are all in terrible jeopardy of complete collapse; because of human! Your only choice is: to feed dead human bodies to the sea, prepared properly for sea life to consume/ that they may return to thrive, and in exchange continue to feed a billion + people.
    3. The destruction of habitat and resources will stop, in its entirety: and you WILL account and inventory every single one/ creating an outlook, and a responsibility to the future. BY KNOWING THE COST, OF BEING WRONG. This is then taken to court as a world: to identify the threats; examine the evidence as humanity, with a brain; and make a decision to live/ rather than the current cult worship of “the universities, and their SATAN (destroyer of a world)”. You do need to understand as well: that the primary purpose of “its a man’s world/ we want to play our game”. Is the truth, those who want to be wealthy/ DO NOT want to share anything. Their search is: “look at ME, damn you/ LISTEN TO ME, I am the superior one”. Which results in extreme and unnecessary competition, tragedy to society, failure, corruption, conspiracy, collusion, betrayal, terrorism, and more. So if you don’t kill the claim “I don’t and I won’t share/ ONLY I AM, important”; this earth will die, and take all life with it. Because you are now too many people, and your needs to massive; to let that remain. The rich man exists ONLY, by making others poor: stop competing for more, and be fair with life and world. Those who claim: I will take all I want/ or you will get nothing: can be reminded, as society itself allows, “fail us in our need/ and we can take from you all we want as well. Teach a flood of replacements, and you go free: BUT BE FAIR. As nobody needs to be your slave either. “limited capitalism” solves most of these problems for you/ as it provides for those who do more/ get more; while protecting the rest from “a ruler”. But it is not a solitary method of choice/ it is a social method of purpose: to create society as best we can; by allowing reality to work in our favor. By removing the criminal: which always follows greed. It is noted and true: that while this earth is essentially “a mining planet”, which searches for those who can conceive of love, and live within the fabric of freedoms that understand boundaries and limits keep us alive in the laws which honor our existence in time or beyond. The validity of saying: that intervention does not occur, in the reality of our lives/ we are here to learn the price and the consequences of failing life and self and earth. To identify what is true; so that those who ascend into eternity as a value called love, need not be judged anymore; but alive without the consequences of failure. I do need to correct that partially: as my life is an aberration of that fact. While it is true; “free will” demands our decision/ not your prayer (don’t make me choose). The reality of my own life alters that; by entering within the spiritual world (not a religious thing), and choosing: “men cannot save this world/ what can women do instead”. The spiritual world resides BETWEEN “life or death( not, a game; you surrender the decision/ and accept the consequences of your own choice)”/ and cannot be entered without the purity of a decision most are unwilling to make. Its complicated; but the end reality of it is: “the spiritual woman, who rules over the purity of female existence”/ now controls my life, its complicated. But suffice it to say: we need each other, to help this earth survive. Her to balance me/ I, here on earth; to represent life beyond time, can help you survive. “its complicated”; BUT, it is not free will anymore. As she can deliver realities of control, beyond my ability to refuse. Never for hate, but functionally “a woman’s choice” not mine. Its complicated. One of the things I must correct is: that while zero population growth is an absolute/ or you go extinct. The reality is: that it may be that artificial insemination might be allowed to stay/ IF, society itself chooses, those who have a genetic defect; must not pass this along to a new generation. Which would then require an “alternate donor”; IF a true desire for a “baby we, the parents who both chose this: now, call our own” does exist. EVERY CHILD does deserve a body it can use, and desire; even if biologically it is not the same. Even so, as close to genetically similar as possible should occur: because no matter what the fools tell you, the realities of just like me, does help to sustain a relationship. I am informed: that women must have this option, as they are different than men; and deserve the right of “one child”, if they truly desire it should be so, and nature allows. That, is a depiction of; “its a woman’s choice/ NOT mine”; as I must endure, without end, the cost of crossing the boundary line between male and female. “just to ask a question: what would women do”! Answer: their choice not mine.     ITS COMPLICATED. The end result of it is: that as “male and female” working together, we have achieved a value to the reconstruction of life on earth; that is sustainable and transparent as having truth on our side. She balanced me/ bringing me back to law, truth, respect, and justice are the only way. Sharing and caring the difference between peace and harmony; or a world lost to chaos and war. Consequently, I am grateful, and have achieved my own “work done”; as a gift to this world: we now made as if just one. But, it was not without cost, as strictly male is “essentially dead”/ and the new, functionally female in a sense; has taken its place. functionally severed (owned, a possession rather than a value)” from male (something else); “gift wrapped” for female; another “yes, you will”, reality of I can make you scream. I would never have guessed; a true, you lost; surprise. A reality that exists: ONLY, between female and I!  “life does” seem strange. No clue how it all turns out!
    4. just so its clear: I will soon be 69, half bald, toothless, tinnitus, not pretty; “growing tits; even less pretty”:  or, more simply/ this is not some weird expectation of sex or other. it just is, what it is. YOUR choice; A reality of ridicule, or whatever you like/ won’t make a difference to me; life is more complex than an animal can understand. MY life is: just what it is; plain and simple; a life dedicated to “just one cause”:  I will not let this world die, without a fight. The reality however: I never expected it to consume an entire lifetime. NO, I do not expect you to believe anything/ NOR do I expect you to identify me as important to the reality of evidence that is “our world stands on the edge of HELL”. because everything you do, everything the universities lead you too: is catastrophic, by the decisions you have made;  for life and planet. so says the evidence.
    5. Nonetheless, as for me the price is not too high, [I did my job, change or die; is delivered]; a price to pay, as required by the work:  simple as that/ as our world really does, teeter on the edge of extinction. NO going back. Even so, I regard male and female as truly equal; just different. SO, “save this world”/ or be extinct; is literally your only choice. Too late, means dead; because this is NO game. Truth will decide; if this world lives or dies. “you, will have to do better, than one word is enough; all done”. Life or death is in your hands, and the evidence is real. No games allowed: CHOOSE. And the world says________________________________________! Nope, ridiculing me, murdering me, attacking me, discarding me, denying I or this work exists; or any other method of refusing to deal with your own realities of evidence that prove: YOU WILL soon be extinct, without true change. Will not save you from the truth of what you chose, as a cult of “satan followers”; who have literally no respect for life or planet or a single child. YOUR TRUTH IS YOUR TRUTH! YOUR DECISION IS YOUR DECISION, it is not mine; it is yours! As are the consequences for being WRONG. I did my work, I made my choices as the man I used to be. And honestly have no clue, as to what comes now; not my decision to make. Which makes “me” at least somewhat irrelevant. Not your prosecutor/ not your judge/ not your savior/ not your religious anything/ not your leader or follower: simply a messenger (change or you WILL soon be extinct). Because the evidence of your own truth, demands that will be so. Investigate and prove what you cannot allow to be “we were WRONG”; OR accept your fate, as is truth alone will decide. Your truth, as it stands today: “sentences you to death”. Prove the reality is wrong, or simply die, as it proves to you; now forever true/ no going back. The future destroyed by “universities playing god”, and a completely apathetic world of human disgrace. OR CHANGED and enabled by truth, to receive: a future redesigned for life and planet; has been done. You do have all you need from me; your choice cannot be stopped, regardless of me. Simple as that. FOR OVER FORTY YEARS, I have asked humanity in various ways to participate and demand an investigation of the facts: which do exist around all these extreme threats, to our very survival as a world. Each discarded that, or ran away to hide. I asked the courts (all of them); to intervene for life, and produce the law of democracy itself; that is redress of grievances: they ran away and locked the courthouse door, to enforce their decision. I asked government and media; but they are cult priests of university plays god; as is proven so, by covid. The universities refuse; pride and power prove that true. Religion wants, what it wants; and that is not me, or the evidence which proves “extinction comes”. They too, love their fantasies! Covid proved the mutilation of life and nature, even humanity with their fake vaccine; “shouting we are gods now”. I proved the fantasies of university physics, the delusions of “we can play god with the sun too”. Reality proves the lies, betrayal, corruption, treason, and terrorism of hidden inflation, as has spread throughout the world; to steal from every child, and sacrifice them to a future that holds nothing, but a grave. Your garbage mountains prove resource destruction. “and a thousand more threats” all of which demand; you cannot continue in these lies, or life and earth will die. I have said: time is running out/ even time has run out: you must investigate to survive/ because without a courtroom to prove the evidence to this whole world: apathy will win. HELL will open, and none will shut that door. The spiritual woman has enforced: there shall be hope, until there can be no further hope. Simple as that. Which brings us to this moment in time; wherein humanity lives or dies; by its own choice. Nothing more I can do; entirely up to you, and those who actually work for life and world and child. Perhaps that is why, “male is needed no more”/ and my own reality is changing. NO, I don’t know into what, its not my decision to make. Simply I can feel, life is changing.  Perhaps, it is simply an “eternity thing”; I don’t know, not my choice. The universities claim to be: “a place of higher learning”/ but that is blatantly untrue. You go to university: you pay to join the union, of a specific trade group/ who does not need or desire your competition. Because the end result of all trade work is: a limited job, means the competition must be controlled; or we cannot “be rich”. The universities demand debts (slave now): demand memorize, mimic and repeat, whatever you are told (cult now): those who conform the best (traitor now), are elevated to that job. The 75% or so who do not, are moved back into society to find a job: so in order to keep the unions full/ all measure of taking over business and industry is controlled by and for the universities. Those who retain a position within the universities; are bribed to do something/ by government takeover, through university, and media controls. Those who go out: “to place radio collars for instance on life”/ claim to protect; but in reality form the basis and foundation from which a final extinction of life will occur. Because soon, we will all “run out of food/ water/ etc”. Which fundamentally means: “the last of the last” are doomed. All in all: the curse of the damned comes primarily, from those who stay in university; because they get bored with complete anarchy [we will destroy everything you depend upon/ we will bring you chaos, and ridicule; and death] against life and nation.

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