fair play


The foundation of all male and female animal behaviors is: WE WANT MORE. Since resources fail that, men chose to play games. With the singular purpose that “just one” of us gets to win/ the resources are now mine. Which allows that so called winner; to take control over the rest/ and confiscate everything he or she can in order to insure NOBODY else gets to have as much as me. Which brings chaos to the rest; and they end resolving that with war. Because war destroys what you have too; and your claim of ownership is now “useless” to you/ which brings about “my turn now”. And the games begin again.

So in order to achieve what men could not: the reality of ending games, not likely; as animals rule this “human earth”. We the people MUST end the tragedy of ANYONE getting to claim more than we the people allow, as a prize beyond ourselves. Providing a fair and balanced distribution of wealth to us all. That method is very simply “limited capitalism”; which proves by our own vote as a nation: just how much, “money, property, resource, etc”; anyone gets to control beyond the rest. Creating the foundation by that effect of a fair and deliberate democracy, which will not be deformed into any type of corruption; if we do “a few more things”.

  1. Society itself must control media (we choose what will be delivered to the masses by our vote), and limit all forms of advertising, and every other form of manipulation, temptation, social engineering, mass hypnosis and the rest: to five minutes a week. Saying simply NO, you may not/ regardless of the money. Because the money will not buy you time or communications. We the people pay (we own the broadcasting networks; the road to communicating with the rest)/ and we the people decide: what will benefit us all/ or what we need to know.
  2. By the law; we make for ourselves: we will rule ourselves. Because whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation or world. Enforcing that with “the best humanity has to offer/ and limiting that workforce; to no more than ten years at most”. Someone else now works here; from the best we can be.
  3. The judiciary shall be judged on a daily basis; along with all participating legal professionals. IF YOU DO NOT satisfy the purpose of constitutional law, and foundations of democracy, and useful participation’s in justice and fair play for peace and harmony: you will be replaced/ or tried for crimes. Each participant in the court system receives a “grade”/ and if they fail to sustain a “passing grade” throughout their term: they will be replaced or brought up for society to vote upon retaining or not as our employee for this purpose of justice. Every person involved in a trial: shall give their testimony as to whether this was fair to life and society.
  4. The formula for the economic stability of a nation is: real wealth is built upon sustainability, and order/ the disciplines which grant us the security of our own work; a description conceived as our future, which does not exist without resources. TO ACHIEVE that, in an overloaded human population, which cannot be deprived of their right to survive, just like you. We must share! Remembering if you don’t care about them/ they won’t care about you either: and that brings about genocide, when one group decides: “somebody has to die/ because the competition is too grim: not us”. So the primary element of an economy is: zero population growth, without exception (or nearly so_ if it must be). That ultimately makes women, the difference between life and death for this world. To accomplish “hope”; the men will pay, and the women will decide. IT IS THEIR BODIES; and babies are primarily a woman’s domain; which pushes men out. WOMEN DECIDE/ MEN, do not. Even if they are wrong; they cannot be more wrong than men; who have brought us to the edge of our own extinction.
  5. The critical question is then: WHAT, do we owe each other in society/ or even as a world? Without games, “we are equal”/ but humanity does not like to be equal, it wants to be more; just like animals do (I get the best). But we are equal as life, and there is no other measure except hate. Love is not a measure, it is a desire that expands life beyond self. Hate is a reality of violence, measured by the chaos you intentionally create. So we owe each other a society, functionally free of hate/ so that desire can blossom into peace and harmony. That begins with an educational reliance upon, “truth, patience, kindness, dignity, courage, values, RESPECT, and hope through the elements of love itself.”
  6. The critical question is then: WHAT, do we owe each other in terms of economy/ as clearly each does not contribute the same; but all need to participate. Limited capitalism does take care of all those elements of life and living, with exception to the truth: NOBODY gets to live off the rest; you will do your share; as a worker/ or you will be moved “elsewhere: to less desirable conditions”. That functionally means; we guarantee to each other a job of realistic worth, and functional pay with the benefits (all of us get to enjoy this) we then share as a society who cares. NOBODY gets paid to support; “having a child”/ but you will receive a billing, if you have more than one. Because this earth is full, and cannot support “more”.
  7. The critical question is then: WHAT, do we owe to each other in healthcare? The answer being: absolutely NONE, should die of little causes, where we are literally able to intervene; as a reality of that, medical intervention in countless ways shall be taught throughout schooling (so we all know; as best we can). But everyone shall die of major causes, and society itself shall decide what those are. The foundation being: UNLIKE “university led chaos”/ you shall NOT simply say, “let the children pay” anymore. Not about anything. Taking the majority of private enterprise away from healthcare, to return it as a value/ instead of an extortion; IS relatively simple. Any complaint from the medical profession comes with criminal trial; for racketeering and more/ as does resistance from government officials. With plenty of evidence to prove this is so; in this USA.
  8. The critical question is then: HOW do we create a true democracy instead of the horrors established by “university insurgency, rebellion, anarchy, and complete failure” as is today? The answer is: that we remove our “lawmakers”/ and we rebuild our democracy with the “one hundred or so simple; one page laws, we create from among ourselves; by our own vote”. THESE RULE THE NATION OR STATE, etc; our employees do not. Instead we do hire employees of government: to insure our laws are being kept/ reminding them: if they hide the reality/ or hide from it: they will be criminally charged.
  9. The critical question is then: HOW do we provide for this democracy, from our taxes? ANY government employee who creates trouble is REMOVED/ no union shall save you; no benefit shall follow you. The answer is: with world law, the extreme expense of “the military” across this earth, throughout all nations; drops by 90%. With fair and reasonable heathcare: that extreme expense drops 80%. With discarding the universities as god: their expense becomes a business, and their income becomes a percentage of salary; from those they taught to do “this job”. THEIR EXCURSION INTO DEATH; is either removed in its entirety; or they are annihilated as a threat to extreme to allow in this life.
    1. And the people say: “this is too extreme”/ you have no right to even suggest it.
    2. But reality reminds each one: the universities are mutilating (deliberately injecting chaos) all of nature, believing they are gods/ “no consequences for us”; releasing Armageddon (nature in chaos) as is biblically predicted.
    3. Reminds us: these are the people deliberately trying to destroy atomic order and disciplines at CERN/ deliberately trying to ignite this earth into a sun: by using lies, fantasy, delusion, and media “imagination” to steer you into death, by all consuming fire.
    4. Reminds us; these are the people who created and released changes, which now threaten all of life forever/ by sacrificing every child, to claim “selfishness is all that matters to me”. And more. So, while a tiny few among them have value; the vast majority of those who claim “not to be a in a trade school” to learn a job of value to society. But believe they are gods instead; should be treated (and clearly forewarned first): like the gods of death and destruction that they are.
  10. NO pension plan shall exist, other than social security/ same for all. Based upon, A REAL WORLD, percentage of GDP! Not the lies and fabrication and “double book accounting” of this day; by universities lead, lie, cheat, steal, betray, fail, and so much more.
  11. NO wall street or similar shall exist; the free money ride is over/ and reality itself shall decide; by the disciplines enforced that do not lie, cheat, steal, betray, corrupt, conspire, or in any way conceive of a criminal empire as is formed by the blight, disease, pandemic, and plague of “university knows” as is this day.
  12. NO, discarding the nation or its resources or its future; YOU WILL return to self-sufficiency, and nothing less; as much as is possible/ and all international trade shall be to enhance and create their ability to do the same. So that this world is stable, and needs no war to survive. NOR does it fail itself or another with lies.
  13. The foundation of happiness in real terms; is a value given between male and female, for the purpose and desire of sharing life, caring about the living, and constructing a relationship we earn, by building it for ourselves. Respect is the basis of that beginning, but only love can sustain it when trust becomes true. To achieve that end: men must recognize, that women desire and demand, “you shall conceive of me as the most important thing in your life; other than GOD”. They are not satisfied with less. Whereas women MUST learn, when you demand I sacrifice what we need to survive, the realities which must be built and maintained to continue or build from where we are: that is a chance you may not attack me from. We are in this together, therefore help me, help you; and never complain what we chose/ or what you insisted upon was not enough. It was a decision we made; the consequences good or bad, the reality of our choice.
    1. Women get lost in the realities of what we must all face, “the solitude of life”/ the realities which shape our future as a participate in someone elses’ life, or alone in our own. Raising children is their escape/ losing children to their own directions is “lost hope”; and requires even more, from a husband.
    2. Men get lost in the realities of competition, and the cost of survival or the needs or desire for more; making them work beyond what is otherwise required. Making them responsible, for changing life from “us/ into work”. Both genders share the decisions, or both genders fail each other.
    3. Reality insists: NEVER manipulate each other/ never tempt each other/ never control each other; do not make decisions that belong to the other. Cherish the moments honestly, and truth will make you strong; because nothing less than trust will arise, and nothing bonds life together except trust, hope, truth, and respect; as are the rewards dedicated to love.
    4. Never believe you “Know”; because sometimes you will be wrong. Accept forgiveness, and ask for it! NEVER judge each other, only the law can do that/ it is not your job. Make your own decisions, because you must live “your own life”.
  14. The base level summary of needed change is: “whatever the universities taught you to do or be”/ discard that as a curse upon you, death stalking you with the menace of extinction, by crucifixion of life itself. As is the summaries of their change; animals, who turned want into their own crusade; to overtake this world, and rule it with “an iron-fist”. [do what you are told/ believe what you are told/ obey what you are told: or die], as is the results of everything they did do. Taking control over all currency, business, industry, government, media, healthcare, education, military, religion, and more. Making the university elite; the most powerful who have ever lived; hiding behind the puppets, who claim to be government and more. With media mice to insure, “nobody forgets”. With biological weapons, to insure: “nobody escapes fear, or slavery”; or the curse of mobs.

    LIFE requires all the base order, disciplines, balance, and respect it deserves; which aligns with every living thing is important [except hate]. That would require, the distribution of choices to as far and wide; the reality of us all/ as it is possible to do. That would require, the foundations upon which we depend, SHALL BE RESPECTED, and no illiterate fantasies or delusions allowed to participate; as is the religious curse of evolution. Instead of “it hasn’t happened yet/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG” demands, NO, you cannot rules the world; and evicts “university as the image, cult, and reality of Satan on earth”. The foundation which is “the chains of life which support us all”: MUST BE KEPT INTACT, AND WITHOUT MUTILATION. The foundation of energy and earth MUST BE KEPT ORDERLY and without the curse of “the devils in disguise” (for lack of a better description). The foundations of justice and fair play MUST arise, to construct a valid and true society, with real peace and harmony. The foundations of human existence must expand from the damnation of “university knows: you are all ANIMALS”/ back into the reality of MIRACLES prove we need not be so. The foundation of life deconstructed from the sewage of “university wants”; into real life, truth by the evidence, the critical source of law keeps us alive. And the EVICTION of university plays god. As is one thousandth of what needs to be done; to avoid extinction/ by your own choices. To your shame, as cult worshipers of “Satan on earth/ the university whores (greed, WE demand it all/ NOTHING for life or world to survive)”. You do deserve what is coming; and it WILL take you by surprise, even though the evidence is absolute, and clear. Because as animals: the game is GET EVERYTHING you can. As does leave this world behind, in the garbage mountains of your shame..


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