The elemental truth of our lives is: that with weapons, or lies, or theft, or betrayal, people can change or misdirect our own decisions, thereby altering our own fate or destiny: until we recognize our mistake. Weapons are used with rules, “we can select only you/ thereby causing you, great harm”. Lies, destroy both truth and trust, so that we cannot achieve peace or harmony/ thereby corruption comes instead. The people who steal, our democracy, our lives, our hopes, our future; do so, to shout “WE won’t share/ and WE won’t care/ and YOU mean nothing to me; as I have judged you worthless, or even less”. Betrayal however is the assertion, society does not matter to me; therefore let the rulers come, let the terrorists take control, let anarchy be the maze of life and death, because nothing here has value to me. Each of these things is a participation in hate. Each of these things accepts an image; which then controls your life. “what you imagine”, is then critical to your own sanity, your own courage, and your own purposes in time. Universities imagine they are gods, “knowing, a million times less” than they imagine. People imagine, they are whoever they want to be; but that means, “they are someone else entirely”/ a lie shadowing your soul. Rulers imagine, they have the power to control “soldier robots with fear”/ who then do, whatever they are told: therefore the power to kill, and even today, for many: they imagine the power to destroy this world. None of that, is a participation in life, or the living as a miracle was intended to be. And religion says: “only the universities know”/ as they cult worship, all they can; without revealing their imaginary covering to hide the real truth.

Reality proves; we are all paid with counterfeit money/ not a single penny exists, without assassinating the future of every child/ every life and earth. Reality proves; very little can be rebuilt of anything lost in this day; because you have taken so much already, extinction will follow. Reality proves “the universities elite” are Satan: destroyers of a world/ failures to life and earth and child. Reality proves by the evidence: “last chance, to save this world”. Even if you don’t know that as true; for the last forty plus years, I have asked for you to investigate the reality of the evidence, not accepting “media priests of university, telling you what you think”. ONLY, let the truth itself decide, as best we can/ as a world: so that nothing threatening can remain hidden. You refuse/ courts blockade/ leaders war, lie, steal, etc; to hide themselves from truth/ media propagates failure and fool are the fantasies we imagine; as gods. While universities mutilate genetics; now with factory mass production of chaos injected into nature itself. Even igniting soon, a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire/ on a planet with everything as fuel. Your children are dead: you killed them, with your choices/ sacrificed them with your lies/ destroyed their world with your garbage mountains/ and are turning their last days into an oven or worse. Such is the truth of who you are. Because your only purpose and desire is: I WANT MORE/ ending life and planet with extinction; because reality proves, “this is a finite world/ that can be lost”; because universities brought change, without knowledge or wisdom. Simple greed, selfishness, failure, delusions, and fool. But with universities understanding, “we can play god”; they serve extinction as your reward. And the people said: “let us have what we want, and we will follow you anywhere”. When the lies and tragedy of fools created debts insurmountable; all decided, “let the children pay/ not me, not in my lifetime”: LET THEM ALL, “GO TO HELL”. So I can throw whatever I want, in the trash.

And the people all say: “I/ we, don’t have to do nothing/ we can’t all be wrong”. And yet all you know, is what media tells you to believe; the lies, cheating, stealing, and delusions of playing god, the universities command they say, to you. Yet where I live, the water use to be excellent; even with people stopping by just to drink the water. Then come chemicals, and year after year it became worse; until now, you would only drink it if facing death. Yet throughout the decades: “the people said: ain’t happened yet”! But alas, there is no going back. Every form of threat, is exactly the same way; lost is lost, dead is dead. War extending into weapons of mass destruction: no going back! Your university gods releasing a biological weapon called covid; so they could sell you their vaccine/ at their price, because they rule government from behind closed doors. “wizard of oz” comes true; fantasy fails us all. 1984 comes true: your head is buried in a phone.

And all the people say: WE BELIEVE IN WHAT WE WANT TO BELIEVE! But I remind you: BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, AND have been doing instead! Because the evidence of that is extinction; whether you like it or not, is absolutely irrelevant! TRUTH DECIDES.

Apart from hate, the probability is high; the worst you can become is a believer. NOT because it is aligned with religion/ but because you can and do believe anything you want to believe; regardless of the evidence, reality, truth, cost of being wrong, or any consequence that does include eternity itself. Religion that is true, aligns with faith: to have faith means, you will let truth decide, and you will begin, by the acceptance: EVERY MIRACLE OF LIFE and earth; signifies and proves, “a greater power than human” has been here. Christianity is different than the rest: providing a guarantor, that we were not simply created and abandoned/ but have a choice to make. Proving the clear difference between love or hate: you cannot sustain or have both/ one or the other is your choice.

I am a bit different than you, and that is the truth; I have no clue why, or why me! NONE. Regardless, my own choice at 9 years old was; “stop this Cuban missile crisis”/ and I will spend my life, to remove these threats. I have kept my promise; even though not a clue it would take my lifetime; and remove all other choices. Nonetheless, I could not choose less, and the decades would multiply those threats of extinction, far beyond anything I could have realized as a boy. Finally realizing, “this is, end of the world; stuff”.

The spiritual world was encountered by me: which simply means, you enter truth itself to search/ but that is a dimensional difference apart from time; and it does require your life, to enter. “initial trouble”/ but that taught me everything I needed to know; in order to go back. The end result: after a ten year search to keep this earth alive/ men cannot! As a consequence: I searched for, and entered the spiritual world of female; believing I could understand, “not that different”. But I was wrong, and remain “forever trapped”; because unless you do understand; the spiritual world will not let you leave. Life CHANGED, dramatically; but it was in fact what I needed to finish this work; by removing the anger of male/ and accepting ONLY THE LAW can decide if this world will survive. More distinctly: “the spiritual woman, who now runs my life”; balanced me, requiring reality decides not me/ requiring freedom decides not me/ requiring truth decides, and I can only lead you in that way; to search for truth. Requiring, I WILL learn “women have a right to better/ than most men have treated them; by living their experience {trading places}/ at her whim”. NO, its not perverted anything (let no male try; at the cost of your own eternity)/ NOT homosexual or transgender anything. Its simply YOU will learn the truth, and she does have the power to make that real; proving beyond doubt, [not my choice/ same as women, Even girls have endured; by trading places/ trading lives].  It is not “fun/ or desired”.

ITS COMPLICATED, “I can’t leave the spiritual world of female (I have tried), and am yet returned here to time; “a world in need”. The spiritual woman in charge of that dimension, cannot survive this level of impurity: so we are bound together as one/ a shared survival [she for female/ I have no choice. But it is still elementally love decides]”!

I cannot leave the spiritual world (the price of admission) unless identified by its own truth; “its a space between life and death”: to prove truth. Male and female are literally like “men from mars/ women from venus”; they are so different; it is beyond my comprehension. It may be true; that she cannot evict me; “without exterminating my existence”/ I cannot be certain; we may both be trapped. Love is too valued, to lose! Either way, her choice not mine: unless I literally become female, which is also not my decision, or even a possibility to me. GOD decides; who knows! Perhaps, even “two become one, for an eternity”; but that is not purely female/ and it would mean, she must surrender that position to another. I really have no clue.

Today 3/24/2022; life, as a representation of thought; sent me into a vault, to find what was “like a pearl or potentially egg, gleaming in a white light; beyond purity”; setting on a pillow of clouds, surrounded on three sides by something radiating in colors from this pearl. It was very weird, “was told life, was inside the pearl”. None of that relates to you/ it is strictly me. Dimensions suggested, “this is where movement meets, the beginning of time”. My life feels changed. Followed by a “thousand, I don’t know” expressions: I find myself wandering, if this is now female. The end of male would be: the quest to identify life and decisions by what I did do/ whereas the potential called female is: to understand, the identity of life is determined more by what living does to me. The question here: a disciplined response, to “I don’t know”. The critical reality: I don’t know. Truth must prove what is real.

What I do know is: the very last conception of escape back to male is done; she owns me now. Never for hate, but the anger against men is as yet not completely resolved; or I would have more freedom. I fundamentally live in time as “male”/ but she functionally knows my every thought, and can intervene at any time, proving “not far away/ but far enough to remain pure, as the spiritual world demands”. Our relationship can be seen in a decade or so back: “she demanded I will put on a bra/ I utterly refused; and turned to leave”/ ten steps or so later, I ran into an invisible wall, which surrounded me on three sides; proving I had lost that battle, “woman decides”. Had to wear it 48 hours or so; in public so “family and friend” could see; pushing them away. To prove “they cannot help”. Finally allowed to burn it; but the end result is: “yes I will”/ no hate involved/ but no mistaking who is, now in charge. Reality is: even though I remind her, “women are not innocent”; it matters not. “see, the trouble men cannot change this world they deliberately created: to play games with life”. The consequence: women must try to reshape and reform; to change the reality of this world, because if they don’t, it will die. That method is to balance men so they can re-function: with truth, law, and evidence, rather than leader, fear, and beliefs. “The herd” tramples this earth: being human alive rebuilds this earth. They are not the same. This is, the best men did do; and we do stand on the edge of our own extinction: this is, who men are. The consequence being left now: “to women must try”, to save this world. BY LAW ENFORCED/ by balancing men with justice, truth, and fair play/ by accepting, only truth is fair in love; and there is nothing fair about war. The male, “I am in charge of everything”/ MUST be dissolved into world law, and functional equality with women. The reality of  “want regardless of the consequences”/ MUST be removed to accept, the foundations of life and world now decide; or we have no home and die. The curse of “university is god”; ENDS, or you go to HELL and even worse.

The majority of women then say; “we can’t/ because men are stronger and violent”: WE want what we want too! But, they, and you now face the extinction, of this entire planet: so says the truth of evidence. Their own cannibalism and fate of HELL and HADES; as is formed by weapons and leaders and university. Making the decision simple:  you WILL CHANGE, or this whole world ends! Proven true, by the consequences of evidence already known. Proven true by the realities coming, from the decisions they have made: to disrespect all life and world, for their want! YOUR CHOICE as women is:  to use the evidence of your own reality, the consequences already in place to prove the curse and destruction of decisions that are killing this earth: to demand LAW, AND ENFORCE LAW on us all/ that is true, fair, and deliberately equal for justice to exist!  OR, you can wait for the endless rape, ravaging, cannibalism, and fate of HELL controls all; as is the result of “university plays god”.     CHOOSE, with truth and honesty!  FORCE THEM INTO COURT, so that everyone on earth, can know what is, or is not true (NO, LIES: PROOF OF THE COST TO BE WRONG)  about the threats of extinction we all face, “here and now”. The reality: CHANGE today, or tomorrow you will wish you were dead.

Even So, I reminded you; for decades now: go to court, and prove if you can or cannot survive each of the  MANY extinction threats surrounding you as a world. Being lynched by your own wants/ your belief, “no consequences” for me/ your cult worship of university is god. I tell you look ONLY TO THE EVIDENCE/ AND DESCRIBE ONLY WHAT IS TRUE OR NOT TRUE, BY THE REALITY OF THIS WORLD AS IT EXISTS; no theories without real world substance/ no experts/ no media; only truth and evidence. Or more simply EVICT the university Satan; or they finish their work of playing god over you and this earth.  And the people say:  IF we don’t believe/ then we are not a herd; and stand alone, being vulnerable to predators. So, I remind you directly:  unless you do stand alone, and accept the costs of building your own identity/ the realities of your own decision; eternity will view you as less.

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