In the relationships we seek between male and female; the most consistent reality involved is: WE DON’T seek the same things; until much later in life. It is elementally true, and fundamentally correct: to understand, that unless we “walk the same path/ and seek the same things throughout the value of our time. We will divide when these things become apparent: while some will demand change/ others try to compromise/ and others manipulate, tempt, and so on. The consequences is: to remain “good friends”, we must share something in common; because as friends, the reality of caring begins to show through, with understanding.

People find in their own gender, a value to friendship that cannot be found in the opposite gender (all sexual perversion aside). BUT, it is and will always remain true: that without the key or lock that unfolds the truth of what and who we truly are inside; as is consistent with “male AND female”: you lose more than you gain. That fact is ultimately without doubt, and known inside; as nature proves true, throughout “nearly all its life”.

Therefore it is not only friendship that we seek, when searching for each other; as lifetime mates/ but a value beyond self, that recognizes “I AM”, more because of you/ than I can ever be without. That is the basis of true love, and it will not be denied; if you are in fact “joined as one”.

So the question is: how does nature choose “life mates”? The answer is: nature does not, instead the genetics which build life choose for reproduction, and initiates that process without “pure consent”. As is the basis for survival in all species.

So the question is: HOW does love choose a life mate; when we must identify each other before we can even try to assemble that kind of relationship? Humanity fails, almost always; because the majority of young women are hunting and hungry to seize someone who will provide for them as they want. While the majority of young men are hunting and hungry to find happiness, but will gladly settle for sex. Neither reality is useful for a long term relationship: because it discards identity (what is true of you), for image (show me what I want, to see).

In order to realize a relationship built upon love: you both MUST first attain a true and honest respect for each other. Which means: no assuming/ no using/ no abusing/ asking rather than demanding/ free will choices/ responsibility to each other/ disciplines that prove we care/ a balance between need and life beyond self/ dignity (the choice we make to prove; life is not a game)/ work/ hope/ happiness/ the honesty of self worth, and being equal to each other. And more. This is the “first test”.

The second test is more simple: am I, not my body or possessions or purposes, etc/ AM I, a value you desire inside, your own life? Desire shapes our commitment to each other, and searches beyond self; to realize and accept what is true of our existence. Purpose shapes the passion within hope, and thereby changes our expressions, into what we can create as one. Body recognizes, where or what the disciplines shall be; which functionally do “participate in the living called time”. Balance shows the future, by depicting where the heart truly wants to be; if not with you.

The third test is order: can we both be truthful with each other, because if not, want will arise; and with want comes the lies, which tear us apart. Truth identifies what the reality of evidence, the foundations upon which we live will allow our future to be. While desire searches for love, and will never plot or plan to achieve or own anything the reality of truth does not provide. Life is not a game, therefore pride is an enemy, that searches for your heart: in order to achieve power over you. Beware of pride, as it can turn like an enemy upon you: the evidence of that is life, and how each one is treated, even the planet itself. Because pride does not fully recognize more than “its all about ME”. Power simply put, shouts: I can make you cry!

The fourth test is: are we built to be as one? Where sexuality rises, beyond a body to become, “if we only had a home, we would be family”. More distinctly, the rise of sex is into soul, and its journey begins with heart.

The fifth test is: every life exists as the participation in thought; without thought, you shall not “even recognize you are alive”. Therefore thought is the journey into eternity; and if we cannot join in that treasury of truth; the search of heart: we will not succeed as a value expressed beyond our time here on earth.

The sixth test is: even though love has been recognized, and it is true to your lives; in this experience of time/ we do still owe OUR CREATOR, first. That has meant for me, and it will mean to all who care: LIFE AND EARTH must come before my participation in time allows for what I desire it to be. Needs command, and I must answer that call, in order to survive; even in the little things. I cannot give “my love first” to anyone but GOD . that is a need, which protects each one. I cannot lead you on, if I cannot give to you what you truly desire. I cannot have sex with you if it will only bring you tears, when I leave. I cannot change your life, if I will not, or cannot change mine. I cannot be true to me, if I am not true to you. Children need us both, it is not fair to do otherwise; even though reality might insist.

The seventh test is: DOES GOD honor our union, with the connection called soul? You will know it, if that is true/ no question is needed.

As to the rest; animals and humans are different. Yet there are many human animals, and only a few truly humans being alive. Because want controls so many lives, and the demand for games (pride) controls nearly all the rest. Animals compete as is “the game”. While humans live for truth, as is the substance required to ascend beyond simply self, into an identity formed by your own true decisions, passions, and hope. Without truth we are simply animals living and breathing, without any truth in thought: as begins with the understanding of miracles “each and every one”. The freedom to be either animal or human is yours. Animal is free/ human is not; discipline, order, and balance are required to begin; respect and its relationship with truth must be earned in order to ascend, past want. Want is again the foundation of every lie; which makes the evidence of “Human or not”/ simply formed from “what do you want”?

We can love anyone we choose/ but without truth and reality involved: heartache, or heartbreak is more likely than not. These are harsh, do not welcome them inside: choose properly, and that does take time. Even so; reality does not always provide everything we need “to be safe”.

I suppose, “some degree of help” would be more useful than destructive. Hate uses lies to hide in the camouflage of caring. However, rarely does hate hide successfully for long: DO NOT disregard truth and reality by the evidence: discard hate with a purpose that is clear/ but not disrespectful, as it can turn on you with bad results.

Nonetheless, the value of dating is very simple: beyond this moment is a lifetime, and it is better beyond a doubt, with love, revealed by truth. So, some simple things are:

  1. access is everything in dating; but it is also the means to stalk; so be careful what you do talk about, and keep it on life rather than self.
  2. Be kind, gentle, happy, dedicated to “us” at this moment, honest grants a second chance, valued creates a journey we can begin.
  3. Respect understands, no matter what the condition of dress or other/ we are each one equal, by the honesty of our humanity. Only hate is less, and it can look “stunning”. But it will attack you.
  4. Judge no one, measure no one, compete with no one: life is not a game/ and you are not perfect either. Look in the mirror/ even as a side view of you.
  5. I/ they/ you; are NOT the summation of what you do or do not own; pride wants to be included in wealth and trophies; but it will not make you happy. So choose for life, not want.
  6. Be safe for all concerned, do not risk or gamble the life of any other person/ do not judge them, do not be led by them: make your own decision, as if YOU truly do have to live with the consequences.
  7. Everything in life, that is of any importance: BECOMES A MEMORY, that you cannot erase; for a lifetime. CHOOSE accordingly, because they can be hard to live with; if you don’t.
  8. Talk as best you can, but do not control the conversation. Add what you can to continue the conversation, but do not make it about yourself; as new relationships form around what you can or cannot be or do together. Search for common ground.
  9. Do not be a slave, or offer to be: to someone else/ it is bad for them, and you; and it will fail you both.
  10. Sex will buy you time, but it will fail your relationship, as sex controls; and you do not. NOT even for friendship sake! Whatever you give, even more will be asked: unless you are very firm in the boundaries that you do set. You can’t take back intercourse/ and it opens the door to endless expectations, and possibilities of control over you as well.
  11. Religion is a good thing to talk about: as it will come up, and you should both know what is real. Government and justice and things that can matter is a good thing to talk about: because if it is important to you/ then it should be important to them, as it will focus later. Just about any subject is acceptable, but try to be informed as best you can; or at least listen if they are, and be honest with what you think they are telling you: ask questions. Because we do begin on common ground, and search from there.
  12. What you desire for your life to be, governs what you shape your life into: to each their own. What you want your life to have; governs the plotting, planning, tempting, manipulation and more that ends with lies; so be careful and choose someone else. Someone who has established the disciplines and order necessary to balance a true relationship with; if you can.
  13. Sexual appeal is simple: as a man, “if you stand out as, WOMAN, no one can doubt”/ then you are sexy. Simple as that, and it was essentially foolproof until surgery added better lies. Women search for security, safety, gentleness, fair play, and respect: offer these, and someone will find you appealing. Even so, you do have to get noticed somehow; to let nature take its course. Try not to be stupid or violent; leave these alone, as it indicates animal.
  14. You cannot tell what your future will become: by his or her “trophies, trinkets, or toys”. You can tell what you future will be, by the passionate (he cares/ he shares/ I matter beyond what I possess) hope of love. NOT about “wealth in possessions”/ but about love shaping life, as best we can as one.
  15. Sexuality beyond the animal: is a desire of the heart/ whereas love is a desire of the soul. The difference is in the ascension beyond time we achieve as a result of each others care, and sharing of life, and living equally; without complaint, by respect: rather than the intent to have more, “of toys, trinkets, or trophies”. More is a human animal, a body term of possessions. Heart and love are the relationships attained by human being alive, in each other; these are elementally spiritual in truth: bound by trust.
  16. Our bodies belong only to ourselves, and whosoever we might choose to share them with “at the time”/ not forever. They are the gifts of nature, and represent our relationship with miracles: “have you never noticed your toes, fingers, eyelashes, and all the extra’s; that give you the grace of being alive “with more”? In that reality, we are the owners/ realities chosen by our predecessors. Some have more/ some have less; it is a reality of individuality; animals of a specific subspecies are all the same, Identical basically. Humans of a specific subspecies are alike in similar ways: but each with an identity we can own. The grace of equality in life itself is: that our love, caring, sharing, respect, courage, hope, disciplines, order, balance, and more are distinctly our own/ they belong to no one else. CHOSEN by you. These elements of your own truth; are fundamentally the greatest treasures in this universe; and they are yours if you choose to own them.
  17. Do understand, that desires of the heart can die, leaving you without a desire for each other. Manipulation is the primary cause, disrespect is another; there are more. Without desire sexuality dies “between you and him or her”; because beyond animal, we share life rather than bodies. If we no longer share our lives, we no longer share our hearts. Soul is a relationship formed with GOD involved; even if you don’t know it as truth. Reclaiming the heart, is hard: because each says, “I KNOW, who they are/ and they won’t change for me”. But that is like my own marriage of two years: “she wanted me, and did everything she could to possess me/ which ended desire, even though I stayed. But now, I was not the man I used to be; having changed as far as I would go/ and that meant now you must change. But she wanted what she wanted, and would not”. Ten year later, it might have been possible to reconnect: but each moves on.
  18. Critical to this life is: we have been given the freedoms, and the realities, to choose our own identity; as best we can. Hate overruns some, and they become lost to life (dissolved without a true chance): HADES (eternal punishment) exists primarily for those who cost a life lost; that cause is grievous, and you will know. IT IS GOD you stole from.
  19. Critical to this life is: that the treasure we build inside, is why we are here. Eternity does not desire judgment, therefore you choose your own fate or destiny; by your life in time. The body must be endured and enjoyed; but it is only the sanctuary of your time. The temple of life is your soul (your own quest, for a relationship with GOD ) that does not include religious anything. The body represents your time: how you care for it/ respect it/ accept or deny its value to you, are all indicators of what you will choose in eternity. Therefore it does matter/ but it is nonetheless your own decision; as best you can.
  20. Destiny shapes us by our love, to achieve what will become our joy; as a life shared beyond self/ beyond time. Fate gambles with life, and will find hate; as the losses add up into the chaos it represents.
  21. Discipline knows hope, and is the first step into the path of both happiness and heart. Order conceives of that path as our decision to participate in ways that encourage and expand the love we do cherish as our own contribution; even if we are rejected. Balance knows: when we have done our best/ none do better than that, and therefore be at peace, knowing the harmony you have shared proves who you are.
  22. In this time, at least in America: humanity is inundated with the grief and chaos of the human animals, indoctrinated by universities, who continue to herd the animals: with “fear/ believe/ obey”. Proving in media; all the disrespect, disgrace, violence, delusions, fantasy, imaginations horrifying, “the answer is hate/ the answer is a gun/ the answer is: YOU can’t participate: because we OWN IT ALL.” As is the constant of propaganda demanding: you must hate, to gain any respect/ therefore plot, plan, manipulate, tempt, and conceive of war. To your shame, as a nation. Being inundated with “in your face” television: which demands you choose what they offer “every ten minutes/ throughout 24 hours of TV; without end”. Mass hypnosis: basically is, to assemble a message for the herd to judge/ that they will agree upon! Because when the herd agrees with itself/ then they are able to move as a mob; even if that agreement is without value or wrong: “so long as they can say and believe: WE CAN’T ALL BE WRONG”. They do stand on the edge of MOB (we are the law; and we judge you).
  23. In this time as a world: reality proves by the evidence, you no longer have a choice. EITHER fight for your world, because you will not survive the choices that have been made: extinction stands ready. And all the world says: “YOU, can’t scare us: WE ALL AGREE”/ so the mob stands ready. As does religion: to judge. But I am here for human alive/ NOT the animals; and individually, those few will find their mind, searching for truth instead of “we believe: WHAT we want to believe”/ yes I can. Rather than only truth can find the realities which could save the future: you, cannot.    FAITH IS:  ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE/ ACCEPT ONLY TRUTH AS YOUR GUIDE. 


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