We all try to be happy, but most fail, because they choose want instead. To want means: you must try, what you would not otherwise do, to get what you want/ or keep from losing what you want. To achieve this; people play games with life and planet; discarding respect for the trophy, trinket, or toy they choose instead. Many of the People who get what they want, then turn to power; because want was not enough to sustain them for any length of time. Which becomes hate, when it spills into: this world ain’t enough/ and you, are even worthless to me; as is judgment. Judgment opens the door to violence, as is “the trash” don’t need no damn respect; I can do anything I want with you; which then becomes, use, abuse, and even murder.

So the question of happy is not about want, as want is merely the foundation of every lie, the maker of pride and power, and thereby hate. What you want, is the foundation of all addiction: as humanity tries to escape, deny, defy, destroy, or redefine itself, as something or someone you are not. The value of living, is in being who you truly are. The value of life is found in respect, for the miracles which gave you birth, and the distance you will travel. NOT as what you want; but as truth and its desire can find. You must attain truth to find desire. You must attain desire to find love. You must accept a relationship with love, to know true happiness and hope. Love is “the essence of life; because it makes living worth the price.

Happy is about love, peace, harmony, courage, hope, discipline, order, balance, truth, trust, justice, fair play, enough to survive, a place and a purpose to life itself, that is acceptable to most. These things minus want; recognize “I am living/ thereby alive”. A reality that searches inside of miracles, to understand: where did I come from/ and why am I here? The answer is simply this: what is so clearly true of life by its miracles is: thought built this/ as nothing less can. Simple as that; which as religion throughout history proves the vast majority have understood this as well: that a greater form of thought than is human, was here.

Happy recognizes that JESUS of biblical testimony; represents the differences between love and hate/ and further identifies that we were not simply created and abandoned: but in fact, are invited into eternity beyond ourselves; as we exit from time. To understand why: it is only necessary to live without purpose or desire as some do; finding suicide instead of life. But where there is love, there is always cause to survive; and in eternity that makes love, the greatest treasure we could ever be. By deduction then: this planet/ this humanity, is about finding love that can then share eternity, for the sake of joy. Much like being given a child, brings joy to its parents; if they trust in love.

We do have everything we need in this world, if we don’t wreck it; true for the vast majority/ even if you want more. Which does mean it is entirely up to you, and your decisions; to produce the identity of your own truth, and build the destiny of your own desires, by the choices you have made. Those who interfere in that journey, and “rob a child” that would have been eternal; from “their Creator”/ will answer for that. As energy does transform, and life itself participates in that energy, instead of this body called time. While time is our temporary home, energy relates to our eternal existence beyond the dimension that is time.

People argue, “saying that can’t be true”; but reality proves them wrong: as is the body can be “complete and whole”/ yet it simply dies; because the energy to move it, has disappeared. A word of wisdom is: when that energy that is your life leaves, YOU MUST leave with it, or you will be left behind. “a ghost”, without life, which is merely an image without the energy, to move; “trapped in dissipation to nothing”.

People want freedoms; and have been given the opportunity to make their own choices; for this world, and for their lives; being either good or bad for the other living existence of life on earth. As world war proves true: you must endure the consequences of your own choice/ even if it comes from another portion of this world. Human freedom remains human freedoms; and they chose, just like you choose, “good or bad”.

Contrary to the tragedy of university; who want you to be only animals, “so they can slaughter you”. To be happy, it is absolutely essential to live within the miracles of life and earth: to respect them as sacred, and choose to trust, “no matter what happens in this world”; the foundation upon which you stand, is a miracle proving OUR GOD lives. JESUS proving, we were not abandoned. And the reality of love, proving we do have value, even to the CREATOR of this entire UNIVERSE. Because true love is love beyond self: shared, because we care. A reality that makes living worth its price.

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Jim Osterbur

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