In this world of fools, liars, cheats, thieves, traitors, terrorists, Satan worshipers, and failures: “the balance scale” of life and death appears in view. Love and respect; each being valued by each other; builds life and living by sustaining this natural world/ survival rests upon the balance itself/ and tipping it into the stench of a rotting corpse, spreading disease and death; is “university and hate”; each being equal to each other. Leadership, particularly government leadership can be added to death; as the constant curse of “university cult worshipers is; yes we can”.

Inflation exists; because the leadership follows “university is god”/ and has ransacked, raped, ravaged, and destroyed the currencies of this world; by claiming “debts don’t have to be paid by governments”/ ITS ALL A GAME. But it is not, and reality comes. Extinction comes; because leadership believes in “university is god”/ and has avoided every form of survival, to cult worship the universities are their savior; all hail the university as god. Ending the foundations upon which we survive; by poisoning the waters/ resource destruction/ global warming/ and every form of terrorism that can be imagined; as their sacrifice “to the god of Satan”/ as is university worship. Nothing built/ nothing changed/ nothing called “university knows”; has created a value. Your healthcare creates a population increase, that WILL cause our extinction. Your factories will end all resources from this earth/ and without resources we are extinct. Your weapons of mass destruction; merely wait for “its moment of death”. Your computers, and the surge of hatred held by “university elite”; seek to turn all other humans into their robots. So they can play with them as toys, trophy’s, or even trinkets to hang; proving power is theirs. They released a biological weapon, and you paid them exorbitant and ridiculous amounts of money; because the government is run by the university elite; who choose who you can vote for. You believe in a pandemic that is not “foundation real”/ because the media own your soul. You worship their lack of knowledge, by discarding life; and accepting animal; as is the foundation of every herd that shouts “we can’t all be wrong”. Truth decides, and truth proves you failed life, and planet and child; by greed/ selfishness/ and the game of hate (deceiving yourselves into believing “yes I can have love and hate”). But that is a lie, as one is entirely the opposite of the other; which proves they are at war (one kills the other/ until dead).

You have no brain; as is proven by evolution: the rotting corpse of fools, whose only purpose is to disease your heart, and lead you into death without mercy. They consume you, to stay among the living/ just as hate consumes them with disrespect.

You have no brain; as is proven by “lets ignite a nuclear fire”/ even though this entire earth is then fuel for the fire “just like the sun”: WHICH YOU KNOW, is a fire. As the formations of SATAN on earth; called university; extend that demand to form terrors beyond your comprehension: you hide in the closet of your fears whispering, “we can’t all be wrong”. Yet all you have is belief; as forced upon you by media/ and held before you as government leaders who cult worship “university is god”; because like Judas in Biblical times “they want to be on the side of POWER AND PRIDE”: Shouting winner. The earth, and all its life; are left with LOSER; because you of, and all those who surround you with whimpering, and denial, and a death grip on “WE WANT”. EVEN if life and reality say NO. Shame on you, as is failure (participant in death) and fool (BEING your own creator of HELL and HADES). A world of life MUTILATED, and DESTROYED; because you chose to be dead inside. All shouting media cannot be wrong; they are our protectors: and yet, as with covid, “they stole your face”! While the rest of “university knows”: stole your money/ mutilated nature in front of you/ created endless delusions of failure/ lied/ cheated/ betrayed/ and built TERRORISM as the foundation of your future. The sacrifice of every child: to their cult!

RECOGNIZE; “it is MEDIA” who leads you to this disgrace/ it is media, even more than university, that turns you into believers; and forces you to be blind to the thievery, failures, cheaters, terrorists, traitors, and more. It is media; that markets and controls, and tries to remove your brain with mass hypnosis; in order to “robotize” you. It is media, that plays the “goat: who leads the sheep, into the slaughter house”. You know nothing of truth, that is important to life or planet! As is the direction of university: you know only want/ you are cursed by the games of pride/ and you are entombed, by your own worship of power. Because you believed in UNIVERSITY is god; instead of reality/ nature/ life/ respect/ love/ OR ANYTHING containing value. NOW, a dying world. The exchange you made: to shout “winner”.

REALITY KNOWS: THIS WORLD, WILL NOT SURVIVE/ without true and dedicated to life changes. By the discovery of evidence untainted by wants, pride, or power! A demand that CANNOT be dismissed, in order to survive. Realities such as your water levels are or at near catastrophic levels; for nearly an entire world. Your weather and rains are at near catastrophic levels; because of global warming (releasing too much heat). Your seed and food supplies are at near catastrophic levels: because of genetic mutilation, and the end of rain, & main fertilizers upon which they depend. Your oxygen content of the atmosphere is depleting; to leave you breathless. Your world balances against a tiny few; who can release weapons of mass destruction/ and millions now who know how to create weapons of mass destruction. Your currencies; are dead, and reality reveals it is, “nothing but a game”; which the greatest fools and thieves who have ever lived benefit by: somebody spends the trillions they counterfeit as “hidden assets; with no reality of truth”. FAILURE SURROUNDS YOU/ FOOLS, BASTARDS, WHORES, AND WORSE “LEAD YOU”; by the whispering voices of the university elite; who want you dead. Because they know: over-population of humanity is the end of this world.

WORLD LAW IS YOUR ONLY HOPE: BY LETTING THE LAW we the people create for ourselves: DECIDE, “no you can’t/ or yes you can”. Making life or death of our world; the consequence, of our own decisions.

You can’t have that, without TRIAL BEFORE THE WORLD, to discover what is real; and how truth might change our future from extinction that is certain/ to at least a chance your children could survive. You can’t have that: without STOPPING, the mutilation of nature/ the intent to ignite nuclear fire “lets burn atoms”/ war that erupts into world war 3/ and “ten thousand other things”; which will just have to wait their turn. HOPING time does not run out, for us all.


  1. NO WORLD LEADERS, shall have the right or the opportunity to threaten their neighbor/ or threaten our world: THE LAW SHALL DECIDE/ world policing from every nation; shall enforce: and bring that leader to court for trial; or death if there is no other way.
  2. NO GROUP OF ANY KIND, shall be allowed the tools, or the chance to MUTILATE AND CHANGE NATURE; not for any cause or claim. NATURE SHALL BE RESPECTED, AS IF IT WAS SACRED; BECAUSE IT IS. Which means: stay away from this, “or we will kill you”/ as a vile disease you chose to be.
  3. NOBODY gets to sacrifice the future, and kill every child/ every living thing; because of what they chose to do. The consequences of what they did do. NOBODY gets to claim “let the children pay/ OR, not in my lifetime”.
  4. NOBODY gets to communicate “fear/ believe/ obey”; AS THAT is propaganda; and it curses society, because it is never true. INSTEAD society will be educated to the realities of the evidence we know to be true/ the statistical reality of what we have identified without the taint of “university knows”; or the rest of what is so clearly “satan in our midst”.
  5. NOBODY gets to play games with the currency of nations/ the security of people/ the value of our work and future: destroyed, by your game. NOBODY gets to claim a reality that does not exist: such as is “wall street/ etc”. NOBODY gets to decide debts for the rest; as in government/ but shall be restricted by constitutional, you can’t change this, without 70% approval: law.
  6. NOBODY but society itself; shall control media: this is the end of any control but society itself. NO more marketing/ NO more believing/ NO more tempting/ NO more anything: but what society deems important, and allows for itself. NOT by “government”/ but by the discretion of a vast number of people who choose to allow, what is then communicated to the rest. As is possible with the internet or other.
  7. EVOLUTION (liar, cheater, thief, traitor, terrorist, whore) IS EVICTED FROM GOVERNMENT AND EDUCATION; AS ARE SO MANY THINGS “UNIVERSITY decided”.
  8. And so on: make a “hundred of these”; and it will rule this world, by the power of law. Without surrendering the power to leaders. RETAIN control over the military/ and move to create smaller nations; with specific groups of people: so they can’t blame the minority.
  9. REALITY PROVES AND IT IS BEYOND QUESTION: without population control, there is no future to be found/ this world is dead.
  10. REALITY PROVES; the massive amount of people already here, and demanding more cannot be dismissed at this time. THEREFORE you will give them area’s within current nations to create their own nation: distributing resources as will be found fair. Once that is done: NO FURTHER TOLERANCE will be found. Either you control your population increase/ or you starve, war, or whatever it is; within your own boundary lines. ENFORCED by world policing. NOBODY moves in or out, unless real world zero population increases have been attained, for a period of time that is functionally proven true.
  11. RELIGION belongs to no man or woman/ but your own body of life. YOU ALONE, decide your own eternal fate, by the decisions that you make. Making it nobodies business; but your own. Making religion NOT a value to be added to government/ or a curse as has been the religion of evolution. FIND YOUR TRUTH, and accept IT IS YOUR TRUTH; and that does not make it theirs. They must find their own; or deny life itself!
  12. FIND A COURTROOM: AND DECIDE IF LIFE IS A MIRACLE/ OR THE SEWAGE CLAIMED by “university is god”. And prepare for the necessary CHANGE; as will decide the foundation of your fate, or destiny. The evidence decides NOT the “expert”/ based upon the disciplines, order, balance and truth, all agree: “this is, THE BEST, we can do.” Truth decides NOT want; reality decides NOT pride; the power of yes we can, SHALL be subjected too: the consequences we cannot afford to let happen, as is NO GAMBLING with this world its life, its needs, its resources, its chain of life, its habitats, its oceans, its ANYTHING; as best we can, NATURE GOVERNS ALL. The value of living, is found only in peace, harmony, love, justice, hope, respect, and courage. NOTHING LESS, is of value; and ought not be sustained among the living. Even so, judgment is only by the law, and that does include all of life and living. The separation of hate from love; is a fundamental thing/ give them their own, and make them stay within their own boundaries and choice. That will include the use, abuse, violence, and disrespect found against women of this world: THEY ARE EQUAL, AND SHALL be treated as such/ or you will be forced to leave, to join: “a very different world, called hate”. In this America: the insurgency against the people who built this nation is nearly complete. The anarchists have destroyed your currency, leaving you with nothing but numbers/ stealing the title to property/ destroying the basis and realities of your business, manufacturing, and other/ ravaging resources/ creating debts which cannot be paid/ failing life/ cursing the planet/ mutilating nature/ causing extinction in the oceans/ poisoning the water/ and in all ways: playing SATAN, as university gods do. To your shame, you are blind, to reality/ to your shame, you are deaf to the truth/ to your shame, you refuse to conceive of the evidence/ to your shame, you fail life and world to nurse on your greed. To your shame; life and world face extinction, at the hands of the university cult you chose to build: by what is called the devils curse, “human wants”. Discarding life and world, for pure selfishness/ apathy/ and disrespect for the value of living. The reality of EVERYTHING, we cherish: is under attack/ even our world leaning over the edge of extinction. Wake up, or as with this earth itself: you will be finished, the bill is due; the consequences for your decision, stand as the enemy formed from your choices.  And the all shout “not here”/ this is America:  “we can’t all be wrong”. And yet, the universities want the builders dead: so they can have all the power. Want you to beg: so they can prove they are superior beyond question. Want to give your nation to others, just to prove they can; and use “media mice” to make that come true.  Yet the majority scream; “we are gods/ we are so smart”:  yet reality proves, you know nothing but what media manipulates you to believe. You know nothing; only what the satanic cult of university has made you memorize, and bow down in worship to believe. to your shame.
  13. as indicated by US DEBT CLOCK;  3-14-22  us currency and claim for assets is $612 trillion dollars. US population 330 million=  $1,855,105.11 dollars divided equally among each citizen: you got yours?  yet not one word by media as to inflation;  or government as to treason; “because according to university delusions who operate the government”: debts don’t matter/ unless they are yours.
  14. in the circle the change in "dollars added" from 2000- 2022
  15. US IS NOT THE ONLY ONES;  THE UNIVERSITY INFLUENCE IS EVERYWHERE; A REALITY OF   “ITS EASY IF WE JUST STEAL, COUNTERFEIT, AND LET THE CHILDREN PAY WITH THEIR LIVES”. a quadrillion dollars divided by 8 billion people “said to be “every human face”= $12,600/  1.5 quadrillion is then $18,300 per human face; and that is only one of the FALSE claims to collect resources, that exists. There are many more: proving without doubt, the children have been massacred, as there is no future left. RESOURCES decide “life or death”/ your garbage mountains, prove what you chose! THIS IS A FINITE WORLD.there is no reality worldwide in numbers. they reflect only the amount of thieves using numbers to enslave
  16.  below $85 trillion from a short time past 12-28-20 divided by 330 million citizens=$257,743.70 per citizen divided equally; babies and all.
  17. no reality exists; but that does not stop presidents present and past covid in particular has caused US CITIZEN businesses to fail/ opening the door for grant funded takeover of our lives NOTHING for us citizens/ but we pay whatever they want for foreigners who form and insurgencytwo years after biden
  18. while immigrant takeover is a constant supported by “university controlled government”/ the ownership of corporations, real estate investment organizations, take over of all inheritance by reverse mortgage, direct foreign ownership/ what “university run government” gives away in resources and other; are far more than you think. multiply by one million times.
  19. WHERE DID, all the money go?  most to the Universities to pay for their “imagination/ pride to give it away/ power to make the government pay; as is my current situation “one broken lower leg fibula bone”/ one hour surgery, couple casts; and so far $39,332.47  plus a prescription for pills, the insurance company called to say “DON’T take those/ they have terrible side effects”. but of course, “its just more business to a hospital”; isn’t that right? NOT your saviors;  but in truth, the university elite charge a half million dollars for a doctor education; so somebody has to pay:  or the universities lose money, and cannot build their cult army of followers now dependent. Because their debt is so high. don’t worry though the media mice puppets;  who simply repeat what they are told; “will protect you” right? oh wait, the universities control that, the banks, everything with power; so the rats and serpents won’t let them think, or understand duty. oh well; “say goodbye”.
  20. SOLDIERS haven’t been paid, citizens haven’t been paid, throughout this earth:  the only ones who have paid are the children, as resources are taken and destroyed: leaving the future dead. Leaving the destruction of war; what we cannot rebuild.  Because university leadership is a war on life/ discarding respect, denying reality, serving only themselves, and sacrificing the future, the nation, life on earth, and even this world: “so they can play gods”.        WHO ELSE RUNS EVERYTHING, but with a university diploma?            WHO TEACHES THEM, the tricks of disaster; but a university elite; which means, “only a tiny few”!             with a cult worshiping power, that is multiplied into the millions,    propagation of lies as is media   , the selection of who you can vote for, limiting truth and freedom,     the destruction of every option in life, by the elimination of all business:  focused into “just one they control”.            WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?           Bankruptcy (this is dead/ start over; and remove the rotting corpse, and its diseases) controlled by  WE THE PEOPLE, is your only way out.
  21. ALL LEADERS, HAVE LEARNED TO HIDE THEIR CORRUPTION AND LACK OF ANSWERS:  BY GOING TO WAR!   Now, you are too busy, to fight with, or investigate me!  PEOPLE turn to war, when the competition of “too damn many” has become overwhelming. LEADERS, who have lost interest in life; use war, “to play with toys”/ because now life has meaning, when death, mutilation, and hell participate; to prove  “I CAN play god”.         When there is no law, men shout “hurrah”/ but WAR teaches them: they are fools, and only the screaming is left.
  22. The reality of this moment in time is very simple:  nobody gets to escape! We must fight for our world, fight for our nations, fight for every child, fight for a future that does not exist today; because “universities playing god”, have overrun life and world causing our extinction sooner than you can believe. In that reality of consequences; there are endless threats to be identified and defined for WE THE PEOPLE decisions. Such as, to keep the seas alive, your only choice is to use dead human bodies as “prepared, fish food”. IT IS NOT a choice/ feed them or they die; because you took too much. beyond bankruptcy “with justice, and by fair play”; limited capitalism is the only method of sustaining that level of peace, by removing the claim for war (by people who took too much). You cannot escape the consequences of university financial terrorism/ it is real, and you will divide whatever is left after the debts are paid to a realistic extent; poor people first/ bankers; investors, last. “WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE”!  YOU cannot escape the consequences by burying your money in anything; stocks and bonds will go to zero/ then corporations will be sold, divided among ALL those who are able to invest: EQUALLY. bonds are dead; your government was hijacked, and you didn’t care. precious metals will be confiscated: but each will have the opportunity to invest first; at which point the rest is taken, to resurrect “government called democracy”. crypto-currency will be a fools gamble; and is going to fail; “after all, lose your precious key” and all your money is gone/ one tiny flaw pushed/ hacked into those calculations, and all your money is gone/ someone takes it all, and governments won’t help you/ the end of ridiculous calculations is coming: the energy costs will demand you fail. etc.
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