Mental balance is governed by what you want/ remove that want, (all the things you do, to get what you believe truth will not yet allow) and you will have balance; an existence that can appreciate life; because value exists in life rather than want.

Mental order is governed by the removal of all games: life is NOT a game, it is far more important than winning or losing “a toy, trinket, or trophy”. The acceptance of truth, allows for a spiritual beginning; the change from animal into human alive.

Mental disciplines are governed by your acceptance of the limits and boundaries that define and identify you. Thereby reality asserts, what you accept by your own desires, purposes and decisions; becomes the truth of your own eternity. What you allow beyond the values of life itself, as is a treasury gained through the existence of love/ will become hate; because to remove the truth of value, the essence of life/ is to sink into chaos, the essence of death consumes.

Mental consciousness reveals: that we each have only three true choices in our lives here on earth. The first is survival, and what an actual human need truly is: to live or die by the body of life has needs. But the other real decisions are: EITHER to love/ or to hate. Because everything you choose is based upon one of these three impacts to your living a life in time. Or more simply: the consequence of your decision is either to survive simply “as an animal would”/ or it is to rise as love exhibits the value of life and living in you/ or it is to die, as revenge, jealousy, violence and more contribute to the chaos, in life living, and others, that you have surrounded yourself with.

Religion forms from the animal belief in want: that, “we can’t all be wrong”/ which makes people a herd. Belief is the creation of a prison cell, where you hide all that you want/ behind a wall that nobody else can come through; unless you open the gate; and that rarely happens. When you believe, you accept “all my decisions have been made”/ and I don’t need to listen to nobody, DON’T need no damn truth or evidence to deny what I believe (you can’t come in)/ and I can’t get out, because if I do; my world is no longer secure. Therefore to be happy, I hide inside where nobody else can come.

Religion that has merit seeks, to understand the value of life by following the evidence into truth, thereby justifying the grace and value of living by the respect of our reality, as is created by the open inspection of what has value to me. The desire for life exhibits religion as the best we can do/ but it is not that life in time is to be worshiped. Rather it is the creation of life itself, that is to be treasured as a miracle, as the evidence of truths so far beyond our comprehension; nobody can doubt, “we did not do this for ourselves”. Therefore a CREATOR is or was present here; to give us this gift; in what is so clearly love, it needs no other defense. The human body and mind has more than it needs, in all but the tiniest few. Therefore faith replaces belief; and the value of truth leads the way into a world, where only thought itself exhibits the destiny called eternity.

Religion without merit, alters the need for security, into “fear, believe, obey”; thereby forming a cult, where only the leaders have a brain/ and all the rest shall not question that fact. As is “university knows”/ the curse of the damned. Because the elite have sworn unto themselves, “that they can become gods ruling over life”. To do this as with covid; “they even stole your face”. To their true eternal shame/ injected the potential for genetic chaos into life itself; robbing nature of its truth. They are “the creators of HORROR”/ unless GOD intervenes, you will know that is true.


The question of life or death is discovered within thought; because without thought, you cannot be life. Thought recognizes life/ nothing less can; therefore all of Creation has some level or degree of thought to describe its existence. Thought is built upon the foundation of energy, and energy exists upon the reality of “what can or cannot make us move, in the essence of freedoms found/ decisions made; I am alive”.

Thought exceeds the spiritual world of truth, as truth simply is what it is, and cannot become more or less than that; until life itself, by its living, allows that to be true. Nonetheless, it is the spiritual world that translates the difference between life and thought, which alters existence and changes the path beyond time into eternity as truth revealed in you. So we ask the question: what is life, that I may desire it for an eternity; because plain living as time is not enough to conceive of happiness? Life answers with desire itself, to prove that love not time is the essence of joy; and joy is the purpose of living and being alive. Therefore to love expands our existence into a life beyond self, where all things are joined as if we are one. Life, Shared in the passions of an embrace that is beyond care. NOT as a herd, but as truth created for the purpose of being alive in love, respect, and the realities of energy allowed by law.

In the opposite of that is “university knows”; the people determined to remove the word and meaning of “miracles”/ from your mind, and replace that with evolution; the dead man’s graveyard. Where all life comes from chaos/ and everything is an accident/ and everything is born without a brain; until men came to be. A cult of fools, failures, insanity, whores (only greed matters), stupidity, and the most vile intent of all; which is to kill all the rest. Because changes they have made: now threaten (including over population) to cause our extinction.

The question of JESUS, a biblical figure: whose life and living identified beyond any doubt, “the differences between love and hate”/ a fact that did change this world, and save it from the consequences of hate took complete control. JESUS alone is also the guarantor: that we were not created, and then forgotten/ but are in fact given the invitation to enter into eternity, by our own choices. Which does examine HIS life by the values exhibited and chosen in his search for “being alive, as best we can”; here on earth.

The bible, as with all sustained religious books; is ninety nine percent; whatever humanity has learned about itself, in the stories that allow us to see “we are like, or not life; these people were”. That lesson grants that we may learn about life, without experiencing everything that has or has not a value to ourselves; but is found in the testimony of others. Alas, there is also always the people who lie; but religion does its best to remove that; but can never be “one hundred percent”; because men are men after all else is said and done. The bible “the only one I have studied, finding it sufficient”; allows for a few other events to be described as beyond what people can understand. It is these that translate our beginning into the spiritual world; if we choose it. Spirit means: limited by truth/ but bound by reality, into the disciplines of law; as we choose of our own accord to enter. In death; you WILL enter. But in life, you need not; because it is a dangerous place, if not properly prepared.

Even so, one of those events is Noah’s flood; a reality of evidence that is without doubt proves that true. But nothing more so, than THE FOSSIL FUELS we all use and know exist without doubt. Which proves the earth was FULL OF LIFE prior to this event. Which is proven by all that life was gathered up into clusters of debris, that then buried itself under, in some cases thousands of feet of earth. No other method of clumping these masses of life together into one mass (which had to occur to make fossil fuels)/ is known; only a flood. Since fossil fuels are found throughout the earth; no isolated event occurred; because the mass of life compressed is so massive; it required a world wide flood to accomplish that reality. Lots of earth structures such as the grand canyon exist, because the water receded from the land. And as for “billions of years”; the sun proves that is untrue; because it burns fuel, and that does mean over time it does get smaller; until a supernova event disturbs the balance.

As for Noah’s ark; Noah obviously ran the first zoo! When all those floating rafts of uprooted trees and such were upon the waters; they initially held all the life that climbed on board; to keep from drowning. When these floating barges of life bumped into each other whatever living creatures or other that could, would transfer to whichever raft looked more stable; and as such became more concentrated as time went on. Consider all the fossil fuel/ all the life that would have been in that ocean of death; food would have been sustained in that floating debris and water could be drank from the pooling within its branches. If you want a description of Noah’s ark; I wrote one in the video called “fun with Noah”; a link (videos), in the upper black part; on this website homepage. The latest writings are on the bottom of that black part   

Life allows, and the spiritual world DEMANDS: that you must identify what is true in you. One of the critical realities which is required of you is: that you must accept, the gift of your body! Gift means: THIS now belongs entirely to you/ it is yours, to do with as you desire; no strings attached. BUT, as the owner, you are now responsible for the choices that you do make. NOT as a body, but as a decision of the owner of that body, and what is true in you. The body itself is irrelevant/ your decision is not. Within those parameters of choice: NOBODY gets to judge you/ NOR do you get to judge anyone else: because the end result of life itself is, “eternity comes for us all”/ and nothing on earth is more important than that. ONLY THE LAW judges/ not you. The law judges truth, and it convicts hate; simple as that. BEWARE of YOUR hate; and evict it from your life; because unlike the value of love which allows each to ascend/ hate does in fact cause your descent from life into chaos, a form of hell. Hell is the description of a life in turmoil, without order, discipline, or balance; a future that has been lost. HATE consumes love/ therefore know: if any love remains, you still have a life to save.

Be aware: that unlike most religion/ your body is your own possession ONLY in time. Beyond time, all things about time are forgotten and left behind/ they cannot be eternal, because time is measured, and therefore NOT eternal. That is a lesson to you as well: DO NOT measure each other/ or life will measure you. Life is an existence that provides its home in thought, as your own relationship with energies and law; as is the freedom of conception, and the realities where your living can be. Every truth has a consequence. Therefore every truth has a destiny, and your truth decides your living beyond time.

People desire: I WANT, to know for certain, “what I am buying” if I choose to do something/ that I would not otherwise choose for me. THAT IS NOT allowed; because eternity asks you to commit to the true desires of your own heart, and visit the elemental demand of soul to accept that destiny as your own. Heart exists as a passion identified by your own desire. Soul exists as a purpose found only in respect, which allows you to confront and contend with energy, as the passage beyond all that existed before: changing you into “eternity”. Trust accepts the journey, all else will fail; and can consume you. Nonetheless: true relationships with “GOD” are based within purity, and nothing less than purity will ever come close. Which is why your life here is about the purity of your own truth, and the values of your own heart, and the trust that belongs only to love; which opens the door into, the very essence of; “LIFE”. You do not “get to know”/ you only get to choose, and in that choice: create your own truth, thereby identifying your own destiny; as the choice you DID make.

Functionally, every form of behavior, exists because of the human dimensions of “want/ pride/ or power”; as is consistent with animal. To rise above those base elements of life and living in time; you must ascend into thought, to discover the essence of love/ or descend into chaos to discover the consequences of death. Want is the basis of every lie: because if you “don’t want it/ do want it/ or don’t want others to know something”/ THAT is what causes you to lie. Every behavior beyond what truth will allow, is attributable to want/ every choice that is “win or lose or trophy, toy, or trinket”; shapes the consequences which become your future. Every choice that is power is mine/ or power threatens me; begins as righteousness: to demand I KNOW the rules/ therefore I am judge over you. To describe, plot, plan, tempt, or essentially create something else, in order to escape the truth; of what you believe. Rules are what people do, in order to assemble: “yes, I can make you do/ or not do; what you do want to do”; making righteousness the beginning of a ruler. Who then manipulates society, for a game. When society becomes a toy, to be used or abused; hate is the ruler.

The fundamentals are simple: those things which invade the mind, exist as the road map which society has made for you. To escape them, you must identify yourself by truth establishing the choices you are willing to make; as is discipline. One such description is: “not for an entire universe” would I choose to do that.

Things which invade the heart: exist as the consequences of your own truth, I did, or I did not do that which now I regret or fear or believe has consequences beyond what I am willing to pay. The reality is simply: life refuses to forget, “every detail of importance to you; every reality of cost”/ these are lifetime decisions.

Things which invade the soul: construct a decision to be made, a reality to be surrendered, or a cost of identification you must accept to continue down this path. The end result of that, could be identified by what happened to me: a long time ago. “attacked in the night for a week straight”/ I finally realized there is no escaping this: so I chose to “do battle, and stop being attacked without a fight”. So I stayed awake and on guard as if life depended upon it. That ended the event/ but more importantly, it changed my life: by opening the door, to “I didn’t need that much sleep”/ and I could use the time to search for all that I did not know. “it greatly enlarged” my education (providing time, beyond physical work): so it was a change in direction, needed to shape my future. People who want a label: want to hide, behind “I have an excuse”.

IF, we ask the question WHY? Time challenges us to be happy, because the failure to be happy, is the release of hope. Hope lives inside, where life exists as the difference between desire and purpose. Or more distinctly: hope lifts from desire its destination/ so that the expression of a purpose becomes the experience we seek. Even if we fail to achieve what we do hope for; the value of the journey relinquishes the desire for a trophy. Happiness lives in love, where trust envelopes us with “family”; the essence of “we need never be alone”. Happiness lives in respect; where truth dictates the laws of life and eternity; gives us the freedoms to be an example of what love does mean to this world. Happiness shares the quest: “to identify ourselves” as an independent participant in all that life can become. Happiness, learns: even when this world isolates or rejects us, the foundation of true living, “is with GOD “. Never the same as a human experience, but the shape of hope, and its eternal search for all things that do bring joy, to us all.

A critical lesson is: that life is joined to energy, in order to be free/ but energy is not joined to life; which means it can leave you behind. OR, more distinctly: in death the energy which sustains your freedoms, and your truth will leave your body. IF you do not in that instant choose to leave with that energy binding your life to freedom and truth/ you can and will be left behind: “as a ghost”. The image “trapped in the mirror”, that is neither alive or dead; until it dissipates into nothing left, of the life once inside of you. LIFE (“I, know; I exist; I am aware of living”) / BODY (genetic nature builds; genetic instructions sustain)/ AND ENERGY (the freedom inherent, that gives value: I have a choice) ; are formations giving you the blessing of your existence. Each is required; or time dies. Truth takes the place of time, in eternity/ life becomes the identity and shape of your truth, in eternity/ energy multiplied beyond your imagination becomes your home if you are allowed to survive; but that means: YOU WILL obey the laws, and the boundaries that discipline this environment, and accept the order that gives it peace; OR the balance will tilt, and you will be less free.

People argue: YOU DON’T KNOW; YOU can’t prove nothing! But that is not my job, and I am not your savior: I merely testify to the education and life I have lived. Every miracle surrounding you, every miracle that is you: IS EVIDENCE of not only thought built this, but life is more than you can understand. To discard that for the sewer of “university knows/ university is god/ evolution built you with chaos, accidents, and not even a brain or a tool or a food source or anything other than “university imagination and fantasies or their delusions”; shows the curse to life itself, that is you. The evidence is “we are ALIVE”/ which means the quest of a life identifying “more than an animal can understand”; is up to you. The failure to search, leaves you “an animal”/ rather than the path that leads to “human as intended by truth”. YOUR choice.

What are some types of mental disorders?

  • Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias.

  • Depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders.

  • Eating disorders.

  • Personality disorders.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia.

Dec 7, 2021

Mental Disorders – MedlinePlus › Health Topics

panic disorder: is a derivative of media influence, all the horrors of what could come, as have been identified by the visual and sound effects of “lets make them fear”. WANT overrides the reality, and exhibits fear, without the means of escape. To escape being an animal/ you must escape the consequences of the herd in your life. Or more distinctly: to refuse “their decisions, even history, illusion, fantasy, delusions, their failure, foolishness, tragedy and more”; you must think for yourself. And all the people say: “I think”/ but alas, for the majority today the television tells you what you think; which sustains the cult of “university is god”. In order to return to life, rather than believe in their cult. You must reduce their influence as much as possible; by examining the evidence of our reality; to find its own truth. Rather than be told. In other words: do your own work. Be fair with life and reality. Seek justice by identifying what is true, and assert: life is not a game/ nor should anything sacred (we cannot replace this) be gambled away by fools. Choose to fight for your world, and it will anchor you to reality by respect for the miracles that are “truth in evidence” which are completely dependable (a value beyond measure) to you.

Obsessive disorders: exist as the mental decision, “you CAN’T STOP ME”, from doing this. I am in control of this. I will prove to you, at least in this: that YOU can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do. Even if I know it is going to hurt me/ I will prove: you are evicted from my decision. LIFE, is not about “mine/ mine/ mine”/ NOR is it about “to hell with you”. Life is about finding in the distance we travel; if love or hate is more precious to you! Simple as that, is love precious and valued beyond all other desires? Or is hatred the open door to your own choice for revenge, use, abuse, violence, etc? You can’t have both; and every decision that you make is either “for love/ for hate/ or simply to survive”. What is true survives, and is carried into eternity as your presence; your request to participate “here”.

Compulsive disorders: prove there has been an event of some type, this person NEVER WANTS to have happen again. Therefore every purpose, and every desire has been focused upon “never making that mistake again”/ never encountering that event again. Therefore, “constantly on guard” for the slightest suggestion, “this is the wrong path”; every intent is to insure the correct decision shall be made, by zealously “crossing every t/ dotting every “i”; etc! The cost of failure is high, but its greatest price is to your pride; therefore remove pride and acknowledge life is not a game. Remove want, because it is what allows life to compete. Remove power, because it measures; and that means judgment. Or you cannot be secure within yourself.

The fear of anything, is taught: it is not inborn! That means, not only life but humanity teaches fear, and seeks to believe whatever it demands you learn: to be obedient to the rest, so that the herd can be protected, by panic and fear. Constantly enforced as your duty to believe this is necessary: the herd “donned its uniform”, and becomes an army. Those who find a greater fear, than is allowed for a soldier/ become or feel, isolated or as an outcast to the herd; thereby even more WANTING to find a sanctuary from the fear. The end result is: the ability to function varies greatly, by the cost of fear. We the people of this earth, need not be involved in a herd. Each is an independent spiritual existence of truth identified by your own choices. When you surrender that choice to the herd, to shout “we can’t all be wrong”. You surrender your individual life as well, and fail the journey that is beyond self, in order to attain eternal life. Search for life in you; it is, your duty, in order to enter: beyond time.

Depression exists: simply because you do not see the opportunity to get what you really want from life, or another person. That hope died; and its result is, now finding a purpose to life, or a desire for living has been taken away by your own want. If you remove want/ then you remove the game of winner or loser; and that returns you to a balanced mental state. Where love can be returned, where hope can exist, and where eternity rises from the ashes you chose to burn: in order to fall away from hope. Value is the truth of miracles, and you are a miracle of life and living beyond the ability or measurement of any human, being simply in time. Life is not a game, but pride is “a terrible enemy; hard to evict”: surrender want.

Bipolar: is a person who has lost the stability of a singular path, or “road: as is, joined to the herd”. Without focus life becomes an illusion, without an attainable purpose the living seek something that will replace what has been lost. Sometimes with extreme determination, and sometimes with only the weakest of hope. Because these are wants, it will fail; and life cycles back and forth. ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES; that fact isolates all those who try to escape it with lies. Return to truth, and life will return to you, as the blessing beyond want; where your existence can become the truth of who you are. Until the day you die, “you do have a choice” to identify you.

Mood disorder; as is the cycling of wants, that are searching between love and hate; commonly resort to abuse or use of another life/ violence as hate begins to take control. Judgment follows, and the righteous are born: I have found the rules to decide for me/ OR, I have found revenge, by plotting and planning to take control over you: thereby insuring I have what I want. BEFORE YOU DIE, you will choose love or hate as your contribution to this time. If you do not, everything you desire, every purpose that does have meaning; will be lost forever.

Eating disorder: is the expression of a reality that governs all happiness in an immediate relief of want. I want food because it tastes good/ because it controls the moment, thereby I don’t have to control me/ because I have found the easy way to experience something desirable, is simply to eat: UNTIL that is destroyed by fat. Then want turns to depression, and depression eats to re leave the anxiety of being limited by what I want. Some choose eating, to discourage the opposite sex from choosing or wanting me: “keep away from me with your sex, abuse, rape, and more”. NO, you can’t! Some choose not eating, to compete with others they believe are more desirable; “Yes I can”. Some create an image that is unattainable, and hide their want, in other things. Each must choose to surrender want, and let reality decide, “instead of you”; to escape the choice, of sending your body away.

Personality disorder: is the demand that I shall never grow up/ that with changing myself into something else, I can escape my own reality, and create something new; to experience as a child. Therefore I need not commit to love/ I need not commit to hate; I may simply commit, to being a child. “time to grow up”.

Post-traumatic disorder is: the inescapable truth, that I did, or I did not do; what life required me to do/ and now I believe that decision has compromised my future; and it is no longer what I desire my life, nor my identity to be. I obeyed/ I believed/ I feared: but now, I am afraid of what I have done; and how that might truly affect my future/ even my eternity. Elemental to discovery, is the value of love; which does not judge or measure. Therefore the critical test of strength, is in the structure of love: can you forgive the destiny of what you did not desire to be you? That decision relies upon “GOD has mercy”; because you were not built to be perfect. You were created to choose love, and prove your choice is real. If love failed; but now you desire it back with your life: mercy can come back as well. The value of love and living can be returned; simply accept the journey, because it is no longer a gift. You will earn it, with your truth.

Psychotic disorders; such as schizophrenia, are elementally the escape from time into a spiritual world beyond the grip of life in time. That being said, the reality of “I WANT TO KNOW” what the future of life after death may be; is a powerful decision with consequences. Invited into that creation of transition from time to “the elemental door leading beyond”: the very first level of participation is absolute truth, and nothing less; or you will be defeated; and that has consequences if you return back to time. Because no fear is allowed, only participation by your own choice: YOU accept the price. Schizophrenia is not a mental disorder/ but the consequences of failure associated with it are! The critical choice is: that you must accept what you fear, in order to recognize it, by its truth: and then let the reality of experience and expression be your own truth without that fear, because you choose LIFE now decides, “not me”.

Empathy is not a disorder: it is the elemental decision to understand, by believing you can participate by mentally identifying what the other person is experiencing/ and “then you know”. But that is an experience that can express itself; rather than being expressed by you. Or more distinctly: if you enter into the discovery of values or realities which are affecting someone else in ways that are not valued; then you have entered into their reality, and the consequence of that is; fear may override. You may lose control of your own decisions as have they, and be influenced to believe what you would not otherwise have believed or obeyed. THERE IS; a warning associated with empathy (I want to know the truth, generally to help)/ truth is an environment, and once you open the door, whatever that truth is can control; making empathy a FAR less example of intensity/ along a similar path schizophrenia takes. The critical difference is “time versus eternity”; but it can still be overwhelming, even in time. THIS journey as well as everything beyond time; requires “ONLY TRUTH DECIDES, NOT you”. Or more distinctly removing want, pride, and power is the only way to survive life beyond time. Or more simply, to understand this world better; you must accept that want, power, and pride: confronted by survival, love or hate: decides, what each human animal does.

THERE IS; a warning associated with empathy (I want to know the truth, generally to help)/ truth is an environment, and once you open the door, whatever that truth is can control; making empathy a FAR less example of intensity/ along a similar path schizophrenia takes. The critical difference is “time versus eternity”; but it can still be overwhelming, even in time. THIS journey as well as everything beyond time; requires “ONLY TRUTH DECIDES, NOT you”. Or more distinctly removing want, pride, and power is the only way to survive life beyond time. Or more simply, to understand this world better; you must accept that want, power, and pride: confronted by survival, love or hate: decides, what each human animal does.


Survival is its own demand; if you fail to accept its true need/ you die. But if you allow yourself to believe, and be put into situations that require your decision to survive: that is a confrontation with reality, and the decisions you made to encounter it. The end result of war is: “like it or not, we are all experiencing the same basic things”. Pride screams winner, for those who like hate, by transforming war into “us/ not them”; thereby enhancing, life is a game, that matters. Whereas, those who want love, scream this is wrong, and learn war is about death; and every life matters more than this.

Gender issues the challenge of participating beyond “simply self”/ and offers rewards for doing so. But in that sea of potential choices: the most common decision is, “all is fair in love and war”/ because I WANT WHAT I WANT/ and nobody is going to stop me from getting what I want. Which ends with “plotting, planning, temptations, fear, beliefs, forgiveness if you are lucky; and a wide road of contemptible behaviors, that are produced primarily because gender relations have become a game; instead of your own truth, in the battleground of hoping there will be love for me.

The critical theory is: I JUST NEED TO GET THE ONE I WANT/ and it doesn’t matter how; “traps are most common”; to prove simply THIS ONE IS MINE. Which ends as ownership, and the owner wants what he or she wants; which dissolves love into a quiet separation (I know what your answer is), even if married. LOVE does not accept, “being owned”, and it may die.

To remove the battleground that has become “male and female trying to own each other”. You must surrender your want, and accept that love shall decide, instead of you. You must accept, that reality will determine the journey you shall take as one; because truth is truth, and need is need. You must understand: life is not a game, and sexual dimensions above an animal; are far different than chemical expression. To achieve more, you must become human alive/ rather than human in time, as is the animal universities demand you remain. To achieve the individual identity required of each human decision, you must participate beyond “what humanity has taught you to say, do, or be”/ and complete the journey beyond self: which is to acknowledge both heart and soul are the values of my home. All hate is evicted, as no peace, harmony, or happiness can exist with it.

More distinctly, the value of miracles is to become the path that shapes our hearts as one, by the care we contribute to each other as life and living will reveal. The truth of our souls, shaped by sharing the journey beyond each self, as a creation both in freedom and disciplines; so that each feels certain of love is our only true home. That does not exist with want, although reality is not to be discarded. But it cannot exist without truth, as only truth can survive. Which will prove every lie has a price/ every chain, the cost of some love has been lost. Love is a destiny, shaped by the decisions we share as our hearts conceive of being “same as one”. Love is a home, constructed by the truth of our real Identities formed from the truth we owe each other. Love is a passage, the keys we share as male and female opening the door, to a new world beyond ourselves/ even an eternity, if soul provides.

There are those who are isolated and alone/ passed by; “for a variety of reasons”; such as me to some extent. Although I was not passed by when young; the disciplines of this work, required isolation/ and I accepted because “an entire world lost, to the tragedy of universities playing god”; was far more important than my life in time. Nonetheless, by discarding want; I have not been lonely. By discarding pride, I have not felt left out. By never desiring power, hate does not exist. Therefore I say to the isolated; simply continue doing your best. ALWAYS BE OPEN, but not stupid! Always remember, the most common link between humans is the need to be recognized as ourselves, without being measured against anyone else. You are as I am: a miracle/ and that is beyond anything humanity itself can achieve! Stop believing everything you are told by universities/ simply reject it all; and then let the evidence you can identify support whatever decision you might need to make. Because to be yourself, is greater than to be a member of their herd. Stand apart, and know you are human: being identified by GOD as a person achieved, seeking mercy. Love is not a game. Marriage is not an indication of love, it is a contract between two people; who then say, “If you don’t/ then I will”. The difference between love and marriage is: what we build together as one, is our home. Which in the world of this time, does not negate the realities of this “someone has changed their mind”/ and wants out. As I too am divorced: a reality of consequences, which stem from an endless list of wants/ and the stupidity of trying to be what I could not become. Which was “simply normal”/ rather than dedicated to “life on earth”. They don’t go together, without pure love/ and she was absolutely certain they could, even though she was unwilling to let love and truth decide; by the realities of our world. Lies (DO, what I WANT/ BE WHAT I WANT YOU TO BE) killed that relationship, although love itself (MY heart cannot be divided) did not die. Her claim: “all is fair in love and war”/ my demand: only truth is fair in love, and nothing is fair in war. “its complicated; but 45 years or so past”.

It should be noted, that a complicating factor would have been. When asked, “did I need her”? I answered no: “BECAUSE NEED refers to what must be found to survive”! Offering no clarification, she apparently took that to mean; “I could walk away at any time/ without regret”. But it was not so; and does highlight the differences in men and women, can be subtle, and completely misunderstood. My response was NO, I will not die/ if she is gone. But that did not mean; no tears would fall/ nor did love fail; no intent to leave, by any reference she had/ at that moment in time. Instead; Life is a reality complicated by what other people do/ the cost of extinction, is one of those realities that does come first. Reality did prove, it was a journey we could not take together; tears or not.

Love is a desire, NOT a need/ hope is a need, illuminated by desire for love. Desire means: to inhabit the truth, and let it lead you into the creation of what this is going to be. Purpose however means: to conceive of the future by the consequences of our decision/ and seek to alter what is not valued, by discovering and then sharing, the truth of what is. Unfortunately for us all: human truth turned out to be greed and selfishness, beyond all other things. Therefore I spent my lifetime, in an effort to educate those who refused to change/ “I did not understand”, your failure to choose for life/ or your sacrifice of planet & every child; for trinkets, toys, and trinkets to say “look at me/ I win”. Alas, you won hell; as is now standing on our doorstep: surrounding us all, by threats of extinction.

For a short time, “I wanted” to abandon you; “let someone else”. To find in this life whatever could be left of time for me! I was not allowed, which caused some irritation. But I am glad I was refused, as this one final effort did take place.  NOT judgment, but reality; because of your judgment and beliefs. As to eternity itself: truth says to me, the greatest treasure to be found in this universe is love. “That LOVE” DECIDES if you are to be accepted or not; the level of your purity “of what GOD expects from you”/ decides where you “live”. Whereas truth itself, defines if you can survive, as love/ or are abandoned to death.

“a last supper” so to speak, for life and earth: to experience and express the changes needed to survive as life and earth. If you do not; you do not! I, will hope instead, because it reminds me: nothing is lost, until it is lost. However you do choose for the future, is your decision/ I did do, what my lifetime did allow me to do; and that is the best I could do, for life, planet, you, and GOD . even though far from perfect, “just like you”/ at least I tried.

Covid provided one last time: TO SAY “LOOK AT THIS”! The reality of invasion that university plays god represents. They stole your securities/ your face/ your businesses, homes, organizations, friends, and more/ threaten nature and every child without cause/ create and release biological weapons/ demand to ignite this earth into a sun/ they stole your future; and gave you only “garbage mountains”. Poisoning the earth/ destroying every living chain/ cursing the ocean life/ mutilating nature/ killing habitat and every living thing; and doing everything possible to exterminate YOU, and your world. Which does include overpopulation. Which you so clearly worshiped as believers in their cult: being led “to your death”. SHOUTING; we can’t question the universities/ they are god: WE BELIEVE! Alas, like every other religious cult; you threw away your life, to be a fanatic of people playing god with your world. NEARLY everyone screaming at the top of their lungs: NOT IN MY LIFETIME, will I have to pay. Let the children die, because you don’t and won’t care; “its all free/ the children pay”. To your shame. The mental equivalent of “animals”. UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU; you don’t have generations to make a change: EVERYTHING including world war 3 stands ready to exterminate life on earth.

Simplifying my life into “I did do, what life and reality allowed me to do: for this earth”.

As the true believers all shout: I DON’T have to do NOTHING! I have what I want and I hate what I don’t want/ and I control them both; by screaming I BELIEVE! Thereby joining the herd, who shouts “WE CAN’T all be wrong”. As they all hide from reality, despising the evidence of reality; because truth is not what people believe in. THEY BELIEVE IN WANT, and shout, you cannot get to me/ I BELIEVE.  This is the first of four human elements. Called the prison cell, because it is where you hide from truth. Cowardice is born.

Second is GREED: IF I can simply take “yours too; its all MINE”. Then I am the superior one, and everybody must come to me; to get what they need; begging/ pleading/ tempting/ cursing; but obeying ME. As I am now their god. Called creating my own image, where I decide who I am; instead of nature or other. LIES erupt.

Third is SELFISHNESS: IF only, I had everything/ then NOBODY could make me do anything; and I would never have to tolerate, or participate, or have anything to do with another human being the rest of my life. Making me free, of you. Called the battle-cry, it is the search for war: you mean nothing to me; but trouble. History repeats.

Fourth is SEX: IF only I can make you turn the chemicals inside my body into “the joy of living”/ because they excite me; THEN, I can be HAPPY; and nothing else in this world, can make me sad. Called rape, because it is ravaging, abusing, using, depleting, destroying the life of another; by making their lives worthless, so you can judge this “your choice”. Life dies inside because of you.

MEN WAR: because of three primary reasons. (1) the competition is grim, and somebody has to leave or die/ so that we don’t all starve, or thirst to death. (2) we want more, for ourselves [my family, my wife, my child, my work, my home, MY EVERYTHING] and you are competing with me, for everything. So if you die/ or are forced to leave; everything MINE will be better. (3) you took from us what we had/ what our parents or their parents had: you stole our lives/ you enslaved us with money or weapons/ and we want everything back. The only way, is to destroy you. (4) this is less a reason than a want; more distinctly it is like this America. When finding resources plentiful, the European (the immigrant; when their numbers became enough) ridiculed the Indian nations; thereby creating a reason to kill them/ and take all their stuff. Because revenge is then let loose: the murder of nations extended into nearly total genocide: because MORE “for me/ is all I want”. Your claim/ your work/ your choices: means nothing.

TODAY: the most extreme curse (you chose to do this/ and chaos was released), is “UNIVERSITY KNOWS/ UNIVERSITY IS god/ UNIVERSITY is a cult, you must obey; by fear and belief; as is the constant of every religion”. The universities ARE AT WAR AGAINST ALL LIFE AND EARTH; mutilating genetic nature, which cannot be undone. Trying to ignite nuclear fire, which cannot be extinguished. Poisoning everything on earth, which cannot be mitigated. Building weapons of mass destruction; to exterminate us all. Destroying every chain of life, habitat, resource, ocean, air, ozone, magnetic earth/ nuclear stability erased, atmosphere & its oxygen devastated, global warming (lets live in the oven): or more clearly: EVERYTHING to do with life or living is under massive universities attack. Proving the intent of extinction is absolutely clear/ as they try to prove they are gods, and recreate life in their own image; by enslaving you/ and claiming evolution (universities inject chaos into life) will “just make something else”. To your shame, you let them: opening the door, TO HELL (war surrounds us/ nothing is left)/ ARMAGEDDON (nature is mutilated beyond recognition; everything we loved is dead)/ APOCALYPSE (the war for water is extreme/ everyone is an enemy). And then comes HADES which begins when the universities ignite this earth into a sun; by creating that nuclear fire “same as the sun”: which burns your skin in summer from 94 million miles away. All praise the universities: RIGHT?

And the people say: WE BELIEVE/ you are nothing! But reality says: not one single decision/ not one single thing has been done to sustain a future/ and every possible horror has been found to destroy it. Due entirely to “university plays god”. Making the future for every child; a horror and a hell. No resources/ no future/ no chance to survive: because every resource is destroyed, and there is nothing left. Because the humans who came before: CHOSE TO “MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY”. Simple and plain, an inescapable reality. Which can only be rectified with truth and the evidence of whatever reality will provide or allow; that is not tainted by the cost of “men rule the world”/ as is their claim.

The difference between men at war and RULERS/ LEADERS who create war is: a leader must distract his people, when they are unhappy with their lot in life/ and start demanding more. Because it is easier to war, thereby making all the people fight to survive/ than to accept, and be judged, by the realities of what a leader chose to do. (2) when the rich or powerful leader has all he wants/ has taken all he desires to take/ forced obedience or death upon many: ETC. the cost of being alive is: NOTHING, makes me happy anymore! So they then choose to “make life more interesting”; by inflicting death and destruction, upon those who cannot stop him. The game is: to curse the majority, by proving I am the superior one; and all bow down to me.

The soldier is forced to “fear reprisals/ believe whatever you are told/ obey, or you die, or you make your friends die because of you.”

the commanders: live in the stew of fools, failures, tragedies, and curses. Requiring them to fear the cost of failure. Accept the foolishness of leaders. Despise but kill the living anyway. And become the eternity of a life lost, TO HELL; because cowardice is easier than courage. Therefore worship “the trophy/ demand the trinkets of war/ and pillage for every toy, life can exhibit; as I won”. DO WHAT YOU are told!

And all the people say: I DON’T WANT ANY OF THAT/ LEAVE ME ALONE! But as history proves true; that will not be happening, as men resolve their problems, and expand their wants; with war. And all the people say: “I don’t want to stand apart from the herd which protects me, from all the predators who will do me harm”. I won’t do it/ and so there is war REPEATING again and again and again.

THE ANSWER IS LAW, or more distinctly WORLD LAW; as dictated and enforced upon our leaders; by the values of truth, WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD choose by our vote: to demand SHALL be obeyed by our leaders. Nothing less can sustain peace, nothing less is a beginning to a new world of harmony, nothing less confronts the truth: nobody gets to hide behind “their uniform/ blame their leader” anymore. You chose: COURAGE, stop the insanity before we go extinct; because traitors destroyed everything. OR COWARDICE; “I believe what I want to believe; because that is what I want/ and I don’t want nothing, but what I want”. Which is a delusion, much like the university cults, and the fantasies who have grown themselves into, the nightmare of a religion around this world.

To create change: IT IS MORE LIKELY, that women would choose something different in law/ than men. Because reality proves:  “this is, the best men did do; after thousands of years” of trying.  WE ALL VOTE, to approve and decide upon: our, “WORLD LAW”.

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