Of all the things life teaches us; the very most important “could be”/ that we must be accepted, in order to obtain eternal life (the reality of an existence beyond death in time).

So the critical question is: WHAT must we do, to be accepted/ and WHY are so few concerned? The answer to that is: LIFE IS THE CREATION OF THOUGHT; simple as that, so long as energy is consistent with motion; the ability to change. Time presents us with that connection to energy, and allows us to understand the disciplines of change are within our own grasp. Therefore we are presented with the task; to order our lives in such a way as to balance energy with thought; and refine our existence with love, as the value we treasure most.

As to why are so few concerned: the answer is belief, a constant of all religion, whether organized for as human religions are/ or against life and truth as is the religion of “university is god/ the common cult of university knows, but you may not question your leader; fear (to steal your heart)/ believe (to steal your soul)/ obey (to steal your life and living in time)”. Belief eliminates thought, by exchanging it for animal “as the herd shouts, we CAN’T all be wrong”. Belief understands that being in the herd (if we stay together they can’t get us), or even pack (if we work together/ we can take what we need) of predators: allows “the decision is made, and all I have to do is; fear, believe, obey”. Fear is simple; death will teach you that. Believe is simple: get separated from the herd and the predators will eat you “isolated and alone”. Obey is simple: don’t think, build the prison walls that keep the rest out/ so that whatever you want, can remain whatever you want/ or don’t want, to be true. Therefore they have their answers as “animals do”; no independent thought or journey exists/ we are “on this road together”; to wherever we want, it goes/ until that fails.

Alas, the values of life are not “congregated together”/ they are individually recognized, as independent structures from which we arise as our own truth. Truths are not “congregated together”/ they are individually recognized as “real by the evidence proven by thought”. So we then recognize three things are independent of each other: values, thought, and truth. We then recognize three things are fundamentally comprised as life by elementally joining them together as one: the structure (rising from the elements) of our lives/ the independence (I chose) of our own truth/ the evidence proven by the consequence of our own decisions. Love forms the seventh principle participant in a “human rising” existence.

Values construct our search into the paths presented by life. Thought elevates us, from our existence, into the vast complexity of an entire universe. Truth holds us down to reality, that we may not be deluded by fantasy or imaginations that hold no merit. Unfortunately for you; the cult of university has grown powerful enough to challenge truth; with all the things that are foolish and blind/ death and poverty/ tragedy and catastrophe coming. And yet you believe, because they gave you what you wanted/ and hid the consequences of what that would mean.

Nonetheless; at deaths door, by the consequences of university knows: we need not consider them anymore/ as the only participants who matter are those who will be accepted into eternity.

To conceive of life beyond death.

Is to conceive of values that are shaped by our relationship with love.

Is to conceive of thought beyond self, as the journey which enters both heart and soul, to achieve a relationship with GOD , as the Creator of life through RESPECT; for all the miracles we have been shown.

Is to conceive of truth: without any relationship to want, pride, or power/ the reality of what is, is the reality of what is; and bears no resemblance to what you believe. Truth is, what it is. Belief is; “whatever you want it to be”; as is the basis for all lies.

Given these fundamentals we then turn to binding them all together as an identity shaped by our own decisions; which illuminate the foundation desires, and the passion of purpose that is our own. Time lets you experiment and express these relationships with life and existence. You then turn the moments of our time, into the realities you will or will not trust; as the existence of your own heart. RESPECT identifies GOD , and illuminates the treasury called your love.

So the question turns, to WHAT is love, and WHY IS it valued above all things in those who can and will survive beyond self?

LOVE shapes thought, into the creation of what we will contribute to the lives and living of each other. Simple as that, we extend our existence into the lives of each other, by participating beyond self to understand the peace and harmony of who we can be; if we each choose the path that shares living with a pure care; that grants “joy to all”. These present happiness, and in that presence of hope, we rise into the eternal presence of everything life and living can become. Not by our own decision; but by love shaping truth changes “what being ALIVE can mean”. The elemental trust required is: ONLY GOD can bring you through the energy that destroys all who will not trust in HIM ! therefore your love, respect, truth, and hope; rests upon the grace of what we honestly do accept. JESUS grants a degree of trust, by the elemental path HIS life portrayed: “the difference between love and hate”/ the relationship of trust before truth; because in death, what is taken away is more powerful, than we are. Consequently trust shapes “our soul”.

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Jim Osterbur

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