we are surrounded with threats of extinction. Far beyond war. MAKING A TRUE CHANGE; IS NOW, OR NEVER.

The cost of refusing to bring or allow the leader “who wants to be Hitler”/ his day in court; for a nation and a world. Is the cost of world war 2 intensified as the end of life on earth. Because as is seen in the alliance already in motion between Russia and China. The intent will become: while Russia confronts the rest/ the door to overthrow all of Asia will open; because they can’t “fight us all”. Which returns as is the very same realities of invasion that was world war 2.

IN the real world of life; “as having a broken fibula bone” has proven true: it is impossible to gauge how truly important the human body as designed truly is: until something is damaged or lost! THEN it does become evident exactly how much we owe “THE GENETIC REALITIES OF NATURE ITSELF/ AS IS CHROMOSOME STRUCTURE”. How utterly blind and absolutely stupid it is; to let the people (your former classmates playing god); CHANGE that genetic structure which gives us everything. The people who mutilated a disease to create covid/ so they could make trillions/ destroy options/ and enslave life by creating the foundation of “Armageddon: nature in chaos”. The people who have rebelled against democracy, to enforce: ONLY WE THE SUPERIOR ONES, own the right, to steal your very face/ lives/ organizations/ and everything else we use to disrespect LIFE itself. The parasitic cult of “university is god”; owns this nation/ corrupts this nation/ conspires against this nation/ and extorts anything they desire [$39334.47 for a small broken bone so far]; by hiding truth, to assemble SLAVES; and functionally is “the mythical dragon; who makes the people fear, because its image remains in the darkness of their imagination”. But don’t worry; MEDIA is the teeth, that keep the people in line with “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”. AS IS the evidence of your currency already destroyed; YET only a few know the truth; because propaganda hides in lies. ALAS, reality will prove; how truly close to extinction you are: as only resources can keep LIFE ON EARTH, alive/ and your garbage mountains convict you of the “billions already sacrificed” from the future; who cannot live here, in the future/ because “its all gone”. OR, “the last”, LITERALLY SOON WILL BE; BY WORLD WAR 3.

the consequence being: IT IS, better to assure each and every army: THAT WE THE WORLD DO NOT, WISH TO HURT YOU. We the world, ONLY need to bring your leaders into a courtroom of world law: justified by fair play to all. So that criminal conduct can be removed from our world, so that peace and harmony as best we can: remains the possibility we all survive.

To that end, the reality is simple: to each and every leader of failure/ the disease of arrogance so extreme, “they believe, they are gods/ just as hitler and his inner nazi group believed they were to take, rape, ravage, ruin, enslave, and overthrow all resistance to play gods over the rest/ killing whomever they wished. The reality is: the same is true once again, because men are men; and when they face their death; they want to believe “nobody, can kill me/ if nothing else HISTORY will remember ME”. But as always, they are wrong.

The foundation of removal rather than war is: that an army is ONLY REQUIRED to defend its own nation/ simple as that. Therefore let none advance/ but hold the line instead: make any excuse you wish. GIVE A REWARD: if the leader is not surrendered/ to anyone who locates them. Instructing both armies and world: that we have no choice but to kill this leader, as they have threatened a world of life. REMOVAL TO A COURTROOM IS BETTER; so that defense can be given/ and their own nation can decide is this is a traitor. Nonetheless, warning is given: the world will stop this/ and that means “JUST ONE CONVENTIONAL BOMB” shall fall in any twenty four hour period. DIRECTED ONLY AT THE LEADER IN QUESTION. We want no other casualty or collateral damage to you. JUST THE END of aggression and no more.

To that end, and because it is preferable for all life and earth: put a bounty on his head/ his little group of leaders heads, and insure the people who remove this threat are sufficiently paid. After all: poisons, inner circle bombs, threats from a thousand directions. PEOPLE SURROUNDING YOU THE LEADER: which may or may not be your enemy; none of who you can be certain: won’t be a hero to the world, remembered in history for value, and paid to do it. After all: THAT IS what you are trying to do: prove you are superior/ prove history won’t forget you/ prove “you can take it all”; by spending the lives, and mutilating the bodies, and destroying the future of others.

So let the “united nations” commit; and if worse comes to worse; and the armies release weapons of mass destruction/ because you didn’t forewarn them, TO STOP AND THINK. Instead of “fear/ believe/ and obey”; that would be your own fault. Because WE ALL KNOW: EVERY SINGLE ONE, that surrendering a leader to the courtroom where justice and fair play serves the world as the law we must all serve decides. IS BETTER, THAN A WAR, WHERE WE ALL DIE.

THE DAY OF MEN is over: because the destruction of our world will not allow for world war 3. end it now, or starvation and thirst will kill more than weapons/ and there will be no future for the rest either. NO rebuilding this world, because you have already destroyed so much. NO food sources or water for a future, because 8 BILLION PEOPLE cannot survive the destruction of world war/ and you do know that as true. Leaving you cannibals, and worse.

SIMPLE, BUT TRUE. If worse comes to worse/ it is one weapon of mass destruction to prove you will: “end this before HELL erupts completely”/ by targeting one military NEED (away from the front lines); per week. UNTIL THE LEADERS ARE SURRENDERED FOR TRIAL/ OR DEAD. We want only the leaders; a very tiny few/ because nobody is going to invade you. UNLESS YOU SEND a war of EXTINCTION back.

Let the world agree, and enforce it as true.

KILL A BILLION PEOPLE/ AND THERE ARE STILL 7 BILLION TO GO; AND THEY ARE MULTIPLYING, at roughly 3% per year; or a quarter of a billion more each year. Which brings those you killed back/ “in just FOUR YEARS”. Which means this world CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE ANY RESOURCES, AT ALL. WHICH MEANS STOP THE INSANITY, OR LOSE YOUR EARTH.

Which brings us, to the next reality of our existence: all hail “facial recognition”/ the ability to computer select, whosoever “a leader” wants to kill. After all, it just takes a simple gun/ a simple spray of disease as you pass through a door/ a simple if YOU DON’T bow down and be enslaved: then you will die. And the people say: “we won’t let that happen”/ and yet, with a single keystroke, all the numbers you claim as wealth, will disappear in an instant; and you WILL BEG. Or starve. You will turn in your neighbor, or thirst to death. You WILL LEARN: that only resources matter/ and you threw your future onto the garbage mountains you chose instead. As a witness: to the murdering of your child.

“oh happy day” right/ after all the universities are god; “and they knew what they were doing”; to lead us here. RIGHT?

The most critical reasoning in a male dominated world is: “DON’T BE FRIENDS” with the creatures you are intending to kill/ that would interfere with killing them. As is the foundation of all livestock production. The critical reasoning of a predator is the opposite: “be friendly/ talk safe/ show them a good time”; so you can get close enough to kill by lies, liar, thief, cheat, betrayal, and then terrorist. When male human animals become predators; they bury their heart and soul in the delusions of playing god: “we have a right/ we are the superior ones here”. Which makes life into a game, as they try to prove that is true. Which turns life into “winner or loser”/ as reality shapes their truth into the consequences of war.

The critical cost of society is: in order to keep society from dissolving into chaos; because there are not enough resources for everyone to have all that they want. Because there are always “money men” who want EVERYTHING for themselves; and prey upon the others, as predators do. So to keep the losers ok with their lot in life; armies are formed, to provide discipline, and something for them to do. The cost of that is: every army is a drain to society/ and as society runs out of easy resources, they always look at the neighbor and say: “we can just take theirs”/ the army can kill them, and with the competition removed: that will be our own blessing, “its all free”.

But make no mistake: the difference between life and death, work or slavery; is a resource the vast majority can use. When those resources are gone, and you do have to use them: or reality proves that is a mistake too: it will be war/ because somebody else has to lose, in order for us to win. OR, the competition has to be decreased, as is war. But reality now insists: never again, because we are so many people now; the cost of war is our own extinction as a world. So that leaves us all with: EITHER FIND A NEW WAY, or DIE.

I will remind each: the distance between life and death, is not what you think/ but what you do. Or, more distinctly, the animals believe whatever they believe is true, because of what they have known to be true. But when their reality has changed/ as has yours: the curse of knowledge is to fear what you do not know, to obey the rules that no longer exist; because you believe, what you believe.

To remain “human alive” for even a few; the realities of a different day, must be assessed, and defined by a courtroom review of the evidence. So that all sides can be convinced of what our future “can or will become”; because of how things have already changed. Male dominated existence; by the SCREAM OF YES WE CAN WANT MORE, for me/ DAMN YOU FOR ME, you worthless piece of snot. Is over! Reality dominated existence, that is based in truth alone; so that knowledge untainted by want, can keep us all alive “we hope”. Remains as the only option there is. And if you remove that, by major war: you remove all life from this earth/ because even this earth will be lost.

I remind you of “9/11” in this America 2001; when the twin towers fell down: because of a tiny few people, who believed “nothing matters but us”/ or if you prefer, “we hate you”. Regardless of the cause, a tiny number “one banker”/ three pilots, and a few who believed they would be “famous (rewarded)”. Resulted in millions died/ trillions were lost; nothing valued, mutilated, resources lost, realities destroyed. All because a tiny few people broke the most basic law of all: DON’T BLAME ME, FOR THE CHOICES YOU MADE.

In the reality of armies: there is plenty of blame, because war removes law, for everyone. But it remains true: “only a VERY TINY FEW” CAUSE a war to begin; and then revenge takes control, and realities do not change until the cost has become so high, all are willing to stop.

I remind you, “this world is filled with: liars, traitors, thieves, cheats, terrorists, fools, failures, disgrace, disrespect, mutilators, killers, cult worshipers, devils, whores, greed, selfishness, Satan worshipers; and more”. Every one of which is fighting to get what they want from life and living; and without law, the world sinks into chaos, and will never return. Because even one in one million people, is still 8,000 people who are the curse of life on earth. War removes law/ and chaos removes resources, which lacerates hope; as “every woman is raped; along with children and even men or more”. identifiable groups”; establish armies of kill or be killed. Yet when mixed by interracial coupling, all are a potential traitor/ and none can be trusted: so its kill them all. As the possibilities of life on earth fade; because every last chain of the living ends; so that cannibalism begins. 8 billion people at one pound of food each a day; use 2.92 trillion pounds of food per year. WHEN your food supply dies, as it is ready to do across this earth: BECAUSE THEY NEED SPACE TO GROW THEIR FOOD TOO/ ALONG WITH ALL OTHER THINGS THE LIVING FOOD WE EAT REQUIRES to remain in existence with us. EVEN A SMALL LOSS, can be the end of your own food supply; as that will mean, as it always does: to sustain themselves, humanity “WILL EAT THE SEED” for next year/ and descend into the spiral of collapsing food sources. War results, without end; as war simply increases every form of loss. You have poisoned the water supplies, ransacked and raped endlessly, failed life; and follow the fools who brought you here; as if “they were university gods”. But with death surrounding you; they have proven to be Satan instead/ and you have proven to be “devil (to hell, with all life/ I WANT)”.

So, now: with reality in view, I remind you of some other truths.

  1. The universities are mutilating life/ because, the body of life in time; is genetics. Or more distinctly NATURE IS, THE ORDER, DISCIPLINE, BALANCE AND MORE; CALLED GENETICS. And your Satan worship is injecting chaos, to worship their god of evolution.
  2. The universities are trying to ignite a NUCLEAR FIRE/ to establish a 4 MILLION TIMES MORE response, than a chemical fire. Which ends in a self sustaining plasma; a FIRE, that can then never be extinguished. BASED ENTIRELY upon lies and imagination beyond fantasy, into absolute insanity. Yet you let them.
  3. Your ocean life, will soon be extinct; and then you starve, as war removes all options for life survives.
  4. Your habitat CANNOT allow ANY MORE of human destruction/ and you must repair as best you can; or lose it all. EVERYTHING LIVING DIES.
  5. Without water, there is only “the apocalypse”; as each response is: WE DON’T have enough for you too/ becomes the most vicious war humanity has ever seen.
  6. Global warming will remove all options of living life on earth/ not only will you overheat: EVERY LIVING THING YOU NEED TO SURVIVE, will die too.
  7. Fail to address the Yellowstone super-volcano, proven by ground surge/ and at least a billion people will die within 6 months/ and another 3 billion will die in 3 years. LET OUT SOME, of the pressure, which causes the explosion. And so much more, the death stomp of “university knows”/ has made you highly unlikely to survive; even at your best efforts. But fail to try, and EXTINCTION IS CERTAIN.
  8. NO, you don’t get to want:  your only hope is to let truth and reality decide. The day of the human animal decides, is dead. and humanity screams:  WE DON’T like that/ but has no choice other than extinction. Just so its clear, to survive as a living world: CHANGE shall include, all large nations shall be divided into smaller ones, so that power over others is limited. World law SHALL regulate, but every nation SHALL be as self sustaining as possible. “a people, to each new nation; as uniform as possible”; because it aids and abets your ability to survive and be at peace. Meaning YOU CAN’T then blame the others! IF YOU fail yourselves, nobody comes to your aid. IF YOU do an honest and fair respect for life and world with your nation; then you will be welcomed to participate “same as the rest”. LIMITED CAPITALISM shall rule (we decide, by our vote)/ the banks and the wealthy shall not. Your INSANE cult worship of university is god; ends as well. Worshiping fools and failures, is not even for infants, as they know when a face warns them of trouble/ even if not true. YOU DO NOT; even when they release a biological weapon against you, as is covid/ and then charge you with insane amounts, “for their cure to violate and mutilate the genetics which made you a body of life”. Shame on you, “for having NO BRAIN”. But then nothing more can be expected; from a people who accepted “evolution”; which is pure insanity and delusion/ the fantasy of “Imagination”. When reality stares you in the face; are are miracles you cannot comprehend. Or more distinctly: you don’t know why your eyes exist or how they work or how they came to be/ you don’t know where your muscles come from, or how you operate them, or why you can think for yourselves at all/ or hear/ or how your bones shape and grow themselves or how babies come to exist. YET YOU BELIEVE THE BASTARDS OF FAILURE AND THE SEWER OF DISEASE, that is a “university god” telling you; over billions of years, they can’t prove nothing; “this looks like that”/ and they can’t explain that either. To your shame; you are a cult (can’t question the leader/ that is forbidden: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”) OR we throw you to the “wolves”. No brains/ no courage/ no reality; just greed, selfishness, mutilation, and killing the future for your own child and all of life on earth. NOT EVEN, the slightest response when confronted with the people “trying to control the same fire here, as is on the sun”; WITH LIES, AND DELUSIONS they lure you into believing “they know”. Without one atom of proof; TO YOUR SHAME, you delude yourselves into believing “your former classmates” know what you do not know. YET ONLY THE MOST INSANE CULT EVER to walk this earth; can believe any of that dysentery, and their disease flooding, of the entire existence of life itself. YOU CHOOSE, to let the very people who have driven you to the edge of extinction: CHANGE the genetic structure of a human being: “with their vaccine,  among other realities of life; under the thumb of university plays god”. a pandemic born from “media propaganda; and leadership in worship of the cult “you can’t, question god, the university”! Because you are the greatest fools ever born; HIDING from reality, because YOU WANT MORE than you deserve/ even if the future dies; because of you. HOW MANY lives have been ruined by  your pharmaceuticals/ chemicals:  look at your lawsuits. ENDLESS THIEVERY, just look at the reality of your currency. infrastructure abandoned: of university experimentation, playing god. SHAME ON YOU. The only thing you know: is what the universities told, their “media priests” to tell you. lies, failure, fantasy, who the fuck cares right:  after all, nothing matters “except what you want to believe”. SHAME ON YOU, accepting lies/ destroying the future, and killing every child with your greed.
  9. FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, PROVE NO MORE WORLD WARS/    WORLD LAWS SHALL DECIDE;  or lose life on earth. and that does include yours!  JOIN AS A WORLD, AND DEMAND NO MORE WORLD WAR/ NO MORE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION/ NO MORE MASSIVE MILITARY/ NO MORE EVADING “OUR WORLD LAW”; all that ends here. OR, one city at a time; one week at a time; a bomb will fall/ even if life on earth ends. because world war means:  these weapons will soon be used regardless of your/ or our choice.  THAT is your reality:  LAW OR EXTINCTION.
  10. prove, we the world: WILL NOT allow, for a tiny few people, to control our lives through war. OUR ONLY OPTION IS LAW/ and our foundation LEGAL RIGHT:  IS THIS AFFECTS, OR WILL AFFECT, US ALL!  therefore we say to you, and your nation:  STOP, or we all die instead.            you WILL NOT threaten our world/ MORE, than we threaten you.  ALL OF US SAY:  surrender this leader/ LET THE WORLD FIND PEACE.
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