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The foundation of “motherhood”, is a very simple one: to protect, identify, conceive, cherish, construct, and support the lives of those given to me; so that they too become able to do the same for their children as life goes on.

In a dying world, most of that is no longer needed: the dead among us have taken control/ the most vile disgrace of a living creature ever born; now runs the reality of our lives. Because greed made it so, and the human animal of “purely want”; has overthrow the living grace of miracles, and the respect owed to this entire world. Nonetheless, the foundation of motherhood remains: to protect their future, to cherish their love, to support the quest for eternity. Among those who do remain alive inside, beyond where the damned have raped and ravaged the rest.

Our enemy is a very simple delusion: your former classmates are certain they can be gods/ it is that simple. To prove they can be gods: media propagates endless fantasies of their superiority, and augment that with manipulation, temptations, lies, cheating, stealing (without which they have no power), betrayal, terrorism and more. All to prove they are the winners here, and everyone else should bow down to them; and whatever they say cannot be less than true. Because after all, “in their imagination; all of them are gods”/ and all of us are slaves, that should be bowed down; as they accumulate the life of “kings or queens” at our expense. With endless counterfeiting (only fantasies matter); they made this come true. With endless delusions (we can mutilate genetic nature/ and with evolution change all life on earth for the better; proving we are gods). With endless imagination: they formed lies into fantasies, and fantasies into the decisions that we can “play god with the same fire as is on the sun”/ and not be burned alive. Yet all they proved was how wrong they could be; as our world stands on the absolute final edge of extinction is now certain.

So, no matter what I teach you for life, there is only death; because that is, what humanity chose by worshiping greed, and following “university knows” as a cult, who can never question its leader.

Nonetheless, no matter how trivial the reality of hope for a future, lets truth become; without hope there is nothing left but hate/ or preparations for death. It is BETTER, to fight for life and planet instead; to prove within yourself, that I did do, “the best I could do”/ as my own contribution to the respect owed for this creation, and my own miracles of existence given to me.

That said: we turn back to the elevation of life, and the values of an eternity shared, because we chose to care. To find love, in both heart and soul; as being human was intended to be, in the grace and dignity of “being alive”.

The fundamental most valued by every child is “teach me, what I need to know/ let me understand the realities of life/ and guide me into the truth, respect will demand that I learn.” So, we must begin here, in the certainty of what life and living should be. Rather than the constant disgrace of what life has become. That is now to be avoided, and discarded as worthless to life or living; as it is death (the most vile, as is true arrogance) hunts each one.

We will begin with the lessons of youth, remembering every child has only a very limited time left to learn. Being young allows you to remember: that we do each face the future of our lives, with the certainty of choices that we will have to make for ourselves. Or more distinctly, to achieve adulthood: every decision is now a reality that you yourself, will need to face the consequences of. Every truth you accept, will guide your own path. Every lie, will turn you into a new direction, and that may in fact devour the life you were: because lies are like predators, and only truth survives time. To accept that, allows you to know: separating from your parents is required; as each decision must be your own. You live it, or you die a little because of it: nonetheless, if you allow truth to decide, then you will ascend beyond the parameters of self, into the grace of love as time shapes you.

Love is then the goal, of every human being alive in the grace and respect ascending from miracles. To construct that value, it is necessary to divest yourself from “university, where every lie is their only miracle of delusion, theft, and worse”. Or more distinctly: while we must face the reality of living, and its survival; step away from the insanity, and center yourself where love can grow. Where the values of being human, are more than “a herd of animals fighting for their own want”.

LOVE IS, an expression used to cultivate truth into the essence of trust, that is shaped by caring for the values of every living thing/ sharing the respect for every life conceived for the truth of a happy world/ hoping, for love with courage, but understanding; some will fail, and we must not be “that one”.

Therefore love is a treasury, of where we store the most valued truths of our own existence, to be shared with those we find to trust. Unfortunately in this world; if you trust someone who is not true to you, then they will steal “your valuables”; and it is up to you, to “grow more”. Learning from that experience: truth must decide for me/ nothing less keeps the life inside of me, among the living. That foundation of expression is: every miracle is formed by thought, and every thought is formed by the fountain of where our own truth begins. Without further expression: the foundation of all life, including yours “begins with our CREATOR”. As does every miracle prove true.

So the search beyond self, is a journey to conceive of life, and thereby identify where did this value come from inside of me? While we cannot identify GOD , beyond the miracles provided to this world/ beyond the guarantor called JESUS , who did prove the difference between love and hate/ providing the testimony, “that we were not simply left behind”. The quest for eternity begins; as the value of life by its love, shapes the heart to accept our soul. Soul means: to share existence, with the experience of love; a reality that can only be experienced beyond “the human animal”.

Elementally that truth focuses us on becoming void of want; so that the “life of the living”, may then rise above the survival of time.

Time is the envelope, that shields us from ourselves. Or, more distinctly, the value of life must be searched for; as it has been covered with “the body of our time, and its own desires”. Critical to this search is the understanding of separation: life is, what body is not. To accomplish this conception, you must remember that a miracle illuminates the discovery of existence/ and its freedom to explore as is body and mind. While life itself, is the exceptional embrace of thought, as it encircles the heart with love. Love and life coexist. Thought and destiny, shape our soul. The animal, knows neither/ therefore the journey of time, is to create our own destiny, by searching within love and thought, to achieve that life by the ascension of heart.

as I decide to write it; I will add onto this.

Let us begin with, “time and truth” are similar, but not without the constant of change. Or more distinctly, EVERY truth has a predictable consequence/ but time allows: every reaction/ establishes a reaction, but the distance between these fundamentals of truth, can be measured as distinctly associated, but apart; by the consequence of time. Or more plainly, time participates in our lives by placing gaps between truth and its consequences, that can sometimes take generations to uncover. Which is the basis of every lie.

The lie is hidden, because the consequence is delayed. The truth is revealed, only when the participant(s) correctly assess the cause, and its path taken; towards correcting what has been governing as is wrong. That fact presents to humanity, a wide variety of claims; that then govern your own decisions, to participate in truth/ or define yourself by lies. More distinctly: the hidden world of life itself, as is found within the body of time: desires to know your truth, as is the result of your decisions which then as a consequence; complete their work as your identity revealed.

Every lie adds to the delusion that you can escape the truth, by covering over the realities which have been changed by your own decisions/ so as to present something driven by fantasy or imagination: instead of, “your real life” chose this. Hiding that fact in the humanity of “animals: I want/ or I don’t want”. When people get away with their games, and the lies are not immediately revealed (at least to you): pride occurs, and the enemy of “imaginary superiority”, constructs the question of power. Pride believes, “even to the point of, I am god here”; and power makes rules, as is called the righteous/ so that the ruler (yes I can) will appear.

Every measurable truth (not an immediate consequence shown) seeks justice. While every measurable lie (you can’t prove it), seeks a trophy, trinket, or toy. The difference is “FAIR play”. Whereas truth lets reality decide, because “it is, what it is”/ and we cannot change that; so we must accept the validity of the evidence. In contrast: every lie seeks to change what is true, so you accept the road of temptation, manipulation, power, pride, etc as is being offered instead of simple or plain reality. The common choice is: people want the game/ until the game makes them a loser; in which case they decide to create their own game, “as a revenge”. This constant, is the basis of every society, and it forms the governments which surround us all.

The unfortunate truth of gender issues, relies upon the same principles: of whether you lie to each other/ or choose fair play to guide you through the intimacy and intensity of living as one life, we chose together. While some lies are covered by “pretty things”/ others by ugly realities; the end result is exactly the same: a lie, means you are hiding the truth. So the question is: how important is that person to you? When want is the most important (life is all about ME)/ people (both male and female) continue to lie. When life is about us, and we are the most important reality of living this life; truth will control, even if mistakes are made. So the question really is: are lies, demanding what you want/ more important than love, as is the participation trusting in truth? Most say lies: as is I WANT MORE, for me/ but that can change in either direction over time. Because time allows for the measurable reality, that is changing your own truth/ by the decisions that you make.

In the conscription of this practice: to decide who we really are, comes the life of time in dating! Deciding, whether love or lies shall be the life I choose/ whether want leads, or the desire for love will decide; shapes our destiny, not only with each other, but eternity as well. So, dating is our real world release from control: where what we choose among those who do not know us well/ because the reality of heart, leading soul; or in contrast, the lies, hiding from truth. Here destiny sets in: as we begin within the decisions that define whether “our new toys” shall rule over us/ or we over them. Many fail this test of life (being alive in trust, as defined by truth) or lies, only what I WANT matters; as the animal takes control. This causes bitterness, heartbreak, consequences that shape a lifetime, joy if you did find love, manipulation, temptations and more; as each tests the limits and boundaries of what they can do, and what they can experience or express; either by truth or lies. The cost of animal overruling life is: “I am god/ I take what I want/ GIVE ME what I want, or I will take it”. Whereas the reality of love decides, pushes want outside the relationship to discover what the values of “us, as one” really are. LOVE cannot decide, because life is about living, and living is about truth alone survives: therefore it must lead.

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