my job

my job

Basically, for nearly fifty years; I have put my life aside, to fight for this world, and all its life/ even if, it did not look so; preparations are required. Throughout that time, someone be it organization or whatever has been constantly standing in my way; with the foundation statement of humanity itself, “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ TO HELL WITH YOU, we DON’T want nothing but what we WANT”.

AND THE PRICE of that does not matter; as is proven by, “they are mutilating all of nature/ they are trying to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”/ they are poisoning the water, destroying resources, killing all life on earth, including your child”. AND STILL it did not matter! Because you are believers: “I know what I know/ even though what you know, is what you were told: by the universities who play god/ but have proven to be “SATAN” instead. A word describing those who destroy an entire world.

Even the spiritual woman inside has stood in my way; when declaring “let me just have whatever it left, for me”! The answer: an outright, “shock you into submission” no/ the fight is not over, until it is over. Even though the evidence is without blemish: YOU DON’T CARE/ YOU WON’T RESPECT LIFE OR PLANET/ YOU WON’T SAVE YOUR CHILD/ YOU ARE CULT WORSHIPERS of the “university IS your god”; your religion, regardless of your claims. While I am grateful the spiritual woman did not let me quit on life and earth; as even one last chance has value. The reality is: YOU DON’T CARE/ YOU WON’T RESPECT LIFE OR PLANET/ YOU WON’T SAVE YOUR CHILD/ YOU ARE A CULT. Proves forever true, with now almost no possibility of a chance to change your mind. Tragedy and disgrace stand in the door/ poverty and failure surround you/ terrifying truths exist. The end result of it now is: DON’T BOTHER ME no more; it is your turn to fight for life and planet or die. I did do “my job”.

Why it included: “learning about what being female actually means; as far as that can go”/ I have no real clue. No real clue what that means to my eternity either. No real clue as to why, my life was less in human terms than it could have been. Just no real clue, about anything other than the passion of I: we CANNOT simply let life on earth or this planet be destroyed. But you are believers, and that means: you have no ears/ you have no eyes/ you have no brain: the best you can be is little more than “animal: we want what we want”. Nothing else matters.

As for me, this was a roller coaster; I abandon you/ I can’t abandon this world/ I abandon you/ I cannot abandon this world; etc.

“woman” reminds me: that male cannot save this world/ and it is not my job anymore, to fight with them regarding things they cannot do. I am changed; to be “a mother”/ finding instead of a world, the individual lives, who need a hand to save their existence. Returning again, to the reality of “this world decides for itself”/ whereas, every child needs a hand, every child needs a friend, every child needs hope in order to express the love they hold inside their heart. As a miracle of living, a reality of nature being given the eyes they see with, hands to use, teeth, skin, bones, brains; literally every miracle inside of every miracle. NONE of which is accidental or the result of chaos, as is “university sewage”.

My job, has then been changed to individual lives, rather than a world. Even though we need a world to survive; eternity searches for individual truths, formed from an identity of decisions that are able to conceive of life, rather than want. What exactly that is going to be escapes me at this moment; but it is nonetheless the direction of heart, and the decision of soul. Male is abandoned; “whether I like it or not”/ the choice is no longer mine: FEMALE decides.

We can begin simply:  the believer is the foundation of a human herd, as proven by “we can’t all be wrong”/ when many times it is, or has been, proven you are. So, “never believe”/ investigate, accept knowledge that is without “tainted by want”/ and decide for yourself, what the evidence  itself, can prove to you. The same is true of a ruler; the believer establishes the ruler, by his or her demand for rules (now we know), to control the individual. Which then becomes rules to single out the individual, and destroy justice for all: because rules are not laws, and only law protects society. The same is true for universities: the believer is the foundation that propagates “fear/ believe/ obey” as you are told to do. Because without the believer none of that occurs; reality must decide instead. The same is true for love: the believer hides from the truth, to believe what they want to believe/ instead of what is real life evidence. So they don’t have to accept, what they don’t wish to believe. The same is true of so many things; that this world lives or dies, because of what people believe. Instead of what the truth will reveal; a consequence of the truth, “to believe”:  is conceived to be, “that is all I need to do/ can’t blame me, anymore”. But that is a lie, every decision is your own, and that includes what you believe: thereby guilty based upon that belief; no matter who told you what. It is your choice to believe/ it is your choice to congregate as a herd instead of an individual search. It is your decision to accept the evidence each must fight for, as your relationship to reality and its “living of life” does grow. Or turn your back on that relationship, and sink into the herd; so that no predator conception of “this might be wrong” can exist. As is your choice as well.

learning to be an individual REQUIRES you: to participate in the search for truth/ nothing less will do. As does prove your relationship to life itself, has value.

To redefine life, “from a mirror opposite; point of view”; IS truly hard to conceive of. Redefining living from the descriptions that allow us to survive as a world/ into the decisions that allow us to survive as individual people, surrounded by harmony. Is a change unlike any other. Male competes to survive, and shape the world. Female lives to shape a home, and conceive of family. These are not the same elements of life/ the opposite experiences and expressions of gender based behavior, arise here. But they are not limited, to the boundaries we expect them to be. Love alters life.

We should then look at love, and begin our understanding of what is necessary to achieve peace and happiness; by understanding truth. Truth knows of love, but it does not experience love as the shape or motion, of an existence. Instead love like mercy, lives within the framework of being “human alive”/ as is found in respect for all that miracles do mean. The universities have done their best: to destroy miracles with lies/ indoctrinating the children with disgrace, destruction, and disrespect for the living existence of their own life and bodies. To their shame; nothing throughout history achieves the horror of a university education; the claim of the elite “we are gods”/ and yet prove only to be satan. A necessity of learning, whether male or female is required.

Regardless of the tragedy of human animals, residing in herds and living as predators/ the reality of a human life does neither of these. It is only human alive, that constructs a life. All that is animal, knows only want, death, belief, slavery, or fear.

To construct a life, we must share the common ground of miracles prove thought came first. Therefore the primary element or foundation of living a life, is conceived by thought; and we must search within that distinction of living, in order to find respect. Respect is the binding element of trust, without trust, you will fade away from human into animal; because the ascension of hope is destroyed. Without hope, love will fail. Without love life will fail. Therefore in direct defiance of all things “university”; the essence of life itself, is about or begins with respect. As proven by countless examples; the university cult fights against respect, with all that it can do; manipulating all forms of media with a pandemic that alienates the value of life, from your existence: by implanting fear, belief, and the curse of obedience to their rule.

To be alive, then requires you to “disinfect your life”/ from the disease that is “university knows”. To be alive assembles and accepts: that the basis of our existence, is proven by thought. Therefore we must assert, “nothing of university” belongs here/ as they have proven to be “devil/ not gods”. Or more distinctly: their demand to disrespect life, planet, world, water, oceans, EVERYTHING, in order to create extinction for this world. Must end in you; so that life itself can fight back.

While that sounds and is male by its concept of conditioning, through male behaviors. The reality of exponential grief as provided by “university cults of worshipers” identifies the need to join as both male and female, in this one release of gender construction to destroy what is vile among us. “the universities claim to be god”/ claim to know; when in fact, they only believe “their imagination, fantasy, and delusion rules 98%; of what they know”. Making insanity their choice/ their attack as the sewage of life, destroying earth. This is not an attack on knowledge of any kind/ but exists directly as an affront to all things ARROGANT/ DISRESPECTFUL OF LIFE AND PLANET/ DESTRUCTIVE TO THE FUTURE OF ALL THINGS LIVING/ FAILED/ FANTASY/ LIAR/ THIEF/ CHEAT/ WHORE/ TRAITOR/ TERRORIST/ AND EVEN WORSE; as is the construction of the cult called “university knows/ university plays god”. The dead lead, therefore the living will die.

Everything female understands, that without respect for life and the body of living that is our home, our miracle of existence; there is nothing left but violence and abuse/ hatred and slavery. Consequently it is the law we must depend upon, as every woman knows; in direct confrontation with men; as if a war/ it will be female who loses most. By law, and in a courtroom enforcing laws that are justified and fair. These things can be changed: for the life and grace of a living society, respecting the value of miracles as are evident throughout the creation of truth; as is “this living world”.

Everything female, conceives of a life beyond the definitions of male; to end competition, in favor of “we shared and we cared, thereby enjoining each other by respect; for the harmony we created within ourselves, by adding peace to each and every life in this our world of the living. Therefrom by the aid of law: what is hatred is weeded out/ so that life knows joy. What we can become, is not determined by money; the games of men/ the war of men, when they lose. Instead what we can become is determined by our values, and the elevation of our decision, to participate fairly, and with justice, freedoms, and liberty as best we can. The constant corruption of “university in charge of everything”; is a war against all that can be justified, peace, happiness, hope, or harmony. As their decision is extinction, and to attain their thirst for war and its destruction of everything: they released their first biological weapon of mass destruction , as is covid. Sending themselves trillions of dollars, to achieve their final result; as is no path back to life now/ this whole world is dead. Proving they were indeed, SATAN on earth/ “too late now”.

So the cost of being female in this world today is: the last breathe of life is headed for the guillotine/ men know only war to stop it; and that will become the end of life on earth: “same/ same”, all is lost. Women are the difference, in a decision to demand the courtroom and prove what is true/ prove, the cost of being wrong/ prove the reality of disrespect, that is a dead future for all life and earth/ prove the choice we make, is our destiny; because reality knows nothing less.

You see: the foundation problem is: “the universities” know, the future is dead/ because humanity is killing itself by over-population. SO, they don’t live/ UNLESS massive amounts of YOU, are killed. Since they don’t like violence on their hands; as manipulators, they consider you their puppets on a string, and attack with propaganda, and temptations.  Fantasies overtake them/ delusions make imaginations into lies/ and arrogance surfaces “to steal even your face”.

The other primary problem is: that men control each other with the laws they create to EMPOWER THEMSELVES, against the masses. Thereby justice is whatever we want/ and it is NOT, what benefits you. The cost of that is war, but men play the game, because competition forces them to do it. GREED CONSUMES HUMAN EXISTENCE on this earth: therefore “limited capitalism” must be used. Nonetheless, those who lead DO NOT want a justified courtroom, or world laws to stop them from being “criminals in contempt” of the value that is life and earth. So they resist, to keep their power; and will continue resisting justice for all, until this earth is lost. Leaving only women as the foundation of change.

BUT that focuses on the last primary problem: which is the multiplication of humanity/ by the pregnancy of women. The cost of over-population threatening an entire world. The university solution: “lets play god”/ as if life and world, were our own toy. The cost of over-running all forms of government, the fear of men: by a population rise that cannot be fed or competed against because, “we are now simply too many”. Therefore power is our only hope/ and that opens the door, to all things hate.

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