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THE RIGHT, to rule; can be examined very simply. NO, group of human animals (herd) volunteers to be led into unhappiness/ starvation/ slavery/ or any other form of want that is not desired by the vast majority. NO group of people, some of whom are alive as humans being alive in miracles: searches for an army to protect them from values and truths that they do desire to obtain for themselves. ONLY the groups, who find themselves to lazy or unable to accomplish anything they desire (the mob)/ worship a leader, who can then be blamed if found wrong.

So, life as a society or a nation becomes assembled based upon: WHAT THE UNDISCIPLINED want you to change about their lives. And that includes: if you make us rich/ we will even follow you into war. BECAUSE the vast majority want to be rich, and they will find an excuse/ a ridicule/ and a right to murder if they are allowed by being enabled as a herd. Ain’t no damn law here, “we are animals”. Humanity itself is then discarded; and the war machines, of a predator hunting; begins to grow.

So the right to rule: is determined by what the majority want to have changed for them; in their life of time. When poverty has grown, and the direction of society is descending into unhappiness: the herd wants “an opportunity to take more”/ rather than earn it. War (remove the competition and take what we want) is our solution. When happiness has grown, and the value of living appears as happiness it has earned/ then society shapes itself into whatever values and disciplines their assembly of law and preservation of principles we rely upon will tolerate. No war here. So leadership reflects whatever is true in society, until it overwhelms the order of that society; and displaces government with the control of rulers. WE ARE THE RIGHTEOUS ones (rulers making rules to confine and control individuals we don’t like)/ and WE CONTROL THE MONEY (you have no options left, we own it all_); so you have no say.

The herd divides, because rulers DON’T like to share/ and you can’t rule without slaves to do your bidding. This is the constant of men in charge of life on earth.

So the question is: WHAT, can be done to change the claim of power/ and engage the declaration of freedoms, you cannot take from the rest, by your demand for pride?

Answer: very simply, “REMOVE THE GAMES”. Because without a game, there are no winners or losers/ and without excessive claims or access to money (limited capitalism: we vote to limit and create boundaries of protection for us all) as does shape this, our world. The foundation of government, which is chaos; becomes eroded into order, the freedoms of life, and the purpose of liberty which is to protect our own destiny; as the choice we individually make. So to protect ourselves from the chaos generated by power: the foundation of law rules here/ NOT leaders, becomes the method of life without chaos. Because unlike rules and rulers: the law must not isolate individuals for punishment/ but establish the truth of a foundation in law that protects everything we value as life or world.

Then there is military; the difference between policing, and mob controls life. Policing defends society, and is intended to defend society; by using the laws we provide for ourselves as the foundation to say: NO, YOU CAN’T. Whereas military exists to prove: YES, WE CAN. But like university plays god; just because you can/ does not give you a right to proceed beyond the limits that are justified and true to life and world.

Policing requires a bill of rights for both “officer and individual or group”; because we do not hand out the power to make these decisions to our employees. Therefore we choose as a nation or world; what is fair and justified/ and how we will allow that reality of choice to be implemented for the sake and safety of all who can be protected by the rest. Fully understanding: “nothing will be or is perfect”/ and we must life and society, adjust to that truth. The military also requires a bill of rights; to govern the decisions made between soldier and officer. No more “ultimate authority”/ we have rights too: you want people punished or killed for desertion or failure to obey. SAME for officers who slaughter and sacrifice without sufficient cause. WE DEFEND/ unless attacked. We remain disciplined, by the order constant: to be justified.

No religion should be allowed to rule life or society; because EACH HAS THE DUTY to decide their eternal fate or life for themselves. NOT YOUR JOB, to decide or judge anyone else. That is the truth! Therefore law alone rules a nation; and those who are wise will instill the maximum amount of reduction in power to all forms of government, that reality will allow.

NO BANKER should be allowed to rule life or society: and that requires NO BIG BANKS of any kind/ NO consolidation of banks/ NO ORGANIZATION/ NO INDUSTRY ruling the nation/ NO ANY FORM OF PRIDE AND POWER that can overtake “our government” is allowed to exist. NONE of it, as is consistent with WE THE PEOPLE own this world, NOT you, ALL of us as one life shared. Those who care, do understand.

NO university is allowed to charge any fee/ they will only collect a portion as allowed by society: of the wage and income allotted to those they teach. As reality will define. NO UNIVERSITY IS ALLOWED TO EXPERIMENT; unless it is an open book, proven by all of society; that we do understand the consequences of what you do/ and will accept the cost as our own. The fool says: MUTILATE NATURE, find me a cure for death or disease/ who gives a damn about anything but me! But that fool, and their cult worship death: as the reality of life itself MUST BE PROTECTED FROM ALL FORMS OF WAR. Those who suggest what turns into chaos for life and earth; are to be killed. A tragedy averted/ a cult destroyed of its worst offenders. Prove what is true/ do not judge: PROVE what is true, and then construct the consequences as best you can. PRIOR to being a fool.

The right of healthcare is simple and plain as well: NO ONE, should die of little causes/ but we all have to die of complex realities forcing “no right to enter here”. Without death/ NOBODY lives. Healthcare in America: requires a complete and true overhaul of everything/ to reshape a future that is consistent with reality and justified fair play. These do not exist here; extortion, by criminal conceptions of “university is god”; does.

Every form of education is designed to help the child prepare for life in society, nature, planet, and provide a future for this living world. NONE OF THAT, is done in this America. Instead the curse of university is god controls/ and must be completely removed from our future. To form happiness, peace, truth, life, hope, courage, respect, and all that has value to the living; as “human alive in trust, & truth”.

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