The foundations of human society, the realities of history: is once survival is questioned, the human animal arises from its sleep. If survival is accepted, the human animal arises to play games, and enforce “yes I can”. IF HOWEVER LIFE is accepted: a human being alive in the grace of miracles as do surround us all, ascends from being an animal, into the respect that is earned from being life itself. The human cult animal, hates that; because it eliminates the animal, and demands an adherence to laws that benefit life instead of self. Therefore the curse of university (we, the superior ones, are gods) as they propagate, manipulate, & tempt through media; by using mass hypnosis “you are animals/ the herd demands: we can’t all be wrong”/ and more. These are fundamentals, but they don’t control unless you believe. Belief means: you have ended the search for truth, and now hide within the prison you built to hold all questions, evidence, or influences OUT.

Foundation controls are: population expansion, which creates a competition we can no longer survive. Therefore either we expand or war/ and take what we need, or want; by death. “who is more important: us or them”? CHOOSE.

Foundation controls are: with fear we become the owners of our world, by making the others slave for us. With money, we can become the owners of our world, by enforcing starvation upon those who do not slave for us. With weapons, we can enforce fear both ways; insuring destroy us/ and we will destroy you too. With propagation of purposes, manipulation of facts, temptations that release want in those who have nothing to lose: the “nazi mob”, is created. To prove obedience to a purpose is just as potent as belief to a religion: once you identify the enemy.

Foundation controls are: you have only one life to live, and age will insure not only will you die; but the desire for life, will end. Therefore do you want more now/ or do you sacrifice your life so the others can take what they want; leaving you behind, wading in their sewage?

Foundation controls are: every army lives as the masses, who found few choices for themselves. Therefore obedience to death, is less destructive/ than a life without worth. Consequently, the value of a military life: is limited by what discipline and order will deliver. Discipline creates a path, upon which truth earns its consequence to change lives; as best we can. While order searches for the journey most consistent, with our own true desire for life, as a foundation which earns eternity. These are not games; and as such can change the direction of those who are paid to war. Money does not compare, with realities that prove we are alive.

The foundation of life is: that life itself is enough, but only when the essence of life which is love, has been materialized into the sharing and caring each heart needs to sustain its soul. While we cannot do more than we can do for each other; as the evidence will prove is true. The foundation of happiness is caring. The foundation of peace is sharing. The foundation of being alive beyond self, is forgiveness. The foundation to conceive of eternity is thought. The foundation of thought, is to understand the construction of truth, and allow it “the essence of law”; to lead.

TRUTH searches for knowledge, by investigating the evidence of our reality; for “untainted/ unaided definitions that will then prove the understanding of consequences” that have been created by the truth of what has occurred before. In that elevation of reality, by its consequences/ the decisions; which aided and abetted the reality of truth we now face: the quest for wisdom begins. In all circumstances; as is consistent with all armies: OUR PRIMARY DEFENSE, is the weapon which protects us, from an attacker. The attack of lies/ the attack of hate/ the attack of thieves/ the attack of traitors/ the attack of life and even planet; are only among the many elements; that have attacked our world. When we investigate: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for all these things/ the foundation reality looks directly into the universities; at those proclaiming themselves to “know”/ declaring themselves “superior”/ and in fact using every trick they can devise; to subvert whatever truth it is, that brought us into time. So as to declare themselves gods; by leaving us NOTHING LEFT, to provide or protect ourselves from their chaos.

NONETHELESS, if humanity will live; it is because you choose things which are true. Simple as that.

Truth knows, that human population MUST stall and fail to increase beyond what it is today. You have filled this earth/ it is a finite planet/ and you are killing every chain of life in existence. Failure to stop is extinction/ and you cannot stop unless you control without exception (numbers matter); the population rise. Only those who die/ can be replaced with infant life: that is zero population increase. And only women are in charge of it/ with men supporting their decisions with money or other of value to women/ their body, their right; not yours. If they fail/ they did not do worse than men; that too is their right/ but they will regret it with extinction.

The curse of immigration is: we are too many people here/ and those who compete with us, are deliberately trying to make us move. Only a tiny few move for other reasons. IF AND ONLY IF; you are able to control population rise: will you be able to resolve your other problems and realities of failure that must be addressed. It is that simple; you already stand on the edge of extinction/ it takes little to push you over. Nonetheless, WE KNOW; that some groups will not obey the order to stop population growth/ and to enforce EVERYBODY HAS TO OBEY THIS REALITY; or we all die by horrific means. Requires that the identifiable groups be separated so that real world evidence does prove who is or who is not in compliance with that “human law of truth”. Or you starve; because the earth will prove that true; if you fail. So you must, it is not a question or a choice/ you must or you die. Simple as that, no debate required: it is the truth.

IF AND ONLY IF: you can stop the population rise/ among those groups who do: we redivide the world. This group gets one area/ another gets another; and so on. Because unless you do, there will be no peace on earth. SO MANY PEOPLE exist, and they all want more: which means our reality has changed. That reality insists those who “were here first” retain the right of first choice, dependent upon what they DID IN FACT EARN/ wall street earned nothing/ the universities owe “quadrillions”; let truth decide instead of claims. Immigration is NOT the claim of a right to own/ it is only the claim I had no place else to go. But if we do not share/ we will not survive, as war consumes this earth; as history proves will be true. SO, this is a one time only redistribution of assets among the groups “as was the historical division of individual groups” around the world. But instead of “new lands to claim/ as there are NONE”. Or, GENOCIDE as is the cost of over competition: we must divide, and surrender the right to change that: what you get CANNOT be warred to increase. WORLD LAW MUST CONTROL; and that means they are instructed to keep you contained if you fail the human law of no more competition against the other groups. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES, and create a future; or endure the consequences you chose. No mercy unless it is earned by truth. YOU are in charge of YOU/ and no other group is allowed to interfere: only world law, and its enforcement by “the best there is, in all of human existence”; so that justice rings true.

BEYOND controlling human failures. Our world of resources is in dire need of assistance from all sources and realities of work. EXTREME DESTRUCTION BY UNIVERSITY LEADERSHIP; has produced a reality of extinction that we may or may not survive/ no guarantee, too much damage has been done. The list for building back, “a future we will survive” is long. Or, if you prefer: go ahead and commit suicide/ as is the road universities built.

NO, it is not “what I want/ nor is it what the vast majority want”;  because reality as is a life’s work does not determine the foundation of what we can or cannot do.  INSTEAD, the cost of human apathy, failures, beliefs, betrayal, terrorism, delusions, foolishness, and even worse control:  OR WE CHANGE IT, because there is “no living choice” beyond what must be done. THAT, is entirely your fault/ as I did do, what I could do throughout the decades of my time. Choices are dead:  truth decides, or extinction will rule.

WORLD LAW DECIDES; YOU MUST DO THAT, as a world:  by the vote of we the people of this whole world/ one person one vote; end of the story. CANNOT be changed unless a greater percentage is found than what created it as law. i.e. “if 75% of the population” made this law/ then it cannot be changed unless you get “76%” of the population to agree by dedicated and true vote.  those “separated nation groups”; if they have held to the law we all demand for not less than five years/ may then participate among the others as equals;  “same/ same”/ IF they are allowed by that group they invade. if any separated nation group fails the law we chose as a world/ THEY WILL be isolated unto themselves, and enclosed until they have obeyed the laws for a period of not less than five consecutive years.  Every truth has a consequence/ only truth survives;  choose what is true to decide for life and earth.

INSTEAD OF, the media mayhem; that is the constant of “a nazi (make the mob fight) insurrection”/ by trying to incite anger and war; between the races. YOU MUST look beneath the contempt and manipulation of “the superior ones”/ and find the truth instead.

In the case of “black versus white”: the reality of slavery was determined by the bankers who installed that as a means of becoming wealthy. Versus the reality of Africans; who attacked and then sold their own “natives” as a means of becoming wealthy and removing the competition. A choice they made instead of genocide. Regardless it became prevalent in the south; because agriculture requires workers; NOT all were bad realities for either side. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, slavery is nothing any sane person would intentionally choose: on the other side however/ if you were facing genocide or slavery; which would you choose?

Bible thumper’s shout: we don’t like either, it is unfair/ but if you look at the Jews; they attempted or accomplished genocide for what appears to be “thousands of years”. So, be a little less righteous/ reality is reality!

The civil war: made every southerner bankrupt, and destroyed their way of life: MAKING THEM ANGRY, so having no other to take that anger out on: they did attack blacks. And blacks being angry themselves for slavery and how their way of life was destroyed; took it out on whites. More weapons gave whites the upper hand. Revenge for all the death, mutilation, and poverty; gave them pride, and with pride comes the desire for power.

So the end result is: people force other people into the consequences they will face/ or they choose it for themselves, because life gave them a choice. Just like today; when over the last fifty years or so; humanity chose GREED AND APATHY for life and earth/ instead of truth and reality; causing our, real world choices, to be few today.

People who want revenge, find their excuse in pride. Because once they declare themselves to be the loser: “now they have an excuse to hate”. “same/ same”.

IT WAS “the banker” that made people with black colored skin property”; and enforced that; by not removing the claim to other property when the civil war released them, without payment. The north shouting “its the right thing to do”/ while the south shouted: YOU HAVE BANKRUPTED US ALL, and now we will lose everything we worked for. The same is true in this day: IT IS THE BANKER that demands “your debt” won’t change. Even though it is the government employees who corrupted every form of security to this nation. LET THE BANKER PAY, and then you can in a courtroom of WE THE PEOPLE, “find a way/ to be justified and fair”; as best we can. Nothing less will do: the banker pays/ they are the primary protectors of the money, and they FAILED THEMSELVES; with this catastrophe of financial disaster. As is the constant: men just keep playing the same game, throughout all of history. They never change; after a war, “the bankers own nearly everything (you defaulted/ its mine now)”. so, the reality of change is: let them earn what they keep; by proving what is true, and without “contamination”/ or go to prison.

We start over, AS A WORLD GOVERNED BY LAW/ NOT GAMES. We the people; remove hate from society and identify “fair play, in a courtroom by the evidence; as best we can”; or you war. CHOOSE.

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