MEN make government into a game; to prove “yes we can”/ thereby enlisting university to enhance and enable their intent to take control over everything. Consequently war after war/ starvation and destruction for thousands of years without end. Because that too, is soon to come. It is their games, to prove superiority or revenge; that establish war.

GOVERNMENT; rather than a game: is NEEDED TO BE; Stable, secure, steady and dependable, a platform defined by justice, and enabled by taxation to further the benefits to all/ rather than the conspiracy of a few. To establish these things: the money must NOT be stolen or corrupted by the few. Which means, NONE but society itself, by their own vote/ and their own payment for the debts they did create: under rules of reality are allowed to touch it. More deliberately: instead of a foundation built upon money/ society requires a foundation built upon what benefits life, happiness, and a future. That would translate, as a basis of money for basic living costs/ and a decision by society of what we can build together for the benefit of us all. Work together/ benefit together. Fight with each other/ and you end in war with each other. The difference is: what is true decides, rather than want.

Truth is determined by the evidence, the knowledge that creates/ and a foundation of understanding that reality creates; which excludes the fantasy world of university knows. With knowledge and understanding, wisdom is possible: to conceive of the future, by shaping its past into the present we chose to build. Universities shaped our extinction, our wars with weapons of mass destruction/ the mutilation of life/ ignition of this planet into a sun/ destruction of every chain which supports and sustains our existence/ cursing every resource, poisoning every water supply, attacking every living thing in the seas and more. They are evicted from control/ and must be watched with a very critical view to insure NONE OF THAT, happens again/ as is the aid of government when it works for life, instead of power, pride, and greed, that is the cult of university plays god.

The foundation of government is: NO YOU CAN’T; BECAUSE men use any excuse they can find to claim we are the superior ones, we are the rich ones, and you are the slaves. So government that works for life and planet REFUSES to allow their games. INSTEAD of that disgrace, the value of life itself must be searched; and every life must find inclusion in that process of building a society that serves us all, with hope, peace, justice, and fair play. As proven by time: “university knows” is only capable of an insurgency against us/ a vile anarchy that seeks to destroy life and earth in exchange for war against us all. University runs government/ university designs greed/ university seeks power and controls by fear/ university destroys diversity, causing the rise of an army against the rest; by cheating, lying, betrayal, and terrorism. In other words, in the last one hundred years: the greatest enemy ever conceived, has proven to be “university dissolves into SATAN”. As the destroyer of life and earth taking control through the manipulation of media induced fear, belief, and obedience to the mob of university fools.

Government is NOT a complex construction! It merely needs to create the boundaries and limits which allow for justice, fair play, happiness, hope, values, courage, dignity, respect, discipline, order, balance, and trust to illuminate “the best we can be, as love allows”. Hate the constant used by men to destroy what those who do better create/ establish fear and destruction by enabling war; whether weapons or universities; their end result is the same. KILL life/ and take what we want. So the critical question throughout history has been to remove the threat of the living dead, from invading our lives; by preparing for war. The critical answer to removing that threat is WORLD LAW, and the governing of leaders; so that nations are not allowed to create their solution, by invading the lives and work of someone else. WORLD LAW REMOVES ALL weapons of mass destruction/ and replaces them with world policing and a world court: which then determines by the evidence of LAWS WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD MAKE: if these leaders shall remain in charge of their nation.

IF they will not come to court on their own, or by limited force/ then all measures shall be used to accomplish: you shall not rule here anymore. THE WORLD convicts you of treason, AND ANY accomplice to that fact will be treated the same.

The foundation of change required to enable these facts to be established, as society begins its new journey, is with: the separation of groups. Or more distinctly: women are in charge of childbirth; and they shall accept and control the truth, we CANNOT as a world allow for more children to be born; than those numbers which establish zero population growth. MORE OLD DIE/ more infants can be born. Nothing less than that; because this earth is full; or cannibalism is next. Separated, because anything less pits one group against the other; and they will fail. Instead, “we the people” are looking at you and your group; to enforce you will comply/ or the consequences are yours alone.

The foundation of change is; that men shall enforce their decision as a world: to insure both planet and life are no longer threatened with extinction/ by creating laws all of humanity shall obey. Enforced by world law, created by the vote of every person: to choose what our world, instead of our nation shall be, and shall obey. First by controlling leaders of nations with world policing able to do that job; through a courtroom open to all the world for viewing, without ANY doors, OR hidden rooms.

The decisions to protect the planet from global warming/ habitat extinction/ ocean life extinction/ life extinction/ global deforestation/ resource destruction/ weapons of mass destruction/ claims of a pandemic/ currency devaluation/ and all the rest of the fantasies, delusions, imagination without reality, curses, lies, cheating, stealing, mutilation, devoid of a brain, mass manipulation, media propaganda, and worse which world universities have led us into. Shall be demolished, so that truth and the evidence of our lives and our future can be determined by the realities we face as a world. The consequences of our failure to address and sustain the chains of life, saving the water, and every curse university has been. Including the very most severe and immediate: which is the claim of knowledge, that is nothing more than a rotting corpse of imagination; the assertion of fusion, which is purely a lie/ and the cost of their being wrong: which is igniting a nuclear fire by creating a self-sustaining fire which burns the bond holding atoms together “”. Is our world ignited into a sun. because contrary to university imagination and corruption of knowledge to gain power and pride through greed: NO POSSIBILITY EXISTS, to extinguish a nuclear “let’s burn atoms for fuel” fire. EVERYTHING HERE IS FUEL; and only the most insane cult worshiper does not know what that means.

But then, the university sewer, that believes in “evolution”; is so blatantly without a brain/ they can believe anything so long as its not real. Go ahead ask them: how did bones occur/ what causes, bones to grow at the same rate, on both sides of the body/ create joints, ligaments, muscles, skin, and a billion more realities of life that are not “imaginary”, or fantasy delusions. The corpse of university; builders of hell; failures of an entire world; fail existence itself.

As reality proves true: individual nations CANNOT make the decisions that are necessary to keep this world alive, or sustain a reality of existence we or life on this planet can survive. NEITHER can we sustain ourselves from their weapons of mass destruction; and “a hundred other realities of human behavior; as shown in men, and their constant descent into war”. WE MUST OBEY THE LAW, AS A WORLD. Removing the claim of “yes we can”/ by establishing as “we the people, one and all have decreed this, as our decision for everything and everyone; as a world”. That we will protect life and planet. We will not interfere in nations, unless that law accepted by the people of this world is required. But we will protect both life and nation, as we see fit: by demanding the law says NO you can’t/ and we the world, will make you obey. With force, against leaders: as a last resort. IF you, the leaders: will not come to court as a world bids you: to resolve the dispute therein. One world, equals one life: because we are so many people, there is now; no other way.

The university driven delusion, failure, corruption, and curse of “we will just go get more”, of anything;  WILL be thrown away, so that reality itself, by its own consequences of truth, can resurface/ or you die. LIFE AND PLANET ARE PRECIOUS, and you will stop throwing reality away, for a university brainless fool and its cult of tragedy and disgrace.

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Jim Osterbur

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