In the constant of this human life, what never changes is the human demand “for what I want”/ regardless of the consequences, the cost of being wrong, or even the opportunities for choosing better. Nothing matters but want, and all want hinges on the belief, that you know what you want; because you want it to be true for you “regardless of what happens to the rest”. That “is the blood of a cemetery; what oozes from the coffin”; because it never changes throughout time. Each generation suffers from the same disease of want.

What is vile is: humanity turns this want into a game, and that game into the power to make each other cry. As winner is meaningless, and loser comes with revenge for the majority. So the question is: how can beliefs be changed, in order to redirect want into the basis and foundations needed to bring humanity back “to being alive”. Instead of dying to prove “I have value too”.

Belief shapes human behaviors, because it allows the believer to discard truth and evidence in order to accept “whatever I want is true/ because I have accepted it as true; and nobody can get within these prison walls erected to KEEP YOU OUT; and thereby change me anymore.” Belief is then the gate keeper, and it is as deaf as anything can be on this earth; because the animal inside that prison has been manipulated or controlled or humiliated, or ridiculed, or abused or used or raped or whatever it is that forces a prison to be erected around your own life. In order to protect you, from others and yourself; when loneliness attacks.

Thereby belief is a functional foundation that uses religion to identify “we can’t all be wrong”/ pacifying the herd, by proving I, or we; are not alone. Therefore belief is a powerful tool, used to remain “untouched from here”: and that includes love for the vast majority; because the human animals have been media manipulated into believing they are better, by making the others less. The cost of marketing mayhem, disrespect, ridicule, fantasies, delusions, the curse of imagination, and all that the religion of “university knows” has done is: to tear being human apart, and enforce “you ain’t nothing more than an animal; as the universities insist. This cult of university is god, is then distributing, the primary function of chaos, by embedding their doctrine of failed life onto every child through the education suffocating the children by their religious cult. NO, you may not be human/ you are an animal, and must stay within the fences, by doing whatever we say; believing whatever you are told; and obeying without question that the university expert is god; so says media enforcement, and their mass hypnosis campaign to instill compliance to anything they demand. Such as is covid.

An animal can be slaughtered; because we are the superior ones; the predators who do not care; so says the union of the “elite”. The university elite; pretend they are gods, by selecting whatever it is, that the religious cult of “university knows” will teach/ all must bow down, and none shall question; “because god is god, and you have no say/ no mind/ and no right to exist beyond our decision over you”. As is the university way, when dealing with animals: all superior/ none may question.

For those who remain human however, no such superiority exists, and every form of a “presented truth” is questioned for its accuracy, and value as is separated from want, fantasy, delusion, imagination, theft, betrayal, terrorism, and more. Leaving very little indeed left; of what the universities demand is true. But with media propagation of lies and manipulation, the intentional creation of a mob to enforce “you will FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”; or we can kill you. The foundations of humanity are abandoned by the majority, as a means of self preservation: “the enemy lurks”/ with weapons drawn.

So the real question is: HOW, do we escape the curtain of the dead, dripping the disease of bloodshed; in front of all who “have a question/ rather than a belief, a fear of what these can do, or the desire to be an animal forced by manipulation to obey; the curse of life”?

The answer is: FORCE THEM INTO “THE SUNLIGHT” so that nothing can be hidden/ and the predator has no advantage at all. While they are stealthy, subversive, deadly, and destructive in the darkness; they are not wise enough to avoid the truth, when all lights are on, and the foundations of our own survival as a world; come into view. As the truth we face our own extinction, because of the choices these have made. That is enough to prove: “the believers cemetery will close”; the cost of human indifference, and the blind belief allowing the horrors established by this cult, will end.

TRUTH IS ESTABLISHED BY WHAT DOES EXIST; “WHEN ALL THE SHADOWS ARE REMOVED”, and only the evidence itself will reveal what is there. No beliefs, no assumptions, no wants, no hidden expectations; NOTHING but what the purity of light has shown is true. In contrast to that is the law: which removes all that does not exist as a primary element in what is true. Leaving the unaided reality of existence as either right or wrong/ and nothing more or less than that. Therefore truth has no agenda, no concept to be proven or not, no assertion of value or destruction: it is simply and without covering the reality by any means or method of shadows, disguises, intent or other: what it is.

Having aided and abetted the discovery of what has value to life, the essence of love is exhibited as we begin to understand “this helps me to be free, in the grace and beauty of our existence”. While the discovery of chaos and destruction is exhibited as hate (truth without value)/ the foundations which erect the consequences of death, and the tears of dismemberment to all that does have value.

The lesson being simple: truth with value, exhibited in law; is the beginning of love, and all that joy can be/ while truth without the value of existence aided by this element, is the death of life called hate.

Existence, or not; forms the basis and foundation to all that knowledge is or can be. Therefore knowledge accepts what is true, and does not waiver beyond those limits.

Understanding accepts knowledge Is limited by realities we do not yet know; and therefore asserts, these are the boundaries of what can and cannot yet be understood as valid and true to our existence. The concept of boundaries being the formation of life itself.

Wisdom NEVER gambles with what has value/ nor does it examine hate for what has no value. What is sacred is deemed sacred, and therefore protected from harm by the courage and the duty, to acknowledge and accept: life is a gift, both precious and true. Thereby giving to each life, an essence of value that cannot be taken away by anything other than hate.

And the people say: “we want what we want/ be damned to the world, to life, to the future, and even to their own eternity; because they want, what they want”/ and DON’T want, no damn interference in what they want to be true. Regardless of the cost. Thereby earning the extinction you now deserve.

So the people rebel, and shout: “he is a dead man”/ because we don’t want what he says. As is the foundation of hate.

While the universities intervene, to scream: “let us find what he hides, so we can destroy what he says”. Thereby proving we are gods, and this one is nothing.

While I remain the same: let truth alone lead, so that life and planet will survive. Shaping the future by realities which form the basis of our own survival. No more games, no more power, no more wants; only truth leads, “not me”. What the evidence will show: grants love, peace, happiness, and hope. A reality that demands: you may no longer believe whatever you want to believe/ but must accept the price of survival is truth, by its own reality. And whatever that requires you to change, in protection of life and planet; whether you like it, or not.

Nothing less, will keep you alive or beyond extinction. Choose RESPECT, for life and planet and child and GOD . And that is, “the truth”.

In contrast to that, is the fundamental question: WHAT do people who already have everything they could want of power, pride, and trophies/ risk all of life on earth for? Risk mutilating all life, and even destroying this entire planet? Answer: they want to find the solution to genetically alter death, so they themselves can remain young or never die; “its called a university imagination, submerged in the fantasies of their own delusions”; as is, their decision to be, playing god with life. you see”, the problem is they are all getting old, and time is running out to find a solution so they don’t die. Answer: experiment with the world itself.

But they need not worry, eternity has a plan for true hate; they will crawl inside their own terror, to escape death/ but fail, and be consumed, as if eaten alive; one atom at a time, until every tear they caused is accounted for.

It should be noted, once again: that truth is truth, and that does not include mercy. Mercy is a decision to alter the environment of truth, to include the dimensional layer of “less than perfect”. Nonetheless, these are not the same; but conform to law under the decision, “we were not meant to be perfect, as humans in time”. Thereby a second chance should be known to exist; for those who built their lives upon the decisions for love.

My own life is depicted by the transient point between time and the spiritual world of truth; “its complicated”/ and unnecessary to explain. What is consistent with your need to know is: that truth does not include mercy, it simply is, what it is. As a consequence, my life is shaped within a battlefield of what must be/ and what must not be; even though that is in conflict with truth/ it is not in conflict with time. I know not how this living; ends, or reshapes the reality of me/ there is no control. I live in the moment; where female is “spiritual truth”/ and male is time changed. Because the end result of that is: where this world needs to be.

While I continue to assert the evidence is clear/ “spiritual woman in me”, refuses that dimensional ending, and demands hope.

The reality being: that in the choice between male and female, the clear evidence is war for male will end this earth/ while the clear evidence of female in charge: will search for an existence that does survive for as long as time, and its reality will allow. The difference is a quest: male searches for the future of what life can become/ but in this time of “the plague of fools/ university is your god”. My search ends with your extinction, a disease released into “weapons of mass destruction”/ which none will survive. The quest of female, is primarily for home and family/ rather than what life could become; female searches for the best this life can be, without the drippings of failure, to corrupt everything they can touch. However every form of disgrace, and most disrespect is equally infectious in women as it is in men; and what they would choose for the future if in charge is limited by their own sense of duty or the truth of their own real world desire. None can know the actual truth of it, until they try. The biblical prediction for male in charge is clear in Revelation 1-11; horror and catastrophe (the way of men) lead to extinction. The biblical prediction for female in charge is somewhat clear in Revelation 12-22; although conceived with trial after trial, and a multitude of controversy, the end result is life does survive; and even becomes beautiful in the end. Making my own choice “let female try”; a more valuable contribution to what our future can become, than anything male in charge, could do.

When confronted with changes MUST be made/ those who did this MUST be stopped; the last resort of male is war/ and that means extinction. When confronted with changes MUST be made/ those who did this MUST be stopped: the last resort of female is court/ and that means whatever will be found true of life and desire, the purpose of human existence itself; will decide. That at least, presents hope.

the curse of university however:  IS DEATH HIDDEN, “in every crack”/ as the makers of weapons of mass destruction continue their plague of pride until the end. The absolute horror of every biblical prediction already standing in the door; to dissolve our lives from this earth; as is the evidence of their truth. OR, they are dissolved from power, and returned to “the trade schools” they were meant to be.

The curse of men:  the leaders scream, “they WILL obey us/ OR, we will kill them”/ our armies have no choice. The reality of men:  “kill a billion people, and there are literally still at least 7 BILLION more to go”/ WHICH DOES END, the claim that war will solve this. The most you can do: is UNLEASH revenge, and disease.

The curse of women:   “you are, the baby factory”; and if zero population increase does not exist from this moment onward; YOU become guilty of a war against this world. By allowing, numbers which fail life and earth. The end result of cannibalism, and even worse follows. Without true justice you fail/ you MUST be FAIR. Without true happiness unleashed by friendships between male and female, “WITHOUT all the guile and destitution of what media has taught you to be”. Returning to the value and grace due, as respect will allow for truth between the sexes.

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