In the history of this world, nothing has proven to be so disgraceful, destructive, demeaning, venomous, and vile as is a university diploma. And all the people say: WE WON’T STAND FOR THIS. BECAUSE as believers you have no right to think for yourselves.

Nonetheless, the realities of this day are clearly conclusive and true: under university direction and leadership, we face our own extinction/ even the destruction of this entire earth. The consequence being: who could possibly be a bigger fool, traitors to life, terrorists to the planet itself; in all of history, than are you? Answer: none have been so vile/ none have been so delusional and destructive than the religious cult called “university knows/ university is god”. Simple as that, the evidence is in/ the verdict is given; and you are judged contributors to the death of our world of life.

And all the people say: “we are gods/ we are the greatest who have ever lived/ we are the builders of a new world, by destroying every foundation that brought life and sustains life on earth. All bow down to “the university/ as media, and governmental leadership commands”.

BUT ALAS: you built HELL, AND will enter it soon; because that is what your gods of university chose to do. Every biblical prophecy of terror and catastrophe is posed to take control; because you refused reality and truth/ allowing the fantasy and delusions of university imagination to replace these with lies, theft, terrorism, and betrayal. While the people who could have intervened for life; congratulated themselves on collecting “worthless numbers” as their trophy for sacrificing every child. To your shame. But alas; you are believers, and nothing in this world can make you think for yourselves; as the prison of your beliefs make that impossible. Truth is blocked out/ the reality of consequences locked out/ the miracles of life covered over by lies/ and fear is locked in; to insure you continue to believe, and then obey. To your shame.

So the question is WHY? Are you willing to destroy this entire earth/ casting aside every value/ destroying every foundation upon which life itself depends. Measuring each other, to play judge/ and believing in a “university god” that is so vile it injects chaos into nature/ attempts to make this earth a sun/ and is so subversive as to enslave, manipulate, and propagate fools only are allowed.

The answer itself, is quite simple: “you want what you want/ and be damned to anything that does not give you what you want”. So the universities do their best to give you what you want “for free”/ DON’T RESPECT NOTHING. While all things media insist: humanity is an animal, and you are nothing more than predator or prey. And the people believe. Simple as that; all that is grief/ all that is vile/ all that is tragic begins here. Because want has no respect for life, or realities of work, or the consequences of being wrong, or the essence called thought, or the values of love, or ANYTHING that exists beyond self. WANT is your god, even above university is the religion (we don’t have to know/ we believe) of your foundation beliefs.

I have spent forty+ years attempting to compete with your wants/ having failed entirely, because nothing can get behind the wall that is selfishness, in all but the tiniest few. No consequence is enough/ no reality of loss is enough/ no truth that aligns with the destruction of everything is enough/ not even the cost of being wrong, with regard to igniting a nuclear fire is enough. Because you are believers; the decision “I am NOW RIGHT”/ and cannot be proven wrong; because my belief protects me from all doubt. But alas, truth itself proves you wrong, and all the righteousness that exists, cannot protect you from the consequences of what you chose. Because a lie, is only a lie; and will never stand as an anchor to life or living. Only truth survives. Truth is not dependent upon what you want, as is belief. Which means your want “is the devil inside”/ your belief, the army of the damned which attacks life and earth.

And religion says: WE HATE YOU. But reality says: only truth builds a life, and only thought can design a future. Hate is a form of chaos, and chaos merely destroys. Search for truth, and if you are honest, that truth will lead you into life itself. That is “the only religion I have”.

More distinctly, religion means: we have organized ourselves into a group, which then declares, “we can’t all be wrong”. In contrast other religions are formed to assert: YOU are all wrong/ because WE are all; right”. The difference being; what they each want, from life and living, or death.

“the university” as are consistent with all other forms of inclusion, are used as covers; to end the discussion of “who do you mean”/ and assemble “they all agreed, as is the uniform of this description”. But like all realities of life, only a few form the basic ingredients which align with “we lead this march”. All the rest are an army used to enforce those decisions. Universities declare we know, and in search of power and pride: they attempt endlessly to destroy what came before, so as to prove we are your leaders/ we are your gods now. Extreme arrogance, and the cancerous disease of pride formed by death of heart and soul; contribute their insertion, as leaders into HELL. “those calling themselves government”; are in no way different/ instead of yelling we know, they yell “listen to me”. But the reality of that is: having come through the universities, it is their gods, and the cult worship of university that decides what they do believe. Want measures, but righteousness is judge. Belief is merely the journey into delusions, fantasy, and imagination. Which summed up by the reality of failures (extinction threatens), disgrace (every form of security is disemboweled), disrespect (lets mutilate life and inject chaos), and intellectual disease (we can control the sun); the cause of why, 99% of everything “university knows” has done, a valueless dysentery of septic delusion & sewage. Proving tragedy, and bringing catastrophe to us all. as is proven by covid; “the cloak of university is god”/ hides the truth, these are the serial killers (world terrorists) who released a biological disease upon our world; so they could get rich, by selling their vaccine (to create chaos in our human existence of life).

And the people say: WE MUST accept, that our decisions shall take us on the journey we desire/ and what we desire most is what we want, “or don’t want” to happen. Therefore belief is our assertion as a group, that this is the best we can do; and as such, you have no right to assume or assert, that decision is less than valid to our purpose.

But reality defines truth, as the value of laws which align our decision, with our own ability to conceive of, and thereby think about and identify, what the future of this journey shall bring, by the elements of thought which struggle to assert; we must not be wrong. Want intervenes in that, refusing thought/ deciding all elements of the journey we chose to take; by simply avoiding the realities of truth and law; to take whatever we believe we can take. As each screams: Let the world and every child be damned: GIVE ME TROPHIES, TRINKETS, AND TOYS. Ending of course in war, devastation, starvation, extinction, tragedy, catastrophe, and even worse.

Therefore we know: that want rules over “truth, thought, real world hope, honesty, value, courage, and everything that is life sustaining”; because you want trophies, trinkets, and toys more than life itself. Until death at the door, makes you fear.

There is an endless amount of changing required by truth, in order for life to sustain itself once again. The possibilities of that happening are very small now; because of your choices, the condemnation of “university is god”, chosen by you.

Nonetheless, I will retain a “billion to one” chance for you to recover/ until the realities of law prove: you went over the line, and are now extinct. Even if a few will remain to die slow and harsh.

The plague of “dead skeletons” as is university driven cult worship and leadership; simply attests too, “these still have the framework of being human/ but the worms and parasites have consumed their heart, and their souls”.

More simply: they stole your brain, defeating your humanity, by consuming your connection with life itself/ thereby leaving you “merely animal”. The acceptance of miracles, is the evidence of thought. The evidence of thought, is the proof of being a living human, being found alive in the essence of truth beyond time.

While religion offers: “we cannot be wrong/ nothing has changed for thousands of years”. The reality of that is: nothing has changed for thousands of years/ not a single offering of search or quest for knowledge, understanding, or wisdom. Only a book to hide in/ to cage and control the questions of life and eternity; by stating “you can’t defeat this; every writer is dead”. Making them exempt from change.

The reality of life itself is not dormant, but is a flow, or more distinctly the motion of a decision that is caused by you. What truth allows, will form the future. What lies are found, will form into chaos; searching for death.

The value of life is not found in the dead writers book; but in the testimonies of life, that teach us of our reality, by the cost, purpose, and desire of those who present what they have learned. Belief is not one of those things; belief is what you want, which then governs the cage which holds all other information or decisions out. Truth is an environment formed by boundaries and limits which design and control the possibilities of life and living. Therefore truth not only survives, but is intimately the very nature of our existence. Universities throughout this world inject chaos into that truth, and design death as their contribution to HELL.

Nothing in this world is so vile, as a university education: the curse of fools who believe they can be gods/ the disease of the reckless and vomit of imagination that leads to extinction. An arrogance ending in HORROR/ TERROR/ AND THE TRUTH; YOU CHOSE TO DESTROY YOURSELVES, AND YOUR WORLD. Or, in more simple terms: they are the religion called “Satan”.

As to life itself; religions teach us, what was learned “thousands of years ago”/ which men then grabbed onto, in order to build their world by what they wanted life and eternity to be. Believing in, and shaping each religion according to what they wanted; refusing all forms of elevating knowledge or understanding; because that is not what they wanted. They wanted, what they wanted; and rose to war to prove “we cannot all be wrong”. As did every other religion do the same; until war proved they could be wrong/ and as a consequence went into hiding from reality.

LIFE on the other side of reality, beyond the existence of time: allows that creation does have a purpose. To identify those who can and will love within the disciplines, order, balance, truth, respect, courage, hope and service of heart that is and brings both harmony and peace to a world that does not allow for hate. Thereby happiness and freedom ring true; in a universe “with endless room” for life; beyond the cost of death as is hate. Love is precious, the single most desirable reality of our existence in the essence of being ALIVE.

Unfortunately; just because you want love, is not enough to earn love; because there is a wide dispersal of values and realities and needs which do come first. You cannot truly love someone, if you let their world die/ and could have done something to stop it; even if you fail. Love does not allow for excuses, love allows only for the decisions which respect what is true. If love was simple, then it could be spread “like fire” across the earth. But it is not simple, requiring the foundations which support that decision/ the values which sustain that decision/ the truths which discipline and decide what balances our hope. The timing which gives order to our existence as one “family”, instead of two or more individuals. Love is an intimate truth; an intensity that allows each to search inside the other, for what keeps us both alive. But that makes it a cost beyond self, if love fails on the inside; as it takes or destroys the trust that makes love possible.

Religion exists; to remove the cost of love, by replacing it with rules (do this, and you get what you want). But rules make rulers (the righteous), and rulers do not exist in love. Each is a participant, equal to the values which you contribute to our living.

The quest for eternity is not a game, and it does not give a value to animals; it searches only for humans being alive in both truth and love, by respect as its elemental rise beyond time. Therefore respect is the pathway, love is the gate, and truth examines who you truly are, because only the identities which earn trust: will pass through.

Religion remains as it has been for thousands of years: because in the final analysis, “humanity wants what it wants”/ and by hiding from realities they do not want; the claim is “have mercy we did not know”. Thereby choosing want over truth, with the purpose of lies.

LIFE however knows only truth will survive, and nothing less will do. Therefore truth decides; even if you don’t want truth itself, to rule over you. It is what it is, and without truth, even eternity itself falls into ruin.

Your universities are, “the final state of religion”/ as they offer, “now we are so powerful/ that we have become our own gods”. Each screaming: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, as does their cult of followers! But their offering is, soon to become the reality of consequences: the catastrophe of “lies, theft, delusion, fantasy, manipulation, imagination without truth, greed, selfishness, betrayal, terrorism, chaos, horror and hell”. Not gods, only devils. Yet even with all the evidence of mutilating nature itself/ poisoning and destroying every foundation of life/ and EVEN destroying the foundations of atomic structure, and trying to ignite a nuclear fire on this earth “just like the sun”. The curse of fools, still controls media propaganda; ;and refuses truth by screaming WE WANT WHAT WE WANT. To your doom.


just so its clear: I am NOT your savior (JESUS is, as the guarantor we were not Created, and then left behind). Providing the lessons of love, respect, reality, trust, hope, courage, and truth: he did become the path beyond self.

I am NOT your leader/ not your enemy/ not your anything; just a messenger provided to prove you were told “CHANGE, or you will go EXTINCT”/ far sooner than you believe possible.

As to all things “beyond religion”; these are spiritual elements which provide the next composition of what can or cannot be searched, for the essence of life. But they are not free, and costs arise; as is the reality of every truth. Love binds us with trust, to what we accept as true. Therefore truth is more than want, and want should have no place in you or me.

I encountered “spiritual truths”, by the evidence of my education/ including a spiritual woman/ a spiritual dimension called female), who is now “an infinite part” of my life; a reality beyond choice. My life is slowly altering its shape to accommodate that change; but it is hard, and I have no reference of knowledge as male. Understanding is slow; wisdom does not exist. The spiritual world is, an “uncontaminated truth”/ and I am certainly a contamination of female existence; just as she is an alteration of male in me. ITS COMPLICATED, and I fully do not expect you to understand; however she insists, you will know; as the only conception of “time continues on this earth” is if female leads.

Truth is not allowed to be contaminated with mercy/ truth is only “what it is, and no more”. Little represents that more; than “for a moment of two” I contemplated if I could walk away; but set that aside/ a day later I broke my ankle; proving without doubt, I would NOT be walking away from anything truth demanded I do. Proving male has been overrun, and completely lost control; to the female world I entered. Put back in time/ but not completely. In contrast to that is, The reality: “that you must die, a little” to enter within the spiritual world/ and that does remove all options, “it is a choice”. I suppose you could conceive of it as gambling/ but as for me, I know: truth is the only thing that truly survives, which means life is secondary. Which is why, religion has so much trouble moving ahead. “the herd animal” wants complete safety, therefore it shouts “we can’t all be wrong”. Human however searches for soul, and that will detach from time; as the heart moves you to trust the reality of miracles in you. Life is about law, making it greater than truth; because truth can have value or chaos, as the foundation of its existence. The search for law, is then paramount to eternity for life. Alas, No changing your mind. If you fail to understand the truth you have entered (then like death, you cannot return to time as it was). “its complicated”/ truth is “yes or no” with very little in between; you should prepare for that, as you will enter in, with death . Nonetheless, the value is just as true, as the realities required. Death is the removal of all freedoms and choice: truth is both key and lock, into a separated world. To enter that door, freedom and choice are separated from you; until you do understand. I did understand “every door I opened”/ until female. Which is so far beyond anything male, as to be “completely different”. More distinctly, the reality of difference is similar too: male looks in a mirror one way/ but female reverses that image to see life in a different way. the price of spiritual entrance into any specific truth is: that you MUST leave the freedom to choose behind you/ because truth is truth, and it may not be contaminated; therefore you have no say in its reality. The consequence of that reality is: if you cannot understand the truth you entered into/ then you have no method of escaping its grip on your own reality. That does not end, as life teaches me each day: life is no longer me, “but we”/ and I am not in charge; that is the lock. In this dimension of “female life”/ there is no need to fear, no reality of war: but no means of escape either. I opened the door, into the female spiritual world; ” just a question (men cannot save this world)”/ but that is irrelevant now, for me. Her answer: “let female try”. Nonetheless Changed, “we, not me”/ no choice allowed: every truth, has a consequence. I am now irretrievably connected to the spiritual world of women/ and because I have returned to time. “together, we have worked for life and earth for the last 16+ years”/ the first 12 as equals, but not anymore. But reality proves time has run out, and truth waits only a little more for life to find its soul. I am now the presence of that living female dimension, here on earth (ITS COMPLICATED); as is proven by the evidence of knowledge and understanding presented to you. Dimensions occur in thought/ but thought lives within energy: they are not the same.

This world as it is;  is the best men did do; they cannot do better; and their only real solution as history does prove is war. Their constant choice is “life is a game; as want is exchanged for money or power/ pride is the demand to be superior or  what they did choose to do; by presenting this world with “university (we want what we want_)”: how great is this for WAR.

I SEARCHED FOR TEN YEARS;  before entering the female dimension looking for an answer to keep this earth alive!  Finding none in male, “I knocked on their door”, just to ask a question/ but plainly, that was not enough to help. Men are men, and this is, standing on the edge of extinction:  “the best they did do”.  But make no mistake, “just being female is NOT enough”; to save this world.   WORK FOR LIFE, OR DIE.

If we step away from the beaten road of human wants, and enter reality to discover WHY should we care? The consequence of that is: every form of miracle, that is the essence of life on earth, comes with its own declaration of love visited us here. In the motion of your body, the grace and beauty of flow, the design of gender, the value of mind and senses, the service of work, the balance of truth, the disciplines of thought, the order which elevates life beyond an animal; and the respect we do owe, for all that we have received. Points to GOD (for lack of a better word), as the CREATOR beyond question. Because all of that, and so much more is the evidence of an intelligence so far beyond our own; that only fools, failures, liars, traitors, and thieves attempt to do so. As is the evidence of evolution; the basket case, of human coffins spewing forth ignorance and delusion. The universities represent an endless fantasy, spawned like bacteria invading your lungs with their imagination. Greater fools were never born. They know it: and consequently refuse to be questioned/ while media zealots, the priests of the dead; live to enforce “you can’t touch us”.

While the debts incurred by worshiping the university cult; force them to lie, cheat, steal, betray, and even terrorize in order to keep from going bankrupt/ or are used as the method most likely to prove “we are the winners here”/ and that MAKES YOU, “the damn loser”.

Religion is about two distinct things: to enforce “I can win too”/ even if it is not in this life of time. While the second is fear of death; which means I must resolve the cost of life and living, by finding something that will let me die, “without cost” to me.

Neither constructs truth; as life itself is not a game, and those who play for trophies trinkets or toys fail the essence of living; which is to determine and decide upon the path most likely to find Creation and its Creator within ourselves. Death is not a game either: which means the question is, “WHAT can survive beyond time”? The answer to that is truth survives, providing the consequences to your decision, as your own foundation for life beyond self. Or more distinctly it is self, the essence of body that dies. While it is life, the essence of existence itself, that forms from the energies which create it. That existence is determined by what energy can or will do, when transformed from time (an action or reaction) into eternity (beyond the realm of touch, as is the recognition of existence; I am here). So the question changes from the consequences of truth, into the compilation of values (that which the law decides, earned a place here). The critical question being: WHO, are you, where no lies exist?

UNLIKE the constant of university is god religion/ the cult of the dead; the empty skeletons of the damned. The reality of human existence is our connection with Creation itself; only fools and their vomit contrive of less. JESUS produced the distinct and completely clear definitions of “love versus hate”/ and applied that to the eternal concept of life beyond self. While university cults worship animals, and demand hate through the descent called; chaos is your god. The values of love, shared by caring, friendship, respect, hope, courage, values, dignity, self worth, honesty, bravery, desires expressing heart and soul as the purpose of our lives. The alternative of those who offer the cost of hate/ the desecration of life itself through violence, death and disease, disrespect, devaluing life, destroying realities, causing extinction of species, ravaging and raping habitat, cursing the environment, the planet, every form of living; and creating all the catastrophe needed to produce war, prior to all-out horrors and terror beyond end. Seems like an easy decision to make; as all life is one or the other: either defined by love OR hate. Yet people want what they want instead, proving instead of life, they want both love and hate/ death and destruction, along with love and family;;; “they want it all”, to prove they too can play god, just like the universities. And the universities do everything they can; to provide wants, without revealing or understanding the consequences of that choice. Causing life, and planet: to descend into destruction. Little is worse than the “university satan”; whose arrogance unlike the religions that came before; is so extreme, “they want us all dead”/ just to prove they can. To their shame, and yours.

Yes I do know: the claim of destitution in values leveled at university is too broad/ but they claim all and every form of change in society “for the last hundred years”; and as a consequence, they earn the right to be singled out for what is wrong.

In the fantasy world of a university education, where all that exists is merely subject to their imagination/ and delusions take care of the rest. The finite existence of truth is destroyed to construct the failure of life itself. While truth is infinite in its concept/ it is finite in its reality: because without the sustaining definitions of energy, it cannot go on. Therefore extinction comes, or truth is protected; and without doubt nor valid question of purpose: everything about university is directed to destroy the realities of our truth. Making them SATAN, by the effect of chaos formed, by men; and their religious “we believe” cohorts of women.

The difference between eternity and this earth is: that our CREATOR does in fact own that universe of destiny shaped by energy beyond our comprehension. On earth however, this earth is controlled by the consequences of energy being destroyed and manipulated into the death trap of their decision to play god. Your “university gods” are manipulating energy into atomic chaos at CERN. Trying to ignite a self-sustaining plasma; to burn the atomic bond in atoms; to turn this earth into a sun. Destroying every life sustaining reality of truth required to exist. Functionally with covid and its fraud of a vaccine; mutilating the genetic structure required to create, or sustain; a human being alive. Nothing on earth is sacred to them. Nothing on earth is respected by them. Nothing on earth is exempt from the university cult decision; that they will pay god, and change this earth into whatever they can change. Because they want, more than life: the pride of proving “you can’t stop us”. To your distinct and eternal shame, you let them do it. As is the destiny of HELL, and all that comes with it; by your own choice. But hey, you don’t care: because after all, you did sacrifice your children, to claim “trophies, trinkets, and toys”/ as proof you won, and are the superior ones. BE DAMNED to all the rest; “so say you”/ in the claim “not in my lifetime”.

I suppose it should be, that we pass beyond the boundaries “just a tiny bit” at this point in your demise, the death spiral of university led sewage, manipulated and controlled with media propagation, ridicule, temptations and so on; as is the constant of enemies, surging against you.

Discarding this earth; we enter into the clear and distinct definition of death as is, “no reaction or action can be taken/ no level of stimulus will bring back an association with the energy that produces a life in time”. So the question is: what is that energy, and how is it/ and why is it not: controlled past death of a body in time? The foundation of that answer is: energy is not merely a force/ and a force is not merely the elemental grace called a life. Therefore we know; something besides an action or reaction does exist inside the common force of time, we have called energy. What we see as an action or reaction is the evidence of force, not the evidence of time: but what makes time itself exist. No foundation exists to accept the einstein formula that is energy equals mass times; the speed given as the constant of light times light. It is merely the formula for kinetic energy with speed as a constant; a simple transference. Instead energy holds a constant within itself, as does grant the motion that is then discovered as either potential or kinetic. That constant is dark energy: and it exists in tandem as opposing forces which require a balance to form time. Therefore we know: life begins in the shape of that dimension which is beyond the scope of your understanding. The disgrace of “university is god”; believes genetics are merely numbers which they can learn how to rearrange into something they then claim “we are gods”. Basically, nothing is less true, or real in the essence of life itself. “to the few still alive in heart and soul”; I say to you, RESPECT YOUR CREATOR; and be alive as best you can, in this world of university cult worship; death of our world. None can do more than the best they can do; including me.

as to eternity itself, the question of life and living is quite simple: without desire or at least purpose, the essence of family; the decision to live is limited and can die. Therefore the value of both life and living must be found, in order to sustain your own existence, and accept the costs that must be paid. Nothing in life or living compares with the truth of love, and all that its value represents. Therefore we know: the purpose of life is love, and the value of living is all that love can be. While the cost of living and life is functionally composed of hate, and all the chaos that brings. Where law then rules, life sustains itself by the acceptance of limits and boundaries consistent with both freedoms and duties. Where humanity intervenes is: “lets make the law a game (pride)/ so that we don’t have to live within those boundaries or rules; unless we want too”. Unless we want to enforce that, on someone else as is power.

From this we know: there are two distinct directions to life and living: “love OR hate”! But from the realities of history and all things human; we know, the vast majority of people want both love and hate; so they can play, and avoid the laws “as much as possible”; which sustain their lives and living. The religious cults such as “university knows”; all seek to prove they are gods, by changing the laws which sustain life. Unfortunately for life, that brings chaos and hell; before death, and extinction.

Truth sustains life, as nothing less can. Which means your own truth must be distinct in order for the possibilities of eternity to exist for you. Purity decides the direction, but love determines “the family” you seek.

To conceive of eternity; you must end your occupation of time, as all time ends/ whereas eternity does not. In order to achieve a value beyond time, the law of your identity must be formed: THIS IS, “who you are”. Leaving only the control over the force found behind energy; as the value of what you can or cannot do. We live as “the human control of force”/ which then allows for us to move and control our bodies in this time. When that force can no longer be controlled by you; your body is dead. Leaving what is true of you alone. So the question is: WHAT DO YOU trust, as the passage beyond time? Does force dissipate and vanish taking your identity with it? Or does truth express a passage by the direction you chose for your life to be? Love lifts us beyond self, into the disciplines of “family”. Hate consumes everything except self; which is then isolated and alone, in what becomes the chaos of trapped inside the tragedy of absolute isolation, you became. As the fetus forms, to then be released into this world. So does self form, to then be released into eternity as the decisions you chose to build into the life you valued most.

None can claim they built themselves. None can claim “they know” unless the purity of evidence, “untainted by human want, pride, or power”; will prove it true. While we all know the body is discarded as the trash when dead. None can claim that body is the life within itself, because even if the body is perfect “it can still be dead”. While even if the body is horribly mangled; it can still be alive. Life is not chemistry; it is existence controlling energy with thought. Therefore thought constructs our relationship with time, and time constructs our relationship with body; these are not the same.

While the religion of “university knows”; has deconstructed everything reality needs to survive/ taught endless delusions, fantasies, and imagination instead of life/ the disrespect for all that is true, valid, and necessary for life itself; has proven to be a horror beyond comprehension; as every chain of life, every foundation for a future, every life and every child; is simply being sacrificed to their desire “lets play god”.

While humanity SCREAMS AT ME; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE WANT A LIFE THAT DOES NOT MAKE US PAY FOR ANYTHING. The reality of your choices is: you crucified the future, making life extinct, while you shouted from nearly every mouth “not in my lifetime”. Yet your eternity will remember; those who made this world extinct/ your reward is coming. While your numbers are growing beyond any chance of life survives/ and all the life you eat, finds itself extinct; by the choices you have made. And war beyond terror sits waiting to be released; because the price of law controls now, is more than you want. As is the constant of men: when we get into trouble from bad choices/ now is the time, to kill the others, “and take theirs”. [somebody has to die; and it ain’t going to be us]. So war is the answer, because it releases men from their laws/ and it gives women over to rape. Until humanity has said “enough”/ and returned to sanity. Too bad for you; a dead world, leaves you nothing to survive; as that is the choice you have made. Unfortunately for you, “university leads” has proven to be 99%+ death by decision for our world.

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