guaranteed right


TO: IRS, dept of treasury/ internal revenue service

Kansas city, MO 64999-0025

IN REF TO: letter 0938000000 LTR 2644C dated 1/19/ 22

FROM: James Frank Osterbur

2191 county road ss# xxxxx-xxxx


DEMOCRACY, does not allow, or create: “a ruler”.

RE: This is now the third repeat letter, over the last year; from you discarding my claim/ denying my right to trial/ surrendering this democracy to an insurgency against us/ while forming a blockade in aid of the enemies of this USA. The refusal to go forward as the law allows: aids and abets the enemy; when an insurgency; the act of rebellion (we rule you) exists.

Let the demand for trial; as a democracy in aid of ourselves show:

  1. I do not deny tax support or the claim for income transparency; for this nation as a citizen. That is not on trial here, expenses exist, and we must share that reality, with realistic acceptance; based upon what is true. The evidence decides, NOT the expert.
  2. I do not claim a superiority in any regard/ or the insistence that I alone am right, and all others are wrong. I DO CLAIM; that sufficient evidence exists to prove an attack is ongoing against this democracy; we must defend ourselves! Which is in fact an attack against the government; called a democracy, of this nation: as is “our constitution”. The constitutional laws which deny and protect: NO RULER shall arise/ only the law shall decide: must be enforced. WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners.
  3. I DO CLAIM: that the constitution, OUR government; does resolve this dispute “of who is in charge: the constitution or our employees”? WITH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment guaranteed legal right; to exercise the authority granted to ourselves as “WE THE PEOPLE”. To decide for ourselves if our employees have gone too far, or are in fact rebelling against us. That is done by trial before all the people: WHEREIN WE JUDGE for ourselves/ if our nation is being respected, by constitutional obedience to the contract created, and thereby claimed as our own true support for this union. Constitutional democracy is by law, we rule ourselves.
  4. I DO CLAIM: THAT in regard to the question of an insurgency against us all/ a nation being destroyed from the inside; and in need of the foundation agreement that protects us from that fact; as is redress. YOUR OPTION to deny or further delay the democratic authority of the US CONSTITUTION/ has failed. From here the burden of treason turns to you, and will find you in not less than contempt for this nation; if you fail to move redress trial into the public perception of our right: to defend ourselves, without civil war. Constitutional government is: by law, we create/ not by rulers. That is the foundation of our democracy.
  5. I, do claim: that paying the tax, and failing to enforce our democratic union by demanding redress of grievances: WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE OWNERS HERE. Is descriptive of “aiding and abetting the enemy” which is treason. Therefore I will not: UNTIL the day, when the laws of this USA are being enforced to defend democracy itself. That means redress of grievances as is the law: MUST OCCUR, or your claim for authority to tax: ends. Because to support those who have taken control over this government both state and federal: refusing to obey our government, “the constitution as written and intended within the foundation interpretation that those documents have provided”: is in support of treason. The violation of that fact: “rulers/ rather than law; have taken control, of our states and nation”.

Let the record, in support of this accusation show:

  1. that the listing of your failures to support and defend the constitution of this USA, and thereby, its people; is so extensive/ that I will defray that reality to the website I provide instead. as a primary foundation, to develop the need for redress: upon which this legal action, for democratic authority among the people themselves, does arise. You may choose to attack any realistic part of that work; as your defense/ but I will reserve the right to respond accordingly, and in defense of constitutional authority: to demand redress of grievances. As is consistent with trial, and the US fourteenth constitutional amendment. The courts’ failure to act upon, accept a constitutional law, presented to them as established; guaranteed rights/ is rebellion.
  2. The legal and democratic foundations for redress of grievances HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED: in US supreme court trials 08-1339 and 11-100 both of which are docketed trials in that court. Both of which were ILLEGALLY DENIED; by a secretary of the court. Which is treason, because a docketed case/ cannot be thrown aside other than by the judiciary signing their name, and giving cause. Therefore each case REMAINS VALID, and in line for the exercise of that law, by constitutional demand in the US supreme court as of this day.
  3. The foundation of all legal authority for this USA is granted to the constitution/ NOT to the US supreme court or its judges. Their authority as declared by the constitution: article 3 section 2.1 the judicial power shall extend to all cases arising UNDER THE CONSTITUTION….. WHICH extends as: they have no power over the constitution/ but are subject to its laws and demands for obedience to our contractual government as we the people give the right to rule over us/ TO NO ONE. Only the law is superior/ only the law decides; NOT our employees. Which does prove an illegal act has been committed in this US SUPREME court; when a constitutional law/ democratic guarantee of protection right to redress; is summarily discarded to the trash. In complete defiance, against the nation itself. Which serves to illuminate: every form of government by our employees is subject to review and decision by WE THE PEOPLE. To root out, the rebellion that is occurring now.

SUMMARY is: that our democracy, that our constitutional government, that our money, freedoms, liberty, values, rights, property, business and industry, every child. Including the planet itself is being threatened. Nature itself is being mutilated. The religion of evolution (this looks like that; over billions of years you can’t prove us wrong)/ the claim of superiority (we the people, have no say; their gods have spoken) has taken control over our government, our future, and our lives. As media propagation of covid proves true disrespect for democracy and the value of evidence. A clear act of treason and subterfuge, by discarding the constitution/ an attack on our government by those who claim an expertise; they do not own. Every resource is being destroyed/ every child attacked: including the planet itself. And more threats of extinction exists, to prove: NO MORE DELAYS. REDRESS IS DEMANDED. NOW is the demand of this citizen! LET IT COME TO AN IMMEDIATE VOTE of the people themselves. The demand: do you own this nation/ or do you surrender it?

Let the trial of our employees/ the right of our people to be the owners here: prove democracy stands as our protection/ our legal right; by LAW. The evidence consistent with: this, Proves democracy still stands.

The guarantee: WE THE PEOPLE shall in fact have the final say, in all things “government”/ over our lives, our world, our nation; as best we can: “..consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government, becomes destructive to these ends; it is the right of the people to alter….”.

proof of service

I, James Frank Osterbur: RESIDING AT 2191 county road

Do hereby declare and certify: that I did cause to be mailed by US postal service the letter dated ______________________ representing my “guaranteed legal right to first amendment constitutional redress of grievances” in a court of law; with all the public informed and allowed to vote on whether or not: this is necessary for our nation. Granted by public review: the democratic guarantee: WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE; shall receive its due authority to decide for ourselves if in fact: change must occur/ the oath of office to our constitutional dignity, respect, and democracy shall be sustained. By our own judgment as owners of this nation called WE THE PEOPLE.

IRS (certified letter; 7014 2120 0003 3401 7483) Tonya Williams- Wallace

KANSAS CITY MO. 64999-0025

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515


(Name of Committee)
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510


The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

set within the US mailing service on this date for me (as I have a broken ankle) _________________________

with one registered letter as indicated above.




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