Lets consider TRUTH!

TRUTH SAYS: you have no possibility of survival, not even as a world: unless you face the realities of what you have done/ the consequences of what you are doing/ and the facts which align with, what can and cannot be proven as evidence; “untainted: by the believer”.

While we could list the evidence of catastrophe is coming again; it is not important; because as always a believer cannot hear the evidence of truth, or the realities of being wrong, or the consequences which are coming; because a believer wants, what a believer wants. And holds their own prison cell door, of these beliefs more precious than reality. They won’t step outside, and even if you drag them out with overwhelming evidence; they will run back inside that prison cell of wants, to hide; so they don’t have to face their own truth. Therefore the battle for life or death of this world: is with the believer/ and no other real world foundation of cause, other than hate. Hate is a separation from reality, that hides in lies; so as “like the predator” not to be found until it is too late.


BELIEF IS THE FOUNDATION OF RELIGION; and the greatest number of believers to be found today is: “those who believe the university knows all, and is god of their lives”. Consequently, a foundation of this work is to attack the complacency of that belief; and identify flaws within it; so that an erosion of belief shall occur. Opening a door; that demands “only the truth can survive/ and their knowledge is fantasy, imagination, delusions, theft, terrorism, traitorous, foolish beyond all conception of wisdom, and fails life, planet, world, and child”. Consequently the believers seek to ridicule and deny; fully intending NEVER to qualify their “righteousness: we know everything we need to know/ WE CAN’T all be wrong”; with questions that must be answered. Or, they are gods; and need not answer nothing; as is the reality of every religion throughout history, that has run a muck.

And the universities all say: “we ain’t no damn religion/ they are fools”! But reality proves you are the fools, and they have become far superior to you; even if wrong. They do not gamble extinction of a world; as do you!

So, instead of evidence; that does prove our extinction is close and certain; as always the battle has nothing to do with that/ because a believer cannot unlock their own prison cell of beliefs. In order to open that door of righteousness owns this life: we are “the herd” which cannot be denied both the power to rule, and the right to judge. It is absolutely essential: to attack the foundation of their beliefs, and find flaws in the bars behind which they hide.

We then begin in the concept of wisdom: the difference between knowledge with understanding/ and knowledge without understanding; as is the cost of religion. Understanding says: only the evidence can decide, no want or interference with the search for what is true, can be allowed. Every religion denies this, none more so than universities; as fantasies and imagination take control; so as to prove “they know everything they need to know”; by filling in the blanks with delusions.

SO THE CRITICAL STEP IN LIFE OR DEATH OF THIS WORLD IS: to remove wants, pride, and power/ listening only to the search for value, in what can or cannot be true; and allow what is yet unknown, “to be itself” until we do know the differences. And all the people say: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE KNOW WHAT WE DON’T WANT; and that is all that matters to us! IN CONTRAST: I discard want as a vile contamination of the evidence, thereby refusing beliefs; so as to identify and know, by faith in the evidence that can be depended upon as laws known: what then, is true. Do you see the difference? And the herd shouts to me: “we can’t all be wrong/ WE WANT, what we want; WE BELIEVE, because the evidence don’t matter”; as is the evidence of religion/ the realities of universities which hide the truth of all they don’t know: “with their imagination”. But alas, “the animals don’t care; they want what they want”. Whereas those who earned the right to describe themselves as human: must learn to think, rather than believe.

We therefore begin with thought: the elevation of life itself, as is constructed by the dignity of order, the balance of knowledge, the understanding associated with discipline, and the laws of truth which make everything of value possible.

EVOLUTION being, “one of”, the greatest lies ever told; begins this journey into think for yourself. As this is a primary foundation chosen by universities everywhere to describe themselves “as gods over nature: or more simply WE BUILT OURSELVES, one piece at a time”. As realities changed, and only the strong survive. But as with all fantasy and imagination, the delusions are rampant/ and the failure is consistent with an end to this very world; because their lies now consume the realities of truth; to destroy this world, and all its life. LET THEM PROVE EVOLUTION; by their evaluation, they have light/ darkness/ heat/ cold/ wind/ water/ gases consistent “with a volcanic world”/ and absolutely nothing associated with life. If a singe cell organism can create itself and turn into all life on earth, “without a brain”/ then surely those who claim they have “a big brain”; can replicate the process. Or they have no reality to support their delusions.

THESE ARGUE: you can’t prove a CREATOR exists either/ therefore we are equal. But that is untrue: as every portion of life and this world is balanced, disciplined, orderly, governed by laws which support existence itself; and are so complex absolutely none can claim an understanding “beyond a grain of sand” so to speak. That level of thought does not exist by accident/ nor is it evidence of chaos (to destroy anything complex). Therefore we DO KNOW: that “something” beyond what is human was here, to create the elements which are so clearly miracles of existence in this world of time. Thought itself, therefore becomes the evidence of our Creator. While if you accept the evidence of the past as true: then JESUS is the guarantor we were not simply left behind. Even if “you don’t get what you want/ when you demand it, (with prayer)”. That, merely looks at you/ not your Creator.

THE UNIVERSITIES THEN ARGUE: you can’t prove a CREATOR EXISTS, “who just zaps out a universe” or creates from whatever was in existence beyond our scope of time. OR ANYTHING ELSE. Because you have to start at the beginning as well.

To conceive of what is not known, by the evidence of our world/ is very different than to conceive of what is known by the evidence of our world instead. We know this world/ therefore we know as truth demands it to be a law: only thought can do this, as every miracle of life and living expose as our reality of the evidence.

Even so: the question is: CAN GOD EXIST ? OR, ARE the universities so smart as to prove this is impossible; because they say so? Reality does not give to men; “who vomit fantasy”; any dignity to even ask the question. Because reality has already proven there is order, balance, disciplines, levels of energy under control, constructions of truth as mass becomes planets, suns, galaxies, and even more. That understanding; this is not a universe governed by chaos/ proves thought is in fact in control. Because thought is not a reality of want/ but the evidence of laws, which are then being governed by truth, and its foundation; which is existence proves itself.


let us divide:

standard (historical) religion offers: we know this world did not build itself/ therefore we seek to understand what we can, by mutual consent; as is the proof of “we can’t all be wrong”. And if we don’t know, then as best we can; we will just believe whatever we need to believe; in our effort to recognize “RESPECT” for the life and living that has been given to us.

Universities offer: we know this world built itself, one piece at a time out of chaos/ and it was all by accident; so we don’t have to “RESPECT” NOTHING. Which gives us the freedom to inject chaos into life, nature, world, and anything else we want to play god with. Because we believe, we are gods; and the rest of humanity should be our slaves; doing whatever we want. As lies/ manipulation/ deceit/ betrayal/ terrorism/ whoring/ failing/ foolishness/ fantasy/ and imagination destroy all forms of balance, discipline, order, thought did this, PROVING “our HATE” will rule this world.

I, as a human being alive in the values of : let truth decide. Learn respect is mandatory/ freedom must be limited by its value/ order must be protected/ discipline accepts boundaries/ and the balance of thought, identifies that life itself, is not simply a participant in time; but is found, in the experience and expressions of what is called soul. Or more distinctly: mass and energies associated with time, are not consistent with the realities of life itself. Life is a relationship, not a chemical reaction; therefore beyond time, is a quest/ the body of time is simply the evidence of my reality. An expression of existence, by its experience as mass shaping the energies of movement. To understand any portion of that: requires your own search into soul. “the place” where you were born/ rather than “the place” where you were built as a body called life. Chemistry does form the structure; defined by the passages of thought controls this. Without thought there is no life at all; life is a recognition of “thought”/ as without existence “I know”; there is nothing else. Therefore what you know, begins the journey; that only truth by thought can elevate. Being alive understands “I know: is an infant”. Being alive accepts: the journey into thought, can only be defined by truth, according to its laws/ removing want entirely to be “human”.

The animal sewage of “university knows”; in contrast to anything other than their want: teaches you disrespect, chaos is best, make accidents happen, poison the world, defy every sense of order; curse discipline with lies, violate value with hate, destroy the world by gambling, shape a cult, and “become hitler, to this world”. Are only a few of their contributions; to our extinction.

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