I ask the question: if scientists declared the sun to operate at 10 million degrees F in previous decades; because after traveling 94 million miles; only an area about the size of our moon actually heats this earth. THEN what makes you believe, the “scientists” of today are correct when they declared the sun operates at 5,000 degrees F instead? Which is roughly equivalent to exploding TNT. The answer: to alleviate fears of “university playing god” by trying to ignite that same sun fire here “claiming fusion” which does not exist. PEOPLE feared; so they lied. When confronted by the reality of a 4,000,000 times heat expansion when ignited into a nuclear fire just like the sun. “the universities playing god” lied, and said; well it will just be 10 or 20 times more. When confronted by radiation from that “one time only ignition”; now we cannot extinguish a nuclear fire (everything is fuel, and it only needs a self sustaining plasma to continue burning_). The universities lied; and said it will just extinguish itself “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; and yet reality proves it is the fire that releases “solar gravity”. Or refused to say anything at all; because in the end: “your science gods” are just the former classmates who were never ‘gods”.

And the people say: “they can’t all be wrong”! BUT, reality proves: those who make the decision hold all the keys to every student who wants their education and debts pay off! Those who do not agree: are cast aside/ those who shout hurrah, “no matter what”; get the job, the title and the money. “their leader” fails to get the money; and the job is lost.

    WHY, did they lie: “power, pride, anything you want/ bought with trillions in currency without reality attached. WHY did people believe? Because the end result of life is; if you can’t stand the indecision, “Maybe becomes fear”/ then people choose to believe instead of search for truth. Once you close the prison door (nobody can get me now); you get to be “one of the cult”/ and every believer knows “same: practically gods now”. Belief is a terrible thing in reality; no evidence matters, truth is irrelevant, no consequence exists; because the believer cannot be wrong. Unlike “faith”; which is only truth can decide/ only life can identify mercy or value.

I ASK THIS QUESTION: we paid trillions, because the university gods said; “this will end covid”/ then we paid trillions more for a booster shot, “cause this will end covid”/ then we paid trillions of dollars for another booster shot; “cause this will end covid”/and all the children MUST allow the university gods to change their genetic human code. The reality of design and instructions that run and make living possible; “because the university gods said “they know”. Yet, now they shout, ‘WITH SO MANY IN COMPLIANCE”; THAT THE PROBLEM IS THOSE WHO DID NOT TAKE THE VACCINE; AND MUST BE FORCED!  THE EVIDENCE HOWEVER; shouts exactly the opposite, as their vaccines have proven NOT to work as declared.SEARCH: did you spend trillions for a fraud (if the vaccinated are getting sick)/ and if a fraud, should not all the money be retrieved (the product is a lie), and criminals confronted (including those who commandeered our lives and nations. Propagated extortion?  WHERE, are all the new numbers coming from; SEARCH!  ARE, they people who are currently, vaccinated: mostly, by mandate; because the government employee KNEW BETTER? ARE they involved? Well according to “healthcare & news”; there are a lot of people who don’t know they have covid? SO THE NEW QUESTION IS: WHY THE HELL DO I CARE, if I don’t know, and it affects me not. If, YOU don’t know, that you truly need a doctor, life is now in jeopardy, and reality demands it: you are not truly sick and don’t need a diagnosis for anything else. the common cold is a coronavirus; ask them to prove they can correctly define one from another. OR, with 5,000 known viruses, plus all diseases, infections, accidents and more; nobody gets nothing done. you all cry “the current Nazi’s; have you by the throat”/ their propaganda owns your soul. HOW,  do you know if propaganda mass hypnosis is affecting you: “you line up for covid testing, without being truly sick (you would go to the doctor then)/ or fear losing or forgetting your mask”. Instead of “vaccine”; they use infusion as the word! Infusion is meant to avoid the truth, by creating a new word most do not understand:  so I translate, it means to take what the universities have declared is superior to nature, by their mutilation of the instructions that build your body; and fuse it or bond it into the genetic structure of your life source; by mutilating your own genetics with their change. “how much could you lose?” LIARS EXIST, do they not? THIEVES CERTAINLY DO; AS THEY COLLECT TRILLIONS MORE, and destroy America itself, WITH their claims of importance.  giving nothing IN RETURN.  so, where DOES ALL THE MONEY COME FROM, BEING SPENT ON COVID?  one trillion dollars is equal too= $10,000.00 x 100, million people each. or for simplicity; one in three Americans. us debt clock is the only source currently available for understanding their delusions

YOU, REMEMBER credit derivatives; “the cause of the 2008 recession”: LOOK ABOVE at $611.7 trillion dollars of claims against your money and nation; which by the math is NUMBERS, CLAIMS OF ASSETS; WHICH CAN BE BORROWED AGAINST; in the amount of $6,117,000.00 (6.117 million dollars divided equally; into one hundred million people).  OR, those who run the government organization of insurgency against us/ have created a rebellion, an army (a mob organizing to attack; we CAN take their stuff) bought and paid for by our own money.

someone not only has “this money” to spend; but they spend it any way they want; with media hiding the evidence to protect them/ and NEVER question why.  YOU cannot compete; and every dollar you exchange a property for; is a lie. they are buying you out: with counterfeit money/ destroying every business or option to resist; with counterfeit money/ denying your right to interfere with covid and your mask; and attempting a complete takeover of this democracy: by demanding WE ARE THE SUPERIOR ONES/ YOU MUST OBEY THE UNIVERSITIES; FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ believe and obey, WE ARE gods (next to you).

America is under attack, as well as other nations; due to the increasing cost of “nazi-like” mobs. Who have realized, we are so many people, that organized we CAN take what we want. So they need and want “a hitler”; and as always, the believer volunteers. Unfortunately, to believe means: you have chosen, that whatever you want to believe is true; and need no other confirmation of that fact. No amount of evidence/ no amount of truth or cost of being wrong; absolutely nothing can get inside the prison walls of your belief. Which are erected to keep “all the others out”! Therefore the foundation of belief is: to remove your influence on me/ by claiming the property of my mind, belongs to what I believe. I DON’T need to know nothing else; because I believe! The organizing mobs throughout all of history, want the very same thing: TO HELL WITH YOU/ WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO MATTER; AND, your only value is; WE WANT YOU DEAD, a SLAVE, OR AS A TOY, TROPHY, OR TOOL. Every group is the same, what organizes them is belief; and belief is whatever you want that to be. Consequently, the university diploma has surfaced as an independent group, along with all the others. The only difference is; they use stealth, and attack by generating lies (media propagation of fear)/ stealing what they want with delusions (counterfeiting currency, for their own use)/ attacking the foundations of life with imagination (mutilate nature; destroy every chain of life) and fantasy (lets ignite sun fire here)/ and forming the battle lines (we are the superior ones); with their version of you can’t have this (I have a diploma); we are different (we did what you cannot)/ superior (even though, without the rest, they cannot even survive on their own_). The reality of failure and fool however, is always the same: indoctrinate the young (take control over education)/ find their “weakest link (you want money, pride, power/ pay the price of university owns you now, debt)” and destroy it so they feel isolated (fight to survive the debt/ or surrender as a university slave), or their greatest want (we own everything; OBEY or die); and pretend “all you got to do, is believe (don’t worry, we can bribe you; we own the nation’s money)/ obey (fear, the cost of disobeying us)/ and fear the result, of not accepting us as your gods”: (because we can make you die; as covid proves to mutilate into an uncontrollable force). Same throughout history, no matter where you go. Same result as well: what power starts/ ends badly for them too.

In this America; the reality is: TREASON ALL AROUND US. The universities have led this nation, without question; for the last fifty years or so. Making political parties just a delusion. Failures (nothing spent on the future; all of it cursed; we don’t care), fools (toys built for university delusions instead), liars (claims of all they can be gods of; none of it being true, except destruction), thieves (by claiming debts don’t matter/ and adding assets which do not exist: hidden inflation wars against us. While they spend our money and our lives on anything they want for themselves), traitors (no one mutilates nature, without true betrayal of all the rest), terrorists (no one tries to ignite a nuclear fire/ without condemning all the rest), “satan (every chain of life being destroyed/ trillions of tons of poison dumped/ global warming/ a long list)”; surging to control all life on earth (YOU CANNOT THINK/ ONLY WE DO THAT. You are “dead weight”): “hitler’s, in charge; for short”.

And just like in ww2; the control over communications, an extreme one sided propaganda excretion of fools who believe they are right “the university says so”. And they are gods you know; which make it seem like, “we can’t all be wrong”. Even though, only a very very tiny few; made this decision/ this claim of pandemic: without true evidence of the realities involved here.

Your traitors collected trillions/ your traitors collected the right to mutilate all of nature as fast as possible without fear. Your traitors control media, and propagate failure; to take control over government; and remove democracy. Because democracy is the freedom to decide for yourselves; and as always, the power hungry starve for complete control. As we see them remove all manufacturing/ all options to work/ all small business/ exercise control over everything (with endless trillions to spend by counterfeiting our currency; THEY DO, control every election, judge, etc). With complete, or nearly complete: control over all forms of media. They present a continual “WE ALL CAN’T BE WRONG”/ from a few who have declared themselves the new “nazi himmler”. After all, those who intentionally create a new biological weapon as is covid/ and then release it; “are the same”. As are the believers who then carry out, their duties as the new SS!

the reality of subversion first looks at those who claim to be the “government”: and refutes them entirely, in the clear knowledge that the constitution is our government; and they are merely employees, who took an oath of office: to declare “they would not disobey our constitutional law or intent”. that is betrayal, when the reality of covid so clearly demonstrates: they desire to obey the constitution with war, against our freedoms and democracy. The liberty to decide for ourselves, is more sacred; than any declaration of “you must obey the universities without question”.

as to the current claim of “pandemic: FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE YOU BASTARDS AND OBEY”!  The cost of media marketing and 24 hour a day/ 7 days a week propaganda to instruct the citizenship with FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR.  the reality is quite simple:  when the herd begins to stampede, “they all shout, “we can’t all be wrong”; and thereby participate by believing “me too”. being obedient members of the insurgent army, proudly enforcing “the mask; to make you animals; instead of human”. Because the simple truth is: “like ridicule, which is what this is: once you have been devalued humanity is gone/ it is, much easier to kill/rape/ ravage/ etc;  you”. so says every army that ever existed.  As always the true believer says, “can’t be/ I know better”. but the reality of debts accumulated by the American citizen/ the amount of money spent on healthcare; far more than any other nation/ the amount of drugs, and everything else being marketed to you: says otherwise!  YOU, are as gullible as babies. and the university is your religion: which means you can’t question “the books” they produce. Even though; each is merely your former classmate; “not gods at all”. UNTIL you look at the truth of what they do: forcing chaos into our lives, our nature, our world, and even your own eternity.

And all the people say: “we are not gullible/ we make our own decisions”. Just like they say: “advertising doesn’t affect me”/ and yet worldwide trillions of dollars are spent “to influence you”. The term baby refers to a complete lack of reality, because the information you rely upon has not been given a foundation in truth or its consequences; “you just believe, nothing bad will happen”. BUT the liars, thieves, traitors, fools, terrorists, and even worse; run “university”/ and have been indoctrinating you from your beginning; as religion wants to do; only these took control of government, and all communications propagating the disease of parasites (we will invade, where they cannot stop us). And the righteous believer says, “you have no right/ they are gods”. but alas, just people playing fools! NOTHING is so utterly clear as to that fact, than evolution. As is proven by the reality of a living body in time: “can’t be built one piece at a time/ you need it all at once to survive”. Blood with a heart/ lungs with motion/ brain functions with any decision/ the software to run the devices; food and more. Making evolution, the cry of the damned; the dead skeletons, which ate their own flesh; to say “it isn’t so”.

and then we have “fusion”; the claim of failure; terrorists beyond compare. in order to make you blind: “science” has been devaluing the temperature of the sun from 10 million degrees to now 10,000 degrees: so you don’t fear too much/ and interfere. They want to play gods/ just like “science” wants to recreate life by injecting chaos; so that “evolution” will make something else. THAT IS, EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING!    TRY to use your brain for just a moment: the question is, since the sun is 94 million miles away; HOW MUCH HEAT, THEREFORE TEMPERATURE DOES IT TAKE; to heat this earth?  for reference; a 100W incandescent light bulb is roughly 325 degrees; hot to touch/ but a foot away, not much heat: THINK about it!  Since we only receive a tiny bit of that heat by direct radiation effects. All the rest goes into space. But the sun burns the bond in atoms for fuel, and no matter what they tell you the tomak reactors are built strictly to ignite atoms on fire; and the earth is made entirely out of fuel for that fire. which means a self sustaining plasma, cannot be extinguished. Their “science” expects a 4 million times more energy expansion once ignition is completed/ even though in their public releases they want you to remain calm; so they claim at last look a 10x increase instead. So you don’t stop them from making this earth into a sun; as reality will prove is the consequence of their decision; once completed. “How much more”? Well we both know, a true believer; who worships in the cult of university is god:  cannot question their gods. After all, that would make you equal, or at least a participant/ rather than their slave. The list of lies, failures, fool, SATAN; here, is very long. BUT you don’t care, if this one time only experiment will incinerate YOU, and yours?  BECAUSE, “you, are believers; truth does not matter/ the universities are god”. To your shame.

In this America and no doubt around the world: THE TRAITORS of university leadership, have surrounded you/ attacked/ and killed this democracy with their stealing, cheating, failures, fraud, conspiracy, corruption, fantasies and delusion. By taking away your option to do anything without their consent; as is the reality of consuming every business and industry/ installing their slaves only do the hiring; discarding media to provide the cult priests of media memorization/ taking control over every property/ using the sewage of fraud to disown every inheritance/ spewing our securities over this world/ and deliberately inflating their value; by counterfeiting assets and creating debts which cannot be paid. While the fools of stupidity and disgrace actually believe their numbers as in “the stock market” and more; amount to anything more than a delusion. Roughly 600 trillion dollars of assets, and the ability to loan against that: begins the count in one hundred million workers (we do the work)= 6 million dollars per worker. So if you don’t have your 6 million dollars divided among the workers/ JUST HOW MUCH WORK DO YOU NOW OWE? WHILE your university leaders spent every damn penny they could get: on their own fantasies, nightmares, curse the world realities, delusions, and the imagination that plays or more correctly “identifies them as SATAN”. Playing extinction, preparing your coffins. while they build their robot armies to insure “you don’t stand a chance” anymore.

I remind this society of discrimination; even though much is wrong with their laws. those laws still exist and are enforced; in all categories except what the gods of university deny. covid is not an excuse to discard discrimination/ it is your demand to enforce it;  by allowing the freedoms of my/ our own decision  is paramount “to constitutional law”: the reality of democracy itself enforced. Our democracy (the freedom and demand to be equals) exists; because we chose to make the constitution our leader/ our government! thereby denying “kings and queens” to rule over us; by replacing them with our own contractual law; to rule over the government as we the people:  by choosing employees for governing work, rather than rulers, to govern.  WE HAVE LEGAL AND DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS; is no small thing. THAT IS UNDER ATTACK; as the curse of traitors, liars, thieves, terrorists, and even worse has invaded American government; and evicted democracy to form “nazi, we are many/ let us war”!

EXTINCTION SURROUNDS YOU; and yet you claim to be rich “safe in your numbers”. That is absolutely not true/ as numbers prove to be one of the greatest liars ever found. Your numbers are worthless; because reality does not exist in the lies you chose to sell this nation for. Making Americans; the most blind and worthless of all generations. EVERY LIVING THING is now facing extinction due to “university”. EVERY LIVING THING is facing starvation and thirst; due to changes the universities made. EVERY LIVING THING if facing a world overheating, a crowd of humanity so extreme; NO possibility for life to survive exists. EVERY LIVING THING faces weapons of mass destruction/ resource loss/ poisons everywhere/ liars, traitors, failures, fools, cheats, thieves, the vile venom of arrogance so extreme “the universities believe they are gods”/ because the people are a cult, living without a brain. to your shame, you sacrifice your own children, to HELL; SCREAMING “one and all”; not in my lifetime (let the children pay). Certain you are great, with your collections of trophy, toy, or trinket;  the reality is, you sold your world/ you threw away your wealth/ you chose HELL/ and you let “the university Satan” on earth; not only mutilate life, but destroy the sanctity of this earth as well. As all the evidence will prove true.

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