no choice


DISCIPLINE KNOWS: let the law we have made for our own lives and nation and world decide/not male or female, but the values we shape as our own, kingdom of choice. Let that law be true, as best the evidence of our own reality can make it certain; this is, “without intentional corruption”, the best we can, and did do. As is, the basis of ORDER. The balance of that choice is confronted with the interpretation of what does life, and world allow? The answer to that is: a vote, that conceives of “the very best we did do, for life, world, and child”. Simple as that.

Men are men; and nearly all of them want to prove they can win; if they had the chance. Which is why war fails to stop, until reality wants to cry. The curse of men is: they have no brain (if they don’t win: they want to prove they are the superior one/ oblivious to the consequences, as is pride. The cost of war for men: now handcuffed to the wall, “its fight/ or be killed anyway”. The cost to women for war: endure their curse.), Because they do fall into war, en-mass/ CAN’T get out. The only way out of that for a world: IS TO PROVE THE COST OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, is no game they can win    / THE REALITY of what their own choices to participate WILL MEAN.  THEIR WORLD, THEIR FAMILY, THEIR FUTURE,      THEIR ETERNITY:  IN THE HAND OF A TINY FEW!    IN WORLD COURT; best we can!       So nobody escapes: THIS REALITY, IS A CHOICE. Therefrom removing; the satanic disease of university; as is ALREADY being realized. Just as the evidence of; an increasing “UNIVERITY HELL”; has been released. In the cost of tears/ tragedy of arrogance; like “covid and monkeypox”: what they did do!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: the purpose of that trial before the world is/ to insure we the people KNOW the price, TO OUR OWN LIVES: of letting these other few: BE WRONG. The purpose of knowledge is: WE THE WORLD SHALL INSIST; by whatever means necessary. THAT EVERY NATION ON EARTH: SHALL SURRENDER THEIR WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION FOREVER. And reduce their military: to the point of defense/ NOT aggression. Surrendering that control TO WORLD LAW, enforced literally, by soldiers from all nations working to police this earth. Who shall NOT, be allowed to police this earth for us all/ more than 8 years maximum; every single one. OR MORE DISTINCTLY: your world is on the edge of mass extinction/ by any number of means. The reality of too many people/ and not enough resources: is war. WHICH MAKES THIS YOUR LAST CHANCE; to intervene in that, and reduce the threats, to something our world could survive. Dealing with reality, by its truth: instead of the parasitic curse that is “university knows”; which brings us to this moment of extinction stands at the door. STAND UP, AND DEMAND WORLD COURT; SAY TO THE WORLD, I AM HERE: the introduction of evidence so diligently pure of contamination/ that every doubter must believe what is true; as best we can for life and world and child.

As to the claim of leadership in Russia: they want to prove superiority, “yes we can; by stealing what they want; a true constant of history (nothing has changed)”. As to the claim of leadership in China; they want to win in Taiwan, demanding we are the owners here. But as is the constant of human existence throughout history; the claim of ownership does not extend into an “excessive past”. For over one hundred years Taiwan has built itself/ and as such claimed independent ownership, without subservient ties to China. Same throughout the world; while war is always unfair/ the reality of work and sacrifice to build and rebuild; identifies the owner.  Even though that is no longer true, leadership in china claims pride; as owner/ but fails life, threatening a world. As to the USA; Afghanistan, was initiated as a defense; and then failed; because they wanted superiority rather than justice: fear rather than fair play. As to the USA: Iraq; leadership failed with fear, becoming pride/ which always becomes a tyrant trying to prove “fear me instead”. Etcetera as always history proves true; war is for fools. As to N. Korea: their fear and failures, refuse to surrender pride, living in want of more/ while pride, fails life and eternity will fail them; without true change. EVERY LEADER who attacks another nation, without severe and serious cause to claim defense: merely wants, to assemble a greater military base, from which it can attack an “even greater group”; in order to steal more for itself. Or is using war, as its own version of population control. No claim of justice or fair play exists: when destroying the work, life, future, safety and security of others; that is an outright lie. No claim of ownership exists; not even within the nation: when reality asserts, THIS IS OUR WORK, not yours.

And all the people say: THIS AIN’T MY JOB/ I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T want NO DAMN target on my back. It ain’t worth the cost to fight back; NOBODY listens to me/ go the hell away! And don’t come back. So reality continues on; universities create HELL on earth; weapons of mass destruction still exist; and the collapse of all life, ending in the sewer of universities changed this; causes your own extinction. YET YOU CLAIM, “you don’t care”. Because the sheep, have no real weapons. So the answer is: stop being sheep! BE ALIVE IN YOUR HUMANITY instead. Which means: to accept death as a part of life/ and duty is a participation in society as life/ and responsibilities are what we owe each other, in the value of living with you. Which does mean: STAND UP AND BE COUNTED; sign your name/ and accept the price for keeping this world alive; is whatever it will be. NOT because that is fair/ BUT because we have no other choice, except to let extinction remove life forever.

So the question is: WHY, does media and other things we have trusted fail us all? The answer is: because power, pride, and want invade whatever is trusted to assume and take control whenever they can/ in order to destroy the values of trust, peace, justice, fair play, sanity, reality, truth, love, values, respect, hope, happiness, courage, security, harmony, and more. Because HATE, disguises itself, as a participant in life; when in reality it is only a participant in chaos, and death. Universities worship evolution as their religion: which states, “all life comes from chaos”/ so they mutilate all of nature; to create that chaos in blind worship of their god called death. To your shame; you let them; “the few who control, what you believe”; by placing blinders on your own eyes; with media control. THERE ARE “devils (the disease of hate) hiding in the midst” of what you trust. And since hate worships power/ whenever it can, “only the sheep (let me be your cult; make me rich; or, I can blame you). Mice (go steal what we want Never confront power, nor question leadership/ or I let you die; as is “university taught”). And worms (be a traitor, or be squashed)”:  will be hired or allowed to decide. So none can interfere with their own disguise of hate inside. The common university purpose to destroy whatever exists: in order to take control over everything. Does not university say: “we are, the superior ones”/ does not media claim the “expert” proves that, “they are like gods”? And does not reality prove:  whosoever has been “in charge”; leads us to extinction. IS THAT NOT, “UNIVERSITY”?   While it is considered true; someone must make a decision; so that life can go on. The evidence proves: only truth produces the result we expect/ therefore truth must decide: NOT humanity. but the evidence of our reality, untainted by want, pride, or power. AS truth makes it clear. CONTRARY to university claims: as evidenced by our being surrounded with real world threats of extinction/ THE UNIVERSITIES DO NOT KNOW; and playing god is to become SATAN on earth; with only horror and hell to result; as is the proof of evidence, the consequence of fantasy, delusion, imagination and failure; as is known, true today.

The historical average; human population growth of the twentieth century was roughly 3% as a world. The constant liars of university describe it as less: because they take the rise in population numbers over one hundred years; and then claim that as the rise of numbers. But the rise of each year, shows a far different picture of what is true. And the reality of this day, is more likely to have sustained that number as a world, than not. 3% more per year over deaths (as evidenced by immigration) multiplied by 8 billion people= 240,000,000 MORE mouths to feed this year/ than last. In this very finite world, where every other living thing; needs food, and water and more; too. World over genocide is coming; as the reality of numbers faces the truth: someone else, has to die; so we don’t.

In this america; 90% of the population lives in the fantasy and delusions of fools; who believe whatever they can imagine to be true; as taught by universities. None of which is true; because reality itself does not recognize survival, as anything less than truth. Your truth is: the universities led you with bribes and beliefs that are lies; into the tragedy of “we cannot go back/ life and earth, has been changed”. You do face extinction/ starvation/ war/ and HELL, as the cost of your cult worshiping university as god. To your shame! Wake up, recognize lies won’t save you from the evidence of realities you cannot control with lies, betrayal, or terrorism; as is everything “university knows”. EVEN YOU: know the cost of adding a quarter billion more people to feed each year more. Until broken forever, as the world itself dies/ and every chain of life is destroyed. All “hail hitler/ oh wait, that is all hail university as god”; instead/ to your shame.

The cost of that reality is: “it will no longer be, women and children first”. The cost of media “empowering women”, with we can fight like men/ or be like men: is now you can die like men, as they have set you up to “be first to die”. FIGHT FOR LAW, it is your only hope: because overpopulation is now a cause for extinction too.

While it is true, that none should lead (I decide/ not you); the reality is, we the people must all decide what our own laws, AS A WORLD; shall be/ or what is allowed in this our we the people world, as of today. Because if you let leaders decide; they will choose for power, want, and pride among themselves; as history has proven beyond any doubt. The laws we live by MUST be our own; as a world or nation granting some direction shall be given/ some boundaries and limits must be kept to sustain life and peace.

Given that, freedom then becomes the basis of our own happiness, and reality governs what we can or cannot do according to the resources that are available on this VERY FINITE EARTH. Want more: GO DIG THROUGH YOUR TRASH. Dumbass.

Regardless: capitalism is the most basic element of freedom, or “everybody chooses for themselves based upon what truth will allow.” Unfortunately, reality has shifted to a world overpopulated, and resources ruined or destroyed, with only a little left to sustain our future. Which removes primary freedoms, for limited truths we must share; by finding the need to care.

Communism; assumes that the few can lead and control the rest because they are the superior ones/ but that has been proven without doubt, to be wrong. Even though community ownership must be incorporated into capitalism in order to make it work, for today. The difference being we all decide what that must be/ instead of those who call themselves the superior ones deciding for us.

Socialism; assembles what we the people can do as a society that is shaped by the values of the whole/ rather than the individual. It is the strongest contender of the three to assemble what we need as a society to survive. But it lacks the foundations, which recognize all people are equal, and equally free to decide for themselves. Or more distinctly limited capitalism will correct these problems and open the door of ownership and independent choice; to all, for the equal distribution of wealth according to the choices we the individual do make. The critical: everyone needs a job, and is therefore entitled to a job at a realistic wage; is a foundation to begin that search for what each can or will do for themselves. As is “build your own”/ don’t whimper or demand I should be your slave or you mine. That ain’t fair. Community based housing will be critical; because we cannot consume any more ground agriculture needs to feed us. Which makes “high-rises” our own real option. Each building then becomes a cooperative (every tenant is an owner), with its own set of rules; so long as justice is served/ and you don’t bring your failures to us: fix them yourselves.

In the greater elevations of that: city blocks or larger shall be individual cooperative owned/ each self-containing its own jobs, healthcare, schooling, restaurants and so forth. No welfare/ no medicaid or medicare; (hire and train your own) only social security and your decision; plus the resources available: you are the owner/ act like it. Those who need it most can bid on them; those who don’t need, cannot. Those who wasted their resources, are excluded until such time as that proves to have ended. Those who do not control their population count; shall not be allowed to bid on anything, regardless of need. Birth control or discarded until you do. Unfortunately only female counts; which means barter with your men; as they pay; and the nation, city, or world enforces it as true: SAME for all. The primary bid is: work that benefits the future, world, or nation. IF UNCLEAR: either the law instituted by nation or world decides who has the greater influence to own that resource, by their work. OR, it goes to a blind vote; whereby the reality of the purpose shall be decided by the public on an appropriate scale (as we all want the resource). FAILURE to attain what was deliberately promised as work; removes your group from bidding over a period clearly defined by “majority rules”. Failure to deliver the resources promised in good order; relies upon public inspection of that reality; and will be determined on the greater scope of things as is either national or world law decides; if this is justice or not. CHOOSE your law with care. Learn with truth, and protect what is yours.

The foundation of resources, as are natural and undisturbed; planet or nature formed: should be owned by all. BUT that includes the future, not just today; so you will never own it, nor will your society. Which requires the world itself to take ownership of these things; and by the law we the world create to protect our future; these things shall be distributed till they end; as will be found. Want more: LOOK in your TRASH.

In case it was not clear: each of these micro cities; shall provide community services: ending the outside transportation to work/ ending independent refrigeration/ ending the need to go beyond these walls so to speak: which requires “unless you have a sponsor”; you may not come in. thereby reducing in energy consumption, in all possible ways: to a level that can be sustained. Including, changes in “everything”.

The foundation of human existence is truth, ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES/ nothing less. That fact designed by the laws we know must exist for justice and fair play to rule our lives instead of leaders. Aligns with democracy; as is, by our constitution which is THE LAW of our government, and extends over our employees; we shall rule over ourselves.

But that will fail without the protection of the people; as the insurgency of university (we are the superior ones) take over, proves true. That will fail without the protection OVER THE COURTS; by the removal of any judge or lawyer who fails our constitutional law and its protection of and for this people; so they have sworn.

When the law rules, leaders do not.

When truth and reality control the resources: want, power, and prideful people and their wealth do not. Limited capitalism supports and defends that: with periodic votes to insure we do remain in control. World law is demanded to survive; nothing less will do!

In case you don’t know: WHOSOEVER controls the resource/ controls the job, and the future; as well.  SO, if we all control those natural resources, BY OUR LAWS. Then we control ourselves, and limit “the war machines” of men, as as a world/ not a leader.

IF, you evict the dead weight of disease, death, & pure rebellion against democracy: as is “a university expert, and its propaganda arm the media”. THEN, at least you have the possibility to survive. if not, extinction is certain.

In the end; this earth and its nature upon which we all depend; decides our future. The most insane, vile, defecation of sewage history has ever seen: is called “university”/ and the experiments to destroy both world and nature MUST BE STOPPED; or HADES (eternal punishment) will arrive to prove you wrong.

The curse of insanity is: there are people who believe they have the right, to enforce GENETIC MUTILATION; by vaccine or other source of university is god reasoning. Their religious zeal outstanding: NO VALID LAW EXISTS, nor is there any form of pandemic proven beyond a doubt; by the evidence of real world truth: to support this example of Marshal law (the Nazi’s; you have no rights; you have no value; we the superior ones decide. Are back);  preparing their attack, to overtake society again.

And all the people say: “I DON’T want, what I don’t want”/ the price is too high! But reality replies: either you will change these lies, theft, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, failure, foolishness, whoring, corruption, collusion, conspiracies of all kinds, insurgency, rebellion, anarchy, manipulation, control, temptations, mutilation, insanity, the sacrifice of every life on earth, and every future life: OR YOU, and this earth; WILL BE EXTINCT.  So says the evidence.

The foundation of democracy: IS NOT who gets the most votes! Rather the foundation of democracy: IS, THE LAW, AS WRITTEN AND ENFORCED, by constitutional government. Which is the law/ NOT the ruler decides. The ruler so called is our employee; who has sworn to obey and support our constitutional guidelines; as created by our own we the people vote. Equality, freedoms, rights, guarantees, opportunities, and everything else: IS GOVERNED by the law of our government which is the constitution itself. OUR employees are NOT THE GOVERNMENT/ they are our employees, who must take an oath of obedience in order to serve us.

THE JOB: for which people get elected is: to establish the rights and rule of we the people under and within the definitions and descriptions of our constitutional government. TO PROTECT US from those who rebel against that form of government/ and betray the foundations of we the people are the owners here; by law we rule ourselves. NOT by presidents or judges or others/ but by the constitutional laws we the people established in order to unite and declare ourselves to be the literal and true owners here. NO EMPLOYEE governs: which is to decide the fate of the nation by his or her choices. CRITICAL CHANGES must be made to insure the option of war is removed entirely from any elected officials hand: the laws of defense/ the bill of rights to every soldier/ the value of such things as WORLD LAW to us all, and so on.

POWER fails democracy; which is why the amendments serve to discredit and deny pride must win. A reality disrespected and discarded by “university leads”.

PRIDE fails democracy: which is why the foundation of democracy is to remove those employees with reasonable speed; chooses a periodic vote.

WANT fails democracy: which is why changing the constitution is intentionally hard/ and requires many people to agree.

THE LAW WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR OURSELVES: IS THE LAW WE LIVE BY, work by, educate ourselves by, and so on. That is democracy. It is no longer voting for someone to vote for me; as was needed 200+ years ago. Today, real democracy allows: we shall vote for ourselves; because we can.

Taxation and all branches of government: CAN BE DEDICATED to we the people chose this to be our form of governing ourselves; which is to provide such things as. Let the IRS be disbanded; and each individual “county” be responsible to its people/ and to this government for the collection of those taxes. A business which will bid on the work/ chosen by the people being represented; for an allotted period of time, not to exceed 12 years. Which shall be regulated: this tax, shall ONLY be spent here, for these specific purposes, and nothing else. So that we do have control.

As it is, and must be: “with the judiciary”/ graded and removed if not adequate to our needs and laws. So must the leadership we have hired to work for us; is subjected to “grades” with respect to their decisions. A foundation of democracy being: the people who work for us, are living under our laws/ NOT we the people, living under theirs. That decision/ that work: relies upon: the constitution shall decide. To facilitate that grading system: you will create the foundation upon which each job depends. You will rank the importance of everything you expect to have done for you; and YOU WILL establish an alternate decision, along with what you know is justified to predict; if this decision is implemented. THAT alternate decision(s); must be supported; by a majority of the voting public/ or it is no grade sustained. NO GUESSING; only the evidence of reality serves life by its critical support of truth knows this is so. If that total grade falls below your critical compliance: the next in line takes control.

The foundation of democracy is: that you SHALL NOT, use your vote to invade the lives of others/ cause them intentional grief/ destroy their work, life, reputation, extort, or in any other fashion enslave the rest. YOU SHALL use your vote ONLY: to accomplish and sustain JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, EQUAL RIGHTS, and foundations upon which we all support and create happiness and respect for life, planet, child, and self. YOU SHALL use your vote to solidify and defend: the human reality is healthcare constructs a monopoly over the individual/ and is never to be again, by any form: simply left to private criminal enterprise, as is today. YOU SHALL use your vote to solidify and defend the reality of a courtroom is NEVER to make any individual wealthy, far beyond the rest. A criminal is responsible for their own decisions/ NOT all of society or its organizations; but the individual who did the crime. A courtroom is NOT for ransacking or raping all of society; so a few extortionists can manipulate society into making them wealthy; as is the case of so many lawyers and the failures of so many courts today. A vote is NOT so you can make the others pay for whatever you want. A vote, a law, and a rule is only: to increase the value of democracy, by sustaining its purpose of uniting us as one force, in support of justice for all. The disgrace, of university rules shall not stand. The disrespect of university is god, shall not be allowed. The terrorism of university in charge; MUST be ended; so that life can go on. INSTEAD OF THEIR CURSE; respect demands, “we share the work, we share the values of living, we care for the future and our participation as a world, we establish fair play, and we work for the foundations which will make a difference to life and planet as our own contribution respecting “the gift of life itself”. NOT the bastardization and death; of an entire living world; as is “university knows/ university plays god”.

Just so its clear: those who hire you, “are NOT, your mommy or daddy”/ NOT your caretaker, or in charge of your future/ NOT your master or slave. They are merely your employer/ just like you are merely their employee for what has value to society, and not more. Which means: contrary to what the “university union” has done/ or other trade unions have cultivated for themselves. Society will choose to abandon: all forms of pension/ all forms of employee owned insurance/ all forms of “you owe me”; beyond a paycheck. You may only barter for “daycare”/ or even schooling; but no more. NOTHING else is added or subtracted; only a paycheck. Each is responsible for self; only social security remains/ and that is a realistic percentage of GDP. Divided among yourselves; to cover all things chosen by your group.

As reality summarizes the truth: extinction is near. The foundation of a university cult intervenes to demand: “we are gods, so say the worshiper, as any good zealous fanatic would say”. CAN’T be wrong. But lets ask this question: since covid, “ a moment in history, that turned an obscure sickness, in twenty people; never heard before in China; into a worldwide pandemic 3 weeks later “FEAR”/ ALL must believe. “SAVED/ saved” the universities have a vaccine; just give us trillions, and let us do anything we want to life; by adding chaos to the very essence of nature itself. As reality puts it: “it takes true believers” to do that; and they cannot see anything beyond the cult they worship. As is proven by: since 2019, I have not heard of, nor talked too anyone, who even knew of anyone: who had a common cold, who had the flu, who had pneumonia; and only rarely something else without covid attached. Yet how could that be? ANSWER the question; because I have run into people claiming to have had covid; very few with any symptoms beyond a cold. Yet the cult, through their propaganda arm of media: enforced, those who had a business, family, house, friend, organization, or anything else; shall surrender them all, including their face. Because the UNIVERSITY says so. Yet the university is a blanket description; which houses only a very tiny few “experts”, who do get paid excessively for the very little work they do. And all the students shout “hurrah”; because they are in debt, and want a job when they graduate “don’t rock the boat” or be thrown to the sharks is real. And that of course, “applies directly” to anyone in media: don’t make the power mad. UNTAINTED EVIDENCE; is none of that.

A mother reminds you: “life is not about what you want, or don’t want/ rather life is about living as best truth will allow”. Because only truth can survive, or make you happy with life and love and hope. The failure of “university leads” is MASSIVE; and beyond small fixes. You must begin again, with a determination to rebuild with truth, courage, values that have meaning, a clear decision to protect: life and earth and child/ or be extinct. The threats are massive, and they will take control unless you do; from a list of universities so arrogant and traitorous, they literally believe they are gods. But alas, for both you and them; its called DEVIL/ rather than life.

You simply need to control the food and water supply/ you need to control the court to establish what is true, without tolerance for lies/ you need to restructure the money/ you need to be fair with the future/ you need to accomplish what will be happy for us all, even if personal want must be sacrificed for the good of society instead. You need to separate hate; and you need to choose what will survive, in peace and harmony, by changing this world from war into laws that are justified for all. As it always should have been.

The zealot says: “YOU can’t question our gods”/ the courts say: “YOU can’t question our gods”/ the politician says: “YOU can’t question our gods”. BUT REALITY REPLIES; YOU CANNOT legally mutilate NATURE; as is done every single day, by those who claim evolution will fix anything they destroy; “in a billion years or so”. REALITY REPLIES: your experts claimed every drug or chemical now proven to cause cancer and more; were all described as “perfectly safe”. REALITY REPLIES: universities deliberately crossing genetic species boundaries, to inject DNA from “plants and fish and insects and animals and birds and ANY DAMN THING they can find into the genetics of other living creatures including human: ARE SEARCHING FOR A PANDEMIC BEYOND COMPREHENSION. As reality proves Armageddon (nature in chaos) is here. “monkeypox, AIDS, covid” are only the tip of the needle pushed inside with “a million consequences” all because of you. EXTINCTION circles us like a vulture; because of, “university knows; university is SATAN”.

The foundation of failure in men is “money”/ because too much money allows men to control the others and remove their freedom and rights. Therefore limited capitalism is absolutely necessary: we the people decide how much or how little, by our own vote.

The foundation of failure in men is “chemical addiction”/ as does drive rape, abuse, and more. Therefore an entire redefinition of respect, truth, and fair play: for women/ respect for men; is a necessity for survival. That is done with real world honesty, so that none can hide, or run away from the truth of life and living.

The foundation of failure in men is: nature no longer allows for taking whatever you want, and discarding the destruction as not your problem; at 8 billion people, we are long past that excuse. Therefore a real world participation in EXACTLY what is left, and EXACTLY what will be the future, that allows your child, and “the next thousand years” to exist: WILL CONTROL.

The foundation of failure in men is: turning life and living into a game. The desire for pride makes living into a competition, which turns life into enemies all around; “them or us/ me or you”. Which causes power to erupt, and violence to answer it. These are all caused by wants, and wants are the foundation to every lie; because if you don’t want it or unless you do; there is no excuse to lie. The end of a game is up to women, because this is what the majority of men did do throughout history. Warring primarily when confronted with “our lies did not work/ nor did we care”. Therefore ONLY TRUTH DECIDES, and nothing less; because unless you do care: this world, and all its life will end. So says the damage done, “by universities know”.

You know how to do, what you need to do: in order to resurrect a future. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT to do that; then you do deserve the extinction that will take you by surprise, proving too late now. Lay down the weapons, and choose law. Stop being insane, or pay more than you can imagine; in your eternity. SHARE THE WORK, SHARE THE LIVING, SHARE THE FUTURE, SHARE RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER; BUT CHOOSE, for a world that will be at peace, within the harmony of “we are similar”; because that works better, than any other way. As history does prove true. Divide the world, so that each group MUST face the cost of their own decisions! Choose world law, so that we the world SHALL ENFORCE THAT LAW, on our leaders: CHOOSE what we must do, in order to let truth survive and share our world as humanity was intended to be.

The curse of the believer is: as with every cult, “the leader cannot be questioned”. The courts have NO JURISDICTION over nature inside your body. The claim of government, has NO JURISDICTION OR RIGHT TO CLAIM any form of power over the miracles of NATURE. The destruction of terrorists, who use their blanket of covering as is a university diploma: to annihilate and exterminate, the balance, disciplines, order, truth, respect and reality of nature; by playing god with life. These things are SATANIC in origin, and their religious fervor has no basis in life or truth; as is governed by ONLY THE EVIDENCE may decide. And that evidence includes “a forty year trial; as drug lawsuits prove is a real world cost of believing”. NO claim of their vaccine; to prove it shall not harm; is valid.  No claim; it is not genetic mutilation is true. The evidence must include: those who initiated the disease, and then profited, by power and money; in countless ways: as their curse of life itself, takes over nature to create their HORRORS. LET THE WHOLE WORLD SEE, “YOUR EVIDENCE, untainted by fools; as is the cult who worships university knows”. We are surrounded by real world threats of extinction; proving without question or doubt: the university is “the evidence of Satan” on health expenditure does not include insurance costsReality says: THIS USA, is either a very very sick nation/ OR, a very very foolish nation; as the evidence of 4.1 trillion equals $41,000.00 per each worker, of one hundred million people working.  YOUR LEADERS are in collusion, with your “university medicine: producing one of the very oldest of all con games;  make them sick, and pretend to heal;  if you just give me your fortune”. YOUR universities: have been making biological weapons out of every disease, “for one hundred + years”; and MORE.   NOW, they get paid trillions!

Reality proves: those who pick up a gun or other form of hate, will lose everything they want to keep for themselves/ as is evident by every battlefield of every war. The insurgency of the dead, “university playing god”; has been fueled by counterfeiting money/ claiming expertise they did not own/ operating and controlling the propaganda/ stealing the future by cult worshiping “university knows”. All of it based upon; “never question your cult leaders”. TO REMOVE THEM FROM POWER; it is necessary, to end the fantasy of counterfeiting assets to create insurmountable debts; AND RETURN TO REALITY. TO REMOVE THEM FROM PRIDE: it is necessary to use the law, and demand a courtroom, to decide by the evidence what is true, and what is liar. Thereby constructing a foundation that has no imagination or claim of delusions are enough. TO REMOVE THEM FROM WANT; it is necessary to establish the cost of being WRONG/ and let that decide how far, will we let these universities go; in risking our lives, our world, your child, or extinction. DECLARE WAR AND YOU LOSE/ DECLARE THE LAW as is redress of grievances/ AND WE DECIDE THEIR FATE; instead of them deciding ours.

And the men say: “you can’t defeat an army with law/ they won’t care”.

But reality replies: “until you give them the excuse to kill you: within your own nation”/ the soldiers are you, and you do know enough not to kill yourselves. GIVE THE SOLDIER, THEIR OWN BILL OF RIGHTS, as a people who will defend that law you chose. Anything less approaching war, is criminal, and proves murders: with an appropriate response (as the US second amendment recognizes is true). WORLD LAW, that governs leaders; to make them responsible for their nation/ to PROVE AS A WORLD DEMANDS: YOU SHALL NOT, cross this line; is enough. Will prove: every weapon of mass destruction shall now be confiscated and removed from all nations: by the international force we design for ourselves. Primarily that will include: NOBODY stays within that international force, more than 2; four year terms of service. With all real weapons stored among the nations of this world; with strict guidelines about their use.

The foundation of war is: either as thieves and murderers/ or as reality will prove, “we are about to die; so its you or us”. Every other excuse is the pride of power; and that is akin to hate. Hate has no value whatsoever, and the response should reflect that truth.

So, you know: if a group of people is about to starve to death/ the world must take action prior to catastrophe. But only if it is a problem they did not cause for themselves; refusing truth, and describing themselves by want, pride, or power. Such as is overpopulation, destruction of resources, etc!

Primary to all life are resources; put here by GOD AND THE NATURE HE CREATED. As a consequence to that, it is functionally vile to assert; any man, woman, or nation should claim what they did not/ or did little work for to get. As is the constant of every nation: those who built it, deserve it; as they sacrificed what was necessary to create what they did create. That is work YOU did not do/ work they did; and it is not functionally correct to come demanding “we want that too”. BUILD YOUR OWN. But in order to do that, “room must be given, and realities must be shared”. Which is why for only one last time: every group gets their own nation/ every such nation is protected by world law which includes: YOU shall not cross that line. Those who came first, DO have the greater claim. As those who immigrate are similar to people getting out of prison: you lost that time, “fair or not”/ you cannot take what the others built. Begin again. This ends the delusion of “the screaming rage; we don’t have enough/ your group took it all; and the reply, this is ours, and you can’t have none of it”. Reality demands: the separation of groups, means: “you can no longer blame, them”. Look only to yourselves/ fix yourselves/ define justice and fair play to you/ pick your religion if you must; and so on.  THIS SOLUTION ENDS IMMIGRATION: if you are not a citizen here/ you will not live here. Each must take care of their own; NO running away from the reality, you and your group chose. IT IS, however wisdom: for this world to establish ONE LANGUAGE for all/ keeping your own: so we all learn two. that language would come from the blind and deaf; as they KNOW what is needed! You must be able to “sign” the language; NO extreme change/ use what is available; let each nation create its own words for a particular thing;  as is “each nation gets to spell and sound “fifty, drawn from a hat, words”; kind of thing. SIMPLE, ONLY “a few letters”.

IF YOU SUSTAIN ZERO POPULATION GROWTH/ then, you are stable and secure in the knowledge this is, “the best we did do”. THIS EARTH IS FULL, and if you refuse to obey that/ the consequences are entirely yours. That reality is: for women to decide, they alone have babies/ a vasectomy fails life. WOMEN shall find their own way; and men shall pay them accordingly; “their body/ their decision”. But it ain’t free; so men pay.

To this USA; it is an absolute certainty, that white america is being replaced with anything else america; led by university delusions. A primary factor in that decision has been covid. Hiding in your counterfeit numbers; is the fantasy for fools. While your leaders shout: TURN THEM into beggars, which results in mass shooting; as reality proves to be unfair. “all worship the university imagination; where nothing matters but playing god”. But make no mistake; the world you knew fifty years ago is dead; AND YOU, were determined to help them do it, with greed and selfishness. Because human overpopulation DOUBLING IN SIZE during that time; demands that is so. At 3% population rise 3 new babies per year over deaths per one hundred people: that equals nearly, one quarter of a billion more mouths to feed per year. Even so: pick up a gun for war, and you lose everything; because there is nothing left to rebuild with; AND THE BATTLEFIELD, leaves you no food, water, or future.

What is not so extreme is the reason why you are failing: like all cult worshipers/ you never questioned “the leader called university”. But fell down like fools to be completely blind. They steal counterfeiting assets to claim a bigger debt/ to build their toys to take control over hiring and every job/ destroyed all manufacturing to disable your nation/ threw every child into the sewer with their education of no value (how will you survive beyond playing video games, and fake money, with no resources, and not even a home to claim as a nation? the universities SOLD YOU OUT). Beyond university worshiper/ DELUSION put all your money into war machines/ FANTASY, designed destitution with “make them beggars”; remove every property by selling it to foreigners/ destroy the foundations of america with the treason of endless debt/ MEDIA deny the rebellion against democracy, to enforce communism (only we decide)/ use university anarchy to remove the constitution as our government/ curse every form of reality or work, as in ONLY THE FANTASY, DELUSION, AND IMAGINATION of the universities matter. until reality takes over!  MEDIA Propagates HELL is not coming; by blinding the fools of society, with universities are god; even though they mutilate nature, “a two year old” knows better/ destroy resources, to sacrifice every child/ poison the water, so you have no choice but die or war/ risk the planet itself (we hate you), and threaten to literally throw YOU into the lake of fire (SATAN, your university god; is real) as will be the ignition of atoms on fire. On this planet made out of fuel. And the cult worshipers say: we want what we want/ LIE TO US; WITHOUT even raising their face out of the shit university left behind to keep them stupid. Shame on you. WAKE UP OR BE EXTINCT.

THE ONLY WAY; you force the tyranny of government employees into obeying the law is by taking them to court: TO DEMAND THEY SHALL OBEY THE LAW; “WHICH IS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES IN AMERICAN CONSTITUTION”; which guarantees our right to exercise OUR OWNERSHIP. You cannot force them to comply; as they will remain silent and lock the door to avoid that law. But you can force them as a massive group: that we will not pay taxes/ nor will we pay penalties or interest: FOR THIS DEMAND, THAT YOU MUST OBEY OUR LAW.     When that trial fully exists,    as a right of the people guaranteed by our government which is the constitution. It is then that you owe the taxes you withhold. ORGANIZE, AND PROVE THAT REFUSING OUR GOVERNMENT, is an act of treason for all who took an oath to obey it; for their job.   REDRESS IS: WE DECIDE/ WE JUDGE/ WE CHOOSE THE DIRECTION/ AND WE CHANGE WHAT WE THE PEOPLE ACCEPT AS IS NECESSARY, TO INSURE AND PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY FOR OURSELVES!    I REMIND; “we the people”: reality is, if you have a billion dollars of counterfeit money/ its still counterfeit money. When you buy with counterfeit money; there are legal consequences to that action.    When we control our own bankruptcy: we own the nation, and choose for ourselves.    AS IS TRUE ALL OVER THIS WORLD!  AS IS, “universities in charge”.

“a standard 22 caliber bullet; will go through the average 4×4 block of wood”/ and those guns can hold many bullets. A public without weapons is a group waiting for genocide; even if they don’t know it/ history proves it true. And then, there are trucks, etc; on down to stoning people. EVERY HATE group is a liar/ every intellectual liar redirects you to something else. Focus only on a constitutional oath/ BY DEMANDING REDRESS:  as is “now we the people decide for ourselves”; what is true, and what our constitution demands from each employee who swore they would obey. MAKE THEM TALK; demand a courtroom to exercise THE INVESTIGATION TO PROVE WHAT IS AND IS NOT: TRUE.

If you want police to enter a very dangerous situation, particularly in a school: THEY NEED an appropriate vehicle. Which is basically a smaller version of an old style phone booth; armored to withstand bullets. It is generally only necessary to get inside the door.  Wheeled to push around; feet on the floor: with a gun hole. If anyone escapes past them: officers need to be waiting for that. This “booth tank”; can be stored on scene/ or wherever police desire it to be. Variations of that, can be used in multiple situations. a footnote: if you are confronted by someone in bullet armor/ then shoot his legs out. While “rubber bullets” would likely be enough: if the situation is bad enough, “they made their choice”.  REALITY KNOWS: a simple old style shield; gun through front (even with body armor), IS  a valuable asset; enough in most situations, to make a difference. TRY IT. Yes the offender might use this; but it advertises “on the way in”/ shouting “bad/ shoot” (other than the police). “the building does have four walls (some on the outside)”. think about it. 

The Jack Webb telescope; is a little clearer; but how many billions spent? They claim 14 billion years old; but in reality they also claim “the big bang”. Both do not exist within the same framework of order. As an explosion produces force in all “planar directions” equally. Which means the explosion began in the area they are looking through. Or more distinctly, cut the age in half. But don’t stop there: because once you have an action going one direction and a reaction going the other direction: you multiply that speed twice. Which again halves the age. Then the greatest speed created in this universe is not light: but the eruption that occurs in a black hole. Which mimics “the big bang explosion”. MORE correctly; due to the distribution of “all mass in the universe”: WE KNOW that mass had to be collected together first/ WE KNOW, that the expansion of that mass is too much for a singular black hole to contain/ therefore WE KNOW that more than one black hole existed: and when they collided together in one violent impact: the energy released was more massive than we can realize. We know that, because in order for an atom to retain “nuclear energy”; the only possibility is spin of the nucleus. Which is caused by the energy from a black hole encountering mass. “already discussed”. But we do not know, the critical relationship of that crash; ONLY the result of a black hole which reproduces time, by constructing the atom by the eruption of (a pulsar) “dark or pull, energy”. That speed of an atom; can be calculated from an atomic explosion; by damage done: but I have not done so. Because it is irrelevant to our lives. What you believe however is not: as the cult of university continues to claim fantasy first.  An element of the big bang was: that before the theoretical “all mass in the universe”; WAS exploded at the very same time, in one massive blast. IT HAD TO BE COLLECTED into one mass; which means a gigantic black hole existed. The explosive energy required; to end that entire structure and disperse it into the universe of today: was beyond anything conceivable; unless we allow for more than one black hole; which then explains “the dimensions” of a planal universe. Which means the acceleration of particles beyond the speed of light; was absolutely true. Which literally means: ANY assertion of knowledge as to exactly how much time has pasted since the big bang; is nothing more than a delusion.  While the addition of more than one black holes adds complexity; it does enforce the conclusion, “YOU have no idea” of the speed or intensity of mass being distributed. All claims of university knowledge, are then a lie/ as is, the claim of “we know” how the sun works, or igniting atoms is safe.  Even circus clowns, have a better grip on reality.

I will even offer a theory based upon the composition of space: that in order to achieve the collection of mass needed to assemble “a big bang”. The essence of space already at “no motion cold”/ needed a drain to establish the negative dark energy of pull, required to collect that mass. As with the internal collapse of an exploding star; caused by energy that cannot escape; and must be turned back to create a black hole. An elemental “colder than cold discipline/ reversing motion” had to be created. While mass cannot enter that dimension, by its physical existence/ reversing energy, the essence of energy itself can. Making that dimension itself; the greatest power ever created. A reality that is more, “than you will comprehend”.  “her choice is”:

It could be said: “that physical life forms as the sieve, which filters power from mass.”

Just because university claims to know so much, and relies upon so little as their claim of fact. I add, that an exploding big bang; in a vacuum of space/ with speeds beyond comprehension: will warm that space, creating the separation of heated mass from extreme cold. That temperature difference forces the extreme velocity mass together as it cools from convection to create planets. The initial outer layer of that “PRE-EXPLOSION” event is the largest objects (not as hot), but everything that follows is extremely small and going faster, (and is much hotter); because the pressure wave which forces it is much faster.  Spinning throws off the protruding parts to form globes. Just as spinning of an atomic nucleus; cannot sustain a mass larger than what dark energy can sustain. Which is why elemental atomic size is regulated by centrifugal spin. There is no “higgs bozon” as is a constant of CERN/ nor have they discovered any other element; they simply lie, to keep their job. HOW FAR an object traveling at extreme velocity, in the vacuum of space will travel/ depends entirely upon how much directional energy is spent in the assembly of that mass into a spinning globe. Gravity does that by its earliest form of transition; which is convection: the transfer of energy from one discipline, into the order of a different discipline, shaped by balancing both concepts of change as now joined. But either way: an explosive event in the vacuum of space; will expend its energy in all directions; dependent upon the plane of a dimension, that energy will create. Which is dependent upon how the originating mass was formed. There are multiple dimensional planes in energy, and the fabric tracing of motion. Not infinite, but many. Just so its simple: there is sound in space, if the vibrations constructed by variations in radiation are significant enough: YOU become “the speaker” from the inside out.

Once again: even if you do not have a mountain lake to pump water into; in order to generate electricity later. Old strip mined coal seams provide the lake below/ and the digging machine to create a “one hundred foot tall mountain lake” above; for storing that water for later use; as an electric generating source “flowing back down”. Additionally, no inverters are required to “clean up turbine or solar power”; as cycles per minute are not greatly concerning for a pump motor. It is probable; instead of individual inverters on each turbine: just BIG ONES on the main transmission lines; before it bleeds into use. In practice; that would look like “two large capacitors” on each wind turbine; one loading/ one unloading; based upon controls at the grid source. Half the turbines in a wind field as one wave/ half the turbines releasing in the opposite wave.

 [lakes and rivers need to be dredged periodically; put it in a barge; to go where it is needed “to raise a lake”] Again: simple wave pumps on the shore of the ocean can be used to fill a water tower; which can then be used for electrical generation as well. And again: there is a tremendous amount of heat in “the attic”; so very simple methods of collecting that heat for heating water/ for reducing the air conditioning billing/ for heat production by radiator accessory; dries clothes. Etcetera. And yes you do drive me to be, a little irritable; but alas, you have no brain/ as is the constant of every cult. These are long term solutions.

MAKING HEAT from the power plant exhaust or steam; work for you; is another obvious choice.

 Another option would be digging down; to the correct low level storage of an abandoned oil [simply raising and lowering the “pump/generator”; might be the best option] or other well; abandoned mine/ crevasse; as well:  for pump placement. Lets you work creating storage for electrical generation; by placing high water storage at ground level.

Oh wait, silly me; “I must have forgot, one single second too late; in stopping the people trying to ignite a nuclear fire; and you have no world to live in. OR one second too late in genetic mutilation, and all of nature “becomes a HORROR”. OR one second too late and weapons of mass destruction fall everywhere. OR the world is poisoned beyond repair/ life in the oceans is dead/ every resource is gone/ every chain of life is broken/ and SO DAMN MUCH MORE; why would anyone bother, “To conceive of a future”; for humanity? “all hail university; your gods of death”. Go ahead: answer that question, or work for life and world; this ain’t no game.   Oh wait; so sorry: media hasn’t told you “what you think” yet; after all, “a cult is a cult”. alas, a dead world/ is a dead world too; “but you don’t care”/ or respect ANYTHING of real value.   My mistake, for a moment, “I considered you more than animals”; silly me.

And all the people say: I DON’T know how to “march or protest or complain; that we need to know the truth”. Don’t know how to say: democracy is more important than your treason: REDRESS is our legal guaranteed right. INSTEAD all shout; “we want what we want/ and what we want is LEAVE US ALONE”/ damn you, for wrecking the fantasy, explaining the delusion, or discarding imagination; as is our chosen road. But hey, why worry eternity is forever/ and killing off an entire world of life, surely doesn’t have any consequences for you. “just like university” you have an excuse; “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT”/ and to hell with reality or truth or consequences: anyone who gets in our way, is worthless and should be dead; as is the stampeding animals called a mob. Now, isn’t that so, after all, you got things to do & endless debts to pay: and more important, YOU can’t make us do anything, we don’t want? The children are already damned; and discarded; so who cares. GIVE US MORE, or be condemned; “a worthless slave”.

While all the predators hide, believing “I WILL steal this”; even though it is a free gift. While the thieves all say: “here, let me give you ten dollars” for a billion dollar gift. And if you accept; they turn around screaming, “LOOK AT ME, I AM A god”; I made him take nothing, for what had value/ its MINE all MINE. Because I AM greater than you all. As is, the cost of pride; the greatest enemy, of being human. My answer: “save yourselves”: done.  And yet; the spiritual woman inside of me; says no.

IT IS said that Russia is threatening an “unpredictable response” to the USA if they don’t stop interfering with their war of genocide (let Ukraine die).

The correct response to that is: THE USA AND NATO:  will respond with a very predictable, very specific: you crossed the line/ and the purpose of this response will target both primary leaders and the very wealthiest: who support and entitle those leaders to exist.  THE DEMAND FOR WORLD LAW, BEGINS! let the military of both sides: be so informed.   “Should the Russian military” not respond: to the removal of their leader/  the assault WILL continue, with only specific and deliberate intent: until he, “the leader” and his close associates are dead!  Thereby removing the claim of    “you failed to obey; a failed leader”.  CHOOSING INSTEAD, for your own nation deserves more!

THE WAR machine, will then be sent back home; ending this disgrace of humanity on earth!   NOT defeated/ because war is not a game. It is only death and destruction; caused by the people who want NO LAW.

IF however the Russian military does initiate war on NATO and its allies/ they have chosen it for themselves. The cost of that conflict could easily become; a destroyed nation/ or even world. But make no mistake: the cost of letting war on Ukraine end without WORLD LAW taking control/ WILL BE the end of this world. Because arrogance does not stop, until it knows: you chose this death march, for yourself.  THAT IS of course: the price of your weapons of mass destruction;  those humanity learned to call “its saviors”; by media propaganda.

IT IS, literally true: that a world without law, is a world that will soon become extinct. While weapons of mass destruction allow the arrogant to believe they CANNOT be stopped; the reality is, this world is filled with weapons of mass destruction, and the only thing that cannot be stopped is: ONCE ANYONE releases them, this world is DEAD.

The most fundamental of all enemies; is pride. Pride insists that life is a game to be won or lost; because want wants what it wants. Therefore power asserts, I can get that, if you let me “play this game”. The cost of that is: humanity fails life itself, and turns to be an animal; as the price for playing instead of being alive. Pride is a terrible enemy, very hard to destroy from your life; you must be willing to accept ridicule, and more; because the game will not let you leave without “compensation”. But pride leads to power, and power leads to hate; and hate will consume you, UNLESS you are forced to accept that what you personally, by your own choice have become; LESS than you do desire your life to be. It is that understanding; which presents the release called change, or changing back. I AM, confronting you: with your pride/ CHOOSE, because pride fails life: in eternity. ALL DIE.    ONLY TRUTH, survives.

Democracy will only protect those, who protect it with law; that is the law of life on earth. Same is true of this world, only by law are we safe/ same is true of your own individual self, without law there is carnage. We must use the law to survive, as the law protects life and world. The universities say: WE DON’T NEED NO DAMN LAW/ WE ARE THE LAW; “as is the enemy”. As is proven by their constant takeover of everything; they want control, and do anything to get that control from the grip of law, planet, and life: by playing god. Unless we protect ourselves from the greatest threat that has ever been: which is university arrogance, disrespect, apathy, and terrorism, we will die. As extinction proves how truly wrong they were. TRUTH SURVIVES, nothing less does. But truth survives by the laws which create it; the limits and boundaries which protect it; and the fundamental treasury of values, which give life meaning; in order to be happy, and therefrom live. Universities mean: we cannot take control, UNLESS we remove what is in control now. We cannot become gods unless we defeat the laws that exist. We cannot be your savior/ unless there is a real enemy to fight. So they cultivated religion as an enemy/ all forms of government are the enemy, unless they bow down to universities is god/ and every child is indoctrinated into the religious cult that is “the universities cannot be wrong”. Even though reality proves they are.

The university diploma; runs government, media, everything in this USA; not the constitution. A brief footnote is: since they gave away too much money, opened for immigration beyond reality; for free, inflation got out of hand. So now to control that frenzy of buying property by raising the interest rate. But since that is not enough; when poor people have money to spend: they control that demand for resources by raising the fuel price; which is VERY effective in “chopping down” the rise of the poor. Unfortunately as with mass shootings: the cost of covid, which is “destroy all small business”; destroys lives as well. The coward kills; believing that will show them I can fight back. But they are wrong: and eternity will show them, they can be forever dying in terror and pain; until every single tear is paid for or beyond.

THE MOST CRITICAL LESSON TO BE LEARNED, REGARDING WAR IS: WE THE WORLD DO HAVE A SAY IN WHETHER YOU KEEP WHAT YOU CLAIM/ AND WHETHER YOU GO TO TRIAL; AS WE THE WORLD DEMAND JUSTICE; for all the people, for all the time, for every child. WORLD LAW: OUR LAW! ENFORCED BY WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD: DECIDES the fate of leaders. PROVING WE THE WORLD SHALL JUDGE YOU!  DECIDING: WHAT YOU WILL PAY: AS the cost of your nation, to put back what you destroyed. IF there is genocide; THEN you opened the door to every immigrant in this world: to prove you shall not gain anything/ but shall lose the resources they will need to rebuild.         PROVE YOU WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD; BY ESTABLISHING LAW.

EVERY PENNY MADE; in support of that war, by the invader nation, or those who helped/ SHALL BE COLLECTED back, from those whosoever they are; who benefited by supporting chaos and death. SHALL SURRENDER their money and resources, and property; or be put on trial for murder. Those factories/ those people in charge, and more: shall be reformed, to remove all potential for doing so again. and if there are objections, which include threats of weapons of mass destruction: LET THE WORLD AGREE, every nuclear missile shall be trained on you. As your nation/ YOUR people; are dissolved into dust; if a single WOM threat is used.

There is, nothing more distinctly happy, than to be in love. Because love is a shared existence with someone who has proven to care about you; proven to respect the reality of your life and freedoms to choose; proven to honor justice as the aid of peace; and describe fair play as the aiding of harmony for us all. Given that truth: the question to you is, IS THAT, the world you live in/ or not?

And the people say: we have stuff instead, to prove who rules this life. “we are gods”.

But the future says: you have “run out of stuff, and killed your every child”.

The foundation for change is: WE MUST GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ SO THAT NONE CAN DENY THE RESULTS OF OUR EVIDENCE AS PROOF OF LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR WORLD. Simple as that, nobody gets to claim “just believe”; we let the evidence of our own truth decide/ and accept reality cannot be wrong, or lost to “imagination”. Stand up and be noticed/ sign your real name and be verified as: demanding, I TOO shout: WE MUST NOT LET THESE PEOPLE BE WRONG/ our world depends upon we the people. We must go to court, we will NOT believe. We will prove what has value/ what is plainly wrong/ and what we do have to lose; to those who gamble with life or planet.



Reality says: instead of respect for the true gifts of: life, planet, nature, truth, values, love, hope, discipline, order, balance, courage, trust, body, sharing, caring, justice, and eternity. The things reality proves to have real value. The treasury of a body that works and lives, beyond your comprehension.      A body you now, let universities mutilate and create disease against; as they rape and ravage you and society and world.

YOU chose; to believe in, and accept: chaos/ lies/ cheating/ stealing/ fantasy/ failure/ fool/ delusions/ imagination/ betrayal/ terrorism/ war/ and HELL. To your shame; to play god with life and planet, by injecting chaos, arrogance, and apathy for this living world. This earth, nor its life; will no longer accept that disgrace; CHOOSE BETTER OR DIE.

And the people say: we believe the future is better than the past, because the universities have changed our relationship with life and planet.

But let’s review: they changed weapons of mass destruction; distributing nuclear across the globe; have formed biological weapons into aerosols which can infect millions in a single day/ or individuals just trying to go through a door; have distributed chemical weapons throughout cities; have created slaughter robots of many types and kinds which can kill by the millions; at the command of individuals. Have created poisons which can completely destroy the water supplies; have created counterfeiting methods which have destroyed the currency reality of nations and this world already; have been mutilating and releasing into nature biological chaos by the millions; have established species extermination by the millions; have polluted the oceans to the point of critical crucifixion of life therein; have caused the planet itself to overheat; have distributed endless radiation at all levels; have destroyed the very resources needed for the future; have been attempting to ignite “atoms on fire” claiming they don’t need to care; because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire. Even though reality can prove it is the fire itself that releases solar gravity. Human population levels that are catastrophic; mutilation of food and super-diseases to the point of collapsing. Propagate and manipulate and invade society at will. Corrupt democracy into anarchy; as is proven in the courts by their refusal to acknowledge constitutional law. Have literally destroyed the chains of life we need to survive/ ending the future of this world; in a very short time. All hail the universities; who release artificial intelligence to enslave and sacrifice at whoever controls the computer: “will”. Have released nano particles which invade the biological bodies of life, “and plug up every hole/ alter every immune response/ and can basically dissolve life into sludge. All hail the universities; the slaughter house formed by your cult worship of people playing god. But then hey, “not to worry”/ not in your lifetime right? After all, you don’t care. And don’t you worry about privacy issues; after all, “they just want to find you” if you object.

As has every hitler before; killing those you love. NOTHING has changed.

But don’t worry, as with all cult worshipers; there comes a time when “you have to drink the poison”/ as if the disguise of a vaccine was any different: it is not. Lets suppose its just a two part mix; oh well, here comes the next/ and it will only cost you your face, your body, your mind, your senses, and your soul. HELL, its just chaos in biological chemistry what could go wrong! Its just letting people playing god, who have absolutely no respect for life, or planet, or child, or anything but power; choose “evolution will be great”. Instead of life or reality as is nature in charge. But alas, “you don’t care”/ right? And the cult screams: YOU, can’t scare us! Proving with certainty, a believer is the greatest fool of all. Because they built their prison cell around themselves, to keep every truth out; screaming WE WANT what we want. While faith is the opposite of that; which is, let truth lead us into reality, as only truth survives beyond time.

THE LAW, and nothing less: is our army/ the reality of weapons and numbers that is sufficient to repel an invader within our own nation. Because that means: we are our own invaders/ and our own defenders: the fight, is against by us/ for us/ and against us. NOT anyone else: we are the enemy/ and we are the protectors of our nation. Simple as that. SAME AS: we are the enemy and we are the protectors of our world/ at a different scale.

THE LAW, are the words and intent of what unites us as a nation/ and there are no enemies UNLESS those words and that intent of we the people of this nation; is literally under attack. The foundation of defense is: to understand what we are about to lose, regardless of the whiners, liars, criers, fools, failures, traitors, and terrorists who want every defender stopped. Crying can’t you at least compromise with them? The answer is no: because the foundation of who we are as a nation or a world: is not optional/ is not guaranteed to those who let it die.

THE LAW: RECOGNIZES NO MAN OR WOMAN, as superior/ or in charge of our lives or our society; because the law is in charge, and it does govern all the actions and intent of this nation or this world. Those who fail the law, ARE INDIVIDUAL ENEMIES; who can be stopped by the rest of us: they broke our law. And that does give us the right, to single them out for punishment. What is grievous, and a failed state of affairs: must be dealt with absolute “clarity in the evidence”/ no games will be played, only truth is allowed. NO theory, or construction of imagination: only the real cost of being WRONG, with our lives, our world, our reality and every child.

THE LAW RULES SOCIETY OR THERE IS CHAOS, GRAFT, CORRUPTION, CONSPIRACY, COLLUSION, BETRAYAL, TERRORISM, AND THEN WAR. Therefore the insertion of OUR LAW, into that disgrace and disrespect for life and world; is a decision that will not conceive of cowardice/ as is true desertion of duty (people are going to die, because of you). WE MUST DO, what life and nation and world require us all to do. That does mean: by the law, WE DEMAND A COURTROOM; to gather the evidence, assemble the task of understanding what is or is not true of that evidence, and then making our own decision as to the reality of our society, by the laws and enforcement of those laws: as WE THE PEOPLE, are now in charge.

THAT LAW OF DEMOCRACY RULES US; THAT LAW OF PROTECTION FOR THIS DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, BY “THE BATTLES OF A COURTROOM”; to understand what is true/ to understand the cost of being wrong/ to understand the value of what we could lose if we fail. IS FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEE: “that we the people, ARE in fact; the owners here.”

The difference between “words and rights”; are the law. Words can be endless, and go nowhere. RIGHTS ARE the foundation between justice and fair play through equal and equitable treatment for each one. That foundation is: by our choices, we live the result of what we choose. EXTREME GREED and ARROGANCE, by university is god, and cannot be questioned (so says the courts as media screams FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY): LEADS US TO THIS MOMENT. TO MOVE BACK into justice, reality, truth, law, rights, values, courage, respect, a future we could survive, and a democracy owned by we the people instead of our invaders: WE NEED TO EXAMINE FOR REAL, the true cost of letting “university decide”. As they move to destroy nature/ destroy the balance and laws of energy/ poison the entire earth/ collect and control all power for this world/ and dissolve the very fabric of life and planet that lets us survive.

And all the people say: “we want what we want”/ but reality has proven that is the foundation of failure; only truth can resurrect. And all the people say: “we are great, proud and powerful and perfect/ the best who have ever been”. But reality has proven your games to be a fraud, and your power the result of sacrificing every child, even life and planet itself; to play god. Which truth knows you are not. The universities say: “we can do better than god/ we will mutilate nature into chaos, and evolution will change everything/ we will ignite the same fire here as on the sun; and every problem will be fixed”. But they are not gods, and extreme arrogance will prove your disrespect is extinction. So the question is: “CHANGE/ OR DIE”? Pick the truth of you; because it is your only choice. Reality says, past the point of no return; your world is extinct. Your game is over; the consequences “stand outside the door”/ and will take control if you do not; bringing the chaos you deserve.

REALITY PROVES: YOUR CHOICE IS VERY SIMPLE, RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET AND CREATION/ or die, descending into pure chaos as the universities have designed; and go extinct as a world. Even the least wise among you understand that choice. Your game is dead, the consequences of your choice to worship university; are real. Because the evidence which convicts you; has been established, as true. All the liars in this world, cannot undo that fact/ only truth survives. NATURE is being crucified (the genetic code is nature)/ energy is being unbalanced (atomic stability is attacked)/ every resource is facing disaster (a world in poverty at war)/ every chain of life is being exterminated (millions of species at risk of extinction)/ weapons of mass destruction will be used (putin wanted to end “a hero”/ and losing is what arrogance hates most. but neither can you let him win: which means his own army needs to displace him/ or close the door on these weapons); and much more. STOP, OR FACE YOUR FUTURE, without the option to change. GO TO COURT, open every door & turn on every light  AND DEMAND THE REALITY OF EVERY THREAT SHALL BE LEARNED.

Learn the lesson of the “small woman on tv”: its NOT, what you can’t do/ it is, WHAT YOU CAN DO, that matters. And then work for life and planet and a future we all survive as best we can: because respect and reality returned as truth defines. AS honesty and justice for all, even our world;  will provide.

I DID do, “my job”. At 69 years old, and basically a lifetime of work, and more elements of strife and controversy and cost, than you can imagine: my job is done. YOU are the enemies of this world/ and that means YOU, will save it from yourselves; or go extinct, because you just didn’t care enough. Didn’t respect enough, life or planet or child. The choice is yours. Regardless, I did my job, the rest if up to you/ NOT me. If allowed, my life will be different; as I search for whatever it is, my own future and eternity; now brings. As life has changed me. A WARNING: I am NOT, the decision you will make! “merely the messenger”.

Of the various values; which could aid humanity, some simple things stand out; as is the forest fire control and other methods presented in videos or descriptions here. But of significant use is: the crawler that is “a autonomous welder mechanism: used in industry”. Adapted to crawl down a ship that has been punctured: with a patch to place over the hole and seal the ship. That patch would contain a suitable variety of clamps and methods for operating; such as a single hydraulic piston to push out arms. Methods for adjustment should be included. Methods for stabilizing large ships in open water against rough seas: include the net opening methods for fishing trawlers. Cabling that aggressive directional anchor into the sea by the ship pushing forward; adds stability. Bring it back in, when done. The newer electric planes; would be most valuable in emergency pickup of the injured in rural locations. MUCH CHEAPER to operate; they will save more than they injure. Refueling could be as simple as landing in someone’s yard, or meeting a truck with a generator/ or meeting an ambulance part way to the hospital to cut the time by over half. And yes there is a mountain of words produced by me; but your comprehension is small; and you largely fail to grasp what is important. So its just more and more and more. Making the reality of your understanding; a need to separate all those words into the “appropriate hills” from which knowledge will appear, as you sift through the rubble, to find what has value.

And the people all say “we are gods/ we know everything/ the universities prove that”. Yet you don’t even know: evolution is a complete and truly vile lie; mutilating genetics a coming HORROR/ resource destruction of all kinds, is extinction/ oceans must be protected or you starve and war/ trying to ignite a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire is INSANE/ and a billion more. Because cult worshipers, don’t think/ they can only believe. Probably the least wise of any generation in history; as is “led by university”.

The plague of extreme disgrace, as is the combination of media and university fed television; is again waging war on American life with “give to the heart association/ people are dying”. BUT FAILING to advise all but a tiny percentage of people dying of heart failure are very old. As is the manipulation numbers: “nobody dies of old age”.

Nothing of course is worse than: “the septic tank gagged, and vomited out; the university diploma”. Who then said; “we CAN play god”/ and succeeded in becoming Satan on earth. AS IS, the reality of genetic mutilation/ trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ and much more. The consequence: extinction is coming. “think not”? CAN YOU build a seed/ CAN YOU build life/ CAN YOU undo the tragedy of what they do? No, you cannot.

HOW can humanity be so blind? Answer: the animal, only wants, what it wants; and never achieves what it means to be human: as is the conception of thought, that is defined and created, by the miracles of life. Alas: you didn’t care!

WORLD LAW, AND A WORLD COURT: TO GOVERN LEADERS, BY THE LAW WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD CREATE/ AND ENFORCE. Is no less important than national law and a national court; to govern our employees. The foundation of law is: that the traitor of peace and harmony, MUST NOT be rewarded for their disgrace, disrespect, or violation of trust. Which then gives the power of our world: to redistribute and demand from any nation/ that they shall not be rewarded for war. The removal of weapons of mass destruction: IS CONSISTENT with now we have LAW to rule over us all/ instead of leaders. Therefore the trillions of dollars spent for the military in every nation; shall be reduced until the future defends itself. LAW separates us from the animal: therefore to be alive as a human being searching for truth/ there is no place, for hate; & the human animals who want it, to live among us; and must be separated into their own nation with borders that will not be violated.

The foundation of world change is VERY SIMPLE: When the law rules us all equally, as it should, there is no corruption because the law is our ruler/ and it is as fair as we the people enforce it to be. When the law is as simple and plain and short as it is possible to make it: there is no conspiracy to defeat the law, because it cannot be done: we justified our purpose with truth. When the law is the guarantee of our freedoms, our right to coexist and participate as order will allow: then there is no collusion against us, because we understand how to protect ourselves, by enforcing “our constitution”. BUILDING THE LAW we must obey, for ourselves; so that we know how to protect and defend it from the insurgency of “university”.

In America: all of that has been displaced with “university is god/ university knows/ university expert/ media propaganda/ stealing/ lying /cheating/ betrayal/ terrorism/ cult worship; and more. As the indoctrination of every child into the religion of university; destroys democracy, and endangers this world; with fraud, fantasy, delusions, and imagination without truth. The criminal healthcare extortion, currency fraud, claims of no inflation, now a minimum inflation/ infrastructure disgrace/ mutilating nature, and destroying our every chance for survival/ and even trying to ignite this planet into another sun; with energy experiments beyond insanity. And still the cult believes; because its priests as are media tell them “what they think”.

The law is an army, for even one citizen: because it is greater than a ruler, it is our government. BUT ONLY if the law itself is enforced; and that does not happen behind closed doors as is the common courtroom; where rules, and silence (we will not answer to the law of our government) are used to destroy laws. As is treason.

So the real question is: HOW DO WE THE PEOPLE ENFORCE OUR LAWS, AS IS OUR DEMOCRACY BY LAW? The answer is: first amendment redress of grievances, as is our constitutional guarantee: that we are the owners here, and if we are unhappy with our employees. WE DO, have a guaranteed right: to evaluate and judge their obedience to our constitutional laws, as they sworn to us, they would do. Making we the people their judge! WE DO, have a right to take control of our government, by changing its direction or those laws; with our substantive vote. NO employee, is greater than our government, which is constitutional law; and no employee can undermine the constant color, of our Declaration of Independence or “Virginia bill of rights”; as did form the framework for that constitution, and create the army that did form this nation.

That is the formation of war by democracy, instead of weapons that can only destroy what we must sustain to survive. That is the foundation upon which the young may enforce their right; to a future. That is the substance of value for this American nation: BECAUSE when we turn on the lights, open the doors, and uncover what has been hidden. We then learn: what the law itself means. And we find, what TREASON, anarchy, insurgency, terrorism, theft, cheating, manipulation, lies and more; means to ourselves and our world.

Your terrorists are turning America into a desert wasteland, by the burning of trees; which will prove you cannot rebuild anymore. Your universities are turning nature into chaos, as is their intent; as they worship evolution which has been declared to be “chaos is god”. Your politicians have invaded life and nation to become thieves under universities direction; causing insurgency, to corrupt and discard democracy; by proving we can manipulate anyone we want: WITH MEDIA AS OUR WEAPON. The people ransack, rape, ravage, ruin, SCREAM WE WANT MORE; and destroy every chain of life that exists; by invading an entire planet with human over population. Your “great ones” are trying to ignite this planet into a sun; just to prove they are “gods, and no consequences for us”. NO GREATER FOOLS have ever lived. The planet is overheating/ the atmosphere is beginning to generate winds which will overcome the planet itself. Ethanol, and crop production will end the water supplies, returning the plains states into a dust bowl without relief. Fertilizer phosphate ending, seed sterilization, pollinator destruction, oceans dying, even Yellowstone supervolcano threatening, along with all weapons of mass destruction. And yet humanity prides itself “on being great”. As reality proves; destroying the future, has a price.

ONLY YOU, can move this message from being basically hidden/ into a world that chooses to remain alive, by letting truth decide. That fact; Makes us all equal, in the participation of the message: “we, the humanity of this world: must change/ the game is dead”. The cost: YOU are the messenger now, not me! We step back from the “road to HELL”. BY: YOU will, choose for life or death or duty; as is the truth of evidence proves, “WE cannot let them be this wrong”: by confronting this fate, of what “universities have created, by leading us all”. WE, Cannot survive as life or world or a future: by destroying our world: TRUTH MUST BE FOUND/ reality must be known. Only change by the definitions of “let truth itself decide”, are capable of our survival. Confronting realities, “without want, pride, or power” IS TO DEMAND: with world court/ national court/ TO PROVE THE EVIDENCE AND COST OF BEING WRONG. We then encounter our choice for life and world: truth by design/ truth by knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; for us all! Instead of theory, imagination, greed, selfishness, delusions, fantasies, corruption, extortion, conspiracy, collusion, apathy or arrogance; as is the university way. The cult will scream, “we are the superior ones/ we decide, and media will present its experts”. But just like global warming and their experts for the last few decades: WRONG is too important to deny. WE MUST, LET THE EVIDENCE LEAD, proven in court for validity, SEPARATING fact from fiction; and with penalties to prove what is true. As best we can.

We stand on the edge of extinction: because you chose a bribe instead of life. To step back from that edge, YOU MUST CHOOSE LIFE, not want; or its “trophies, trinkets, or toys”; reality knows, you will simply throw away. I DO NOT tell you to believe, as the universities do. I DO tell you investigate and learn what reality will teach to survive; as only truth can help us do.

In this America, the herd fumbles without a leader, their assertion: we want our lives back [alas, that day is dead]. As is seen in the stupidity of what the rebellion calls an insurrection. Wanting trump; but failing to recognize he has no value. Nonetheless, with criminal extortion in healthcare/ fundamental anarchy in government/ propagation of fantasy and delusions throughout media/ religious indoctrination of every child; as is “believe the university is your god”/ fear covid and be ransacked, raped, and ruined. “just to start; before the real threats are recognized”. Constructs the assertion: if you can do better/ then lead!

In contrast to that is the truth: human animals cannot survive the future you have built, by universities leadership. Nothing you will do, can survive your want! So the only form of leadership that matters: is you must turn back from want; and let life itself be ruled by truth. Only being alive as humanity was meant to be; can rebuild this world for survival, if in fact that is still possible to do; no guarantee. Therefrom, I tell you NOT as your leader; but as a reality of life saying: GO TO COURT! As a world, nation, state, etc: to prove what is true, establish the cost of being wrong [particularly with university experimentation], understand what the questions we can control are, and then turn back “from HELL”. To become a living world, once more; as defined by the laws which will then govern us all. That is your choice. To separate from the herd; and find your humanity. In order to respect the life and living that is true to our existence; and rebuild from the edge of extinction: so as to survive, and keep our planet from extermination; as is “university plays god”. The foundation of “human versus animal” IS: a true functional respect, for the reality that every living thing is a miracle of design and of nature by the creation of genetic stability and truth. “that we MUST NEVER: destroy what we cannot rebuild; NO GAMBLING ALLOWED”. No sacrificing all life, with extreme experimentation, for a few. No discarding the future ANYMORE.  top image from July 22, 2021 bottom June 20, 2022. the math is: one trillion dollars is equal too: one hundred million people x ten thousand dollars each. as a relationship to this nation of 330 million citizens; babies and all. Nonetheless, you should know; that is summer 2007; I caught the federal reserve website moving 3trillion dollars; from debts into the asset column= a 6 trillion dollar move, and not a peek was heard; before that website was changed to hide the numbers. I don’t remember if I informed media or not. Regardless, “how much don’t you know”?   guess?consider the inflation between 2000-2021 to achieve these numbers; media refuses to informfantasy numbers that have no relation to reality form the basis of US life

Just like livestock; the university elite have trained you to be livestock, “trading an easy life now”/ for what will suddenly turns into a slaughter house; because “they want to eat you, for slaves”. Throwing away a nation (even a world); to play with trinkets, toys, and trophies! “to fill,  garbage mountains”/ and remove the future.

In the elemental search for what is life/ what is identity? The foundation response is: whatever truth allows/ whatever your own independent decision lets your truth become.

In the consequences of this day in time, as a world: our truth is, extinction seems certain/ because the evidence of human decisions is: clearly threatening to life and planet itself.

As with all decisions: the fate of animals (we want what we want/ we judge and thereby rule), or destiny of humans being alive (love decides by truth, as thought becomes the definition of our hope, to participate “among the miracles”): depends upon your decision to participate. Do you see the difference?

Participation extends to all those who herd together/ those who rule the herd and let hate or judgment become the realities of war.

Participation in contrast, extends: to the justice and fair play love requires of our respect to enlighten with hope, and build with trust; dependent upon truth. That, which becomes the peace and harmony of “our happy home”.

Unfortunately; few desire life, by turning away from hate; as pride forms the boundary between eternal life or death. Pride demands I AM winner/ which requires the others to be, YOU ARE loser; and revenge erupts. Even though only the power of humans believing they can play god; sees living as a game. The masses want a trophy (pride), to convince the others: “look at me/ listen to me; or I will make you cry”; as is the scream called: power.

But as reality does prove, the consequences of university knows; as become a catastrophe waiting to dissolve this world into dust or fire; as experimentation by universities becomes real. Instead of fantasy and delusion is all we need to know.

Or as is the reality of university plays god: weapons of mass destruction: sit under the thumb of simple human animals/ who believe whatever they want to believe. Making this world life or death; by the curse of military, and its mayhem against life. While it is true; “we must defend ourselves”/ it is also true, unless law decides; there is literally no possibility weapons of mass destruction will not be used. Ending for the military as well as life on earth: this lovely home called earth. Because you didn’t care enough, to stop the insane; even in leaders by laws which you can do for yourselves.

To your shame.

Protecting life, is about protecting hope: they are in partnership with survival. If you have no hope, you fail the desire to survive. Therefore ultimately, this entire work is about hope; even if it allows for so very little to effectively be cultivated. Because the cult of university is god; controls your world. Little is less hopeful, by the evidence already established: than letting the universities choose for life or planet; as they are the very foundation of every threat called extinction. While they constantly declare themselves as “consequence free”/ the opposite is true.

Stability and securities are the blessing to those who came first and built their nation with some degree of caring and sharing; so that the future would be well for their child. Stability and securities are the enemy of all those who come later; and want more than reality will allow: those who arrived first have control. To remove that: chaos must occur/ currencies must be devastated/ business and industry must exchange hands/ education and media must point to a new leader/ religion must be erased. So the reality of insurrection can be hidden until the day of war. UNFORTUNATELY for this world: overpopulation has declared, “there is NO going back” to what use to be. That is the choice you made, when changing how nature resolved the problem: because there are consequences for everything.

Communication is required for change of any kind/ a gun simply destroys, until one side or the other says enough. Anger Communication among the animals: is regulated to “a bellow or scream/ a whimper or roar”/ as is the constant of the human herd as well. To construct a value with words and the work required to make those words heard; if possible. The reality is: communication MUST PROVE the evidence is true/ and it MUST PROVE that we have a choice. THEREFORE, in plain and simple terms: the elements we can change MUST BE consolidated into a real world example of what we know/ what the consequences are/ what is the price of being wrong/ and how do we implement our decision to change this? Answer is: “like the ten commandments”/ you choose what the limits are; and identify what the boundaries will be. Therefrom our decision as humans without a cloak to hide behind: will be the law, that governs us all. BOTH a world, and a nation court MUST be assembled to prove what is true, to the best of our ability/ and PUNISH those who fail our need to know, WHAT IS true.

IN THIS USA; the constitutional authority, for we the people; TO DEMAND that trial. Is granted within first amendment redress of grievances;as our legally guaranteed right: TO KNOW, CHOOSE, AND DIRECT the nation itself as owners of the law: by authority of:  the constitution WHICH IS OUR GOVERNMENT. No employee, of any standing is.

Which brings us in this USA; to the reality of our lives is being remodeled to remove those who built the nation, in order to give it to those who did not. In general a Nazi takeover in progress. Because soon: due to complete destruction of the US currency, along with endless debts that cannot be paid. The attack of covid; damaged a great number of people who had a claim to wealth and property. This attack of inflated expenses; particularly in gas; is being use to regulate the economy; so as to finish off all those “under the one percent richest”. Which will give them complete control over the nation itself. As with Israel: corporations were set up to buy property/ then rented back to the Palestine people at cheap prices; so they all said hurrah. UNTIL they got their eviction notices; while the ships docked, and tanks, machine guns and soldiers walked in to push them out. Same here; so the nation becomes an endless sea of beggars/ and what little is left, will be lost to taxes. So that only the few, and the foreigners: now own it all. And they will get all the benefits; because we the people have been WARRED against. But not to worry after all: “just like the Palestinians”; you had your day of “its so easy and free”;  screaming: “not in your lifetime: sacrifice every child” has become; THE DEBT IS DUE. the universities are your god/ your cult; and they sold you out. “don’t like it, go drink the poison”.

Reality allows ONLY: we the people take control by redress of grievances; OUR LEGAL AUTHORITY OVER OUR EMPLOYEES. And decide for ourselves; what, and who: the bankruptcy of this nation will cost or be held accountable. WE ARE THE OWNERS, but not for much longer; because their house of cards; is falling down on purpose; so that the newer version of “hitler” shall rise! Don’t worry though; after all, once the foreigners own all the business and industry: they will employ their own group. Same as you, only with fervor, and absolutely no intent to share anything as they push you aside. And they scream: WE HAVE GUNS!  but alas, the military is no longer “whites are in charge; as is the majority ready to fall”. Even so, I am sure you can devastate everything; as is seen in every war. Just no resources to put it back. weapons of mass destruction released for real. “that will show them”; as all starve, thirst, and result to anarchy, rape, and ruin.  But hey: men can get raped too now; right? So go ahead and war. OR turn to law, and demand democracy will decide.

Oh wait; “you got a white; diploma”/ they have to hire you. Alas, no they don’t: PAY your damn debt/ after all, we know: “university debts don’t go away”. Not even in complete national bankruptcy; cause “they are gods”. Relax, its just a taste of what the American Indians faced; centuries ago (an unending flow). Well unless they commit genocide on whites. How many planes or ships does it take to bring over a billion+, people anyway? Don’t you worry, plenty will come.  WELL THANK GOODNESS media tells us everything we need to know;  who could ask for more. “FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ and don’t forget, believe but never question; cults have no rights. OBEY, and swallow your propaganda dosage for today.

WHAT YOU WANT, OR DON’T WANT; is absolutely irrelevant.  TRUTH DECIDES, and REALITY will prove the consequence of throwing away your nation is real.

I CANNOT make you think; it is a decision, that requires your life to decide/ by accepting soul. That is a reality that will refuse to form, unless heart leads you to it. Love is recognized by respect/ respect is the beginning of heart. The disciplines of life form the order of our lives, as a living example of how we balance each other, through the ascension of sharing and caring. Proving by our own truth: where we belong in the treasury of what and who does/ or does not have value beyond self. Eternity will NOT let you take the body along/ it is “purely time” and nothing more. TRUTH is all you get! But the door formed by death; separates truth by the spiritual existence of laws, which then govern the realities and environment of where “your contribution to thought” / shall be interned. Love is the opposite direction of hate; and they will never meet again.   While humanity searches for little things:   “the living” must search for truth/ the value of love/ and the respect earned by “every life is a miracle”. Beyond human comprehension!    unlike the universities, which get their imagination from the trash.

In your news: The new addition of a mob; attacking a crowd/ will intensify, as the critical cost of covid and more; turns more ugly; as lives are discarded/ bankrupted/ and every failed policy of “university knows” turns deadly. Fighting back, requires that the public should be organized with “hand repulsing grenades”. Simple devices of various shapes; that when thrown diffuse odor (I smell you), color dust (I see you), noise (I hear you), or more. Each chemistry set should be identifiable; to witness against. Public gathering areas of all kinds can be outfitted with “grenade launchers of this type”; operated remotely, so as to be effective. Using sound isolating technology to identify weapons discharge; to alert.

It is, necessary to add: that time is a measure of living/ but existence is the reality of life. To exist requires thought, because without recognition, there is no life. Thought is not constructed by a brain/ it resides, at the core of elemental energy. Therefore it is transformed, rather than killed. Making what has value in eternity; a relationship, with what makes living a value, to life.

For the sake of critical construction; in this USA; the cost of the coming economic depression will be severe; as it should be. The choice you made. The difference between complete chaos, and potential realistic recovery: is you must choose to become a true democracy. Which means WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE; not our leaders, or their power to control media or money/ nor the experts of universities who brought us all here to disgrace. Be happy when it hits; because if it does not: the end of your world is certain/ the end of your nation is civil war of an “apocalyptic style”. Prepare as best you can; understand we must communicate with truth, NOT “EXPERT” LIARS. And that requires redress of grievances; as is our constitutional guaranteed legal right to proceed as and with the authority of ownership. They failed/ we choose now.

Power, for good, means: the right to change what is being done/ because the consequences far outweigh your right to proceed. The ascension of values: gives to those who demand this change their authority, because the law of life and world; grant no one the power of hate to destroy it.

University claims to know “everything they need to know” about the sun. everything they need to know, in order to bring the same energy release here as is on the sun; an energy source which burns your skin in summer from 94 million miles away. Yet when researched for truth; all they provide is fantasies (they reduce the temperatures/ the radiation; so you don’t get scared and stop them), imagination (they hide behind fusion; which has already been proven wrong; so you don’t get scared and stop them), and delusion (they believe they can play god; even though they demand “elements which do not exist”/ and realities “don’t know what gravity is”; don’t matter. GAMBLING, this entire world: on their theory, “the fire they create, by burning atoms: will just extinguish itself”. But if it does not: EVERYTHING DIES. AS IS, the true cost of being WRONG. The cost of “their pride/ their power, to control leaders”; is worth more to them, than this world and all its life or living as a planet. And you let them gamble; because you have NO BRAIN!

All things for good, revolve around LOVE! All of history proves: no greater example of the differences that exist between love and hate, is JESUS, as Biblically told. To achieve the truth, distinction and identity; of your own direction in life. The value of this work has achieved its intended goal:  to give we the people of this earth, an opportunity for change, to save life and planet.

And all the people say: “we are gods, WE KNOW (as is the sign of your conviction)/ the universities are our savior; including religions”. But let’s review: being unable or unwilling to accept life is a miracle of such complexity/ only an identity so superior in thought to our own; was able to create it. Is an absolute certainty! Not a hair can you make/ not a drop of blood can you produce/ not a bone, eye, ear, hand, child, brain, skin, organ, base of internal knowledge “to run the machinery of body”/ absolutely nothing. And yet the universities have told you its all an accident/ built from chaos in charge; without so much as a brain. Shouting “this looks like that”/ to prove their lies. Which brings us to the consequence of that: you are animals, rather than humans, being alive. Because an animal cannot conceive of truth; it lives with want, pride, and power; as is the reality of your own lives. Or more simply: the universities stole your soul/ and you let them. So your gods of SATAN on earth; GAMBLE ALL LIFE on this world.

Let’s review: fusion has already been proven false by Lawrence Livermore Laboratories/ spending billions to do so. Yet the liars continue to use that claim; to hide what they are truly doing: which is to ignite atoms, to create a nuclear fire. Believing “not enough gravity here”/ so it will just extinguish itself! BUT IF THEY ARE WRONG; then the nuclear fire they ignite, establishing a 4 million times increase over chemical energy release: creates its own plasma, and this earth becomes another sun. NO going back; and that literally is, the only thing a tomak reactor can do. So your gods of SATAN on earth; GAMBLE this world.

So your gods of SATAN on earth; GAMBLE this world: releasing every mutilated organism back into nature/ so that it can infect and change the natural order of things. Altering disease/ mixing the framework and structures of genetics: to cross species lines, and create death by intention. The most vile of all that is hatred; to crucify and curse, every living thing: BY DESTROYING NATURE ITSELF. By “nailing you to the cross of biological war, inside your own body; destroying the sanctity of being human, by altering life itself.

So your gods of SATAN on earth; GAMBLE this world/ DELIBERATELY choosing to destroy every resource/ every chain of life/ poisoning every water supply/ altering governments, with the rancid cry of “debts don’t matter/ lets war”. And every other purpose imaginable; because the end result of universities is: UNLESS THEY TEAR DOWN what reality proves is true/ THEY CAN’T play god. So the indoctrination of every child/ the prostitution of every media effort/ the plague of all leadership/ the curse of religion agrees/ the failure of corrupt courts/ the predators who bait and trap humanity to keep them from the courtrooms; by using law to pillage, rape, ransack, and rob/ the horror of humans whose apathy, and failure to respect ANYTHING; is cause enough for this world to become extinct. As they worship, and maintain the cult of their bribes; hiding from the truth/ by sacrificing every child/ MURDERING THEIR FUTURE, to build your garbage mountains. To your shame.

The reality of our time is very simple: all the tragedies/ all the fantasies/ all the delusions and imaginations of “university knows”: are now becoming the consequences of their lies/ their misinformation/ their failures and foolishness and thievery and the horror of their ways.

Because the end result of it all: is truth WILL decide! The university contribution is: DISRESPECT/ DENIAL/ DEATH/ DESTRUCTION/ MUTILATION/ TERRORISM/ BETRAYAL/ WHORING (ONLY THE MONEY MATTERS)/ CULT, and its worship of SATAN; as is defined to be, the deliberate decision: “lets destroy this world”. And all the people; said, we don’t care/ give us what we want. So to satisfy the greed and absolute selfishness of humanity; your universities took control over government claiming we are the superior ones: to hide inflation, as is the claim of assets that don’t exist/ and the destruction of debts which cannot be paid “no matter what you do”.

The latest round of that in America is: Biden believes; and as all the recent decades of government has been; “give it all away”/ now begins to show up as this will not be turned back. Because you have literally endless numbers being used; like many nations around this earth; all of it lost, because there is a day when the numbers rule instead of the lies.

As will soon be: THE DEAD WEIGHT of universities play god/ becomes the end of our world. As reality proves: fantasy, delusion, lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, sacrificing the future, destroying every resource, crucifying every child/ mutilating every food source, plant, and life on earth; in worship of their delusions called evolution; AND ALL THE REST. That is the curse of this world, beyond hate: into EXTINCTION. Is more than you bargained for/ is more than truth will allow you to survive. Because you traded your soul; for trophies you threw in the trash. To your eternal, shame.         YOU, literally have only one choice left:

BY WORLD TRIAL; WE THE PEOPLE determine for ourselves, what the evidence can prove is true, for our lives/ your child, our world and our future. BY NATIONAL TRIAL; WE THE PEOPLE determine for ourselves, if those who lead have betrayed us. TO DEMAND we must make the laws which govern this society for ourselves. BY LESSER TRIALS; we the people determine if the judiciary are in fact working for us/ OR, are they working against the laws and purposes of what we demand our state or nation shall become. NOTHING can be determined by “imagination or what you believe is true”. ONLY REAL WORLD INVESTIGATION of the facts, which establish the evidence, and deny the expert: can define, the critical truth of what our choices are/ or what the cost of being wrong shall be.

And all the people scream: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ we hire leaders to make decisions, so that then we can say: THEY DID IT, not us! WE DON’T want to be responsible/ WE WANT what we want; and we want, the claim: NOT GUILTY! But reality proves you are guilty; you participated in everything we are threatened with/ and no amount of excuses will remove that fact from your own life. Truth is truth, simple as that. Just as deciding your fate, here and now; instead of collapsing into the abyss of destruction is NOW YOUR CHOICE; as well. Either choose your fate/ or the fate you chose by following “university is god” will make you extinct. And all the people scream: “they are gods”/ yet all the evidence does prove; “they are merely your former classmates”, hiding under the cover of an image that has no, or little; substance of value. YOU DO KNOW, this world is in trouble from human behaviors/ from human population growth; even an ant has that power of observation: so do you! SO NOW, YOU ARE GUILTY: of the reality you choose for the future of this world. Simple as that.

The foundation of love is truth. The foundation of law is truth. The foundation of peace and harmony is justice, based upon fair play to all. The foundation of change is knowing what is true. The foundation of democracy is being able to understand what is true/ the cost of being wrong. The foundation of life and survival is truth. The foundation of a future for life or world is truth. The foundation of eternal life is truth. TRUTH extends from RESPECT, and respect establishes TRUST. As a consequence to these things and more; the value of life and living is based upon truth. While the foundation of all “university expertise is imagination rules/ and respect is for fools/ deceive, deny, destroy as is the basis for chaos; so they don’t understand”. Steal, cheat, betray, terrorize; We, are gods. Therefore we the universities DON’T have to obey no damn rule or law/ no rights or reality; unless we make it ourselves. As spoiled brat; “two year old children” claim.

You need to remind: “your employees of government”/ that they serve at your discretion; not their own. Being bullied is a two way street; one forces/ the other submits. Take away the force: and let the law of our democracy decide. Which literally is, “we the people will vote”: on that fact as our authority to rule this nation. In addition: more than enough time, money, and reality has now pasted: TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, about covid or not/ as an entire world looking; for the result. As is their right.the common cold tests same as covid; both are corona virus s

“I wander if they could call flu covid instead?”

FEAR makes the enemy rich, powerful, and you poor. BELIEF builds the walls around a tyrant, so they can take control. OBEY identifies the cult, as is never question your leader; you have no right. The consequence of these things takes control over society, and democracy is destroyed/ courts are corrupted/ the conspiracy to manipulate and propagate through communication/ the collusion to invade and indoctrinate for cult worship within all forms of education/ the treason of counterfeiting currency, and destroying economic stability with debt/ the vile disease of terrorists who are blatantly trying to kill off nature itself, so as to make their god of evolution (CHAOS wins); and the horror of terrorists who believe they can play god with energy, planet, plant, ocean, water, the chains of life, destruction of habitat: and EVERY OTHER FORM of “cancer” that is “the university Satan”; as has come to pass. Fell upon this earth; by the defecation: called, weapons of mass destruction.reality knows: to enforce believe, fear, obey; healthcare added covid to everything they could claim

while the treatment of flu is largely “cheap”/ the cost of US covid is reported as much as 24 trillion dollars in one year. Ask WHO gets the money?

INSTEAD of that: going to court as a nation or world or even state provides in this USA; that under the authority called constitutional democracy as is “the government itself”. OUR RIGHT to call for trial, and investigate our employees; to assess and determine for ourselves if, “they did keep their sworn oath to us”: is valid, true, and real to the needs of this day. Because if not: we have the duty, and the authority by first amendment law; to take back control for ourselves; and establish as WE THE PEOPLE, by our vote on the issues themselves. The direction, and decisions, that our nation should go. That is democracy/ and every claim of “government”; is by constitutional law: OR, it is treason, as those employed are merely citizens just like you or me/ NOT “government/ employee”.

THOSE WHO MAKE THE LAWS, BY WHICH WE ALL MUST LIVE (including government employees): THEN, RULE THE NATION, STATE, OR WORLD. Remove those who stand in the way; as traitors to democracy. Let only what is important find a voice, so that every decision will matter to us all.

EVERYTHING, about life is based upon the miracles we have been given; “reality knows that is true”. The fantasy of university is: “they say they can do better/ and will use evolution (and more) to prove it is so.” So they inject chaos/ demand accidental consequences will be better/ and mutilate nature; throwing anything that survives; “out into the world” to infect anything it can; as is a biological weapon. And humanity says: “we DON’T care”. As will be your epitaph. Of critical importance in the table below is: “ESTIMATES”/ even though death is a fact, and burial, etc; occurs within 3 days later. MAKING death, the one composite of certainty/ that can be tabulated almost immediately. YET they hide it in estimates. WHY? to manipulate you/ because they want your fear, (power to control you) & your money (power to surge against you, and overthrow governments; stealing as raiding armies do). DON’T believe, find the evidence for yourselves: discarding experts as vile/ search for truth, as a nation.every aspect of covid MUST be examined in real world untainted evidence; so that we know/ not told, by experts

IS NOT THE YEAR 2020 “THE GREAT RELIEF”; we have a vaccine. safe now/ or was it just the collection of money, by raiding the nation with fear?

Everything, begins with water, and then expands with food and habitat; including you. Extreme over population has removed the habitat for what we eat/ reduced habitat to what has been plundered and ravaged/ poisoned the water, or endangered it greatly. For trophies in your Garbage mountains. For wealth/ that is nothing but numbers without reality; as you traded every child; for a fantasy. As is the purpose of “university knows”. University is god, “the cult monger of Satan on earth”:  screams, “there are no consequences for us”. They too, are wrong.

And the universities say: “we are gods/ you are nothing”; we own the power, and you will have none. As is the constant throughout history; by all who could generate fear/ belief/ or obey! Take a look around: EVERYTHING is being taken, control of business, industry, communication, schooling, jobs, banks: everything controlled by university rules. By what are; a very tiny few who then own it all/ control it all/ and will make you fear their decisions of apathy and disrespect, and disgrace. By university driven counterfeiting currency; fantasies and foolishness;  and debts don’t matter, it all imagination/ “to  those in governments”. Except of course for your debts: pay up. a one hour, out patient surgery for a small broken bone: $39,334.47 “pay up”! But hey who cares/ right? They got to eat too; right?world population increase is roughly one hundred million more mouths to feed per year/ resources remain the same

what shows an epidemic is the increase in death rate: but don’t forget immigration (look around)/ increase in population/ cost of spreading fear as is addiction, suicide, homelessness, future destroyed along with a lifetime of work; which produces GUN VIOLENCE; and more! As did spread because of media induced:  FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR.  And then remember; if nobody dies/ nobody gets to live.   BELIEVE YOU  damn BASTARDS; because university wants to play god. OBEY you fools;  as the insurgency against all who built the nation expands; to consume you with “endless trillions” now in the possession of your enemies/ as they steal it, with fear:  from you.

For basically fifty years, I have put my life on hold: doing whatever I could to say, STOP AND understand the consequences of this/ the terrors and tragedy of this. And throughout that time, only one reality occurred: you refused/ you hid/ you ran away/ you chose arrogance and ridicule/ you denied the evidence/ and you supported raping and ransacking your own children; destroying their future along with your own. Screaming instead: “not in my lifetime/ or, I won’t pay”. But you were wrong/ or you are dead. None stood up to say, “I am here too/ fighting for these realities of truth, that will not be denied”.

And the world of “university is god” replies: WE ARE THE SUPERIOR ONES/ nobody is more god like than us: we know everything! But let’s review: today, believe it or not our world is threatened by human population rise beyond all possibility of survival. EVERYTHING we eat is life/ and all life needs its chain of life, its habitat, its space and purpose and realities. Yet everything you do as human existence on earth; as led by university knows: IS COMPLETE DISRESPECT, for every living thing. The curse; “absolute greed”. The oceans are completely disrespected; and every life/ every living thing in those oceans, are literally on the edge of extinction: because of what humans do. Literally everything, because you don’t care; at all; just the “spewing sewage” of lies, liars, failures, and fools: a university led parade of “yes we can”. EVERY resource is under attack: led by “university education”/ the very ground, the air, the water, the earth itself; all of it, is under attack. The revolution of “university is god”. EVEN LIFE ITSELF is UNDER SEVERE ATTACK: as the university geneticist clamors for more freedom to make “evolution come true”/ and biological weapons are released to gain trillions of dollars, and force you: to the back of the cage. Where you wait “for the slaughter house doors to open”. And then we have physicists: who are intent upon destroying atomic laws that balance and keep this entire earth from collapsing into chaos. Their decision is: “YES WE CAN, play with the same fire as is on the sun”; cause they’re gods. But alas the only gods they can be is SATAN (destroyer of a world)/ and that alone is what they “love”/ while worshiping themselves. But hey don’t worry, “weapons of mass destruction” will save you; after all, who is insane enough to use them; “but a mouse who roars”. The human reality is apathy/ because the human condition is: you are indoctrinated into the religious cult of “university is god”; and threw away your brain/ as media replaced it “with puke and vomit” as is; “university knows”. Think not? This world faces extinction; and that is not a lie/ so, WHO led you to this precipice of nothing alive survives? ANSWER, THE DAMNED; question?

When humanity is pushed to survive, and few options exist; they fight, and kill. Which is a matter of policing. War exists, because leaders push, and power wants an excuse for why they failed: so they demand let the weapons talk for us/ and they kill (within borders or outside of borders); to prove, “don’t come here”. Power is controlled by money or death and destruction: so there are only three elements of war. The people are desperate, and somebody has to die: because there ain’t enough for us all. The leaders want to distract the people, and force them to look elsewhere; as is don’t blame us. And the rich see in war, an opportunity to be very rich/ as the price of war, cannot be dismissed or controlled: YOU MUST pay our price/ or you die.

And humanity replies: WE CAN’T DO NOTHING/ LEAVE US ALONE; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; and be damned to anyone who gets in the way. “as we” are going to get EVERYTHING we can/ before life itself is over! But alas, life will truly be over, and without respect for that truth: you aid and abet its killers! You are the cult, who didn’t care; not even for your own child! The constant chant; for the last forty years: “NOT, in my lifetime”! Thereby discarding the future, and ALL its life: to fight for your trash (as that is where your prize will go/ your possessions, simply to HELL). Because even if you could fight back to save this world: it takes more than greed or want to save it. And the people say: YOU CAN’T MAKE US CARE/ or be ashamed: “we are gods; children of god; the real GOD will save us/ and you are nothing! But alas: your real god is university/ as you bow down, and cover your face; as they command; release trillions to their decision, as they command; discard life to their mutilation, as they command; even attempting to ignite this earth into a sun; as they lie and claim “we know”; BUT, BY THE EVIDENCE; what has only been SIMPLE: pure fantasy/ delusions/ and imagination. You, are “dead meat”/ and the curse of all that universities have accomplished: will soon make you cannibals, “what’s for dinner; APATHY, AND DISRESPECT”/ BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LEFT; “here, have blood to drink”/ because the water is poisoned. To your eternal shame!

IT IS THE “ARMY: we are in this together”; that enforces authority to decide. Without those who will come to the aid of their “uniform”/ there are only criminals, separate from the herd; as mere predators. By creating the “army”/ and presenting weapons: the prey scatter, and the predators become rulers. In order to defeat them: the army of the damned (university on trial) must be removed. The weapon: ONLY TRUTH SHALL LEAD US/ ONLY LAW, shall become “the government”. NO PROPAGANDA OR EXPERT; ALLOWED, only the evidence; as best we can.

YOU WILL NOT ALLOW; “the cursed, the vile, and the vomit; of puke and misery that is; the intellectual traps” to take control. The primary example of that is “medical coding”: by which a very simple “its a broken bone”/ becomes a tirade of excuses to charge more, and take control over the argument: by creating the putrid maze; of confusion and misdirection, whose only purpose is to destroy knowledge. Thereby taking control for hate to rule.

THE INTELLECTUAL in charge of “administration”, SAYS: NO, it is not just a health issue “visible and plain”/ ITS ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR THOUSAND MEDICAL CODES; EACH OF WHICH WE CAN CHARGE YOU FOR. BECAUSE we count every single hair on your body, and then they start to include all the shit that falls from “their own anus”/ as part of the bill. And if that is not enough: “well obviously every breathe” is worth whatever we want; because greed lives, instead of life. AND THE ONLY WAY TO REMOVE the dead from their disease: REQUIRES JUSTICE to ascend beyond the corruption, and redefine life as what we are willing to respect; as society decides by our law, [THAT WE LITERALLY MAKE FOR OURSELVES]. In order, to protect us all, with disciplined fair play. NOT whatever the hell, YOU want.

Whenever, LOOKING AT THE MEDICAL PROFESSION:  you must turn first to the universities, to recognize: these few, limit the competition, by demanding endless drudgery/ and a half million dollar debt; for their diploma. OR, more simply; every failure of society, must turn back “to investigate: university is here”.

The foundation of American democracy was, “discontent”/ therefore the price was met; and the people divided/ or united as they desired. THE PROTECTION of democracy was met: with the term “redress of grievances”. Thereby setting into place: that when we the people are NOT satisfied, with our employees of government. Instead of war, “we choose to go to court”/ identifying the evidence, as best we can; and therefrom exercising our authority as owners here: to make changes as we the people see fit. That foundation: REQUIRES a courtroom to prove what is true/ and the cost of being WRONG. That change REQUIRES: a no less than 51% acceptance of change/ and the vote shall be taken again every two years: until a 70% acceptance by the people that this is, “the best we can do”. It is then fixed; unless a new trial reshapes our decision and our journey as a nation or world.

The powerful refuse that constitutional law; as is treason/ because it takes their power away. They use media to redirect you/ and the courts remain silent; as they are bought and paid for by pride and power! To get our constitutional democracy back: for ourselves, we must remind them, that the constitution is our government/ not our employees. That the courts have authority UNDER constitutional law; and do not have power over the constitution. That those who deny our authority as a nation is WE THE PEOPLE, in recognition of our decision/ not theirs: THE FINAL SAY, in where we go, and who we are as a nation, by what unites us; as is the constitution/ declaration of independence/ and “Virginia bill of rights”. The reality of law: WE CHOOSE THIS, FOR OURSELVES/ which made the sacrifice possible.

The reality of war, that is: when the competition is grim (I will take) or serious (I am hungry, for more); genocide is coming. Somebody has to die. In Ukraine it is pride and power demand attention. When leaders fail life and reality: someone has to take the blame, and it cannot be the proud; so the distraction is war. When the rich want more: they pick leaders who give them more/ and society fails; bringing war. Bankers bridge that gap, by allowing investors to believe “with less”/ I will get more. Causing decisions that wreck the future and the planet. “bankers/ as do survive”;  then plunder and steal. While a bank can be an asset/ it is equally able to be a curse; as is seen in America today.

The end result of that is: without population control, there is no future but war/ because this is a finite planet; and you have no other options. ONLY EXTINCTION OR CHANGE to accept balance/ discipline/ order/ and respect. Simple as that. Human existence is now a choice/ not a guarantee; your world hangs in the balance of life OR death; by what you do.

Leaders lead to war: because they don’t want nobody blaming them/ BUT WAR ENDS, when the leaders are dead. Leaders do NOT target leaders/ so they won’t target them: “its an unwritten rule”. However, WARS END, when the leaders are dead/ or taken into court; by the world. Targeting leaders who control the war: is elementally the decision for peace.

But make no mistake: while the ignorant/ fool/ failure/ young/ impoverished/ violent, and more; all believe “yes we can”; the reality is rarely true. NOTHING BUT TRUTH, can define a future for life. While NOTHING but peace and harmony, will make it come true; and that requires justice, fair play, and realistic equality among all participants. Or you fail, just like the leaders before you: who wanted; pride, and power and slaves.

The very rich die out/ and cease to exist, by removing their power to control society, media, government, more: with money, jobs, or resources. That cannot be done, UNLESS you choose “limited capitalism”; where we the people define the limits and boundaries of what ANY OTHER human being can obtain in either resource control/ or wealth. So that we all, have an opportunity to share the future. Limited capitalism; is a choice society makes for itself.

THE FUTURE IS: by truth leading us into laws which we decide as a world or nation of we the people chose. This is the best we will do for peace and harmony and life. OR, as is consistent with the evidence: you will die by want/ pride/ and power leading you to HELL. As the cursed (I hate), the damned (I won’t care), and the diseased (let them die) of brain; lead (with few exceptions) into chaos (nothing matters but me); as is the reality of this day.

Simple and plain: the choice is, “live with value and respect/ or die, as a world gone extinct”

When leaders are in trouble, and the nation begins to crumble under the weight of too many people, and a reality of want and pride; that has destroyed the future: very nearly all leaders turn to power. To remind the people; DON’T blame us/ we will, threaten or kill you. The current malaise of covid; represents the first thrust of power, into society/ to demand YOU CANNOT refuse us: YOU cannot threaten US. Thereby taking away the public decision: to enforce; NOBODY rules but us. That ends with discontent; and fear on all sides increases; as the threat against freedom rises, and the reality of revolt turns against leadership. As with Nazi: groups are then targeted, to remind all “this CAN happen to you too”.  JEWS were not targeted primarily for their religion, “they kept it to themselves”. THEY WERE, “the bankers”; and with the end of world war 1: they were in the position of foreclosing on massive amounts of property; so they could redistribute it to themselves. And did.

As proven by covid: when fear takes control, every form of power and pride or wealth in society, then cries out: ‘”YOU cannot threaten us, either”. AND THE DEMAND, for control takes over government; and the army formed by money; throws democracy out. NO YOU cannot decide: DO WHAT WE DEMAND. Because fear, is a predator; that lurks “just beyond your vision”. To combat fear: humanity turns to religion, and: the fantasy, but fanatical religion of “university is god”: demands “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”, as is the constant of every cult. But alas: fear is not going to save you! The fantasies or religion of “University is god” is not going to save you: they brought you here to biological warfare, for MONEY! Instead, only truth provides the opportunities of choice; only the evidence untainted by belief; forms a path beyond where we are; into a future that is better than today. THOUGHT (life is more than want) is required; intellect (plotting and planning and traps and power) is cast aside. Thereby we are confronted with the law: of what we can choose, and what we cannot choose, as reality will define. And the people say: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; just remove the threat, so we can take what we want. But alas, you have now invaded this earth; and will kill it; with apathy by want, pride, or power. UNLESS you accept the truth: the laws, that honestly benefit all life; is our only choice.

Every part, every piece, every shape of our destiny, is determined by the choices we make, and the decision to participate we accept, as our contribution to this life. Truth survives, nothing less will.

“cult worship” in america, assumes the universities; “our saviors/ our gods”! But, the only reason we don’t currently have “million dollar loafs of bread”; is because all the inflation stays under the control of a tiny few “university elite, and their governmental puppets”. As history proves: “just print more money” is the answer of every intellectual; claiming power with lies. Along with limited capitalism: there must be a currency count that is directly tied to the population count. So that the relationship of numbers to humans; remains constant. There must be currency traded for resources between nations: that is tied to “real world realities” as it used to be with gold. The curse of massive population increases is a need which cannot be matched with money/ therefore lies begin. The tragedy of war: ALWAYS consumes the economy, and destroys the securities of nearly every citizen. Making war, the greatest deflation of all/ which is why when inflation consumes the nation; leaders turn to war, in order to remove human expectations. UNFORTUNATELY, university led decisions/ threats of extinction, surround us all; and currency deaths around this world; are one of the least threats we face.

Reality proves: even though the curse of men and their wars, provided some degree of population control; to keep this earth alive. It was not until the “universities played god”; that we became surrounded by massive threats of our own extinction: as the evidence proves without a doubt true.

Evidence of that is: the people population of China: grew by one third over the last twenty years: one half a billion “mothers delivered a child”, just in China: the earth is crying now, with more human mouths to feed/ seeking water/ seeking resources/ wanting more; than can be delivered as you are doing. While the twentieth century grew human population by 6 times more over that one hundred years: the reality of zero population growth is overwhelming, and it is absolute. And unfortunately, that is only the beginning; of changes: that had consequences beyond your grasp of the situation. NO, you can’t is the future, for us all/ because reality doesn’t care. Truth doesn’t care. Making each decision: we better care/ or we die. And as groups claim, “them not us”/ the cost of war; will insure: “you too”. GO TO COURT AS A WORLD: AND PROVE THE TRUTH OF WHERE WE ARE IN TERMS OF THREAT/ AND PROVE WHAT THE COST OF BEING WRONG WILL BE; if humanity fails life and earth. NO GUESSING/ NO EXPERTS/ NO THEORIES/ NO UNIVERSITY LEADS; only reality and the truth decide: by facing the future which is, “without true and immediate change; earth is extinct”: IN YOUR LIFETIME.  “the living dead” if not completely gone.

Functionally, there is little about university that defines or defends life or planet; the disguise is, “a few care”/ but the reality is; most do not: same as society in general. The critical cost of university can be seen in this USA; as leadership; who believe they are saviors, “the great ones”/ but are in fact simply increasing the competition; and destroying the confidence of groups. Liars, who actually chose to make people believe; all life is nothing but chaos built by accidents: even a worm has a better brain that they. Greater fools do not exist/ until we get to physics, an the people who believe they can play with the same fire as on the sun; here on earth: all fantasy/ all delusional chaos; nothing from truth to support their call to be “Satan (lets destroy this world)”. While in a perfect world, everyone has enough/ and everyone is happy with who they are/ and everyone is tolerant of all. That world does not exist; and mixing races (groups) simply divides and causes betrayal in all forms and ways; as now the group trusts no one: making all the enemy.stop believing; because it is serious NOW, when confronted with the truth “we are in trouble”/ as is the cost throughout history: “not enough water/ not enough food/ not enough anything: MEANS SOMEONE, is going to die or move”. And reality says: this world is full/ no place to go, without exterminating all life and planet. So instead of wars as throughout history: we now face an Apocalypse (trust no one/ kill them all)/ because the groups have been “de-faced (like covid)”. INSTEAD OF REALITY; which is zero population rise/ and dealing effectively with the truth; which in part is: “if you are starving/ WE WILL NOT help you survive, UNLESS there is true and literal birth control for all”. As is the truth of survival: no one moves, unless birth control is real. UNFORTUNATELY, that is functionally just about women/ therefore: THEIR men MUST pay them “fairly”. The list is very long; with regard to survival/ the potential for extinction is very short and simple: keep doing what you are doing. As is letting “university lead”: means ALL life ends in a decade, or less.  PROVE, the evidence is wrong/ BELIEF, particularly in university (just like global warming)/ or media (just like covid; stealing your face);  it is NOT enough. When the cost of being wrong: is our world is dead.those who deliberately transmit life threatening disease; must be held accountable

The identity you create, is your truth; as all other constructions of time or purpose, will fail. Therefore, search for eternal life, in truth. Every miracle of life: (the universities, cannot build a single hair, they are simply thieves; but they can inject chaos, nature is genetics “the builder of bodies”), proves it is not surrender hope for life/ DO watch out for liars, traitors, and thieves

In the essence of things spiritual, comes the law; the construction of what can be proven true, by reality served with discipline, order, balance, and respect: these are the builders of life and planet and universe. Spiritual means: conceived by thought, to achieve the relationships called time: in order that life within thought, can find its home. The disciplines of law and truth provide a living. The balance between love and hate, conform to the question of “who, are you willing or wanting to be”? RESPECT, identifies “a child of GOD “/ or not. That question is not “gender related”/ but lives in the values conceived by love, as we share our experience, and express our trust in “where miracles come from”.

 constitution holds all authority over them; as we the people honor this, “our government”:  with our lives, our choice, and our future as a democracy guiding our place in life and world: with the dignity of ownership. The authority of constitutional law decides, not you.

We cannot change this world, with wants/ you can only change this world with actions; YOU TAKE. The foundation of all peace and harmony is law/ anything else, will bring war. As is the result of “men in charge”, as history proves true. Women are not better: but if you join honestly with equal respect, each balances the other, and value will arise. IF justice is your purpose, and truth decides instead of want, pride or power: LIVING WILL CHANGE, and life renew.. if not threats will overwhelm you, and extinction will rise.

And “all the men” say: “they can’t cheat me/ I have a gun”. Alas they have an army/ so now you need an army; and civil war begins. OR, you are redirected to war with nations instead. And all the women say: “you can’t make me take a stand; men do terrible things to women”; so they hide. But life says: IF WE ENFORCE OUR LAW/ then we are the army, and the law decides even against a leader. So that justice may arise, instead of war. Therefore we stand with the law “in front”, as our weapon of choice. Life, society, and nation, “without mutilation or destruction”; by our own laws kept.     WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAWS,      RULES THE NATION, STATE, OR WORLD.

A true democracy NEVER “hires an employee” to make the laws, we all then have to live by. A true democracy works to achieve an understanding, and thereby description so plain and simple and effective: that nobody can truly deny its purpose/ or undermine its decision. As with “the biblical ten commandments”: IF YOU DO IT correctly once, the words nor the purpose never need to be changed. Because we do understand, and agree: this should be so.REALITY finds thieves promising what they cannot in fact deliver which is health while universities, and their media scream hurrah/ reality says NO

Time is, “the value we give it”; and that means we decide for ourselves what time, as is the living of this life, worth. The vast majority decide: time is best spent searching for want/ pride/ and power; discarding all other things to the competition of getting more for “me”. Being alive in the essence of miracles are the truth of our existence, the foundation upon which we breathe, see, experience senses, move, talk; the face we have, the motions and sex we express, the very reality of truth; that is “living ALIVE” within respect. That honors and knows, “we trust only truth” to be alive/ not the fantasy, delusions, or imagination, as is the lies and betrayal, of people who want to play god. The animal of human existence, as universities demand: choose war, as they are animals. The reality of being alive in miracles, which create the understanding: “more than human, was here/ as only thought beyond ourselves, could conceive of this”: forms the discussion of law, and the value of truth by the reality of evidence, as our only choice. The human animals fight/ the humans who have encountered “I AM ALIVE”; choose thought, and conceive of truth, as it identifies the law we must accept to achieve peace. Animals cannot, but live within the cult of university is god; achieves what they want. Whereas human alive, searches the value and hope of love; simply accepting reality; will defeat the hate of fools, who trade their own eternity, for pride. Once the animals are tired of dying and mutilation. Unfortunately for them; and this world; time has run out. Your decision is required: “university led chaos, lies & cheating, endless thievery, mutilation and destruction of life and planet, betrayal and terrorism/ or MIRACLES respecting life, and all that GOD OUR CREATOR has provided without cost”? Choose.

In contrast, is the university god called “chaos (destroying complexity), without a brain (nothing exists), accidents (like mutilation of order, etc)”; as is a religious cult, worships this.

Covid represents the funding; when a large insurgent army becomes huge and ready to move against the rest. The act of rebellion against those who are the builders of a nation: cannot be direct, because after all, the demand is for a surprise. Hence the constant rhetoric of media against those who have attained some degree of power in the nation: “kill them, you have a right”. If you remember covid after “a tiny few in Asia” were said to have a pandemic/ and two weeks later its a pandemic for the world; and a month after that presto, “we have a vaccine”: that the people of this USA MUST pay, 5-6 trillion dollars for/ surrendering their lives, their business, their organizations, their friends, their religion/ their face/ and their child: because your university gods demand it. But lets review: 5 trillion dollars for covid, “is $50,000.00 PER SHOT, for one hundred million people: HOW IS THAT NECESSARY? Plus a booster/ plus a booster/ plus a booster/ plus a booster/ plus every child/ plus even more: all of which MUST be paid for by the people of this USA. So where did all the money go? Answer; primary to funding the army/ and inciting them to revolt into civil war: the traitor forms a plan to remove the power of those to be attacked. The terrorist, creates a means: to destroy everything the targeted people need or want to survive; as is the factory line, now used to mutilate the entire genetic code of nature itself. “don’t worry though”/ after all, your university gods, “wouldn’t hurt you”/ right! After all, those mean old people who got here first: DON’T deserve nothing/ right. They don’t give us what we want; so we don’t need them, right?

One trillion dollars is equal too= ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people. So when your liars in US or state government claim to spend trillions/ as they have: that would be from tax dollars/ so ask yourself: JUST HOW MUCH MONEY do the people have to earn, in order to allow for this? The US GDP SAYS: IT generates 22.7 trillion dollars for 2022/ that would be, $227,000. per each of one hundred million people or just about one in three citizens (the basic entire workforce). They are liars; but claim its basically all from banking: which generates NO actual sell-able work, or usable work/ they simply loan money to those who do. Your hidden assets of inflation; are found here/ forced into the economy, where no one complains; such as the lies of wall street. Reagan sold you out; his only solution: sell all the gold, and spend it: because “debts don’t matter”/ UNLESS, YOU OWE ME/ OR I OWE YOU. Today however, since your government employees stole, and kept stealing from the nation itself: “who you going to call/ as they are the thieves”?  90% going straight to “university, or hidden in lies that give a tiny few control over us all: SOMEBODY SPENT IT, for whatever they wanted”! BANKRUPTING US!  Which means:  since the money has no merit in reality, we are not paid for our work; as the numbers can disappear from value in an instant:  which then turns to a governmental demand, is slavery. THEY KNOW, they aren’t paying you anything in reality: THE LIARS, traitors, and thieves; win. The media knew, because I told them/ refusing reality to scream “YES, we can make our children pay”. that has carried on throughout the decades; media still knows; and still continues to scream: “who gives a DAMN about a single child/ I WON’T PAY”. WHO LEADS? answer, “the university diploma (they all have one, they were all indoctrinated into the cult of university knows; OR you get no diploma”)/ not a political party; a cult: “never question your leader”. WHY? BECAUSE, if all the rest are getting rich; who would you rather be; someone demanding “life and planet come first”/ or a billionaire; as is selfish and greed fighting against the rest: just like the scourge of medicine; as in let the nation pay : one hour out patient surgery: $39,334.47/ as is plain and simple; extortion. HELL they all deserve to die, don’t they? and the public yells, yes/ just not me.they lie: identify the numbers and the workers who create wealth/ biggest claim is banking

Without order, the blight and plague of chaos takes control, and exhibits war. Without discipline, the curse and consequences of “accidental disasters” fight with you, to destroy everything you have built; as is university leads. But without balance, the fundamental drive of courage highlighted by the accents of hope and love, the desire to live dies as well. Therefore to establish all three; the elements of respect must be found in the foundations of law, that make life and world possible. Nothing less, can be sustained with value. Nothing less survives as justice or fair play. Law is life.          “but that does not include the corruption and scourge of failure; found in time; as men who fight for pennies, and claim the game is all that matters”.  Instead:  LAW TRUE TO LIFE AND WORLD, sustains us: as nothing less will do.

The university puke of a rotting parasitic corpse that is “satan (destroyer of a world); by all measure of reality”. Offers you “evolutionary chaos, and the accidental rise of life, without so much as a brain, a tool, a food source, or a recognition of life; their only acceptance of reality, “simply this looks like that”; as any two year old can do. And yet humanity grabs hold and worships their satans as god. It is not ignorance (you own a body)/ it is not stupidity (even a worm knows better)/ it is not insanity (you chose, you did not fall in): INSTEAD it is pure arrogance, screaming “we don’t need our Creator ANYMORE”. We are gods now, with absolute disrespect for life and world; so says the vast majority of humans on earth. Because you believe in healthcare (we don’t have to die/ until the body becomes worthless). Yet it is all but absolutely certain; autism and more, are the direct result of: university chemicals/ pharmaceuticals/ genetic mutilation/ cursing the “food supply, by playing god”/ radiation/ poisons/ and more. But as with everything on earth: nearly all, the old scream, “let the children be sacrificed, this earth destroyed/ I WANT what I want”. The university satan now invades life and humanity with the curse of genetic mutilation (lets force nature to be what we want)/ your covid vaccine in NO vaccine; which means in harmony with nature, as a direct participant in what we can do to aid ourselves. Their fake vaccine is to slice and dice and destroy all the laws which keep us alive; and the dysentery of society believe, obey, and fear; shouting ALL MUST obey. As fear consumes them, with belief in lies. Make no mistake: universities did release a biological weapon against you/ to collect trillions of dollars, and the power to even steal your face. Shame on you all.

I remind this world: your “university gods”, are deliberately injecting chaos into genetics, in order to worship their god of evolution; “the venom of death”. Your university gods are deliberately destroying: balance, order, disciplines, respect, and all that sustains life and earth: to prove they can be your gods. Your university gods; are in fact merely former classmates of yours/ whereas your government officials, including the judges; are merely former classmates, who are now your employees, by their own sworn oath of office. Which means: you are throwing away this world, to those who cannot even rise: to understand LIFE IS A MIRACLE/ instead of a damn fool who claims chaos built life and world. WITHOUT THOUGHT, nothing is possible but chaos. Chaos builds nothing, and can only be used to destroy anything complex; down into its most simple forms. University is not gods at work/ they are destroyers at work; even doing their best to wreck and ruin life and earth; just to prove they can/ by deluding you, with constant media propagation of “LETS MAKE HELL” instead: LYING CONSTANTLY; so you won’t stop them from igniting this world into a sun.  Discarding, all forms of reality to insist, all forms of security are dissolved. Such as in this USA; roughly 16 trillion dollars of “new asset” wealth claims have been documented in the last 6 months by “federal government” : one hundred and sixty thousand dollars, per each of one hundred million people. PROVING someone selected by “government insurgents”/ has been given the money to spend. in any way they please! YOU cannot compete, however you can become their slave, giving in to prostitution, addictions, suicides, and more; as the results of covid anarchy in government; proves, you have few to help you survive. “the university elite” want you dead/ destroyed and ruined; so they can rape, ravage, and make you extinct;  with all forms of propaganda hiding reality, produced by media and money that does not exist; in the world. EVERY SINGLE PENNY, is stolen from the future/ leaving every child sacrificed. The university elite simply want everything; “they want EVERYTHING”/ even the right to play god with life and earth”. Currently, the last attack to take away every title to property; and give it away to “someone/ anyone” else. So that the power this is; can be erased/ and civil war will come. To achieve that without the possibility you have any power to stop them: they steal, lie, cheat, betray, terrorize (as is covid), and in all ways seek to enslave you, and will then choose to destroy whoever does not obey. Just like every other marauding group of murdering thieves throughout history; “same/ same”. The only difference is: an intellectual hides, thereby presenting puppets for you to attack, instead of them. You already control nothing in this USA;  the university elite control government, education, religion, media, courts, elections (only a few decide who you will vote upon), currency and debt into complete destruction of your economy; and with covid the removal of organizing groups, even stealing your face to insure you comply. But don’t worry, they wouldn’t really threaten you with weapons of mass destruction, such as biological mutilation of diseases and nature and humanity:  OH WAIT, they already did, to collect TRILLIONS, and mutilate life without supervision of any kind. “now aren’t the universities great”? Practically gods; RIGHT?  OR, are they the creators of HELL, instead [as all the evidence suggests]?

BUT THEN: we do have to ask ourselves, “does anything truly matter”? In this world, the universities led us too? With water supplies depleted or poisoned/ all resources ending/ the atmosphere ready to detach from the earth (like on venus/ 700mph: yes the equator does turn at 1000mph). oxygen depletion/ ozone depletion/ CERN destroying magnetic and atomic balance within this earth/ chains of life destroyed/ mutilating genetic nature purely to establish chaos (let evolution live)/ human population exploding into we will all starve to death; turning into cannibals; or you die. And so much more;  cause you know, as humanity “you can have anything you want”/ without consequences. “just like the universities said”.

Your body, and your body alone heals you/ “making healthcare a trade work”. Your body builds you/ allows you to eat other life/ allows you the freedoms of thought: making it impossible to create “one piece at a time”. Your body experiences and expresses, touch, taste, hearing, voice, motion, sight, smell, ALL OF IT; automatically as designed by thought superior to our own. NO POSSIBILITY of truth can deny that is real! Yet the universities exist, with a singular intent to prove every truth doesn’t matter, because only they are gods. And you buy in, because like every generation throughout history, you want gods you can buy, tempt, talk too and more: safety in “we can’t all be wrong”/ as a herd. Reality however finds you stupid and dense: truth requires a brain, but alas like the religion of evolution; “you can’t have a brain”/ only the few get to decide; as is the constant of every cult. BEING HUMAN ALIVE, requires the journey into life, as a quest to learn what is true, acceptance of respect, a decision to participate. University tears that apart from you: requiring MIMICK AND MEMORIZE what we say, “fear/ believe/ obey”, and don’t question nothing in our books, or as our :”gods” talk. Believe the media priests/ and don’t fool with governmental supremacy: we are the army of your god, “the university”. Failing life and world. “wake up or die as a world”! Simple as that.

The crowning achievement of men is: WE ravaged, raped, ruined, depleted, destroyed, denied, defiled, mutilated or killed; ANYTHING that got in our way. Making life by the survival of a human animal, possible by our own design. The crowning achievement of women: WE created life from “supposedly nothing, but our bodies”; therefore we are the elemental truth of survival itself.

The curse of men/ the reality of women: WE ARE, now too many, to survive these ways, and MUST change to accept the new limits and boundaries of a life governed by truths which allow “humans to remain, being ALIVE”/ instead of wants as is the constant of animal; who simply believe whatever they want is true. They are not “the same”; as is so plainly evident; in a war, that threats the extinction of all/ or the cult of university plays god; which is an even greater threat, to the existence of this entire earth.

The puke and vomit of universities across this world; betraying life itself, discarding earth as nothing more than their toy, designing death in a thousand ways which will prove the end has come, the living dead who cheat/ steal/ corrupt/ disrespect/ and deny the value of life is more than their trinket or trophy or toy: participate only to exterminate life and earth. Their tiny contributions, are without substance or value. Instead of life and living as peace and harmony would provide: their cult offers only, even worse than men; the sacrifice of every child/ the end of earth itself/ and the curse of an eternity in Hades (unending terrors). As the proof of life, extends beyond your time. Just like the gift of life; is so far beyond your comprehension, as to make you fools; for listening to liars and thieves. THEIR CLAIM: its all an accident/ chaos built life/ didn’t need no damn brain, until humans were evolved. YET WHAT; can you do without a hand, or an eye or a mouth or anything you require to survive beyond “a glob of goo” . Because that is all you can be, without a brain; the recognition of life, and the purpose applied to movement! Shame on you for falling into their sewer of fools!

The critical truth is: unless truth by the realities of thought, identified within the evidence of what can be done to sustain and protect both life and living, and planet in its entirety/ and then is done, in accordance with the respect due what gave us life, and sustains our living on this earth. We are extinct. Simple as that. No longer a game/ no longer want decides/ no longer room for power to destroy, what the future does need; every child requires. YOU WILL make your decision “for life or death of our world”/ because anything less, which includes running away from that decision is certain extermination of all life on earth. As is found in the truth of our own evidence; the reality of destruction; the threats so plainly evident! Your want, pride, and power is dead: OR you soon will be. Which means: only thought, truth, respect, love accepted, forgiveness found, and reality decides. A world as it was intended to be; by those alive in this “Creation of a world”. Let women try to write the laws that are needed: to be voted upon by all. NOT because they are better/ they are not. Simply because they are different/ we need different: and they do deserve “the very last try, to survive”; lest we all die.

The constant of human existence on this earth is very simple: you ALL scream, “I WANT WHAT I WANT,” and hide in the closet of your fears; whispering, “I don’t want what I don’t want”.

But you will not escape the truth of your own consequences: you chose death of a world, shouting “NOT in my lifetime”. But you were wrong, about everything; and now face the truth: you chose to kill the entire creation of this world; even your own child. YOU might have one last chance to change directions; not up to me/ I don’t know; but hope is required, so I say it is true. GO TO COURT, and prove what is and is not true of every threat; without allowing the dead of university and media to taint it with their destruction: FIND AND ACCEPT, WHATEVER IS TRUE. Then live accordingly; simple as that: search for your life, and rebuild a future for this earth. As to war: the military of every nation quickly learns; “they don’t want to die, for some damn ruler”; and if given the proper options to stop. They will stop, ending the reign of that ruler: because without a weapon, to use: the ruler is dead. CHOOSE a life path, discard the serpent of media tells you what you think/ and kill the disrespect of SATAN; as is “university plays god”. Or, I guarantee; the closet you will find burning; is going to consume you, without mercy! FINAL CHOICES come only once.

And the religious all say: GOD, WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN; even though it is a prophecy it will. So they say: THEN, there is nothing we can do about it/ SO WE NEED NOT CARE; “Christian groups even go so far as to claim; “rapture”/ its all free! BUT nothing on earth supports that! HUMANITY IS FREE/ WORLD WARS EXIST/ THE NUCLEAR MATCH IS READY/ BIOLOGICAL MUTILATION OF NATURE ITSELF, HAS REACHED LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS ENTIRE CREATION/ CHEMICALS POISON EVERYTHING, and will do more, AND THAT is only the beginning/ DISRESPECT IS EVERYWHERE; AND WORST OF ALL: YOU DON’T CARE, because you belong to the cult of university is god/ and have failed life and world; by your own choices. THINK for yourself/ you can’t come back from any of that. So mercy allows, for all the lives you had even a little value: is it not better they simply dissolve in the dust of nuclear weapons, and the cleanup of a nuclear fire? OR is it better to enter NATURE IN CHAOS/ STARVATION AND DEATH BY THIRST EVERYWHERE/ CHILDREN MURDERED/ LIFE RAPED; AND EVERYTHING PURE HATE CAN DO? As is the consequences, you chose; by shouting “LET THE CHILDREN PAY”.

The foundation of our existence is: that we must let truth decide; because it determines the reality we will then try to survive.  The fantasies, delusions, imagination, GREED & SELFISHNESS, endless failure and foolishness of “university knows/ the cult of the damned;  MUST be removed. Every single decision that you make, will confront you for a lifetime/ the consequence of that is: to carefully decide. The foundation of society is law: therefore that law is the ruler of society, and it will decide for us; instead of rulers. Whosoever makes the law, enforces the law, or fails the law: decides the realities of what our society and world shall become. “one hundred laws (short and as simple as possible)” are enough/ for a nation or world. Therefore as we the people of this earth: it is our duty to redefine government; as the laws we made to govern ourselves. The only value of “our governing employees” is then to enforce and identify if our laws, are being kept.

UNLIKE the disgrace of “science”; which has robbed this planet of its balance and harmony/ the cost of staying alive is the removal of predictions, and all that university does. TO DO, what nature itself needs for us to do; such as instead of studies and other vile insurgency against life and planet. SIMPLY help feed them, where they need it. STOP the endless destruction, instead of listening to experts. DO WHAT LIFE NEEDS/ instead of believing in a cult, whose only purpose is to delude you into blind obedience, while our planet and all its life dies. BASICALLY STOP, everything the universities do; and DO, what life and planet needs you to do; instead of finding excuses, or letting “universities play”. The game of fools is dead, “they led you to extinction”:  raise up for life and planet; or die with it.  And all the people say: WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT! Yet both life and planet by the evidence demands:  CHANGE OR DIE/ your want is dead as well. Let truth decide; because the price of knowing you are wrong; as is with “global warming”;  you are extinct/ you chose HELL.

WAR means: people are dying, mutilated, raped, families ruined, tragedy and lives forever changed. DISCARD the sewage of “university rules”; and at a minimum gather together all the useful pharmaceuticals currently being thrown away in this NATION and others. So they can at least find pain killers and other realities of value to that situation.  While I have not, tested the theory;  gangrene is common on the battlefield/ once cleaned; if the limb is placed in a plastic bag and sealed at the appropriate place: a slow injection of oxygen could kill the infections. ON the battlefield; pure oxygen to breathe will gain the most time before treatment:  simple “throwaway canisters the size of propane bottles” are already being filled with oxygen; and are light enough to be carried.

You should be aware: that the new method of military nuclear bombardment is, to drop a line of bombs so as to create the maximum destruction possible of life. What they don’t know: is when a series of nuclear bombs are dropped “a second apart or so”/ the result of that will be. The first explosion goes up/ the second explosion is affected by the first, causing the blast wave to tilt down/ the third explosion now sandwiches the second, and creates a tunneling effect/ and the fourth and more explosive event lays down horizontal with the ground; to create a blast wave 5 times more extreme than the first. ENDING WITH, a high probability of creating a nuclear fire “lets’ burn atoms just like the sun”. As is the means (closely impacting rocks, in rapid succession, and proximity, to each other) used to ignite the many stars in the sky you see. A nuclear fire burns atoms; as every sun does/ it is not the fantasy and delusion of fools, in the sewer called “university imagination”.       OH, lest we forget:  “don’t need no damn missile”; we can just carry nuclear bombs and place them wherever we want/ OR open chemicals/ OR release more biological agents;  after all millions were taught how!  Gee, what could go wrong;  as every life is sacrificed, every seed eaten; and the future destroyed, because there is no tomorrow for food or water or life to live on earth.      all hail the university, playing god!   

Even so; you should also understand, that covid is no accident: as “university” spent decades creating new diseases: “so they could find cures/ so they said”. They created disease with CRISPR; a method of sectioning out a specific piece of DNA, and then inserting that piece of new DNA into another separate strand of life or virus mimicking life. Their vaccine is then to isolate that specific section of strand that they inserted from one disease into another disease; so they know what and where it is. “hurrah we are gods”/ but in the process of changing human nature itself; and the BILLIONS OF INDIVIDUAL DECISIONS THAT GENETIC NATURE MAKES FOR YOU: the potential for Armageddon (nature in chaos) is extreme. EVERYTHING you love/ EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT AND WISE; destroyed. Because you are a cult, indoctrinated from a child; to believe the universities are more than simply former classmates, without respect for life or planet.

Reality says: “we can no longer shape our world/ we may only try to keep it alive”; as is the cost of so many people on earth. That fact cannot be remedied by war: “kill a billion people, and there are still 7 billion to go/ growing by as much as a quarter of a billion people per year”. War will simply destroy the resources none of us can afford to lose. OR, more simply the misinformation being fed to all through media; is soon to be a catastrophe. EXAMPLES of that are:  “all women should fear heart catastrophe/ and spend their money; fight for genetic mutilation of nature”; BUT IN REALITY, very few women die of heart complications before the age of 75. “not misinformation/ cause we do all die of something: RIGHT”?  So they say; as they advertise counterfeit coins, whose only purpose is to flood the market with fakes, to remove the value of what is real. INSTEAD of believing anything you are told: INVESTIGATE the truth of breast cancer (yes its real/ but in numbers, very few per 100,000; actually die from it: BUT do to media, they collect BILLIONS, and make you fear).  I broke the small bone in my lower leg:  price to date $39,334.47 (while the people may be your friend, the organization is not);  for an hour operation, couple casts and xrays. IN THIS America. a footnote to breast cancer is: of things women do, men do not; is finger nail polish/ to remove it acetone is used. BUT acetone is a very invasive chemical, that is absorbed by the body; extremely flammable as well. 

The current catastrophe, AMONG MANY;  is in Ukraine:  but if it expands into world war/ there will literally be nothing left of life or planet. AND THAT MEANS;  GET OFF YOUR ASS, AND DO, WHATEVER YOU CAN.  Which does begin with communications. ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE MEANS OF COMMUNICATION IS:   ORGANIZE THE WOMEN OF RUSSIA AND UKRAINE, TO JOIN TOGETHER/   DEMANDING AN END TO WAR. BY USING WORLD LAWS,  “we the people make for ourselves”. AS THE RIGHT, of being human alive/ instead of dead men, fighting for pride and power.  WILL THESE WOMEN NOT JOIN WITH WOMEN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, AS ONE FORCE AGAINST THE INSANITY OF MEN?    GIVE THEM THE OPTION TO CHOOSE THAT VERY THING.    fight for your world, as women do!  WITH LAW.    Your men think MORE OF  YOU/ than the damn dead weight of   “military fools”.   GIVE YOUR SOLDIERS AN OPTION;  remind your leaders, “NOBODY forgets”/ who you are!

The question, very simply is: HOW, can you believe and follow, and even worship the people who teach you: that life is merely an accident/ a matter of chaos building life, by endlessly destroying whatever that life didn’t like; without a brain, a tool, or a reality of existence; as is evolution? IF THESE ARE THE “EXPERTS”/ then you are a cult of fools, indoctrinated by the religious want to play god, and take anything you want. IN CONTRAST IS THE EVIDENCE OF LIFE ITSELF, the miracles so clearly in existence; that we KNOW, “we did not build this/ nor did anything else of this world”. Because, the element of thought is so extensive, the composition of design so extreme, the realities of movement and messages (sensation), freedoms and desires, purposes, loves or even hate (the tragedy of lost souls); are all fundamentally teaching you, that the function of life and living: is not only to be free, but to experience and choose to express what is most valuable to you. LOOK at your own body:  every organ is a true working piece of art, hung in place so that your life works, by a body that works for you. Each building itself/ each placing itself and hooking up all the facets of “this belongs here”, by itself/ each created by chemicals and processes so extreme; humanity has no clue/ each not only functioning independently and as a group, but growing from nothing, to be the perfect size for you. Each life identified, by face and form; unlike any herd [which unfortunately does mean; some are more and some are less; the price of an identity].  Your body building itself, as a mirrored image from side to side: so that each leg is the same length/ each arm/ a face with eyes and a mouth you can use. A reality of existence that not only grows inside another body, but escapes, and then begins again outside; in a completely different environment (like a moth becomes a butterfly). A brain, that can “become true to itself/ and recognize, I am ALIVE;  searching then, for what that honestly means by truth and evidence; as is human”.  All of it, and so much more:  destroyed by the experts of university who claim: chaos which means, “the destruction of everything down to its most simple form”/  accident: which means, “no thought, plan or purpose intended creates life” / and time, which means “all things new in time, decay into destruction”. and all of it according to evolution:  DONE WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST INPUT OF A BRAIN; yet without a brain, you are nothing more than a robot, which cannot move or think or choose or recognize anything living or life. Their only “scientific discovery: this looks like that”. When confronted: “you cannot prove anything, didn’t happen; “a billion years ago”. YET the sun proves you wrong; as it does burn fuel/ and even worse is their extreme delusions about the sun: while trying to ignite this earth into a sun.  FOOLS IMAGINE, and fantasize they know/ FAILURES play god with life, and bring us all CHAOS, as universities do:  THESE you chose to put in charge of your children: TO INDOCTRINATE THEM WITH LIES!   instead of peace or harmony, as is identified by a living body of life.  YOU accepted them, because the university cult took over media (force feeding you “disinformation”), government (cursing you with treason through corruption, & stealing), schooling (altering life, by claiming “millionaires here”: but ONLY DEBT, and its slavery; for the vast majority), and more. As you joined in the disgrace of “we can’t all be wrong”/ as clearly YES YOU CAN!  Discarding the truth of global warming, through the media sewer that is the presentation “of expert liars”.  STILL not a clue, at the true level of extinction you face:  “like domino’s, when they begin to fall/ all is lost”; unless   GOD  steps in.

The reality of thieves, traitors, and terrorists; as constructed by “university”; is a cost we can no longer afford to allow: each catastrophe they have chosen is enough to cause our extinction/ one or all. The endless lies of failure, fantasy, delusion, and imagination as produced by university and promoted by media: is a curse that ends in absolute horrors. The constant of stealing from the children to proclaim yourselves “winners”/ is a death trap, to this entire world. Such is the life you have chosen for this world, by university leadership and the demand: GIVE US MORE/ DAMN YOU; we all want MORE. And leadership does, because that is what you want: raiding the future to ravage and ruin their (every child) time on earth. That is the gift of “university knows”/ the absolute terrors of LIFE CRUCIFIED, as will be the result of university genetics, “lets play god”; is an apathy by the rest of humanity that can no longer be tolerated. The endless chant for more, is a truth that can no longer be tolerated either: because over the last 60+ decades, all you have done is raid the children, to consume their lives by destroying their future to claim “WINNER”. Cursing each other, by screaming “LOSER”/ to make yourselves more. Shame is your reality/ extinction is your choice. Change beyond the conception of what you want; is your only truth to survive. Simple as that; because what you want, no longer matters. What keeps life, and earth from extinction: matters.  Not a choice/ a truth.

is a lesson in the realities of life as time: that value is only attainable by respect, and respect exists in the outline and consequence of trust. Time (an action or reaction; by law) will let none keep a single thing, death takes it away; no matter what time reveals, it will end. The realities of that extinguish the claim of eternity as defined by any existence in time. Therefore eternity is the existence of life beyond time. But truth allows: only where energy has been redefined by life itself, as an element shaped through the existence of thought. Therefore we know: the elemental dimension of life itself, is by thought. Therefore we know, the critical question of life is: how do we become an existence accepted by thought, to achieve the grace of time beyond self? The foundation of desire says, if you are not bound into the passionate grip of love, trusting GOD (the elemental rise of EVERYTHING_) which could include “you”: there is no home for you here.

Of all the realities presented by time, the one that exceeds the question of existence itself, is the shape of motion. While motion is a distinct directional decision based upon an action or a reaction/ a disciplined and orderly function based upon the truth of what energy does do. The quest of understanding energy itself, is aligned by the consequences of a random essence, that is confronted by events less distinct. Since this line of questioning goes beyond the point of where I am willing to take you/ the discussion ends there. Law exists because of the random nature of an essence that escapes critical truth, to become an identity of its own. Therefore the elemental search for life, passes beyond truth to become the passage that belongs to thought. While this seems complex enough, “to hold you out”/ the reality is, I do not live alone; the spiritual woman in me has demanded more. We begin in the dimensional framework, that is: “time changes us, to adapt to our own decisions”. That fact isolates and removes the question of who we are, by demonstrating that fact, in the realities of who we have chosen to be. Nothing says that more, than the decisions you choose to make. Each dimension of truth enables us to complete the framework that becomes our own path inside. By creating that path, we may then search into Creation itself; as identified within ourselves. This enabling of purpose, by your own desire: transforms life into your own contribution of truth. Beyond truth is thought; where no fantasy, delusion, or “imagination” is allowed. Only foundations which serve to create the elemental message, “life can exist here”.

Truth exists, therefore your life arises from truth. A separated identity must be formed to establish an independent living existence; thereby allowing for the elemental rise of a decision. Even the most simple of living organisms MUST make decisions to live beyond an existence. Thought is so far beyond “mental development”; they cannot be compared. The brain exists to measure and express a decision; to prove time is owned by you. But time is only a participant in life or living; and they are not the same. Thought constructs life, and only thought can translate what living means to you. While the brain establishes want, and the basis of an animal: unless you begin to think, you shall not attain “human alive”. Which elementally starts, with the understanding of more than “simply chemistry/ simply body/ simply want” can express. As is the proof of miracles shape life on earth. The human body gives you dimensions in time. The spiritual truth of your decisions unveiled, as the foundation of your life, purpose, and desire: concentrate value, where it belongs in you. What is true survives/ but what is time can be changed. So the critical issues of gender express and sustain the common cause of “balance”, among the purposes of your desire, which do shape your heart as love. Love exhibits soul, and only soul can combine into a relationship with GOD.  As can be noted from this portion of the work:  “spiritual female, is willing to go farther to safe “woman”/ than I, to save male. She is the balance, and has become “the decision stops here”.

Reality reminds this nation, that democracy is established ENTIRELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF: limiting the power, the pride, and the wants of individual people or groups; from taking control over the rest. Everything about the demand for power, pride, and wants associated with “covid: a lie pandemic that does not exist”. Is an insurrection, dedicated to taking over government and declaring the universities as “King or queen”. Or in more simple terms: this is hitler again declaring that “these, the universities;  are the extra special people”/ and they deserve all the power, and rights to decide everything; because the rest are just worthless. Men are in charge, and nothing has changed since they came to be in charge. Always: Let’s take their stuff/ and make them our slaves.   NO LARGE INCREASE IN DEATHS HAS OCCURRED/ IN FACT THE POPULATION ON ALL CONTINENTS CONTINUES TO RISE AT THE SAME RATE AS BEFORE

. Curiously, according to state data, Holmes County has the lowest per capita rate of COVID in the state – 314 cases per 100,000 residents. That’s well below the statewide average.  “Amish October 2021”

which does literally mean:  THIS, biological weapon that universities did release into our world/ has NOT yet achieved its true potential for destruction. While we PAY THEM:  whatever they want, because they control the employees of government; who literally now threaten to kill our nation; and then hand the government over to this enemy; as their solution/ to all the destruction they caused.  To support their cult worship of the enemies; “who released their “genetically altered disease” as a weapon against us”.  for the distinct purpose of collecting money, by selling us “their vaccine/ another mutilation of nature itself”.  NECESSARY FOR ALL; SAYS THE PRESS;  who are paid billions:   SO THEY CAN COLLECT EVEN MORE TRILLIONS, AND THREATEN LIFE ITSELF, by mutilating human nature as well.   SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, AND IT WILL BE PROVEN TRUE.  Which establishes the parameter for dealing with anarchists; those who aid and abet a true rebellion against our democracy; and the foundations of betrayal on all accounts; as is only one:  “The counterfeiting of assets to create an endless inflation; TO PAY THE UNIVERSITIES CLAIM”.   Used as a weapon against those who hold ownership in this nation.   THIS ARMY OF CULT WORSHIPERS, holding their “superior people” CANNOT BE QUESTIONED;  because they control the media propaganda of fear:    MUST BE BROUGHT TO TRIAL!   and punished in a REAL measure, AS  they have determined; for those whose only real crime in “shouting you cannot betray us all”.  AN  “insurrection” that did not exist; and was just stupid, because they did not know what else to do.  THE CULT WORSHIPERS OF “UNIVERSITY MUST RULE”;  knew and know, what they are doing;     and it is a pure insurrection against this democracy on all levels of reality.

The US supreme court has constitutional authority to rule over realities of society/ BUT THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY over the constitution itself; which is our government. It is the government, because the true purpose of the constitution is to declare these are the laws of our land, and every employee in our government of we the people; shall swear to obey these laws, we the people have agreed: shall be the foundations and framework of our nation or state. Governors have NO authority over their state constitutions/ certainly NO authority over national constitution. But are instead FORCED UNDER LAW, by their own oath of office: TO OBEY the constitution or face penalties for treason against our government which is the constitution. Simple as that.

Redress trial: Docketed US Supreme Court 08-1339 

As to the powers of organizations formed by our employees: they have no power over the constitution for any cause/ and they certainly have no power for an unproven cause. And if they try; they MUST enforce every type and every form of that purpose as the same. Such as noise pollution/ chemical pollution/ global warming/ habitat protection/ and absolutely everything that could pose a threat; no matter how small. Just like they claim with this fraudulent vaccine; established by the people who are making TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, because the propaganda instills fear/ by destroying the last remnants of a free press. A reality the US supreme court sold, to a tiny few; as part of their own treason, and betrayal of the nation itself.


Supreme Court Case Number 11-100

By this supreme court filing is
established by this case, for the purposes called democracy: as WE THE PEOPLE!
The plain and simple question presented to this court is: WILL THE EMPLOYEES OF THIS USA, Obey/ protect/ defend/ and provide the constitutional legal right called: 1st amendment, redress of grievances.
Which means:We, the people, ARE the owners here, we are the authority under the constitution. This is a legal demand: the employees shall give true account of our nation directly to us. let the law rule us all; as equals/ but let none misunderstand this is our democracy, we rule ourselves by law/ our employees do not rule us. The law rules them, just like us.

Writ of certiorari was filed June 10, 2011, and placed on the docket July 25, 2011 as No. 11-100
Due date, for a brief in opposition is Wednesday August 24, 2011

Defendants in US supreme court case 11-100 file/
US Supreme Court Denies

Employees are not “the government”/ they are just citizens who work for us; who swore to obey, protect, and defend the constitution and this nation. That is the only difference. The government is our constitution and founding documents: these are our agreement as a people/ that this is who we are as a nation! The preamble says it best: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Our employees, have failed. We are being attacked by a university pride so extreme: that they gamble with all life/ planet/ and the future of everything. That means: there are no excuses/ we must intervene. Not by violence, with truth and the substance called evidence in court; for the sake of our lives. This is not going to be given to you as a gift. This is what a united people does for itself. Your choice/ not theirs. Because we the people, are owners here! There are no second chances. Fail to understand: we cannot be wrong, about extreme experimentation/ and we all die. SUCH AS is trying to recreate the single most destructive event in the entire universe, here on earth. Or, more extreme experimentation. Or more extreme experimentation. Or just plain complete insanity. We tick down, to the final days of life on earth/ because you just didn’t care enough to understand: This world has changed, and science is now the most extreme terrorist we face. Time is no longer on your side. You don’t have to read this/ you don’t have to think for yourself/ you can want yourself to the grave: But you do have to live or die, by what is fundamentally true. Should you not search for that truth?

Gibberish removed To the People Documentation structural images


In 2020,  I James Frank Osterbur; did not file or pay IL state or US national taxes; demanding that I will not support an insurgency against this USA.  “they said we will get back to you/ but fail to provide that trial”. I will repeat that same demand:  THE US AND STATE OF IL:  BOTH ESTABLISH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, OUR FIRST AMENDMENT, GUARANTEED RIGHT/ 5TH AMENDMENT state of IL.  For we the people/ as our defense against employee uprising and takeover of government from us. as is the case and cause of this demand for trial. GIVE US OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEED RIGHT OF AUTHORITY OVER OUR GOVERNMENT, AS WE THE PEOPLE SHALL NOW DECIDE.  by investigating the evidence/ demanding participation/ and punishing all who refuse or lie: in open, sanctioned, public trial “with all lights and sound fully on and under our own control”. The purpose; to bring forth our democracy as is WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION/  not our employees.   I do not refuse taxation/ I REFUSE, to support those who are surging in open rebellion to our constitution and its democracy!   DEMANDING:   I will not believe/ you MUST PROVE, the truth; by first amendment redress of grievances NOT as one citizen, although that is “guaranteed”/ but by this courtroom, and its jury selected from the public:  to decide if the state or nation, shall in fact make this decision in defense of ourselves.  one citizen/ one vote: WE ARE THE JUDGE/ and we the people shall NOW decide.  Because US SUPREME COURT included under constitutional law:  has no jurisdiction over the constitution, it is what it is/ until we the people change it.  THAT; because this guaranteed LEGAL RIGHT of our democracy, to WE THE PEOPLE/ has never been implemented before:  THIS THEN BECOME ORIGINAL JURISDICTION AS A CONSTITUTIONAL LAWSUIT; which then governs our state, and our nation.  Proving in fact; no jury is needed in this instance to decide:  ONLY THE FOUNDATION OF WHAT OUR DEMOCRACY WAS AND IS: INTENDED TO BE! A MATTER OF NATIONAL AND STATE:  LAW !   THIS IS NO TAKEOVER of government!  This is democracy claiming:  I NEED NOT believe you/ YOU need not believe me.  INSTEAD, WE WILL EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE, and use the laws of our democracy to prove: whether our constitution has been obeyed. Whether our future is conceived by this people; as “what we chose/ or will choose, it to be”.

The foundation charge of REDRESS: IS, the university diploma has been cannibalizing our democracy, our freedom of the press, our society, our liberty: our lives and even NATURE and WORLD;  with their experts, choosing for life and society; as if they were gods over us! Forcing failure, as is evolution into our education of every child, forcing our courtrooms to discard the constitution altogether, forcing our constitution out of government, forcing our elections with inflation they created for bribes and power over us, forcing our currency into bankruptcy, forcing our government as a democracy into decline, forcing our lives, our nature, our future, even our world INTO AN EXTREME GAMBLE WITH EXPERIMENTATION; ONLY FOOLS CONCEIVE. Forcing our business and industry, into “only a tiny few own it all”. FORCING our EVERYTHING, as a nation and world: into the threats now surrounding us all as EXTINCTION. By controlling the conversation with guile, the media propagation of “university knows”; while making the decisions that affect our lives; our future, our world: without the slightest regard, or the control of WE THE PEOPLE; BY THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, WE THE PEOPLE CHOSE:  which governs all these things for us; as OUR ONLY, TRUE GOVERNMENT. Our decision, AS A STATE OR NATION: spelled out, to control what our employees can or are allowed to do, in compliance with getting their job. Which literally means: NOT YOUR decision: your compliance with our DECISION, by constitutional government; as is forms the democracy which then controls our lives, and yours. Or more distinctly: “our employees are NOT our government”/ they are merely our employees, who gave their own sworn oath of office; to guarantee to us all: they would not stray far, from constitutional demands.

Original jurisdiction (never legalized by courtroom trial, before) means: THIS TRIAL consecrated by constitutional law: is now to be used, to establish the foundations, realities, and purposes of the law that was denied to us, since its inception. The validity of law and purpose as a society demanding WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE OWNERS HERE. IS NOW, to be tried in a courtroom of OUR ownership of this democracy: as the legal foundation of constitutional authority. The declaration called, WE THE PEOPLE; over our state or nation, our future as a society defined by vote, the protection of our freedoms and liberty, and our governmental employees, by their oath of office. Each of these represents THE LAW of our democracy. That democracy is formed by constitutional compliance, and in connection with its two other distinct documents used for “nation building”: the Declaration of Independence; and “Virginia, bill of rights”.

One of the key elements to be: leadership in America, CANNOT induce or demand; that our citizenship/ our ownership of this nation or state be condemned to their decisions. Leadership has invoked “hitler”; to command that all businesses SHALL do whatever he says; or be reduced to rubble; with fines and punishments akin to prison or slavery. The business, government, and industry citizenship of America: is NOT their personal soldiers; and this nation, or state; is NOT their personal army. The citizenship itself is NOT SUBJECT to the whim or direction of leadership; but remains free in the liberty to choose for ourselves; by a legitimate citizen vote; which does require the education of evidence that is proven UN-corrupted by “experts” or media. NO PANDEMIC EXISTS; as is proven by an increasing population for the nation; every year. FEAR demanded: translates to trillions stolen from us. BELIEVE commanded; translates to we have no further rights or guarantees of democracy. OBEY is “hitler” succeeds in taking control over this nation; as it begins to tumble down the hill into this deliberate destruction of a nation. Or more distinctly: “the nazi curse (the mob organizes into an army of insurgents; to construct genocide on the others) has begun. That is treason, as well as anarchy for the intent of a complete and true rebellion against constitutional democracy: an invisible war, established by an enemy who hides and disguises itself with lies, constructed and insulated from view; by media subterfuge. NOT, just doing your job/ actively operating within the decision: to overthrow American democracy. That is betrayal, and it does assert traitor.

So, lets review: of all the things media did not tell you/ or led you to believe as a failure to yourselves. One of the worst was evolution “this looks like that”/ is their only great “scientific discovery”; and as always, it is wrong. The university experts banded together to create fraud; they know their lie exists. Only thought creates life; it is that simple, so says every miracle of life ever born. Another; that Noah’s flood did not exist: when the evidence is absolute, it did in fact exist; with the strongest evidence being fossil fuels. Which prove a massive flood by the burial of, “all that life”; that does exist in the historical record: thereby discarding all their other predictions, as fantasy. The university experts banded together to deny reality; and force “we want to play god with life”/ chaos rules. Their claim of knowledge regarding the sun: is pure imagination, without any supporting facts/ and yet they gamble our entire world on their delusions. The cost of being wrong: ignition of a nuclear fire here, “just like the sun” on earth. The university experts banded together to create HORRORS; the most egregious act of terrorism ever conceived. Or more simply media merely removed those who did not fully cooperate; and hired professional liars instead; because they will say anything, or hide it as well. Media thereby becoming a tool of traitors, liars, and terrorists deliberately trying to instigate HELL on earth. Let the evidence speak for itself; “not what you are led to believe”/ what reality does show true.  The people “making trillions of dollars, on your fears”;  make you believe and obey, with media influences, “shouting 24/7” (DON’T THINK/ just believe what you are told) never once letting you decide for yourselves. “think about that, and demand evidence; because a pandemic does not truly exist; but has been laundered, and marketed; strictly, to make you believe, and obey”! AS is, the current: “you have no choice/ you will obey”; with regard to covid:  this is the predator stalking you/ the animal ‘hitler, and his storm troopers” surging to declare war. By suffocating the resistance, who are demanding their proven legal rights/ threatening them, “just like the Jews”. Using media, to destroy constitutional government, and demand NO ONE has legal rights/ no one has true business ownership, or the rights guaranteed by our democracy anymore; except of course those who are the new “hitler elite”.

The people lie to themselves and say “we know”; but they only believe; “what media tells them to believe”/ they obey, because media tells them to obey/ and they fear, because media tells them to fear. Enticing the herd into compliance with deliberate mass hypnosis “we must/ because we believe”. In contrast to that: are the biological experiments which mirror the worst of Nazi, Japanese, and every other army of chaos throughout history. As is true of men “nothing changes”. And the people say “we believe”; yet are deliberately led away from the price of being WRONG; into the delusions, of we can play god; to their shame, a failure that ends with our own extinction. Because you personally; did not care.

I AM legally pursuing: the clear and plain truth, without corruption; of the threats which confront us, as WE THE PEOPLE. BUT MORE DISTINCTLY AS A WORLD: WE ALL NEED TO KNOW: WHAT IS TRUE! Therefore trial that represents an entire world belongs here, to testify and resolve; to prove the evidence: whichever way that goes. Both those which are destructive to our nature, our planet, our lives, and every child; every living thing. I am PURSUING: THE CLEAR and plain truth; without the corruption of expert: BY THE EVIDENCE, PROVEN TRUE BY OUR OWN INVESTIGATION OF THE FACTS. Whether or not covid is a pandemic/ whether our currency holds any value/ the entire corruption of our government, news, courtrooms, elections, education, and every possibility of our extinction as a nation or as a world. By the failure or foolishness which is NOT ACCEPTING THE COST OF BEING WRONG. The complete arrogance and disrespect, that is intimately tied to “universities are playing god with life and world”. BECAUSE EXTINCTION HAS NO SECOND CHANCES; and a nation dissolving into lies, fantasy, delusion, and imagination; will not survive that truth. One trial, one time: for life or death of this world, and our nation; by the evidence without corruption. That is this purpose, and its plain desire. It is not, more!

The foundation of redress by constitutional law and democratic demand as a citizen born here: HAS already been created and docketed in US SUPREME COURT cases 08-1339 plus 11-100 . which was illegally discarded by the secretary of the court; so the judiciary could hide. That consists of treason: the constitution was discarded/ the employees refused it/ and rebelled.  IT REMAINS A DOCKETED; “LEGALLY PREPARED” CASE; on first amendment law; which the court cannot discard: without a judicial decision. Because it is a constitutional case. Which is our government! Refusal is treason. Even so, as best we can: REDRESS IS THE LAW! The us supreme court is not; it is an employee of our government. Our constitution.

look closely at this; to reveal covid    Supposedly one death per every 955 people; but also reported; 75% of those deaths over the age of 75/ with many more having other medical complications. and tests: which do not distinguish between the common cold or flu/ and covid (all the same).  Consider the reality our population count continues to grow, both as a nation and a world:  CERTAINLY NOT, any indication of a pandemic. Because a pandemic is a SIGNIFICANT reduction in population count.   “THEY LIE” TO YOU/ in order to take control; and destroy the nation called America. in order to destroy world peace and stability; by focusing you on irrelevant matters/ that only benefit “the university elite”. The curse of lies and liars; is a very simple thing:  they want you to believe/ they want you to fear/ they want you to obey: so they have control over you/ and you, become their slave until they tire of the game; and use you to prove “what violence is for”.  GO TO COURT; AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE;  BECAUSE THE CURSE IS; they control all media communication, and all information that you are allowed to find.  as is the constant, or intent:  of all insurgency forces throughout history. “lets control their mind”/ and buy a mob with bribes, to enforce our will!

The largest criminal syndicate of terrorists in the history of this world; lies directly behind the door of american leadership/ none is worse, because the reality of trust made it possible to ingrain, suppress, control, and corrupt; all those who wanted power. Once the door is opened, what is vile steps out: the critical moment of life or death follows. Just so its clear, the FBI has my fingerprint, and a sample of my blood; making it so very easy to frame up a crime. Because DNA can easily be used to contaminant the evidence; and lie.

You will start unraveling “the spiders web”; by searching into who determined what the price we would pay for “a covid vaccine” would be/ and untangle, who and where, the people who started yelling “pandemic” would be found. Once you find an end: DON’T let go, until the entire web is known.

WITH law, truth, and understanding BEYOND “university imagination, fantasies, delusions, terrorism, and theft”; WE THE PEOPLE DO, have the power to change our world, and accept the duties required to  keep this earth alive. That is not a game, nor is it cult worship of any religion including “university is god”. IT IS THE DECISION; that life is sacred, this planet itself deserves our respect, MIRACLES cannot be explained/ nor can life itself without thought present in that Creation of possibilities. The examination of threats, that will cause our extinction; is inherently ours to demand. The investigation of realities too extreme to allow; because the cost of being WRONG/ is the end of life itself: CANNOT be hidden or confronted, after it is too late to change. The elevation of law, instead of power: is a foundation upon which we build “a new world”. The failure to accept the values and duties, placed within our hands: is an assassination of the future. NONE gets to escape, the cost of a dying world; as is our own. An intelligent person, would NOT simply believe the arrogance and disrespect for life; that is “university knows”. But understand wisdom begins: “with knowing what you MUST NOT DO”/ prior, to doing anything at all. Because if you fail this one simple thing: the damage done, can easily be UNREPAIRABLE. Therefore WE THE PEOPLE, MUST KNOW; what media hides from us, in the propaganda wars, to manipulate and control our mind/ rather than inform by the evidence of what is true. The difference is: “an expert” is NOT enough: to risk our world WILL DIE/ if they are wrong. An expert, IS NOT “god” as they pretend to be with media delusions forcing; “bow down to god”. As humans being alive, instead of animals being herded: only the evidence, and its examination, and foundations for truth; as best we can/ decides the difference.

The curse of failure/ the death of life and earth: is clouded under the disguise of media, shouting “university is god”. The parasitic invasion of everything you trust; is all but complete; as the money you depend upon has been counterfeited by claiming assets which do not exist/ and debts that can never be paid. They stole your face, and are constantly confronting you with “masks to delude you” into believing; not really human/ therefore we can kill them without concern. As is preparation for genocide and war. The fraud of a vaccine which is not a vaccine is the insurgency of an enemy taking control. A vaccine of the twentieth century was “nature made/ with very little human involvement apart from observations”. The fraud of a vaccine in this time: is entirely genetic mutilation of both the disease, and the false vaccine; to steal your money/ and reduce you to slaves; as it has done for so many. They attack you: and media keeps you quiet, and distracted; so that the end will be a surprise/ that leaves you without any defenses. Just like: they don’t report 2015 ended with 6.5 billion humans on earth/ and 2021 will end with 8 billion people on earth= a population increase of 1.5 billion humans/ which covers an additional area of ground “with new humans”: 486 miles long, by 81 miles wide; each standing in a space formed by 3 feet by 3 feet for each: of “solid humanity” all needing resources/ and all expecting to live “for a hundred years”. ENOUGH, all by itself to prove our extinction is inevitable without TRUE FOUNDATION CHANGES; in humanity itself. “kill a billion people/ still another 7 billion left; making babies all the time.” another billion in 4 years. PROVEN TRUE, in the last 6 years, by their own “university run government: count.” WAKE UP, OR BE DEAD! KILLED, by the insanity of believing anything you are told/ refusing to believe the evidence that is PROVEN true.

In america, and others: YOU WILL wake up to find those who built the nation are removed by the counterfeiting of money, and the fraud of covid: to understand, YOUR LEADERS/ YOUR MEDIA; the use of disguises; the traitors among you, and the cult worshipers of university:  have instituted the decision to replace you with foreign ownership/ by using that same counterfeited money: TO BUY YOUR PROPERTY/ IN EXCHANGE, for what is now worthless. Thereby EVICTING YOU, by your fears, and your GREED. Or more distinctly: if there is no reality to the numbers/ then there is no wealth existing. THE NUMBERS, were made to LIE; as is the reality of every pyramid scheme ever devised.  the criminal laundering, and intent to HIDE; the reality of inflation;  is especially flagrant, IN THE US STOCK MARKET.  MEDIA KNOWS; I told them just prior to the 2008 “what do we do now”: reality.  ANSWER: MORE inflation; hidden of course/ SELL the nation; pay nothing; and the people cheered.

GO AHEAD; add another trillion dollars to your bank account; “just like the employees of government”. The only difference is: NOBODY, is checking to see if “government currency is real”! Because media HIDES the inflation, and the american public in particular SHOUTS: LIE TO US, we won’t pay! But they do; because treason; “sells them out; no manufacturing left, no true trade skills, no jobs, robotic competition, an invasion of competition for everything. Throw you in the street debts; nothing left, but weapons of mass destruction; NOW, in the hands of an army, “that doesn’t look like you anymore”. A WORLD IN CRISIS of EXTINCTION; hidden by media propagation of lies, as is the cult worship of “universities know”.  media knows: ONLY the university expert can decide:  “literally anything”/ as is the evidence of chaos growls at the door of our own extinction, BOTH, as a nation and a world.  As extreme experimentation INVADES life and earth, in one final push:  TO DESTROY US ALL.  “think not”? MUTILATING NATURE, as is genetic stability itself/ will be extinction. EXTREME ENERGY as in trying to ignite atoms on fire; claiming not enough gravity here; SO a NUCLEAR FIRE; will just extinguish itself; and MORE!    prove the gates of HELL are here, IN A UNIVERSITY DISGUISE/ CREATED, by media propaganda of never question your university; “they are gods”!   WAKE UP FOOL;   investigate to find the truth for yourselves/ DON’T believe;  “check them out”; for real world evidence as the cost for being WRONG;  is your extinction too!  Regardless of how powerful or proud you may be/ extinction is for all.

No need to worry, “university is god”? When questioned: the university geneticists reply: DON’T WORRY ABOUT GENETIC CHAOS, if everything goes wrong, evolution will just create something else/ “in a billion years or so”. You WANT that? ALL THE WATER IS POISONED; don’t worry, no consequences for us, nature will take care of any disaster we create. After all: the university diploma is, “just a curtain to hide; your former classmates; with guile”/ and the disease of ARROGANCE, as is proven by true DISRESPECT “for everything, life needs to survive”/ the mutilation of life itself. Or more distinctly, THE DEAD SOUL, of traitors and fools/ terrorists without an equal.


It is the constant of humanity to want, having filled that, they turn to pride, and having filled that many will seek power; to prove their pride is greater than yours. Because the end result is: humans seek to play a game with life/ and since the best games pit one human life against another human life: most games revolve around this, in one form or another.

The universities have dissolved responsibility for your decisions into sewage/ and the sewage leaks into every life, as a plague of disrespect for everything, both life and world. They will offer “we are gods/ the great ones”; but reality will prove it is by their expertise; that our world shall go extinct. By media the last days of changing that, will soon disappear; because their experts defile truth, and exchange reality with “fantasy, imagination, and delusions”.

So, NOW: having no other choice; the foundations upon which life might rise again from the catastrophe of human university cult worship; are very simple/ but highly undesired. The cost of being YOU; while following THEM.

NO small steps will matter; life or death of our planet is now or never.

We start with the short list; because the mob will rise/ and must be defeated or you die.

  1. Truly insulate everything, and stop all air conditioning: it is the primary cause of global warming. Because heat release is the cause most distinct. Things like Niagra falls will stop entertaining; and be used for electrical generation only; because you must.
  2. The ocean life will die, unless you intervene and feed them now; with dead human bodies; prepared for that purpose as well as with other creatures. No more cremation/ no more cemeteries; feed the ocean or it dies/ and then so do you. Clean up the pollution with your trawlers. Fight back to keep the corals alive (pump up cooler water from below; feed them); and do all that it takes to keep hope alive.
  3. Independent transportation dies, and railroads take back control. Air travel ends, in all but a minimum of ways. International trade plummets massively, and every nation works for itself. Basically everything the universities taught you to do over the last one hundred years is to be discarded; and reality returned instead.
  4. No more independent housing/ high-rise apartments only. Unless business demands require it. Recycle/ reuse/ rebuild/ don’t destroy/ and so on. NO more, personal swimming pools; heating irrelevant things, unnecessary lighting; AND MORE.
  5. No more cutting trees, or clearing habitat; what remains/ remains. Which includes replanting everything you can to bring nature back.
  6. No more poisoning the water supplies, or putting them at risk; which includes the end of ethanol for fuels. Instead all forms of incorporating water is precious will be used, and the reality of PROTECT your own water supplies will return/ ENDING water by bottle.
  7. World law/ NOT world armies; the end of weapons of mass destruction by governing leaders with WE THE PEOPLE LAWS, they must obey. Or be tried in world court for potential punishment. That ends the massive destruction of resources the military’s, around this world are responsible for.
  8. Protect life, all of it in every way. Humanity itself, being nearly last on that list. NO further genetic mutilation of seed, or other: it ends and life WILL BE SACRED; or we die. No exception.
  9. Investigate all the evidence, and never believe anything; as the reality of truth is all that stands between our survival, or extinction. No more games; as best we can/ no more experts: they may only participate, within limits and boundaries/ they may not decide. WE THE PEOPLE, MUST RISE! ABSOLUTELY NO EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION.
  10. YES, all that does mean your economies will collapse/ but they already have; because you run on counterfeit money, and nothing but fantasy pyramid schemes now. Discarding the future; assassinating every child, and every life on earth: because YOU DIDN’T want to pay your debts/ or accept responsibility for what you did do. All that unemployment shifts, to become a true world wide army; that will REBUILD ALL THAT HAS BEEN DESTROYED; by human arrogance and lack of respect instead. Accepting {limited capitalism (we, by society vote) shall decide the minimum and maximum any individual or corporation or other shall be entitled to earn; per year}; shall in fact govern the economies now: so that power remains under control/ and pride is limited to what we the people decide. Want is minimized: by distributing the food supply, through the use of “a separate money”. A money that is distributed equally among all workers; strictly for food/ and a different money, is used for everything else. The shout: we are equal/ even if not the same, sharing the food and water. And the people say: “we will never/ we want what we want; to hell with you”! But reality replies: EVERY form of food you eat, is a living thing, that also requires its own space, water, habitat, chain of life, global balance, and more. YOU are already eating the foundations of life that provide all these things; destroying every single one: to build your own HELL instead of earth. The single worst form of terrorism ever conceived; is a university diploma/ the people who said yes we can, and did; and now our entire earth faces extinction; even the globe itself, from all the damage these groups have done. Every biblical prediction is coming true; and you will soon be cannibals; because there is nothing else. You will soon be warring for water, because there is nothing else. You will soon be releasing even  FAR worse biological weapons of mass destruction than covid; as all it takes, is a single human animal to release them; “thanks to university knows”. You are already slaves to the university cult, pretending to be gods. You are fools, liars, traitors, terrorists, thieves, whores, tragedies, and worse/ discarding your own children, along with this entire living world; in sacrifice to your wants, pride, and thirst for power. A vile concoction of sewage, bowing down to the parasites of media manipulation and control. Because YOU are sacrificing this whole world; for nothing more than “trinkets, trophies, and toys”. Pretending as the universities taught you: “no consequences for us”; but truth will prove you wrong, and if we have not yet past the point of no return; you soon will. But hey don’t worry, “eternity won’t let you die”; after all, should you not reap the rewards for what you chose to do? Indeed you shall. And the people say: “YOU, are nobody”/ you can’t scare us into doing anything; we are like gods; the greatest who have ever been”; as the universities taught you to believe. The cult of the dead, standing in their own graveyard, digging holes for your heart and soul; by terrorizing time. The clock ticks down to its stopping point; and eternity rises to get you. As for me; its true, “I am nobody”; just a messenger/ delivering the final warning: CHANGE OR DIE, as an entire world you turned into extinction/ all lost forever. Discarded for lack of value, the result of your disrespect. I am not your savior/ not your judge or prosecutor/ not your guru or religious anything: I am simply the messenger, who did, delivering this message or change or die; to prove YOU CHOSE, knowing the cost of being wrong/ yet refusing to investigate the evidence, and accept ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES. As for me: NOT YOUR LEADER. Not even certain whether male or female; as I lost control over me; its complicated. Because the spiritual world participates in my life; and time has proven “men cannot save this world”; because this is the best they did do/ and we do face our own extinction. Which seeks female to try, because male cannot. Both genders shouting; NEVER! But both genders failing in this time on earth; a crisis beyond your imagination; because you don’t care enough, for life or earth. ONLY WANT, and its cost of disrespect/ pride and its cost of arrogance/ power, and its violence to prove “yes I/we, can”. You don’t get to choose anymore; you have past by that door. Humanity all as one; must live for and too: REBUILD THIS WORLD/ or you will be extinct. Simple as that, because the universities betrayed you all; by playing god; “yes they did”. Media will shout: HE IS NOTHING, KILL HIM (with words he cannot escape), he is a contaminant ; a disease, to our world. Because they don’t want to lose their power over you. If you have any life left inside at all. Universities will shout: HE IS NOTHING, KILL HIM (destroy his claim of knowledge) because : IF, they can make you focus on me/ THEN you won’t focus on the reality of the evidence, or who led them to extinction.  They won’t surrender their pride or arrogance; and will never turn away from extreme experimentation, or manipulation of you: UNTIL you force them, and never let them free again. Every POLITICIAN; shouts whatever the public wants him or her to shout: therefore WHAT IS YOUR VERDICT; because we all know, few among you don’t; want to be judge. Yet none, want to be responsible for the realities of being proven wrong; including a politician.: they all just want what they want! Which in this case results in:  our entire living world, is LOST!  NO SECOND CHANCES; ENDED/ EXTINCT! But I will tell you: “I am nobody”, and killing me; focusing on me; will gain you nothing. Truth decides, not you or me! YOUR truth is failure; CHANGE that or die.  DO NOT, Assume I have anything to do with your choices for extinction; are all a lie. I do not/ they are all YOU: because now you do get to play god, for one decision: LIFE OR DEATH to this world. YOUR CHOICE NOW. This message proves you have a chance; as we the people of this world. And that removes your claim of “a leader” did this. YOU CHOOSE; end of world (do nothing else)/ or you change yourselves into RESPECT FOR LIFE AND PLANET. By accepting the cost, without complaint. THE FOUNDATION BEING: WE THE PEOPLE, WILL RULE OURSELVES, AND OUR LEADERS;    BY THE LAWS WE CREATE.    The reality of world participation: TO ENFORCE OUR LAWS (WE CHOSE), on this world. NO, more excuses! Life or death, is in our own hands.And all the people say: “we don’t want this/ we want to play, and be free of all consequences”; just like the universities and their command over religion says! But alas: truth demands, every choice has a consequence, which cannot be undone. So the only question is: do you believe what can be proven, by the evidence is true? OR, do you believe whatever you want to believe, because that is what you want, and want is all you need to survive? Because both cannot be correct; even if media says to you they are. I say: your want is irrelevant/ and only truth itself, can keep this earth alive. NOT because GOD cannot simply rescue life on earth/ but because you were made free to choose. Among those choices are: we could release the super volcano under Yellowstone/ to combat global warming, and kill billions of people along with, a massive amount, of all other living things. But that probably would not save those left. OR, you could choose better, and limit yourselves to what truth will allow? IT IS, A CHOICE. SEE, how that works: truth has a consequence/ but life has a choice; even if it is not “free”. Same is true of me: I searched for the spiritual world of female/ because male had no answers, that would keep this world alive. Men are, who they are; and after thousands of years: we do know what they will choose. War, as a majority; is their solution to every hard problem [kill them/ take their stuff]. But, that had consequences, I did not foresee; even so, the result is better than the consequences of not accepting that search. NO, women cannot simply be in charge as men have been in charge; they are not “better”. But they do have a different solution than men to every hard problem. Not being female, I can’t really tell you what that is/ I can only tell you what it isn’t. THEY like humanity on earth; MUST choose to create the laws (we all vote upon) that are justified, and fair for ALL life and planet; seeking their enforcement of law; as the means of their control. Simple as that; one person/ one vote; as a world choosing the future for ourselves.
  11. the list of change; is long!  you will not like being told NO YOU CAN’T/ or even yes you will!  BUT, you will be dead soon, if you refuse/ even as a world now extinct.  so says the evidence; easily proven true.    GO TO COURT, and prove the evidence says less. IS NOT YOUR WORLD, worth that price?    So, what does that world look like, if you save it? Basically: you WILL stop using each other as toys/ you WILL stop throwing the future away, and live recognizing the future has rights too/ you WILL, stop playing with each other for trophies/ and you WILL remove the power from living on earth together; by enforcing the laws we create, and need to survive. as is “limited capitalism”! YOU WILL LEARN TO BE JUSTIFIED AND FAIR; LOVING AND RESPECTFUL;  equal, but not the same!  Separating hate from among you; into their own “area of fools”. Because unless BILLIONS are suddenly killed, to remove that resource cost; basically nothing universities built “to play god/ we know everything”; will remain without cost. That is the consequence of your numbers. They, “your gods”: proved to be “Satan on earth”. WE DO FACE  [more correctly you HIDE from]  OUR OWN EXTINCTION! And that means: you WILL lock their freedoms to choose, up: never to allow that again. And the majority of men will say: WAR, will fix this instead. But reality knows: kill a billion people/ and there are still 7 BILLION more to go. Weapons of mass destruction will be used/ biological terrorism will be released/ all resources and chains of life will vanish/ and there will be nothing left to eat but people; and nothing left to drink but their blood. Proving men are wrong.       But knowing: women want what they want too; women fall into the abyss of pride too; and women want power.  So the question is:  CAN they choose life instead?   I do not know? And the world says to me; as my sister says to me, with regards to her child dying from a brain tumor/ when hospital mistakes were made: “even if you could not have stopped the tragedy”. YOU could have raced down to the emergency room to save his life; as best you could/ that is the LEAST anyone, with a conscious would have done. YOU LET HIM DIE. But I remain the same: his diagnosis was the tumor had invaded “the human parts” of the brain/ and he would die of pain, and by starvation or thirst; in the next three weeks. Therefore to attempt a rescue, was only to return him to torture; and it was true: I could not have stopped the damage done; even if I had raced him to the emergency room. So it is true; I turned around, to see if he would die; and be done; as I would have chosen for myself. He was not 2-3 hours later; and I intervened then/ he died in roughly 3 weeks with medicines that would have knocked down an elephant; to keep the pain away. It is, “my belief”; that this child survived a little longer, simply so that both parents had their chance to survive; by saying goodbye/ even though it was very hard, on each; child as well. Just as hard for the 3 year old sister left behind ;and more. Death teaches: the value of love! But it also teaches the cost of love as well; and why entry into “the eternal kingdom of love” is reserved for those who earn it. Unfortunate but true, “loneliness is the gate”, that changes our dimension in this world. The essence of loneliness provides the intensity, to experience and express; the passions necessary to enter an environment beyond what we call self. Without that essence of discovery, you do remain locked within yourself; hiding from love. When confronted with loneliness as is the cost of love lost; some then fear love/ turning to belief instead, because it can be “anything you want it to be”. But that is not life, and without dimensions to expand existence; you will dissipate into space. Each must learn, and choose: “to prepare, for life beyond self”.  The tears of a flood, are worse, than the tears of a  simple storm. As for me: life is a gift; we are not owed!  Love will never be easy or simple to lose. This child “accepted a piece of me”; for his journey into eternity, and I do believe we will see each other again. For clarity: belief is applied only when you know, it is a companion to hope, and may or may not be true. As anything more relies entirely upon want; and want is a lie embedded in your hope. The same is true of this world: UNLESS YOU find a way to change yourselves/ there is nothing I could have done, that I did not do; nothing I was allowed to do: to save your lives/ stop the destruction! As is proven so clearly by your choices to let the universities play: by mutilating nature/ even trying to ignite this world on fire; just like the sun; here on earth. These are your choices, and they are your consequences; under the disguise of “university is god/ media tells you everything”:  as you did choose. Not me, I said stop: investigate the evidence, and learn; the cost of being WRONG! AND FOR FORTY+ YEARS; you called me fool. Not, “your savior”/ not your enemy/ not your judge: “just a messenger”. CHANGE, or you will die as a world.
  12. I consider it fair to say, “my sister would have given her life for that child”/ but it would have done no good. Because reality proved the evidence was true. in fact my ears are damaged, because people were still sad; 5 months later. Or more simply “my WANT”, interfered with truth/ and that never ends well. Don’t sacrifice/ choose, and accept the price if you fail truth. “there are; always consequences”. Truth builds life, with our choices for love/ want tears it down, by adding pride, power, and then hate.
    1. JESUS gave his life for this world; to prove the difference, “between love and hate!  And over time, that decision/ the evidence it created:  built consequences that produced love and a value to this earth. But you have no such luxury of time/ YOU stand on the edge of extinction; and only YOU, can step back into life; rather than death.  YOU have been given options, and information that allows for at least the possibility you could survive; if you change. But nothing in this world can stop the reality of proven evidence, if you do not.  Your CHOICE.  but truth, will always remain truth. You stand on that same edge, “many; a beautiful child/ invaded by a brain tumor”; the university is your god/ media, the snake around your throat, to keep you from talking or thinking for yourselves. In contrast YOU can remove it; but I cannot. YOU can save this earth from yourselves, but I cannot; it is your choice.   I have none; because the end result is:  if you fail to do everything you can/ nothing will save you from yourselves.  Your life/ your truth/ your consequences;  simple as that; because it is your own freedom that decides. unlike the child/ YOU have a choice.
    2. Your universities, and their cult: are literally KILLING YOU, and this entire living world; as fast as they can! NOT a game, your reality: The list is long, & THEY WILL succeed, if you don’t stop them now/ time runs out, for both life and world. MAKE YOUR DECISION/ but know, you can never go back, “to playing god” with life or planet. That day is DEAD. I have now had my say [message delivered to you]/ it is time for humanity on earth; to have “your say”!      LIFE OR DEATH? CHOOSE.      No, excuse will be accepted: after forty years, enough know/ enough have been introduced to your own information of threats/ enough have their chance to “work for life and planet” or not. You DO, “have your chance to survive”/ this final warning exists: change or all, will be extinct. And eternity will demand: you pay for every tear, for every living thing that is, or would have been alive/ because you didn’t care/ because you would not share, the existence of life.    believe it or not; it will come true. 
    3. IF YOU JUST WON’T CARE/ as always, the masses refuse to share.         A FINAL:   choose/ because you will die, so says the evidence:   even if you don’t do anything else!   CHOOSE LIFE INSTEAD, and accept the price:  STAND UP, “SIGN YOUR NAME”/ SAY TO THE WORLD:  we cannot let these people be WRONG, anymore!   LIFE IS SACRED, THIS PLANET IS OUR ONLY HOME;   nobody gambles with it anymore.      WE MUST HAVE A TRUE PUBLIC WORLD TRIAL: TO EXAMINE THE PROVE, THE THREATS WE FACE IN OUR FUTURE/ AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG, FOR THE FAILURE TO RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET; AS A WORLD!    We must choose to error on the side of:  NOTHING BAD will happen now/ as best we can.  No, I did not win/ I did not lose; this is not a game; because it is real. Yes, I have found a “touch of sadness”; because I am watching you die as a world, “it reminds me of watching my nephew die: no choice”/  and now even the cost of a future world of life, not yet born. But, “eternity knows me; flaws and all”; and truth will allow, that I survive/ even if you don’t. That too, is not a game, not a wish, but the distinction of choices. We are miracles; only a complete fool argues we are not. As a miracle of living existence; fully aware, “no human built this life/ no accident allowed all that is what thought did do: even a worm knows chaos is simply a sewage called evolution. JESUS, believe it or not; is the guarantor: we were not simply created, and then left behind. HIS message to this earth was LOVE identifies, those who will achieve eternity of life/ while hate identifies those who follow an entirely different direction. Giving to each one: their own decisions to make/ as is the price of freedom. Religion asserts: “belief is enough”/ but belief can be anything you want it to be; and that is not a foundation for life. Truth is. Truth forms the foundation of faith, and faith is the acceptance: GOD IS “real”. Therefore, with faith; I will also accept the respect, and the realities of my decision as a value searching: “for life, beyond self”. The consequence of entering within the spiritual realm of female however; “is a world apart”/ and cannot be explained beyond: “it was predicted in Revelation 12, and 17; and maybe even more”. I DON’T know; an entire identity turned upside down; but whatever it is, “I CHOSE”; to do what I can, out of respect for this living world, and OUR CREATOR’S work! It really is, the least I can do; for this gift of life. You are what you are/ as am I. 
    4. Even so, ultimately this is a very simple decision: “physical had its day/ religion had its day/ and now mental has had its day, in time on earth”. Each failed both life and planet, because wanting is not enough. That leaves you with: NOW, YOU MUST BECOME HUMAN, instead of animal. The difference is respect comes first/ truth and the laws it creates come second/ love and the values of life beyond self; form the basis of survival. Each is a choice.You have the means: to challenge “death stalks you”. The internet allows, for billions of views; for a song you like/ 20 years ago; millions of views for a cat video; in three or four days. Few don’t have access, in most countries. YOU CAN change this world, without media: because those facts identify a reality they do not yet fully control. Person to person; “I think you should know this”. That does not mean believe this/ NOR DOES IT MEAN; BELIEVE UNIVERSITY, MEDIA OR OTHER! BUT IT DOES MEAN: SHOULD WE NOT INVESTIGATE, AND DEMAND FULLY OPEN OUTRIGHT PUBLIC WORLD TRIAL; to examine and prove the reality OF THREATS, and what it means to be WRONG. For life, and world, and child.    I can do no more/ ITS NOT MY JOB! LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR WORLD; IS UP TO YOU.       MAKE your decision true.And the herd says: “WE, cannot all be wrong/ media is our friend/ university is our savior, our gods/ we got what we need, and don’t need you to remove that.” but the evidence says; “YOU don’t even know the truth, THAT IS PROVEN; humanity is adding another 250 million people over deaths PER YEAR”/ and that all by itself, is enough to make you extinct. Because even the herd, knows that; so media, universities, governments, etc: DON’T tell you. Because the end result: IS CHANGE OR DIE! And that points directly to leaders, who have failed both life and planet. “alas, just the tip of the iceberg”; and you [ALL HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH] have become “the titanic, at full speed ahead”. With NO possibility of rescue. SO, do you want to die as a herd, blinded because you have your face in the university ass of the one in front: or the media serpent clamped around your throat; or the governmental zealot, who demands “OBEY the universities”?  OR, will you search to prove what is true, as if a human being alive, and in need of “in-corrupt-able truth”. To make a decision capable: to let us survive!   LIARS, TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, THIEVES, THE CORRUPTED, THE VILE, HATE, AND ALL THAT DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE.   STAND UP SCREAMING:  TO PROVE YOU CANNOT KNOW THE TRUTH.   cowards, then run away!     CHOOSE.
    5. I am irrelevant, NOT your excuse: LET THE EVIDENCE DECIDE; YOU OWE IT, to life and world and GOD . Believe it, or not. Find your brain; it got lost in the sewage of fools, that is “university cult worship”; and governmental bribes/ which media disguises to avoid: HELL is coming!Reality states: that to fix anything in life, you must understand the cause of what is wrong. But unfortunately most people do not want that; because they want what they want/ instead of what is true. Only truth survives, which makes want an abyss of failure, waiting to drown you, when reality takes time away. And that makes “believing, whatever you want to believe” ; a cause for very serious concerns. Truth consistently warns us, that every decision or lack of a decision comes with consequences; based upon the laws you are interacting with. Eternity warns us: that our decision for love or hate as the basis and foundation of our lives; is directional, and cannot be reversed; once time is past. Miracles of life and planet tell us: there are realities of truth and law; FAR BEYOND what we comprehend. So the quest of time, is to search for truth, and identify self, by the decisions that we do make, and intend to enforce; even if we cannot; it is still your decision to try. The quest of life itself, is to accept the journey, and understand; it is personal to you, “as equal, but not the same” with all of them. Therefore do not judge, as that assumes more than you in fact are. Today our world and all its life, stands on the brink of extinction; so says sufficient evidence to warrant a true and complete as possible search of the facts; so that we do not simply die, because of lies. But want is want, and the curse of “university knows is strong”; and I cannot predict if enough still live inside, to create a trial for life and earth? That is your choice, it is not mine; as I have already done my job, for life and earth. I do wish you well, proven true; by the fact I spent my life in time; for the purpose of keeping this world alive. The truth of consequences; is about you, not me; as reality knows, it is the journey we take, that presents itself as our life. What we did, or did not do; with time!As for me, I have begun my search into “WHAT, is female”; and how or why does that change life, and living, in both; time or eternity? Your decisions are not included in that; it is an alteration, or question presented; in my life, not yours. I have no clue, how it turns out; either in time or eternity. However I do know; there has never been a second in my life; where the question of female existed. Man is man, and I searched only for male. But more important than me, is life and earth alive. Therefore duty aligns with: “search”.  Reality suggests; perhaps this is as simple as :“ finding balance” for me (male balances female/ female balances male; both with respect, achieve value in each other), that, in a world that worships; “university lies”; rather than truth or love. As for you: life or death for this earth, and its future; are entirely in your hands. It is humanity that is responsible for all the threats of extinction we face; which makes it humanity that must realign itself, and search for truth to survive. YOUR JOB, not mine. I feel done. But, you are believers (wanting, what you want)/ I am not; I accept only truth decides. You want, which drives your lives/ I do not, love shapes our decision, or you choose hate; want does not decide for me. You live for pride; to shape your games with life and time; which turns into power, and the violence of I lost; not fair to me/ I do not, respect decides, and the desire to search for truth, by studying laws. We are simply not the same; even though we are equals. It is a choice. You live within the fantasy, delusions, and imaginations of “university knows”/ I know every truth has a consequence, as does every decision you enforce or don’t. You believe the universities are “your saviors”; keeping you alive/ I do not, understanding life is far more complex, than throwing chemicals at it, or cutting something out. And so on.As your reality will prove: not only will you lose your right to make any choice (or you can starve, etc)/ the lynch mob is coming, those who cannot see the future they want, UNLESS they take it by force/ the ammunition will disappear, as will your ability to resist; and the robots will mop up those who do not comply. Because you chose, to believe in university is god. That along with nature in chaos, and a world experiencing what atomic balance in chaos will be as well. So then we simply wait; “for Yellowstone” to erupt; as extinction proves real. But hey, “you were too smart” to question “the university gods; even though, they are just your former classmates”. Too bad, life is done. Like an invading horde, throughout history; once the forces against you, have achieved true violence/ it is very hard, to turn them back. Unlike history, the universities horde, plans for “forever”.And the people say: “never, not here; we are superior”. Because the herd is righteous, and the righteous make rules, and the rulers want power; so they believe as judge it is their right to kill, or punish whomever disobeys their rules. Whereas those without power, join the army of those attempting to take power; because they want power too; and as such judge for themselves; those who wanted to rule; “because we know/ as every believer proclaims”. History repeats this over, and over, and over, and over: because humanity never learns, it is “your want”; that is your primary enemy of life and eternity. Without want, there is only truth left; and truth rules by law; which affect all equally, and does not separate individuals beyond the law; that is necessary to sustain life. Whereas rules separate individuals, so they can be made into an example, “OF FEAR THIS”; because we can! So, wars erupt, and pride demands power; which ends in violence. But the universities play god with life and planet, and their violence is extinction for all. Because wanting to be god; does not make you a god, unless you believe destruction makes you so. It does not, but true violence, against life, planet, energy, and nature can kill a world. EVEN YOU; KNOW THAT IS SO. Whether you admit it or not. So, I am done; you are what you are/ and will be what you choose to be; because every truth has a consequence.  Such as, you don’t know:  many times, if their medicine did you more harm than good; and the body simply healed itself. NOR do you know if the medicine healed you, with complications “down the road”. like all things “university”;  media only shouts, “hurrah”.  While americans say: “we are doing great, our healthcare is great”/ we don’t need to know nothing else. in contrast to that:  last time I looked,  America spends 5 trillion dollars per year: which is $50,000.00 per individual, per one hundred million citizens. Which literally means:  either you are the most unhealthy nation in the world/ or being cheated.My job, has been to educate you beyond what a university can do; because they do live “within imagination”/ rather than facts. Fantasies rather than truth. And delusions instead of realities based upon law. One such definition of that is, the common human delusion: “nothing personal, its just business”. Which simply means, instead of barbarian war/ this is civilized war: where instead of killing you, to take your stuff; to discard what you need. I can simply take your stuff, by other means, and leave you without, because I choose not to care. In contrast to that, is the reality of disciplines that shape the order of society; by understanding: business is simply what we do to survive, one and all; therefore what is fair is justified, and what is not, is unbalanced, and untrue to the needs of us all. Which does include the future of all life and planet. Nothing about your leadership agrees with that; because in one way or another; men continue to war, for more stuff. The value of a life, “is more than stuff/ a trophy, simply thrown away”. Life is more than a game. It is the essence, of what the words, living miracle; means. In the constant of lies, that is “american led university knows”/ the reality of what is trued, is always hidden. Because their design is: that you do not question anything, until they are done, and expect to say “hurrah”/ with all the gambles they take in life, energy, nature, everything; because the universities believe they are gods; and will prove that true. Unfortunately for life and planet; they have already proven to be gods of death, destruction, chaos, failure, cheat, thief, and fool. Even so: there are things humanity can do to quantify what is to be believed, and what is to be investigated; because we cannot let them be wrong. The price of that is extinction/ and YOU owe it to life, child, and planet, to stop that before it is too late. One of the simply things is: a 3% population rise is the same as saying for every random 100 people surveyed in a village/ or as a city/ family to family/ or organization: there will be three infants born in a year, that survive/ more than the people; who die in that year. Or, if one person dies out of a hundred/ and four infants are born in that year, it equals a three percent population rise. So, if you are realistic with your survey and fair with the details of it; you can construct a reasonable accounting of what the population rise is for your own area. If you then compare with others, a more definitive answer results. Important because at 8 billion people, which nobody argues is here on earth/ and probably many more: a 3% increase per year is 240,000,000 babies added each year. Which does matter. In the same way; you can take it upon yourselves to investigate covid somewhat: by interviewing those declared to have it for yourselves, to determine is this simply a cold/ the flu/ asthma/ allergies/ pneumonia or other? Remembering in the last couple of years: NOBODY is reported to have had any of these diseases including a cold; “its all just covid”. Nor has it been reported what the real symptoms are; ONLY the demand “FEAR, damn you FEAR/ believe/ and obey”; as they rip and tear the basic fabric of this nation into pieces intended for war. By stripping the foundation owners out, and replacing them with foreigners now rule us all. So it does matter. The claim of a pandemic does matter ; because if it is not a pandemic/ then spending and the overthrow of our democracy is An insurgency against us; and functionally amounts to a rebellion, shoving anarchy, designed within insanity (a fake vaccine) down your throat. TO BE A PANDEMIC: THE POPULATION OF A NATION OR WORLD MUST BE IN DECLINE! It is not; the population is growing! That failure to meet the definition of the term being used: points to LIAR/ THIEF/ TRAITOR/ TERRORISTS; As the meaning of the word, and if that does not fit the definition. Then outfitted with its a lie, and true intent for organized theft exists. Both of government and currency; by those rebel criminals intent upon extorting us, and overthrowing the nation itself; from the inside. By causing “university grown inflation/ debt disgrace”; to destroy the securities, and the owners so as to replace them. Even aiding and abetting the decision to create war; by using mass hypnosis to infect the masses of people; with “mob insurrection”, against those who own here. Just a different form of WAR/ but it is a university war, with traps, including a biological weapon, along with mind control through media saturation “shouting fear/ believe/ obey”; controlling the devastation; so they can hide from weapons. But when reality searches: what we find is a nation of “elders”/ who have discarded life, child, and world; by claiming WE DON’T CARE/ so long as we die of old age, first. TO HELL with this world; and as such you earn the title “devils workers”/ bowed down to satan; as life and planet are destroyed in your presence. All saying: “death is the end”/ but none owning the truth of what life, or an eternity; truly means. Fear not: YOU will not be forgotten, for what you chose. “to kill an entire living world”; because you didn’t care for anything beyond self. To your shame….. the true curse of media is: “their reporting” makes anything they report marketed as if the whole world “should believe/ or does believe this”. Which forces the curse of being a human animal into mass hypnosis; as the demand “we can’t all be wrong” intensifies, and becomes true acceptance. Because the foundation of animal is: we want, to be part of the herd/ NOT isolated outside the herd, where the predators lurk. The cost of that is: “sheep” (the reason religion sold out)/ or more distinctly, the vast majority do not make up their mind in any conceivable way; except to go along with the crowd. Because of media; that crowd can be a tiny few people; expanded out through mass hypnosis; into a mob, of the insane as they form into lynch mobs all screaming “you can’t kill me”; with your disease. Wherein reality proves: media is your enemy/ the curse of university knows; a blatant traitor and terrorists rolled into one. In America; the belief is: “we have money we are safe”! But you only have numbers, and with hundreds of trillions of dollars being used/ and debts beyond comprehension/ and property being stolen. What you really have is a war against you; where the thieves are hidden by their claim of a pandemic.To collect trillions of dollars; EVERYONE needs a vaccine; because there is so much money to make; enough to destroy the entire US economy. ADD IT UP/ look for the facts/ and examine truth by its own true reality as proven by incorruptible evidence. one US death per one thousand people; current.  NOT getting paid “hundreds of billions”: as is media. Not reported in this news is:  the reason a tiny few more individuals die per year/ is because millions are added to the population: given that fact, the real numbers are less. while the reality is: we cannot survive the population increase: Particularly, because the life we eat/ needs things too. So, their claim of a pandemic:  is strictly FOR THE MONEY (kill the nation, and we take control) AND POWER (mutilate nature/ play god), they the university elite;  collect from us.You have failed life and nation and world; and the coming soon stock market crash; because it is only a pyramid scheme/ will end your hope of riches forever. Their takeover of your jobs, your lives, your business and industry, the vast monopoly controlling all the hiring “is at university discretion”. Taking control of your lives with healthcare; to curse you with debts/ to confine you with fears; so as to make you their slaves. All if it foresees the complete collapse of America; which could easily end in a foreign takeover. With a last ditch effort that is “all weapons of mass destruction will be used”. But then, what “elder” did not say: “it won’t end in my lifetime/ I won’t pay”; let all the children we chose to damn and curse and sacrifice PAY FOR US. ALAS, unless you die soon: you will have gambled, and lost/ more than you can imagine; will be true. And the wealthy all say: YOU can’t scarce us/ WE ARE RICH! But reality says: by the evidence, the universities have stolen everything/ and the only reason you won’t investigate them and the realities of government that are destroying you all is: YOU KNOW it is true. So you choose: TO FORCE EXTINCTION, in a futile attempt to keep what you stole [using counterfeited money is NOT fair], and the american dollar is counterfeit/ as is american government; the disgrace of lies, governed by traitors. Then comes the people who believe in their property, or gold and such? But reality says: in this world overburdened with people; facing the truth “Kill a billion/ still 7 billion more to go”; with all habitat under attack. Waters poisoned. Every chain of life being evicted. All resources destroyed. The ocean life nearly extinct. Global warming and more: means YOU ARE extinct too/ and will escape nothing, as the curse of what universities have done becomes the crisis of catastrophe throughout this earth. Change or die, because your escape hatch is sealed. Your numbers are dead, and have no meaning other than to declare you “fool”.

This writing is, now changed to the power of tragedy and disgrace; as is your reality confronting you. Because you would not rise for love.

That is a contribution of male; and as such represents a mediation/ or balance between the desires of female truth, and the realities of male in time. The cost of time is a choice/ but the reward of time is an opportunity to choose & change: until the body is dead. So the question is: I chose to enter the spiritual world of female beyond time; but she has chosen to return to this time with me: creating the conclusion “its complicated”. She has control to protect herself/ I cannot intervene, it is not allowed; nor would I choose too; as what is precious (truth established) should never be contaminated with what is not. Which constructs: “I am, simply doing the best I can”/ trying desperately NOT to destroy anything important or of value. No clue how it ends. Honestly weird though; making everything “I just don’t know”.

Which brings us to the difference between life and time is: the body expresses and experiences/ and then measures your mental decisions or the impact of “this world on body”/witch exhibits an influence on you. Human means body of choice, in the dimension of time. Whereas life means: the dimension of thought, as a relationship to its dimension as found in energy. The beginning of choice, relies upon freedom, which presents itself as motion. Therefore life and death are exhibited in human; as either controlled motion/ or not, as is dead. The quest of human, is not the same as the quest of the other, a quest for life, even to eternity: it is a choice. Eternity chooses life/ not time: but the freedom to move is no game. Existence, In a state of pure energy; means, endless things can go wrong. Therefore you must establish the disciplines, order, respect, thought, and balance that will survive/ before entering: so YOU can survive. Less than that requires mercy, and therefrom limits freedom to the boundaries/ realities created by you. MIRACLES do prove how much you do not know.

Whereas “university evolution/ let’s ignite atoms on fire/ destruction of everything/ extreme arrogance/ endless manipulation and propaganda/ failure, fool, liar, cheat, thief, traitor, terrorist “playing god” and ;more all assign a reality of catastrophe: to everything university claims to be. They cannot prove otherwise; but believers (we want, what we want) do not care.

AS FOR YOU: particularly in this America

I do predict; in accordance with Revelation 18: a great recession, turning into full out depression soon after; as of the end of October 2021. Because your leaders have spent at least 6 trillion dollars for covid/ stole or destroyed another 3 trillion dollars or more in relation to covid, from all of society/ plans to spend another 8 trillion dollars or more for infrastructure/ on top of the trillions of dollars they go further into debt every year. That equals, all the money from: 17,000- billionaires/ that your debts have been raised in the past year or so. AND MEDIA says nothing; because they are owned by the money/ and enslaved by their own university debts/ selling their soul, and your lives; “for trinkets, toys, and trophies”. As they shout: FEAR COVID/ damn you fear/ believe/ and obey; so we get paid. A VERY TINY FEW; control all of media. A very tiny few: decide how much the hospitals can charge. A very tiny few decide what “is true”; and they are the elite of university/ the power of counterfeiting our currency. The reality of: around 600 trillion dollars in claimed assets; which can be borrowed against. Which means you have no chance; no options, and no rights in your own nation. With the blinders media uses to direct you from the truth of our reality. Reminding you SOMEBODY HAS THAT MONEY; claiming a right to be paid: just like you! That fact is, EACH: one trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars “before taxes”/ from each and every one of one hundred million people (workers). Which makes you destitute (can’t pay our bills); by their actions. Or, “its all a LIE”. Which makes “university knows/ university leads/ university is god”; the DEAD WEIGHT of failure, fool, liar, thief, cheat, whore, traitor, terrorists; and more. BECAUSE EVERY leader has a university diploma; “indoctrinated by the same cult of religious (believe & obey, the university is god/ fear the consequences of refusal)”. WE WILL abandon you

but then we must not forget: the cult worshipers, indoctrinated as children; into “university is god”; who made that possible. Or the last gasp of wealth consumed by “covid”; and all those who chose to fear, believe, and obey. Discarding life, law, and democracy in slavery to their chosen fraud; called leaders.

If not: it is because the foreign nations have not yet finished confiscating property and resources from behind closed doors: because that is how your leaders pay. The REITS/ stock market/ reverse mortgages/ and a “thousand other claims against american citizens” are paid. YOU lose your nation/ and by surrendering YOU to poverty: your leaders, have not only invaded: but sold the nation itself: to Foreigners. BUT don’t you worry; cause you have hundreds of trillions of numbers: go ahead add another trillion to your own bank account. “nobody has to know”/ unless you try to spend them!

Leaving you with no infrastructures built in the last fifty years of “university rules now”. ALL your money, your future: went to university purposes and design. Nearly all manufacturing lost to foreigners/ resources destroyed/ water poisoned/ debts which cannot be paid/ an education system that fails life, nation, child, and planet. Business invaded by robotics and computers/ supply chains corrupted and failed. Endless credit debts from propaganda due to media manipulation. Immigration to TAKE SOME of the bribes used to destroy a nation; that university rules, & chose to throw away; hiding enormous inflation with media conspiracy; selling counterfeit american gold currency on TV, to instill doubt in what should be real, but now confuses (to take that away. Demanding; TAKE ELECTRONIC MONEY; so they can create numbers without reality; “just add a zero”); printing 20 dollar bills on plain paper. Offering with our kits; or receipe; “you can mutilate life too”. And more, than you can believe is possible. Establishing TRAITORS in our midst; who have taken control over every part of government; to declare themselves “without law/ rulers (fear/ believe/ obey) invading life and nation, instead”.

All of it: to make you cry/ to make you fight and war.

As is the reality of hate.

The Universities hidden gift, to you.; but hey, “you can’t all be wrong”/ right?

Cause you know, “you believe”.

My gift to you: is the understanding necessary, to establish a courtroom investigation of what is true/ by the evidence; as best you can. NO, IT WON’T BE FREE!

This is a message sent to you: because the destruction of an entire world of life/ IS A VERY SERIOUS OFFENSE; with eternal consequences for those who caused it;

and that does include the followers who let the others do it. ARE YOU NOT “a herd”/ as is “we can’t all be wrong”. Simply believing/ don’t need no damn truth or reality?

As you have said to me throughout the last 4-5 decades.

My job is completed: I did deliver the message. End of my job, as male/ however spiritual female in me, has not agreed!

YOUR JOB, is you will fight for this world: is to communicate that message: DON’T BELIEVE/ LEARN WHAT IS TRUE, BY EXAMINING THE EVIDENCE, the consequences for being WRONG; without bias/ only what is true matters. Only what is true, decides! OR EXTINCTION will come. And media says nothing: because they are indoctrinated into the cult of “university worship”/ they are gods, who cannot be wrong. So says the debt, and the bribes; which owns their soul.

In america: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AS IS FIRST AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW/ is the proper venue. Let none finish destroying your democracy; or life will end. As is plainly seen: your elected officials are owned by the serpent (human snakes walking on two legs/ slithering in the darkness for prey). Who have chained the herd with debts; and bribed with want: as that trail leads into the slaughter house of death. BLINDERS ON; because any who fail to comply, will be blacklisted; and thrown away. As is the cost, of a tiny few who control everything.

And the people say: we don’t want, to be responsible/ we want, to blame the leaders or someone else: so that we can go free. BY HIDING AND RUNNING AWAY from realities we don’t want to fight with. We might lose/ it might cost too much/ and then the others might benefit; BUT I might die, or end up in the streets.

The cost of life is: EITHER YOU DO THE WORK, AND ACCEPT THE RISK OF LIVING as best you can/ or you slink away in cowardice, apathy, and shame. You have your head buried down in greed and selfishness: so as to claim “you don’t know/ NOT your problem/ can’t blame me, I wasn’t there”. But that is a lie, you were there SHOUTING “NOT IN MY LIFETIME”/ as invading warriors do (can’t stop me). That conceives of your personal participation in all that is bad for this nation/ this world/ all life and child. YOU CHOSE, bribes, trinkets, trophies, and toys: over life! To your shame. YOUR FAILURE as a society: let the universities railroad you into disgrace, poverty, and shame; as the people most responsible for their destruction.

That leaves you with: EITHER RESURRECT LIFE AND PLANET FROM EXTINCTION/ or admit you don’t care enough/ don’t respect LIFE/ PLANET/ CHILD OR GOD ; enough to even try. Reality proves; “university/ scientist/ doctor/ singer/ actor/ medicine/ etcetera; are not gods”; simply same as you; “living in time”. You are not god either! As such our limits and boundaries do not accept gambling with this world.

Hiding in religion (I paid my dues/ I bought the insurance policy/ I am owed).

But alas, that too will fail.

I, in contrast to that: have spent my lifetime, to communicate our world is in trouble. Risked everything to assemble what can be of value. Discarded everything else in favor of: we can’t let this earth or its life be mutilated and die. Refused all distractions, because that can end badly: as life or death for a world must come first/ reality then decides.

Your participation in that: ridicule, not a penny will you give, don’t tell me nothing, and don’t you do nothing: because I want the money. Who gives a damn about anything else. While religion adds: “we have better things to do”. And all we got to do: is throw a little money away, and say a few words: “heaven is then: free/ an eternity of sloth and anything I want.”. shouting: “all of us are right/ that means you must be wrong”. Even when it comes to gambling with the entire earth: igniting it into a sun/ as is being done throughout this earth; by “university people” who believe in pure fantasy and delusions.

So I spent decades in pursuit of truth, talents in pursuit of law, values in pursuit of democracy, and realities in pursuit of knowledge constructing the human behavior and its decisions. But you don’t care, which caused me to refuse to share: until “the spiritual woman” reminded me. A dead world won’t care either. SHARE, “because we must”/ balancing my world.

Because cult worshipers cannot. They must “fear/ believe/ and obey”. The herd runs together as is “we can’t all be wrong”. But alas, what they “know”; is only what media told them to believe. What the religions indoctrination of university led schooling; demanded they shall fear/ or obey.

So, I wish you well; because this is a world of life/ but end by warning you belief is just want/ and want cannot keep you alive. Only truth can do that.

Even so: I am joined by “the spiritual woman inside” as is predicted by Revelation 12 (here, but not here to you). I am even controlled as is the prediction of Revelation 17; being relegated “to a male beast”/ for failing to remain dedicated to the work 3 or so years ago; because you do not listen. A reality: this world of life is more important, than your tantrum. As is the constant of a cult worshiper; you want what you want (everything free/ no consequences for you). But that is a lie. What you believe is irrelevant to me.

Search only for your own truths.

Instead of protecting life; YOU chose to stand on the edge of extinction.

THE REALITY of that is: the cult will look for an enemy to blame/ when they are confronted by the consequences of what they chose to do.

Most likely, they will blame me (one such lie: he ruined our game/ told our lies: that is betrayal), if they can: after all a mob doesn’t need much when it feels threatened. Which only means you will choose to believe whatever you are told by media; as always. As for me: the spiritual woman inside, as soul shared/ will decide, my fate. Believe it or not “its complicated”…. I live in time, but she lives in me; and has control (I am moved to “the back seat”)..

JESUS was beaten and crucified; after bringing far more of value to this world. While that is certainly not me; ANY MEANS TO DISTRACT YOU from the truth; is all they need.

So, who knows: I really have no clue as to what the future might be for me.

As for you: the foundation is simple. Stop letting the dead (rotting carcass: arrogance inside)/ decide your fate. Stop being distracted; by what they assume or imagine; fantasize or believe. As is: “we can bring the same sun fire here” as is on the sun [which they also claim to be, “is a million mile long flame/ with 12 million mile long bursts of fire”.

Stop letting the dead create fear in your lives: accept reality and understand risks are part of living. You can refuse to believe me “I don’t care”/ but I won’t be hurting you. In contrast: if you continue to believe that your scientists can control the sun: “they have discarded trying to combine hydrogen into helium (since 2012)/ and every experiment they have exists: TO IGNITE ATOMS INTO NUCLEAR FIRE. A reality you cannot control; and will burn you alive, along with this planet. “the price of being wrong”. And they have not one real piece of evidence to prove what they say; only imagination.

Stop letting the dead: make you believe in their fantasies and delusions/ discard their imagination as the trash it usually is. Accept only truth survives; therefore be truth and let truth decide for you/ by the evidence. By the laws that protect against chaos/ which means the universities and their evolution are the enemy.

Stop letting the dead universities make you obey their decisions/ their construction of life and government and nature. As the evidence will prove, by the cost of reducing life, nation, and world to the edge of extinction; as they have done. Along with their cult followers who are willing to believe anything/ so long as “the bribes are good”. COVID collected at least 5 trillion dollars from this USA; FOR A tiny few people. That would mean: 5,000 people were made instant billionaires/ and you paid $50,000.00 per shot/ per each of one hundred million people. Sound fair? Sound like none could or would be bribed? You sure? This nation is economically destroyed “last straw” because of it. So, are you happy with your fears? Your belief/ obey the universities: going to, “keep you safe on the street”?

As always: when blinded by bribes of any kind: what lurks in the shadows will make you cry. WAKE UP, do not accept fear. WAKE UP, do not accept “being told what to believe”/ search for truth instead. WAKE UP, and do not be obedient to those who destroy life and world by their arrogance. EXTINCTION IS FRIEND TO NONE.

university simply means: those children, who found a way not to grow up”. Mostly at “your expense”. While some degree of minimal value has come of it, the foundation of extreme arrogance is also born of it. That “death of a world: SATAN”/ IS NOT worth what was gained.

But you are believers: because death is scary/ the cost of a body torn apart from disease; that does not work, can be frightening. Dying of starvation or thirst is harsh. And the cost of hate; its violence, and its fear remind us all, that we are not alone. So people want a “savior”. And the scream is: “we can’t do better”/ leave this alone.

The evidence of extinction however is overwhelming; and truth points directly at universities played god/ as the cause of why.

Which means we can’t leave this alone! INSTEAD WE MUST IDENTIFY WHAT HAS VALUE/ AND SEPARATE IT FROM WHAT DOES NOT HAVE VALUE. Aligning ourselves with truth; so that truth will let us survive what has been done: if possible.

IN AMERICA: democracy accepts that responsibility as REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ A FIRST AMENDMENT LAW: WHICH GIVES the legal right of examining the nation or state itself: for the purpose of identifying: our duty to this society, our duty to the future, to nature, to life and world and nation. Our duty to GOD and earth.

To make a decision; that is not arrogant or disrespectful.

To make a decision: for life, nature, planet, and child.

To participate with values, love, and truth; that will matter.

That is your choice. But if you fail: time itself will run out; as extinction takes control.

And the people say: “we want what we want”.

But the evidence says: you played god, and failing life and planet.

Your university gods: now crucifying both.

So, this is your last chance: to save this living world; EVEN if you don’t believe that could be true. Reality knows: it is. CHOOSE!

I, am NOT your savior/ your leader/ your guru/ religious friend or enemy; etc!

I am: simply the messenger (other than being diligent and determined/ I have no clue why) & I have delivered the message: CHANGE OR YOU WILL DIE AS A WORLD. So says your own evidence, truth, and reality!

JESUS came to remind humanity of love, truth, respect, values, discipline, courage, hope, law and order, peace, harmony, trust, heart, soul, and eternity….teaching life is not a game.

I am sent: only to remind you of the cost: of being WRONG.

Simple as that.

In the reality of life: we must have hope to survive. Hope builds into happiness, and that creates the desire to participate; thereby constructing heart. Love shapes the motion of our lives, and without true motion in the direction of life itself/ the cost of life is a failure to move. Which brings death. Just as death brings hate; because you cannot have what you want. Want is a relationship of time; and not beyond. Desire is a relationship defined by heart, and conceived by the destinies of soul. Making the quest of eternity, a participation in “just one direction”: to “our Creator GOD “.

the failure of universities is a constant reminder of sewage and sludge/ vomit and puke; as their contribution to life and living is to remove the MIRACLES which surround us;/ by lies. To discard Creation itself with evolution. To deny that thought brought us to life/ and life brings us to thought; in the desire we share as love. Their attempts to destroy all forms of evidence: as is the mutilation of nature/ end of energy disciplines/ ability to survive by the destruction of chains, resources, future, and more. Is consistent with SATAN (destroyers of a world); the cult of the damned.

Instead of their sewage: the reality of body all by itself should have been enough to keep you aligned with life. But cult worship and child indoctrination of university evil; has destroyed the lives of many. Look again at your body: the things it can do/ the health you worship as good/ the abilities of your tongue, eyes, hands, ears, everything; down to the eyelashes and tears, face and its form, body and its sex. NONE of which is accidental, and none of which can be attributed to chaos (the university god of evolution, is dead/ a vile disgrace to all who accepted it). “going blind/ who cares: can’t talk, who cares: cut off a limb/ who cares; got a pimple, who cares right?” well it better not be you: because the universities have put in a factory line of mutilation for all of nature. All thinks to covid; and your cult worship belief! And everything you love about your body or your life will soon be gone. Consumed by your university gods.

We are at the core of everything: built by thought/ designed by knowledge/ granted a life shared with discipline and order/ balanced by male and female; but damaged by arrogance, lies, and all that hate is. Even though it is a freedom of humanity; used against each other.

WE ARE; at the core of life or death for our world/ because without a true investigation of the evidence: to prove our reality to the acceptance of all people; as real. Our world will die. I do not ask anyone to believe that: but I do insist WE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH/ and from that: we must let truth decide what we the people of this world can or cannot do.

We are at the core of discipline for this world: choosing for ourselves as humanity on earth/ if we will or will not rule over ourselves by law. It is not a game/ it is not a delusion/ nor is it impossible to achieve. LAW controls us all/ whosoever makes the law controls society and government employees.

We are at the core moment of order and balance for our world:: determining for ourselves what our future will be/ whether any resource will be sustained/ whether a single child can survive. All of it is dependent upon us; including all the rest of life on earth.

We are at the capstone of university plays god: standing on the edge of extinction by their choice/ and yours.

We are facing the greatest decision humanity itself has ever made: WILL YOU CHANGE/ SO THAT LIFE AND PLANET WILL SURVIVE? All answering: we do not believe (we want what we want). But the consequences of that want now exhibit extinction as the evidence of our truth. NOTHING MORE SO: THAN THOSE TRYING TO BRING THE SAME ENERGY SOURCE HERE, AS IS ON THE SUN.

SO, in summary: the decision to investigate ANYTHING/ USE DEMOCRACY AS IS REDRESS LAW; and change government as needed to protect life and earth. Can be reduced to examination of those who GAMBLE WITH OUR ENTIRE PLANET.

Because WRONG IS; this earth becomes a sun; literally ending every life by fire.

NO fantasies allowed (the core cannot be on fire/ or the sun cannot be sustained)

NO delusions: “graviton ((15 times heavier than lead) elements do not exist in reality”

NO imagination: a nuclear fire will not extinguish itself, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. Instead reality proves solar gravity comes from the fire itself.



BY MAKING THEM establish In court: with language and math, that the vast majority will understand: yes they can! Their truth or lies, with regard to these theories, their actions and machines, elements, realities relied upon, laws that justify gambling this entire earth. They need to ESTABLISH, WHAT IS: their consequence, the cost, for being wrong. By establishing with full disclosure; how they intend to control that nuclear fire/ what are the variables, and how critically sure can they truly be. THE ONLY POSSIBILITY WITH A TOMAK reactor, is to ignite plasma (disturbed atoms) on fire. THEY HAVE already proven, without doubt: that “trying to combine two hydrogen atoms to make a helium atom” is WRONG. By experimentation in Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; San Francisco 2012.

THEREFORE WE SHOULD KNOW, since that failed theory is taught around the world and NOT corrected.

Why we should believe: that bringing a “million mile long flame of fire; as is their description of sun fire” WON’T burn this earth just like the sun. WWW.ITER.ORG IS the biggest and most dangerous of these. START HERE. PROVE you are willing to accept the cost of being WRONG.

AT WWW.ITER.ORG “a trillion dollar machine supported by 35 governments/ chosen and designed and participated in: by universities around the world: “to ignite here”: the same fire (energy source, lets burn atoms) as is on the sun! WRONG IS, our earth becomes a sun!

Therefore everyone is involved; no matter who or where you are.

MAKE THEM STOP NOW. Or, your decision is to pay the price of being wrong; as this entire world becomes engulfed by SUN FIRE. SIMPLE as that!

Don’t believe: LEARN THE TRUTH, and decide for yourself if this is worth “our entire world, and every life in it burning alive”.

NO, going back; once ignited the fire (just like the sun) an increase in energy output by “scientific papers” of 4 million times more (like a nuclear bomb). A reality that creates its own plasma to keep the process going.

IS THAT too much to ask?

Human behavior WANTS TO AVOID anything that might: “endanger me”.

But reality demands: this is no game/ and one single ignition, in that single instant will prove there is no going back; our world itself is on fire. As the bond holding atoms together: “look at the sun” can be burned. Just like burning the bond; holding molecules that bring elements together and form chemistry; create the fire we know on earth. The difference plainly: between in energy released; very similar to TNT versus a nuclear bomb.

They all want it/ BUT THEY CAN’T CONTROL IT; because everything is made out of fuel, “its all atoms”. And it doesn’t take a big brain to understand/ IF YOU CAN’T REMOVE THE FUEL SOURCE, or interfere with the combustion process/ you can’t stop the fire burning it. NO SECOND CHANCES/ NO EXPERIMENTATION to “figure this out”. All or nothing FIRE. “just like the sun”; which is a nuclear flame. As proven by reality, formed in truth.

If you find them failing/ OUR WORLD IN DANGER

THEN YOU KNOW: all the rest of what they do; especially against nature itself is HORRIFYING, AND MUST BE STOPPED AS WELL.

The best you have of university and leadership decided to gamble with our world

GO SEARCH; and decide, if they can be allowed

to continue making decisions for you.

Because being WRONG; means a DEAD WORLD.

AND ONE PUBLIC TRIAL, in front of the world; with all evidence gathered and presented and established as understood, as true/ as best we can.

Is enough to decide: if there must be more!

DEMAND, a moratorium on all these machines and more

until the trial is done. SHUT THEM DOWN, and fully disconnect the utilities.

YOU ARE: 8 BILLION PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET/ with roughly 8,000 leaders in all fields, nations, etc. That means, an average of: ONE MILLION PEOPLE standing against EACH “one leader”. YOU cannot be refused.



Just like they chose as “the best and the brightest” for the last fifty plus years/ with all universities knowing/ and all universities choosing/ and all graduates agreeing


every life/ every hope/ every future: EVERYTHING. OUR WORLD :BURNING AS HELL; with no escape IF THEY ARE WRONG.

“because university knows”!



The reality is: “your best and brightest” chose: to want what they wanted/ therefore they believed, because they wanted it to be true.

Even though reality proves: the sun, clearly proves this is a fire YOU CANNOT control. So they closed their eyes and ears and hearts; and claimed “we must”/ because any other reality means: HUMANITY ITSELF MUST CHANGE. And all their decisions about everything; was bascially proven wrong.

Which means the universities cannot play god anymore.

So they refused. Gambling “yes, we can”.

But reality again proves: this is a ONE TIME experiment/ ignition either as they predict “with just extinguish itself”.


Unfortunately: that decision has leaked into everything the universities do. As is gambling with all of nature; by believing they can inject chaos (destroying order, disciplines, balance, boundaries, limits, realities and more) so that evolution will then create something new.

A more foolish generation has never been born.

A more tragic reality of university, could not exist: so they are trying to find another planet they, the few; could escape too. “leaving you behind”.

And covid: gave them the money, freedom from law, and the power to attack nature as if in a war/ RIGHT NOW. To your shame.

Even so: this living world, now depends upon you/ every child; every life; every future life; everything. Because you worshiped the cult of university knows; and it has failed you.

The ascension of life: is one step at a time, we choose our values/ and in those values we do find love, and what it means to be ALIVE. Stand up for your world/ or it will die!

and, the religious ALL say: “from EVERY sect”! WE DON’T have to do nothing/ cause YOU ain’t nobody. EVERYTHING we want is FREE.

So, I say to them “one and all”: that JESUS impacted every religion/ because love, respect, and the potential for eternity “live within the religious world”. And you use HIM.

SO, when he was CRUCIFIED: as is being done to nature today.

Brutally beaten; as is the reality of “the religious got their way”.

HOW, WAS THAT FREE? THAT WAS “SOMETHING” that changed this world, throughout the generations. Until, the lies, and failures; easily proven: of evolution; because people believed. And religion believed; and incorporated “university knows”. To your shame. “so, YOU are somebody”.

I on the other hand “ain’t nobody”; but every threat we face IS SOMETHING.

Destroying all of THIS ENTIRE CREATION; by arrogance and apathy IS SOMETHING.

IGNITING a nuclear fire; on a planet made of atoms (fuel): IS SOMETHING.

DESTROYING NATURE; is something.

Extinction by the evidence: IS SOMETHING.

The Biblical chapters 6,8,&9 of Revelation; are each descriptions about the consequences of: igniting a nuclear fire here on earth: IS THAT SOMETHING?

According to science papers: ignition will establish 4,000,000 more energy released in an instant. NASA claims the sun has “million mile long flames/ 12 million mile flares”; which translates to an immediate: pillar of fire past the moon; from this earth. Once ignition occurs. Which of course means: the fire is sucking in a lot of fuel; including people (flying off into “the rapture”), oceans, air, forests, rocks and everything made out of atoms. The price of being WRONG. IS THAT SOMETHING?

Which would then ask the question: ARE YOU, “something of value”?

While all the rest: simply shout, “we want what we want”/ even though that is not possible.

LIFE OR DEATH: for our entire world, includes you: is that something?

MEDIA tells you what you think/ MEDIA tells you what you believe/ MEDIA blinds you to the realities and truth of this day. Because they have no brain, and wait for the universities “to pull their strings”. IS THAT SOMETHING?

There is an oddity in this universe: two suns orbiting in the same relative space! Because of gravitational pull/ that means this could not be a reality constructed or exhibited since the beginning. THEY WILL pull into each other and explode. Which causes me to believe: “most likely these were a living world”; just like you/ who failed to recognize, igniting a nuclear fire “just like the sun”. Is creating another sun out of their planet. Because unlike the delusions and fantasies of “university knows; NOTHING about the sun”. Truth does not care what you believe/ it simply is, what it is. Think about it, if you can pull your life back out of the sewer: of university is god.

Our world has changed: the dead (extreme arrogance) inside, fight for the end of this world, with tools and realities that will make that happen.

So wake up, or be dead as a world.

Extreme arrogance; contains no happiness, discarded to play god. But they still need a purpose for life/ which then becomes to enforce “I am your god”. That is done by evicting you from your job/ your life/ your happiness; by making you beg or believe or obey; and so on. That is done by taking control over society; and playing the predator; who makes the herd “dance and run”. Because fear creates panic/ and panic has no brain; which leaves the arrogant to claim their prize.

OF ALL THE CATASTROPHIC DECISIONS made by university plays god

that we face extinction now.

One of the most extreme realities of human participation in the death of this world


And the universities know it; which makes them insane.

And media covers this with the sewage of: “don’t you care/ don’t you do nothing/ just believe, obey, and worship the universities as god. As the indoctrination of “media mice” has proven: this is all we have left of what used to be “the free press”.

Because instead of the people who cared, who lived with the truth of our existence and were tuaght by reality; and believed in the honor of protecting life and world. Were cast aside: using Indoctrination, and chains of debt; to prove the “university is god”; to those who now fear the cost of standing alone. The cost of only a tiny few get to control all public communication, and can blacklist you forever/ so you cannot pay back the debt they won’t forgive; is, they get to play god, and whores only care about the power, and pride of what they want. Are friend to none.

OWN COMMUNICATIONS: by providing an outlet for those who do search for the evidence, and listen to let truth itself decide/ NOT a damn expert who can easily be bought and trained to say anything power wants.

OR, you can just continue with media as it is: collecting billions, “to SHOUT”; as with covid. “the human face is YOUR ENEMY”.

Pack to the top

or more distinctly as with covid: the expert people shouting and controlling all broadcast media/ are the same as those who yelled “global warming does not exist: sure you can dump all the poisons you want on top/ bottom/ sides of our water supply; or whatever you like. same people who shouted and advertised no problem with any drug or chemical or anything they want to do. Same people who led  you to believe “university is god”. Same people who believe evolution is their god (even though life cannot be built one piece at a time or by chaos)/ they are still deliberately injecting that chaos into nature; to prove evolution exists. Even though NOTHING BUT LIES support them. Same people trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ same media who refuses to report the reality of being wrong; or the fact they were proven wrong. Same government who claims weapons of mass destruction are our saviors.  etcetera, and so much more. covid merely proves how vulnerable this world is: to an attack/ when the believers rule. These are the same people in government who said “debts don’t matter, for government employees” counterfeited assets to claim its not inflation (with media coverup)/ allow counterfeited coins to be sold/ claim a coin shortage (because they refuse to make them); to force you into electronic money; which they can control you with; because they hold the key, and can simply shut you off at any time.  Claim they are the government, NOT our employees; discarding constitutional law and democracy itself: The same people who track your every move, deny you access, manipulate society, allow geneticists to mutilate nature, record your every purchase, control every business; invading as an army intent to CONTROL EVERYTHING;  because they are “the superior race (the diploma, or nobility; just like history proves will happen every time; people refuse to stand up”; OR THE WEAPONS OF FEAR take control. or the believer is sure “this will be better for me; so to HELL with them:  proving a traitor is never far away”. “just to start”.

a believer is: someone who locks themselves inside their own prison cell/ so NOTHING can attack me now:  THIS is my only world, and here, in this cell: whatever I believe is “true”/ because I want it to be true. Evidence/ reality/ truth/ consequences/ respect, are all discarded. WHAT I WANT, is the only world I accept.

OR MORE DISTINCTLY:  want is a liar/ and belief is its fool.

CHOOSE FAITH:  “Which is the decision to live in this world, by the evidence of truth/ as is shaped by the consequences proven in reality/ and known by the understanding of knowledge; through the existence of wisdom.  While universities shout “that is us”/ the reality of their evidence is:  whenever confronted by what they don’t want:  THEY LIE/ HIDE THE TRUTH/ AND FANTASIZE OR DELUDE THEMSELVES INTO BELIEVING “IN IMAGINATION” is all we need.  to their shame.


BECAUSE WE CAN’T GO BACK; at least not beyond the point of no return.

I have presented you with: “a hundred extinction consequences” because of the choices you have made, by believing in “the universities are god”.

yet they are the people who have led an entire world, to this abyss; which none will survive. the cost of university is: “they want to increase their power, control, and pride: so they tear down everything we have depended upon for our survival/ to install their delusions instead”. The fact we stand on the very edge of extinction: is proof, of the cost, they were, and are commonly WRONG!

as is teaching the world: evolution is god. The most vile puke and vomit show of history. Evolution; teaches by its university priests:  that life the most complex reality known. Was built by chaos: what reality teaches tears apart everything complex, down to its most simple form. Was built one piece at a time, by accident: NO DAMN BRAIN, TOOLS, food, utilities or anything else, we know life needed “until a billion years later”. or more simply according to evolution, “its all magic”; poof, and pick anything you want off the storeroom shelf. Even a mosquito; has a big enough brain: to understand:  “its all manure”. Not a fact to be found/ as adaption is merely evidence of perfect design.

EXTREME FAILURE IS A UNIVERSITY:  EVEN to the point of turning this earth into a sun/ because of the manure they spread, CLAIMING delusions and fantasy; based upon “imagination”/ rather than facts or proven true evidence as must decide. by demanding the disease they released, cannot be survived unless we let them mutilate the chromosomes, in our own genetic bodies. THE PEOPLE WHO INTENTIONALLY CHOSE EVOLUTION, “to be their god”; and then spread that manure around. INDOCTRINATING CHILDREN, to the whine and whimpering; of  fools. Shouting believe: all we have to do, IS DESTROY NATURE; and the world will be a better place.  As covid believers:  have released “the people of SATAN (lets destroy this world)”. With machines and computers and CRISPR; to invade, and destroy our natural world. WITH THE EXTORTION YOU PAID.

but they are not gods/ and a vaccine surfaces only through nature; they removed nature instead, to claim the prize:  GIVE US A DAMN 20-30 TRILLION DOLLARS, worldwide. BOW DOWN and call us god/ being servants who enforce obedience on all the rest.  as is TYRANNY Released, by those who believe without evidence beyond what they are told.

or as is the constant of extortion:  “we let you die”. Why are there screams of “FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE; & OBEY”?  Because, as always; when the money is massive; everybody sticks their hand out to get some. Why: are they advertising “three times more teenagers now”; because when you go from one to three/ that is three times more; in a nation of 330 million or more. Find reality, not belief; INVESTIGATE, BY THE EVIDENCE YOU DEMAND/ NOT by the evidence they, the criminals provide/ and your media spews out for, the billions they get as well.

YET YOU CONTINUE TO FAIL;  because you are believers/ refusing truth.

refusing to investigate and prove the cost of being WRONG.

COMMUNICATE AND INFORM;  because this takes a world/ not a single life.


So, the critical choice to you, as a world is:  do you believe this world is in crisis or going to be; or not? And are you willing to be wrong, when university experimentation is catastrophic; and that reality proves we are dead?  I have from the beginning asked for a trial: to examine all the evidence, in plain true details; as best we can in court; so that none can deny this is the best we can.  All of those in power, blockaded that effort/ humanity itself blockaded that effort: because they want what they want, and won’t change until they know death is knocking at their own door. But since the whole world is in jeopardy, humanity fails itself: they don’t want that/ but reality does not care about what you want.

as proven by the people who stormed the white house in January/ YOU CAN’T force a change in government: they had no legal right. While they can be considered same as “the Boston tea party, preceding the revolutionary war”. They failed, the foundation of our society is law! They failed, the foundation of our democracy; and its assertion of all inherent and true power belongs only to the people themselves: as is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. OUR legal right, to protect ourselves, our nation, our world, every child, nature; AND EVERYTHING ELSE.  By choosing to identify what is, or is not true: through the investigation of evidence, the presentation of knowledge (NOT experts), the foundation of an understanding based within reality; and ultimately OUR CHOICE, is communicated by our vote. 


BUT YOU CAN ENFORCE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; BY PROVING “WE THE PEOPLE” DO HAVE GUARANTEED LEGAL RIGHTS/ TO FUNDAMENTALLY REVIEW OUR EMPLOYEES AS “OWNERS HERE”.  AND THEN MAKE OUR OWN JUDGMENT AS A NATION BY VOTE; IF THESE THINGS, we have investigated, and examined for ourselves; MUST BE CHANGED. insurgents do not surrender without a fight/ but they CANNOT refuse constitutional law: without admitting to treason!  OUR EMPLOYEES, do not own the government or the nation or the currency or any other thing!   WE OWN IT ALL;  INCLUDING EVERY COURTROOM, AND AS A NATION: WE DO OWN OUR OWN DEMOCRACY.  Which means, when confronted with CRITICAL ISSUES: we decide.

Leaving the few to communicate and inform:  we simply cannot allow our leaders, and universities, and even selves:  to be WRONG. Because extinction follows wrong. For all life on earth!

redress is a legal venue, proving WE DO OWN THIS NATION OR STATE/ not a civil war. Redress is not simply power to the people: as we must confine ourselves to the purposes and values of our constitution/ letting it, as is the truth: BE OUR DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT.  Redress allows for any person or group to file a courtroom jury petition: to establish redress of grievances by first amendment law/ through 50%+ in favor: the public is called to vote. 50%+ in favor; and the nation goes to trial: decided by public vote. OR IN contrast to that: public broadcast by all means possible can extract public opinion, with or without a courtroom. By demanding WE THE PEOPLE (a significant group) demand there shall be democratic trial. the proof, we the people shall protect our democracy from all invaders; even those “on the inside”/ intent upon taking control over us. That petition must prove a viable legal right (THIS IS NOT constitutionally allowed)/ or a constitutional authority (this is NOT what our democracy is intended to be): to investigate and examine the evidence portrayed as critical to our own wellbeing, or national or state interests. To investigate and examine the evidence IF OUR LEADERS/ or their decisions: have by the facts;  obeyed their oath of office; and stayed within constitutional law: as they swore to do.  We are their judge, in redress/ the court is our chosen method of proving the evidence, and demanding participation. But by our own vote the redress decision is made. By our 2/3 vote this reality must be changed;  our democracy will be changed, as we decree necessary.

As to international repercussions:  A PUBLIC WORLD TRIAL, TO INVESTIGATE AND ESTABLISH WHAT IS/ OR IS NOT TRUE:  ABOUT THREATS WHICH CAN LEAD TO CATASTROPHIC RUIN FOR OUR WORLD.  can be assumed of interest to this world. thereby one trial for the whole world/ and its done. All involved/ all contributing; all deciding for themselves. NO EXCUSES, if called you shall give testimony, or go to prison until you do/ NO EXPERTS (EVIDENCE, established so the majority can and will understand. if you fail/ you will go to prison, until you can explain it properly.) NO INTENTIONAL LIES, or we kill you; as our world is threatened/ we then threaten you.

In the reality of our lives, in this state and nation: we have been threatened by those who believe they are superior to constitutional law and government. The endless line of traitors; who have evicted the constitution and democracy and justice: as the righteous always do. To proclaim they “KNOW” everything/ and all the rest must obey their rules. That is of course the recipe for tyranny; as the righteous move from we know everything/ to the rules that enforce that “everything”. Which dissolves into:  particularly when deluded into believing “our lives are threatened (such as by covid)”/ that all who do not follow their rules exactly: WILL be deemed “THE ENEMY”. As such enemies can be treated in all manner of vile and violent ways. Into this soup of insanity, the traitors rise; and take control over governments, by bribing an army of greedy and selfish people to participate as they, the superior ones desire. The righteous masses, “demand a herd/ we can’t all be wrong”. The righteous intellectual, demands a plan; “we will trap them with our rules”. The righteous leaders, demand: we are the government/ we don’t need no damn reason beyond: we want what we want/ TAKE IT NOW. The religious righteous demand:  “there has to be something in this book/ that allows our hate”/ who gives a damn what: just find it.

No group is more arrogant/ more apathetic to constitutional law/ more aggressive to destroy democracy itself: than are the university graduates/ who all believe they know a better way. They can and have:  manipulate/ propagate/ tempt/ control/ guide/ plot and plan/ and in all ways: SNEAK inside government and the lives of every citizen. By using media as their tool/ inflated currency and debts don’t matter; as their weapon/ apathy (you can’t do nothing)/ fear (never think/ react)/ belief (WE know, YOU don’t)/ and obedience (force acceptance in the rest). As the religious excretion called a cult. The university cult: is built upon debts you cannot pay back or avoid: UNLESS you do exactly what we say; or we evict you from every job we control; and hold you, and your family, accountable for a lifetime. So extreme control exists: and the herd of university diplomas, NEVER question their leaders: “they have needs”.

WE NOW BEGIN the journey of citizenship: without conception of the cost to repair this nation, state, government, democracy, justice, and legal rights. WE MUST only consider the cost of being WRONG; as it continues to control our lives, and destroy our world. THAT MEANS IT IS OUR DUTY AS CITIZENS:TO DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as is first amendment constitutional law. WHICH GIVES THE LEGAL AUTHORITY TO INVESTIGATE AND THEN DETERMINE FOR OURSELVES, as WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION or state: if the direction of our state or nation is within constitutional guidelines, the purpose of our democracy: OR NOT. In order to achieve and push for: OUR LEGAL RIGHTS OF OWNERSHIP, as a democracy that is governed by constitutional law. IT IS VALID under the circumstances of those lawsuits against state and nation as were presented by James Frank Osterbur; in every courtroom/ in every valid state and federal trial CLAIMING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, the advancement of DEMOCRACY, and the creation of JUSTICE; as were denied by the judiciary; without trial/ unless a penalty was enforced. Instead of the constitution: power was protected/ instead of democracy, pride was protected/ instead of justice and fair play, the universities were protected/ instead of people, the judiciary was protected; “to play god” as they desired.

TO NOW REFUSE “immediate” TAX PAYMENTS: that are subsequently being used by our internal enemies; in their attempt to destroy constitutional government/ and replace it with themselves. IS FUNDAMENTAL obedience to the constitution and this democracy. That enables REDRESS:  TO INVESTIGATE, the potential, this is a war against our democracy/ and it is our legal responsibility to demand that redress trial: to UNDERSTAND WITH CERTAINTY; WHAT IS, OR IS NOT TRUE: BY THE EXAMINATION OF  REAL WORLD EVIDENCE. DO NOT; be confused. Even though we must stop the invasion of our state and nation by those declaring themselves to be king or queen (the constitution does not exist for you_). The reality of taxation is necessary in support of any government; and you will need to pay it when this matter called REDRESS TRIAL is over. Insist no penalty shall be laid: except for, and too; the guilty. Because the enforcement of OUR GOVERNMENT; which is the constitution is required; by all legal and necessary means available..

Each trial submitted: even though constitutional law was clearly exhibited. WAS REFUSED, without the slightest mention of THE CONSTITUTION. All reference to constitutional law/ constitutional democracy/ constitutional rights and justice: WERE SIMPLY IGNORED, AND SWEPT UNDER THE TABLE;  to remove them from the assertion of a legal standing: the law that decides! As if these things did not exist in our DEMOCRACY; as our chosen form of government. That is ANARCHY; plain and simple: and a review of those cases shall prove it is so.

I DID NOT LOSE ANY TRIAL by the elements of law. I LOST EVERY TRIAL: because BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, “power and pride and corruption” can do anything they please. UNLESS THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE AND NATION ARE WATCHING; to insure democracy rules/ NOT our employees who stand accused of evicting constitutional law, and its protection of democracy; to replace it with “their university cult, knows better”/ as has been done.

IN ADDITION TO THIS INSURGENCY AGAINST “the United States of America” from those inside government. THE COST OF BEING WRONG; by adhering to a university cult holds all the power/ makes all the rules/ and requires obedience regardless of the law; as is covid. THE VERY SURVIVAL OF OUR WORLD, OUR NATURE, OUR PLANET, EVERY CHILD AND EVERY LIFE ON EARTH: IS IN FACT PROVEN TO BE IN JEOPARDY OF EXTINCTION.

THEREFORE REDRESS TRIAL shall start: with the most heinous of all university conceptions. To prove the validity of OUR NEED TO KNOW: rather than simply believe.

As is: to investigate and prove by the evidence; NOT the so called expert/ as none “can experiment with the sun”: they are not experts!

THE QUESTION OF LAW:  if the universities, and their control over governments: have a right to proceed with trying to ignite the same energy source as does power the sun/ here on earth. Thereby risking an entire world/ every single life; on the belief, even though there are no experts: that “the universities cannot be wrong; even though they are all involved”. IF YOU are willing to let them gamble with this entire world, and every living thing and every future living thing that would come: ON A ONE TIME IGNITION OF NUCLEAR FIRE. Particularly considering: their only assertion is, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself”. IF THAT FAILS, “SAME FIRE/ SAME RESULT; as the sun/ HERE on earth. BECAUSE if a nuclear fire does not extinguish itself/ a self sustaining fire that burns atoms for fuel: DOES make our planet into a sun. the tomak reactor can only be used for one single purpose: TO IGNITE PLASMA (EXCITED ATOMS)_ INTO A BLAZE; exhibiting an energy release 4 million times greater than “what men have made”. is the largest and most dangerous of these; which are many now in operation or coming.

BECAUSE ONE SECOND TOO LATE;  “with trillion dollar machines already running”/ AND THERE IS NO ESCAPE/   THIS WORLD, “JUST LIKE THE SUN”;    will burn.


judge then for yourselves: if you are willing to pay:  WITH OUR PLANET ignited IN A NUCLEAR FIRE (AN UNENDING ATOMIC LIKE EXPLOSION OF ENERGY RELEASED).  You OWE IT, to every child/ every life and future life that could exist! Because atoms are the fuel for that fire;  “just like the sun”.  NO DELUSIONS allowed.

for every action/ there is a reaction: that demands LIFE AND PLANET MUST COME FIRST!  PROVE THE RISK.

the HUMAN reaction,  demanding:  WE WANT/ WHAT WE WANT; as is the evidence of animal.  BUT: The human, being alive, says:  “let me see the evidence, and understand the knowledge which presents it: so that I have faith in the truth will decide for us/ not your wants, religion, pride, power to manipulate, or greed”. Truth alone decides.

TIME shapes us, into the values of our own identity/ the relationships we will cherish as life worth living. Within that home, are the destinies we will seek; as time ends for each one. LIVING grants our choices will decide: where, who, why, and what we can or will become. Therefore the question to you is: WHAT IS, “your own truth”? Is GOD OUR CREATOR, as is proven by miracles beyond all human understanding; “your GOD”?

OR do you choose the universities to be your god; to participate in their choice of evolutionary chaos is god/ discarding all respect for life, nature, and planet: to create their own home as the religious zeal of chaos takes control? Or more simply: the fantasy forms of “science fiction”; have portrayed “the best they can do, EVEN without reality enforced”. So, do you want a science fiction face and form/ OR is NATURE BETTER?

You can’t have both: and university geneticists are enforcing “evolution wins”.

SO, YOUR TRUTH IS; either you will stop them, proving NATURE IS SACRED/ or inherit their conceptions of a world, without any truth, formed only by accidents, created without a brain, discarding life, without respect for a single atom: you know as life and planet.

This is no game. The fraud of fools in charge/ professional liars controlling media/ thieves consuming every life story/ cheaters, extorting healthcare/ failures gambling life or death for our world/ traitors mutilating nature/ and even “Satan”; the group intending to ignite this world into another sun”. Stand as the enemy of LIFE/ LIVING/ CHILD/ PLANET/ CHAINS OF SURVIVAL/ RESOURCE DESTRUCTION/ EXTINCTION OF EVERYTHING; AND THE END OF HUMAN EXISTENCE FOREVER. As is the choice they have made.



WHY, are there so many words? Answer: because you are a nation of religious cult worshipers, having been indoctrinated from a very young age into the words and the realm of “university is god (memorize and mimic me)”. Making the only way back to reality: a long road, “to discover, the path to where your heart has been hidden/ and your mind has been running away from truth.”

if it were not so: then we would not stand on the edge of extinction. Even being faced with: “nature mutilated into Armageddon”; and more of the worst biblical predictions possible.   EACH of which are a choice!

By confiscating the schools: the enemies of life; attacked your soul.

As with covid and more: YOU are being told what to think/ when to think it/ who to believe/ how to obey/ where to find your answer/ and why you must fear! Because media says so! Because the university expert has declared it is true. While the reality is: the university experts have also declared global warming is not true; and a thousand more realities which are true.

EVIDENCE divides us: because our understanding of existence, forms from reality.

The evidence of those who manipulate and control the communication should not, “be so easily believed”. WHEN IT COMES TO CHANGING THIS WORLD/ DESTROYING NATIONS; MORE, than just a professional liar needs to be used, realities need to be searched, and truth must be recognized from the facts. BEFORE making those decisions.

LIARS, fail us all.

Those who offer less: have created a plot, TO RULE LIFE ON EARTH.

FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY: are not the commands of a friend.

The greatest words ever written: were by JESUS; who presented us with eternity, respect, and a love worth accepting: eternity has value. Teaching, do not simply believe: but have faith in what is proven to be true. As do miracles establish: “GOD”, CREATED THIS WORLD.    JESUS, being the guarantor we were not abandoned, but remain loved.

The most powerful words every written: remind you, that the tools exist to now take our world, our nature, our lives, our future, your child, our everything! To destroy our lives, and even make us all EXTINCT. Therefore to come back from that; if it is still possible/ DOES require your participation. Because these are threats created by “men; as the group who leads/ by following their universities as god”. The opportunity to understand: we must fight. The respect required to insist ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES. The foundations of law: that can keep us ALIVE. Are here!


do not believe/ INVESTIGATE AND PROVE”/


continue as you are: literally on the road to HELL.

So says the evidence of our reality.

And the world, of the adult says: “we want to go back”/ nothing has changed.

BUT POPULATION HAS DOUBLED, in just the last fifty years/ tools, university terrorists, and their threats, have moved from possible, to horrendous.

and that means literally: YOU HAVE changed the world/ NO going back.

By following: “university plays god”.

WE NOW shift from the realities of evidence that convict this world of extinction/ and turn to the realities of human behavior that cause those risks, and realities of life to exist.

Once again: the three most tragic elements of a human life are: WANT/ PRIDE/ AND POWER. WANT is used to create selfishness, as in none are more important than me/ I am the only one who truly matters. PRIDE however is the most dangerous of the three, and constructs “the little voice inside”/ which guides you into believing life is a game; and you are either winner or loser. Which takes humanity out of your decision/ to judge and therefrom measure the penalty for not “giving me what I want”. POWER, is the decision to enforce what pride demands/ while want is used as the treasure capable of forcing you to believe: that this level of violence, apathy, or perversion is justified. From these three, nearly all human behavior (rises to ascend into better decisions) or descends into the cost of being a human animal instead. Animal means: “I want, what I want/ I take, Its all mine/ I need, you are irrelevant/ I choose me/ I fear, or make others fear/ I believe, or make others submit/ I obey, to enforce my beliefs on others”. To command the herd, and force a mob; together we are power.

Whereas being human alive means: “life gives/ truth survives/ trust enhances/ love lifts life into joy/ thought conceives/ energy shapes/ respect identifies the limits and dimensions control the boundaries and realities which sustain and create my living. My hope to achieve life beyond time, ascends from love; the passions hope reveals as an identity worth keeping alive”.

The difference turns from animal, and its time. Into the critical source of life itself, which is: “within these miracles, only thought can provide: my time exists”/ therefore I shall in fact search, to understand and achieve my own journey into thought. The value of an existence however, is shaped by the values of your love, demonstrated in heart and soul; the bodies of life respected. Because hate is never enough to survive. And love is NEVER a participant in hate/ even if law must be; from time to time. All want must be replaced by desire: “we share life as if one”/ pride will not surrender without humility, even if that means; you will be humbled/ and power is a decision of society, that surrenders if you make the correct choice. Such as “limited capitalism”; to remove power, and achieve realistic peace with harmony for all.

Therefore we settle the question of whether you will or will not survive as humanity on earth/ by understanding one simple truth. LOVE CAN SURVIVE WITH LAW/ if you choose it! While hate will die with chaos; if you continue as you are. Worshiping the constant of universities; as they have attempted to take control over this earth and all its life; in every conceivable way. Alas; “not gods”/ animals who have proven to fail both life and planet.

fear saves none;  when panic sets in/ that ends your ability to think.

belief saves none;  closing out the world, so they cannot influence you at all; is not an answer. Because truth elevates life one step at a time. When you close the door; you end even the possibility of ascending beyond where you are.

obedience is not what “our   GOD  ” calls for from those who claim the invitation for eternity. Rather RESPECT is mandatory/ TRUTH is elemental to our survival in all ways/ TRUST is required or you fail, because energy can be mean/ LOVE lifts all with value/ ETERNITY is not “everything you can want/ as is time”.  But everything being truly ALIVE can exhibit as our contribution to life itself, as a blessing we chose to create. A reality of respect we built within ourselves.

And the universities SCREAM: “we are gods”; JUST LOOK AT THE DAMN SUN; and understand, WE, are going to bring that fire here/ and use it to prove “we are gods”. The entire rest of humanity is then:  “as NOTHING”.

JUST LOOK; at what we are doing to NATURE/ and understand the CHAOS evolution claims as god: SHALL be proven by our actions/ as we the universities take control of life itself. Whereby none can say we aren’t gods.

JUST LOOK; at the reality of nations, as we have proven LIES ARE BETTER than truth/ as every currency is counterfeited; and all we have to do to change their lives is: WHATEVER WE WANT. Reality be damned; we are gods over them.

JUST LOOK; at the devastation of resources/ and KNOW: soon they will BEG US, to keep them alive. And soon we will kill all those we do not like; because we are gods.

AND JUST LOOK: at covid! Which proves the mind of mice over, men and women; rule the rest. Taking whatever they want; because life is a game; and with genetics/ YOU WILL either do whatever we say; or we will send biological weapons “OUT TO GET YOU”. So FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR. BELIEVE damn you BELIEVE. And OBEY or we let you/ or we make you DIE.

and all the world, and every religion, says back to me:  “leave us alone, we want what we want, and nothing else. and we sure as hell don’t want, what you say the evidence is”. TO HELL with that;  “we only want what we want”.  LET SOMEONE ELSE/ I GOT OTHER THINGS TO DO. You:  can’t make me care.

So, I leave you with this final summary of values:   past the point of no return, this world shall be lost; and all life will be extinct very soon thereafter/ because you just didn’t care enough to even investigate the evidence of your own extinction. Choosing instead, “the universities are god/ and media tells us everything we need to know”.  Even though, you know in the realities of this day, that are already proven true:  that my complaint (we cannot let them be this WRONG) is valid, functionally necessary, and true.  Thereby removing all hope for a child; as the constant claim of the elder is:  “NOT in my lifetime”. Because they believe, so they don’t have to pay: for the choices they did make. “Until, eternity, proves them wrong”!       EVERY MIRACLE says, “more than we know does exist”. While JESUS, is the evidence of “NOT forgotten”.

EVEN YOU KNOW:   THEIR MACHINE CAN ONLY BE USED TO IGNITE ATOMS (plasma) ON FIRE/ AND ONCE A NUCLEAR FIRE IS IGNITED:  THE ONLY HOPE YOU HAVE IS, “THAT IT WILL EXTINGUISH ITSELF”.  BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE CAN.   Even you know: that people hiding the fact (are lying): that ignition is expected to expand energy expression by 4,000,000 times more; as is a nuclear bomb waiting to be released. THEREFORE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG IS/   THIS EARTH BECOMES A SUN/ the plasma will be self sustaining FIRE!      NO GOING BACK!       TO YOUR OWN ETERNAL SHAME, YOU LET THEM TRY, AND YOU CHOOSE TO FAIL;  TO PROTECT LIFE OR PLANET OR CHILD.     To your shame:  you refuse to investigate their claims of knowledge/ even though you know:  “they cannot experiment with the sun/ or see inside”. but must attribute their findings “to imagination”/ as reality accepts none of their theories as fact.

and religion says: “we believe in evolution/ they had pictures”. But theories are not facts/ and facts are not limited to pictures made up by men or women.INSTEAD, evolution comes down to the simple fact:  “a body of life CANNOT be built, one piece at a time/ you need it all at once: including food, water, integrated knowledge and a whole lot more”.  While there is much more;  that alone is enough!So, how did evolution gain acceptance?  People got tired of hearing “fire and brimstone (so they ridiculed)”/ and said: “let the university be god” instead. Even though JESUS is not recorded as doing any of that! The entire purpose of:  FEAR, damn you FEAR; is obedience to the rules we have made/ to BELIEVE AND ACCEPT;  as a part of this “herd”; you are not allowed to think beyond the rules. Even though freedom to choose, is an inherent part of “Christianity”. BECAUSE YOU, are not judge; and that is an inherent part of Christianity! EACH, DECIDES FOR THEMSELVES.  Ridicule must not change you; truth decides. MIRACLES (beyond anything human) speak for themselves! Unfortunately for true failure:  there is a HADES. IT IS JUDGMENT against those who stole “an eternal life”:  from  GOD .  While the rest don’t matter; as is the cost of being animals/ IF you take a life that does or will belong to   GOD  “for an eternity lost”.   HE WILL pay you back, with HADES (eternal chaos; can’t build nothing; because chaos tears it down. But, don’t worry , YOU CHOSE: EVOLUTION, did you not) instead of eternal life, you chose eternal death.  The vast majority will simply dissipate and be gone, or lost forever; as is the price for apathy. The price for destroying this entire living world of CREATION;  however is  HADES. Because of all the life you, then chose to crucify.             go ahead, run back to your universities yelling save me!  after all:  THEIR CHOICE, to MUTILATE ALL OF LIFE ON EARTH;  in worship of their god of evolution;  can’t possibly go wrong?  right!       And the people shout: “we just want what we want; to HELL with all other life:  SAVE ME, DAMN IT”.  well don’t worry about nothing, “cause HADES” IS ETERNAL.

as to Christianity itself; the religion I was brought up in:  there are many conjectures that are just not valid or true. Among them:  no, you cannot take your body into eternity with you/ it is not eternal it is time ending. No, it is wrong to remember the cross “the murder weapon”/ yes it is right to remember JESUS as the true symbol, the true difference between love/ and hate. No, nothing suggests HE was “a virgin”/ after all, throughout HIS time teaching:  7 women stayed/ slept, in the tent with him; and the disciples were discussed as being jealous. YOU DO, need to reexamine your teachings, and create:  only truth survives beyond time. Our ascension into that truth; is one step at a time/ one life at a time; “its, up to you”. Unfortunately, when you close the door on truth and evidence by simply believing, what you want to believe:  NONE who believe can rise, they are trapped by want:  and the herd begins to die; as reality moves them into other things. Acceptance is the difference between “FAITH in what truth can provide/ and WANT, as is what belief understands”. Want is the foundation for all lies/ truth cannot lie, it is, what it is. People can lie, avoiding truth; by creating “a new language/ new math/ numbers without meaning/ pictures that lie: etcetera, and more.”

AS FOR ME:  I did do, the best I could. YOU simply chose to fail/ OR You will communicate, inform, and do the best you can to save this world/ as have I. Unfortunately for me: when I drag anyone from their “prison cell of belief in what I  want is true”/ and make them think for themselves. They thank me first/ but then fear, and run back inside the cage: finding it no longer secure: “they commonly turn to hate me now”. Because when you think for yourself: you are NO LONGER a part of the herd. You are standing apart;  as a life “JESUS saved”/  just like me. As a life which accepts: only truth can decide, by the evidence/ not by want, pride, or power. That, is of course; the same basic message JESUS brought to the religion of his day. I do hope, it will turn out differently for me; plain and simple;  “I, am just a messenger/ it is the spiritual woman inside; that presents a new life for this earth”: believe it or not, its complicated. Revelation 17 also depicts a woman sitting on a beast (to women; male) in complete control (never my intent or choice; can’t escape, perhaps a sign to women; your turn to lead: I don’t know)/ and that would be me as well. Unlike university evolution which presents chaos (torn into the simplest possible forms)/ lets mutilate this world: respecting nothing

But make no mistake, “a new life”/ requires, “a thousand” true changes made; by all of humanity. And that includes zero population growth: it is non-negotiable. This earth is full. But do remember this:  the evidence knows; YOU WILL be extinct soon/ if you refuse. NOT fear/ just reality; there is a difference.  PROVE THE TRUTH, or be quiet.  And the people scream: “you can’t tell me what to do/ I hate you”: THIS WORLD IS GREAT/ nothing is wrong. But reality proves I am NOT telling you what to do: I AM relaying the message, Change or die; because all the evidence of your choices made; will prove soon this earth shall be extinct. So says the truth of what we do know are facts. PROVE, IT IS NOT SO/ because the cost of being WRONG;  really is extinction. NO going back, as beyond all other realities:  “trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun”: is NO GAME.  Take a look at your sun; feel its heat; look carefully at its reality:  and know the price of being WRONG.

This is now, Revelation 12 (starts the alternate ending; humanity survives) coming to fruition; as the prediction of change: from those who make you fear/ to the realities of what miracles do prove true. I am “the woman: representing presenter; of a new birth with possibilities, to this world”/ as that eliminates me from all conjecture of “JESUS”: THAT is clearly not me. However I can deliver a message, as is new life can rise from all this destruction; if you simply choose to become “human alive”/ instead of university animals. YOUR CHOICE. A prediction is not a fact, but a summary of what has been found in humans. Animal refers to the people who believe “I can take anything I can take; now its mine”/ criminals form here. Whereas the university animal refers too: “I can trap, anything that is willing to fall in; and claim it is my own”; cults are formed here.

As to all other aspects of Revelation 12-22; life will teach us the reality, but this much is certain. YOU avoided paying for anything/ SCREAMING YES WE CAN instead: to make your children pay. That day is dead, and you will soon understand; the realities of what you have chosen to do; one way or the other:  will change this world.         LIFE OR DEATH.    “a forever choice”.

And the adult world says:  “I am not going to give up my air-conditioning”; even though the earth will soon die. “I am not going to stop burying people”;  even though the ocean life will die/ because you destroyed the basis and foundations of their food supply. “I am not going to investigate the currency; because it means: I WON’T be rich anymore”;  even though, its all a proven lie; and intentionally leave your debt/ for your own children to pay. Etcetera, and more. Because the adult world continues to shout:  NOT, in my lifetime.

Which leaves life or death:  a description to every child, as the only means possible for restoring this earth, to a future for life.  NO, you don’t have the power to change humanity. BUT YES YOU DO, have the power to enforce a redress trial:  to prove the evidence of life or death for our world.  With that evidence in hand, from a courtroom legitimately regulated for the maximum amount of truth possible:  SO THAT NONE can deny this is “the best information/ the best methods of extracting and finding the truth; that, we could do”.  THE REALITY OF THIS CHOICE, NOW SITS IN FRONT OF THE WORLD.  And the consequence for choosing death/ will NOT be denied. NOR I predict; will it be allowed.

WHICH IS WHY, YOU MUST BEGIN WITH:  THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE (no matter what excuse they give).  BECAUSE IT AFFECTS AND THREATENS THE WHOLE EARTH AT ONE SINGLE MOMENT OF IGNITION.  making this something which can be proven as: EVERY SINGLE LIFE, will be interested; in whether they live or die/ burned alive, by the cost of being WRONG.

WHEN YOU PROVE THAT ONE EXPERIMENT, TRULY GAMBLES WITH OUR WORLD:  being selected by all leadership/ all media/ all university expertise;  USE  WWW.ITER.ORG as your example.  TO FIND.  YES, THEY DO INTEND TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE, AS IS A REAL WORLD EVIDENCE OF REALITY AS PROVEN BY THE SUN.  YES, they are saying:  “we will ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun”. Establishing with clarity:  “same energy/ same result”. NO, their theories are NOT fundamentally or physically/ realistically sound. NO, they cannot prove their theories to any degree of certainty. BUT YES:  the cost of being WRONG/ IS EASILY CONSIDERED TO BE:  OUR EARTH BECOMES A SUN.   SO SAYS THE TRUTH.

Proving a failure, a fraud, a liar, a thief, a traitor, a terrorist even to the point of inheriting the name called SATAN!    THEN, the world will take notice, and the reality of knowing WHAT IS TRUE/  will surround even the older ones. because this is now;  no longer a game.

I now summarize me, so there may be no illusions or delusions, as is the constant of university “imagination”. I AM, “a traveler (I cannot truly say why/ life is what it is); using both time and space as the means to search for the three elements that can achieve eternal life. They are: thought (the foundation of every search, the essence of life itself)/ love (the foundation of every desire with value, to make life worth living)/ and energy (the construction of dimensional existence, by a living motion formed from choice, by truth). While I do NOT desire “being on display”/ the reality of my life was dramatically turned upside down: when searching to keep this world alive, I chose to open the door, to the spiritual world of woman. NOTHING has been the same since, as the reality is: by her insistence, “you cannot build a home/ unless you stay and be recognized”. A reality that became forced, for the sake of women on earth. A reality accepted: because an entire living world of Creation can be lost. A reality of change, so dramatic; as to change me. Now, a shared existence; which grants to female the “greater power between us”/ the right to choose. I have lost control; and no not how this ends for me/ or, for you. You as humanity on earth alone; hold the keys to your own future, as the right to choose: because you cannot then change that reality of your choice: as the point of no return shall then pass. I am NOT your savior, friend or enemy, guru, leader, or any other version of “a herd”. I am the messenger/ spiritual (the truth of what exists) woman inside of me presents to you a new life/ but we did share in the building of that potential change for this earth. Just as she now owns “a shared, portion of me”. Its complicated.   Instead of student, I am forced to be teacher; because I live with you; and as a world, we will “live or die” together as extinction continues to surround us all. ONLY, CHANGE HUMANITY can save this world.

Life knows: that you cannot be forced to change/ as is the failure of rulers. Instead you must understand the foundations of change, will aid and assist you, into a new and different life; that is constructed with peace and harmony as best we can. Realizing; all the damage that must be corrected/ before any real change is apparent or proven true. The animals will fail; unless they choose to be human. The decision is: LIFE is more important than death/ and the existence of eternity, cannot be denied by the realities of miracles. Which makes the universities your enemy; for having led the human race into believing evolution is anything but an outrageous lie. Enemy for having indoctrinated the children into those lies. Enemy for having raided the securities of many nations to plunder, rape, and steal. Enemy for gambling they are gods/ when only “satan: we want, to play god” instead. Enemy for countless changes as are the result of yes we can/ even if we know; “this should not be done”. LIFE AND PLANET ARE SACRED. Enemy, for manipulation and propagation of expertise that does not exist for the sake of life, child, or planet: only destruction, by want, pride, and power instead.

Even so: reality grants to me only this means of communicating with you/ as blockades exist everywhere else. And that means: ONLY YOU, are able to “finish the job”, of communicating and informing the rest; so they can decide for themselves. If the world itself, is worth the price that must be paid. No, that does not make you savior, leader, guru, or the rest/ INSTEAD, just like me: “we owe a debt and a duty, for the lives we were given; on this earth, as time shared with existence”.

I am evicted from the life I use to be; it is both impossible and eternally deadly; to enter the spiritual world, without full and complete knowledge of “your own individual identity of truth”. Anything less will be found/ and destroyed; because that is what the spiritual world does. I lost two false teeth, entering the first time; because I did not know, if that was a violation of “this gift of body GOD gave to me”. It is not, but my truth was incomplete/ and I did not go back, into that world; until it was. But when I did, as truth achieved; a greater freedom cannot be known. UNTIL finding myself trapped in the spiritual world of female “without a clue”. So, now I have no conception of what my truth is; and am regulated by the soul of female; whether I like it or not. The lesson: FIND YOUR TRUTH, because in death, (life beyond time)/ that truth is all that stands between you “and eviction”. My destiny is different; and much more complex.

The summary of you, is less complex. The vast majority simply want what they want/ and nothing other than that matters. Even down to forcing their children to pay, for what they chose to do. So this is a critical test of your human ability to confront that want, with reality; and choose for life/ rather than death, by the construction of thought. Fail to think/ and you fail to live; this world goes extinct. A horrifying truth.

Entering thought, means to trust in the complexity of truth itself. Whereby miracles are seen as the gateway, beyond self, into another world; that finds itself by the existence of energy. Making motion: “my life extends beyond myself”, to encounter the elements and essence of Creation, as GOD intended for us to be. To be alive in that foundational “first step”; means to accept, GOD IS GOD ; and your own life, future, existence, and happiness; now depends entirely upon HIM. It is an elevation of trust, and that is necessary, to go from “measuring existence/ into the dimensions, and variables of thought”. The critical test of whether you can belong “past the edge of time”; is a description of both trust and respect. Each is “like a heartbeat, to your life”.

So, “digging you back out of the cult; claiming universities are god”/ has been a long and arduous fight. Constructed one tiny piece at a time, over decades. To confront the cost of being wrong/ with the realities of what you believe is true. Making a believer; the single most concentrated element of failure in human life. “believers, believe what they want/ not what is true, beyond what they believe”. The door is shut, the occupant is not home; but resides in a cage to hold the others out. By claiming “I KNOW”/ when in fact, the foundation of their knowledge is want, and what they previously accepted; from having been told. But we must all base a degree of knowledge on what we have been told; which is why the essence of thought or thinking (I search for the evidence, as best I can/ when this is important or necessary for life and living), is precious.

The animal, visually decides/ with very little other information wanted; “I know enough/ I know what I want or don’t want”; simple as that. The human, choosing to be alive: must identify truth, because only truth can decide. That is both hard and life in time consuming; as it is no easy task/ and few exist to help.

So the reference to whether you can or cannot survive this reality of our time, as is being surrounded by true threats of extinction: comes down to whether OUR CREATOR, will or will not let you destroy this entire Creation of life, in a rather desolate universe. The Bible, being “the best humanity did do”/ as to basic elements of our Creation, our fundamental existence here as life (apart from, the historical lessons, of one family through time). Exists as our only critical, as proven by JESUS (not simply a man): relationship to what that decision might be. A reference to the possibilities; as is “what kind of seed, in what kind of garden, can this work sow” Luke 8.

Even so; the last half of Revelation chapters 12-22; are described as “the last times; if men are not fully, in charge”. Men have been overthrown by universities/ and are not fully in charge. NOR can they return to being fully in charge; as this is the best they did do.

Nonetheless: a quick review

chapter 12: a new life for humanity on earth is presented. “the dragon”; represents fears men find in the shadows, of their night. The intellectual “plotters and planners” who build traps, to rule over all life. Find this particularly offensive; and to be an intrusion into their ability to command/ and they become mean.

Chapter 13: the beast of the sea; stands as the power of all weapons of mass destruction; which includes biological weapons as is covid, threatening to be released/ if you don’t obey the universities as they command. The beast of the earth; is media power to propagate, communicate, and control the herd of humanity as a mob; for their own purposes and plunder. 666 stands for the close proximity these groups are; to taking over this world.

Chapter 14; who shall care/ who shall fight/ and who will be rewarded with more than time; is determined for an eternity. But the three angels of truth; remind each one, we do not stand on the edge of an abyss; without true cause.

Chapter 15: humanity begins to see the evidence of their ways/ the reality of miracles as evidence of their TRUE GOD . instead of the sewage that is university plays god. But reality must be served/ and every truth has a consequence by law.

Chapter 16: we will be introduced to the price for being wrong. The cost of “yes, you can”/ versus the reality of its consequences. By this prediction: the Yellowstone super volcano erupts. [that may or may not be true/ but the cost of overheating this earth is all life dies; and eruption fixes that].

Chapter 17: the great prostitute is “university plays god”. I represent the second woman verses 3-6 and its complications including “religion is not happy”. People representing “power, pride, and want” argue and fight over the cost of my existence, the message I do bring. This world turns against “the universities”.

Chapter 18: every economic nation falls into bankruptcy; as the cost of “university knows/ debts don’t matter/ inflation can be hidden by assets and bribery” comes to an end. The cost is high.

Chapter 19: the world itself “resets”/ to reality; and the cost of being WRONG. But there are those who refuse, and war decides: who will rule this earth.

Chapter 20: our new way of life on earth begins. One which does not include hate, although anger will persist.

Chapter 21 & 22: allows for “a greater knowledge than mine”; to prove what will be true.

And the universities/ religion/ leadership/ media/ cult followers/ proud/ powerful/ greedy/ and the selfish all say: “HE AIN’T NOBODY”/ so, he can’t know NOTHING. “believe what you are told by: YOUR LEADERS.”

While I finish the work with: DON’T BELIEVE; prove what is true in a court of law/ so that the value of the evidence is “the best we can do”. Making your own decision; for life or death of this world. Because there is NO GOING BACK.  NOR can you fix a single problem with “a gun”: we are too many people/ the earth is too fragile to survive a war. 

THE LAW IS, the only way we survive.


Is worth fighting for life and planet; or not!

Distractions are dangerous. FOCUS ON THE TRUTH, not me/ and NEVER FORGET; the price for being WRONG.

I am not allowed to lead “as animals do”/ I am not allowed to tempt, “as devils do”/ I am not allowed to make you fear, “as the cursed do”/ I am not allowed to bribe, “as tyrants do”. INSTEAD, I am allowed to communicate, teach, and inform: so that you can make your own decisions based upon knowledge. Without knowledge, there is no understanding. Without understanding, no expression of wisdom will exist. Therefore I advise: do as I do, accepting the reality of evidence clearly aligns with extinction for this earth/ and do the best you legally can, under whatever restrictions or realities confront you. Because this is your life, and that is your choice. My choice is to fight for this world; as best I can: within the limits and boundaries of my own life. So that if the end comes: my truth is, “I DID DO, the best I could”; even if it was not enough for you or this earth to survive. It was the best I could. And if it is enough: then I truly am grateful, I was able to give something back; for the value of my life, body, and time on this earth.

THE SUMMARY of it all is then: this is a search for the living/ not “the university animals”. As only the living matter to eternity. But even so: LIFE OR DEATH, for this earth will be determined by the number of participants; who fight to keep it alive. Making every single one, important to or for that end. Your decision: is life and planet worth your own work/ or not? Past the point of no return: none shall go back. “just like ignition of a nuclear fire” means the energy is unleashed/ and if self-sustaining (truth says it will be); as all the evidence of reality demands , THEN EARTH; “just like the sun”. WWW.ITER.ORG because you cannot extinguish that fire.

No matter what, “the universities might say”. BUT DO INVESTIGATE THEM, AND LET THEM PROVE; “WHAT THEY SAY”. PARTICULARLY with these specific experiments/ because YOU CAN understand the only question that truly matters: does ignition mean DEATH BY FIRE for this earth/ IF IT DOES NOT EXTINGUISH ITSELF. WHAT, is our guarantee, that you cannot be WRONG?


And the people say, along with their religions (taken over by universities): WE, don’t need to do nothing/ because we BELIEVE the universities know what they are doing!

BUT your scientists say: that the sun is surrounded with million mile long flames/ and solar flares of fire, have been measured at 12 million miles long. Which means ignition is a PILLAR OF FIRE, that will extend 4 times the distance of this earth to the moon/ by using atoms for fuel. Sucking in the oceans/ and life on earth. Igniting the moon into a nuclear fire, and causing the release of solar gravity sufficient to pull that moon into this planet.

THE PRICE, FOR BEING WRONG. OR, more distinctly the price you will pay in reality; because they were WRONG.

STILL FEEL SAFE NOW? DON’T NEED TO KNOW?  Go investigate, and prove THE REALITY OF EVIDENCE;  is wrong. Because all your universities can provide is theories/ based upon fantasies and delusions of imagination.

Because;  “just one second too late/ ignition is real”; and your opportunity to make a decision for yourselves is over. REALITY TAKES CONTROL; by its own truth.  Evicting belief forever.

THEY CHOOSE TO GAMBLE WITH THIS WORLD!   DO YOU STILL CHOOSE TO LET THEM;  by, “worshiping the university is god”?         WAKE UP.

I utterly DO NOT say;  “believe me”/  rather, as I said from the beginning:  GO TO COURT/ GATHER ALL THE EVIDENCE AND ENFORCE “WE WILL UNDERSTAND”.  then make a decision for yourselves.  if the universities can still play god.

Let us examine the various elemental relationships that are inherent in life itself. They are a rise from what we cherish, to the existence of a home/ because of what we cherish as valued by life. Elemental truth, because it survives and is not limited by what we believe/ but rather exists as the realities of a universe. The foundation of hope, which is love; the elemental desire to achieve the relationships of value within ourselves, and as a participant in or with, the others. The construction of discipline, order, balance, and respect; each of which determine the future of what we can or cannot become. The conception of search, and its journey into the creation of thought. Participation within the spiritual world of life, beyond the existence of time. The ascension from time, into eternity; as is our participation in GOD’S world. It is a reality of truth: that you cannot become eternal, as a body made for time/ which makes death; if you achieve the grace of GOD your invitation to be more. This earth is “the garden of GOD “; how many more I do not know. But in this place, it is your choice to build what you will build/ to risk what you will risk/ to identify what your truth shall be. So that in the end of your time: “the flowers” that blossom into a treasury of life and love itself, shall enter the eternal home of peace and happiness; that is, a life, with GOD. So says the evidence of thought; as is the proof of miracles, and the creation of love as guaranteed by JESUS (not abandoned).

There are those who will argue with regard to this summary: that nothing can be changed “because of human behaviors”. But human behaviors are choices made/ and they refuse to understand: it is our world that has changed; and now without acceptance by them of that fact; we will go extinct as a world. Therefore this summary starts with conceptions; but quickly changes to the need to understand what it means to be wrong: when confronted by 8 billion people growing at (the twentieth century average for USA 3%) what is probably one quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year over deaths. We need as a world; to understand leadership might be as many as 8,000 PEOPLE WORLDWIDE/ but that means we outnumber them; for every 1 leader: we are 1,000,000. more. We need to understand: military around this earth; represent roughly one major leader/ per million soldiers as well. Or more distinctly we are so many people; our decision matters/ even when leaders refuse. So the critical question of human behavior is: WILL YOU CHOOSE FOR LIFE AND PLANET, letting truth decide, by the evidence of law: instead of want. Or will you choose a civil war, which everyone knows cannot end well? Because we clearly cannot stay as we are: REALITY must decide/ AND the fantasies of university leadership (a tiny few decide); have been proven to be catastrophic for our world. Currency inflation means: “no matter how many numbers you claim: they are still all counterfeit, and as such stolen from the people themselves”. The power of money fails!

The power of the military is in our own hands; as a society we MUST give them a bill of rights. “which fundamentally means: we guarantee as a society, if you do not help them overrun us/ we will not let them run over you.” Should a military leader discard that threat: whatever they chose/ shall be turned back on them; including death, including those who command them as well. Any group aiding and abetting the destruction of democracy will be judged for their participation: in not allowing constitutional, LEGAL redress of grievances be established as our choice; instead of civil war. The power of leadership is law/ NOT an employee; they too are subject to our law. THE POWER OF US DEMOCRACY IS: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; WE THE PEOPLE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT, TO INVESTIGATE IN OPEN PUBLIC COURT: OUR EMPLOYEES WHO SWORN AN OATH TO OBEY THE CONSTITUTION! And judge them for ourselves; BY OUR VOTE, IF they were true to that oath. Making any adjustments to our government as we deem fit and necessary; beyond that, our vote/ our right as owners here: within constitutional guidelines. NO LAW which fails the constitution itself/ is law; it is treason. Just as those who lead, but intentionally fail us: can be tried for betrayal. More importantly: THIS FIRST AMENDMENT LAW OF REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES ALREADY EXISTS; we do not need to make a law. The law we need exists as our authority to protect ourselves as a society with law; rather than a gun. That law of democracy shall decide; guarantees our participation in our government: which is literally THE CONSTITUTION RULES US/ not our employees. The foundation of that law is simple: we required an oath of office, demanding that you shall agree to obey the constitution (our government) throughout your term in our employ. IF WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE; that our nation, our democracy, our constitution, our freedom or liberty or anything the constitution guarantees to each of us is endangered. Then we have a legal duty: to investigate by open court, through the presentation of evidence, and the clear assertion “betrayal is not accepted; NO excuse can be made: we are the nation commanding this SHALL be done”. Thereby and therein, we judge for ourselves if you are or any are fit to continue in that office. If we are, as a society willing to accept the direction this state or nation has adopted because of you. And make our own changes accordingly if we so desire.

Of these concepts, it is thought which arouses the potential for what we are, to become the destiny of what we are to become. Thought creates based upon our own desires, and thereby mimics the values of your own heart. Consequently heart shapes both the direction of our lives, and its ability to conceive of love, hope, and desire. Heart is the conception of a life; and what we contribute to that life as desired or not. Where we desire the life we own as time, we shape the decisions that direct and control how we live, within the realities that are shaping our choices. What you hope for; is dependent upon that reality. Who you love with or from; designs the creation of every relationship that follows or precedes that element of time. The definition of desire is: by your own choice, this exists. As such it is the mark of ownership that you create. Each of these contributes to the conception of where your thought can go. As such they establish the journey you will take, into time and beyond.

Our participation in “ GOD’S world”; is as energy confined through the understanding of what energy is. Therefore limits and boundaries exist; as the description of what can and cannot survive that relationship with the energy which then defines us beyond the limits of body. Body is not eternal; and as such cannot be considered more than time; as the reality of death will prove. But energy is the basis of eternity, and by constructing a relationship based upon energy we then become eternal as well. That cannot be done without GOD. Simple as that; because unless you are the source of energy itself, you will not enter therein. That is a gift only GOD can give. No attempt will be made to further identify that.

Nonetheless it is the values you bring to existence, that construct a home out of what your truth will cherish. But the reality of life itself is: only one direction will form in eternity/ because a true identity, as you must achieve; knows only one real desire. Therefore what you value, is the fundamental essence of what your eternity can become. So the question is: if you must choose, what you value most in this life, as the very essence of your time or your truth/ then that is your identity.

My identity throughout all my years of recollection, has been primarily [70-30] the decision and desire, that all this life, and all this world should not die. Searching beyond time in the spiritual world where only truth is allowed to exist or participate: sent me into the female world “just to ask, what would you do to save this earth and its life”? The answer: “let women try”/ is something I could not conceive of prior to that moment. But it did produce hope in me, where the realities of men cannot save this world; was established as true. But unfortunately: wherever you journey into the spiritual world/ you will stay, until you can understand “that as truth”. I have been unable to understand women; and remain in the spiritual soul; of their choice. They are, “a reflection of men/ the opposite view; instead of freedom, a home. ”; instead of “build your own”/ woman is, want what I want. Instead of search, woman is: desire me first. But beyond these simple things; construction was stolen/ and I am forced to identify, an understanding based upon elements of female, found in time. A reality completely unfamiliar to me. The critical question is not: whether you believe that or not. The critical question is: can you conceive of thought, beyond the limits of what you believe? Because belief is the opposite of thought; and removes the human development of time; by changing directions, “from life is an individual journey; into a herd: we cannot all be wrong”. Unfortunately the herd is always wrong; as it shapes every decision by the consequences of an animal; rather than a human, being alive in the journey that leads beyond time. And religion says: “liar”/ because belief is what they do; as the concession granted to the realities of “we want what we want/ give us what we want”; the cost of the descent into an animal. The scream of death is: WE WANT/ give us what we want. Instead of life; as is a relationship with GOD , chosen by respecting truth.

We then search: into the destiny of what love can be/ because love shapes our response to life; and life shapes our response to thought. Where can we go: beyond the limits of time? Or more distinctly, what are the boundaries which will shape our future as life beyond the grave? LOVE is a boundary line, beyond which (as is hate) you cannot go, and yet retain the love which grows as your contribution to life and living. Humanity however worships the fence (I want both love and hate)/ and as such destroys itself, from an existence beyond time. Only love survives as truth sustained by hope and destiny. Only true hate survives as a war with GOD, they cannot win; and as such will face terror for an eternity. Love is a direction opposite of hate/ they cannot share, nor can they attain ANY participation beyond time. Therefore a boundary line is love OR hate; NEVER both.

LIFE by the essence of love turns destiny into a journey, to find the greatest love of all: which is GOD ! The limit of our journey into HIS TRUTH; is defined or created by our own version of purity; as none but those who can be pure, shall ever approach at all. The conception of that truth is formed from our own realities. Or more distinctly: if you construct what life and universe could be conceived as from its birth, to its present day: the reality of loneliness does appear. The cost of life, without love; shapes the question of why are we here? The answer is: that love makes eternity possible, and thereby love is the essence of life itself. Because without desire, and the constructions of hope, this would be a universe without purpose. But love is an eloquent purpose, a value most prized by life itself. Therefore the shape of our quest to join that dimension, is defined by the identity we create as well. Our own gift, to existence!

Thought elevates life, by shaping the construction of what we desire life to be. That foundation for a house beyond time; is the elemental rise of what our thoughts can become/ as does ascend from the choices we have made. Each is “their own architect” so to speak/ based upon the realities of where they chose to be “alive” in the construction of their own time and space of existence. The critical journey: is not what you want, but what do you desire most? As for me: even love did not compare to the realities of an earth facing extinction/ as is “without a home” in time: no one else can survive either. As this place shapes our ability to choose beyond self. The reality of choice, has placed me “in the spiritual female dimension”/ as a conception based upon the extinction of this world by male. Can female do better? I did not intend to enter, but merely opened the door, “to ask a question”/ but was pushed inside. Nonetheless, it is the female element; that redefined my work, making it more tolerant of you. The cost of that: male has been changed; because it is, a reality that cannot save this world. Their final answer is war/ and war ends life on earth! The consequence of that, “I feel” that I am functionally being turned into “mother” instead: “don’t let this child die”. Which literally means: {I have been unable to abandon you/ even though you disregard my work; unable to simply let you die, because of the value as life you do represent; reminded not dead/ until you are dead}. “Its complicated”; as the reality of my soul, now resides within, the dimension of female(I cannot escape it)/ while the reality of body resides only in time (now 70% influenced by female inside of me); as heart continues to shift between the two, to construct something that will survive: the value of destiny changes as well. More simply: when balanced together as one life working together for this world; the spiritual woman and I lived within the same dimension of truth/ this is our decision which unites us. When I chose: to experience “the last of my time on earth”; that decision changed our relationship/ and to enforce the work is not yet done: she essentially joined me on earth; which is now NOT the experience or expression she desires/ and requires change in me. Whether I like it or not. I was selfish, failed to accept “not in charge”, and foolish to choose time; as an expression of life. But that is me, caused by; this is you: abandoning a world/ because you just don’t care enough. Truth is: I just wanted to be male again; because in the spiritual world of female/ my reality is reversed (not in charge at all/ not even aware of my true identity, as it has been changed). Even so: the spiritual woman knows better than to abandon a world, or women; before your decision is finished; and I have repented. “its complicated”/ born in heart, conceived by soul, but altered by time; into what we can be as one. The value of our partnership, is far more than the value of male; so “time has changed/ and so have I”. Nope, no clue how that ends/ or what it really means; just don’t know; woman decides, as she does have control! And that is the truth. That, has nothing to do with you; and cannot be changed by you. It is not your concern; however to avoid “your fantasies, and delusions/ deny your imaginations”: that much is given as my testimony to you. The lesson: be very cautious and even afraid of your wants/ as they can truly change your world, in ways that require “more than you expected”. Or removes then more than you desired; as a result of that want. Repenting of them, and turning back to let truth decide; is your only way “home”. NO, not gay, transvestite, or other: never been, not now, never going to be. I simply entered the spiritual world, and finding no solution in male to save this earth from the decisions of men/ I turned to female; a separate dimension {you cannot move forward/ until the spiritual world fully defines you by your own truth}. But finding passage: which was truly closed forever after me (I cannot leave/ you, as male, or the fraud of male; cannot enter): I now exist in “a complicated world”/ not what I expected at all. But even so; truth and energy shape us, by our decisions. The end result: I do not know; female controls. Not male anymore/ but not female either: not entirely of time/ nor fully immersed in a spiritual dimension either: foundations removed. I guess, I can be “a mother”; if willing to simply aid, and not judge. But my life and body is; subject to what a spiritual woman does choose/ I lost control “as tits do describe”. While real tits, with female chemicals and all; may be “a thousand things”/ for me, they are mostly “just weird/ overwhelming as well ”. Reality is: that male and female are plainly equal as life, in all descriptions of living/ I have no personal preference. But being born male, living as male; NO expectation of “female here”, ever existed in me. In contrast to that: comes the reality, GOD literally can do anything HE desires/ particularly with me. So whatever will be, will be; as respect aligns that as duty. NO you don’t understand/ leave this alone, it concerns you not. In contrast however: the value of conception (beyond time begins here), does give a clear view of what resides just beyond “the imagination, of time”. Not so simple as it seems. Energy and thought exist in a different framework, functioning by different laws/ than does time and body. Each is a miracle in its own right! Not for you to know.

It is noted and true: your desire is your identity, and what you desire most, will rule over your eternity. Therefore choose love carefully, respect GOD and trust/ identify the values of hope and truth; thereby constructing the path that can become eternal. You cannot “simply believe” whatever you want to believe; because truth does not participate in your wants/ lies do. Step outside the prison cell of belief: “to shut the world out, and thereby NOT be influenced beyond what you want”. Understanding ONLY TRUTH can conceive of survival beyond time. Thereby as faith assembles your path into what the evidence will support as true, the value of your trust in that truth shall “elementally rise”. Nothing is more true on this earth: than the MIRACLES of life and existence; which do surround you “with love” was here. NOTHING supports the claim of evolution, but hate… is consistent with much of what the universities do and say; invading your lives through media, and the corruption of all that has the power to make a difference. EVERY SINGLE MIRACLE OF LIVING EXISTENCE; IS PROVEN TO BE SO COMPLEX, SO INTRICATE, DELICATE, DESIGNED, THOUGHT OUT, AND SUPERIOR TO OUR OWN ABILITY EVEN TO CONCEIVE OF THOUGHT or LIFE; that the realities intrinsic to a bug/ are superior evidence of intellect and beyond; as to prove the greatest university minds living or before; cannot match what exists here in this living thing. And you know it. Yet the blind vomit arrogance/ the filth offers chaos: and sewage surrenders nature itself. To your shame.

Nothing is more ludicrous, or a bigger lie than what they have constructed: in how the sun works. Yet they have built machines to ignite this earth into a sun/ and still you have not stopped them; even with information from me that is irrefutable. A reality of belief so destroyed of life and values: that you are “a university worshiping cult”. About to lose your lives, and your world, to “just like the sun” (atoms on fire, cannot be controlled). OR; more distinctly, the kinetic power of an atom is in its spin/ NOT “university magic and elements that do not exist”. Therefore it cannot be simply joined “like two hydrogen atoms into helium”. In fact that very scenario; would result in “two spinning tops” bumping into each other (friction)/ or crashing into destruction disassembly of the atom itself; where subatomic particles originate. IF the core of the sun was on fire/ that means all the fuel is on fire; and the sun would burn itself out quickly. It does not/ nor does the core on fire explain a supernova: which is MORE fuel is being burned. HYDROGEN DOES NOT make up the heaviest object in the universe/ it is the ash cloud from the fire. Solar gravity is from an atom being torn apart: because we know, “like a rock on a string; it needs an anchor at the central axis”. (the atom spins, in harmony with electrons) on an axis”: those outward forces (the sun fire) must be retained in place by an opposing force of “dark energy (solar gravity when released)”. OR, the energy will escape. WAKE UP, and fight for this earth; OR DIE! Because WRONG is death to our world.

Nothing is more blind, than those who believe mutilating the genetics of nature itself; will lead to anything but tears, is the greatest fool history has ever seen. Or more distinctly: the universities are “the new nazi extermination camps, used against life”. The collection of personal information: “so the computer can find and incarcerate you/ if a single hair” falls out of line: with their rules. Just as “university medicine” has become the “new science labs; for genetic mutilation of life”/ and the greatest extortion ring ever conceived of. The very foundation of those who created: LETS mutilate disease/ and SELL a vaccine: so we can take trillions of dollars/ and enslave a world; by claiming it for ourselves. While the foolish, All shout, “we, the followers; will be great”/ indeed you shall, “the makers of HELL”/ as the REAL world death squads, in obedience to your cult, surrounds YOU, to demand: this world, shall accept, the curse of HATE. Manipulation fails/ WAR BEGINS. And that is only the beginning. As cannibalism sets in: they will number your bodies; so the slaughter houses can dissect what they need. While with the right “energy plant”/ an entire robotic army will enforce that decision. But don’t worry: “you don’t need weapons for yourselves”/ now ain’t that right? Cause you know, “people aren’t like that”.

EVERYTHING the body of life in time can be; is based in genetics: your whores of university cannot be god: BEYOND SATAN. WHICH makes you their “the devils (we will curse them all)” support. From the oils and moisture of your skin/ to focusing your eyes/ to balancing your body/ to the chemicals that make food intake possible/ to literally everything. And yet the extreme destruction of human existence on earth; not only worships the universities as god/ but gives them the power: to crucify ALL LIFE on this planet/ by changing genetics into chaos. While you scream: “we want everything we want”/ as is so many times true; instead of more as you demand; you will have less, to the point of extinction. Where there is no mercy, for this entire world. And that literally makes this nation, this USA the most vile and evil of all nations throughout history; because you lead the way into hell. While the others participate and claim the same apathy, arrogance, disrespect for life and world; as is the disgrace of cult worshiping “the universities”; you lead. And YES; for the majority that is, “in your lifetime”/ unless you’re dead. A reality of horrors unleashed by the cost of men, worshiping universities; and those women who do the same: EVEN THOUGH you know, that life lives by a delicate balance produced entirely and only by nature UNTOUCHED.

You have succeeded in becoming “not my nation/ not my government/ not a society of value; by the curse of all your failures”. THE RULE OF LAW decides: who may or may not construct an authority to demand action or not: as is government 123 N.W. 504,508. in this democracy, the constitution decides; UNLESS the people themselves decide to change that form of government; 322 U.S. 46, 65. & 302 U.S. 319, 325. By deliberate legal: as constitutionally provided: FIRST AMENDMENT LAW: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Our legal form of enforcing this democracy as proof; this nation is OURS/ the employee shall not decide. We are the government, by constitutional contract, and sworn employee oath. But the cause of conflict is: our employees have taken it upon themselves to assert: THEY ARE KING/ instead of constitutional government is the law (LAW ITSELF rules). Proving anarchy/ insurrection; of those who intend to discard constitutional democracy; has broken through; discarding WE THE PEOPLE as men or women who have declared themselves “the government/ instead of the constitution decides”. Proving an insurgency against “we the people” of this society. That is A HOSTILE POSSESSION 138 P 2d 846, 851, 852. An endless rape and ravaging of everything that has been built, with value; for the sake of worshiping a university cult/ as is enslaved, by their religion (we believe/ fear us and obey: “covid”116 So 2d 566,567). That rule of law has been broken in this state and in this nation: by, The endless worship of university is god/ to your shame. Leaving only, “I live here”/ because there is no escaping the cost of what has been done; in destroying truth. Power creeps in/ pride welcomes it: but DEMOCRACY IS INTENDED TO REMOVE BOTH; and that no longer exists in America; the land of the dead (university is SATAN; god of death/ media is devil (henchmen, the army who leads: into the abyss)/ religion is slave; we can’t all be wrong, the herd who follows wanting MORE FOR ME). No place on this earth, to run away from it or hide: because the damage being done, by their road to extinction. Whether the nation lives or dies; is no longer my concern; you and those like you attack our world. Such is the disgrace of living with: “Satan worshipers”. The people who drive chaos, proclaiming *we worship our gods of evolution” into extinction. The only thing left to be decided is: whether “emergency treatment: examine the truth”, can restart your heart, and head: because right now the vast majority is dead. But make no mistake: the dead inside, want you dead: like all the worst of humanity can be; throughout history/ they won’t let you leave without a war, to prove “fear/ believe/ obey”; as is covid, propagated into hate your neighbor/ fear your neighbor/ trap your neighbor/ make them obey; and all that the overthrow of democracy is. The reality of that will soon be clear; as truth declares “we are living in per-world war 2 Nazi germany (or any of many throughout history”. Same men/ same element of arrogance/ same decisions of pride and power/ same purpose to take control, identify, and remove “those we do not like; with any rule we want/ by injecting the power to make enemies; so they can be killed”. Same desire to take control over this world; but now, with weapons of mass destruction; follows immediately after economic depression takes hold; and the cost of living in a fantasy delusion of sewage as is found in: “universities know”; becomes the beginning of hell. Are you not led, by those who believe “we can take anything we want”? No respect, no responsibility to life or planet/ no love only arrogance, the putrid disease of violence taking control. Indeed you are fools, failures, liars, thieves, cheats, traitors, and support the university terrorists against all life on earth; fighting to destroy everything. But as history proves throughout: those who believe they can simply own the world, by destroying the life that made it happen. Rarely own the skills or perseverance to accomplish anything but theft, and the vomit that is “the war of human parasites against life”; fails. The pride of “an intellectual two year old, in charge; of this university nation”; as has been our reality for decades now; now eating the very last realities of our existence. To make you cry.

While you must obtain a brain, rather than a cult disease (fear/ believe/ obey) as is the constant curse, of this university nation: called USA. It will remain true, the only hope life has to survive: IS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ THE RETURN TO DEMOCRACY, BY LAW. TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND RESPECT. Alas, realities the dead cannot understand! And the sign of a cult is: you have no brain/ “only believers, who fear/ and then obey”. But as a herd united: they mob together, to stomp life into the ground. Leaving nothing, even for themselves to survive.

Instead of falling into their trap: I chose to ask female if they could save this world: a reality consistent with Revelation chapters 12-22; as is (what would women decide for life and earth)? Not my job; Yours! Women will have to “earn it; by choosing and creating NEW LAWS, for this world”. Fighting for harmony, peace, happiness, and justice. Changing the ways of men, by laws enforced by truth! As to me, I can testify: JESUS is my literal savior, teacher, and the path I chose to follow. HE confronted hate, battled against arrogance, taught against beliefs that were WRONG; and offered an education in being alive as we were intended to be from the beginning; but failed, because men wanted what they wanted, and took it; instead of earned it. That is similar between us, and proven to be, history repeated. Elemental forces shaped me; into entering the spiritual world. The cost: I can say: “spiritual female” changed me; some by choices accepted/ but other changes by force (no you can’t/ yes you will). Like it or not; is irrelevant. Nonetheless, I know: I am far better off, by having changed; therefrom accomplishing this message to you/ than had I continued as “strictly male”; and ended with a world on the edge, or worse: of war. Reality not want; is teacher. Universities will ridicule that, and betray you with lies; as they have been doing. But the end result is: LIFE either exists beyond time and earth/ OR, it does not. Simple as that: I say to you among other things, MIRACLES PROVE THIS CREATION EXISTS BY THOUGHT, a far greater understanding of reality and truth by laws; than any human could possess. That fact, which is undeniable; but by fraud. MEANS NONE can claim to know, what life itself does not teach. JESUS was alive as a teacher, proving by example: HE DID TRUST GOD to “take HIM” home; beyond this earth. So, the question to you is: DO YOU accept the values of life and love, the dignity of respect and truth as presented by JESUS? OR, do you believe that “Imagination; lets gamble this earth by igniting nuclear fire”! fantasy: lets bring chaos into nature so “evolution can destroy all this/ and start over”! Or delusion: as is debts don’t matter/ poisons don’t matter/ destruction don’t matter: “because the children are dead anyway/ from overpopulation of humanity”? CHOOSE.

While it took centuries and multitudes of people to establish the change JESUS brought to this world. YOU have no such luxury of time. YOU must change this world “as fast as you can”/ because everything is dying due to the decisions of men, and the universities they created. Simple as that; but you do have keys to communicate and inform; so far beyond that time; as to make it possible. The choice however is the same: as university, and its priests of media; will not just faint away. Power and pride discard truth like shit; if allowed. LET TRUTH DECIDE, not want; it is your only way back to life.

Power and pride hated him (with religion leading the way)/ so they killed him; when it became clear the people had heard HIS message. The universities; are your religion, as denoted by “WE BELIEVE/ WE FEAR/ WE OBEY”! That reality of power and pride today, is exactly the same as it was then/ as a consequence; IF humanity begins to hear this message/ it will be followed, by an intent to stop “the messenger”. Even though the message is delivered, & that would then be pointless, as the reality of the evidence does prove: life OR death for this world is REAL.

As for me; my life has changed so dramatically in the last three years especially; that spiritual female is in charge. A reality that continues to produce “I don’t know”; in every situation; because its not my choice. If that makes you afraid: I remind you, “it is strictly female”/ that controls; and not more. If learning to understand female is living with endless frustration, the lesson is learned. If learning to understand what “being treated like property is like (even to the point of putting me on a diet)”/ that lesson is learned too: “roles are reversed”. But there are lessons female (for the sake of this world/ NOT hers. We balanced each other for the first twelve years; until I decided to abandon you. That was not allowed, and our relationship changed. She was again “correct”; but it has not been fun.) must learn as well. So that I DO understand, and you do learn to accept: this is wrong. While I watch “my little home” fall into ruin; because I am not allowed to participate: as is the evidence of this world as well. Not allowed to intervene, beyond a minimal level/ because I am turned back. That Is the same in this USA; so say the courts: all in agreement “you CAN’T question the university; they are god”. While we watch the curse of university destroy all currency/ fail all infrastructure/ discard all business and industry/ curse every supply chain, so you cannot complete your work/ let the forests burn/ floods consume/ LIARS, CHEATS AND THIEVES take control over our lives; and every other damn thing; the worst of what a human animal can do: is done to this nation. By their “university control” over government/ media/ schooling/ and all that the sewer of a religious cult who believes they are god; try to DO. To your shame: this america lives by stolen money/ “tearing apart the future, to destroy every child”. Gambling “they can play god too”/ and live only by fantasy, delusion, and “imagination”; as university worshipers, “with their naked ass, to prove disrespect; shining, in the air of failure”. Pitiful fraud is not enough; as comes “satan; and devils henchmen”. And the people say: “the university is our god”/ BUT LET’S REVIEW: WHY, do a small group of people, who have counterfeited US currency into the hundreds of trillions of dollars [under their deliberate control] want this society to fail? As is so clearly the evidence of our reality! Answer: because forcing America into poverty; releases every property to be for sale. Wherein those who control the currency; provide for themselves “the money” to buy it all/ and leave you with nothing. Giving to anyone they please: what human work, and business has built. Opening the door to every foreigner/ and closing the door on every citizen: because now they can! It is too late to stop that reality: leaving your only option is to control the bankruptcy of this nation AS WE THE PEOPLE/ through redress of grievances law. Establishing a reality: IF YOU BOUGHT/ WITH COUNTERFEITED MONEY/ STOLEN FROM US. Then you have no legal right to claim that property; because you did obtain it through criminal progression, and intentional betrayal. The constant of greed, the constant of war, the constant of man is: I want to take your stuff, I want to see you cry; to give me more power and pride: AND PROVE; “you lose”. How do you own an entire nation: “you remove the competition, control the media, own the government, and counterfeit all the money you can use”.


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Jim Osterbur

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