Honesty states: IF, you remove want from your life/ then, truth will help you remember, the miracle that is your own life. IF, you remove pride from your life/ then, you cannot be a “winner OR a loser”; life is simply being alive, in the hope of destiny. IF, you remove power from your life/ then, instead of “slaves or fears”, you will have the value of family or friend, if reality allows. If not, remember all the life that does exist; “it is not just human”; including the spiritual world as well.

When the heart is open, life will come in. but when your heart is closed, afraid of what could happen to you; all that is left is fear/ and fear is never a friend. To open the door, demands you reach out, and even put a little effort into that task. To recognize the potential, that is love beyond self; you must, see beyond the walls erected, to understand: when people get hurt, they are afraid of a choice. But life says: every heart MUST make choices, and every soul says, “let truth decide” instead of you. Because wherever truth leads, life exists; eternity is a description formed by truth. But only when called! Remember to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Remember, nobody is perfect; including you. Remember not to make promises you cannot keep, or will fail. Remember to be cautious, but not afraid: finding ways that limit risk. Remember the value of your own heart, is not for games/ and neither is theirs.

I do have love inside as the life exhibiting my time on this earth; and yet have spent decades, functionally alone, throughout nearly all my time. There were opportunities; but I chose “life and planet must come first”. Had I known; this would consume an entire lifetime; perhaps things would have been different. Nonetheless, when confronted by loneliness; the best you can do, is remove the influences of this world from your heart/ and remember the true love exhibited in miracles of life, and body, and planet; and even in JESUS as the guarantor of an eternity where love never dies, or changes, or fails. His life was not “2,000 years ago”? Instead, the foundation is simple: what is true, cannot die. Not even in you. But if necessary it can be covered up; by the things you do, in truth for GOD .

what the claim of covid has taught you is that you are a herd of animals; each panicking (stampeding; face in the others ass) in the disgrace of fear/ because you believe in your leader; the god of university/ and know the price of non-compliance is eviction from the herd (alone among the predators). Each without a brain of their own (can’t be human, to stand alone); because as with all [cults: “organized liars/ seeking extortion”], that is not allowed.

And the people say: “you are just mad, because nobody listens to you: FOR FORTY+ YEARS”! But I offer instead, the death of our world is not a game/ extinction, and the release of biological weapons as is covid; is not a game/ global warming, is simply HELL (too hot to survive. And the people say; I will stay in the air conditioning/ alas no brain, as this is the accelerant to global warming. OR, death comes sooner with A/C.) at your door; “not a game”. OR, people deliberately trying to ignite atoms “same fire here as is on the sun”; NOT a game “JUST LIKE, the sun”. Or more simply; I need not be mad or angry, reality will prove what is true/ and I am NOT your savior, just “the messenger”; whether you like it or not. Proven true: “you DID have your chance to change”. But as drunken fools do; you could not hear. Fully knowing; your own actions/ kill your own child.  If you had “a heart”, you would know what is true/ but you sold it to the cult of university, and their god of chaos (evolution); to mutilate life. Too the few, hang on to your love, do not pity the rest: would you desire this in eternity? No, which means: “they must be left behind”/ or peace, happiness, love, and all that has value, would be lost. They have no shame, because they have no soul.

Another billion people to feed, in roughly 4 years: proven by 2015 6.5 billion/ 2021 8 billion= 1.5 billion more in 6 years= 250 million more, per year. Not a game! And that is only the beginning, of what your university gods did do, with your blessings, and participation. and yet, for forty years+; that I yelled stop the insanity, there are consequences/ you screamed ridicule, and discarded me to the trash. Even so, “its your life/ its your death and eternity”; your choice.

What you want, is a world without consequences, for you/ a world completely free of truth, so that everything you want is forced upon the others. Their want: is whatever you want it to be: OR, MORE simply, “a world that does not exist”. Soon, by the evidence; your request will be granted. As reality proves your greed (I want it all, for ME; SO I can be god); becomes world extinction. Alas, what you want is irrelevant to life; because only truth will survive. And your gods of university hate truth (we are gods), as does media (nobody matters but us), as does your leaders (don’t tell our lies), as do you; GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ even if those others die. To your shame, you are an animal; as universities declared you to be. I remain human; the difference being for me: LIFE is SACRED/ not a game; a reality of decisions enabled with respect, defined by love; NEVER a toy. Whereas animal merely wants, plays, and demands superiority or revenge. I guess; that my gift to you, and to me is, “I am not angry with you anymore”/ you are free to be what you want to be; it is your right. Just as it is my right, to look beyond time; and seek mercy; as is an eternity with love formed from values beyond what an animal can achieve.

In a world led by failures, liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves; (the universities claiming intelligence) the only real question is WHY, DOES humanity let them?

You should rejoice, the prophecy of your own time comes nearly true; as is the wizard of oz. “the cowardly lion/ the tin man with no brain/ the scarecrow with no heart”; all following “the golden road” to the wizard; who turns out to be, nothing more than a fraud. Alas, the chance to return to the living; ends soon. But then, you chose: to play god, with life and world, by releasing “witches, and their sewage”.  Did not, “1984” come true as well?

Nothing in this entire existence of human experience throughout all of time; can allow the concept of evolution; as a valid reality of life or living or creation: it is truly; “for fools only”. And yet the masses accept it as so; to prove their own insanity. No proof, no reliance on evidence or fact, no elemental conception of thought, or recognition of reality; absolutely nothing except “this looks a little like that”; end of their story. Until you turn to delusions, fantasies, and imagination without merit; none of which earn a value of any kind. But the greatest fools in the history of humans on earth shout: ‘”we know”. Because they want to claim the prize: “its all free, to us”. But it is not, and few among you do not know; that is the truth.

History teaches, as in JESUS time: even though HE represented healing, for life and body; beyond all that could be imagined as possible before. The power and pride of humanity killed him anyway; because they believed he would take away their power to control the people, and thereby ruin their easy lives. They wanted to protect that MORE, than life itself; so they ended what they conceived to be “the threat”. Not “a valued nation”. The same will be true in this day: those who want what they want/ DON’T need no damn truth nor evidence to prove them wrong. THEY WANT, and intend to keep their trophies, trinkets, or toys. Its called pride, and pride always thirsts “like a dying man”; for power. Fight for life with law, or lose it all. You can’t do that, by hiding or running from reality.

So let’s build the concept of reality, and search for the identity of truth; to align the destiny called Creation, with the work of miracles that cannot be denied; without lies.

The unfortunate truth of it is: each must decide if your own life is more important than this entire living world (everything, but you). While each of us is important too; the cost of life or death, is not limited to time. “sign your name: same as me; James Frank Osterbur”/ stand up and be counted, for life and world. Don’t be blind or stupid, just understand, we cannot fight for this world hiding “in the bushes”, hoping for better. Use the law, use the truth, fight with evidence, and learn how best to establish the cost of being wrong/ the insanity of university plays god, people follow: As is extinction, is close/ and there are no second chances. Beyond the point of no return; soon to pass. Making life or death for this world, your own gift to each child; to a world; as best you can. NO, it is not fair/ but reality is, what it is/ as is truth.

In this Creation of life; we need only look at miracles {no man or woman did this; it is a gift}; to achieve respect for what has been done, that we may know what life and body are. Even so, when looking at miracles, it is ultimately essential to conceive of what is more than what we see, experience, or express? Because the Creator of this; is without question able to do more.

And the universities say: “there is no such thing as life beyond time/ WE ARE gods of healthcare, and nobody can save you but us”. Life is the result of chaos, over billions of years just falling into place; as if by magic. So the more chaos the universities create/ the closer to god we get.

The search begins, in the shape of life itself, what is essential to our grasp of being alive? The answer is life is shaped by thought, and thought is let free to be alive by energy, constructed in the physical element of motion; as is our freedom. With these three, “thought/ energy, and freedom; we are alive.” but we then ask: what does it mean to be alive, and search for the values of life that earn respect as the discovery of desire. The balance called happiness, for the earned right to continue on as living. We see then the functional shape of male (searcher)/ and female ( balance to that risk, as the reward). Value forms in sight, no small thing. Hearing, the elemental rise of more, than just us. Touch, a foundation of experience. Smell, this world is alive too. Taste, let us build. Movement, our contribution to time. Thinking, the mental destiny of where we are, at this moment in time. Which brings us to passion, the rise of expressions, the foundation of a focus to achieve. The desire of heart, then leads us to the beginning of our own journey shaped by the distinction of a soul. Where soul lives, love is born. Where love lives truth answers the question of a shared life with trust, because we chose to care. Discipline creates an environment, where order establishes a boundary, and balance distributes the elevation of a dimension, beyond the limits of time itself. We shape our own identities in these things; applying hope and courage to find what we are willing to pay for; as the destiny of our lives, shaped by truth and the consequences we have earned to be so.

But ask them: how many billion hours did it take for humanity to build anything of substance or value; even with a brain. What did you do, of anything you built: that is the product of chaos or accident, that was not governed by nature itself? How many lines of computer coding does it take; “to run a robot”? And where is that software to run a human or a tree or any living thing? How big did the sun have to be: a billion years ago/ because the radiation we feel; is the result of fuel being lost.

Or more distinctly; where is your brain?

WHERE, is “the brain bank”; as it must be constructed within the genetics that are transferred from one life to another. HOW does that information, become integrated within the brain mass, we associate with living? WHEN, does that change, WHAT does a single gene alteration, change the whole concept of body. WHO decides life or death? And WHY, is the most complex reality, that is genetic nature itself; “just a toy/ to be crucified by just plain people seeking trophies; to describe themselves as god”? More important than the truth: CHERISH LIFE/ PROTECT NATURE; or it will be gone. Replaced, by the terrorists of university chaos, using cult worship as their cross.

Chaos, “the evolutionary god”; shapes death instead of life. “its all an accident”; constructs the want of lies, the stealing of pride, and the violence of power beneath truth, as is the essence of a soul lost. To prove there is nothing alive here. Nothing of thought; to build a life one piece at a time. Nothing of truth to assume, “we just picked whatever we wanted” without even a brain; off the shelf, to build ourselves. There is nothing of reality in evolution; other than adaption, which is merely the sign of perfect design: “planned for”. What can you build, do, recognize, or other; without a brain/ yet evolution says “a brain came last”; blind and without sense. Where are the tools, the ANYTHING that can support evolution: it does not exist. Which means: the greatest fools who have ever lived are born in universities which give evolution their credence. LIARS, and worse; who choose to suck the life, and even eternity; out of you. As is the result of hate; because only hate would do that/ only hate, would arrogantly push and distribute the chaos of evolution. Only hate would mutilate nature. Only hate would poison the earth. Only hate would gamble with our entire planet, or its future. Which leaves the sewer of universities open, and the plague of disease that has emanated from it; a vile caustic catastrophe, that should never have been. As is proven by the extinction we now face.

And the universities say: “we cannot lose the concept, the nature;  of an entire body of life with just one gene alteration”/ that does not happen. YET, as this website itself establishes: if I accidentally erase one tiny little emblem, from the beginning; the whole website disappears. “or is it just amnesia”? 

Yet a believer is a believer; and the foundation of every believer is: WE DON’T NEED NO DAMN EVIDENCE/ WE KNOW; all we need to know. The coffin is sealed; and you cannot get in, with any truth or any reality or any cost of being WRONG. Because that is the value of being a believer: the cage is locked, and nobody gets in. So the cult (only the leader has a brain) worships on; and university plagues society and earth with endless delusions, and imagination beyond sense.

The difference, between life and death is: life shapes the future by the choices you made/ and death is the future of the choices you did make. Every choice the universities made is death, by the evidence of their consequences. The question of substance: reminds us all that time dead as a corpse, merely rots the body into reusable materials. While life itself, is an energy formed from thought, and thought is a destiny shaped by the course of true desire. The construction of love, or the fate of chaos: based upon your own distinct choices.

YOUR FACE, your form, your ability to govern and create motion, or decision, or desire, or sex, or love; are all developments of nature; even though human decisions have interfered. All speak of miracles, and your Creator; without exception; even though the consequences of less than perfect; are your own.

So the people say: PROVE IT? And the miracles say: thought built this, as nothing less can; truth agrees. The energy of life says, this is a freedom in motion and the realities distinct to being ALIVE; neither of which is born from time. Rather time is the result of these things on a journey to create distance. When time ends, so does the distance of your own personal journey; and you have arrived, at your destiny. Because the body is not alive; it is merely “reusable materials”. But thought is, and energy merely transforms; which grants being born is enough to prove thought itself, “with or without body”; is ALIVE. Is enough to prove, even though the energy is no longer within your control/ it still transforms into something else, by controlling you. So the critical question is: WHERE does that “reconstruction of energy”; go?

Yet the universities say, are poised to take it all away, claiming: “we are gods/ and we can change the genetics of all of nature; because we now know better; than nature can do”. Poisoning the water and this earth/ destroying every chain of life and habitat/ discarding every resource/ and blindly assassinating every child and living thing; while deliberately trying to ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun. A NUCLEAR FIRE, that BURNS ATOMS for fuel: HERE/ where it will incinerate YOU. What is not the poison and hate; of “satan (destroyer of a world)” about university?  “their gift to you is HELL”.

After some prayer, because you now stand in the curse of your own sewage; with all manner of catastrophe coming/ and very little hope left for you. The question of thought arises as the last resort; something beyond the curse of your want/ the critical destruction of everything, and your descent into HELL.

So, even if you were to find a method of cursing life even more, with an understanding you are not entitled too/ it becomes too late for you to make a difference with that; unless you do survive. If you do/ ONLY TRUE CHANGE, will allow it; therefore perhaps “the dead fools, of universities”; won’t kill you with it.

We then begin, with only the tiniest bit; and may, or may not; never go beyond. Thought is a dimension, an element forming existence by the creation or recognition of limits and boundaries, which then construct a shape or potential, that is formed by energy without meaning. More distinctly, an energy without direction, as it merely exists within the framework that is “to become life”.

While media contributes the constant; that is, “the worst a human can be”/ while calling it entertainment. Discarding truth, for propaganda. Fighting to erect “Nazi: we can kill them/ and take control for ourselves”;  once again on earth. A term that means: the mob has realized, it can now threaten those who built a nation/ and by organizing take control with fear. As is covid.

by changing the limits and the boundaries, the shape of a distinct dimension is altered, and the conception of a new existence does arrive. Every dimension constructs an environment of energy that is now contained; by the shape of a “circulating energy”. A force that lifts and alters environment to achieve a recognition moment of creation.

That does make force, the ascension of life; but only if it achieves a direction. The containment of that direction allows for an identity to form/ the shape of what conception will be. That is enough for you/ and all I intend to provide. Extinction or change will follow. And all the people say: “we want what we want”/ and we don’t believe in extinction: we DON’T want that. But reality insists: there shall be consequences, “for playing god”.

While I tell you beware of their vaccine/ media tells you they “the universities”; are god, and it is a fool who does not listen. BUT, I remind you plainly and with truth: that although a tiny few people study genetics to help life on earth. The vast majority over 98% it seems like; believe in evolution;  study only to play god, and “establish chaos”, to make evolution seem true. By crucifying life, from mutilating nature. Because to learn, their method of operation: is to displace genetics, with pieces from other living things; defying all boundaries set into place to protect life, and keep it sane. Hoping for severe catastrophic consequences; so that then they can say, “if you do this/ no arm, or hand, or face will appear”; just like that creature endured before dead. Crucified: by the invasion of death, into life; the chaos of evolution/ discarding order, discipline, balance, life, and all forms of sacred (don’t touch it). To literally “laugh at respect”. WITH YOUR blessing, invading everything. WITH YOUR FEAR; accepting their genetic alteration in your body of life/ to do whatever it does; because with an endless 1 x 10 to the 100th power of possibilities: they will never know. OR more distinctly; they don’t even know: that chaos, the basis of evolution/ means to destroy anything complex, down into its most simple form. How is that life? Where is your brain? Or your own respect, for the living?

only hate crucifies life; and these are the people who made your “vaccine”. Made the disease, they now collect trillions from; and anything else they choose. including “stealing your face/ to prove the army they now control”. The people who risk an entire world; by their arrogance, and outright intent “to play god”;  with everything. And are yet not smart enough to recognize. LIFE IS THE RESULT OF THOUGHT; for nothing less can build. What, could go wrong; for you/ after all, “university is your god/ ain’t that right”?

Their gift to you is HELL (all life and living in chaos)/ Armageddon (all of nature in chaos)/ the Apocalypse (Humanity at war over water, and more)/ the intent to ignite HADES (eternal damnation, for destroying life on earth); and more. All hail the universities; “your god” right/ and don’t forget to worship the serpent called media; who slithers in, and takes your breathe away.

They do so, by proclaiming “expert”: or, no discussion is allowed, no evidence is necessary: “god” has spoken. But these are the people, the organization that declared evolution/ claim, “not enough gravity here so a nuclear fire will just extinguish itself/ assemble atomic decay and destruction, for our earth; at CERN/ mutilate and crucify nature/ poison the water, hide truth, create a completely unsustainable world; destroying perfection (nature built this); and discarding reality in every conceivable way/ deny resources matter/ made human overpopulation a reality/ have assassinated every child by what they have done/ stole every penny you ever made with lies and currency manipulation/ propagate failure the descent into “imagination, rather than truth decides; as is global warming/ construct delusions rather than an education; “every truth has a consequence”/ and more. So “expert what”?

Oh wait, I know: the experts in weapons of mass destruction, and mutating disease into a biological extortion to make trillions, and claim “savior”.

Nonetheless, in the tradition of Christmas; the gift of clarity, defining LOVE versus HATE. The reality of every gift that is life and love as the reality of our lives dictate that to be; other than the cost of men and women on this earth. The value of life is its happiness, as that confronts us with the decision we do desire life, there is more here than survival or hate can diminish.

Happiness is a flow, if you walk with it in your life, you can stay constant in its source of destiny. If you stop, happiness will be fleeting, and pass on. Whereas if you are “killing yourself to win”/ it will never/ or rarely find you, as you are far too busy to notice life is not a trophy, trinket, or toy.

Happiness exists, because we accept the journey of our lives is to be shared, with those who care and respect our lives and our living; in the grace of our own artful expression of experiences we own. Not just me, but we. This is a flow; “you did not stop/ nor did you race on” to leave the others behind: but exist in moments where love is born. So the question is: what is love, that it lifts both heart and soul into a destiny shaped with hope? The answer: love forms the shape that gives trust its chance to live. Trust identifies the truth of who we are, and what we can become as one life shared. Through the elevation of truth, as it limits the construction of a life; to the values we can and do share as one. The boundaries of our personal environments, then blend heart; as we shut out violence and hate, to achieve the acceptance of joy (one life, owned by two, or even more). To balance these things, soul must arise: as GOD our CREATOR takes control over the future, so that death does not “bite us hard, with fear”.

Some will demand, “how is that happiness”/ it is more a recipe, than a reality we own, that will then make life a treasury. The answer is: happiness is earned, and to achieve that reward, you must gather and create the ingredients, combining them together as a shared existence. Rather than an immediate experience as is sex. The foundation of sex is, to sustain the population/ therefore it achieves a chemical release, that is fleeting, and will not last. The treasury of participation between male and female in the values of a life, freed from worry by trust, and formed in disciplines by truth. Is a destiny they create with caring, because the heart will share; when granted I am not alone, but honored with this life of our truth. Not owned by either, but honored by both; as truth will allow. Destiny is a journey, much like happiness; the journey must flow into the peaks and valleys of what makes you real [the decisions that you make]. Because only truth survives past time, and it is that truth, which creates the home into which you may, or may not travel; as a message of hope. The spiritual world is truth, and only truth survives in it: love on one side of eternity/ hate on the other; all that is in between “either dissipates, or finds mercy (for time extended, by limited love)”.

The GIFT of GOD ; to humanity is then the right to choose your fate (fall into animal or hate)/ or your destiny, share the distinction of love beyond the limits of time; as trust and truth prove the value contributed by your participation; as an identity found, or formed by soul. Soul is: our relationship with GOD ! Where true love exists, the desire to remain ALIVE cannot die; it is our contribution to each other, the heartbeat we share.

I will add, that truth is a destiny; the reality of consequences which have been identified by decisions made. Destiny serves the purpose of truth, by allowing your decision/ to modify your eternity, “here”. Thereby a journey ended. The critical link, is soul! Because soul is a dimension, not a destiny; but the shape of desire, formed by energy itself. Only desire leaves its destiny, and only love allows the key which forms a heart to share.

Some will shout; YOU AIN’T PERFECT/ you have no right to talk to us like that; we think you are devil, tempting us with lies. Leading us away from our “university gods”; into death and destruction.

My answer is simple: I am clearly NOT perfect/ but that does not eliminate me from the possibilities of life or eternity; as no one is perfect here. Instead, the search and the respect; required of us all is to understand and acknowledge: in this vast universe, identified by the stars we see in our night sky. Illustrates without exception, the intensity of what loneliness could in fact be. Lost in an endless sea of darkness, brings no one happiness. Only in love, the values of a shared life; can the desire for living earn the distinction of a heart: we care for each other as if just one. While we cannot know or describe OUR CREATOR (as thought clearly identifies is true). It is certain, that the value of love is worth creating for! But it is also certain, that without true freedom, that love can only be bought. Therefore freedom exists, to separate those who do love honestly, from those who do not. As each and every decision brought into action or reaction does describe. Letting time prove who does, and who does not: belong to the SOUL OF GOD . Where each must earn, his or her place in eternity.

These are not elements of temptation/ but descriptions of a search that leads to life. Your choice: to journey into love/ or explain yourself as an animal dedicated to time and its “dissipation of death”/ or even the cursed who find hate. Are all distinctly; the choice you will make. Today, the consequences of “university plays god”; are easily found/ the realities of where their truth does go; is a future even you can deduce.

I present to you: life is an elevation of thought, and thought constructs our relationship with GOD . Therefore, choose. To live with want; or to search for a kingdom, beyond your imagination. Every miracle speaks to the reality of that quest, stands upon truth.

“want” is an animal, that leads to pride; pride is a decision that leads to power; the predator lurking. We all want (life is about ME) from time to time; as reality tests our resolve to love, and our disciplines to faith. Faith being the elemental rise, from acceptance, into trust.

Want speaks too: “I am, I this, I that, I whatever it is; because life is all about me”. Whereas the value of living, shapes the order of our lives within the balance of justice, to give rise to “us all”. The construction of peace, the descriptions of harmony, and the value of passions that do no harm. “us, as time shared honestly/ not I, own it all”.

To remove “I”, from life; is to discover the world/ instead of self. When discovering the world is alive, we cannot help but understand “these are miracles”; where respect forms. With respect we search for GOD . While religion offers a set of rules and behaviors/ the true quest for life eternal is not based within rules or a congregation of followers. Instead, the value of life, adheres to love; and love builds a journey which leads to GOD . do you see the difference?

With truth you are alive, in the memories you have made. With heart reborn, you will live in the Creation of life beyond time. Free, to experience the universe, as a participant expressing hope. MERCY allows, truth can be covered up; if you choose for life.

Motion becomes a flow, only when freed to do so/ only a force, when focused into a distinct direction. Each of these are consistent with life, and its passage beyond time.

The foundation of my own work is, a relationship with directional forces, that demand my focus. As human means to learn, and thereby create the freedom to live beyond the boundaries that separate us from eternity. Within that flow, is the motion that lives in time; within the spiritual passage that limits our conception of force/ is the spiritual woman, and her dimension. A directional change constructed; when it was found, “after a ten year search”; that male cannot keep this earth alive. He is what he is, and this is the best men did do. Standing on the edge of extinction; that is not enough.

The prophecy of biblical Revelation; focuses on two distinct conceptions. The first eleven chapters identify what occurs if men are allowed to determine the ending of life. Men flowing into catastrophe! While chapters 12 and beyond illustrate the potential that is female in charge: changing time, by changing direction. Men live by want, and construct the games of pride; to prove the war of superiority called power (I own more than you). Women cannot do this, as their relationship with this earth is about survival, by peace first (harmony lives); and that requires law must rule over life. Unfortunately male power rules by force injecting violence. So the quest of this change is; to govern violence with law, and rule over world peace, by enforcing the limits to be placed on men and their games. Want is a deadly menace; as it invades both male and female; the conquest of want, requires the trust, being human alive; has more value than time.

I am NOT responsible for making you believe anything; it is not my job. My job is to make you responsible, for destroying this earth by the choices you have made/ OR realize the threat of those choices, by the evidence of extinction. Which means YOU WILL change, or be responsible for a living world gone into extinction/ a failed disgrace of men, who bring women down with them. Women are not better: but they do have far less control over this earth, and its direction than do men. The consequence being: you shall be equal, and when confronted: it will be women who decide by laws you must create. IF in fact, they do their work, and align themselves with justice, for the purpose of peace and harmony; rather than want, pride, or power.

The elements of eternity granted here in description; are those predicted “as the woman, in Revelation 17”, the first two verses represent “the universities as the prostitute/ her adulteries cumulative total; as covid [destroy life/ respect nothing/ own them all, without mercy]”.

Verse 3-5 establish their response to this change required of human life on earth; and the venom “the powerful and proud” will use to attack it. Even so; I represent the beast as male; while the woman in control presents you with “precious realities of time”; to prove truth, by the evidence of knowledge.

Verse 6 is religion; and their wants to control all conception of “ GOD and eternity”; same as did those who did, and with intent: crucified JESUS. Or, as they would put it; “we like it, the way we made it; with fantasy and imagination leading our way: ANYTHING we WANT”. A reality that assumes just like universities, “no consequences for us”. Truth disagrees.

As to all other questions: it is not my job, to answer, or to lead you. You chose all the threats which surround you/ and you must choose to undo, all those threats which surround you; or you will be extinct. Far sooner than you can imagine. Because the evidence of where your consequences lead: are without doubt or question. TO HELL you will go. OR FOR LIFE, YOU WILL CHANGE. Simple as that!

as for me, I am “the woman {bringer of a new way of life and living, into this world}” of Revelation 12. Or more correctly, the physical presence of the spiritual woman depicted; as on this earth, to deliver that new child. Why not “a real woman”? Because then that woman would be a participant; rather than a messenger. As male, I can only be the messenger; delivering the child, rather than creating it.

As to the scarlet beast: it is, the sign of what men have been to women; throughout time. The majority; A violence to women, more than a blessing. Men hate that description; because, it is true. As with all enemies: they first seek to ridicule, as the means to justify, “we should, we could: kill them. He is worthless.” Thereby creating judgment, by their own rules: now, once ridiculed enough (we have a right; as is the purpose of rules): then, judgment enforced.

As to the spiritual world and me; the simple truth is, that male and female are, and are intended to be: equal values in life and living; and nothing can change that except hate. One is not better than the other/ although they are extremely different. How it all ends for me, is unknown. What I do know is: my entire identity has been disassembled; and I have no idea, how to put it all back together; “parts and pieces are missing; the software is corrupted; and I no longer own the reality”. A complete surprise. But even so, I have had to rebuild me; “several times [wrong, change that]”/ as reality by the truth, changes the force of my direction. Desire has remained the same. Unlike you, I search for truth, and let it decide my journey. Most hate truth (I want what I want), and continue to live for their want: that is the difference.

As to you: I am NOT the decision you are to make, or ignore to die. YOUR consequences speak for themselves/ CHANGE OR DIE. Simple as that. More directly; I am not “what the religious want”/ not perfect, can’t save you, not going to tell you how perfect you are; you aren’t. Etc! I am a messenger, it is NOT necessary for me to be perfect, or any other description you might want. I am flawed, occasionally fall into want, occasionally fail others a bit when confronted with the cost of your realities: death of a world, mutilating life. Even if they don’t deserve it; but limited, as no hate is involved. Occasionally, “life blinds me a bit”; and I cannot determine a job; “even though I know, that I know”; I am not allowed to see it. And that moves me into a different direction, even if it is not by distinct choice. Life is more complex, than you believe it to be.

My life has become more complex, than I believed it could be; as my reality is shifted, into the construction of what female does come to mean? I don’t know why? A thousand questions, and few answers: start all over again. It is not my job, “to ask why”; life is its own reward. The living, its own challenge as love seeks its own true home. That, is not for me to judge; life is a gift, and so is eternity.

Want is not accepted, or tolerated: your gift of life and living is, what it is/ or you can have less instead. No barter or other is allowed. Pride is an enemy, and power the call for war. So, choose your destiny, by truth; but not your living or life beyond; because that belongs to GOD !

These are then the fundamentals of my life, and it is enough to keep the ridicule, and the attackers; at bay. Life is life, and each makes their own independent choices, as is the cost and reward for “freedom”.

That however is no longer true of me; as reality has changed to, “spiritual female in charge”; believe it or not, is irrelevant to me. The cost of living both in time, and spiritually locked, in a world I do not understand; is an unintended consequence. Be careful what you choose! Although for me; it was both the best (balanced, allowed me to finish my work, for life and planet) and the worst (male, simply does not belong in a female dimension; and that has costs); decision of my life. I would not go back; this living world is more important than me; even if you fail/ I did do, the best I could. That is, and was, my choice; “nothing, is simply free; even life demands your choice”. No, going back; truth is, what truth does.

The fundamental of your lives is: your world will die, if you do not establish true change! NO going back. That fact, establishes you are: presented with new choices/ and MUST fight for this living world, or be condemned by the consequences of choices universities and their cult made. Resulting in: none challenged, because they and you too; “wanted what they wanted”. Instead of lived, within the boundaries and limits of what truth itself would provide. No more playing “god”, is mandatory for all. Fair warning: if you believe what you want to believe; and it is not true. Then your truth is a lie, and that lie shadows your existence as life. Let truth decide. I once, looked at the homosexuals with judgment; prepared to “stop this”. But was instantly placed, with “a curse, at the trail end of my shadow”: until I accepted, freedom is more important, a foundation to all happiness: than my disdain. They do have a right, to their own decision; and its consequences: simple as that. Every judgment, is a shadow upon you: don’t judge (let FAIR law decide), and “be like the light”. All belief faces the charge: is this true? NOT, is it what you want. “Don’t, play god”.

My gift to you, is a lifetime; shaped by the consequences of you: being wrong: this world can die! The gift of knowledge, that I have presented; simply the truth of a destiny called thought, and its reach inside of soul. The gift of a final warning: change or this earth will be extinct; is from GOD (not me). The gift of a spiritual woman to fight for this world with me; is to me, not to you. But the consequences of that, is a gift to the female world, beyond me no, I have no idea what that really means; not up to me; not female/ no clue; badly overrun, not a choice. Still working for her (she insists); not me. Realities can be strange; complicated. You chose greed/ I chose life: change or you will die, as a world. Because all the evidence supports the reality of consequences you will not survive.

I do wish you well, but wishing resolves nothing; change is required/ or death will follow. UNLIKE your expectations, that I will rejoice, “when proven right”/ you are wrong;  as right, becomes extinction. NOT a game, simply truth.

I am restricted, “to a messenger”; because more would alter the fact; I am merely human just like you (nearly anybody, can be a messenger). The fact you must carry the message forward, makes you equal to me; repeating the message “change all these threats/ or we all, go extinct”. So that we all know, life to life: “this is a final warning from GOD “; for you to help, save HIS world: from you. Freedom is a two edged sword: you chose, truth demands consequences for that choice. Which means intervention takes your freedoms away; that requires judgment, and judgment does not contain mercy. THE COST would be high. Those who help honestly, without the intent for reward; are remembered. Because only love can do that; which means it is a choice/ not a demand. RESPECT demands, by the gift of your own life: that it is your duty, to insure the children shall have their lives to live too. Today that does not exist, as truth would prove; reality points to extinction.


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Jim Osterbur

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