Of the many elements in a human life; little is more descriptive of the differences between life and death, than is belief.

BELIEF means: to accept, that what I want, will become what I get/ therefore I KNOW, that what I want is true. Because it must be true, or I might not get what I want. To protect that want: “the prison walls” are built; to protect yourself from all comers who might challenge your belief and make you afraid that want is not enough; when deciding for an eternity or less.

BELIEF makes life very simple: “only I, am important”. BELIEF makes eternity very simple: “I know, what I believe is true/ nothing else matters to me; therefore: I am my own god”. BELIEF is the home I built, in this body; and nobody gets in, unless I say so: therefore you can’t hurt me/ because I won’t share or care: “this is all MINE”/ YOU get nothing.

UNFORTUNATELY for you: want is not enough/ and it will fail, because want assumes that “you, can be god”/ and determine what the future, or life, or eternity is going to be. YOU cannot; therefore you do not know/ what you believe, you know. That of course, is the cost of being animal; “I want what I want/ which turns life into a game of pride/ and then the demand for power IF, you do not get what you want”. And with slight changes, belief is the basis of religion/ and religion hates to be told “it does not know/ therefore, belief replaces what we do not know; with what we hope will exist instead”. Which is the basis of religion. The zealot/ the righteous, goes beyond that, to claim “he or she, KNOWS”; BUT, that assumes he or she is equal to GOD (I know)/ and that is failure.

We then turn to today: finding in the extreme belief that “university is god”/ the religious zealot has gone beyond belief, to assume a value (we are gods) that does not exist. As is identified clearly in: “you are paying the people who released a biological warfare agent against you/ mutilating nature against you/ gambling with the entire planet to destroy you/ enslaving you/ and even whipping you to demand you thank them for the beating; as is consistent with psalm 23; verse 4; in the bible.” the believers chant.

Psalm 23 is constructed with a question: “whose lord is this”/ and what does this really mean? Of the elements to life that we share, one of the most crucial is freedom; the foundation being: that we MUST choose for ourselves, and identify what is ultimately the critical choices that determine the path of our own destiny. “In 23”; verse 2 “this lord makes us lie down”. Standing up for life and planet are standards for living/ not lying down, beside still waters. If you go out to find still waters: you will find that water (not moving), with all kinds of moss/ a breeding area for mosquitoes; and other living pollutants we find unpleasant, that functionally destroy the quality of the water itself, from within. This presents “beware”. Verse 3; “he restores my soul”/ but in the elemental construction of life, our soul never dies; not even in the death of body. Unless we have sold it away with hate. Another “beware”. Righteousness assumes knowledge replaced by rules; I know the rule/ therefore I am god over you; if you break my/ our rule; I will attack (for his names sake). BUT; You are not god, and rules isolate the individual, are not laws governing all. The righteous, live under the assumption they cannot be wrong. “beware, all judgment is dangerous to you”.

Verse 4: places you where death is/ the place owned by the “shadow of death” (a bad sign). The rod and staff, are weapons; and they stand for battering you; as you “repent”/ and assume this erases what truth has done. It does not; as truth is, what truth is; and while mercy can cover some of truth up; to give you another chance. Truth cannot be erased, and it will not be surrendered to “beat me until I never do it again”. That is not your true choice/ that is your surrender to hate. (a bad sign).

Verse 5: you are “living” in the midst of your enemies (when was that ever a good sign)? What would they give you to eat?

Then comes what is interpreted as a good sign: but being mixed with the possibilities of a bad sign which comes first. The question is: what can you trust? The summary of this psalm is then: be afraid of what you believe, and seek only what you can trust by the foundations truth will allow only in, the purity of purpose.

let only the law judge, because it must. But remember humanity makes these laws, or interprets them; and that allows for endless definitions which fail; as is consistent with this writing. Life is not as simple as a believer thinks.

The question of time versus eternity, is both complex and simple. To ascend into a living beyond measurement, we must share the experience and express ourselves in the values of what our desires can truly become. Therein love shapes happiness, and sharing because we care, shapes a destiny we can achieve without want. Want asserts an ownership as is time and body. If you are the owner, then you must defend and care for “me first” always; unless willing to die. That is not fitting in eternity, where all that is alive shares to become the summary of everything with value.

Want constructs an animals’ life. Because want puts you first. Pride takes that to the next level, demanding “I will prove” I am the most valuable/ not we. Power then removes the rest, to declare; nobody is more precious than I.

Whereas love discards all these things, to desire life itself, in the grace and beauty of being alive by truth. Where trust is elevated into the destiny we share. See the difference?

More distinctly: trust allows us to enter and share the same destiny of heart, an environment we shape by the purity of our purpose. Desire shapes the definitions of our thought, while love honors the respect we have for each other. These are elements which elevate each other/ or make us vulnerable to what another did do. Because of that, only the pure of heart, and loving of thought, can enter the desire called eternity. We shape each other, and that cannot be given to anything less than value.

While a body in time teaches you the cost of what ownership means. Allows you the freedom to search beyond what is simple survival, and elevate your own desires. Time is not eternal, and a body is not functionally able to survive beyond its own environment. Therefore eternity teaches and selects only those who are able to share the truth, identified by their trust and honest commitment to life itself. “We, not I”.

Even so, “limits and boundaries” do exist to keep us alive and well; as a cost of our freedom in all other things which do grant a value beyond ourselves.

Nothing measures this element of freedom and respect for life and being alive; in you: “more than does the physical realities of sex, between male and female; where your own heart is revealed”. Where truth lives, in the harmony of peace and value; destinies are shaped. The construction of your eternal home.

The foundation of that being: You, CANNOT own me/ manipulate me/ tempt me/ enslave yourself to me, in an attempt to sell you/ threaten me/ or in any way; alter the fact that it is the purity of our love, the acceptance of value found in each heart; that guides our path into “one life shared”. Do not love your penis more, OR: find in man a slave to do your bidding: share being ALIVE, and find more than self. Only then, will joy find you both. To achieve that, the physical act MUST be shifted into the realm of life itself. a footnote: “thought exists only in soul”/ therefore the lesser method of human, or mental “thinking”;  is NOT the same.

LIFE, is more than time; because time only measures a reality that changes due to energy and mass consequences of truth. LIFE in eternity, is not! Instead as thought will recognize, the basis of freedom, the reality of recognition as life, the descriptions of happiness or value in all its forms: are consistent only with thought, and thought cannot be measured, because it is an environment we do not own. Only energy can be constructed as “additionally needed”/ therefore only energy stands between “us and life beyond time of body”. So the question is: can we inherit or construct “a home, without body”? The answer is no; we cannot. But the environment we share with thought is at the core of an essence we call GOD ; and it is the source of all energy within itself. Therefore we can inherit, if we can share, and thereby enter within that soul.

I feel, “completely disassembled”; not a desirable thing. Because it eliminates all the work, and all the decisions I have ever made to identify “me”. Leaving only the base line elements. Instead of “as free as any human could be; in the essence of life itself”/ I am now without options, and just don’t know; what the future might be. Because it is not up to me; controlled, rather than free.

As for you: for humanity to survive, you will face the same circumstances. What you believe will be trashed, in favor of truth decides now. The decisions you have worked with that allow you to be free, at least in human concept; will be discarded, for the evidence of what life and planet will allow for us to do now. The base elements of our time is quite simple: “the universities played god/ and humanity worshiped them by becoming animals, instead of alive”; and now the consequence is: change or be extinct. Because fantasy and imagination are not enough to survive truth and energy. You are without options too; “you, just don’t know it yet”/ you, are without a future you can be certain of: because the reality of consequences due to human decisions, have failed life and planet. Leaving us in the abyss of your wants, at a moment in time; “before we are buried” by what has been done. That fact grants only: to survive, truth must bind you into a working “human, being alive”. Rather than the human animals, which now rule this earth.

Animals cannot change, “they are animals”. Humans, constructed by the values of life and caring; cannot avoid change, because life and planet are too precious to lose, and it is up to them. The human intellectual; conceives of realities that can be proven by the evidence, to exist beyond what we simply see; presenting value, by understanding the concept of knowledge, constructed by truth in the realities of proven laws. That is not “the universities playing god”. It is primarily the evidence of miracles which define us all. At the opposite end of being human alive is “redneck (not the animal)”; but the art of living, without being constricted by the constant infiltration of people and their rules; simply being alive. A value I find desirable. While men search for survival/ women balance that search by sharing what is precious; love honored and respected. Unfortunately for both sexes; little of that exists today. As women try to be men/ and some men try to be women, while the majority try to ‘win it all”/ and both try to construct a life of want, controlled by pride and power instead of love or respect for anything. “Just clutter (no real value here)” everywhere.

The universities hate you; because happiness escapes them, so they want more of everything they want; to prove they are superior; the best a human animal (nothing matters but ME, damn you ME, not you) can be. That fails, because happiness cannot live there, it is buried by pride.

Nonetheless religion lives only now in universities; who own it; and have trashed the value of knowing; something beyond what we call human exists. Their witch-doctors, and functional “two year old” wizards of expertise; shape death into a ghost: “just use your imagination, and we can have anything/ be anything; we want”. Even though that is just not true. But liars exist, and propagate lies to form alliances for power.

BEING ALIVE; is very different than being a human animal. It shapes us into the values we search for most. Leading the journey, into destinies beyond what we can conceive of as self. Mine, seeks GOD as love/ but in living upon this world, I must search for realities of law and truth that will not let this earth or its life die. As is the cost of “university plays god, and the cult of man follows”. Leaving women as the only solution past the point of men cannot save this earth anymore; as history proves true. Their only solution is war, and “world” war is extinction. So the law of living, requires me to search within female; for realities that can survive the crush of a herd in panic: “the end is near”. The evidence is true. That world is hidden, except to female. Making the reality of me; an open definition of whatever, could that mean? The animal wants; but I do not want. Being alive needs, the direction and descriptions of truth; as only truth knows how to achieve the wisdom of thought, and its own dimension called life.

Your answer to panic is: LET TRUTH ALONE DECIDE/ GOVERNED BY THE EVIDENCE/ CONCEIVED BY REALITIES, NOT “imagination, or delusion; as is university”. Constructing the value of life is our association with miracles, while happiness visits only those who choose for love. Love demands justice, fair play, peace, respect, trust, honor and grace, courage and truth of discipline, the order and balance of nature itself; but also the freedom to be “what you choose to be”; as is the essence of a gift called “self”. Only truth survives, it cannot be destroyed by “university expertise/ or media propagation of fool, failure, liar, thief, cheat, terrorist, traitor, cult, or the delusions of playing god. Even so, while all truth survives into eternity, as the evidence of your own identity/ this world does not survive on lies, unless humanity will change; you are now extinct. Time will now prove that true; it is the choice you made.

my answer to personal change is:  “I have no clue”/ life is, whatever it will be. The essence of self remains true, to what it has always been/ but the identity of an individual decision has vanished; to become:  “the spiritual woman and me”. It is a complex beginning, and I don’t think it will include male when it is done. What, “could be more, I don’t know”/ than that. That concept of change, is not by my desire or intent; but the cost of being human, in a world on the edge of extinction, and complete collapse of all things needed to survive as life and earth. We all need to do, whatever the law allows for us to do/ because without law, there is only chaos and anarchy. Each of which is worse, and predicts death  of life and earth; cannot be stopped. The law is:  “your only solution”/ use it wisely.

That cannot be done with “university expertise/ or media propagation of lies and expectation called fantasy, by governmental cult worship disgrace”. Instead reality insists on redress of grievances: THE LAW OF OUR DEMOCRACY, declaring we the people are the owners here/ and you, our employees:  must obey constitutional law and its purposes as written. The investigation of covid, for truth; and who caused this. As well as all other threats of failure and delusions as are the essence of: university plays god:  will determine the final judgment of life or death on earth for our world. But only if you hurry/ because time for play has run out.  investigate what is true; or be extinct. Simple as that/ I can do no more; YOU are the problem/ YOU are the solution: YOU choose life or death for this world. NOT me, I am irrelevant to that discussion/ as I only present you with the evidence that does demand an investigation; because you know, “you cannot let this be wrong”.


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