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The puke and vomit of media mice, who simply repeat whatever “one expert” says to them; then establishes another million sequences of other media mice who sell that information as if “god himself” had said it. And the people say, “they can’t all be wrong”. Yet as with hitler, or religious gurus, or other varied leaders: all it takes to influence a mob of believers; is to tell them what they want to hear. In the case of WW2 Germany: “life can be better than this”. To give them control, and make them saviors (great among many; hero’s); as is the passion for pride, and power among the vast majority who believe. Yet reality points to the question of a pandemic; and finds no secured evidence at all; but plenty of illusions (as magicians produce). Believers claim a mandate to take it for all: yet in a short time, now its a 3rd booster shot; which means not working. Yet they claim its safe, very quickly; when we know a wide variety of consequences to various chemical infiltration’s of the body; do not reveal themselves as cancer for years. The only way; ANY SCIENCE; could predict “safe”; is if they had been trying out the vaccine years in advance of declaring “we have it”. Way back; when they first created the disease, in a laboratory; as depicted by reality: “we can sell this”.

We review history like this: because this is America, and we are indoctrinated with Nazi history, rather than Japanese history; the bent here is toward Nazi, rather than a historical review of all cultures. “same, just different names”!

World war 1 created 50 year memories of mutilation, destruction, denial, lies, theft, cheating, stealing, rape, ravaging, terrorism, traitors and more. Which became punishment for Germany after they lost. But that means; in the twenty years between WW1 & WW2; you punished every child in Germany; and as teenagers and older; they all screamed UNFAIR, we did not cause that pain. As is the constant of delusions, that opened the door: to shouts we can do better than this, for ourselves! Which is the rise of Nazi; because want is want, and when reality opens a door, to fill that want: regardless of the method. The mob flows in, to get more; and the demand quickly changes to we will take what we want; now that we have something: as reality fills the room with too many to hold. Those who have what they want, feel secured and say NOT here you won’t; because we own/ we pay: the police, to hold you back. So the leader of Nazi; forms the playground of words, and creates the illusion of rights: to discredit the police, and remove their power to control society, by introducing: we are the superior ones. The courts are corrupted with “trinkets, trophies, and toys; or threatened”; and media serves only itself/ government is filled by puppets: to insure they are not overrun as well. The currency is traded for war; because there is now nothing else left; its all gone. Just like America today. So begins WW2/ and starts WW3.

BECAUSE: every war is about the overflow of people, who now have little or nothing; as is the result of over population in the environment. “its starve or war”/ because the earth cannot provide. Its ravage, rape, pillage, plunder, destroy, and deny: because there are so many wants; and so little to take honestly: that law cannot hold them back. The tv show “survivor”; is university imagination at work, “nothing matters, life is a game, don’t worry; just plot and plunder and plan against the others, so that you can take it all. Discard them like dust. The tv show “alone”; is a real world example of what reality means; and how little can be found, unless you are working for your future. A reality the universities NEVER approach; because in their fantasy world, of puke and failure; the real world of consequences for each action or reaction: does not exist. Their plunder, pillaging, rape, ravaging, vile disrespect, terrorism, betrayal, curse, theft, cheating, anarchy, corruption, conspiracies, and more; thereby form the basis of annihilation, that causes us all to face our own extinction in this day. As our world in reduced from possibilities for life; into the MUTILATION AND EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION; that certifies, NOBODY survives.

The cost of failure, is disrespect and denial of consequences for what you do. As they NOW prepare to destroy all insects remaining; the final link in a base food group of life and living. All that depends upon them; will die as well. The cost of failure, the denial of consequences: for raiding the currency of every nation/ destroying economic survival in most nations/ the murderous rampage of ruining the foundations of business and industry/ mutilation of nature: GENETICS ARE NATURE ITSELF, not a game! The endless failure of psychotic insanity; as is evolution, and its grand gesture; “we can do anything we want”; because chaos builds life/ so WE WANT CHAOS; to prove evolution is true. Therefore they mutilate nature into destruction, so that evolution has to “come true”. Proving no greater fool/ no bigger idiot/ no less valuable human being; has ever been born, “than a university diploma”. As they all, allow this to go on/ and their cult worshipers claim, “we are gods”; in full submission, to the dead.

You are set up for war. You are set up for starvation and cannibalism. You are set up for genetic collapse. You are set up for atomic balance to collapse. You are set up for war with weapons of mass destruction. You are giving your worst enemies, “the money (inflation don’t matter)/ thereby power”; to finish executing you. You are fighting for extinction/ NOT life or planet. You are fools, LIARS, traitors, and thieves; as the reality of university delusions end all possibility for life or planet, to go on. Who has more shame than you?

a man asked me at the beginning of “covid vaccine”: convince me, the universities are not correct? I replied simply, as is the truth of genetic realities:  you could have your arms fall off. Because that illustrates the intensity of playing with genetic truth. It has not changed; because we don’t know: how the skin is formed, the mind works, the body regulates, the organs form, the muscles create, the bones transport and grow in order, balancing each other; OR A TRILLION OTHER REALITY OF BODILY TRUTH.  and that includes how what we eat grows into a life body. because the end result of it all is:  WE ARE BUILT OF ATOMS, AND THOSE ARE REGULATED TO PERFORM THE CONSTRUCTION OF LIFE, “without us”. So playing within the delusions of “scientists”/ are like cutting off your own arms, or even worse.

here is a tidbit of news:  whether you like mosquitoes or not/ they are a base line food source, for a wide variety of living things. your “genetic cannibalism” of them; will end in the extinction of all that needed a mosquito to survive. That chain of life broken; puts everything that depends upon, those life forms that depended upon the mosquito at risk. Plus every mutilation presents another chemical into biology, which aids disease and the destruction of peace in the assembly of life. Or more simply life is more complex in every form: than you. alas, “if you only had a brain”.

The worst humanity can be: is the result of “extreme arrogance and disrespect/ as is consistent with the university diploma; and its IMAGINATION”. as is identified by every level of extinction threat we face as a world. not only a cancerous disease upon this earth/ but people who cannot even conceive of helping life or planet; because they are too righteous and too arrogant to believe anything other than the university is their god;  a religious cult, without a brain/ as they slowly sink in the septic curse of fantasies and delusions; that are killing this living world. Shame on you. As is the foundation of your religion called evolution: “just don’t need a damn brain”/ chaos is god. WHAT could be more pitiful, than they?


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