The true value of life, is found only in love: the foundation upon which we build a life shared, because we did choose to care. The foundation of hate is: you chose not to care or share, because you chose to believe want, pride, and power was more important than life itself. The difference being: that life lives within the desire of your hope/ while death circles to consume those who simply believe this is “the best life can be”. The critical conception is: does eternity exist, or not? Because if you believe time is all you get, then want will consume you; as everything turns into a game, or a power struggle to prove “you can”. In contrast: where eternity is assured, and living is just a step into that direction of love without boundaries or limits/ the value of life chooses to recognize, without these other living desires of hope, to share and care a future of living; we have only very little to hope for. So life recognizes the value of other living identities, and the search is on: for those who live for truth. Truth alone survives beyond time/ but your identity is your truth, and therefore it can be sustained as that truth you did build with your life in time. The question of eternity is simple: life is a gift, just as body is a miracle, and no degree of lies can reduce that to chaos or an accident, because the evidence is absolute: {NOTHING here is because of men or women, but hate}. The complexity is beyond our comprehension; as is the truth of that definition; creating thought beyond human life. JESUS is the guarantor we were not simply “created and forgotten”; it is enough for me; CHOOSE. As to limits; our knowledge is obviously incomplete and without true understanding. Therefore we have no sustainable wisdom to consider all the possibilities of an eternity. But we do know; that energy creates motion, and the potential for motion; as is our definition of living. So if energy is merely transformed into “something else”/ then living can be transformed into “something else”. We know, that our conception of thought: is our foundation for life and freedom and all things human, as is being alive/ rather than being an animal. Thought constructs the value of love, by its recognition of happiness. While happiness identifies, where love has blossomed, and is ready to be shared. So the question is: WHERE will your thought take you into the future, as is hope. Animals search for sex (I want chemicals)/ pride (I am the superior one), and power (you cannot refuse me); none of which respect life itself. Being ALIVE searches for life itself, with respect for all that life and living have provided for our future. The value of thought/ the value of time; is then depicted by where you search. So the question is: once the body of time has been abandoned, will the value of “your thought/ your search”; be left?

Here we must identify the truth: that energy is not the kinetic or potential of movement/ but the cause that created the release or construction of what energy actually is. Energy is not: “E=MC sq”/ which is only the formula for kinetic energy with speed as a constant. Energy is: the foundation of change in environment, that results in the kinetic and potential to move. So it is environment that decides what can, or will move. Here the question defines a relationship, that forms the universe itself, which results in time (the measured release of energy we know); and will NOT be discussed. However if we remove the measurement, we recognize the energy; and understand the environmental search for forces which then shape our own existence.

The decision which focuses on a destination: creates a direction. That direction confines our search into what we desire most. That desire identifies the values we cherish most; and then hope creates the fundamentals of where we choose to be. So the question is: if your truth as an identity survives past time/ then what is the destiny that you choose most? Each must answer for themselves, as none “can be you”. When we choose, to enter within the thought that transformed this universe into our reality of existence. We choose to search for “GOD”. When we choose to search for JESUS in our reality beyond time; what you accept as true, becomes your guide. As for me, JESUS represents eternal love as shaped by his relationship with “GOD” our CREATOR. Therefore destiny to me, remains the decision of love, or more distinctly, the direction that defines our CREATOR; “lives here” most. That does not mean it is an easy journey; it only means: I choose my Creator first.

Reality insists, that I should qualify “my direction” slightly. The spiritual world only allows for truth; therefore, when coming to the great divide in life beyond time/ I was not invited to continue at that moment. Therefore turned back to this earth; to fight for life and planet. Finding NO possibility of survival in men; “this is the best they can do”. I turned to search in female, finding that reality of dimension: I opened the door only “to ask a question: what could you do for this world”? But was pushed inside, and life is different as a result. Consequently, I really don’t know: “how this ends for me”/ as reality insists, none shall enter a dimension of truth and escape it. UNLESS you can truly understand its dimension of heart. I do not/ female is an entirely different world inside. Both male and female share the same destiny, in the search for GOD / but the path is a different one, and I am not equipped for the job. “ITS complicated”.

Women would NOT share any information I needed to know. The consequence being, I looked beyond that element of time, into the destiny shaped by differences; to find, the beginning of what is “a very different view of life and living”. Unfortunately, male does not understand; even when female demands he shall. NO, I don’t need to convince you of anything; “that, IS NOT my job”.

While I cannot guarantee you anything more than the evidence will allow; the reality of life itself, is a miracle/ and only a fool, liar, or thief would offer that it could be less.

IF, I don’t tell you “something, about me”: then you will use your imagination as is “university taught”/ and find all manner of fantasy, delusion, fool, failure, stupid, idiot, arrogant, diseased, and all other adjectives as is the common or constant of “university knows”. So, I add this: that I am NOT religious, “which means to believe without the evidence”. Rather I have faith, as presented by the evidence, and search for truth as best I can; relying upon reality to teach me as respect identifies law. The consequence being: “I am far more simple/ yet far more complex” than you understand. Even so, I have traveled the same path open to all.

Reality insists, that I review that last statement: because I veered from the “same path”. When entering the spiritual world of female. Reality insists, that I now accept the truth: I can never leave that “new description of life and living”. Reality insists: although the spiritual world of female and I balanced each other for the first 12 years of time. My insistence upon “they will never learn/ I wish to go back to the life I knew as man; without female control”. I did not accept the truth: I cannot leave, that door is closed; and the cost of male unleashed in a female dimension was more than she could allow. Yes I know you cannot understand ANY of that; but I do not care what you believe is or is not true. That is useless to me.

Instead truth allows, that only purity constructs a home in truth, and truth allows or aligns with: now I must either be here to balance female, for her work in this world; as she balanced me so that I could finish my work. Or, in a construction of disciplines I do NOT understand; the changes required of me, are only beginning; and will end I know not where. Nonetheless, the fantasy of returning back to a “strictly male” world; is now over. The decision to participate begins; even though I know not how; as it is a very different world of living. LIFE will decide, and I will simply hope, “for happiness, in me”. Change can be “for good or bad, as order allows the balance of truth, to complete its work”; the realities of time, will tell.

Reality decides, that there must be definitions included.

We then begin with “its complicated”: a relationship formed by the contrast between male and female in a direct and inescapable combination of both. The reality is: while achieving a greater balance through each input of values; the cost of being intimately intertwined; means one version of life and living, will make the final decision. That is dependent upon which proves to be: the greater degree of truth. Which makes me, “the one who must accept, the value of our direction matters more, than my desire”. It is a complicated description of freedom removed, but values gained. A reality more distinctly female, than it is male; in common gender terms; on this earth. It is change, without my desire to change; even though the greater desire is: that life and earth should survive/ and in the end result of this work; that is all that matters in time and truth; for my contribution back: To GOD ,for the life given to me.

The cult of university defined is: that while knowledge has a value/ not all knowledge or the search for knowledge is valid. Hate is a sewer, and needs very little knowledge to know this is a rabid disgrace, which infects the poor of heart. The search of all extreme experimentation is a rotting corpse; a pandemic infection, that is truly destroying life and world. The religious zealot that is “media” in all its forms: is a foundation upon which the serpent of failure, and the worship of fools seeks its victims, and immobilizes the believers, with “we can’t all be wrong”/ even though its just a few, that media blooms into disgrace and death and sewage of fools. Religion is a coward. Arrogance is a Satan; as the extreme delusions of “Imagination” take control over life, and do horrid and horrifying tragedies to the living. Or more distinctly: it is not knowledge that I attack with “university”/ it is your failures (resource destruction), foolishness (the universities know/ the hidden horrors of CERN), idiocy (evolution is insanity), lies (manipulation of evidence and realities of being wrong), theft (destroying the currency and base of human dignity), betrayal (mutilating nature), terrorism (trying to ignite atoms on fire), disgrace (claiming miracles are merely chaotic accidents), disrespect (denying the value of life/ the sacred reality of DON’T touch this), cult worship (propaganda leads), tragedy (don’t worry, just trust the universities), and satanic worship (no consequences for us); that I do truly despise.

I, trusted the concept, that I would be able to understand “the female experience/ and thereby escape the spiritual element defined by that truth”. I, was wrong; do to the reality of finding in female, “a very different world of experiences and expressions/ a foreign language, I could not define”. Do you see all the “I’s” in that? Proving the concepts which we accept on a personal level direct our path/ and establish the consequences we will endure. my world” turned upside down/ my truth, making it undefinable; as reality forces me to start over; with more questions than answers.

It should, be understood: that never once in my life previous to this, was there ever a moment to suggest “I would rather be female”. Instead, every part of life and living; was directed to respect for women and girls/ created to be, an honor conceived between male and female/ a hope for values in truth, that would shape our future as one. But never a moment considering “who, what, where, when, why, how, or other that women” are/ NOT my job. My job, was to be male! But finding NO possibility for this world to survive in men: this is the best they did do; after thousands of years. I turned to question female, as the passion for keeping this living world, alive; demanded an answer. NEVER for a second; was anything more considered. BUT passions shape our destiny, and realities shape our choices; whether you like them or not. Which leaves me within a reality I cannot escape; after opening the spiritual door of female. THIS, living is now; like being turned inside out; an identity being lost/ even though the reality of “me” remains. Turns out, it is my job to “understand female”; even if, that seems highly unlikely without all the equipment, that makes female, true to female. “its complicated”, and I don’t know how this ends. YOU cannot understand any of it, as even the concept of spiritual evades you. I do understand that, however truth demands: that you should understand, “I am not exactly the same” as you. My life, my reality, my thoughts; are different; because my passions have taken me on a different journey than have yours. Values, purposes, desires, love, truth, trust, disciplines, order, respect, happiness, hope, acceptance; courage or fear; are all elements in every life, same: BUT what you do with them, is different in each one.

The spiritual dimension, adds an entirely different definition of life based upon the purity of your true passions. The desire, that this world of life should remain living; is greater than any other truth in me. The reality male cannot keep this world alive; has changed everything; to accomplish what is true. My desire for eternity with GOD is far greater/ but respect for the realities of life and living upon this earth, means: I do have a responsibility, “to do, whatever I can do/ before I leave this time on earth”.  Spiritual elements of life, are not given for you to believe/ they are simply allowed, as the means to conceptualize me. NOT for your entertainment; but for honesty in the construction of “why”. Understanding female, is neither perversion or imagination/ but a reality of invasion, that I cannot avoid or escape. There is nothing male, about the tits growing here [men have no descriptions; “just strange”]/ or the chemicals they release [bad; overwhelming]/ or the realities of what that means [NOT sexy on me; just weird]. It really is, “like being in the back seat of a vehicle; going somewhere”; but completely under someone else s’ control. “overrun, I can hardly stand it”. Many a woman would say: “that, is what marriage has done to me”/ and I do understand what that now means. But make no mistake; a lot of women drive “their men”/ into disaster as well. Not fair, but I have no say; “ten thousand: NO s’, change nothing”.  BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, this is strictly between women and me. NO MALE is allowed for sex, or any conception of sex, or any delusion of sex: at the cost of your own eternity (a truth). “friends, working together/ anything but sex” is simply normal and plainly safe/ BUT nothing sexual here for you: not ever!  Nonetheless, its not all bad; just not free. Freedom is the foundation of all happiness, as given by hope.

Not a game/ not a perversion/ not a temptation/ not a desire: or more distinctly, “a thousand simple; “I, just don’t know why, or how,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”. Don’t know why me; just don’t know: life has changed; no clue how it all ends for me. The evidence of you however is very clear: extinction looms, and you hide instead of fight for life or planet: to your shame. The cost of that for women in particular, will be horrendous: with another billion mouths to feed every 4-5 years/ reality will be forced to look at “the baby-makers”. Not trying to scare you: the evidence of threat is real/ but not by or from me; as truth reveals it is so. To change this planet, you MUST begin with world laws over leaders/ you MUST accept limited capitalism as the society you rebuild/ you MUST find and enforce RESPECT for life, planet, child, GOD, and more. It is your choice, but make no mistake population control is absolutely required of you. A vasectomy cannot be your answer, men cannot be your answer: as everybody knows, “it only takes a tiny few men to create LOTS of pregnancy”. Birth control is, “a woman’s job”/ your body equals your choice; no men allowed. But they must pay.

MORE SIMPLY: fight with law, while you can fight at all; so that life can be preserved: because the day will soon come, “when it cannot”. If human, and world realities do not change. Men worship “the same”; and cannot change what they have done without you; which means extinction is certain. Unless you participate as female is here now, demanding recognition. NOT AS MEN DO; but as life and planet needs! The difference is critical and true. Making the laws, and causing them to be enforced: establishes “THE LAW” Rules us all, now. NOT men, but LAW. Therefore concentrate on law, and identify justice; so that all can agree, “this is best”. NOT a game, as threats have been identified from “every side”; and even if you try, there is no guarantee life on earth will survive. As the damage done already is severe. EVICT “university imagination and experimentation”; but keep, the knowledge that does have value and respect. Reality demands it should be so. But make no mistake: change MUST come, and the universities led us here, to this moment of our own potential extinction. They shall not lead anymore; nor shall men. ONLY THE LAW, by its truth and reality: or you fail.

DON’T be fooled by media, and its immersion into delusions of power or pride! Women cannot war equally with men; mass matters, and so do numerous other realities of body. THE LAW, makes us all equal! IT IS equality, that stands guard against hate. FIGHT FOR LAW, and it will make you equal.

The difference between myself and universities is: I only gamble with self/ while they gamble with all life and planet, our every existence in time. Yet few “see the difference”: because you are believers, and once a believer it means you have joined the herd. That herd protects its claim “we can’t all be wrong”; with removing all influences not in alliance with what they believe; as would be me.   Just a simple note:  if you are suffering from carpel tunnel symptoms:  simply put your hand flat and spread out on preferably a pillowed surface; and sit on it for several minutes; as this will re-extend the tendons which have shrunk because of typing or other.

IN CONTRAST TO HAPPINESS: this occurs right now; and is spread throughout my work; as the fundamental reason I traded life in time/ to demand STOP.

That is written with this joined: you stand on the slope, of a descending abyss; and yet you do not know that is true. Because you want what you want, and you trust the media is going to tell you whatever you need to know: as the universities tell them, what to think. Trusting the universities to be your god/ EVEN THOUGH they are functionally most responsible for the fact we face our own extinction here and now. A reality that is beyond foolish and stupid and vile. Yet a believer is a believer: because they want to be told, how and why, to live. They want what they want, so they join the herd most likely to give them what they want most; and cannot hear anything else. Deaf/ mute/ dumb/ blind/ foolish, and beyond help; because belief is a prison, and it will not let you free, until you question what is true. Trusting universities and media, or even the disgrace of government and religion: will not tell you what is true. ONLY the evidence of our reality can do that, and it does not contain a single expert (not one “I”); to deny or allow what reality can define as real. Which means: YOU MUST use your own mind, and think for yourself/ a reality in complete defiance of everything the herd desires for itself, to be. So the years have been a waste; although I must continue to hope for you; because that is the basis of life and living in time. Without hope, we die. Without truth to decide for us; we fail life and planet to become EXTINCT. So says reality, by the evidence you fail to accept. Every truth has its consequence/ and once the bones have been picked clean by your lies; which buffer the reality of our existence: extinction will prove itself real/ and beyond your grasp to stop. And all the world says: DON’T TELL ME NOTHING/ I don’t want to hear it; I am innocent; and you cannot make me guilty; because I didn’t do nothing. SO DON’T TELL ME NOTHING/ BECAUSE MY DEFENSE IS: I DIDN’T KNOW NOTHING/ so you can’t blame me for taking all I could get/ and giving absolutely nothing back to life or planet. “claiming thereby: I am innocent! Even though reality proves you guilty. Reality proves: the “believer/herd’ (we can’t all be wrong)” cannot blame itself, or it disbands, and the people are now adrift in a sea of doubt/ so they need an enemy to focus upon; regardless of right or wrong. Neither can they blame the leaders, because they need them; therefore the enemy MUST be expendable, “of little value to us”. When you have an enemy, you don’t need proof or evidence or truth; the enemy can then be “killed”, and the problem of blame, is solved.

Tragedy surrounds us all, hiding in the closet of a burning house: WILL NOT save you, WILL NOT accept your claim of innocent/ or the fact you did nothing, even though you knew something serious, was wrong. No water: the Apocalypse. Mutilating nature: Armageddon. Destroying the balance of heat/ sea/ land/ food/ resource; EVERYTHING: equals HELL. Igniting the planet itself on fire; “just like the sun”: equals HADES (eternal punishment). And there is more. So, as the cult of university worshipers shout: ALL hail, the universities as god! I remind you: their only real claim to be god is destruction. And since their reality is death of a world: THAT DOES proclaim your god is SATAN.

The end result of my work, at this time is: as reality proved it throughout the years. Once you find yourselves in trouble and failing life and planet: you will come to me screaming: “I should have done MORE/ or I, should have MADE YOU understand better”. And I will say to you: “my work stands for itself, in testimony against your claims”. YOU SHOULD HAVE, “done better, for life, work, child, planet, GOD, and more”. Not me, I ain’t your savior. And I won’t lead, so you CAN then blame me. I only provide information; YOU make your own decisions. As life intends; you shall learn.

And the herd says: WE CAN’T let him win, we all want, what we want!

But life and planet are not a game, and NOBODY “WINS”; when we all go extinct! It is only pride (YES WE CAN) that makes this anything but a demand to investigate the evidence and prove what happens when you are WRONG. The consequence of power (YES YOU DID)/ versus, the reality of truth is: “you can’t change this/ it is, what it is”.

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