If there is a conclusion to this work; it must be this.

Throughout my time, I have been confronted by an endless array of decisions to be made; some dedicated to truth, some life, some work, some trying to instill chaos, and so on. Having survived each one, my advise to you is: DON’T let your mind control your life! Because if allowed, to consider all the possibilities; that when the consequences are truly grim if correct/, becomes fear. There is a boundary that will be crossed; if fear enters. The body and mind; can overrule life itself, if you accept “everything bad”. Life requires truth to survive/ whereas body and mind require only time and health. The quest for sanity, the value of being alive, courage, respect, and more all rely upon TRUTH wins here. If you let “the human animal” control; truth will fail, and the consequences will appear. The primary discipline is: “face your fear/ and let GOD decide; because we will all die, and eternity then begins.” Discover truth, search for it, identify what is true in you, and even if you fail; remember life (being alive inside, rather than wanting to be human outside) is not without hope. Even if: reality rules. The critical quest is: are miracles true? The universities shout no, because they want what they want; and that is for you never to interfere/ but slave for them instead. But respect knows: every miracle of life and earth is an engineering marvel; so far beyond anything the universities are capable of; that they compete as if only worms or monkeys trying to take control. You cannot build you/ and neither can they; because the levels of thought are so extreme and complex; we literally have no conception of what that truly means. We do however know: even tiny complications in the building of life, or its living as a body of existence: can be killed, by even tiny infractions against the foundations of balance and order which do keep us alive. You cannot build a tongue/ you cannot regulate the body or its organs/ you cannot create a single hair, not an eyelash either; yet with absolute silence, you let the universities gamble with life and planet; as less than monkeys playing god. Because media has tricked you into “stupidity: none are more foolish or stupid, than a university which gambles our world. Which has only one outcome: all life becomes extinct. Reality rules, but do not surrender your hope; as that keeps us alive: DO, WHAT YOU CAN LEGALLY DO!

While JESUS is remembered: because HIS LIFE, and his work clearly defined the differences between love and hate/ life defined by a future called eternity for those who chose love, and lived by truth within respect for the miracles of life that we all are. “thereby saving the world”; from itself, and the assertions “we were born that way”. We were not, everyone has a choice, and none are allowed to disavow that choice and blame another. Even if they caused extreme grief: the end result which is a life called love or hate is your choice alone. Survival intervenes and demands reality decides all the rest. But alas in this day the universities have risen to claim: HELL NO, there are NO consequences for us, because now we are gods/ and all the people followed them. Because they want the power of pride to decide/ and believe, life is not a miracle as the universities claim; but an accident over an endless period of time, that thereby: cannot be proven wrong (because billions of years are billions of years).

My work is far less than love or hate/ life eternal or not; miracles to prove the clear value of HIS life, as seen in the work HE did do. I am simply a messenger; given the task to learn by a long series of “functionally BUT WHY”/ would I learn this. Or more distinctly; I spent my life in time, learning about all the things which humanity does wrong/ so as to deliver the message: you do have a choice. Choices based upon knowledge have power, as a world/ not as an individual; when that knowledge is communicated for the values of life/ rather than the disgrace of pride, as is the university cult choice: of “we worship, the demand WE WON’T PAY/ let the children die instead”/ we are gods, making power the only choice there is.

As believers: you have no brain/ because to believe anything you want to believe, requires that you lock out the rest of the world, and live with those beliefs as your only true friend. Religion suggests: “that is great”/ but reality knows: only truth survives/ and what is not true, can easily destroy your own eternity. Therefore true faith is a search, for what is true; refining every particle of hope and truth, by the evidence of what reality itself will prove; as a foundation of laws which give life the ability to rise above death or time. Faith removes belief/ because it does not allow for want; as want can be anything you desire it to be. Truth cannot: it is what it is. Thereby creating a foundation upon which life can be anchored against the motions of energy/ the shapes of time; gained or lost, or even the variations of mental calamity, that can affect us all.

Religion uses belief, because it cannot explain a wide variety of elements that we must endure as life on this planet. Therefore they say “just believe”, and let that fill in the gaps, so that you do not falter and die from doubt. The universities use belief as “their imagination” is all it takes to produce an endless variety to the fantasies and delusions which they call “true”/ but is not; making them a liar/ versus religion, which simply does not know. That is the difference; but a cult bridges the gap; and uses belief to describe themselves as “better than religion/ because we know; better than university, because we are gods (no consequences for us), not just people claiming to know”. SUPERIOR to you.

While honest religion has value, it has been mixed with university claims of fantasy, delusion, imagination, and the power, pride, and want of playing god; because they do not pay, at this moment/ but secretly hide the truth of their destruction:  every child will be murdered because of you, as is the result of your garbage mountains (the death of resources)/ your failures to respect life, planet, society, government, communication, courts, water, food, life, oceans: EVERYTHING. As is found in every resource destroyed, chain of life murdered, all ocean life soon extinct, global overheating, population out of control decimating the earth itself, and all the rest. The consequence being most religion has joined the cult of “university knows/ it can play god”. As is found in the mutilation of all genetics which is nature itself. And yet not one single word from any religious body in denial. Not a soul found shouting LIFE IS SACRED/ and so is this planet, but me. And I am not allowed to do more: YOU are the threat/ YOU are the solution. So not a person/ not an organization found; that says to university: YOU SHALL NOT IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE (lets burn atoms) “just like the sun here”/ because the cost of being wrong is we are ALL incinerated. BECAUSE FIRE, is fire, and this whole planet is made out of fuel; just like the sun. so the universities say; “its not fire/ the sun is something else imaginary, and can’t harm us at all”. Making all who believe that; THE MOST IGNORANT AND STUPID PEOPLE every born.

While I have proven them wrong with clear and distinct realities of life and evidence/ pride refuses to die, and power continues its propagation of lies; because they all/ you all, want to play god; and take whatever you wish, without paying the cost of being wrong. You will soon die, because every truth has its consequences. And the universities chose death through extinction of all life on earth; as their cause. To your shame, you do not even question the reality of a single truth in evidence of that fact.

So, we then “get to me”/ as a messenger you will not accept. And as from the beginning I told all: DON’T believe in me, BELIEVE IN TRUTH, AND INVESTIGATE THE REALITIES OF CHOICE; that will make this earth EXTINCT; as the price for being wrong. Yet within massive agreement: all shout, “the university is god/ and you are nobody”. So, I reminded you: “I am nobody”/ but the cost of being wrong is everything; and YOU OWE IT to life, to learn what is true. Thereby able to make a decision for yourselves based upon facts; NOT me or your former classmates, who label themselves the university/ by memorizing and mimicking what they were told to believe.

And the people shout: “they are gods, they gave us medicine/ keeping us alive”. But as you look around you: overpopulation of humanity, all by itself; now threatens to destroy this earth, in every conceivable way. Which means: what you wanted so desperately, now confronts you with the truth: CHANGE WITHOUT THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE CONSEQUENCES THAT WILL COME; turn out badly, and can make you extinct. Making this earth into HELL; because of what you did do. So as is the cost of everything this generation did do/ they take for themselves everything they could want/ and kill the children, by destroying even the possibility of a future; as is the price of what they do.

You now have an “endless list of realities, many of which can make this earth extinct; with just one”. You have chosen to allow mutilation of genetics; even though the price of it will be HORRIFYING. You have refused to intervene in those who try to ignite this planet into a sun. You have accepted endless trillions of tons of highly poisonous chemicals to be spewed upon this earth. You are manipulated and control by media propaganda, confronted by weapons of mass destruction, denied food and water by the realities which are coming soon. You chose to destroy the lives of your child, and every living thing on earth; and you call yourselves gods, after worshiping, your cult leaders of university as is Satan. And religion says “yes, they are gods”/ discarding the truth of what you don’t know; to follow the road with all the rest of the herd, which is intent, as always; upon taking all it can get. Not human, animal.

As for the few, who are simply like me; searching for truth beyond want. To find life, rather than death. I do wish you well, reminding you like it or not; everyone has a right to make their own decisions. It is not up to you or I to judge them/ we are only allowed to witness to what we have chosen for ourselves. Because the end result of it all is: this earth separates those who can enter into eternity and survive/ from those who cannot. As is the evidence of truth in you, as will be your own evidence of life inside, contained by love, and chosen by respect. GOD IS GOD, which means, whatever HE chooses to allow/ or take away/ or let go extinct; will now decide. Because the mass of humanity has failed; and we must accept (as best we can) whatever it is, that time now brings.

Biblically speaking, Revelation 16: 17-21 predicts “Yellowstone super volcano” will erupt, producing the end; the very last chance for humanity to change and survive, is now past. I provided information on how to mitigate that explosion, but you refused as always; wanting what you want/ and denying you owe anything to life or child or planet. No brain, just cult worship; as the children who did not fit in; became your gods behind their “wizard of oz” curtain. No brain, just cult worship; as your reliance on media to inform you, turns you into the predictions of “1984”. your planet is being destroyed by CERN/ your planet is being threatened from all sides and in all ways; as is life on earth. Yet your only concern is: “the universities are too smart for me or you, to challenge”; they know everything. And yet EXTINCTION LOOMS LARGE, and forever; because of the choices they made/ with media forcing obedience as they propagate lies, and failure/ curses, and disaster.

In case the blight and plague of “university knows”, has spewed “cancer in the brain”; with their disgrace called evolution, and their attack on Creation by thought and law and reality; has been devalued for you. The list of consequences created in Revelation is like the saying “all of life on earth was created in 7 days”. While it is clear, “like the architect” for your buildings: the plans are completed, before the building process truly begins. The list of consequences, can also be laid out in preparation: for the final destruction of life on earth. Or, if Revelation 12-22 is correct; some degree of life or living will remain; even after the rest is gone. Thought grants the freedom and recognition of life/ while energy gives it motion and the potential for change.

I did do, what I could do for you; but soon you will shout, “this is all my fault/ because I did not do enough”. Yet, I cannot make you change, only you can do that. I cannot force you to think for yourselves, only you can do that. I had nothing to do with all that threatens you: that is entirely you, and your worship of universities; under the direction of media is “the high priest” of cult worshiping university. YOU chose the lies of counterfeit currency/ you chose lies rather than truths/ you chose the universities to be your god; even though they wreck our world, and prepare extinction for all. YOU, not me; did this to us all. Simple as that, but then animals as the universities made you; are not responsible for what they do; right? Wrong: because you were born human/ but failed life comes first, NOT WANT. To your own shame.

And the people say: “they can’t all be wrong/ we know who to trust: and it ain’t you”! But I remind you one last time: that ONLY A VERY TINY FEW, make all the decisions of a university/ and the rest either go along with that, or they are evicted; from “participating with us, and our money; power and pride”. MEDIA only reports what these very tiny few tell them is true; and they NEVER investigate the evidence. Or they cannot investigate the evidence, because “foreign language’s (including math)” keep them out. So they believe, and power knows: that manipulating, corrupting, denying access, propagating obedience, claiming success, and destroying the consequences of what is being done/ by taking control over governments, courts, education, media and more. Are how you get to overrule reality, and play god with life. Because anything less, than a full onset of cult worship; “leaves a brain somewhere”. And that, is NOT allowed. I HAVE NEVER asked for trust; as does university/ I asked for an investigation of the evidence to prove the cost of being WRONG.  nothing more than that, and as with a single voice shouting; “you said NO”.

THIS is literally no different than those who claim: “the entire police force is at fault/ or the entire church organization is responsible/ or the entire corporation is to be blamed: when realistically a few “made the wrong choice”; independent of those organizations. Which means the entire, legal society is blatantly corrupt, and searching for plunder instead of justice; which allows media to do the same. I say a few individuals who claim to be experts, have failed the test of what it means to be WRONG; for life and world. You say, you are only one man, who knows nothing compared to an entire organization. But reality says: IT AIN’T THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION who is making these claims/ BUT IT IS AN ENTIRE WORLD THAT WILL BE LOST; because of what it costs, when these few are proven wrong. And we cannot escape the consequences of their failure to accept reality or its truth. Even so: “wrong, spreads far and wide”/ among those who claim “we know everything we need to know”.

Reality states: if proven wrong, about any of the university claims for superiority/ then all the rest of what they have claimed in terms of extreme experiments and mutilation of genetics: falls into doubt. And must be proven true, rather than a cult worship of lies based upon delusions, fantasies, or imagination; as is the basis of university knows.

Critical to this fact is: LET THEM PROVE EVOLUTION, with more than just “this looks like that/ and nobody can say nothing, if we claim billions of years built life one piece at a time “from chaos”. IN CONTRAST: are the foundations of life itself, “that you need all you have from the beginning (blood, heart, bones, muscles, brain, skin, etc)/ or life will not survive. As is the constant proven by death. That requires “thought, design, respect for the laws that govern life, truth based within the realities which are present and will not be changed by lies. MIRACLES prove themselves to be “miracles”; as no man or woman can defeat them or compare. As to billions of years; that along with their claims of “yes we can ignite a nuclear fire/ and it will just extinguish itself”/ are an outright lie, without the tiniest bit of truth. The sun burns a nuclear fuel, by creating a plasma which is self sustaining on the sun. The atoms do not explode initially, because the kinetic energy is held within spin/ which means, an opposite energy source must exist to hold the atom together, or it just flies away, “like a rock, on a string; being swung in a circle must be held at the center.” When forced to bump into each other, as in a plasma state: that friction generated by the impact from each nucleus; creates heat. When enough heat is released, the opposing (opposite of kinetic energy) neutron of the nucleus becomes solar gravity. Because the sun burns atoms for fuel: WE KNOW its longevity is limited by size. For a billion years on this planet: that sun would have had to be: “enormously bigger”/ and that would not allow life to be generated here. We know the sun burns fuel by reality “it ain’t magic, as the universities contend with fantasies”. We know that a supernova exists: and we know that it grows up to three times bigger before it explodes; and that CAN ONLY MEAN; it is burning more fuel. Until it does explode when the final, internal fuel mass of the sun becomes ignited into an explosion. We know, that an explosion which cannot escape fast enough: MUST then turn back onto itself/ which then under specific conditions; creates a black hole.

Force “your university gods” to prove the evidence is wrong! Because they are using their delusions: to destroy this earth/ and life deserves a hearing; to “decide for yourselves”. BECAUSE YOUR FAILURES CONSTRUCTED BY A CULT, FORMED FROM MEDIA MANIPULATION; IS GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH, INCLUDING THE PLANET ITSELF.  WRONG IS EXTINCTION, and that means you have no right to refuse.

THE DEMAND IS PROVE YOUR CLAIM OF FACTS; after all evolution has had over a hundred years to do so. They don’t need more time! THIS IS A DEMAND FOR TRUTH, AS IS the university claim of “science”/ so let the best evidence win. THEY ARE GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE AND NATURE, THE PLANET AS WELL. They don’t need no more time; as our earth/ our living world depends upon the fact, “that they won’t be proven wrong”. That means: they can wait with their experiments/ UNTIL WE DECIDE, if they can be believed. SIMPLE AS THAT.

IT IS NOTED: That abortion is NOT birth control, as birth control comes before the need for an abortion presents itself. Therefore NOT the same.

NONETHELESS: no woman should be disrespected so much, as to have others control her life. Particularly in rape; EVEN though you have options, immediately following./ AND NOBODY gets to say “too young” or whatever because it is not your body”! Protect the youth especially; GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED. BECAUSE we all know, being young means being stupid; on occasion. Especially, if confronted with the birth of a child who is not “healthy”; as nature discards these as well.

Abortion is death, of a human life once past the point of “this is clearly human now”. Simple as that. However, because pregnancy is NOT so simple as “you made this happen”; realities of what is fair, is not so simple either.

What is fair: is you can have an abortion: but only if you agree, this is your last chance at having a child (unless truth shows cause). That gives the body back to woman, without by her decision. But it also gives the reality of life, back to those who cherish it; instead of you. There does have to be an age associated with this reality; and there does have to be an acceptance of facts aligned with this reality; as is, if you are found with drugs in your system; whatever women would accept as “NOT pregnant again” for at least 5 years; is required.

IT IS, WOMEN who decide the facts and failures or realities of pregnancy; never men. Because only women produce babies, while the contribution of men is negligible. That means THEY DECIDE. And men pay for those realities discussed here.

It is noted, once again: that a vasectomy IS NOT a solution for pregnancy. A vasectomy REMOVES the sperm associated with an ejaculation; and that means for men; the desire will remain; but the chemicals which make it desirable will not; ending for both male and female the desire to share sex. Marriages collapse because of it, and a wide variety of problems are associated with it: NONE, being good. EVEN THOUGH MEDIA AND “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”; claim otherwise to lure you into compliance with their lies. The reality is: it is a very bad mistake, for all; find another way! No, I have not had a vasectomy; and don’t need one to know what the result will be. The unfortunate truth of this is: PEOPLE LIE, both male and female, because they are ashamed to admit, they fell into a trap, and cannot get out. So they go along with media and university: because they cannot face telling the truth, and being victimized by both, and all the cult believers that constantly stack on; when their cult of “university knows” is challenged.

Unemployment is low; because it only counts the people who had a job throughout the tragedy of covid crisis entirely university made/ and are now fired, and seeking a new job. The people not finding work, are simply living off government handouts; which biden “lives for”. Inflation is merely the reality of no consequences for counterfeiting asset inflation; but you should be glad; because the reality of inflation particularly due to “government” intervention; is well over one thousand percent. The crush of humanity all competing for everything; will get far worse/ as the realities of covid induced poverty, turns to civil war, instead of just crime. That will bring just as much hardship and destruction/ starvation and true poverty; as war does, “everywhere it goes”.

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