It does seem to me, that goodbye is an acceptable closure to this work/ if it turns out to be true; that I am allowed to stop.

Therefore I will try, to assemble something of value; as I say goodbye to whomever finds the work, and then uses it for life; whether one or billions is not my concern.

WE DO, stand on the edge of extinction, and you have indeed stepped off onto the slope, that ends in the abyss, which none can escape. Time therefore ends soon, as reality takes control; and your day of choices will fail. Every truth has a consequence, and every decision has its fate (too late now), or destiny (respect grants you life); even if violence (the motion of hate released) intervenes, as is the cost of time.

As to the abyss: it is the fate of want, that nothing will ever remain enough; consequently the people of want continually shout MORE, DAMN YOU MORE; FOR ME! Ultimately, that is the voice of an animal; and as such the living, the human being alive; has died. Because an animal is not a human/ nor is a human, an animal; because the essence of being alive is thought. Animals are unable to achieve it. Thought translates the essence of life into energies, and energies construct the foundations of thought, by the laws which keep it contained in the viable relationships that are life itself.

Want is only want. While it is true that want leads to pride, and pride leads to a thirst for power to prove “you are the only real winner/ thereby god over the rest”. The constant is tyranny, to retain power or create it; while pride forms the want, to prove all life, and every living thing; is now a game, or a toy, or simply garbage; to you. A reality of human behaviors from the very beginning of human time.

So we search, to find why and how: only to find, the plotting and planning of the intellectual, who is then able to control the animals by promising “together (they can’t stop us all)/ we will own them, and take what we want”: by force. But with so many people on this earth, and now flanked by weapons of mass destruction; to end what we do want/ instead of bloodshed, the curse we die too. It is the intellectual who has risen to take control as the tyrant; now in charge of the animals. The university design, which puts nearly every graduate into debtors prison; produces the plotting and planning of the intellectuals now intent upon escape, and to be WINNER over all. By proving they can be gods; no greater proof of that is: to destroy nature/ to annihilate resources/ to ignite atoms, and play with the fire “Just like the sun”/ to remove all access to health, by invading the bodies of human existence “with a grave”; and simply, to prove extinction (we took it all, away); as only gods can do. The curse of the damned is: the illusion of thought, is buried in the sewer of fantasy, while the delusion of imagination serves to distract.

The insurgency against life and nation, is both obvious and not. The obvious parts are media control propaganda, and none shall provide truth; as life needs it to be. Governments are inundated with debt; leaving only the thieves in charge, because NO foundation of life exists in this place; its all mayhem and chaos covered by fools, failures, and whores. The university is god, as supported by their believers; who only need to know, as every cult does: “you CAN’T question your gods”. And the people fall into their own trap, as the delusion of “its all free” takes control over their lives and future, by endless bribes designed to cover & hide what is truth. Each shouting “not in my time”/ as is the assassin demanding, “only the children will die”; not us. As is nothing less than “a serial killer”; by fact.

The less obvious part is: the collection of all data and personal information, as gives the opportunity to destroy every voice, and every soul that might stand against the army of the dead, damned, and diseased of hell unleashed through them. With all that information, all those cameras, computers, and the ultimate constriction and construction that is the monopoly of business and industry; to put every human option/ every elevation of knowledge; in the hands of a tiny few. Every single opponent will be selected by computer to be dissolved; in one way or another. Because your phone secretly “tells on you”/ facial recognition; will report you if you have even a tiny frown as would indicate rebellion against “the leader”/ your vehicle can now be used to kill you (as it takes control)/ your “fitbit, and other devices” will report as if a lie detector; you didn’t bow down. Your organizations are being destroyed, so as not to allow for combined decisions. Your religions are overrun, with university is god. Your options for food, in a cashless society can easily be refused: NOT accepted. Your friends and family can be threatened/ every step you took in these last few years can be traced; along with your phone listening to everything said in your presence/ your alexis and more listening in. Your individual locations and behaviors tracked; to assert we can find them anywhere; and even deliver all forms of “medicine” with just one pulse of a fog over your head, or into your face; as facial recognition becomes the only method of gaining any resource you need to survive. History if full of those who want complete control over others; and then having no thrill left; decide for you to die. While it is a value to be “pretty” in time of peace and safety/ it is a tragedy to be “pretty” in times of force, violence, and hate; how much are you willing to do, before they “slice or dice you into pieces”? No, it won’t help you survive; because hate does not care: its choice is ridicule, and fear. Its choice is “believe what you are told to believe/ or you die”. Its choice is complete obedience; or we prove we are gods of death, pain, and mutilation; over you. As history proves again and again and again. But today rebellion against the horde, WILL be much harder; as reality proves with so many people, traitors will be as thick as grass. Robot warriors will come. Your option to live outside their control is next to none/ and your weapons, which rely upon bullets “will simply have none”. So bombs and fire and poisons will be used/ and cities will be reduced to rubble, as dead bodies create pestilence, and worse.

Just to start. As these are the things you chose; as the bribes you cherished/ discarding everything for want; now wash down your throat, as if it were molten gold/ instead of life.

As for me: I will not be committing suicide, and I suggest you don’t either/ as that produces nothing for life or truth or eternity. Instead, work for LIFE AND PLANET as truth in you allows. It is all any of us can do, and death is merely the exit from time, into eternity. Making eternity itself: all that matters. Keep yourself, as pure to life and creation by respect and truth; as best you can.

While that might seem odd coming from someone invaded by “female in charge now”/ the reality of truth survives, and nothing else can. While it is true, that I entered within the spiritual world; and then find; choosing to open the door to the female dimension. It is that truth that now exists in me; as we are joined in the search to keep this world alive. Even if we have failed; the truth of spirit is far greater than the truth of time: and I don’t know how it all ends. Not even a clue for me. Nonetheless, that is not your concern; as you have endless troubles which do not include me. I did my job/ you did not do yours. Simple as that. No, not a clue: beyond what you have been told is the cost of “being you”.

I thought, at the beginning, “they just don’t understand”/ but I was wrong, you just didn’t care; as each was overwhelmed by the race for trophies, toys, and trinkets to prove “winner”.. as is the game of pride. Leaving life behind.

I searched for changing myself; to approach from a different viewpoint; but you didn’t care.

I searched for the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to refute your “gods of university”/ and found it with value; by a cult is a cult, and you believed only in power and money.

I searched for law, as my army; but power and a society who didn’t care, refused that law/ and diligently rebelled against democracy itself.

I searched in the spiritual world for answers; and found the balance needed to release more information as is necessary to prove the universities “are certainly not god, in any shape or way”; but you are a herd, and a herd does not have but one leader. As every cult knows is true. But alas, every cult: is a herd of animals/ BECAUSE being human requires more than just a believer. Truth decides, not want.

I tried to abandon you; but was refused/ and the cost of that was high. Even so, I am grateful that my work was continued; to provide every chance for life and earth to survive. My only thought previous was: they are too far gone/ and will not return; making this work pointless. But even if now true, as is the reality of everything I chose: leaving no stone UN-turned, so to speak. You had your chance/ you made your decision/ and you will find___________whatever it is that is your own fate (consequences now rule) or destiny (mercy granted, by truth sustained).

DON’T come to me; I CANNOT save you from yourselves. CHANGE OR DIE, last chance/ or maybe too late now. Retain hope, as hope is elemental to life itself/ but let that hope be in GOD YOUR CREATOR; as eternity is all that matters. So do your best, accept your limits, and understand: we are not gods, and must live within the boundaries that life or death, does allow. Time is unimportant when confronted by eternity; therefore “be happy with your truth, OR change it, so that you can survive as love, shaped me”. How is that not so?

I have spent my life in time, “for life, child, and planet”/ but failed to make a realistic difference; as would be necessary for change to occur. Animals want a leader, but I refuse; as being human alive in the blessings of this Creation: only law, not leaders; will make the difference. You do not like law (the boundaries and limits life and planet impose upon us)/ nearly one hundred percent WANT RULES. Because rules allow you to be rulers, and rulers make life into a game of who has and who does not. Who will pay/ and who will not. I refuse that; reminding you in a world filled with human animals, only the laws that benefit life and planet itself, will keep this earth from extinction. YOU prefer a gun; shouting YES WE CAN! But this entire work is devoted to “yes you did”/ and the consequences of that are extinction. Your games have failed you/ and your reality is closing in on you; because that is what you chose; from want as your god.

You ridicule, and fight for superiority: but that changes nothing of truth itself, and the evidence is clear: 8 billion or more people does change everything/ as war fails you, and weapons of mass destruction will only make it impossible for the tiny few to survive. Making every part, and every piece of male domination on this planet; extinct, by the choices you cannot make. Or this earth dies, and so does all its life.

Female CAN fight for the laws that are justified and fair to all/ or they fail too. EVERY human being can fight to enforce those laws, as are constructed for the sake of peace and happiness, by choosing harmony instead of war. But unless female severely constricts, by population control that is real (make the men pay as needed); NO decision they make will survive. It is that simple, and your real life choices are very few. Whether female can do more, is highly debatable; as they do have as many flaws as do men. Nonetheless, without real world evidence of what they would do; no decision can be made. NOT my fight/ yours. It is however true: that standing on the edge or extinction, forever gone/ it is clearly true, “women do, deserve the last chance for life and planet to survive”. Because this is, “the best men did do”/ and we WILL all soon be gone, every child destroyed, an entire world lost: because of the choices they made. The cult of university is god, they formed. Wallowing in the pig shit of pride; will NOT keep you or this world alive. CHOOSE BETTER.

The reality is, we never know how life will turn out, as time goes by! As for me, I worked hard when young; to insure control over my future; gaining abilities, strength, and knowledge. “Female” proved to be, able to control instead; until I surrendered to the reality; protect yourself, or be change forever. Recovering, I chose never to be changed, without my true consent, again. Tinnitus proved to remove most of what I expected to survive as male, and control the future; ending that too. But both served to be a cost which served the reality of studying, and preparing to fight for life and earth; as I was cut off from the rest of choices I could have made. I find it odd; that now again, I am faced with the spiritual element of female in charge of/ changing me, without my consent. Other than, “for true, life and earth”/ is my choice. The work to insure male, would never be overrun; failed by that spiritual female in charge as well. I simply needed an answer, that would save this earth; and after a ten year search: male/ men, cannot do it. So, I searched within female, and since women on earth; would not conceive of helping: I searched for and opened the spiritual door of female, being pushed inside. Its complicated. But her conclusion was: give them what they need/ no more holding back. And let women try instead of men; which aligns with “whosoever makes the law/ does rule the world”.

While I have provided NO conclusive proof of “female spiritual intervention” in my life/ that is NOT, the addition of tits (some men are unlucky)/ or claims (some males fail themselves)/ or any version of visual elements (certainly not trying) as would be “ugly (not intended for men)”; reality. However, for the last 16th year; with tits; came female chemicals produced by them; (I guarantee NONE were taken). I have been to the hospital a couple times in that span of living; which if correct, would substantiate the claim of change. Unless of course they lie; in a world of liars; who knows: either way, right! So say many. Nonetheless, “who cares, is true”, right/ as the message (change or die as a world); I bring, is far more important than me. I am irrelevant, simple as that.

Men largely hate the law, because they want more, power and pride. The consequence being; life is turned into a game, and as millennia proves; once the game has been won, the mass of losers  now want war, to get back what they lost. Screaming “I WILL have riches, and power/ OR you won’t”. Can women do better? No one knows. What we do know is: “this is, the best men did do”/ and we stand on the edge of our own extinction. Which proves: women cannot do worse! Yet this human world proves: you would rather believe than know. You would rather be a herd, than alive in truth. You would choose to be rich, rather than fair. You would choose a game, rather than justice and equal with honesty. You would rather keep hate as your crutch/ than accept love guides life. Making the probability of survival by any true and sustainable change; a very minimal hope. Because of who you are, as both men and women; killing a world, by making “universities (give us what we want) god”. Alas, want is the foundation of every lie; consequently what you believe they will do;  fails truth.

The cost of universities is: the greatest destruction of life and planet this earth has ever known/ the future assassinated by the riffraff, of those who refuse respect; claiming “we don’t have to do nothing/ respect nothing/ sustain nothing/ protect nothing/ work for nothing, including ourselves: but can just take everything, because as university diplomas we are the gods/ and nobody can stop us. Because we control the propaganda, that produces fools, failures, fantasies, and delusion instead of life or the reality of living.

Not even world war 2, was nearly as destructive as “university knows”. Because war merely focuses on making each other cry/ raping women (even men and boys)/ and forcing “you have no place to live/ nothing to eat or drink”; so starve. Because that is primarily, only a human cost. The universities attack all life, all nature, everything planetary, all the oceans, every habitat, ALL THAT IS ALIVE; with the failures of religious, “we believe no consequences can touch us”/ zealots of a university created cult.

As is always the case: reality will soon prove, the extreme tragedy of universities know/ universities lead; universities destroyed, has created catastrophe at so many levels/ this earth will cry, and every life face its own extinction. Because mutilating nature has a consequence/ destroying the fabric that holds this earth together in stable configurations of atomic law; has a consequence/ assassinating every child through the destruction of resource; has a consequence/ refusing to acknowledge or protect or sustain every chain of life, as is required for living/ destroying it instead, while laughing, ridiculing, and playing games; has a consequence. Cursing the GOD OF CREATION as did create and sustain a place for the living to search for eternity; HAS a consequence. And all the elements of death have been accumulated, which only starts with weapons of mass destruction; as did the universities bring to this earth; has a consequence. Your own worship of these fools; shows the tragedy of your own living and your own life. Your own worship of numbers, as is the counterfeiting of assets to create a hidden inflation: thereby building coffins for every child, by the cost of resource destruction; has a consequence. Your destruction of every law, that keeps us alive; has a consequence. Your failure to address and establish the need to investigate and determine what is true/ thereby sustaining whatever is left, that we can describe as the potential to live: is cowardice. And yet you allow the universities to continue, and even increase the extreme destruction of every living reality on this planet; with a pandemic that is not at this moment true/ although that can easily change into extinction itself. Because not only are they playing god/ their “vaccine” has invaded the genetic structure of human existence; to form devil (we won’t respect life or living; judgment is what we want) inside. “university” lives to talk/ they work only for the games of pride/ and they hide their power in propaganda and manipulation; so that you cannot recognize your true enemies, behind the door of the cult they indoctrinated into every child they could: by controlling education, through the insurgency of courts and government control. Paid for by hidden inflation/ and those who worship the “free numbers” of wall street illusions, and delusions. To your shame, this is written of you; and the curse you bring onto this earth.

As for me, and you as a vast majority of people on earth: you expect someone to bring you a message from GOD that is “perfect in every way/ with a truck load of gifts, to make you believe you are now in heaven”. Clearly not me! But as reality designed by biblical testimony states: that is not what you have any right to expect. Instead “like a whisper in the wind”; all that come/ all given the job, of talking to you: are generally not like the rest. Never filling your wants, to make no one rich (GIVE US SLAVES); as is what you want, your greed, your pride, your thirst for power; YOUR participation in this world, to be. That is the tragedy of human animal; the cost of discarding life, to pursue wealth; no matter/ or with little concern as to the cost for all the rest. But as is true of us all: you do have the right to choose, what your own purpose and desire in this living world will be.

I chose, there is no love if this world dies/ consequently all other things must wait, until this world can survive. But I was wrong: you only want what you want, and never care about the rest; even though some pay their “insurance bills” just in case. It won’t work; truth doesn’t take bribes.

As for me: there have been a long list of “complications” in my life/ the demand to learn why you do the things you do. The demand, to separate out all conception of religion, so that none can say, “he is a fool for that”. The demand to endure, fundamental torture; as is the cost of tinnitus. The demand to learn: how to defeat “the university gods”. The demand to learn the courtroom and use law to defeat the tragedy of your disgrace. The demand; to look the other way, with regard to women; because romance, when I could not stay; only became sorrow when I leave. There were numerous elements not associated with things I chose; particularly recently, where I have no real freedoms. Endless people standing in the way, constant ridicule from many, and religion only fears “because it wants what it wants”. So, no: I bring you no gifts/ and I make no intent or purpose of trying to make your lives “rich”. Yet it is true: that all the work I did do, and all the purpose of my own heart was true; to the need: this world will die, unless humanity does change with honor, respect, and value/ instead of being animals.

You choose none of it, and I am limited to a very small “whisper in the wind”; as is this web site. Because the end result is: if your own heart (my home is here, in the treasury of what I value most) is dead, the soul will die too. You traded it in: “for trinkets, toys, and trophies”/ as digging through any garbage mountain will prove true.

I surrender you to your ways. Hoping for better, because anything less; would potentially bring anger/ and I do not desire that.

Anger is the descent, into searching for someone else to blame the cost of your living on. Even if they are responsible to some degree, the reality of it discards the truth: you are responsible for your own life/ the gifts or the costs given to you. Where the law is valid, and society is honest; you can search for justified “there”/ but no other; without falling into an abyss.

An appropriate construction of that is: for the tens of thousands of hours of unnecessary torture due to “you can’t make me stop/ as is the constant called man”. I will consider you dead, therefore irrelevant to my world; even though the torture continues/ my days are numbered, just like yours. To do anything more requires a society that functionally exists beyond greed (I want theirs too; they can be my slave); and this one does not. The universities stole your heart, and dulled your brain; to the point of world chaos, as proof of their control. After hundreds of “electric shocks”; to prove no you can’t/ or even yes you will; the reality of my life is, “woman is in charge”. Or more distinctly: I have been forced to trade places; and experience the difference between freedom and rights/ versus men dominating women, as they claim by force, to be superior. It is not so, but I cannot complete with the spiritual woman inside; she is stronger in truth/ and by reality; than me. The cost is: even if allowed to start something/ I am forced to quit; and simply watch chaos and disrepair invade my world, and alter the decisions of my own experience or expression; into what I am or am not allowed to do. My “home”; simply falling into disrepair, clutter, and what appears to be a lack of caring; because I cannot govern me. Which is in its own reality: “a picture of this world, in its own tiny frame”. You let universities; mutilate, destroy, gamble, steal, cheat, lie, propagate failure, surge into fantasies of vile cancer; using the brain as a toy, by claiming imagination did this; and even attempt to ignite the earth itself into a sun. While your “politicians”; can’t find anything but greed, and a thirst for power (I am the superior one)/ while life and earth die, by the choices being made. Media is the serpent; while some snakes strike quickly/ this one curls around to squeeze the life out, with every breathe you take. Propagating: “DON’T think, simply FEAR/ BELIEVE/ AND OBEY your gods of university”. Or more simply, “the children who didn’t fit in”/ and now want you dead, because they didn’t forgive either. Doesn’t mean the animals were right; but it does point to the reality of fools as is human existence. Nothing truly changes except the weapons; as this could easily be translated back to the same basic ingredients of human behavior as in JESUS day. YOU, have the superior ones (the universities; we can do anything, no consequences for us)/ you have the soldiers: YOU will be forced to obey, or you will: WITH FEAR/ if you do not believe what you are told: the rules must be. You have the oppressed; nothing matters but my own survival. You have the “middle class”; I can be wealthy if I just follow the rules. You have the religious priests; shouting obey the rulers/ believe what you are told to believe/ obey and pay the price we enforce: “we are your brains/ think not”. You have the religious multitudes; I will pay “this insurance (don’t want to go to hell) debt”; if I must. And the educated: “lets all imagine, whatever we want too”. ALL SHOUTING: “NO CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS IN MY DAY”/ let the children die! With a very tiny few sprinkled in; who are not the same. Some of which fell into hate, demanding revenge/ some of which search for life and chose love, and live as best they can in this world of,  an avalanche of greed. And you have the people “like Judas, in JESUS day”; believing if I am included here/ then I get to be part of the new government coming: on the ground floor (you owe me). but like him: if that is not to be, sadness caused by want; will overtake you.  A very tiny few, “work for life”.

But, as with me: life is not only a choice, but a consequence of what you chose. In “a million years”, I would not have guessed “woman in charge”; would be my fate. It is not terrible, but it is not free. The lesson being: happiness for both genders is based upon the truth of what can we become as one. Not in charge of each other/ but loved within each other; as only respect can provide. I have been changed into “man/ beast”; by the decision to simply want “whatever was left of my time on earth” to be my choice/ instead of my work. That was not allowed, and the battle raged; until I lost. Even so; as reality has proved: she knew better than me (as has proven to be the case every time), and with covid you have received a more distinct look at your future. Which is an opportunity for you to learn; even though you failed. I am still glad for the work that was done/ as this world is too precious to lose, without a fight. The spiritual woman and me, are returning to respect; but it is a long journey, trust is not a simple thing, it requires proven truth. We cannot walk together in the “same life”; without it. I have ceased trying to be in charge/ and she has finished forcing me to surrender that! And now we must build a life we both can share as one existence, in the expression and experience that is a destiny shaped with love and respect. Offered the same, by each as equals.  I have no clue how this turns out: for me, its complicated! As for you, “the writing is on the wall”; and even with change, the damage is now severe. I strongly suggest you pray; because without respect for your CREATOR ; there is no hope for you at all.

And the people say: “we DON’T want to be like you”/ we WANT, what we want; and nothing else matters; until we face death. THEN, we will want (you OWE me) more than greed (I am god) and selfishness (obey ME, damn you)/ power (I WANT, what I WANT) and pride (NOTHING is more important than me); to lead us; and only then.

But alas, falling into the abyss of consequences beyond your imagination; death is all you get. So says reality.

Repent, change, enforce justice by fair and appropriate law, identify truth, construct peace and happiness; search for joy, not want; accept only truth can decide, by the evidence of real life; and live a very different life; as is the end of games/ LIFE is precious. How is that not better, “than what you want”?

And all the people say: WE ARE BETTER than that/ we know what we want; and fight for it. The competition proves who has a right; it ain’t no game; because the loser is a slave.

So, I offer you this, with regards to who you are. Having been tortured by noise for several years: I requested of “family”; you have twenty acres out by itself, with minimal noise for this area. Kindly let me rent a parking spot on the corner of that field, or put up a tiny shed to sleep in; so that my life can be better. Each said to me: NO WAY, what would people say; as is they are more important than torturing me. Because I am easy to discard; tinnitus is hidden, apart from the effects: easily judged a liar. So, I then have no need. The other side of family is highly involved in education; and considers “university” god; therefore I must be “insane”; at least a little, as all cults do. While the rest of those I have dealt with over the decades: cannot stand up and be counted as a participant with me “people will judge”; and most choose ridicule “so they can participate with the herd, or pack if they prefer.

These are “some of the best” humanity has to offer; and yet, all shout: “I want what I want, and I won’t pay one damn penny; to save this life or earth”. Because the critical moment of “we cannot deny this is real now”. Has not yet occurred. Or more distinctly: they like you, are too busy collecting “trinkets, toys, and trophies”, to be concerned with realities that end life on earth. Each shouting: OUR WORLD, even this nation, CANNOT DIE, you are wrong, IT CANNOT BE. But the evidence is clear; “universities are playing god”; and the cost of those consequences, are things even nature and planet cannot turn around. Past the point of no return: we are extinct. Until that day gets here soon: you have only a brain to protect you/ the demand to investigate and find what is true, to defend you. While media continually shouts: “the universities are god, BELEIVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ FEAR YOU BASTARDS YOU FEAR/ AND OBEY OR BE DAMNED, as is the “nazi” curse of a controlled mob taking advantage of “misinformation”; to push humanity into panic.

And the religious say: GOD WON’T let nothing happen to this earth! Cause you know, “they know”. Even though biblical predictions say it isn’t so. That is where religion divides: some shouting “he is the devil”/ nothing can happen to this world. While all the rest are shouting: “there is nothing we can do expect die; that is the prediction; surrender your lives”. COMPLETELY DISCARDING THE TRUTH: IT IS HUMANITY THAT MADE ALL THESE THREATS ENDING WITH EXTINCTION. THEREFORE IT IS HUMANITY ITSELF, THAT IS THE SOLUTION; which means true change is now or never. Because a prediction is only a prediction based upon human behaviors. Change your behavior, and truth redefines the outcome; as reality will allow. So religion has no escape. Truth now decides!

And as we all know: truth is truth, and it absolutely does not care; it is simply what it is.

The difference: between “you, and I” is very simple. You search for all you can get out of time, the body of life on earth. While I search for life, in the existence called eternity; which is functionally, all I can get out of truth: to prepare. Because we each know: that death will come….. the consequence being: what we cannot prove, beyond the evidence of miracles. Or, the denial; of, these things are more than we can explain. Simply, I choose for life/ you choose for time. Not a game, which means no one wins or loses: destiny, is merely the consequence of our own truth. In that reality; I choose to shape mine, within both heart and soul, as explained by respect; the destiny of love.

And all the people say: I DON’T want to know/ what I don’t want to know: GO AWAY! Because then I can claim “I am innocent”/ I didn’t know. I DESERVE “mercy”. Even though the evidence was plain; and the cost of being wrong, is extinction/ ITS NOT MY FAULT, because I just want what I want, like everybody else. So they all run away, from life; into death, as herds do.    Because only truth survives, you then become an animal. Which cannot be eternal. Choices are real.

The conclusion is: that you are not judge of me/ nor am I judge over you; we are simply people, equal, but not same; as is true of us all. I opened the door, “to spiritual female”; because male had no conception of how to keep this earth alive. This is the best men did do; and they can’t change that fact/ nor can we simply change the extinction we all face now. Therefore when women would not respond, I searched the spiritual world; a reality I was given the right to participate within. “its complicated”. Nonetheless the female dimension was found, and I did open that door; and was pushed inside. Or more simply: by joining male and female together, this work was changed/ balanced; and it became what it has been for the last 16 years.

You are NOT expected to believe that; even though it is true. You are expected to investigate the evidence; the realities I have shown you throughout this time of my work. Because the cost of being wrong is literally your own extinction; and that deserves your time and effort. Let truth decide is the only requirement asked of you, as humanity on earth. Nothing more/ nothing less: simple as that, with the caveat: “don’t let them lie to you/ don’t let belief get in the way of what is true”.

YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED: “just overpopulation of humanity proves that true/ mutilation of all nature proves that true/ people trying to ignite a nuclear “lets burn atoms” proves that true/ trillions of tons of poison spread across this earth, proves that true/ a multitude of other proven facts “most designed by university plays god”; proves that true. The consequence being: EITHER CHANGE, OR DIE as a world.

It is not “a hard concept” for you to grasp: you played god, or worshiped those who did. NOW, standing on the edge of those consequences, which will soon destroy all possibility of continuing as life on earth. Because truth says that is true. You want/ but want is dead: because this earth is dying, every chain of our existence is being broken, and every form of habitat is under attack. NOT a hard concept; but like everything over the last forty plus years of talking to you has been: YOU RUN AWAY FROM REALITY. Because to accept it; means you must change or die. NEITHER is what you want to do; but truth does not care what you want. It is, what it is; and that makes what you want absolutely irrelevant. Change or die as a world. Simple as that. I did do, what was my job: to deliver that message, for you to distribute; as your gift back to GOD and with respect: for life on earth to survive. CHOOSE!

Since it is YOUR JOB; to distribute the message! I, am now irrelevant to the work; and as such will NOT justify or defend my claim to “the spiritual world/ knowledge/ conceptions of eternity/ or any other part of this work”. I AM NOT your decision! YOUR decision: is to investigate the evidence of your own reality; and identify what is true or false. UNDERSTANDING; this is no game, and the cost of being wrong is your own extinction. Because the universities changed your world; and this is the cost of what they have done! Now, live by changing as truth needs you to change/ or die, because you just didn’t care enough, to even protect this: entire world of life. THAT choice is: “just let them die”/ but it will be YOU too. CHANGE, and you may live; certainly not up to me! Fail and all the evidence of humanity on earth says: extinction will prove true. Simple as that: INVESTIGATE! Because the evidence is real.

As for why me: I do not know. But it may be simply: due too the Cuban missile crisis, and the threat of extinction that presented in the 60;s. I made the commitment to GOD my CREATOR; that if you get us out of this, I WILL devote my life to fighting against these things which threaten life on earth. I did that, as the evidence will prove true. I did not do less than that; and it became my job.

YES, it does take time to learn/ and you cannot learn until you work. It is a simple fact of life. The more complex the work, the longer it takes to learn. Values must shift; when the work comes first. Relationships will suffer, because that is: the price of success. So, beware of what you wish for, and accept the truth, “nobody gets everything”; each must decide what they believe will be enough, to say life is worth “this living”. I required significant solitude (distance, even if it is not desired) to separate and define the realities of what I needed to know, to help life and earth. Perhaps you could have done better; but I did do, the best I could do.

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Jim Osterbur

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