Of the endless delusions and failures, that have been established by “university knows”; foundations require us to recognize, just how much change is needed. The list is so long, and you are so ignorant, as all cults are/ that I will not attempt to list them at all. Instead, you can just consider a few of the following suggestions/ because you do have to start somewhere; or surrender and go extinct.

  1. Let’s begin with housing: the population of humanity has risen so high/ that the option of having individual homes is no longer valid. LIFE NEEDS SPACE TOO, or they die, and they so do you; even the last little bits and pieces of nature, that are left. And yet the cursed, dead, damned, and devil of university places god continues its genocide of life on earth; while the cult continues to worship them to your eternal shame.
  2. Nonetheless; you need to rebuild cities with 30-50 story condominiums; by forming coalitions which build and then buy; so that it is your own, with some degree of; as you would design it to be. These would be line housing created as one continuing line, placed only on the south side (clad in solar panels on the south) of a major street (so as not to take the sunlight away from those behind in winter); with an additional 12-25 story (based upon light travel) housing on the north side of that street. Let the light shine through at intervals, when it is realistic. The street itself will be raised above the first story level; so as to accommodate all forms of utility additions that will be needed. Businesses located as are appropriate to the need.
  3. Of use will be “the sloped ride”; or more distinctly the elevators located in or on these buildings will supply the structure for holding a human transportation system. The elevator lifts; and the passengers ride in appropriate designed cars to a destination from one block to five blocks dependent upon how high they start at. They and the “car” is then lifted again, “on a chain like belt”; and it starts all over Opportunities to guide your car into an individual building should be incorporated; so as to make this as convenient as possible.
  4. Natural ventilation must be used (building cuts, which can be closed in winter)/ insulation at R60 must be used/ natural lighting must be incorporated/ limited air conditioning only for the common areas/ subway deliveries of all things (in the ground level utilitarian road)/ no traffic: pedestrian walkways with moving sidewalks (you get on them by starting in the center of a circle, and then walking your way out in between the rails: until you are at the same or near speed of the walkway. Same is true for getting off; with some minor adjustments for athletes; including padded areas, for those who choose to jump; if slow enough. Distance conveyance requires a short conveyor to transverse between the two large conveyors, with a suitable slide plate to step or glide across the gaps. A hanging rope that travels with the conveyors, through this area; gives the traveler something to stabilize themselves with. Or each traveler could wear what amounts to a short ski, with appropriate traction points that engage front (to grab the next conveyor) and back (to push from the last conveyor), so the conveyor system remains unbroken to the senses. Changing directions is a combination of these things. You could also use “a walker”; with a stand on, personal plate; that uses these same kind of ski’s to glide you across. The appropriate traction points depends entirely upon the type of conveyance materials being used.
  5. In addition to solar panels on the south side; are a vertical line of plant growth conveyors placed as needed or desired. These are automatically watered; and contain areas in the building for people to work on the plant boxes which rise and then fall back down in a measured pace; so as to start the plant on the first floor, and when it returns back to the first floor it will be ready to pick. These can go across the roof, if desired. If necessary, they can contain covers for insect control/ but insects are important to life on earth, and they do need to eat just like you..
  6. each building should be as self contained as possible; providing restaurants, food supply stores, schools, and so on. These areas are best served in between the buildings, an extended floor, every fifth one or so. where particular attention is given to view, and the value of nature itself.
  7. The major need of human existence is: WE MUST ALL work/ WE MUST SHARE THE WORK/ and we must be willing to care about each other. Therefore incorporating that work into these areas or on each side of this area of living is a value/ which reduces our impact on the environment and life. The elevator assisted sloped ride from the housing to work can assist. Don’t work here means, you don’t live here if you work elsewhere. We all (in this place) own it . No parking garage; cars are available only at defined spots, where you will rent. All forms of business and manufacturing associated with “less than desirable; behind the north street in the shadows. All forms of parks, recreation, gardening, etc behind the south side (where the majority) of people; are. When applicable; each earns one month of vacation; if elsewhere, passenger trains provide/ NOT planes (you have the time). We cannot afford the environmental losses of a plane, or: extreme travel is dead.
  8. Every major industrial composition requires its own space/ therefore trains (subways_) shall be the chosen method of transportation in and out. EVERY form of chemical use or manufacture; the more hazardous, the more remote: shall be beyond the cities, where accidents shall not harm or destroy: trains alone will service these installations, no road will be applied. You don’t go, unless you know. Every chemical NOT clearly needed, shall not be produced.
  9. Recycling shall take place in the first level utilitarian areas, as will laundry care and so on. Each street or combinations of street “every ten blocks or less”/ needs to generate its own electricity so long as steam is being used: as it used to be. That steam instead of being released; will heat housing, water and so on; as an added benefit of recycling.
  10. These street cities within a city; shall provide their own policing staff, and should be regulated to identify specific groups. So that each group is responsible for its own version of life and living/ and CANNOT blame the other groups, as is the constant of mixing them together.
  11. Healthcare should also be given within these street cities; being independent of each other/ the need for more, relies upon transfer. The cities shall pay for the education and facility; the healthcare professional, is then limited to a fair and justified wage.
  12. Education is NOT a game anymore/ NOT an insurgency, or rampaging villain anymore/ NOT allowed to collect from the student anymore; but will collect from the business which employs the graduate/ and will receive a portion of the salary to be paid to that worker for a realistic amount of time.
  13. You WILL allow, that dead human bodies shall be prepared for “fish food”/ as we all need to eat; and so do the ocean life so badly damaged by humanity. It AIN’T no big thing; as you real life options are, “the body is eaten by worms, animals, burned, filled with poison, or if you believe they still exist (then you chose to lock them in a box, which will fill with water over time to rot: HOW, is that better)?
  14. International trade shall end, and all nations rely upon themselves. Real life population control will exist, or you will be extinct. YOU WILL STOP the universities from all extreme experimentation: and seek true understanding of the HORROR AND HELL, they represent. DEMANDING control over them, without exception (UNLESS WE DECIDE): or we exterminate you.
  15. National CURRENCY must be tied to the population, no exception. International currency will be tied to resources, no exception.
  16. Limited capitalism: lets humanity decide for itself, “just how much power or poverty” we will allow/ by controlling those who take too much; by our own vote. Periodically we must vote; so as to remove their threats; against, our power to control society. More distinctly, this is the removal of money & power controls/ to establish; work and resources shall now control. Nothing for free, the liberty required, the individual freedoms earned/ refuse to work, or choose hate; and we move you out; one way or the other.
  17. World law is absolutely essential; and with that comes the removal of weapons of mass destruction, and the rules every leader shall follow. By enforcing with an international policing force on leaders/ or assisting leaders where needed.
  18. NO more fantasies, delusions, or imagination allowed. NO more manipulation, propaganda, control, temptations, or other forms of hate; to be used against us by “university designed media invasion”. No more collecting data; and it will be destroyed. NO more attempts to turn the clock back fifty years to what existed then: because you can’t. We must work within the limits and boundaries of where we are right now; and it ain’t a good place to be.
  19. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.The reality of our lives is very simple: the universities (your former classmates playing god with life, child, planet, everything poisoned, everything mutilated, everything disrespected, everything denied that is law, life, freedom, reality, truth, value, love, grace, miracle), and more. Choose to disgrace human existence on earth; by defiling everything they can touch/ and they have found ways of touching nearly everything, because the education system indoctrinated every child; into their religion (believe/ fear/ obey: the universities) for the last 70+ years or more. The constant cult is: you cannot question your leader/ they are superior. And to insure that the language is constantly changing so that you cannot understand “foreign to me”/ additions made such as math, to insure you do not try. In the sewer of that effluent of puke and vomit; comes the demand: ‘EVEN YOUR FACE” is the enemy/ FORCE the others to obey, and pretend we are gods. But alas: your gods of universities, are your true enemies to life, child, and planet/ aligning the future of all with extinction by the things they do. Gambling everything on earth, even the earth itself, to prove they can be gods now. But the price of being, now even a little bit WRONG, is extinction by horror, and hell. So, for the last forty years, I have been saying: go to court, and prove what is true/ prove the cost of being wrong/ and prove what the universities claim “we know”, is in fact anything more than delusion, imagination, or fantasy. As is the claim I make against them; and have provided information to you, in support of that reality. As is the cost of all believers: you said NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT/ because we believe. And as every believer knows: “I want what I want”, is all you need to believe/ reality, evidence, truth, the cost of being wrong, are irrelevant; because “you believe”. But every lie begins with belief, and every belief leads to want, which is the foundation of every lie every made. The American court is utterly corrupt; proving through every trial supported and defined by James Frank Osterbur: that they cannot and will not support democracy, the constitution, justice, fair play, or rights guaranteed to each citizen. Nor will they accept their duty, as sworn too in their oath of office which is to hold the constitution itself: “as the government of this nation or state”. They refuse, and there are “court minders” to insure they stay in line, and do not stray from what the power and pride and righteous want for themselves. BUT REALITY PROVES in every nation; when the courtroom fails utterly, civil war is not far away/ and that means: WE MUST RESSURECT the courtroom for what it was intended to be. And find a way to instill and create for ourselves, a new beginning back to what our preamble declaration of intent for this society should be. Reality proves the government is our constitution/ and our constitution provides for this decision by using first amendment redress of grievances, as the law governing our employees. To demand of them, that they shall come forward to present their evidence of why these decisions, and our realities of life and living have been so disgraced. Our futures destroyed. Our everything gambled with, as if it were of no importance at all. Reality then proves: the cost of these thing is, the universities took control, and the cult of Satan worship now controls. Satan means: destroyer of a world, by arrogance/ disrespect/ disaster/ failure/ fool/ fantasy/ and delusions of grandeur so extreme, “the leaders believe no consequences for me”. They could not be more wrong. YOU should understand: the cursed/ damned/ dead/ vile/ traitors/ terrorists/ failures to life and planet/ criminally insane/ and religious (we believe in universities) fools; remain confident, that they will work out all the problems of proving to be gods. Just like they did in the past: where the primary “science”, was simply to “build a bridge/ and then destroy it” to find the weak spots (so now we know). BUT WITH LIFE; as they are fighting to destroy it all (mutilating it all/ crucifying it all), “to find where we can change this and know what we are doing”. The cost of that will be: LIFE IS NOW DEAD, they killed it all, with absolute arrogance and disrespect.

    The cost of fighting to prove they can now control the energy of everything they conceive of: is trying to ignite a nuclear fire. Claiming we can burn atoms just like the sun; because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire, and it will just “disappear, cast off into space”. WRONG is the earth becomes another sun. while their delusions and imagination which support their theories: are all, absolutely stupid and without substance/ supported only with fantasy and delusion. But the money, power, and pride are so excessive: they will not stop, or admit to being wrong.

    Just like evolution is spread like manure into a holding pit: the reality of “chaos built life/ its all an accident; evolution will fix anything we break/ so we can break anything”/ and more. Forms the basis of extinction itself, as you move from disciplined/ orderly/ balanced/ respected/ valued/ and distinctly alive; into the coffin called “devil”. Religion says: “we can’t fight the universities/ they are gods”; so they surrendered and joined those bowed down into the sewage of universities know. But reality knows instead: LIFE CANNOT BE BUILT ONE PIECE AT A TIME/ YOU NEED IT ALL, at the very same time, to begin/ OR YOU DIE, as a body of life. Yet the religions will not accept that either: because they want, the universities to be gods. Cause “we don’t want to die/ and medicine saves our lives”. But life on earth is based upon creatures dying, so that others can live; and you are no different. Even more important is the truth: that medicine could easily be conceived as doing as much harm or more, than good. You don’t know/ because you believe. Yet we all know: people are not perfect, and everybody makes mistakes. Just look at the multitude of pharmaceutical lawsuits/ and the endless denial of responsibility for side effects to the medicines you now take. Lawsuits for chemical consequences. Lawsuits beyond comprehension coming; as the reality of what you did do, comes back to haunt and hate you; because the universities led you here.

    Surgery does not heal you: they cut something out/ the body does all the rest. Medicines do not heal you, they are poisons which attack something; hopefully the body itself can survive. IT IS THE BODY not your doctor that keeps you alive; even if it does need help from time to time/ reality remains; you live or die, because of what your body provides. In contrast: if a surgery or medicine of any sort claims “he got another day of life longer/ media is used to propagate “what a great success/ everyone PAY”. Yet another “day”; can easily be all pain and misery; death again and again and again, because the curse of human existence is; now healthcare, uses your life to get more money. The criminal organization of healthcare, uses your fears to extort an entire nation into submission. The criminal conspiracy to sell you “lifetime medicines” so they can rob you, and steal an entire lifetime of work; for five minutes of their time; is an army invading/ not a friend in need. WAKE UP, and understand NOT gods/ plain men and women just like you and me. NOT worthy, of absolute belief/ or fear because they say fear/ or obey: THINK assemble the evidence as best we can “a nation united” to define and create what is true. So that then we can know, what our own decisions should be.

    Instead of reality knows: YOU CAN LOSE EVERYTHING/ as is the prediction of Armageddon (nature in chaos). Believers refuse that, absolutely certain whatever they want, will become true. But truth disagrees, and points to chaos instead. Believers want; “the universities to grow new limbs, or anything else that might be lost/ even to the point we never get old, and don’t have to die”. But reality says: “it takes 16-18 years to grow full size limbs”/ which means even if you could, it would be largely worthless. So the universities say, “lets incorporate reptile DNA; that will fix it”. But again nature in chaos is coming. If we never got old (forced to prepare for death)/ eternity discarded; as is the current case, humanity loses its way, and all things are given to imagination, fantasy, and delusion. If you never had to die/ that means no child, gets to live: how much more selfish could you be? And the believer shouts: WE ARE god damn RIGHT/ and you cannot stop us; from wanting what we want: “the righteous are born: WE ARE the law”! But greed is only greed (I want your stuff too); and reality knows, the body cannot be eternal. No matter what you want! TRUTH HOWEVER CAN BE, and that translates “to good or bad”/ but they ARE opposite realities of the same law.

    “you’re gods” of university; have destroyed government/ denied an education, forming the religious “MEMORIZE AND MIMIC” WHAT you are told; or we throw you out/ and make you cry for all the debts that now ride on, glued to your back, from now on. Manipulated and controlled/ tempted and destroyed/ propagated vile disinformation; so as to make you believe in university as god/ and formed every type of insurgency against this America and this world that they could create. To make you extinct; by taking everything away from the children/ by consuming every resource or destroying, poisoning, mutilating their future world/ cursing this world; so these few could play god. EVEN TRYING TO IGNITE this earth into a SUN.

    Yet you remain fools, a vile concoction of failure, disrespect, and disgrace; to the end. SHAME ON YOU. A reality that exists, ONLY because you are believers/ and as every believer knows: I made my own prison, to keep everything I do not want or do not know OUT. So that I having chosen what I want to believe; cannot be led or dismayed anymore. But alas: ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES, and that means belief does not/ unless the evidence and law of life and energy itself, can prove you correct. NOTHING about universities can do that, little of religion either. NOR can I; because only truth can lead into eternity. Truth does not care “who you are”/ which allows me, to deliver the message CHANGE OR YOU WILL DIE, AS A WORLD FOREVER GONE.


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