reality speaks

reality speaks

The cost and consequence of human life is: WE ARE, all in this together; and that means, the various influences which drive humanity to make a decision; affect us, because they are not the same. WANT interferes, and is the foundation of all lies/ PRIDE interferes, and makes life little more than a game/ POWER interferes, and pretends that hatred and chaos are better than peace and harmony; so the few can then play god over the rest. Making human life on earth; the constant cost of “life embattled by want/ overridden by pride/ and cursed by power, into war”. But that is not all: as overbearing population increases, destroy the balance of environment and resources once created; and now cause war as well, as true competition takes control.

THERE ARE NO EASY SOLUTIONS; AS “UNIVERSITIES PLAYING god (WE don’t have to pay)” pretend! Their entire solution is: “LET THE CHIDLREN PAY”/ AND THEY HAVE NO OTHER. Which ends in our extinction; because the rampaging rape of our entire earth/ the mutilation of every living thing/ experimentation to prove they can be gods, “such as is trying to ignite a nuclear (lets burn atoms) fire”/ the end of every chain that provides for our survival; and MORE PROVES TRUE!

TRUTH REVEALS THE LAW IS OUR ONLY ANSWER, as population increases now threaten our extinction no matter what we do; unless it is true worldwide zero population increases/ or reduction. Which is not what humanity wants; because you have been eating out of the sewer of university fools, and their beliefs in “imagination is all we need”. Nothing is less valuable, than a university; as they can be considered “the architects of our extinction on so many levels”. Nonetheless, they must be controlled; NOT obliterated as did the Chinese a century past. Their history proves, that does not work either.

So apart from the absolute: zero population increases from this point on. OUR ABILITY TO CONCEIVE OF BETTER/ or at least the possibility of a future for life on earth: is limited, and bound within these descriptions of our reality. YOU cannot achieve that, UNLESS you divide into smaller nations, grouped “by the same” within; so as to know: WHO IS complying with population control/ and WHO IS NOT; and will be punished by all this world in agreement: “this is not a choice/ anymore”. IT HAS become our law.

  1. You must surrender to world wide law: that governs all leaders same/ that decides what those laws of leadership and environment on this earth shall be: BY TRUE WORLD WIDE VOTE, of we the people governing ourselves. THAT THEN REMOVES ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, AND LIMITS THE MILITARY ACROSS THIS EARTH.
  2. You MUST REMOVE all authority to make decisions: from every university on earth/ discarding their funding; and forcing them to obey “we the people now decide”. EVERY EXTREME EXPERIMENT SHALL BE STOPPED; including those beyond the university door. LIFE WILL BE PROTECTED/ THIS EARTH SHALL BE RESPECTED. OR YOU DIE! Let them prove a FAIR AND JUSTIFIED value, to life or planet: or they will be discarded.
  3. LIMITED CAPITALISM IS the method most likely to succeed for peace and harmony on earth. Because it controls the game, and the reality. Thereby removing the very rich and therefrom the powerful; from controlling everything they can. Limited capitalism is: we the people vote periodically, on the limits and boundaries of what wealth and poverty are allowed to be. Choosing for ourselves/ enforcing for ourselves/ and opening the door for ourselves, to shape our own world of living. RESPECT THE TRUTH/ NOT your want!
  4. RESOURCES (all of them) MUST BE PROTECTED/ AND DEFENDED, SO THAT EVERY CHILD HAS A FUTURE; as best we can. That literally means: you can’t use money, to determine who gets what resource. Because money divides and conquers/ instead of shares and cares. Pride will refuse/ because the games will die. Power will war, because want wants, what it wants. But reality demands: either the children shall have a future/ or you will not.
  5. A VOTE is nothing of value/ UNLESS YOU VOTE ON THE LAW, or rule; THAT WILL THEN CONTROL YOUR LIFE, WORLD, CHILD, NATURE, PLANET, AND LIVING. You cannot vote for someone to vote for you/ because they will always find corruption instead of truth. One hundred one page laws or thereabouts; will provide for all but the most extreme types of controversy or complaint; these are worked out in a courtroom/ and then the people themselves vote as a nation or world if their choice; is allowed. WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, IS THE RULER/ WHEN IT IS ENFORCED.
  6. REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; is the LEGAL foundation which demands, our employees of government: SHALL BE obedient to our own chosen laws/ they shall not be superior. REDRESS means: WE THE PEOPLE, shall call for trial/ demanding the evidence to be presented/ and the decision to judge shall be our own. Within this alignment of truth and values as is consistent with the nation itself. Comes the demand: EVERY COURTROOM; shall be graded upon its compliance with our chosen law, and descriptions of government. ANY judge or lawyer who fails “fair play and justice/ THE DEMAND for peace and harmony, as we the people describe. OUR AUTHORITY/ NOT THEIRS; as we have set it out to be for ourselves”. SHALL be replaced or imprisoned as the case may be. NO MORE PANDEMIC OF FAILURE, as is the pure thievery of “legalized criminal contempt in lawyer charges, verdicts, or other”; as the shit pile is removed. SO THAT as life respected/ we defend life from the hordes, the invaders who are just like medicine billing in its every form.
  7. EVERY FORM OF LIVING; shall be revamped from the septic plague of university knows. INTO THE REALITY of we will share and care for this earth, our future, your children, and ourselves; by creating a working relationship with life and earth. That means every monopoly dies/ every form of consolidation to achieve power, will be removed/ every claim of education for more money is refused; but the cost we accept for an education proven needed; shall be judged by ourselves. The universities as private or funded publicly is dead: reality will provide the solution. You will return to “small village” constructions; so that the need for transportation shall be limited/ and boundaries shall be placed upon those who can work here: SHALL in fact live here. So that we can protect the environment, and do better.
  8. Various homepage extensions:https://www.justtalking7.info/homepage-4/https://www.justtalking7.info/homepage3/https://www.justtalking7.info/homepage/https://www.justtalking7.info/homepage-2/https://www.justtalking7.info/dwqa-questions/ The foundation of our lives as a human being alive in this time on earth/ rather than merely human animals, wanting/ fighting for pride/ and destroying because you didn’t get what you wanted. IS, our relationship with love versus hate. These are opposites, and live together only in the versions of human experience and expression; that is constantly at war, because the individual wants both/ but can sustain only one. Love is a desire; and a desire is the developmental decision; that everything of value contributes to love, and love contributes to me/ and I contribute to love. Whereas hate is a want; and it plans and plots and constructs traps to conceal the real purpose of their lives which is to control, manipulate, devalue, disrespect, and destroy; at its most destructive side, these happen with violence or arrogance at the leadership of a mob. Mob means: we no longer care, and can treat you as a prize to hold over the others, garbage, or worthless; OR an example of what hate will do. The greatest example of love throughout all of history is JESUS, as Biblically testified too. HIS story represents the clear vision of differences between love, which he provided/ and the cost of hate, as the world of his time presented. HIS values were in evidence, and extended to healing people in a multitude of ways. THEIR values were in evidence; as jealousy, greed, selfishness, wants, disrespect, hate and violence were used to take the value of life away. And enforce: HATE rules here.

    In today’s world: the greatest criminal fraud ever conceived throughout history is called “covid”/ as they have produced the single greatest theft; and the most prevalent so far; element of human designed hate (let’s remove nature, so we can own their heart & soul)/ by destroying genetic stability, with “university is god now”. The catastrophe to come: could be very grim. PRAY OR DIE.

    The reality of time is: we were given everything we need to survive, along with the opportunities to share, care, respect, identify, define, decide, refine, think, construct, hope, find courage, honor life, conceive of love, and establish the destiny called eternity by our own truth. Most fail, because they want, what they want; instead of live in the value of a reality we cannot even conceive of called “MIRACLES”.

    So we ask why? To understand, it is want that takes human existence from life/ into the abyss of never looking inside (where life resides), so that you can claim the prize of pride, and fight for the power to rule, as a body that will die.

    The fundamental difference, “is like style”/ yes some elements of clothing can make you stand out, by shouting look at me. But it is only the body, heart, and soul underneath that has value/ as clothes laying on the ground do not.

    And the people say: “whosoever has the better body wins”/ and it is not fair, “if that isn’t me”! But I remind you: animals of prey want leaders/ humans, search for heart and soul, as their contribution to the price of being ALIVE. Each has a cost: if you want to win, you throw away life. Whereas if you desire to be the best life can let you be in this contribution of being alive on earth: then you must exit from want, pride, and power to search within heart, thought, and soul.

    Want/ pride/ and power all confess: we are nothing, beyond this clay pile of dirt, and human debris; that is called body. While the majority buy the insurance policy of religion; in one form or another. The reality is all expect to die, and turn to dust; or believe they will receive whatever they want to receive/ regardless of their truth.

    Love searches for life, and finds in miracles; a path beyond this time that leads back to “OUR CREATOR”. Because there is nothing about life on earth that is not formed by the elevation of thought, into the realities we recognize as miracles (beyond anything living on this earth can do/ or did do). Therefore an essence of life, GAVE to us this existence: and we owe that CREATOR OUR RESPECT. Respect is the path to love, and love returns that essence of life as our own contribution to existence. Therefore heart extends that decision to embrace our present with the values we extend to others. While soul finds in that decision the opportunity to accept: there is hope beyond time, in the creation of energy, by its construction with, and through: thought. Energy is known to transform itself, into a myriad of things. While thought is the freedom to express and experience life itself, by changing what we need into what we then have as truth will allow for these decisions to be.

    So the question is: TRUTH designs eternity; therefore our truth designs our own eternity. THOUGHT constructs the freedoms of our ability to experience or express all that we can in fact become; as a tribute to our own truth. While ENERGY, is the path into CREATION ITSELF, as the design of life, shares the potential of an entire universe, with those who survive the journey. It is not easy or free to inherit this; because energy has no mercy/ and trust is the only security you get.

    Our humanity, gives us choices:

    1. to search for life within creation of miracles/ blatantly deny miracles exist, discarding all respect for life/ or believe whatever you want to believe, because that is the easy way out of any respect for the gifts you have received.
    2. To forgive as is the essence of a journey shared, because we care; and understand nobody is perfect/ or to judge, measure, disrespect, ridicule, play god, and betray, as is the essence of hate.
    3. Accept the realities we cannot change, as a fact of life that illuminates the value of what we lost/ or hold tightly to “controlled (safe) hate”, so that an enemy is available anytime your loss returns to become overwhelming; with loneliness. No, I won’t forget, let rest as reality requires, or move on/ “I want, what I want”.
    4. Accept friendship as the basis of both life and love that is valued/ or compete, to establish pride is more important; which leads to power over those who did not accept your superiority, as is the beginning of violence.
    5. LIFE is a gift, “we simply arise from the dirt; so to speak”; as the reality of what occurs inside woman to build a human body is beyond comprehension; lending too, “respect the miracles”/ OR, life doesn’t matter, because death is coming to take life away; and we want what we want, before it is all gone. Therefore we will take, pillage, rape, rampage, and violate anything we desire; as an animal unleashed.
    6. Love is, the elemental acceptance of a value that cannot be measured, because we are worth more to our shared existence, to our eternity, than any value of time/ hate is, the elemental rejection of value, which is measured and denied the opportunity to share; because the decision is not to care; discarding life itself as a judge.
    7. GOD is; the CREATOR of miracles who has earned our respect, because out time lives and dies by HIS design. NOT our decision, beyond self./ or, SATAN; a name given to the opposite of life respected; is allowed inside of you as a spiritual descent into the abyss that is want will die, and leave only terrors and tears. As hate consumes you “atom by atom” for your own eternity.
    8. And the people say: “you can’t prove nothing/ we can BELIEVE whatever we want”! / but instead, I return you to the reality of our existence, as miracles on a planet we know as fabricated to support living existence/ among so many which are not. Evolution is for fools; as truth proves, “you cannot build any body of life, “one piece at a time”/ nor can you drive it into existence, without the aid of “conception, that is life itself”. Another universities are a death trap reality; by proving arrogance, hate, violence, and disrespect for life, nature, planet, and more; as is the evidence of this day.
    9. The elemental failure of human existence is want: because want, gives you the belief (whatever I want); nothing is more important than you, as a body of time. That decision allows for pride “life is a game, to be won or lost”/ and power, “you are an enemy to be subdued, as measurements make me god instead”. The primary cost of want is: “you will not lie, UNLESS you want something/ or you do not want something”. While time supports that self is most important, as the reality of a human animal/ life does not! Instead, life asserts that miracles prove more than life is a gift: they elevate that life into the potential called an eternity. By recognizing the value of love makes life worth living. That fact, constructed by the reality of loneliness: makes all who do choose love as their truth, a recognizable addition to what an eternity can become. A value shared, because we all, “chose to respect, and care”. The question is then: WHAT IS love worth to you? Because you cannot choose time without love, by playing animal is more. Instead you must choose love is our time chosen by truth, to become; or rise into the decision: “we will share our existence as one”. In which case self is denied, by the process of truth which is “we live”. Not I live! The difference being heart: the ascension into family.
    10. Hope, is the basis of all happiness; and happiness is the foundation of all hope: therefore the two bind themselves together in what we call love. Because love is our own personal touch, to the beginnings of both heart and soul. Heart cherishes the values we can create within ourselves, as our own contribution to the destiny of both time and eternity. While soul recognizes the respect we owe to our CREATOR, and our duty thereby to HIS intent for peace and harmony to exist among us all. The journey HE created: is for you to accept the decision, which contributes to life by love; so as to join LIFE ITSELF, in the endless conception of what we can become as one life, in this universe shared; because we chose to care. Trusting in the truth of miracles, that cannot be denied; without lies, betrayal, and theft.
    11. In contrast; hate is the basis of all violence/ the curse of trials and tribulations that end life itself; by chaos in you and your contribution to this world. Thereby denying to you, all that is possible within life itself. Leaving only terrors and the disassembly of who you were as is death both in time, and beyond. The realities of hate are simple: not only did you give up on love, you chose time instead of love and its ascension into life beyond self. For some, that is accidental; arriving there, without a cause chosen by self. But for most; that is entirely chosen; and exists because you were a believer, instead of a searcher for truth, by the evidence which aligns with what we can trust. Instead of what we can believe. Because you can believe anything you want (regardless of fact). But we cannot accept the honesty of truth, without the evidence required to support and defend our decision as best we can; as is the basis of faith (I know the living bodies of life, are no accident) or trust (I know, the value of what I search for is greater than myself).
    12. JESUS IS, the guarantor; we were not simply created and then abandoned! Instead by the evidence of HIS love; the values of what can exist beyond time, or as our lives in time; were put on display for the whole world to examine as “truth or lie”. Those who accept love as their destiny, chose this is truth. While those who wanted whatever they wanted, turned to belief; which gives them want, pride, and power to assume we are right. LIFE HOWEVER agrees only with truth, and truth does not accept belief; even when a portion “large or small” is correct. Because that IS the assumption; you can play god. You cannot! Instead, life demands that only the law shall be our guide in this time, and only our decision to identify ourselves according to our own truth; shall identify the journey we chose to take. The realities we chose to become, as ourselves beyond the body which shapes our contribution to this world. Discipline, order, balance, thought, love, acceptance, trust, truth, value, hope, courage, and respect; are the distinctions attributed “to a child of God”. But that distinction, is not for a single life to assume; because ONLY GOD is judge. Even if, you do your best. But in contrast to that comes the truth: that JESUS is the evidence, and being sacrificed; so that humanity could learn the difference plainly proven by love versus hate. So that each one beyond that moment, could choose the life he or she would journey into: is evidence enough for me. I KNOW, which life I choose to live; because love is worthy of my time. And hate is not.
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