The american democracy was established with one purpose in mind: TO TAKE all we/I, can get; from a land, full of resources. By killing the owners; a constant of history! Because the Indian nations had not turned to mining; which then would have given them metals. Metals make better weapons! The consequence of that truth was, “the Indian nations lost/ falling to genocide”; because greed rules the world of men. As history proves throughout the reign of man: if you don’t hold a weapon of equal or better realities of use (why the second amendment exists):  men will kill you, to steal what they want.

But even so: the intent for justice, “for us”; did exist, in those hiding behind words and the realities of a paid army to destroy the rest. It is that concept of justice, that unites men/ it is that purpose of greed which destroys man and society. LIMITED CAPITALISM (NO, more billionaires) fixes the grief and disaster of greed.

The words of our purpose to unite as a nation; are formed in three documents: Constitution (what we want and agree too use in our defense against our employees in charge of government)/ bill of rights (what we view as needing regulation by government so as to protect individual freedoms and legitimate rights)/ the declaration of independence (which serves as “our complaint” with regard to how we are being treated, by those who are like us). Thereby an understanding of desire does arise; within a reality and foundation, which is determined as the law of our union called “WE, the people’.

Unfortunately, the university fools, failures, traitors, terrorists, thieves, whores, liars, cheats, devils, and satanic displays of arrogance; have destroyed those foundations to proclaim themselves superior, and in charge of the law, by making their own rules to destroy democracy itself. Forming armies against us, by ridicule, with the intent to humiliate; and bribes to form the mob needed to create a civil war/ by counterfeiting the currency to defeat those who built the nation, shouting “You have nothing left”/ by the destruction of every resource needed to survive/ by the indoctrination of every child into the fantasies and delusion of ‘”imagination, rules the world”/ by establishing experiments designed to cause extinction/ judicial corruption/ media propagation of lies, failures, and fools; without any regard for truth/ taking control over every election with counterfeit money (created by claiming assets which do not exist/ thereby numbers, without reality); debts beyond measure designed to insure every child dies, in a future which cannot be saved/ and cult worship, as is identified by “covid; media wars, against life and nation and world”. They even stole your face, as their uniform of compliance, fear, and acceptance, “the universities are, your god”. To your shame, every aspect of which is granted: by those who whore after the money/ which isn’t even real. Yes it spends; but that only means you WAR AGAINST YOUR OWN CHILD/ as every resource ends in the trash, to insure their future is dead; and that does make you their assassins.

Even so: life and earth are not dead/ until dead; which means limited opportunities are still left to resurrect life and earth; from being thrown on your garbage mountains to rot. As is the clear cost of “university leads life”; as SATAN (horrifying arrogance and disrespect) himself. Which means: YOU KNOW, what must be changed, and you choose to fail; to do what life and planet needs/ as you cling instead to your greed. Your desire to play god for yourselves; refusing all truth and reality. A decision I cannot accept: which makes us separate “for life and world, by love and truth/ VERSUS, for hate and power by lies, theft, and other similar decisions.

The foundation of our future is a decision: because you are already deluded into believing the cult of university worship, is your god; as fools do. The decision is to remove arrogance and disrespect, letting truth decide, within the realities of respect for life and world; simple as that. Justice and fair play/ instead of greed, and cutthroat competition by arrogance and disrespect. IT IS, A SIMPLE DECISION; with eternal consequences. NO, playtime is over/ NO, you cannot go back/ YES you must choose for life and planet; or you will go extinct. SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE OF OUR REALITY, BY ITS OWN TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES. NO, game allowed, these are the decisions that you have made.

NO, it will not be easy: because your enemies have taken control over society, government, education, politics/ money/ using media as their weapon, their assertion of a right, an expert, and more. As liars always prove true: they will not surrender their lies, theft, cheating, terrorism, betrayal, or the rest/ unless forced to do so.

YES, YOU MUST establish the legal democratic authority, that proves “we the people” still exist: as is first amendment redress of grievances. Whereby we decide the questions that will be asked of our leaders and our state or nation/ WE JUDGE the result; and use our legal authority as OWNERS HERE; to make the changes we deem necessary for our own protection and future. Thereby forcing the evidence to trial, to decide for ourselves what is true. There is no other way; as civil war is clearly depicted by history/ and it ends all chance of using the last resources to survive.

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Jim Osterbur

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