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Forty years ago: I tried to sell the idea of “female protection”/ in the form of a defense method that allows the wearer to “drive back the attacker and mark him for later identification”. NONE were interested to any degree; as the common answer was, “I DON’T want to stop someone/ I WANT to kill them” instead. So it was later dropped. Realities of this day however again; prove the elemental task of self defense, is more necessary than it was.

Therefore I try again, with less & only limited effort. The primary reality to be asserted is, as it was: that any weapon that can be used by you/ can also be used against you. Which makes defense all about non-lethal methods of driving someone back, identifying them for later/ and accepting the cost of “I don’t like this either”/ as the price you must pay.

Looking to nature: the primary example of defense, is the skunk. Who can drive away a predator many times its size or strength; “with weapons” the skunk does not possess. Instead the skunk has smell; which is enough to stop an attacker in his tracks/ particularly if directed up his nose. While all thought “I DON’T want to smell like a skunk”/ and we all agree that is not pleasant: this is about defense from an attacker who intends to potentially kill you, among other realities which make smell seem truly less. EVEN SO, as identified earlier: the smell does not have to be “really bad”/ just recognizable to alert the public “I am in trouble/ call for help”. Smells can penetrate buildings/ escape vehicles/ be alerting from a mile away; and so on. Various other chemicals can be used: itching powder for instance/ little is more a reversal of sexual lust than, if the attacker vomiting himself: etc.

While my original attempt was for jewelry that allowed the wearer to select the amount of force that would be needed to open the container/ that was rejected. So I suggest today that you use “a wearable sleeve” under your clothes, or as your clothes: which contains a cylinder (tunnel bag) or more of chemical selected/ that will then be released when a “string like device is pulled: to open the tunnel bag (so to speak)”. These can be comfortable to wear, will look like biker shorts or arm sleeves; with appropriate methods for grabbing the string under violent conditions or BEFORE if an attack is recognized; to drive them away. Suitable materials for a courtroom; registered with police: shall be used to identify the wearer/ and thus mark the attacker; if he touches you. In today’s world: a signaling device, embedded; and string or other method of calling: can provide location and “send for help”/ without saying a word; into the sleeve to be worn. In an alternate method, as before: these things can be woven into underwear, which if “violently pulled upon/ or failed to unlatch” will automatically release the intended response.

As this description seems adequate for your understanding: I do not provide drawings/ and do claim the invention ASPECTS; are for the public use, and distribution without restraint. Or more simply; anyone can manufacture/ but no one can restrict. Other basic conceptions have been produced in video/ none are refined; but all are open for public use. As it was in the beginning: jewelry IS the best design, as it is visible and easy access if attacked. Or more distinctly, the best defense is worthless if you cannot use it in time to help yourself/ and that means: EASY ACCESS/ READY TO FIND. You can incorporate these defense methods into belts, hats, and so on; but in the end; IMMEDIATE access is what you need. YOU NEED to fight severely NOT to be taken/ because that is your best defense. YOUR BEST WEAPON; is to recognize: what cannot be used against you [but will silently, scream for HELP]/ has a cost (such as smell, itch, or other): but compared to the reality of losing this battle, it is a small price to pay. You can’t run in high heels/ but if you take them off; in your hand, they can be an effective weapon. They can break windows as well.

an effective offensive weapon, if you must:  is “a thorny ankle or wrist bracelet: with a suitable puncture material, such as plastic placed on top of the thorns/ to keep them out of clothes and trouble is required. Or, a suitable “foam rubber” can be used to keep the thorns covered until suitable force is applied”. This type of wrap can also contain defensive chemicals and tracer elements for identification. Reality knows, some degree of practice must be used to obtain a clear method of procedure by the intended victim; but either way what can be used to attack an attacker/ making wounds, and leaving trials of blood; is consistent with defense. This is useful, because it is “tied to your body (ready for use at all times)”; so it cannot be easily taken from you. And it is immediately accessible for use; assuming YOU, can force it through your own clothes, etc. Shoes are generally, more easily going to wound others, making them unintended victims: and that could bring lawsuits. Instead of basic thorns, a barbed small fish hook/ will draw the most blood out (porcupine quills); and leave an unmistakable mark; which can be coated in a chemical that demands medical attention. Even so; in todays world: shoes can be fitted with transmission devices; that engage a demand for help;  once they are struck hard enough/ or simply switched on. Instead of  depending upon networks: the signal can be used to interfere or communicate with all phones close by; including cars on the road. That type of transmission device, can be bound up in hair/ put in a hair band or other/ and camera’s are now made small enough to be effective at presenting evidence “on the cloud”/ or other. The trail you leave, determines if you can be found. The damage you inflict on them: determines if they can be found.

There are types of self defense weapons: that should not exist, because they are used against you. Once again:  the critical key for society to fight back, is producing and accepting the price for being found “in matters of sexual slavery,”/ OR dealing with the products of endangered species. IS: ANYONE who finds, and turns in so that society can free the  kidnapped & imprisoned/ SHALL receive whatever possessions, money, etcetera of the ones who are then turned over to the police and convicted of the crime. AS these shall be killed; you cannot make them slaves instead, unless justice fails. anyone who fails to report, and can be proven to know, with reasonable expectations/ this exists SHALL lose whatever possessions, money, jobs, etc; making them equally responsible financially; but not killed. Released from their lives, to live on the street, by losing everything they value: as have those kidnapped and enslaved.

It is reported: that women on the Indian nation reservations, are being brutalized more than any other group in this nation. As is the constant when dealing with men, BY SEPARATING THEM FROM THE WOMEN:  until the women are ready to take them back. men will find cause to change/ and those who fail to do so, will be “encouraged” by those who do want their women back. If there are two separate Indian nation reservations; both experiencing this type of trouble: the simple answer is, suitable help to remove every male over the age of 7 years; from one reservation onto the other reservation/ while moving every female from that reservation to the first. And then protecting the women by arresting any male found on that reservation: until the women set him free from prison. The women must provide a list of TROUBLE YOU WILL CORRECT/ before things change and they return. The other Indian nations should provide; and every outlying area: MUST be made aware of a potential attack from men against women should they leave the reservation. Therefore, they will all, be restricted:  unless they do have proven long term jobs of merit off the reservation; as would indicate a difference here. Expect “irritations to boil over”/ but leave them alone to fight it out for themselves. This gives women the opportunity to regroup, and identify their attackers. This gives men the opportunity to recognize women are not “toys, to be used, or abused”. WHEN THEY ADMIT TO   “EQUAL”/  the process of change has begun.

In terms of defense: “the male adam’s apple”, is natures off switch, to all male aggression. It is the equalizer for women; as minimal strength, can produce maximum results/ providing an escape. Or if not the beginning of your attack on him. IT IS absolutely necessary, for every female to be indoctrinated into: a true awareness, of what it means to be attacked, & and THEN fight back. Because if not prepared and panic instead; it will be too late to fight back, when you are ready to do so. When, or if that fails; and  you are dragged away (leaving a trail; fight hard) the only real and true scream you have left, when confronted with isolation: is to inflict an injury that gets infected, so that to protect his own life he will seek medical attention. Primary to that goal, is the preferred placement of that injury into his back/ and if you can leave a piece of fingernail stuck in it. shit provides a suitable material/ as does molding food; etc;  for infecting a wound. Do it as often as you dare/ remembering desperation need not fear.  Children who are wounded by sex; retreat into themselves (can’t listen or accept guidance; won’t trust: because that ended badly). Can’t sleep, (utterly unable to wake, because they spent the night fearing another attack). There are more! Including the fear implanted: that you will be killed or your family will be killed, or other, if you say anything at all. Because now you are a witness, to a crime with real world consequences for your attacker (which is why many are murdered after the crime). Critical to intervention, is knowledge. Critical to understanding “the choices left”; reside in the least damage now; that is not always an easy choice to make. The foundation of male sexual failures: is, they never learned a penis is NOT their toy. Critical male sexual failure, is tied directly, to their own decision: to seek “a bigger” chemical release. While I never believe it is right to alter the basic realities of “natural life”. The reality of this day may be:  “men know how to create a machine; to remove as far as a penis can go“;  and young men in particular might benefit; by understanding:  DON’T do that to me. Because the entire reality of male sexuality is: they get to stop, whenever they want/ while women cannot, unless male cooperates. Learning how the other side feels; can open their eyes.

In terms of reality, I have been subjected to the consequences of “being dominated; as predicted in Revelation 17:3”. As indicated previously, I entered the spiritual world of woman/ and became trapped. Wanting to say, “its over they will never listen”/ our relationship changed. She now treats me as an animal (male)/ and remembers all that men have done to female; making me “understand it well”. Even so, the critical lesson is: NO ONE deserves to be dominated by another/ and the reality is between male and female, one constantly tries to dominate the other in far too many relationships. Male is not your slave/ NOR IS female your slave. RESPECT EACH OTHER; HOW, do you not know that is true? Or life loses its true value, because of you; and the cost of that does have eternal consequences, beyond your imagination/ particularly if love dies, because of you. Sex is not a game! Sex is not a trophy or a toy! Sex is not a trinket, “to put on the shelf”! It is a participation earned by respect for life, desired by love, shaped by the essence of your own truth, and conceived by the grace of our own destiny earned in the presence of both heart and soul:  as my gift to you/ and your gift to me. NO debt is incurred for either side/ unless “animal/ rather than human” exists. BE VALUABLE to each other; which means you must help each other, with honesty and truth. NOT judgment or their decisions made by you. Remember this: that it is indeed your right to dictate how your life will live within its limits and boundaries/ NOT their decision.  But they too have the same right as you: to choose what their own limits and boundaries shall be. Divorce is never the answer/ but it is, “a lifeline” to surviving as yourself. Consequently accept it, when necessary; because none has the right to claim ownership over you/ nor you they. A child is never your possession (you created nothing), each is a gift that is your responsibility to guide, and to share life in time. Your responsibility to make decisions for your child ends, at about age 9. Because then, the child will begin to make decisions for themselves as they must. Therefore your responsibility changes from whatever you want/ into what they need to know, and prepare for. That would include, understanding how best to survive, the cost of being human in our part of this world.

It is NEVER fair, to make decisions for someone else: their life/ their decision/ not yours. In contrast to that, the spiritual woman treats me like “men, who are unfair, treat women”/ so that I KNOW. I claim “unfair/ never me”; and she reminds me: women are treated unfairly no cause of their own; SAME as them. The end result is:  every society on earth, NEEDS to learn better; both male and female. That our relationships govern our time, and our time dictates what we will experience as true. TRUTH IS, all you get to take with you in death; because only truth itself survives. Consequently if your truth is hate, your destiny is hades (where you will cry every tear you caused/ be punished by every fear you chose to create; for generations: paid back). OR if your truth is love; defined by mercy and the grace of true respect: the value of life itself, will be revealed. If you found neither love nor hate; as a truth guiding your decisions, in time/ then you will fail, and dissipate into nothing left here. Because animals do not travel into eternity.

WHY should you believe me? You should not; as is the constant of my life:  accept only truth, and identify the evidence as best you can, so truth will be as accurate as possible for it to be. TRUTH knows:  that our lives are about energy, and how the living expressions of our time, create the experience we call freedom. Take the energy away, and like clothes dropped to the ground/ no expression of life inside is left. Therefore energy is life, but only thought represents the living. Without freedom, “what do you have”?  BEAR THAT IN MIND, when you deal with each other as nature and life decide in you: what is true. Truth does not lie/ and no lie  survives: how is that not “your eternity speaking the truth, of you”? So the critical choice is:  do you believe life beyond the grave exists? Doesn’t matter why or what religion you claim is true/ WHAT MATTERS IS, “only truth survives, and if your gift to this world, is only tears and fears: dominating male or female or life.  How is that reality of choice, not the reward you deserve?”

Those who claim: “dissolved into dust/ as the body certainly is”. Therefore no life beyond! Assuming mass had a life to begin with/ as would be consistent with every rock is alive too, if that is true. They are not! INSTEAD: the body represents “your home”/ just as time measures your choices. The distinction is: given the rise above “nothing, into something; as is consistent with human existence”/ your choice, becomes your identity; not simply your body. YOUR CHOICE: is the essence of who you are/ not your body. Therefore what is true, becomes the essence of you. If truth survives/ then so do you; if energy can be transformed into “something else”. Reality knows, it can. The question of what can that experience be:  remains without substantial proof. Unless you accept JESUS rose from the dead; as did the man he rose from the dead. That does border on religion; but after studying JESUS as alive on earth/ I do, personally accept it as true.

What is more consistent with truth by its reality of evidence, that we do all know is: THE LITERAL MIRACLES of this planet and every body of life represented here, by its construction; will prove, we know nothing in terms of life and its limits or boundaries beyond love or hate. Which returns us, to the foundation of our choice as a living human being:  ALIVE IN LOVE, respecting the essence of life itself/  OR surviving in hate, as violence proves death/ chaos proves tragedy/ fear establishes HELL/ and failures surround your life, with disasters.

I CHOOSE LOVE!       The evolutionists:  choose fool.

Time, shapes us all, by the decisions we make, “to live”. That foundation requires distinct desires to form, and it is those desires which then shape not only the values of life, but heart and soul as well. While hope literally keeps us alive, in the construction of a destiny we desire; it is love that identifies life, by its truth of being alive. OR, hate creates an enemy, so that loneliness can be defeated; by turning to revenge, and plotting or planning violence to assist with that hate, in forming the foundation “these did choose” instead of life. While it may be, that avoidance of a foundation event that had nothing to do with your choice, exists as the road taken into hate; because you needed an enemy to distract you. The reality of experience or expressions of the living; form only in love, and not in death or its “cousin, called loneliness”. Consequently, instead of living by avoiding loneliness; even with death close by; regardless of the cause. To be alive, is to search for Creation, remembering that life itself is not “our own”/ and we have no authority over it, or any other: as would be playing god. To be alive, sets us apart from the animals: by turning to  GOD  , where the search beyond time itself, begins. EVERY MIRACLE supports: we were Created! Every form of distress or disaster, conforms with “men had something to do with this”/ and that can be conceived even with disease. Because the cost of freedom is: every truth does have a consequence. Just as every chemical you create or touch in some fashion, can alter the existence of human balance, as is the chemistry of life itself.  NATURE BY GENETICS, creates the body of life/ but that nature exists:  from ITS CREATOR!  in contrast, the university evolutionist claims chaos built life/ even though chaos is the destruction of everything, down to its simplest form. They claim “all an accident”/ but even your car was not an accident of your own creation: thought even at minimal levels formed it/ and you know that is true. Just like: you can’t build life one piece at a time/ you do need it all, at the same time to survive. “can’t have a heart without blood/ don’t need blood without a heart/ useless without vessels and veins and organs and muscles and more”;  utterly the greatest lie ever told. By those with the least brain of any life on this planet/ or they would resist being a fool.

The biggest fraud every conceived is covid, as proven herein by cdc reports;  have you not noticed “nobody gets the common cold today/ nobody has the flu/ nobody has a disease of any kind that is not “covid caused”. wake up, and smell the corruption, propaganda, and outright criminal extortion!

as for me, NO, not going to fight for you anymore; forty plus years is enough; wake up. No, I am not the same person that I use to be; life has changed/ my reality has changed; not my job to save you. YOU change, and save life and earth; because you did recognize 8 billion people cannot do, what fifty years ago 4 billion people could do. Simple as that/ and then comes the curse of universities around this world, without respect; because their arrogance is so extreme. Disaster beyond imagination coming. No you can’t wait to see/ its like death: “know you are going to die inside/ and nothing will bring you back”. Same is true of life and earth.

Inundated within the realities of LEARN, the impact of male; by being forced to recognize the realities of what that means on female life. Leads me, to understand: the critical difference is male enters in (yes I will), while female remains cautious; because she must (war, is not welcome here). That is the fundamental difference, between war, and its aggression/ versus, the realities of peace by law. The critical difference is: “I am, willing to fight, even die if important to me/ versus I am not; instead I will help you survive, if you, are important to me”. This change is actually massive; and the lesson as enforced is, “NO you cannot”/ instead of yes, I will. Interfering with everything; which confronts the question, “do, too many men”: really control everything women do? The answer is a very unfortunate: yes some do. Which limits and controls happiness, because freedom is essential to achieve hope; where happiness lives! Men trade pride for that disgrace; believing they are the owners of female/ and must do what they are told: because in war, women lose, to the power and training of men. In eternity: men lose, as they are confronted with every tear, or fear they caused.

After “thousands of NO, you can’t”; realities of life has been changed. The consequences of that, is a life that looks as if, I am lazy/ because everything I am not allowed to do; does add up. General knowledge of “how being married changes people” shows the same, in many. When happiness dies, hope fails as well. After “thousands of, shocking/ make you scream; will stop you”; life is no longer male (lost somewhere, gone). Instead life now consists of; changed, by a power I cannot refuse. I lost the spiritual war, for control; truly you have no idea! Nonetheless: The elemental reality of “women and wives, even children forced”; by a physical power greater than they are: struggles to find why. The answer: failure, selfishness, traitor, thief! But as for me; the claim of a greater cause than “just me”; is elementally true: and I know it, and am now glad to have remained working for life and earth. So, today; I finally choose to simply be, whatever it is that will support life on earth; as respect for our CREATOR proves true. That much, is my own choice.


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