The constant reality of, an attacking army is:  overtaking and overpowering the people of any society requires; you must make them fear/ to insist of hidden dangers everywhere/ to remove their job, friends, family, religion, work options, and then make them homeless or so far indebted now; ain’t never getting out.

While the range of symptoms for the two viruses is similar, the fraction with severe disease appears to be different. For COVID-19, data to date suggest that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% are severe infection, requiring oxygen and 5% are critical infections, requiring ventilation. These fractions of severe and critical infection would be higher than what is observed for influenza infection.

Removing hope, to make them beggars: so that some will erupt in violence. America is being changed/ being cursed:  by the violence, of fear: the assertion of a pandemic (the population is decreasing: 100 more are dying that expected. MOST OVER SIXTY) that does not exist as a pandemic; in a nation of over 327 million. Roughly 25,000 new infants  arrive, to take their place; in this USA per day. The rebel army {is it not an invasion of everything you think, do, say, work, family, friend, religion, organization, laws, rights, foundations of existence, homes, business, industry, and more?} intent upon crucifying democracy [YOU have no rights/ YOU have no say; just fear, or we make you believe; with endless propaganda] says “cry for your grandpa”/  I say:  cry for your children, as soon life ends for us all. We CANNOT survive, THE THREATS universities have made. Reality says, cry for yourselves “(not me); It is reasonable to expect soaring numbers of suicide victims when the stats finally come in. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans killed themselves over 48,000 times in 2018, or one victim every 11 minutes. At present, statistics for 2020 are not available, though trends tell us a huge spike in self-killing can be expected. Early data from the Disaster Distress Helpline reports a 338% increase in call volume in March 2020, when government mandates went into effect, compared to February.

Having investigated my share of suicides in Miami over 30 years (hundreds), I learned that the majority are brought about by enormous despair whether from medical illness, addiction or emotional distress. Losing jobs, self-support, loved ones, personal freedom and basics like food and shelter with no relief in sight are certain triggers. When the numbers are counted, I’m sure we will see a sharp spike in self-killings in 2020 — the ultimate escape.”

Comorbidities  cdc:

Table 4 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 7% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.5 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. For data on comorbidity,  Click here to download.

Because then the clamor is: WE MUST TAKE AWAY THEIR WEAPONS seems necessary. Because without weapons “to pay you back”/ the powerful can massacre anyone they want; as is the constant of genocide, and more. Such is the reality of fears, and power taking control through covid 19. A nation lost, because you believe the solution is, as you are told with endless propaganda: to give the powerful complete control, and believe anything they say. Fortunately, as with all “blitzkrieg”; the preparations have already been made: endless amounts of american currency has been given away to foreigners/ and they will be more than happy enough, to completely own America; as you are forced out.its not really that those in charge of university hate you with absolute contempt; its much more, they are just EXTREMELY arrogant and selfish!” And what better way to prove that contempt, than to take your nation away. After all, they didn’t get everything they wanted in public schools.

So, before I go away; I leave you with the most likely scenario: the university elite all want to take over America, and have nearly succeeded/ what is left, is to remove “the white man” from all forms of power (NOW WE OWN IT); which is now by covid 19 an insurgency that will accomplish that as fact.  cdc  For example, in a population where the prevalence is 5%, a test with 90% sensitivity and 95% specificity will yield a positive predictive value of 49%. In other words, less than half of those testing positive will truly have antibodies. The university feeling safe; because “they are gods”. The white man then looks at his weapons, and falls into civil war, and the nation itself falls apart. The universities are attacked: and they know where all the toxic and terrifying chemicals are/ having endless biological weapons: the gods fight back. Having a nuclear arsenal: the white man fights back. And the world waits to plunder; but then finds itself without choice, because of all the damage that has been done/ and all the horror that has been done to the planet. And the only reality left as is extinction; if the people trying to ignite a nuclear fire do not achieve it first/ as is the prediction of Revelation. A “million mile long flame” as is on the sun (same energy source; igniting the moon)/ will evict the atmosphere/ kill everything with radiation above ground/ suck up the oceans for fuel as it burns the bond in atoms/ and the gravity released by the fire; will draw in the moon to collide with this planet. Gee, what else could go wrong? Oh well, at least there is the rapture: which by all accounts of reality will be, “they got sucked into the flame”. But don’t worry, the people who are “the university”; will surely save you from little things like that; cause “they’re gods”. Right!

As to my work, which follows: and reports the news that is important to society, to life and earth: NOT ONE single thing is intended to make you fear: “its just information you deserve to know”. Because if you panic and hide or run away: our world will be lost. We cannot run from reality: because truth cannot be dismissed, without creating fear. And fear, lets the predators run free. Fear is like cancer to the mind! But the cost of believing is: The politician discards constitutional law, injures declaration of independence intent, and assumes an authority not provided to our employees in democracy itself: each of those is a treasonable offense/ and can be prosecuted as such. The universities are not “nobility, as they believe (superior)”/ not gods (consequences exist, even for them)/ and not entitled to “yell fire” in a crowd (not king or queen): without consequences for being wrong, or the damage they create. Neither has media the right to assume: “the universities are god (believe don’t question)”/ and propagate that fear, without true understanding as presented to the public by facts; is as consistent with “news (you decide)”. The fact most prominent is: that one hundred thousand more than expected dead: out of 327+ million people. Is only one per 3270 people/ and that is NOT a pandemic. OR more correctly, it is not one hundred thousand dead, that matters (life requires death, or time ends). Instead:  it is only  0.00327 percent of the population, that experience lethal. Or more distinctly necessary, because just in this America: six months of time adds, roughly another 5,000,000 infants born/ water, food, etc is not a fantasy. Not even in the mind of a fool. What I report as news however is important: and does have every right to be propagated in stronger terms than covid 19. because it can be proven: life or death in fact/ for our world. Not because I say so: because the cost of being WRONG, literally proves the gamble being taken. The critical purpose: is then prove truth or lie/ not by believing what you are told: but by the evidence.

Throughout the last forty years or so; the cult worshipers of “university is god”/ have denied or feared the simple words: if the sun produces heat by turning hydrogen into helium/ THEN WHERE is the helium? Because if every sun made helium, “with every btu/ the universe would be full of helium; and It is one of the rarest elements known to exist. Important because the demand to ignite the same energy source as powers the sun (a nuclear fire) GAMBLES our entire planet, and every single life; on the assumption “the universities cannot be wrong.” once a single ignition has occurred; this earth can become a sun. Unless of course you believe they’re other “two big ideas”; that a fantasy element “graviton” is, fifteen times bigger than lead exists (equivalent too: a one inch marble/ becomes a fifteen inch beach ball OR, in another way, ten pounds of lead, is one hundred and fifty pounds of “graviton”)/ and all the entire sun can be “burning” from the inside out; and still remain on fire billions of years later. As is the summary of that assertion: “its not really burning anything for fuel”. That would of course mean “the sun is a perpetual motion machine”. OR, the radiation the sun releases doesn’t matter here; because they want “to play god” (worry about it later). That radiation proves it is burning fuel; and does have a definable lifespan: that is not billions of years.

The simple truth here is: no, you need not believe me; I only asked for forty years that you investigate and prove what is true/ BEFORE GAMBLING with all of nature, life, the future, and earth. With a resounding NO, you proved your truth. As to belief itself; you are free to believe anything you want; even the brainless cult religion called evolution cannot be turned away; just because it is less than worthless. After all, people who believe they can build a body of life, “just one piece at a time”; have no concept of reality; and without reality, they have no functioning brain. A religious zealot, “belief is all I need/ evidence and truth be damned”. What you cannot do, is gamble with all of nature/ all of earth/ all in the oceans/ all resources destroyed/ and basically everything the universities do: as that produces extinction, when every chain of life dies. Every threat of this will kill our world, comes true. Past the point of no return; truth/ belief/ or lie becomes completely irrelevant; as there will be no turning back.

OR, how about the truth that is provable: all atomic energy is found in its spin/ as there is no other possibility for containment of that energy known to be there. A spin so extreme as to create an atomic bomb; the instantaneous release of “4 million times more energy than chemical ignition”. A spin, that cannot be invaded to make a different element. A spin equivalent to electron speed, or greater: because an electron cannot go faster than the force which made it move. yes you can understand/ no, you cannot react or make any decision on your own: because the universities own your heart, and your soul.” thereby the world is lost/ you gave it away, to your belief; the university is god. The media, will NEVER let you forget; or search for life: as they are the priests of “university knows”.

Our earth, as in this planet: will soon be “Auschwitz”/ where the burning of humanity, and the waiting to die was made clear: a choice you did not have. The ignition of a nuclear fire will be that same thing for this world; only there will be just one ending; because our earth will become a sun. Yet not a single word asking for an investigation can be found in you: because the evidence, or what can be proven true or false; does not matter to a religious zealot. Cult leaders quash you;  They simply believe. They simply say: the university diploma is god, and cannot be that wrong. Even though their assertions are about the sun; and you should know, “they cannot actually study it/ without creating it here”. Nothing but theory, about a fire with proven solar flares that can erupt OFF THE SURFACE of that sun; spewing fire for about 12,000,000 miles. So, perfect knowledge, OR die; is true. Because there will clearly be NO second chances. While the constant propaganda teams, continually assault with “fear/ fear/ fear; believe only the university”; and all the nobility continually cry, “we are superior to you/ we are gods here; OBEY”. As they have done throughout all of history. To insure you do not think for yourself. “why worry”; you can only die once? Well, those who intentionally destroy an entire living world, because they believe in “false gods”: might not get off so easy, so says religion; is that not so!  And all the people lie to themselves, proclaiming “we believe”; in the universities (your former classmates, “as gods”) brave new world. As they run to hide in the closet of their own soon to be “burning house”; hero or coward. As is our, soon to be dead world. One single second too late; and all hope is gone. Whether you like that or not, it is true! Religion says, “the bible is god”; but even though Revelation can now be understood; they don’t want reality to be true; and hide like all the rest.

Oh wait, I know: you are certain “I DON’T have any right to make you afraid”! After all, “you just want what you want”. Not to worry, the final phase of construction on www.iter.org is all but over/ and they must soon “do the experiment”; because there is no choice; unless the people revolt. Other machines can ignite a nuclear fire; but that one is made, and intended; for excessive fuel inputs. A trillion dollars cannot be spent without “a try”; they will do it. So the truth by the evidence is: I DON’T make you afraid/ they do, and all the machines and more which universities do; are your core fear/ not me. I am simply “reporting the news”!

WHY, is this machine singled out? Because it is there “NO MORE EXCUSES”; this is going to be a major power plant; one way or the other. Not “just another experiment”; but the one they say, “no more fusion”; we will ignite this FIRE in plasma. And when more than 50 million megawatts of electrical energy is transferred into “4 million times more” as is their own statement. IT WILL BE a never ending plasma they create, WHICH WILL BE: SELF SUSTAINING; as is the sun. So, don’t worry; just a little longer/ and you’re world; your child; your life; is dead.

This is NOT “just a bomb”/ this is the intent to create the same fire as is on the sun; as is their own description. Here on earth! Take a look at your sun: and ask the question WILL THEY CONTROL IT? Because NO, is the end of this earth/ even a change in this solar system itself by adding another sun. The risk is simple: there is NO bigger abomination (satanic arrogance); humanity can do. Literal life or death to this world; in a single instant of choice! YOUR EVERYTHING: without exception, so what then will you do? No second chances for you either: now or never. Another critical question is: WHAT ABOUT ALL THE RADIATION, we know this type of energy will release/ more than enough to kill you without planetary protections; from 91+ million miles away. Right here on earth, and not even a lead shield. So, even if it works; it will be death, for a thousand miles around it/ and every other experimental reaction chamber built, or being built. But that doesn’t matter; cause you know, “they will fix it later”. A completely dead, uninhabitable city, and way beyond (as if an atomic bomb went off, that only killed life. Well unless you account for an instantaneous 4 million times expansion: “could that be a bomb”? No, surely not; they are gods) after one single ignition event. “small price to pay, right”? Hell don’t worry, your making lots of money right. So what if you can’t spend it.

IF YOU ASK: your university gods, will tell you they don’t need to worry about the “energy release”/ because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire. So they made up fantasy elements (no proof) to make that work. I SAY: that when breaking the bond in an atom slowly burning the energy; just like a molecular fire here on earth. The release of that bond is kinetic (push) and dark energy (pull); as no energy can be sustained in an atom without balance. That fact proves a dark energy exists in the atom itself/ and thereby provides the gravity of the sun. if they are wrong/ YOU ARE DEAD. The laws of physics prove I am right: don’t do it!

Your university gods are wrong in many other ways as well: for instance, they claim to measure speed and distance in this universe by measuring the red shift of stars. But stars, in a galaxy are known to circle only their central black hole. Which means their circular pattern always stays within the galaxy; and there are no galaxies, that can be measured in this universe. Proving their claim of age is baseless.

I don’t ask you to believe anything; don’t believe me either, as I am irrelevant to the reality of our truth. That the evidence will prove, life on earth will soon come to an end; because of what people chose to do/ and what their leadership chose to believe. Only the evidence matters; nothing is so dramatic and clear within that statement; as is the intent to ignite what is clearly by, “ALL, the evidence of reality” a nuclear fire. What is clearly the source of gravity; as is an atom cannot contain itself in spin: unless another equal or greater opposing force (dark energy) holds it in balance. Nearly every claim of knowledge provided by universities; is pure fantasy: and they built trillion dollar machines to ignite a fire that cannot be extinguished; which makes the truth of ignition literally a one time event. No going back/ no learning from mistakes/ no life on earth; because it will be incinerated. Simple and plain: a fire as biblically predicted; that will end life on earth. Because arrogance, apathy, pride, and power refused to accept truth. On a planet where all the rest said: “we would rather be animals, than learn, investigate, ( NOT, even the clear risk of our planet dying) or change”.

Obviously, the universities which comprise one or a few people who make all the decisions in any specific field/ cannot be wrong or subject to question; “cause they are gods” you know. But consider this, women in particular are targeted “all dying of heart disease”; GIVE US YOUR MONEY. Yet they fail to mention, the common patient, who dies of heart disease, is over 70 years old/ and very few die of heart trouble at any time before. Alas they removed old age as a cause of death: but not to worry, so that you can protect your own interests, and make a wise decision with your money and your fears; “we all know that media, will inform you of any such truth”. Because you deserve to know, and “that is what they do/ right”? The courts would never choose to protect power. The politician would never choose to protect their benefactors. Actors wouldn’t choose themselves over truth; cause we all know “they can’t be greedy, or wrong/ they are the nobility”. Don’t worry, at least they are tracking animals and all creatures: so that when any little human distress comes, their extinction will follow.

And of course the university diploma is worth “an extra million dollars”; because they took over the banks, media, government, industry, all the hiring and firing of employees, and everything they could touch. Leaving us all, with a nation defined by debts that cannot be paid/ assets claimed at over 220 trillion dollars/ infrastructure abandoned; foreign nations well subsidized/ and trillions spent on every toy, trinket, or trophy they could think of. But who could ask for more; “let’s go to the moon; the university diploma needs a welfare check”. Well at least, they didn’t spend all our money on the military and war: right?

Well at least we can depend on media, because they would tell us what we need to know: like when newly marketed diabetes medicines were a thousand dollars a month/ the old medicines which people did use for over thirty years with no real troubles; only cost about $30 a month. Thank god they never choose the money; now ain’t that so? Or back when Reagan sold all the gold in Fort Knox: “they told you that, didn’t they”; cause they knew, I told the major news sources; no excuse.

Thank goodness: doctors are perfect, and never choose to be greedy/ universities never lie/ and women have no flaws”; or all these threats of extinction might be real! Wouldn’t that be a terrible surprise; “well at least, we don’t have to care”. Nothing bad can happen if we all agree: “WE DON’T want that”. After all: “some of us paid the damn insurance bill, called religion”/ and that is good enough for an entire world. Period, we demand it/ cause they paid; so we are OWED. “let god” pay the bill /now ain’t that right? After all religion promises, as in the Christian religion: “just say JESUS a few times” and your good/ eternity is owed to you too”/ wait or wait, don’t forget to pay the preacher: even so, its free! Or the Jews, who say we must have money; we pay for our “heaven”. Follow the rules, and you are owed.

Or how about another religion that promises men “they can have seventy virgins; just for playing along, if you sacrifice; then you get all the wealth & freedom, they can imagine: for an eternity of sloth and laziness; and all the things men hate about other men/ but want for themselves”. Apparently women remain slaves; since men own them; I wonder if that is fair/ well who gives a damn; right! Or another religion that promises you can come back as anything you earned. “Because life is mine, and even if the body has to be surrendered: YOU CAN’T steal my life, because its mine/ I own it”. I just have to come back as something else. Or another which demands: have a lot of children, so they can be your slaves, and make you fat, and lazy. Obviously, there is nothing to fear from reality or eternity; well unless you are a woman/ because the religions of men; belong to men, and you know what that means. Apparently women don’t have a GOD ? Which is odd, considering without women/ female of life: there is no life? I wonder if men could be wrong!

Well that, is just a stupid question: because obviously, the “heaven” men want; is going to be whatever they want; OR it can’t be “their heaven”. Nobody gets to argue with want; because whatever “I want, or don’t want”/ is my right; you can’t refuse me that! I AM OWED, cause I want it/ LIFE owes me that much; because someone else got something I wanted; or, I didn’t get everything I wanted: and that ain’t fair. So, “heaven means”; now I get to be god/ therefore I get what I want, forever. Because nobody can stop me now.

The true value of life, is not so simple as “animal wants”. The foundation of eternity is: that you must be something of value, in a world that will not rule over you. Or more simply: unless you can rule over yourself, in a way the presents truth, love, trust, thought, courage, honor, and respect; eternity has no place for you. It is not “simply safe”; as that has no responsibility demanded of you. When this fails, life gets lazy; and living becomes “the least” it can be. So, there is risk and reward: to keep you awake, and vital to the task of being whatever you can create your own life to be. Want is at its core, the fundamental failure of humanity/ because it drives all things that are not based upon truth. As for me: I have completed the work, given to me. Everything left, of life or death to this planet: is a work assigned to you!

Do you have a brain? Obviously not, or none of this would be true. As is: everything threatening is true;  but you have proven to be “a cult (only the leader, has a brain)”. So you can’t know what you know. that is blasphemy; “you don’t have a brain”. YOU must simply believe what you are told; by your gods at “university knows”. They own the knowledge/ you own “slave”; its perfect. Don’t bother to answer; you have no brain or rights or reality of solution. They own it all; cause compared to you: they are gods. After all, NOBODY could threaten an entire planet of life/ and even the solar system itself:  WITHOUT BEING gods! Even if it is god of DEATH/ “its still god, and you can’t do it”; so they win.  As proven losers, you have no say.

It is unfortunate but true; you seem to have chosen the perfect epitaph for humanity on earth; by believing in covid 19. Scared to death of your own shadow, discarding your own face, work, friends, life, home, job, future: “to be safe”. We won’t challenge anything; because we believe. Even when the reality of numbers proves by the evidence: this is not a pandemic; in a world of 8 billion people. A world growing at 3% per year; as it did throughout the twentieth century. Which is nearly a quarter of a billion new mouths to feed per year. “Just another reality, that threatens certain extinction”. But you don’t care: because the television didn’t tell you to think. They tell you to believe, “the universities got this”. Even though that is utterly untrue, unless their true intent is to destroy this whole world with chaos (their chosen, “evolutionary god”).

To RISE UP, MEANS: to rise up by using the law to demand an investigation/ by using democracy to create the laws that you need for society/ by describing justice, is a value; NOT a ruler. We have legal rights, and we have a well defined obligation to determine our own future: BY UNDERSTANDING the facts of this day. NOT simply believing whatever the cult, any media, or any leader simply tells us to believe. BY OUR VOTE AS WE THE PEOPLE, we are owners here. BY OUR DEMOCRACY, through law; we shape the society we then call to be “our own truth”. We own the right, to change our democracy through constitutional purposes; and cannot be denied that option, by our employees. No matter who they are, they are OUR employees.

NO, the television hasn’t told you, to question what you think on this: they can’t. Because the constant media religious zealot cult worshiper, who propagates anything the universities say; cannot question their gods. That, would be blasphemy; a zealot believes/ therefore they know; they are not allowed, nor do they want “to think, question, or investigate”. That ruins belief! And you as the cult of university is god; is as they say, “just a herd of animals(we can’t all be wrong, so long as we all do and believe the very same thing like other religions: the university is god)”. Anyone who says different, is a curse! Even though religion is “trickle down”; meaning from a tiny beginning it spreads “like a pandemic/ or by value”. So everyone; is just a tiny few; “who believe”! Making extinction certain. OR, TRUTH is obvious and accepted by the evidence. Alas, none of truth is the game the universities play; as the consequences of playing god, “we believe”/ without being GOD; are horrendous, as the evidence does prove. But as all children of the cult damned, demand: we want what we want, and nothing else. NO, I can’t fight with you; as your constant defense is simply “to ridicule me”; to use me for an excuse to avoid the evidence of what is already proven true. To deny the consequences of being WRONG; I am discarded by all forms of leadership; and the people fear, because they don’t want reality to be true. YOU hate change, unless it guarantees you MORE. Alas, the only thing that survives is truth. Lies do not, not even as a planet. Your population guarantees you less; and only a slight chance to survive;  unless you become true to life itself. NO small thing.

Nobody leads a true democracy! Democracy means CHOICE; and choice requires a commitment to being informed; to understanding the decision in all its conceptions; and to agree, we must accept what is true to our reality, and the decision we made as we the people to accept our duty: for liberty, which CANNOT be void of a future, or a gamble of any kind, which threatens extreme consequences for being WRONG. TO BE INFORMED MEANS; nobody gets to “tell us what we think”/ there are no experts! There is only the truth of evidence, by critical investigation without prejudice; and what we then choose for ourselves. To understand means: one hundred years and beyond is part of the acceptance: called our choice.

There is little room to doubt; a new disease has been found, after all “university knows” has been poisoning the water/ mutilating the food/ making biological weapons/ putting radiation everywhere/ shoving people full of dangerous chemical compounds with every pharmaceutical/ propagating the “universities are god”/ distributing “let’s all mutilate something”/ crucifying life, and all of nature with genetic research/ changing life, government, education, work, currency, courts, media, entertainment, children, and literally everything they can touch; for over fifty years “with vigor”. The fact something escaped the laboratory, or as with so many things; was simply put outside in the hopes of creating chaos in nature and in life; is not a surprise. Not to worry, now they get their funding/ now they replace you with robots (got to do it)/ now they remove all supervision/ and now they pretend “opening Pandora’s box of horrors” is just a game they deserve to play. As is the beginning of Armageddon; which does mean, “nature in chaos”. Not to worry cult worshipers will sacrifice; but alas, “cut your arm/ lose your face/ destroy your family/ curse your nation/ or cost an entire world its life in time”; will not bring LIFE OR PLANET back “to the living”. Because you chose, to throw it away; by letting the universities play god. To your shame, you are their slaves. Even so: no proof of a pandemic exists/ merely the introduction of another disease; that did not exist until the universities made it exist/ not to worry “its worth a few trillion dollars”. So its all good: right? After all: according to university religion, called evolution (chaos is your creator), everything complex: should be broken down to its simplest possible elements/ “so their god of destruction” can rule over life and planet. “what, could go wrong”/ all hail the university.

Don’t worry about reality: you can buy counterfeit US coin currency, right from the TV; even though that is constitutionally illegal. Because the university knows, “only fantasies need to rule; let’s all play god”. Reality ruins “the game”, when you must be fair. Don’t worry, the universities have already filled their pockets “with all the numbers, toys, trinkets, pensions, trophies, and anything else they wanted”. (just add another decimal). So they will be good; right? Even igniting the planet with a ten million degree fire/ with million mile long flames/ that burns your skin from 94 million miles away in summer/ with radiation even at that distance which kills without protection: can’t possible hurt “a university diploma”, cause they’re gods. Don’t do nothing; isn’t that right?

Throughout history, people have marched and protested and destroyed to prove they were upset; never to change anything, but access/ we listen, we care, no more! So war breaks out, “to change something”/ only it takes control over humanity, and tries to destroy everything, including self and society. The animal wants, and then it wants more, and then it takes more than environment can offer; and now the mobs arise to prove, “somebody has to die/ or move”; on both sides. Which is why there are groups (herds of people) identified by a trait that can be seen: to divide the war. Which then confronts those who don’t want war, and they become traitors to one group or the other: because they are superior/ why is irrelevant. The animal trainers of university decision: form an insurgency, as they are “the spoiled children” who never grew up; because universities are the land or training centers of, delusions are best. The demand is simple: “we must rule/ and be rulers, because we are gods (compared to them)”. A constant in all firmly established religions. These religious conceptions are then granted cult status by believers accepting delusions can work/ when in fact, a fantasy is just a “fancy lie”. And lies never work for life to achieve its best; only truth does that. The curse of religion/ the reality of university (same), is a herd: just believe, don’t question nothing/ do, think, say, what you are told. NEVER investigate “your gods”. Because if you do; as is university, they won’t be found “as gods of life (savior)/ but death (destroyers)”. And that causes the herd to be fallible and afraid of itself. So the herd says: NEVER question or investigate, “our gods”/ because the herd is more important than being “right/ truthful/ or fair”. Therefore whatever force is necessary to maintain the herd, is accepted by the majority voice in the herd; because failing that, war is being formed. The cost of life is competition/ the cost of competition is a dwindling resource base/ the cost of resource losses that are too high; will be war/ because we cannot all survive here, as we are. So protests form, and lines are drawn, and small amounts of violence erupt: and war looms large and inevitable. Because the end result is: WE WANT MORE, AND THERE IS NO MORE/ unless the others give back some of theirs. And they all figure “I WON IT FAIR AND SQUARE”; AND I WANT MORE TOO. Nonetheless, if you never even tried, or assumed anything other than “to do your best”/ you have no one to blame but yourself. But alas, far beyond that day:  we are at the breaking point on earth; as it applies to every single truth of reality; that keeps us all alive. Extreme human population growth means: YOU CANNOT fix this problem or dissolve this war, without TRUE population control. YOU CANNOT HAVE MORE, because the resources being used are finite/ and humanity is buried in its own trash, proving “the fool, cannot stop”. OR MORE SIMPLY; this earth is dead, and every life lost; because people chose that over life and happiness; “by being animals of time, instead of alive in truth called Creation”. Alive requires you to accept reality, and respect the truth of what evidence will reveal: thereby accepting the limits and boundaries of what can and cannot be done/ whether you like it, or not. As is the cost of life itself. Want is a coffin, your decision to discard the earth as universities have taught/ is the end of our existence; by a thousand different methods of failure and fantasy that the universities have provided. Including: the collapse of nature through genetic mutilation/ the release of nuclear fire, as turns this earth into a sun/ the loss of resource/ poisoning/ pollution/ disease explosions/ weapons of mass destruction/ ocean life lost/ every chain of living destroyed/ habitat failure/ global warming/ atmospheric disconnection from the planet/ oxygen depletion from fire/ food sourcing collapse/ world wide financial collapse/ the horror of “university can play god”; and more. To your own eternal shame, for allowing such disrespect and destruction to occur; as they all screamed, “no consequences, for us”. The consequence will be extinction; because that is what you chose, to let them do; by playing god, in a fantasy of lies and delusion.

Without an enemy, you cannot have a war/ and all things fall too, the truth: of what you can and did or did not do for yourselves or your world. With an enemy, the door opens to hate/ stealing/ lying/ cheating/ disrespect and ridicule/ “its all your fault, even though we are equal”/ and I don’t have to be responsible for myself, or the things I chose; because I can blame you. Without fear, there is NO excuse for power, and no one follows or believes; because freedom becomes important. Without power, there are no leaders; because no army, nor major enemy can be formed or found. With true law, the value of life, and living is written. With enforcement of that law: the creation of democracy exists, as the truth of what we can and will be. But without reality by its own truth leading the way; there is only fantasy to hide the cost of what is being done. Fantasy is a delusion hiding the lies of many, under an intentional blanket of confusion. Truth has no enemies, only liars. Liars have no friends, because they worship power over you more. The enemy of life, is a foundation that cannot be sustained; because the inevitable reality is: this becomes our road to extinction. And humanity says: “this is easy, so let’s travel it for awhile anyway”/ but being easy, they hide from truth, and pretend the universities are god, and will keep the foundations of living from being true, “for us”. As all liars do, they will fail; because truth cannot be defeated/ it will return, as if it never left. Only the price goes up.

Every liar is a judge, in his or her own heart. That ultimately means, you have claimed the right “to play god”. The cost of that decision, “is a piece of value in you, in life itself; is lost”/ the price of life for, someone else diminished [the question: is this worth fighting for]. Because there is no foundation for playing god, you measure and accept; “worthless or less, to me (claiming to then, be god over a life)”. That is a violence that leads beyond hate. REALITY then reminds you: Let the law decide, protect the law so that it is fair, choose justice where you can, be at peace within the law; because there is no other way for society to exist. Failure Excuses hate, and brings what war will do. Just like the refusal to accept what is true, brings war instead. Truth decides, or realities will die.

One hundred thousand people died; in a nation of 327 million plus undocumented people; equals not more than one per every 3,270 individuals. 80% or so being of extremely old age or sickness. Pushes your “healthy” chances of dying into the less than one in ten thousand area. In contrast a 3% birth rate; constant throughout the twentieth century equals 9,810,000 new births in this nation this year: wanting food, water, resources and more. And what do you know; people quit dying of flu, old age, food poisoning, etc. To achieve a pandemic status, more people must die than are being born: zero population growth. In this world today, that means ONE QUARTER OF A BILLION PEOPLE PER YEAR/ must die, to even consider it a pandemic. The difference between a traitor and those who make a mistake is: the traitor continues to insist you must believe. The difference between life or death for this planet and its future is: those who betray you, are focused on only “one little thing”.

The foundation of all wants, or don’t want: is an animal lives in or for this. As is: “nothing truly matters, but look or listen to me”/ life is nothing but what I want or don’t want; because everything is about me/ without wants, life has died; it has no value/ without want, I have no cause to live; I am lost. Because being human relies upon accepting truth will decide/ not want. An animal, is either predator or prey/ a human being, rises above the simplicity; to achieve thought. Where there is thought, love to build/ or hate to destroy; will exist. Love extends the decision to share because we care, to all life that will not destroy it. That is a courage, a value established beyond self. Whereas hate hides itself, until the moment of destruction; so as to damage even more. Love builds from hope/ hate chooses fear, and falls inside it; because they know what vengeance would do. Want forms depression, because this is all there is. Love discovers passion, and ascends within desire to achieve truth within the elemental passage that is your own soul. Nothing is so elementally true, as is the miracle of life itself. Where passion by the evidence of its love exists, the future of life remains “within that miracle”. Respect knows your truth itself, will remain “established, even beyond death; as love or hate, or animal”. Love is, the single greatest treasure (life is worth living) in this universe. Hate digs graves, including its own; because there is no true value in its survival.

The cost of policing is: failed university instructions/ too much, separation from society itself/ and fear. Fear and the failure of respect; gets people killed on both sides. None of which can be resolved by simply blaming a police department or its workers; because the decision to weaponize society, makes all aware of the cost to be wrong. “a two edged sword” cuts both ways.

Treason, is the intent to lie/ while doing grave harm: $3 trillion dollars=$30,000.00 per each of 100,000,000 people of new debt. The bribe is $1200.00 “to help you”/ while someone else gets, the other $28,800.00. Fantasy merely delays, and enlarges the destruction called: truth.

In America; the foundation of actual work produces between 3-4 trillion dollars/ all the rest that is claimed (search GDP) is a promise to pay, an illusion of work “only with numbers”; producing debts, that cannot be paid. As is true of many nations today; claims of ownership, by the numbers of money, as are an insurgency stealing from life. By allowing just a few, in charge of the counterfeiting currency by claiming an a rise in assets valuation. The reality occurs: To buy, and thereby will control everything; because property control is “the nation”. Like Israel did to Palestine; the numbers of money along with bribes that seemed better than reality: so Palestine laid back to enjoy the ride. Only to find: Israel had secretly, bought their nation back; one piece at a time. The plague of humanity is “yes we can”/ the cost being yes you did create war. The reality: you cannot survive the changes you have made: fail to correct your tragedies against life and planet or you will go extinct; soon! I am not your savior/ I am a messenger telling you; change NOW, or you will be extinct forever. Because what is true of the evidence, condemns you to inescapable catastrophe/ or dramatic change now. Get up, and do whatever you can do; because your “university worship”; has led you to this edge of extinction. CHANGE that too, and find truth!

The reality is simple: with men throughout the ages, they would destroy each other, because resources died, when the population increased: “its you or me”. The reality of today is: with universities, their intent is to play god, and in doing so they threaten all life on earth forever extinct. Because the cost of playing god is want; and all want leads to “animal”/ rather than human. Human requires your decision, to be more than an animal; as only truth, love, respect, hope, trust, discipline, balance, order, courage, thought, value and and the acceptance of limits and boundaries can prove. Instead of that universities have proven to be the outlet: for all things traitor/ liar/ thief/ terrorist/ hate/ destruction/ cheating, and more; by promising you things that are only fantasy; propagating delusions; discarding truth for what they want instead; as is to play god with life, planet, and energy. Wanting things, they cannot do; while screaming “there are NO consequences for us”. They could not be more wrong as the horror of their genetic mutilation takes hold; the countdown to incineration begins for our world; and the ending of all resources; overpopulation; asphyxiation; extinction in all chains of life; and more will prove true.

The constant of men is: “I want it all, and if you prove to be unable to defend; then I want yours’ too.” Beg me, or I take your everything, maybe your life & give you nothing. So society was born to defend the masses against their common enemy: “men with weapons”. Leaders to provide an instant response/ who then become rulers with tyranny. Women to complain: I want what I want too! Life and earth their chosen enemy: “you make me work, and accept limits”. So, the universities found their niche: let them believe, “anything they want”; life is free/ no consequences for us! But alas “consequences of extinction, everywhere”; for all other life, the planet, and every child. None have a future; because the universities hear only one song: “its MINE, ALL MINE”. And the world of men say; “give me some too; bribe me or it ends”/ as they discard, and destroy all respect for this earth. By digging their own graves; as the earth turns from nature provides; to this whole planet now dies. The consequence of 8 billion people all trained by universities: TO NEVER give a single penny of value; back to life itself. The compromise is simple: “its us or the earth/ and we don’t care”. Until death proves: not only, you were wrong/ but will be extinct.

A religious zealot hears only one voice; his or her own/ because no truth nor evidence matters more than “I want this to be true”; regardless of the risk or reality. The cost of destroying the future, the work, and the reality for so many is: “we must believe even more, that we cannot be wrong”. As is the constant of pride. Nothing causes people to “feel like nobody” more than taking their face away; as is the rule, HIDE YOUR FACE WITH A MASK, run away from life: CHOOSE FEAR. Leadership did a great deal of damage to millions of lives: The cause of anger is justified. The reality is not; and will escalate into searching “for Hitler” to lead/ then will come the guns, and more. As to the simple consequences of people and their employees called police: a bill of rights is written by the people themselves, along with the police/ NO leader is allowed. When you both agree, and accept the value and limits of what can be done: the value to each other will increase.

My job, is simply to warn, provide opportunities, establish YOU DID have your chance, with the information needed/ it is NOT to save you from yourselves. OR, your cult worship of university as god. They are “your Satan”/ an arrogance so extreme; their purpose has been to change everything that worked, so they could be in charge/ alter genetic nature, so they could play god/ and gamble with energy so extreme, as to be “just like the sun”; here on earth. As religious zealots of university worship, who have no regard for truth or evidence or the cost of being wrong: forty plus years of fighting with you is enough.

There is nothing else to be done, learned, etcetera: if you will not do this!

Democracy says: NO EMPLOYEE, or organization of members or workers; can claim to be “the government”/ only the constitution, and the laws we create through that constitution: are the government. “no king” exists; because no employee can make rules; demanding compliance; without that constitutional law of authority. NO assertion of need can be extended, without our consent. NO democracy exists, without the fair and justified appraisal of evidence; supported by documented truth; that is then OUR RIGHT to decide for ourselves: what this society should or should not be doing. To balance the essence of truth, and the elemental reality of human: public trial exists as “the least obnoxious method”; of understanding ourselves, or our situation, with reality guiding the way. NOT theory, university, political party, media, religion, or any other form of manipulation or control: WE DECIDE, one vote/ one citizen: this is our choice! Anything less than the discipline, order, and balance of constitutional law: suffers the fate of apathy, as laziness or greed, strangles your nation, your life, or your world.

There is only one means in democracy; of WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here! That is through law. The law is: by the legal guarantee of first amendment US constitutional guaranteed rights for “….the people to peacefully assemble, and petition the government for redress of grievances”. SAME as “freedom of press/ freedom of religion, and free speech cannot be denied”. THE CURSE of university is the expert; the PLAGUE of government has become “life safety”; the COST of democracy is: TO BE INVOLVED, WHEN NEEDED. The reality of life safety is: “WHO gets to decide”? Because when our employees decide for us: it always becomes tyranny. Tyranny is: the power to take, or destroy, what you do not own; as is the constant of all thieves.

The foundation of justice, is truth by evidence, that will not be denied: proven valid and without corruption. Therefore, the method of redress: which means to demand trial, and obtain that evidence by legal means through public dissemination of truth by evidence/ NOT “expert”. So that WE THE PEOPLE can form the decision, AND establish our vote. That vote: is democracy as owners: to the best we can choose to: fit our lives, our nation, our world, and our future. By understanding the acceptance of risk, and the cost of fear.

Anything less, than direct constitutional acceptance of their duty, as our employees: to provide REDRESS of GRIEVANCES: IS AN INSURGENCY against we the people, who DO, own this nation.

IF they take you to the end of their fantasy/ then all that will be left, IS REALITY; and reality doesn’t care. Not about a single one; it simply is, “what it is”. The consequence of that is: consider what the future is going to be!

In contrast; to the demand for democracy: is the constant human disgrace throughout all of history. Which is the few, try their best: to take complete control over all the rest/ BY USING FEAR. So, the critical truth here is: without absolute proof of a pandemic/ which they have not. THOSE WHO LEAD ARE THE ENEMY, and their army of attack, is by creating FEAR: of an unseen enemy; “the kind called deceit, manipulation, arrogance, temptation, corruption, lies, cheating, stealing, and hate”. They are a different kind of enemy: they have media, control education and language, endless wealth by counterfeiting the lie of inflation does not exist; and cult worship to keep all controversy away, by brainwashing the courts as well. The kind of enemy: who could and would send out a biological weapon; so long as they already had the vaccine in hand. The kind of enemy: who would and could, have another biological weapon or more, prepared; so that fear remains constant: and they can make a “trillion dollars” with the vaccine; or just “hate the world”. After all, the great “university, YES WE CAN” is just now, a functioning “Pandora’s box” waiting; like every super-villain comic book ever written, or action movie, war monger, etcetera: to be gods over you. What could go wrong; after all, “the universities are god” right! After all: they haven’t been creating & releasing biological mutations into nature for decades, “to throw it all away”. They have bigger plans: to destroy nature, and replace it with chaos, like their religion of evolution says: so they can instigate entirely new, forms of life; proving they are in fact “gods”. Why, who could blame them for that: isn’t proving you can be gods, “the ultimate game”? obviously, its just for university gods/ certainly not anyone outside the universities, or among those who worship them like a cult. Don’t worry, if they are feeling a little suicidal, or distressed, and don’t have a vaccine; “they can still play, puppet on a string” and watch you dance. So, “its all good”; right? After all, “the universities can’t be bad; they are all saviors”, media proved that: yes sir; every single one.

Well silly me, I forgot; NOBODY gets to question, or investigate; the gods of university, just ask your courts and leaders. “They are all angels of mercy/ come to take you away”; just ask your media. After all, when igniting a nuclear fire just like the sun soon; “your ride through the air, into a ten million degree uncontrollable fire; that burns atoms”; will be exhilarating, “rapturous”! Don’t worry, Noah’s flood was proven by fossil fuels; I’m sure it didn’t take too long, for all life to die; except a tiny few. And with fire even they cannot survive; not a single solitary point or life; on earth.

DON’T WORRY, you, have a guaranteed ride into your own “religious (I want this) heaven”; after all, didn’t you earn it? So, you are owed, right! Seriously how could that be wrong: EVERYBODY says so, in your religion; “everybody can’t be wrong”. Period, just because the freedom given to humanity: chose to destroy this world/ and you chose to do nothing; is no excuse/ you, are owed. Religion (we believe what we want) says so, it must be true; after all, “didn’t you pay the premium on that insurance plan”? You are owed, “ain’t that right”?

Reality however sees the fear as statistics; and recognizes the end of small businesses; IS THE CONSOLIDATION of all business into the hands of a tiny few large corporations; which are much easier to control/ from “government as kings”. As is “hitler/ stalin/ whatever the name; the course is the always the same. KILL THE OPTIONS, and make the masses slave, or beg, or die through fears; because then they have no choice. While in this america; the scream is WE HAVE GUNS. The truth is: your only option with a gun is the end of your nation, starvation, and the destruction of everything you depend upon or built; as is the constant of war. CHOOSE LAW, AND ENFORCE DEMOCRACY: BY GOING TO COURT, AND PROVING CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT (not ruled by the expert, or any claim of “life safety”) will survive. People die, check the statistics year to year: how many more then/ and what percentage of our population dies from a disease that did not exist before. Old age or bad health is: “irrelevant”. We do, all have to die.

Do not fear them: their power is money, and they counterfeited the currency into fantasy: which means “broke or billions” we are equal.

FEAR THIS INSTEAD: only truth can save us from ourselves, and what universities around this world have done/ the creation of threats that lead to extinction as is our current truth. CHANGE MEANS, CHANGE; nothing less will do, or your life, nation, world, child, and even eternity will be lost. Because reality says so, by the evidence which can be proven.

In the real world, where fantasy does not rule a nation: but facts assist us in determining what we should accept as truth/ so that we can make our own decision. In a courtroom: to stop or punish perjury: all those people, who have been diagnosed with covid 19. would now be followed up by the facts of their disease. So that we all know this disease as well as we can: by the truth of what it means to our nation and our world. Simple as that: how many died (how many old, or with health complications)/ how many suffered greatly (hospitalized, or with prolonged effects)/ how many had little or no consequences from this diagnosis (no significant injury)? In that way, with thousands to offer testimony; by the “gods of medicine” own count: we will know. And you will then decide, not only what constitutes a pandemic/ but what our employees are allowed to do, with our state or nation and lives. BY VOTE, of we the people for ourselves.

FIND A WAY, to prove what is true, to establish your own courtroom: DECLARE, your constitutional first amendment right for redress of grievances. And force the truth to be established/ this democracy enforced; by proven fact. It is literally within your power of WE THE PEOPLE, own this nation. IF you refuse, they will torment you for months if not years; claiming victory and money and power, and your lives will be lost to their greed. Those who have nothing to hide, “welcome the truth”.

THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF DEMOCRACY IS: WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE/ NOT YOU! WHENEVER, the reality of truth confronting our nation or world; must be dealt with by us all. OUR NATION has been affected and changed: PROVING WE NOW HAVE THE DUTY; to make these decisions for ourselves; as is democracy by vote. The format simply: BY producing clear distinct evidence, before the nation itself: that is absolutely untainted with manipulation, temptation, or any intent for controlling our decision. OUR NATION, OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE, OUR CHOICE! Simple as that.

Tyranny starts with fear; once sufficient fear is in place: THEY MAKE RULES, so they can find practically anyone insufficient to their laws. And jail you, or make you beg: that is called power. Anarchy then begins; as power makes every life and living into a game.

DEMANDING COMPLIANCE from society itself; to control by your own decision/ or to the decisions of a tiny few; THEREBY discarding the rights, freedoms, and foundations of liberty: and asserting punishments, which include jail for any person NOT willing to accept “your decision”. IS A CRIME against the state or nation itself. We have passed by, “your assumed gate of hell; the reality of which failed the test of evidence: by its own truth”; not the decisions you have made. WE the people, require our own decision now. Finding the need is real: WE THE PEOPLE, require a law, THAT WE CHOOSE, BY our vote; to govern these decisions for ourselves. The very foundation of democracy itself is: LET THERE BE NO ONE, WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY, to do what you have already done. That is open REBELLION, and it lurks of the putrid smell that is, “we should be kings”.

Simplicity will prove: survival forces those who shout WE CAN’T live by these rules/ while extreme righteousness SCREAMS, “you WILL” live by these rules; because our lives are threatened, and we won’t share more. FEAR US, because, we control “government”. So the police become an enemy to those who cannot/ by becoming an army for those who say you will. With little choice, those who believe they cannot survive then SCREAM: fear our weapons: death is on your doorstep; and the horror of , “a Biblical Apocalypse” begins.

Did I forget to mention: the universities have a perfect solution, for this situation. YOU never need to come back to work, because they made robots to replace you; after all they don’t spread disease: and the diploma gets more power, pride, and money; it will be great. Well sure you get to have “bread crumbs”; but after awhile that will go away too. “its ok”; because they are the superior ones, and deserve more than you.  Don’t worry, if you can be held back long enough: business and industry will have no other choice. “its all good”.

Well, that is of course after the healthcare industry, whose entire job has always been to “work with disease” gets a big raise in their pay, because the fear mongers say so. Cause after all, they deserve everything they can get: at last count they only get 5 trillion dollars a year; which is literally: $50,000.00 from each of every single taxpayer; of one hundred million people, here in America.

Don’t worry”; after all that 3.4 trillion dollar bailout ($34,000.00 per each, and every; of one hundred million people), plus more; can’t all go to just the universities to do whatever they want; some of it is certain to pay for those robots, probably for free; after its declared that was necessary “due to covid 19”.  Oh wait: the universities get paid for robots too; so they need the jobs: I guess they have to do it, after all, children need to play too, and our sandbox is crowded now: “we don’t want, them in it”. [hidden prejudice].

The greatest curse of humanity is RIGHTEOUSNESS; because with “I am RIGHT; comes the inevitable demand for power, pride, and then want becomes the BELIEF, I cannot be wrong: therefore I am god, when compared to you. And that, gives me the right to enforce tyranny; and kill any life, I choose. As to all leadership: NOT A DAMN ONE, was elected to play or be god over the rest of us. Not one, democracy is specifically designed to remove that; and it has failed us all. Because NOBODY is god, and the university expert: fails life, nearly every time! People die everyday/ babies are born everyday: the end result of it is VERY MANY babies are born than people who die; and that means this earth itself, and all the nature, water, etc that keeps us all alive IS NOW DYING from human over-population. SO, SOMEBODY does have to die, or not be born: our world will die. “Crocodile tears” are not enough; reality exists. All hail the university diploma leadership, “they newly discovered, people die”; cause the rest of us, didn’t know. “aren’t they SO smart”? Ask them: HOW MANY people would now be here; without disease, etc; ask yourself as well? And ask reality: WHAT would you eat, drink, or live with as truth, by a reality that has no sympathy; for a single life! DEATH LITERALLY, keeps the rest of us alive! Whether you like it or not; that is true.

And the universities scream: “we are gods/ we have a diploma (to prove we memorized what we were told to believe)”. We will save everyone, by mutilating nature itself, as is constant around this world. We know everything; and their cult followers scream: WE BELIEVE. Yet reality proves: mutilating NATURE, IS WHAT YOU SHOULD FEAR. Playing with the same energy source as the SUN, is what you should FEAR; because these “gods & experts”; are gambling with every living thing on this planet, and even more: FOREVER. And their fantasies have already been proven to be completely without merit or value: PURE THREAT OF EXTINCTION, released voluntarily to destroy an entire living planet. BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY CAN BE “gods”. When they cannot even take a breathe, without everything they are trying to destroy. AS IS FEAR THIS, the outright decision to ignite a ten million degree fire, that literally burns the bond holding an atom together: making atoms the fuel source; not just “a disease”, without clear threat; but death of a world. THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; the death of YOUR world; if they are not “absolutely perfect and correct in their expertise” of which they literally proven: to have NONE.

https://www.iter.org/sci/Fusion   Abundant energy: Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times as much as nuclear fission reactions (at equal mass).  More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  instantly becomes 4,000,000 times more is four million inches high. Divided by 5480 feet the distance in a mile times 12 inches per foot =63,360 inches. 63,360 inches per mile divided into 4,000,000 inches= a candle flame that is suddenly, 63.13 miles high. There are no second chances!  Who does not understand: an instantaneous expansion by 4 million times more, IS AN EXPLOSION; even greater than the atomic bomb?

Your leaders: are then SATAN’S helpers, whose only real purpose is to deny you access to understanding or assembly; while they finish the last tiny elements of KILLING THIS ENTIRE PLANET. BECAUSE you might decide you can think for yourselves; instead of just believe (which is, the end of a cult)! While you sleep in their cult induced trance. HIDE/ HIDE/ HIDE; fear everything; another human is DEATH. While in reality behind those doors who design this failure; are your “gods & experts”, preparing HORRORS you cannot even imagine. Because they KNOW everything; “cause they are gods”; and don’t you forget it, or they put you in jail. By corrupting and destroying the very democracy intended to protect: THE NATURE AND ENERGY which keeps us all alive. The democracy, that you and all the rest of us need: from people playing god, with our lives. FEAR WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU, about UNIVERSITY: because that is where the true threat lives.

oh wait: superman is going to save you, or the chaos coming from genetic mutilation of nature, or releasing an atomic fire just like the sun; HELL the options are practically endless”. All due to the greatest religious cult ever conceived: as is “Universities know”/ even though fantasy rules their lives. NOW DON’T YOU DARE, question anything they say; that would be blasphemy. A true cult follower CANNOT question any belief/ as that is the purpose of a cult: “we don’t need to know nothing”. We just believe, because that makes us “children of this god (the ones whose reality of work, is to end life on earth)”. Oops, what does that make you? Oh well; as always you will just change direction; and blame every bad decision on your CREATOR ; as human history has always done/ just before they face certain catastrophe; or just after, as the case may be. Alas: things like destroying nature itself, cannot be undone/ things like igniting atoms on fire, cannot be undone/ things like destroying all life in the sea, ending resources, poisoning the water; and all the rest your “superman” does every single day. Surely cannot have consequences; after all, “they got this far on just lies and delusions, and counterfeiting money.” TAKE A GOOD LOOK, at the price of your beliefs; and the cost of “university leads” in this covid 19 delusion of fantasies. You lost your job/ your money/ your future/ your economy/ and soon your nation as civil war breaks out; to end life on earth. But DON’T WORRY, as cult members, “you have no brain”. Alas you don’t care: because every cult worshiper knows, “you can’t be in the mob, with rules to make the rest obey or pay/ if the herd throws you out”. After all, you cannot even assemble together to test ideas or understanding; cause its not allowed. Now ain’t that right?

5/8/2020  In the course of threats, that can make our world, and all its life extinct: there really is only one question that needs to be answered. IS the university diploma perfect/ or can they be wrong? Because reality proves: wrong with igniting atoms on fire cannot be taken back/ wrong with mutilating all of biology, cannot be taken back/ wrong with resources, or water losses, or oxygen reduction, or extinction, or ocean life massacre, global warming, habitat losses, over population of humanity; and all the rest: SIMPLY CANNOT BE UNDONE, past the point of no return. If the universities were perfect, we would not be facing our own extinction; yet the believers, as is true of all religions; will not accept truth or evidence, or reality. That is the end result of my work: the reality of wrong, doesn’t care what you believe; because truth alone will decide. No second chances, means YOU must be perfect as well, in your own decision: as our world, fights for its future/ or lays down to die, because you just didn’t care. My only demand of you has been: LET THE INVESTIGATION PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. Your only response has been: we won’t care/ the universities are god.   Therefore: We leave you to your future.

Just so its clear; the cost of university is, “they made you all into human animals”/ nothing more or less, stealing from your hearts all that the miracle of life is; with nothing more than stories, fantasies, and a little medical hope. Reality proves you are religious zealots, in absolute worship of your “University gods”. And have no respect for truth, reality, consequences of being wrong, or any aspect of evidence that is critical to the survival of life, planet, and even not changing the solar system itself; as is true evidence of “Satan: an arrogance so extreme; it is, the destroyer of a world”. Zealots cannot hear/ animals cannot be more than want/ people without a heart fail to share or care: proving “we (the spiritual and physical presence of life) have no further need to work, teach, or fight for you”.

In the state of IL today; the criminal offense of discarding constitutional law takes effect: the claim of protecting life does not exist, without clear proof of a pandemic. THE EVIDENCE OF : Currently 1 in about 4800 residents die from this covid 19, to 5/1/2020/ most among them the old and sickly. Nationwide its said to be about 1-6500; with roughly 80% either in nursing homes or with underlying medical conditions. That does not constitute a pandemic/ nor does it vacate the legal demand of this democracy to adhere to the laws we created.

Pandemics are determined by how many healthy “below old age” people are dying; nothing less. Because these make society work or fail: SO THEY have the right of choice. And all those particularly vulnerable have the right to take extra precautions they see fit to accept. Leaders playing god are NOT governing.

Their directive for life in this nation is defined by the preamble to the US constitution: we the people in order to form a more perfect union (we share the values, we rule ourselves), establish justice (our law rules not the employee), insure domestic tranquility (fair play, equal rights), provide for the common defense (together we stand, for life, planet, world, and nation), promote the general welfare (your job, your life is no greater than mine), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (without freedom no happiness exists/ without values no future will exist/ without respect, there is no union to defend), do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA.”

The right to earn a living, is protected; in the 4th amendment, “as is the right to be secure in …against unreasonable seizures”. The right to peacefully assemble is protected in the 1st amendment. “…private property as is a business..shall not be taken for public use (you must; you are not allowed) without just compensation”; in the fifth amendment. The religious (university is god), shall not violate democracy itself; a precept of the right to decide for ourselves. Involuntary servitude (we will make you), shall not exist; amendment 13. No state shall deprive any citizen of life, liberty, or property without due process; amendment 14. The right of the citizens to vote; shall not be denied or abridged (you stepped on our lives, not your right); amendment 15. the power to lay and collect taxes as is constructed in amendment 16: RELIES entirely upon our employees obeying their constitutional duties.

When confronted with realities, such as covid 19 IS NOT a pandemic/ even though they insisted it was: and changed our lives without a right. THE LIES will then erupt; as is the constant of what people do. The only clear understanding will be to compare the number of deaths in this population per year/ over time. The spike is the proof/ who dies (90% old age) does not matter; nature knows best. Instead of listening to their “one tiny detail”/ ask: how many made homeless, lost everything, starving, begging, or prostituting, suicide, crime upheaval, and more. Living is more than what happens to one life/ it is measured by what happens to all lives involved.

This situation is again like: the incandescent bulb”. Our employees destroyed access, believing they can’t be wrong; so say the experts. However in the northern locations; an incandescent merely electrically heats the home, with the free gift of light; throughout the heating season. In southern locations; it should not be sold; in unheated areas, it should not be used. “Experts” fail reality nearly every time; information and the right of choice have more value.

Don’t worry, out of the 3.4 trillion dollars (eleven thousand+ dollars per citizen, babies and all) in new debt created “just for you”/ to get back on your feet: alas its also, for the american taxpayer to pay; “for their own incentive program”/ that someone else decides. That is only $34,000.00 per each taxpayer of new debt per one hundred million of us/ and you get roughly $2,000.00 dollars of that for all the money they cost you. SOMEBODY ELSE, gets the $32,000.00 paid, but not collected: per each of 100,000,000 taxpayers. Added to the roughly 180 trillion dollar in total american debt; already established for America. I wander who, gets it (not me or you)/ cause I already know who got taken to bankruptcy? Even if counterfeiting assets, hides it in the bookkeeping records. HELL, nobody is going to pay/ except you; cause our government employees already told you in the past, “debts don’t matter”/ until they themselves, want to be paid. In which case they just add a couple more zero’s to American currency; and take all the resources, property, everything they want, to buy all toys and trophies we cannot afford. Every fantasy is funded, but not a single reality of life or living/ because they have sold you to extinction; so it won’t be needed. Not to worry though; cause foreign governments, trade for our real estate and jobs and resources and rights; so the few can play god.

Even as bad as all the other endless threats formulated and enacted through “university knows religion”: the clear winner of FAILURE and FANTASY and TERRORISM and TRAITOR is the intent to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun. Their stories of how the sun works, are without any basis in reality. Their delusions about how they can ignite a ten million degree fire, with million mile long flames (just like the sun)/ AND NOT need to worry about what happens then: because according to them “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; is all they need. WRONG means the earth becomes a sun. and THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Ignition decides in one single instant, of what they claim will be a 4 million times more expansion of energy: will literally decide the future of all life, earth, and even this solar system itself. Because it will be a nuclear self sustaining fire, that burns atoms for fuel. They cannot prove me wrong/ and they certainly have not, nor can they prove themselves right. So the gamble is: “if fairy tale pigs can fly/ then we live”; but if not our whole world dies. That is literal, and true; and will soon be decided forever on this planet called earth: because that is what men, and their universities decided to do. STOP THEM/ PROVE, WHAT IS TRUE; or join their fate.

No one argues; fifty thousand have not died/ however the legal democratic authority to alter, control, manipulate, and change the lives of the other three hundred, twenty six millionm, nine hundred and fifty thousand residents: because nature is in charge, NEEDS to be REVIEWED/ AND SUBSTANTIATED BY PUBLIC VOTE. Not an employee! WE, are the owners here.

Truth and reality demand: In America, “if one million people died in this year from a disease”/ that would be one in every 327 humans in America: and the earth would barely notice. In America; at the constant 3% growth rate over the twentieth century: that would leave; about 8 million more babies to be fed this year than people dying. If a million people died from this disease over the planet: that would be one in every 8,000 people. And it would not even touch the roughly 240,000,000 babies being born in this year; all wanting to be fed/ needing water/ resources, etc. Which proves life is telling you, either people die: or decisions are made and enforced: NO BIRTHS as is necessary for zero population growth or less. REQUIRED for keeping this entire planet alive. Or your fantasies, and university failures; finish the job of making ALL life on earth extinct. YOUR REALITY IS, that you will accept your true need to feed the ocean life with food or it will die and leave you at world war, because then you starve. WHICH MEANS: you must use dead human bodies for that ocean life food source, as you have nothing else to spare. A dead body, has no life left in it: therefore it does not matter.

And humanity all shout: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE DON’T WANT NOTHING, you have said; even though it is truth, and the consequences end life and planet called earth. But alas the herd of humans cannot think; because they are true believers in: the universities are god. Already proven wrong, but cult worshipers have no brain; as is true of all religious zealots. Even so, reality does not care; it is, what it is. The march into extinction is nearly complete; as the cost of finding human compliance with that reality, does not exist. A pandemic exists: when one percent of the population, has died or become infected in a disabling way, for more than two days; in the period of a year. That would require 3.27 million people in America today; in need of true physical, medical assistance or burial.

LIFE SAFETY, “is the magic word” by which nobody gets to argue or change the directive of a tiny few tyrants: IT IS THEIR WEAPON OF CHOICE, to incarcerate America; into its own prison. The curse of fools, believes they own your soul; because they studied you/ surveyed you/ tempted you/ threatened you/ took control over your illegal courts/ and banished democracy from politics by counterfeiting our money, controlling media, and using marketing techniques to hide the truth from reality. Because they believe you are too stupid, to stop them from controlling the world. Or more correctly “hitler, and his nazi’s”; hiding in the bushes, and pulling your strings.

Think not: then consider this, more than one million university educated people have now been educated in how to create a disease; by constantly attacking DNA (the blueprint of nature itself) in an effort to make it break apart; and establish how they can then put it back together; so they can be gods over life. Add in poisons, of all kinds that alter DNA; and the “common let’s all mutilate DNA” so we can change biology through evolution chaos; add in money, power, and pride: and you get a vile group out of every million people who learn how to make you cry. Don’t worry, genetic chaos (which literally means to reduce all complexity into its most simple form) isn’t just for people, “plants, animals, insects, food sources; and the entire world of biology can be included too”. HELL, what could possibly go wrong. Never fear, “your saviors in the universities around this world, are here”.

Don’t worry, they just want to be gods; and create an entirely different world, by destroying this one: with insect men, and fish women, and reptile cows, and flying zebras and “whatever gods want to do”. After all, nothing is more worthless; than something without their name on it; their claim to be superior to you. You don’t mind; after all, you are worthless; you aren’t allowed an opinion.  A tiny few, have a brain; but not many!

Don’t worry; after all, media hasn’t told you what you think yet; “and its a brave new world” that allows their entire biology of a planet; be transformed, by those who worship CHAOS. Soon, with “CRISPR” NOW; Armageddon (which literally means nature in chaos) will be complete. After all, those who can’t do always destroy; its the human way, and you participate with every dollar you give to medical research or universities or government, etc.

Currently 1 in about 4800 residents die from this covid 19/ most among them the old and sickly. Nationwide its 327 million people divided by 50,000 deaths IS about 1- per every 6500 people; with roughly 80% either old, in nursing homes, or with underlying medical conditions.  That does not constitute a pandemic/ nor does it vacate the legal demand of this democracy to adhere to the laws we created. And the cult of university shouts “fear/ fear/ fear/ hide/ hide/ hide/ run away/ run away/ run away in panic; as we your saviors & gods are the hero’s who now take control, because “we have too”: society is sacred. Too scared to make their own decisions.

WHY: because the “people yelling FIRE”;  get money (trillions, for you to pay/ even if you don’t, they will spend it anyway; by “cooking the books”), pride (saviors, nobody is allowed to question or confront they OWN our lives, by their opinion), power (enough to throw you out of your job/ potentially your house/ decide everything for you; and change government here, forever). And nobody tells them NO, because a believer cannot challenge “his university gods”/ AS THEY MUTILATE ALL OF NATURE ITSELF, as is the foundation of it, called DNA. As is, trying to ignite the same fire here, as on the sun; and more!

Since business and everything else has been devastated. SO BEG US, OR STARVE, AND BE HOMELESS. So again we, the leaders; have to be “your saviors”/ and create MUCH MORE debt for you to pay;  giving to whomever we wish; whatever we want: in the name of this USA, OR STATE. the current 3.4 trillion equals $34,000.00 of new debt per each and every: of one hundred million taxpayers.

  • Hospitalization rates for COVID-19 in adults (18-64 years) are higher than hospitalization rates for influenza at comparable time points* during the past 5 influenza seasons.

  • For people 65 years and older, current COVID-19 hospitalization rates are similar to those observed during comparable time points* during recent high severity influenza seasons.

  • For children (0-17 years), COVID-19 hospitalization rates are much lower than influenza hospitalization rates during recent influenza seasons.

    The overall cumulative COVID-19 associated hospitalization rate (all people combined) is 40.4 per 100,000.  With the highest rates in people 65 years and older (131.6 per 100,000) and 50-64 years (63.7 per 100,000).  CDC  found slightly down page.

    Don’t worry, its just mutilation, of life and child and plant and world forever/ ending in absolute HORROR. But hey, “you’re brave, (the brain washing: MEMORIZE and BELIEVE worked)”/ as all good UNIVERSITY cult worshipers should be. Just a little longer, and the world will be dead: then, you can PANIC.

As is: NO unreasonable searches or seizures(pay attention to the fatalities by sex chart) /(which are being done in abundance: jobs, business, public education, etc/ to the detriment of society). There shall be NO “soldier quartered in any house”: the demand that a face mask shall be worn by every citizen: is at its core essence, “an enforcer formed from and by, the government official/ to take over, and control the house that is my body”. Without significant cause. NO citizen shall be compelled, to do what they would not otherwise do…nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Abridging the freedom, The legal right to peacefully assemble; “shall not be abridged or denied; first amendment law”: both a fundamental of free democratic government & liberty. That cannot be reshaped by our employees. Public Trial and participation must exist; before any confiscation of individual freedoms or rights can be imposed for temporary purposes; by our own public vote. NO CHANGE in constitutional law can erupt, without the ratification of states by vote. While freedom of religion is allowed as an individual right/ it is NOT allowed to rule us as a nation: first amendment. The cult worship of “universities cannot be questioned” regardless of their claims (proven in court, by James Frank Osterbur): IS THAT “religious” INFRINGEMENT upon our democracy. Our employees DO NOT attain the right: to change our constitution/ our government: simply by accepting a job. Amendment 5 “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, (includes jobs, business, the means of sustaining an income)…against unreasonable searches or seizures shall not be violated; putting their lives in jeopardy. DUE PROCESS is required/ as is just compensation. You cannot force servitude, and slavery (we are forced) over the many, for the sake of a few.

Don’t worry, after all: when your skin begins to die, and your organs are no longer attached, causing the body to fall down, and your mouth fails to work, or your eyes grow three times to large, or your muscles fight against you; and you either become “a zombie”, or completely insane. You can still look forward to the deterioration of life itself into sewage, sludge, or slime. Not to worry, those few intact enough to witness it till extinction; will know, “their terrors” have only just begun. But wait; mercy might save you: because those trying to ignite a nuclear fire (atoms burning), are very likely to succeed now; one day soon! BRINGING THE SAME FIRE HERE, AS IS ON THE SUN! But don’t worry, if not for them, then overpopulation, and weapons of mass destruction, and resource loss, and ocean life massacred, and more are all waiting “for you”. It will be great; “cause the universities are god, and they worship chaos”; so they made it happen, to prove how superior they are. HOW ARROGANT, YOU let them become; worshiping them as gods/ or just sitting on your ass, shouting: “we won’t care”.

Reality starts here: BEFORE any person assumes the right to invade the lives and liberties of all the rest/ discarding democracy itself: THEY MUST PROVE, “this war/ this assertion of purpose, & probable cause; requires due process”. A pandemic that is no pandemic: is akin to yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater; to watch the people panic, and do each other harm; or cause death. There are criminal charges associated with that: and the very people yelling FIRE, are those collecting over a trillion dollars, and the power to do whatever they please/ while the people demanding obedience; are claiming to be HERO’S.

The right to be informed is paramount to justice/ the right to bring witnesses: to verify and contend with the evidence: with regard to any confiscation of rights or realities that can do us harm, or impinges our own freedoms: is law. US constitutional amendment article 7 demands that legal right, shall be applied.

There is no claim of “public health” NO, compulsory process/ UNLESS, reality defines it as true, and significant enough for the people to accept the price. Every disease takes lives, that is its purpose/ as is dying of old age or sickness, to make room for the children: whether you like it, or not. To make the public fear a disease that takes less lives than the flu, or food poisoning, or murders or other: is tyranny bordering on terrorism. PROVE what is true: and let the people vote/ as is democracy in action, unless the threat is absolutely clear and immediate. These are “cruel and unusual punishments”/ as you have denied law and equity; demanding slavery or involuntary servitude, to a public official, or group; suggesting a crime if we the people do not comply. A reality far beyond the limits of your jobs or rights as our employee! A usurpation of our basic values as we the people; without our proven consent; determined by democracy rules here/ NOT you, our employee.

The basis and foundation of government is: that no man nor set of men shall have the right to play “the almighty king”. The enjoyment of life and liberty shall not be infringed/ nor the right to work impeded, for less than justice. The common benefit, security, and protection of the people: is determined by their own vote: we DO have rights. The evidence MUST prove a true pandemic/ and society must agree: or, there is an insurgency against us, for the clear purpose of doing our nation, and our society, and ourselves harm. The universities are not god, as is proven by countless medical and pharmaceutical lawsuits. Endless TV advertised side effects; proving their cure is or can easily be: WORSE than the disease or trouble. TRUE THREATS, against our world HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED, and proven by the evidence, on this site and more. Making this claim of pandemic, nothing more than a grab for power against us all.

We the people are being sacrificed; so the few can play god, with extreme arrogance; and pretend they know it all: without proving truth. Our inalienable right is: WE ARE equal/ we are the government through our constitution; which you swore to obey. The principle here is: you have instituted despotism by claiming “to save a life”/ when in fact the vast majority of lives and property have been damaged; because you are only proving tyranny. Which is the constant of rebellion, an attack on our soil; by employees, who believe they are so superior, as to be “the nobility”. History knows them well.

Don’t worry; this is america, where we live in a sea of university fantasy (we can have anything we want; without consequences for us), the plague of university arrogance, and failure; the disease of university theft, and cheating; the insurgency of university is god and deserves to rule this nation, and this world with revenge. By sending all these things around the world. And all you have to do, as human animals, IS BE “A HERD”. Believing in “if we all think the same, and we all act the same, and we all demand everyone else must be the same; as our leaders demand”/ then fear won’t overtake us, and the predators will stay away. Alas, the religious cult of university is god; leads, and reality did not stay away, leaving only horrors are left. And humanity shouts: “they are gods”/ they did what we wanted them to do! But lets review: the few, did in fact recognize “plants need to be fed”. The few did recognize: breeding does matter to the outcome. The few did recognize, machines have potential. The few did recognize antibiotics can be made out of things our body can tolerate. The few did recognize, weapons can have massive impacts, and hate will pay. The few did recognize; if media can be used to distract the public/ then the few can take control over everything. The few did recognize; we can build our armies, by counterfeiting currency. The few did recognize, people are lazy; and they will believe anything they conceive as: “THIS will give me what I want”.

Alas, they then wanted to be gods; and began lying/ cheating/ stealing/ and whatever it took to gain power, pride, and anything they wanted. Not gods, mostly just greedy and selfish; and as history knows; constantly trying to enslave the rest, by training students to be “a religious cult”/ DON’T think, simply memorize, believe, and never question what you are told. By one means or another; no matter how insane it could be: OR, you don’t get the diploma of a religious zealot/ and we reject your offer to work. Proving now you are indebted forever. “mission accomplished”.

The freedom of the press: means to inform & to educate by the evidence, and nothing else; it is elementally the need “for fair play”/ in all communication. It is not a license to religiously accept the university is god; NOT a license to decide for us/ NOT a license to believe you are making the right choices for us/ NOT a license to make us fear/ NOT a beginning or an ending for society as we built it to be for ourselves; rather your job is to aid in the construction of truth; and that begins with the greater value of “all of us”/ rather than just a few of us shall be protected. Delusions, assumptions, and saving a few by sacrificing all the rest, are decisions made by cults: nature knows best. The curse of media is: they believe they are superior to all the rest as well; playing god with society, by manipulating/ tempting/ controlling/ corrupting/ and distributing “their version” of who we ought to be. For the singular purpose of to throw away our government/ our rights/ our ways; and substitute their own. A reality of substance, as is seen in their work: of violence, a gun is the answer/ endless fantasies and delusions/ disrespect of all life and work, but their own/ ridicule of every existence but “University”/ and a blind subservience to the cult which stole all our money, and wrecked the very foundations of this nation: a defined by, “university diploma”.

The warning is this: as we all know, when forced into a corner and surrounded by enemies with weapons we do not have/ the end result of that will not be in our favor. The end result of this covid 19 progression into social and economic collapse: will cause this society to believe their guns are the answer. Take another look at Syria/ Iraq/ Afghanistan/ and more: to learn the reality of what that choice will mean. YOUR housing gone/ YOUR food supply ended/ YOUR WATER supplies broken/ and YOUR chance to live a decent and peaceful life forever gone; particularly because this earth no longer has the resources for you to rebuild/ what your enemies want you to destroy.

That means: the war (they will kill you if they can) must turn in a different direction, and the weapons to be used/ NOT a gun, etc. When the leadership, takes away your job, your options, remove the basic realities of your society, and reduce you to survival by begging; by making you fear/ it is a war. Return to life, means democracy must rule now. Democracy means: WE THE PEOPLE will rule from this moment forward/ by our own vote, and our own laws, to govern and determine the future by ourselves. Refusing to let “a vote for someone else, to then vote for me”; by accomplishing that vote as an individual in this society determined to rule ourselves, by one citizen vote, in our own election; one law, at a time. To remove this plague of fools, failures, tyrants, and traitors: we begin with: if the leadership has removed me from my job/ THEN the leadership has removed from the landlord, the banks, property taxation, the medical profession, and all the rest their opportunity to collect as well: until this veil of corruption has been lifted for an appropriate amount of time. Those debts for that period, are canceled; and cannot be collected later/ just as the salaries you stole, without a right have been lost. This turns the tide back into the lap of the rich; whose only purpose is a trophy. Which means: this plague of fear works for them, as they sit like vultures waiting to collect your life work, for a penny; as your economic stability fails.

When the government employees shutdown the workers, and all independent business; claiming for the public good. THEN EVERYBODY SHARES the burden, which includes the wealthy, the universities, medical facilities, school districts, and so on. Nobody collects from those who aren’t, but only those still working will be compensated accordingly. Because anything less: is in fact tyranny, YOU took my income/ but left them, to charge me anyway. All executive power: IS FOR EQUAL, AND SAME to all sectors of society.

Democracy does mean: we the people legally own, & have the right by vote; to decide: the final say of who we are, and what will be done with our lives, our nation, our economy, and our world.

LAW AND DEMOCRACY are the tools that confront weapons; with reality. WE THE PEOPLE are the military, policing, resource makers, and every aspect of society that works; making us the most powerful people in this nation; because we make it move/ or we make it stop; as any true resource will do. Therefore the question of what is fair and justified, cannot be found in a gun/ but it can be found with a democracy. Media has been used to infect and isolate the nation into fears; with all manner of temptation and manipulation presented by “university knows”; as they have been studying you in all ways, simply for control over you. To reverse this intent and purpose for university over democracy; the value of our lives must accept, we the people SHALL in fact depend upon our constitution which is our government/ NOT AN EMPLOYEE, but the constitution itself is our government, and the first amendment redress of grievances is the law: which gives the people their right to demand. WE WILL take any traitor assumed, into court; and define for ourselves whether their work, their laws, their intent was within the concepts and purposes of our democracy as written by constitutional intent and directive; and further assigned and established through the declaration of independence and Virginia bill of rights. BY REMOVING the stench of university knows better/ the reality of being human returns as the rights we require, to keep the traitor, the failure, the fool, the terrorists, the enemy, and the whore away from life. By legally separating them with redress of grievances. ANY OTHER METHOD, ends with complete destruction of America/ and then if anything is left, a completed genocide as the rest of this world comes to take your land. YOU, have become “the american Indian (their weapons are stronger)”; you just don’t know it yet. To defeat them and turn back the tide of horrors coming “from your guns, and their manipulation”: democracy stands as a weapon to take back this nation and reform its purpose without the threat of numbers; by justice; and as life/ rather than death. It is a choice. But make NO MISTAKE; you do stand at the door of hungry, homeless, enslaved, because all your options have been taken away. The rich will confiscate everything; because they do have endless counterfeit numbers, and control over everything; do to “the university elite did this”. Which means they need not give you anything, and that turns society to the gun, fire, and more; as reality proves: YOU FAILED YOURSELVES. While society yells, WE HAD NO CHOICE. The choice is democracy, and the organizing of that is by truth. Every number is a promise of work/ NOT a resource. Which means you can revoke their numbers and control this bankruptcy as a nation which now decides what will be our future. LIMITED CAPITALISM is the method to remove an enemy; and return to democracy first. Because by our vote: we change this nation/ and we even influence the possibility of changing this world. Because democracy is a powerful tool: when we create the laws we then live by, for ourselves. ONE VOTE, PER CITIZEN DECIDES. Not a politician/ the law we write, for ourselves: within constitutional intent! Do not believe you can do better/ believe with a clear and certain truth acknowledged by society: we will shape a life to come, that is our own choices, as a nation and world.

The elemental truth of our reality includes, as history proves it always has: that any form of extreme competition will divide all groups by their “uniform (your face/ your color/ your wardrobe)”. Because when there is simply not enough for us all/ hate will form, and realities of law will break down; and what is frivolous fantasies will fall. Immigration tops the list when confronted by too few resources, and too few opportunities. So the critical question will be: TRUTH ALONE SURVIVES, by sharing the load/ when reality proves the best we can do, is in fact being done. You have endless real decisions to make: because your gods at “university knows”/ sold you to hell, so they could have MORE.

Download this site, or copy and paste it into your own computer writing program: so it cannot be taken away.

Are they not trying to prove to you: they are your only hope/ nature is your enemy? Indeed they are/ because the curse of university knows is; they want your fear (so you never question them)/ they want your soul (to own your life, as hate constantly tries). CHOOSE, “nature or university”as they are enemies to each other. NATURE gives you life, and universities “lack of a brain”, threaten to take this entire world away. SO THEY NEED YOU TO FEAR, lest they fail to destroy our world, by your intervention.

THINK NOT? Well they  (all university led leadership, with full media knowledge) chose to inflate your currency into complete delusion, and they sold you into debts that absolutely cannot be paid: both proven facts [summary table L.5 page 11, this pdf file; last available June 2015]! To buy their toys, and play with their trinkets, and demand homage to their trophies; none of which pay back to this earth or life, one single penny worth of real life value.

By the element of taxation, it is proven true: that in democracy we the people own the legal right to decide “who really does own our soil, resources, and more”. Taxation is NOT for the rich or the employees of our government: it is the identity, that we own this portion of the world, and we the people being the owners of this nation shall then decide WHAT IS FAIR, and consistent with honest and true capitalism. As is: YOU cannot claim it all; WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS, AND THE AUTHORITY OF OUR DEMOCRACY. And we ARE the military; and your courtrooms for the rich, are not enough to hold us all back. By no means is that the right to take what does not belong to you: but it is the right to LIMIT capitalism to fair and deliberately: our choice for life and nation shall rule, by constitutional intent; as is all people are inherently “free and equal”.

FAILURE MEANS; that you took your life, and you took your opportunities, and you threw them away for lies/ fantasies/ or fear, that was not properly founded; such as is the claim of covid 19. The university mind of leadership, is as an arrogant disrespectful child; who has no claim to reality, because they live in a world without consequences, in their mind. The devastation caused by proclaiming a pandemic that is no pandemic: can end in our extinction, as the fears of humanity turn into the needs of humanity, and society becomes a civil war, that expands into a world. All because you believed, in fools.

3.4 trillion dollars, which will not be enough to stop the landslide: is equal too $34,000.00 of new debt/ per each and everyone of one hundred million people; and only workers pay; and that is debt without taxation added in; another 50% plus: after you add all the tax together. Making this bailout: YOUR $70,000.00 debt, so far; for their demand “TO PANIC”!  just, for federal governing expense.

Taking every threat of extinction into a public, world courtroom: is the only way, to remove the theory, assumptions, belief’s, idiocy, greed, failure, power, and more from reality. NOT because the courtroom works for us, as it does not: they protect the powerful, and the powerful DON’T want change unless it benefits them. HOWEVER, the law is a reality that serves those who defend it: the law serves humanity and life, and it is the ONLY WAY TO SAVE THIS PLANET! Which means, even the slightest evidence of courage; where people are not allowed to hide, or run away from the evidence: is the only chance we have. A thread of truth, can turn into a reality of evidence supported by true undeniable decisions: to establish honest foundations we must have, for life and earth. Or more distinctly: the real courtroom means, LET THE VERDICT BE, WHAT THE VERDICT WILL BE; BY A VOTE AMONG ALL THE PEOPLE. SO THAT NONE OF “politics, religion, theory, assertions, assumptions, university or any other aspect of denial: can take away the decision WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WHOLE EARTH have made. OUR CHOICE/ OUR DECISION/ OUR WORLD/ OUR FUTURE/ no more politics, no more “university knows”, no more media influence, either life or death by our own choice as a world of humanity, that knows the cost of being WRONG. That begins, “with a seed” that will then grow, because we did care as a world. WHO among you, cannot plant a seed? The most powerful words ever written: give power to the people, to rule their own lives/ to choose their own fate or destiny, by individual choice. The most powerful moment in history: are the days LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR PLANET, cannot be avoided anymore. That is now, because past the point of no return: you have no say, no rights, no mercy, and no life or future to live!

The greatest treachery ever devised: More simply understood:a candle flame is about one inch high. According to university calculations: instantly becomes 4,000,000 times  MORE, once ignition is achieved 

HOW IS THAT NOT A BOMB: WHAT ABOUT THE RADIATION? {In terms of sheer scale, the energy potential of the fusion reaction is superior to all other energy sources that we know on Earth. Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times more than nuclear fission. https://www.iter.org/sci/makingitwork }  their words not mine. 

There is no such thing as fusion (combining hydrogen into helium). IF that were true, the sun would produce massive amounts of helium. HELIUM is one of the rarest elements known.

THIS DEMAND IS; LET THE UNIVERSITIES PROVE, WHAT THEY SAY IS TRUE; by the evidence and nothing less: WE DECIDE YES OR NO. LET THIS WORLD KNOW: if that is enough, by our own choice: to risk our world!    Because  IF, THEY ARE WRONG: THEN THEY KILL US ALL.  Nothing represents that so literally as: experimental  “fusion: let’s play with the sun, here on earth”. 

 Go ahead ask them:  www.iter.org   WHY!     Ask them: just how big a flame would fifty million watts  their stated plant input;  of electrical energy times 4,000,000 be? 

Ask them, if this is the same energy source as the sun, and the sun produces 10 million degrees of heat F:   then just how big, would the “plasma ball” that releases all the 4 million times more heat;   that would be produced, in their own words? 

Ask them, with all the fuel (which are atoms) and all the plasma; these reactions could possibly release/ EXACTLY HOW is the atomic flame they produce, going to extinguish itself? 

you should be aware, they no longer try to fuse atoms together; but focus on igniting plasma instead. Their assertion of a fantasy “graviton” element that makes the sun work; is literally absurd, and holds no reality at all; pure fiction. Their element is in size comparison:  equal to a basketball, whereas lead would be a marble size. “see the problem?= can’t be held together”.

EVEN A TINY BIT WRONG, MEANS THIS EARTH WILL DIE, BY FIRE; just like on the sun!  Are you willing to accept this price:  NO SECOND CHANCE, period. Ignition is the decision of life or death for our world.  Ignition: is a radiation released, that will cause your body to explode.

For forty years, humanity with one voice said: ABSOLUTELY NOT, we won’t care about anything “but me, as is greed and selfishness”. Today, even you can see the evidence of a world that is heading into extinction; because of overpopulation/ weapons of mass destruction/ extreme experimentation with life and planet/ ocean devastation/ water crisis/ catastrophic resource loss/ pollution and poisoning/ genetic mutilation/ counterfeiting, traitors, and terrorism; and many more. All due to you didn’t care, about anything “except you”. The children are dead; unless true change comes now! A reality neither you, nor they will escape; unless truth leads to life. Your truth has led you to death; change or die. Every chain of life, which means, the survival of this world; is under attack, and will soon be extinct: YOU, will follow. Let truth decide/ not your want, lies, or university fantasies.

To belong to life, means you must accept the conclusion called death; as there truly is no other method to receive eternity. It is not living that makes you feel alive, it is the essence of truth, that values the distance we achieve through understanding. Being alive is: the search for eternity, as it builds a purpose completed by desire, in the essence of love itself. Where there is love, there is truth/ where there is truth, eternity will follow. Death is the destruction of want; so that reality can prove the life chosen, in you. Love is, the elemental choice: my desire lives, because of you.

The critical truth of this day is: that humanity desired want, more than life/ and stole its treasures from each and every child; by destroying their future: the consequence, “assassination/ by extinction”. Without resources, there is no future, “the child is dead”/ and the garbage mountains this time has created, passes judgment on you: “you didn’t care, about anything but you”. Your Truth is a destiny, created by the decisions you made/ or the reality of its consequences, as is fate.

I will remind you of this: passion is the intensity we share with life/ not body, mind, sex, or other elements of time. Instead the value we seek within ourselves as a participation beyond self, recognizes the truth: we/I have accepted that destiny does not exist “as only me”. Therefore critical to discovery of a path beyond time, is the distinction called “the power of peace”. Where there is truth, there is the power to control direction. There is only one direction in harmony, “to aid and cherish life”. Chaos is the end of power/ although hatred believes chaos is power, because it takes away peace: “NOW, you are like me”. But without law, and justice; harmony will fail. Without peace and the power it represents to establish time and life for happiness, there is no future. Without a future, as is currently the description of this earth: there will be no life, the child is dead. “If this is a man’s world; then extinction; as evidence will prove, again and again”/ stands at the door. The greatest distance you can get from those decisions; is to be what woman was intended to be. Let women try, it is their right “to save themselves; and if possible their children”.

In contrast to that, science claims it will be your savior. But truth demands, their science crosses genetic boundaries/ mixes species distinction/ alters DNA, and in all ways produces the very experiments which endanger this world the most. The decision of biological science is in fact: the deliberate intent to cause genetic chaos, in NATURE!  An effort to identify something, “that will allow them to play god”; because they believe no consequences for us.  Pandemics, throughout history;  are nearly always caused by species boundaries crossed. “Science” does that, on purpose;  every single day, around this world. Alas, as believers you are not allowed to think! It is forbidden in every cult. “Don’t worry” those responsible for building every man-made poison/ every nuclear weapon, biological horror story; and nearly all the threats we face:  “will save you, with science”/ cause they believe; they are YOUR gods. What could go wrong? After all, is not covid 19 the perfect disease; it has removed all supervision and restraint from genetic experimentation/ opening the door to any “medical experiment”; with a minimum of death, they now get it all. Just enough damage to get trillions of dollars in funding as well. Do you suppose they have something already waiting to prove:  “they are gods/ your saviors”; and wouldn’t that be “perfect”. Or as biblical prophecy goes: the door comes open to Armageddon (which literally means nature in chaos). Science is: “focus on just one thing; discarding all the rest”/ while life is “understand ten thousand things must all work together to create, just one thing”. Do you see the difference? The same reality exists with a university education, “its all about me/ nothing is important but me”; or more distinctly, the mind of a child, which never grew up; and always wants to play.

Here’s a quick reality study for you: “you want, an artificial heart/ or the one nature provides; you want a stomach and intestine nature provides/ or a colostomy bag; you want blood/ you want lungs/ you want bones/ you want eyes/ you want a brain, and a billion more. Well then the university provides you with nothing; except the certainty of extinction, by mutilating nature itself through genetics”. So what is your choice: the university is god, and their evolution which says “a damn germ built life”. OR do you accept reality, and respect the value of reality given to you; by nothing less than thought, energy, order, balance, discipline, courage, and love. As are the evidence proved of GOD by JESUS. Make up your mind, because death ends that choice.

Or instead: just go ahead and believe your universities, and more; are not exactly like the Nazi concentration camps, and many others throughout history. The only difference in their experiments is: they crucify nature, and horrify all life “except human”. But alas, when nature dies; so will you! After all, you can believe anything you want, or not.  Don’t worry, “they will get to you too, as life becomes cheap”, and cannibalism takes control.

If you had a brain: you would evaluate what “university and media” did to you (make them fear/ as every enemy does), with just this simple disease; less than flu/ murder & crime/ others. Destroying ten years of work for most; ending “easy times”/ & threatening with extinction, in so many ways. The cost: certain to bring, reality now. But don’t worry, “you have a billion guns”.



BECAUSE   It is not always good, “to simply believe”. DO, read this!

` I remind you again: with covid 19, US infections at this time; several weeks in; is about 330,000 in a nation of over 350 million; which equals not yet one per one thousand individuals infected. Roughly one in sixty individuals infected dies: but they leave out “old/ sick/ infant/ etc”; the flu takes more. While it is true measures taken have limited infections/ it is also true world infection rates are roughly one in ten thousand. Yet “there must be panic in the streets”; because you cannot question “the universities” or media. No thinking for yourself is allowed. A world upset/ yet they have no concept of what true threats: follow here, because the university is god? THINK. Are they not targeting Christian religion/ but hey “cult worshipers cannot think”; their leader is god? In more distinct terms: if life were to offer you a gamble, lets call it one dice with one thousand sides/ only one of which requires you to lose. Every other side that could be rolled in one thousand times wins you “a dollar”/ while the one loser will cost you ten dollars: how many of you would not play? Even then the loser one gets to roll again, with a sixty to one chance of “this will cost you your life: IF you are not otherwise healthy or old”/ how many of you would not play? Remember the numbers involved: 8 billion people around the world; and they all must eat other living organisms:for food/ they all need water, on an increasingly finite earth.  If nobody dies/ then everybody dies; including the planet: what then is more fair, TO LIFE; than the weak and sickly and old go first/ as is “nature’s plan”. So then what are the odds of getting covid 19? some will lose, because life is like that/ but certainly, not everyone! We all face risks: those who hide, get trampled by life. Reality decides, by the evidence not fear.  Remember, what fear has cost you, by the numbers:  or believing in; “university knows”. OR, in contrast; the essence of value in “university knows” is: we will save every one/ by sacrificing them all. OR,  more simply: economic devastation for all/  “saved a few”; till later. the vast majority of death is “over 70 years old”. Remember as well, “just how effective, media and marketing have been (a trillion dollar business, to make you believe whatever they want you to believe)”/ and then consider what wrong means; as you read below.

In case your mind is blank “university educated”/ without species balance/ all of nature goes into chaos, because one group is overwhelming all the rest. Even your “university professors” can tell you that; if they had a brain/ not to worry though, with electronic tracking: now they can tell you, “how to make them all extinct”.

The essence here is EXTINCTION: the weapon: the law serves us all equally, if its true/ democracy means: you must each think, choose, and pay the price of your own decision/ reality is not want, it is truth. Believing is not enough: verifiable facts must support your decision. When confronted with WRONG, is a price we cannot survive: EACH life, GETS A VOTE!  Public trial is mandatory, to examine the evidence.

Yes, you really will be incinerated; and the earth really will become a sun: once ignition of plasma is created. Because that as is our sun, really is a nuclear fire. Unless you stop university worship, and make them prove “their trillion dollar investment”; can actually work in any other way. Yes, they have invested so much, they cannot turn away; and will try by any method to succeed. Because the alternate is:  “complete failure, and loss of job, etc”. By the evidence they cannot succeed/ by the reality, NOT their theory; they can destroy us all. Disconnect the electricity.

No place to hide/ no way to run away: this is an all or nothing gamble with our entire planet. Once ignition is achieved, there is no going back. EITHER, a nuclear fire that burns the bond in atoms; will extinguish itself/ or we die, as a world. Even you, can understand that! Your soul, knows it is true/ your heart, knows; it has no right to gamble with every life on earth, forever.

The critical truth of our reality is: like a pandemic that invades our world, the cost of “playing god”; is now life or death for this entire world. Mutilating biology/ species mixing/ crucifying (forced to endure and fight horrifying things) any life, that survives DNA manipulation. Genetically altering anything the universities can touch; as if life or death, were their own game to play. While reality insists, “as confronted with asbestos; it takes thirty years or more, for consequences to arise”. The consequences are here: sitting in judgment against humanity. Trillions of tons of poison dumped per year. Chains of life itself, going extinct. Habitat loss, end species survival. Over population of humans. Ocean life in jeopardy of extinction. Intentional Resource depletion. Global warming, and more than you can imagine. Because humanity just didn’t care enough; as animals, they only live for want, power, or pride. As is evident with weapons of mass destruction, and economic chaos (counterfeiting money). As is seen below: there is even worse, and it has a time line, that can literally end our world instantaneously. Because one second too late, and only death by incineration, or the curse of fools, is left:   for us all. That is the price of extreme arrogance/ total disrespect for reality/ the quest to play god, and even the intent to reduce biology to chaos; “in the universities; true effort to make life itself change”. They don’t care how, they just want to prove they can. The result is “Satan; destroyer of a world: religious word or not, it fits”. CHANGE THIS, is now or never, as all options of choice will disappear. After over forty years of fighting with you: I can guarantee, it is not “simply the universities that present this trouble”/ it is humanity itself, as you choose to play the games; instead of face real life. Real life now says: survival is no longer a game, you took that away.

The question is: WHY, does a fool, demand to wait until it is proven, WE CANNOT survive this change in our reality; as a world/ nature/ resource/ or all the rest? The answer is: because they are not only a fool; “they want to be SATAN”, by proving they can destroy us all. How is that not true?

The question is: WHAT, is more important, than life or death of a world? The physical, literal truth of what we chose as humanity, to DO; in this time? The answer: ONLY eternity itself, because you, like me; cannot save a world/ we can only do the best we can, as duty, honesty, and respect, requires us to do. Everything else, is beyond our grasp. But make no mistake: OUR CREATOR can do, whatever HE chooses to do/ to deny/ or allow. However, In this america, and more: the universities are your god/ that lack of respect: leaves the question up to you, “are you worth saving”? That applies the question: will you continue to destroy life in the future, or stop? Because assassins, will not be saved.

the energy level at this facility www.iter.org (one of many) is big enough to create a self sustaining plasma ball; which then simply keeps burning atoms as fuel.  “just like the sun”! THE ENERGY OF AN ATOM: COMES FROM ITS SPIN! Which literally means it cannot be combined with another atom. if the sun creates helium with every BTU it releases: WHERE IS THE HELIUM?   IF, their primary theories are wrong/ THEN ignition means: DEATH OF THIS PLANET, BY FIRE!      SOLAR GRAVITY, comes from taking apart the atom/ thereby releasing the kinetic energy of push/ from the dark energy of pull.  Every atom contains a maximum amount of kinetic energy; which we know by an atomic bomb. All that energy would NOT “stay in one place (fly away); atom”/ unless an opposite and even stronger (dark) energy in the opposite direction kept it in balance. That is simple physics; and you know it is true.

Machines are running/ trying; and soon www.iter.org will be running. A trillion dollar investment, built to be a minimum 500 megawatt electrical generating power plant: NO excuses. And by their own statements, they no longer try to “fuse atoms”/ they intend to ignite plasma. INTO A NUCLEAR FIRE. Which makes this whole earth fuel. Claiming they DON’T have to worry about the fire: “because there is not enough gravity on earth to sustain it”. WRONG means the earth becomes just like the sun.  “with ten million mile long flames”.  LIFE OR DEATH; NO EXCEPTIONS

  It should be noted: that they have taken the 4 million times out of their site in response to this work: but make no mistake the difference between an atomic fire and a chemical fire is that great. As you read their words above: you should note, that in this introduction for the public: they are going to input 50 megawatts of power (enough for fifty million homes), and ONLY get a ten fold increase in the energy release!BUT for their science page “at the top of this page here”: they are going to get a 4 million times increase out of a fusion ignition.NOW WHY do you suppose there is a difference? Because obviously, they cannot both be correct!  “the greatest fusion minds in existence couldn’t be lying”?  OR, is it fantasy OR, it is the desire to kill a world?  
A one inch tall/ half inch wide candle flame, times four million=  instantly 63 miles high- 32 miles wide, at ten million degrees.

While we can debate, what causes the energy release/ NO ONE can argue “sun fire” does not exist: which means, it can be created here. NO ONE can argue: with the reality of energy involved, or what happens if they cannot control it! Which means: your decision is either “YES/ OR NO” they cannot.

Think you can just “wait and see”? THIS MACHINE, was built BIG; to push in as much energy as it takes: TO GET THE RESULT of ignition. Do you really want to know if the energy it releases can be controlled: when their true claim is “a 4 million times” instantaneous energy increase? Which is literally a nuclear bomb; only worse, “because IT IS, a nuclear fire!  “to  burn the bond that holds the forces in an atom together; releasing both.” A chemical fire burns the molecular  bond holding elements together. VERY similar, except for the energy release.

The curse of universities is a failure of all things associated with thought. They rely upon what they want, and destroy the rest without conception of truth. Evolution being only one part of their insanity. As is proven by: a human baby is a creation that relies upon a very wide array of specific chemicals delivered in just the right way, at just the right times, and with “the factory” which builds and delivers each of these things as needed. The reality required for that building; is then deliberately assigned by an endless conception of decisions, timing, communications, and much more: or life, and its completion of the project called a body; does not emerge intact, or at all. The interference of just one thing, at just the wrong time; and all of it dies. And that is only one tiny part of the process or elemental construction of what you did receive, as a body, in the search to become alive.

YOU WANTED, “to be important”/ well here it is: life or death of this world! Even eternity is watching, because our whole world hangs in the balance. EVERY SINGLE ONE:  so CHOOSE!  But remember this: I, am NOT on trial; what I believe or don’t, is NOT on trial; because I am NOT a threat to this world. ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO THREATEN ALL LIFE ON EARTH, are, on trial! The people who aid and abet “the potential enemy”; In this version of democracy: the truth, of who owns this nation or world.

Yet the universities, in their subjection of humanity for the purpose of playing god with life, assume life is so small, “something changed” and presto magic occurred; adaption is all there is. Without the slightest thought, order, balance, discipline, truth or any structure of life or earth of reality, needed at all. To their eternal shame; and you worship them; thereby you too. Consider how many million or billion lines of coding (how damn smart you think you are to accomplish that after thousands of years, humanity has been here). You require how much reality; for your phone, or television to work; is that adaption/ and if it is, is that all there is to it? And you consider vision; and even an entire body to be less: DAMN FOOL.

When they say to you: “we are not a threat”! Point to the sun, and say:from over 90 million miles away, that energy source, burns our skin in summer: and YOU CLAIM, YOU WILL release that energy here on earth: WITH RADIATION that shall destroy us, same as heat will. PROVING, beyond any doubt: YOU, ARE THREATENING this EARTH ITSELF.   The constant university solution is:  we will just continue doing what we do, a “few million times” or more, until someone finds a solution. ignition of a nuclear fire, does NOT allow for any such thing:  this earth dies, upon ignition/ because the sun itself proves that can and potentially will happen. We know its a nuclear fire on the sun/ because we know, that kind of energy is being released; as well as the radiation that would be released; it has all the markings of fire. A solar flare is excess fuel/ a solar tornado, is a lack of fuel; coming from the surface (the fire pulls down). Which points directly, to the fact:  we do know where the energy comes from. It is not a fantasy, (just look at the sun)/   unlike “university knows”.

Every muscle has to be tied to structure, and ordered in a very specific way/ every joint has to be lubricated or it fails/ every organ has to be placed and hung/ every valve is specific to its job/ every bone is individually manufactured and delivered and grown in a body that shapes itself as an equal but opposite sides joined as one. Just how many sensors does it take, to know where someone else touches your body? How much must a brain literally do, for you to function at all? And everything MUST “get along”. According to universities: that is nothing, but adaption/ and adaption has no thought (just didn’t need it) assigned at all: “its just magic”. Or more correctly its just sewage, as universities everywhere are merely the latest version of another religion; trying to remove reality so as to play god themselves. Find a brain!

My response is: “I don’t give a damn about what you believe or don’t believe until that affects my own life or world”. UNIVERSITY DELUSIONS have produced threats that will become extinction. HUMAN WANTS, have produced threats that will end the foundations of what keeps this world alive. Which means: I no longer have an opportunity to stand aside and let you die/ because your decisions will take this entire planet of life with your failures. That is the difference between us: you gamble with the world of life believing the universities are god. I demand: NOTHING ABOUT THAT BELIEF IS TRUE! And the end result of it is extinction, for us all.

When reality does not matter, any fool can be right; because its all just an imagination without meaning. Truth does not rely upon imagination or theory; it is literally what it is/ and bares no resemblance to what you want. Only the evidence decides, and that evidence must be sure, or it becomes a path: to the eternal dimensions of a search for life.

MY RESPONSE IS: GO TO COURT AND PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS NOT EXTINCTION; AS ANY SANE PERSON WOULD DO. Because the evidence is insurmountable, and the reality is: we cannot go back in time/ therefore life or death for this entire world of life: exists as the cost; they are WRONG.

The critical evidence of time concludes: the universities have no basis or reality in fact to associate a billion years with life/ they have discarded reality in terms of identifying the age of the universe itself: as the big bang OBVIOUSLY had a central point, where the explosion began. If our earth, or its life as is claimed; is a billion years old: then the sun had to burn a billion years. The sun burns fuel, as is recognized in radiation and heat. That means the sun had to be “greatly bigger”/ and with much more heat and radiation than is known. While all dating methods rely upon perfection in the elements/ perfection is not known to exist, in this world: imperfection is. Which denies the reliability of assertions identifying age. What we do know by the evidence is: those who claim to be smart; throughout millennia have declared “they know”; about everything/ and yet were proven wrong; about nearly all. Again and again and again to this very day.

The greatest gamble the universities are taking is: “WE WILL BRING THE SAME ENERGY SOURCE HERE UPON THIS EARTH/ AS IS ON THE SUN”. Claiming, “the fire will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain it: their imaginary element isn’t here”. WRONG IS OUR EARTH BURNS LIKE THE SUN; CHANGING OUR ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM, before it is through.     START HERE!

NO GOING BACK: therefore do we not deserve a complete understanding, of their evidence/ their claim “it will be safe”?

No truth is more critical to this earth than: if you won’t fight for your world, life, or child/ then you chose to let those die. I won’t participate in that; and will then just coast, until the day of reckoning comes. Make a better decision, and I will help.

And the people say: you can’t be right, “the universities are god”. And the leaders say: you can’t be right, “the universities know better, than to believe in fantasies”. And the universities say: we can’t be wrong/ and even if we are; we will just do it again; even though reality proves that impossible, once ignition is achieved. LIFE OR DEATH! So the chant begins: “we want what we want/ to hell with reality or truth”.   Media shouts: you are wrong; you are nothing; the universities are “our god”.  But alas; No going back in time: how is that not true?

My demand, for the sake of life and world, is TRIAL: LET US ALL, “SEE THE EVIDENCE”, AND MAKE OUR OWN DECISION.  As is the true purpose of every democracy!  a need, to recognize “this is no game”:  Because gambling everything:  earth, life, and even nature itself, is no game. PAST, the point of no return; is death!

LOVE, is an environment that builds within hope, to identify and create the substance called value. Value is at its core, a distinction that elevates life into new and elemental treasuries; giving life its desire to continue even into eternity. Because the blessing of a shared validity to the essence of our discovery; that is recognized through caring results in “family: we walk” through this universe as one. Or more distinctly there is now a purpose to our existence, as is displayed by the choice: “you are more important to me, than life”. The essence being, even if “I can touch the stars/ or wander throughout this universe at a whim”; all of it cannot compare with loving you. Therefore time ends, and love illuminates the value of life, by the living we share as one. In the courage required to accept; the body of nature will end. It is love that assembles a trust so significant; our truth remains. Truth is at its core, eternal; because truth can never be changed/ even if it can be covered up with repentance. What is eternal, can be found. Hope is the essence of that search, the core principle that rises above death, to ascend into happiness. Whereas happiness is the meaning of life itself; as we change from moments into creation, beyond time. We then shape ourselves, by our own truth. We distribute ourselves within creation confronted, by trust. We become alive: by acceptance of the values in love, that design our existence. We achieve the core resolution of life itself, by accepting the boundaries of energy; as reality proves it must be. Male and female prove: we are more when two are combined as one/ dissolving loneliness, to attain “our home”. But only when truth and honesty, direct our hearts to achieve the value of soul (love cherished, without flaw).

NOTICE to all: for over forty years, I have been like the child, running to the townsfolk; yelling the dike is about to break. Because you all know the cost of being wrong: when igniting the same energy source here as is on the sun. You have no excuse/ BUT you refused all forms of evidence. Throughout those decades: either fear and running away/ our GOD will not let that happen (religion)/ or arrogance and belief in “our university gods” cannot be wrong; is your only response. We now stand at the gate to HELL (to be incinerated); because the machines which will ignite that energy here, have been built, and are prepared to destroy your world; a game no more. Look one last time at your sun: and ask yourselves, “can a ten million degree nuclear fire, which burns atoms for fuel: be controlled”? What happens if it cannot? I did my work/ the rest is entirely up to you. Every claim of university understanding has been defeated: even you, can know their fantasies: if you simply look! Religion discards “free will, for whatever it wants to believe; even though reality proves threats surround us all”. Fear will not save you, there is no place to hide from a nuclear fire, or biological chaos, or even resource losses. Even the universities know: “they are just men and women; and nothing more”. Life knows: we cannot turn back the clock/ which means, there are no second chances; if nature cannot repair what you have done.  STAND UP FOR YOUR WORLD/ DO THE WORK/ SIGN YOUR NAME, AND BE IDENTIFIED; as “life and world; shall NOT be gambled away”. WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS!

There is not love without truth/ only the seed of it, can exist. There is no growth without honesty; the desire to search for what love can become. There is no purpose until value is known and accepted. Which means: if only want is visible, it hides a lie. That lie being, a demand to own what they did not earn. Love cannot be bought, but it can be stolen. Therefore the essence of human existence, the reality of human male and female behavior; is to discover, the disciplines of truth/ the order of reality/ and the balance that becomes our relationship aligned with life.

It is again necessary to remind all, only the law is a weapon here; not for violence/ but for justice. If the law, and democracy cannot fix us/ then all that will be left is war. Those who do not own a democracy, will learn how; as the world itself turns to life comes first. If they refuse, or claim the price is too high: they will claim their reward/ YOU, choose better; and life will claim you, instead of death! There are no leaders here; only truth, by the evidence of our reality/ NOT belief. Because only truth survives time and eternity. Let your soul learn to think.

And the world says, “we are safe/ doing just fine”! But reality disagrees; as this earth is ravaged, raped, and ruined by nearly all, human decisions. 8 billion people is more than one person per agricultural acre; the oceans have already been devastated, and will soon die. Humanity is growing at 3%: that adds roughly one quarter of a billion more mouths to feed over deaths per year. Liars state population rise is only .5% or one more per 200 people per year: look around you/ and recognize war will come soon. Then add in all the rest, that proves: ransacking the future, and destroying the very possibilities of survival itself/ does have a price, “its called extinction”!

Eternity offers, the experience and expressions of love/ OR, hate as it descends into terrors beyond the grave. The unfortunate truth of what is in between these two elements of time; will dissipate and vanish unless mercy provides a home. So the quest is: to attain enough purity of life, by its essence formed through love, to become true to the values which sustain our desire to remain alive. Those who achieve it, find “an opening door”. Those who war against it, find the chaos they chose.

Reality states: that a wide variety of people, have made a very good living from pretending they can bring the same energy source here as is on the sun, and control it. Building machines/ buying politics/ supporting universities, and many more. Every single one of them loses their job/ pride/ power/ and must surrender their wants; if the www.iter.org machine fails. Because they bet their entire process, and all their claims: on the decision, “with this machine” we can force the fire. They will hide truth/ they will try to escape intervention/ they will lie, and attempt to make the machine work in secret: and so will the other machines around this world. Because of money! After all, “its just life or death of our world”; and they can’t be wrong (brain freeze): because they have a book too. Prove it, before we are stopped, and the courts; are proven cult worshipers too; so they will avoid truth and reality. You are told!

It is pride that hates me; because you want what you want “for free”/ and that is impossible to achieve. While it is true, each one can in fact travel the same path as did I; to accept whatever truth will teach to you/ very few do. Life is not a game; pride hates that most of all; because they cannot win/ nor can they resolve to obtain revenge and prove you will lose too.

Your demand is “we believe, our university gods”. The value of which is proven wrong, by the evidence. Like every religion in the world: just because you believe/ does not make it true!  Just like politics, the universities take a vote; and believe whosoever gets them the most money; not gods/ men. Are you willing to give any president: life or death, by horror created: over this world?

Power hates me as well; because the relationship of life with truth, does not allow for power to rule/ only what is true. The element of love is not within the desire of power to achieve/ therefore, denial is constant.

But hey: it is a choice, instead of humanity changing. Perhaps its more merciful to be incinerated as the planet itself is lost/ than to endure the pandemics/ collapse of nature/ resource wars/ ocean dead/ oxygen depletion/ planet warming, to kill all life slowly/no water to drink/ atmosphere detaching, wind accelerating/ over population/ loss of all food supplies/ every chain of life broken; and all the rest you don’t want to change. Because the universities are god, and obviously since they have been in charge: “they know everything”, and can’t be wrong. Now isn’t that so? After all, you don’t have to think/ you, “can just want”, so they can tempt you; what could go wrong?

The cost of university is; “without an answer” you lose/ as is the constant to all religion. So they makeup an answer “to save themselves, the embarrassment of not “being gods”. Hate arises, and that becomes: “I will prove (in their own mind), I can be god”/ by doing something only “a god” can do. They hate me too; because reality accepts no god other than our Creator/ as is proven by the miracles of life, so far beyond ourselves; that it is impossible not to accept THE ESSENCE OF, GOD IS TRUE .

The final word is then this: you can love me or hate me, or utterly don’t care/ because it matters to no one. What you cannot do, is to continue to use me as your excuse: because you do know enough, to remove all doubt. I am not the issue: your reality is! Prove THREATS; true or false; because being wrong is not an option you will NOT survive, not even as an entire world: all will die (extinction is the price).

As to the religious: GOD , is not going to save you/ because every true threat we face but one, is entirely caused by humans. Which would mean: GOD would need to remove your “free will”/ to save you; and you would only rebel.

Belief is not enough, as it is constantly proven true; “you can literally believe anything you want”. Belief becomes a prison when you seal off the world, so that is cannot change your mind. Faith is equal too: truth by the evidence of our reality, as is “life is a miracle expression of thought, and energy combined.”

As to all the rest: “life is not free”/ and neither is this world, it lives or dies by truth and consequences; just like you. I did my job: everything else is YOU did/ YOU did not/ or YOU, just didn’t care enough; and the world itself, then did die! YOUR CHOICE.  No matter who you are, “just like me”/ you can do something!

As to universities: I simply remind you, that you cannot survive the cost of being WRONG, either! Is your pride worth facing the reality of your own extinction? What you call, Fusion: is literally, like standing in a sea of gasoline, to light a match/ and then expect the fire will just extinguish itself! So, then what are the odds; this will turn out well?    If the process makes helium: THEN WHERE, is the helium? Mutilating nature, as is DNA; risking all life, to promise another day for a tiny few? Destroying every foundation we depend upon to survive? Teaching the children nothing but “go to college”/ while life itself, the need to understand work, and respect the living; all of it, just cast aside. To demand the children only need to learn: “obey the universities and worship them; or die a slave”. Really what have the public schools taught beside “university is god”? Answer: almost nothing. But they have manipulated, propagated, controlled, tempted, and changed everything they could touch: to be “gods”, over us all; “cause they are the superior ones (nobility)”/ by their estimate. All of it: by destroying the currency, resources, economy, and future of us all; and playing games. No reality needed; just a bribe, with political, judicial, and media coercion .

We now, come to the end of the line: which is, that life itself on this planet earth shall not survive, without true human change in all manner of truth by reality standards. The universities cannot sustain you; as they have proven to be: the worst enemy (threats of extinction surround us) that life on earth ever had. That means: you must make a decision. The choice is: LIFE, and EARTH; MUST COME FIRST; IN ALL THE CHOICES YOU MAKE. What can be reversed, must be reversed. What is nature and planet must be protected. What is respect throughout this earth, must be found/ without want. Instead truth must lead; “as best we can”.

Fear will not save you from yourselves; nor will pride: nearly every threat we face is caused by humanity. Which does mean: “you” are both the problem, and the solution! Face your truth/ accept your cost to survive is truth/ respect the truth about consequences for being wrong/ and understand: what is true survives, either for good/ or for bad. Because that, is the choice you made. paper petition form MUST include a description that identifies correctly; why, and what, this person signed for!  Our world has changed: 8 billion people wrap the earth on the equator 182 times; standing 3 feet apart/ growing in population @ about one billion more per five years. A contract implies a penalty will be added if you fail to meet your claim of service, or your duty to the pact we have made. Because a value has been removed from one or the other of our lives. The constitution for instance is a contract between the nation and its employees. A demand to achieve the purpose we have declared! We do, face extinction; no greater failure exists: until that point of no return.

If you do not: we all become extinct. That is not a belief/ rather it is a reality of the evidence that cannot be pushed aside. Therefore, I have asked you to establish a trial: to prove what is true/ to prove what is the cost of being wrong/ to prove, the future can survive/ to prove what has value, from what does not.

there is a point of no return, when it will be impossible to turn back what humanity has done.

I cannot save you, from yourselves: only you can do that. Because you are the threat; by the choices you have made. There is NO: “we know what GOD will or will not do”! It is a lie. We do know what the evidence can prove, that is a truth. Make your decision; because time has run out: past the point of no return, you will have NO decision to make/ as you chose extinction. And must then pay the price, as is reality without mercy; because that was your own decision/ or you worked for life instead. This is no game: the evidence will prove that. You cannot hide from a nuclear fire, the sun proves that. You cannot repair what has been destroyed forever/ and the universities are trying hard to destroy life, by playing god. Therefore time to do that very thing, has run out.

THE ELECTRONIC PETITION FOR CLASS ACTION LEGAL STATUS, to participate in determining if WE THE PEOPLE, will allow extreme experimentation with our world: CLASS ACTION REDRESS     The legal pursuit to court, details. extreme experimentation details pdf

THE ELECTRONIC PETITION, sign-up:  for class action legal status. TO PARTICIPATE AND DETERMINE BY DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY:  the critical decision to provide for ourselves, WORLD LAW, AND WORLD POLICING TO GOVERN OUR LEADERS, by laws we create, to govern them.  Which we justify as our own decision for world peace, and for the future of our world. FOR LIFE, FOR CHILD, FOR PLANET. legal descriptions for world :the right to proceed; law petition. The fundamental here is: to create the petition in front of the trial/ so as to remove the power of the court to say no. AS does become, democracy enforced. This is “by our own vote”/ NOT, a vote for someone to vote for me! That, is the essence of democracy itself. 

Law is the power of society, by government. What we choose, and how we unite determines our justice, as a nation or world. WHOSOEVER makes the law, then determines what our governments will be.  SHOULD WE THE PEOPLE, NOT make that law? Money is the power of individuals,a reality of mass destruction to this whole  world/ is a fact, that should NEVER be. To the arrogant it is a game, because they want the power to believe, they can play god. To the fool, “it is savior”/ because nobody would dare; and yet people have chosen to ignite sun fire (one of now many) here on earth: a radiation alone; so intense, it will kill everything within a thousand miles of ignition; in an instant. Reality is simple: there is no going back, beyond the point of no return.     CHOOSE!

 In contrast: THIS petition for class action lawsuit IS, “yes we can, change this world”; by the constitutional contract that is true American government (not an employee)/ what defines us. Yes it is “intended to lead the world”: INTO LAW, rules us all. In that law of our own making:  we then rule the leaders of this world, by our vote/ by our court/ by our own policing made, and enforced; from all nations on earth.

This is the legal pursuit, to identify and create, that cause. BEGINNING WITH;  NO RIGHT EXISTS, by the creation of OUR OWN laws, TO DESTROY this WORLD. AS HUMANITY ITSELF DECIDES; to govern this world, by NOT threatening our own extinction.  To remove the right for WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION TO EXIST; limiting the military and its weapons. This class action intent of democracy demands the authority to change: what we don’t accept. as a world!  Beginning here.     We, are the military/ we are the workers/ we are the owners/ we are so many people now: that we can enforce our decision. Nobody stands defenseless, “against 8 billion people”. We can choose/ we can create & enforce OUR OWN LAW. If, we can unite, TO PROVE what WE KNOW to be just!  “NO threat of extinction allowed”.        PETITION WORLD

US SUPREME COURT CASES: 08-1339 & 11-100 both proved the judiciary has no defense against redress/ other than as were these, to throw these docketed cases out of court by the secretary; a fact, that is illegal. And would prove both cases are in fact still: docketed by law, and to be decided immediately. Because a secretary has no such authority without a judicial signature; and when docketed, it requires a legal cause to remove it!

the agricultural petition                agricultural conservation          Conceptions

The values of life form around our ability to survive/ without that opportunity, nothing else matters, because life itself will die. The unfortunate reality of human behavior is; as all animals are: unable to comprehend, this planet, all the chains of existence, the resources that keeps us all alive; is not a guarantee. Because today the rise in human population threatens everything on earth/ even the earth itself/ and through university religion; nature, water, oceans, food, and even the solar system itself; because they do believe they are gods; and can do anything they want without real consequences for them. They are wrong, as anything 8 billion people do, matters. As anything that mutilates nature itself/ threatens life, which is DNA as a body: is a terrorist act against this entire world. Alas animals do not understand/ which means your attachment to being ALIVE, has been degraded to tragic levels; by your worship of university is god.

You think of life, “as the bits and pieces of what you want/ or don’t want: end of story is death, and grave”. I accept life as the foundation we built upon, defined by the truth we allow to lead us, in the future we create, by our choices: beyond time, is an eternity to be discovered. As is the elemental conception of life itself, by energy and thought. What we bind together, as trust; by the terms of truth; then elevates into love. OR, without order, discipline, or balance; governed with truth: there will be chaos, and disintegration instead. An animal wants/ a human being alive in the value of life itself, will turn to love; as nothing else can lift time into eternity.

You measure and judge (more or less, for me), you believe (I want) and assume (they pay): I choose to search for truth, and respect the miracle of life is ultimately the grace and trust of freedom, proven by love. Love cannot be trusted as truth; because it is the critical construction of your own elemental heart (this keeps me alive). A reality that can be changed. Love ascends, into the treasury of soul; where it then becomes true, as the spiritual proof of your own chosen identity. A value, to this entire universe.

The endless truth is this: that although humanity owns a brain (not an animal), it prefers the competition of want (right now is all that matters), and the realities of fantasy (take it, risk it, don’t care). So as to prove superiority, rather than to seek the values of life itself. The cost of a brain is: that truth must lead, by the evidence proven with “universal laws”. The failure to accept wisdom, and apply yourselves to eternal conceptions; is an ending to that value. Want says NO, I don’t want that; but your reality of assumption without consequence; refuses to change, and want is the basis of every lie. Which makes fear (stay away); then demanding superiority, pride (If I win, I earn the right to measure and judge and take) produces hate (if I lose, I earn the right to revenge, violence, and crime): from which nearly all tragedy does arise. The critical question is truth. The critical answer is: if you fail to accept only truth can lead (as best we can)/ your choice is; this world shall die. Because 8 billion people DO produce consequences/ and the universities even more. Truth is not a theory, want, or demand: it is the assembly of value; where respect governs, and life (miracles exist) protects hope (the dimensions of our inner world).

While all the people say, to me: “you can’t prove this world is going to die/ or GOD won’t intervene/ so, WE don’t have to do NOTHING”. Even though the evidence is plain, and the consequence is extinction. “its like”; you believe you can cut off your leg or arm/ and then go back in time, to demand “I didn’t do it”. Ain’t going to happen! “its like a religious zealot”: I believe, so what I want must be true/ because I believed. TRUTH says NO. You cannot even let someone throw away all your resources/ water/ oxygen/ oceans/ life or earth: not even money, biological weapon, medicine, “oops”; or say to the bullet you just released; or the weapons of mass destruction “I didn’t mean it”; because sorry will not help! EITHER you make a decision that protects life and planet/ OR, you threw it away.

You cannot kill your children either; by destroying their world; and claim “you care”. Truth demands: you chose, to make them pay, to “make them HELL”!

The reality is: if I were love, you would shun me; for having or being more than you/ if I were hope, you would sell me; to take all you could get/ if I were courage, you would force me into battle to die, or to fight alone/ if I were true happiness, you would hate me; because that is more than you can have. As did happen to JESUS! Or more simply, the human animal cannot seek eternity; because it lives beneath these things. The difference is: unless you think for yourselves, no opportunity exists to rise above “a human”. That is a spiritual destination, a dimension born in heart and soul.

It is the people pushing you forward/ NOT the people pushing you back; that present murder and mayhem: because they want to win, and they use you to do that/ making they rest, pay the price of their failures. As is seen in all military battles. Where truth rules, and reality consists of a value to be implemented by wisdom; no construction of a competition exists. Instead truth decides, by the development of wisdom, through knowledge and understanding. “the infant child of university”; who knows nothing of consequences, and is as destructive as it is allowed to be: does not know wisdom, and has very little understanding. But today, their ability to destroy has no wisdom aligned: only disgrace. Your potential to survive their failures/ their fantasies; when they attack the very foundations of what keeps this entire world alive or at peace: ends life itself/ and soon, because of that; you will be extinct. OR YOU will find your brain, and stop worshiping in the sewer of fools.  After all: who could have predicted pandemic’s/ just because people have been mutilating/ crucifying/ chemically attacking/ and intentionally destroying the boundaries between all biological species. “but hey, don’t worry”; cause media is certain, this university is god behavior, “is going to save you”. There are no consequences “for gods/ or their cult worshipers”; now ain’t that right?

Alas; you are believers in your cult worship of university is god/ and as with all true believers, nothing matters but what you want to hide or protect. The evidence is worthless, and truth is little more than bile. To fight with you is pointless: in a sea of fools so blind, deaf, and dumb, that they throw away the true miracle of life: for the valueless wasteland of its just chaos (violence is the answer), and accidents (knowledge [discipline], understanding [order], and wisdom [balance]; are useless); as is the university religion of evolution”. Behind the wall [my prison; all trust is dead, which leaves the herd] of “we cannot be wrong/ WE BELIEVE: there is only want [greed], pride [without wisdom], and power [the search for more]”. The value of truth/ nor the cost, to be wrong/ the reality of consequences, to this life or world; fails the dimension of your reality. Even losing your own eternity is exchanged for [leave us alone; this tiny vessel is enough]. The curse: you knew better;  is no match for your pride, greed, want, or lust to play god! This world will be lost, or you will change; because nothing less than truth survives.

The decision is: to accept only truth itself, can be trusted; while everything else cannot. That lives or dies, with your decision to accept the responsibility required: to make your own choice, based upon a foundation proven by reality. The herd does not know, beyond want; as that, is all it lives for.

Only when want turns into desire, does a lie (time is not life/ only body) become the presence of a spiritual door. That beginning, identifies your choice to search for truth. Without distinct purity, every truth becomes a trap; because it will provide the opportunity to reshape that path with options that are not consistent with truth. So the critical element in becoming spiritual is: that only truth itself, can decide/ or you will be lost. Mercy allows for being wrong/ but it does not allow for lies: if you fail to search for truth, you will be abandoned or taught “this is wrong”. We all fail to be pure to our search for love. We all fail to be perfect in our understanding of what truth is. We all need mercy to survive, as is the essence of why creation exists: to accomplish love, through values recognized. Your choice is: to identify what is true in you; because only truth will survive beyond time/ nothing less is functionally alive.

The universities have proven: “we just want [the basis of every lie], to be gods”. Their lying, cheating, stealing, and utter betrayal of both nation and world; have made the cost of truth high/ the realities of change, “breathtaking”: and all the people said, “Its too much, we can’t”. So the cost is: our world will soon be dead/ and every child shall soon be extinct. But alas; the elders are only concerned with money/ and this world dies a little more each day: because everything free/ did have a consequence. Just like igniting a nuclear fire: the universities, and their propaganda teams of media; all promise FREE/ but the reality is extinction.

In America the fundamental and fantasies of “university knows” have been directly responsible for endless coming catastrophes: their leadership has been to destroy infrastructure [let’s steal from the children]/ discard resources [let’s make the children beg]/ deny reality [with fantasies, we get to play god]/ displace all business and industry [we cannot be superior, unless they beg] / sell the nation to foreigners [hate, comes in all forms] / defile education [those who know nothing of value, make very easy targets to control, tempt, or manipulate]/ dismantle democracy [the powerful hate little more, than those who have rights, and know it]/ corrupt the courtroom [nobody gets to be equal, or fair]/ pour sewage into politics [let the curse of failure lead]/ inflate currency tremendously [kill the heart of every worker] and hide it with full knowledge of media [let them pretend to be rich, because we want power] and those hired to protect [let them war with each other]. Pollution without any consideration for the future [we won’t care], death to every child [let them die, we will be gods]. Debts beyond measure [let the world be damned; let hate rule]. Selling the nation to foreign nations: just like Israel bought, Palestine; in secret [keep them stupid/ make them believers, so truth and reality won’t matter]. And ten thousand more tragedies without end [we will kill this world/ even this whole planet to prove; we are their gods]. All because you let the universities play god [fantasies make fools]; to your eternal shame. Alas, the public is described too; as you are still too damn smart: “to even question your gods”/ because you are a cult. After all, you memorized everything they said, and believed whatever media trumpeted. BUT as they lead; “don’t worry be happy: its just, the slaughter house door, is ahead”. So says the evidence!

Humanity dumps trillions of gallons of poison onto the ground/ under, around, and into the water supplies. So says your evidence.

Humanity dumps trillions of tons of pollution everywhere on earth; without regard for any living thing, cause or purpose. So says your evidence.

The foundation of democratic authority is very simple: WE THE PEOPLE contracted with our employees, to do the work we assigned them to do. That job outline was given to those employees who then swore they would do their best to accomplish these things; as is the preamble/ notable facts in the articles/ and amendments as we see fit. WE the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA.

Redress of grievances, a first amendment law proving legal rights exist to challenge our employees: to determine for ourselves if they kept their oath; and have chosen correctly for our nation and world. That begins with providing a class action lawsuit is appropriate to prove: what is, or is not true, by the evidence; and whether we the people should intervene on our own behalf as the true and literal OWNERS here!

For balance: LOVE, lifts hope into destiny, by displaying the essence of joy; in each heart that sings, “I am ALIVE”. It does not measure, but applauds the value and intensity of freedom shaped by discipline, but ordered by truth. Nothing else in the universe itself can compare; because love makes life worth living. Those who fail, by choosing time or hate; will be sorry.

Humanity threatens the entire ocean living systems, and all its life; in every conceivable way/ and believes it need not care. So says your evidence.

Humanity releases quadrillion BTU’S of heat and consequences into the atmosphere; and refuses to care; “they want what they want”/ let someone else pay the price of global warming. Because they won’t care, until forced. So says your evidence.

Say anything you want about me, I will even help you, “with a grain of sand”; if you insist. But remember this, TRUTH DECIDES: your want is irrelevant, and so is your belief. Because only truth survives. You had, or have; your last chance, to change! The constant: “make us happy/ give us whatever we want”. The reality Bible Luke 12: 49-59

It takes a world of humanity, to change a world governed by only a tiny few. It takes a value of life accepted as respect for what can be lost; to assemble the trials necessary to protect life and planet. It takes caring enough, to share the responsibility that is: we cannot let these few be catastrophically WRONG; and take both life or planet away. Love is the distinction: that your own decision, responds by building a relationship with value. That value cannot be less than: our world needs us now: there is no apathy, there is no fear, there is no opportunity to turn away; because life or death has become the only true choice we get. YOUR DECISION; is only the beginning of that choice. Because the greatest curse (you knew better), this earth has ever faced is “human”. Life now comes first, by letting what is true decide; to prove what we cannot afford to lose/ is what we cannot let these others gamble with. Not a choice; life or extinction. Prove the evidence is wrong; go to court, find your own brain/ not a leader! Which means literally, recognize: what you are willing to lose, because you either did/ or didn’t care enough to save this world.

Humanity over populates this earth; even though they know it is finite in size and the ability to sustain life: and created weapons of mass destruction to resolve the problems. So says your evidence.

Humanity discarded reality and the future, by creating hidden counterfeiting through government: so they could raid the children, ransack their world, and destroy every potential needed by the future/ assassinating every child: so they could pretend “we are rich”. So says your evidence.

It takes more than an idea to save this world from human induced tragedies/ it takes a true commitment, to define justice/ create peace/ assemble what truth will allow/ and remove the blatant arrogance (we play god) of “yes we can”: even when the consequences will be grim or death to a world. 8 billion people, all wanting everything they can take; without the slightest regard for consequences to life: will bring HELL. Science means: yes you did this: even if it was wrong. Power means: yes we will/ even if it destroyed the future of life on earth. Pride says; life is a game, “which means no real consequences”/ but that is not true. I can do little more than inform; because you are the solution or the tragedy/ and our situation is as simple as that. Your courts protect only power/ by discarding law: when the door is closed, to public view.

The demand is: that WE THE PEOPLE do have legal rights; to intervene and protect ourselves from those who have taken our securities in nature, resources, environment, energy, planet, food, water, oxygen to breathe, and a future we can survive. By taking risks with all these things in order to play god for themselves: by establishing a level of tragedy, that can entirely cause our own extinction by what they chose to do. BY THE LAW: this petition demands WE THE PEOPLE DO, have a legal right: to know exactly what the cost of BEING WRONG SHALL BE; to us, our world, our future as all life on earth. By the evidence, by all methods that will to the best of our ability: identify, define, and prove what is true, with regard to these individual threats as will be assembled to describe: WE THE PEOPLE DO HAVE A RIGHT TO PROTECT OURSELVES, from those who have no legal right to threaten life, child, or world. NO CLAIM to superiority exists for universities, military or others: they shall give testimony in plain and clear language, for all to understand. NO math or language or other methods shall be used to hide the truth. NO theory, or assumption that cannot be proven true shall be used: until such time, it is absolutely clear THE PUBLIC UNDERSTANDS the cost of being WRONG. The most blatant risk being: those who are trying to ignite the same fire here, as is on the SUN. The worst offender; but far from the only one is: www.iter.org

Humanity is the cause of massive extinction; that will soon accelerate beyond all hope of sustaining life/ because every chain as its weakest link; and losing that link, destroys the whole. So says your evidence.

INFORMATION regarding this petition; the realities and cost of being wrong: and this demand for class action lawsuit to not only identify the risk; but give legal rights to intervene and stop said risks as a people. Will be found on www.justtalking7.info

There is NO, “we will wait and see”; as is the constant of animals who do not want change! To wait and see means: IT IS NOW TOO LATE TO CHANGE ANYTHING; and this world shall become EXTINCT. These are now, the most powerful words ever written (not the most important; eternity is more)/ because they lead you to understand: “we have legal options to defend ourselves/ to change our world/ to acknowledge, fear won’t save a single one/ to stop the religious worship of university/ and to save our world from extinction. NO you don’t get whatever you want: but you may assemble a future based upon truth and respect/ or face the extinction you have chosen, by university knows.” I leave you to your fate, or if you begin to think, and therefrom save yourselves; from those endangering you with their “playing god”; then the work of unity, to change this world. I did my job; the rest is up to you. Either way, I am not responsible for your fate: “you did that”.

Humanity has created religion, but uses the claim of knowledge to hide their truth: WE DON’T want nothing to do with GOD . Because we own this/ we claim this, for ourselves, and ain’t going to give nothing back. To HELL with the future, because we die/ so we don’t care, about you. So says your evidence.

GET A BRAIN AND UNDERSTAND: the universities built you DEATH OF A PLANET! So says the evidence. YOUR only choice is: to learn what is or is not TRUE/ and then accept TRUTH MUST DECIDE/ not want. As want literally is; the basis and foundation, of every lie.

A NUCLEAR FIRE:  more means ( www.iter.org );suddenly, “a one inch tall x .75 wide candle flame becomes 63.13 miles high by 47 miles wide.” BY THEIR CALCULATIONS! (JUST LIKE THE SUN, here on earth) Universities across this world say”: WE WILL ignite that fire (burning atoms), and control it/ and have spent more than a trillion dollars trying; and continuing to try; for the last forty years! “Or they lose their job, power, etcetera”.       I, remind you again: I AM NOT, the subject matter of your decision/ the evidence of true threat is. How can you misinterpret that? Even if this particular threat is not enough for you: THERE IS MUCH more. The curse of university is; “we all just do one tiny little thing/ and call ourselves experts; on that tiny little thing”. While the real world is dependent upon trillions of tiny little things, that must all exist, to make the rest possible. “its called a chain of events/ or the chain of life”.  Kill a link, and horrible things will happen. Change the biology, and nature (the body of life) dissolves into chaos:  “even you”.

Humanity discards religion, and its prophecy; even among the oldest religions which have stood the test of time: because it wants what it wants, and that does not include any attempt to believe anything, they don’t want to believe. The prison doors are locked, and nobody is allowed in or out, unless they commit their soul; to want. So says your evidence.

We face the human god “arrogance; you can’t stop me” on earth, that is your own selfishness. You want, what you want/ and care little for anything else; which means destruction and chaos will come; because truth does not lead. This planet separates those who destroy/ from those who can live/ from those who do not desire life enough “to care”. Today however time itself has changed because humanity has overtaken nature with its numbers (overburdened earth) and intellect (yes we can__); even though you must not! The cost of you did do, what must not be done is: that we do face our own extinction from this planet/ the future lost to human arrogance, failures, fantasies, and greed. This directs us all to one last question: do you care enough to save this planet from its own death? Because without true change, the end of all life on earth: comes quickly now.

Reality states: without trees the connection between this earth and its atmosphere will be lost; and the winds will accelerate in like accordance with the turning of this earth. Which moves at over one thousand miles per hour on the equator . So says your evidence. Just like other planets do. So says your evidence.

Your universities claim, that they can control: what they have described to be, “a greater energy release, than an atomic bomb”. Which originates from only little more nuclear material than “a rice cake”. They claim but hide the fact: this energy they intend to release: is 4 million times more than a fossil fuel energy release. They claim said energy release will extinguish itself/ BUT, to ignite those atoms, they must create enough plasma to use all the fuel that is going to be input: times 4 million more. Thereby creating a bomb/ and a heat release that creates and sustains its own plasma creation from that moment on: drawing in all the fuel it then needs, on its own, to be self-sustaining; “just like the sun”! Gee, what could go wrong? Particularly when every theory they depend upon is entirely fantasy based. Utterly and completely unproven/ while in fact all the proof that does exist explains: they could not be more wrong.

Reality states: the consumption of oxygen from our atmosphere is greater than its release into that atmosphere; and all factors contributing to that release are under attack. Due to the use of fire. Which means even a small decrease changes our world, and our lives; as if we climbed onto a mountain top, at sea level. So says your evidence.

The constant of human expression is: “I want what I want/ and I don’t want, what I don’t want; and anybody who tells me I can’t have what I want, or must accept what I don’t want; IS AN ENEMY”. Regardless of why or the cost of being wrong! Then comes revenge. The constant of human experience is: that all lies end in failure, and only truth survives. Even if you won’t accept that, it will be proven true. Because want is nothing less than the belief, you can get whatever you want/ or don’t want; if you lie. So the world is filled with liars, and the reality of those lies cause failure, fantasy, disrespect (no I won’t), and a long list of tears. Nonetheless, having changed the world with “university power”/ the cost of being wrong is now world extinction. Nothing is so certain or plain in the evidence of that being true: than those trying to ignite a nuclear fire; just like on the sun/ here on earth. pretending, or lying to themselves: “that the fire, born from destroying the bond, holding the nucleus in atoms together; will just extinguish itself”. {chemical fires, burn or destroy the molecular bond between elements} Wrong is this earth becomes a sun. wrong is this earth as a sun will quickly explode due to thermodynamic realities/ and this solar system will be no more. Along with the incineration of all life; that is the price of being WRONG. And there are many machines trying to do this very thing; because the university mind, believes it is a game to be won! Even so, they have also produced MANY OTHER THREATS; all of which end in extinction. Because power without true thought, along with the honesty of what really happens when people play god: is the end of life on earth. YOUR CHOICE IS: to stop lying/ start thinking instead of believing/ and search for truth; so that change will come. EVEN if you don’t want, the cost; nor the reality of what you have already done. It is too late, for any other solution; “you have believed”/ thereby abandoning truth for want. Your critical decision is then: truth could save your lives, and your children/ while all the evidence predicts; continued lies will end this earth. CHOOSE!

Reality states: there will be no resources for the future; as is proven by your garbage mountains. All of it thrown away, for a trinket, toy, or trophy. So says your evidence. Proving the children are dead, they just don’t know it yet.

Reality states: the most egregious price of your air conditioning is a planet that becomes too hot in summer for life to live; along with all your other fires/ proving there is a cost to human population, and this is only one. So says your evidence.

Within that regard: the three main realities are: science believes it can control the same fire as is on the sun/ gambling, “a one time ignition”; decides the fate of our whole world. Discarding radiation that goes with it. Discarding the fact a 4 million times, instantaneous expansion of the energy release; IS NOT going to be contained. Science believes, {just like a nuclear fire} that it can manipulate genetics and promises “we can be gods”/ an endless series of uncontrollable consequences; but primary begins: as it is with a computer, you can have the greatest computer in the world entirely built. BUT unless you have the key, as is software to make the machinery work; it is only a worthless “body of pieces”. Programming the brain is held within genetics: every possible action or reaction the body can take or make is held within the programming/ but it is not defined by DNA; and your geneticists haven’t got a clue! Which means CATASTROPHE is coming. We then examine the realities of what life needs to survive: and find our world facing extinction, in countless ways throughout. Making the future, entirely predictable without real change. Building it all, by counterfeiting government currencies (claiming asset growth/ and demanding debts don’t matter): because ONLY THE POOR have to pay. “the university elite” just add another number, and play “king or queen” with our lives. Building their armies “with a diploma”. Using media to hide “everything important” from our sight.

Humanity chooses to believe in chaos is god; so says evolution/ and the universities seek to force biology into chaos; so they can watch “life recreate itself with evolution”. The purpose being to prove “we, the religion of university knows; are right/ chaos is god”. Destroying all biological order, discipline, balance, and much more: and not a single one joins me in saying that is wrong. Because they fear the universities more; than the death of a world. Pride is a fool. So says your evidence.

There is NO greater judge to the realities of our existence, the consequences of human decisions: than the evidence of each and every threat that can and will make us all extinct/ without true change. Those who deny that fact, orchestrate the end of life on earth. This is not a game, realities prove that true.

a beginning “points of trial” to be discovered, starts here. As the right to proceed, shall be determined by our own vote/ as a world. Or the demand to stop this insanity: across the world.  the most extreme threat of this day is www.iter.org(lets play god and create a nuclear fire);  is simply exercised as our right. But make no mistake: ITER  is not the only machine built, or being built.  ITER; represents the pride of all combined universities across the world, along with the money of at least 35 nations; THEIR last gasp as physicists, before being proven failures; and the trillions of dollars they have spent are removed. SO they:  having built a machine for the purpose of injecting ENOUGH FUEL, and enough energy; to make certain “something happens”.  ARE GAMBLING THIS WORLD OF LIFE, on the assumption “they can play god” with a fire that burns your skin in summer from over 91 million miles away.  DON’T believe it? Not to worry, you just have to die in planet consuming fire (just like the sun); when proven wrong. Same energy/ same result!

Humanity believes in belief; discarding truth, reality, and its consequences; disgracing life itself; for the sake of a trophy, trinket, or toy. So says your evidence.

The resultant bomb (release of 4 million times more energy than a fossil fuel fire), it will likely kill a surrounding area roughly one hundred miles in circumference instantly, with a thousand miles affected within minutes; and the ocean being sucked up to be burned as fuel; within a day.  The atmosphere being ejected instantly, and then continuing until lost. That, is just part of the consequences: this truth aligns with as evidence of why you should care!  Not to worry though, in a few months or weeks: you can blame the extermination of our planet on those other people who didn’t care enough either. “so its all good, right”? Oh wait, I know: “its not your job”/ so you won’t lift one tiny finger, not a single penny, not tell anyone “your little secret”; because after all, “you just want what you want; and you sure as hell is coming: DON’T want this. So, keep on hiding; now ain’t that right; let someone else, fight for our world/ your child/ your everything? After all, “it ain’t your job”.

Humanity believes nothing has changed since the beginning of this world/ therefore they have nothing to fear, from themselves; because they are just doing what every man or human being has been doing since the beginning. Yet they also claim to be “gods”; because they changed this world into their own image of university is now god, and seek to prove that; with such things as : trying to bring the same energy here as is on the sun. So says your evidence.

Contrary to the lies; their reaction chamber  at  www.iter.org is already built; and can initiate experimentation at any time. Insuring not a single living thing shall survive on earth. THIS ain’t NO GAME. it is life unlikely, or death forever; for earth.; because they were wrong, and had “just one” experiment of ignition; to get it right. Their statement is: not enough gravity to sustain the fire; so it will just put itself out; gambling your world! Their second statement is: we can remove the fuel source/ but since its plasma; and a ten million degree fire will create its own plasma: that is ridiculous. PLus a known reality of radiation emitted by ignition; than can kill for a thousand miles instantly as well.
Machines built to ignite sun fire on earth, will release a radiation level so severe: it would kill us all. Because that is what the sun produces as well as heat and light. Without an atmosphere, we cannot survive that radiation even from 94 million miles away. So their intent to control that fire, has another hidden reality of threat. How are you going to survive that? Same fire/ same result. How is that not your problem too? A ten million degree fire, just like on the sun: “with million mile long flames”. WILL cause an extreme updraft, that literally ejects the entire atmosphere of this planet. An ignition of that energy release, by university estimate is: multiplying the energy of fossil fuel burning/ BY 4 MILLION TIMES. How is that not a bomb? The list of fantasies and failures by university knows nothing regarding the sun: is very long/ and our world gets only one ignition: to live or die, as the price which must be paid for this experiment. Because unless the fire extinguishes itself/ there is nothing we can do; it will burn us all alive.

The truth of consequences states: past the point of no return, life is dead/ even if there are moments, the body flinches and the mind releases horror; before the darkness closes in forever. Because you refused to care, when reality mattered. So says your evidence. The coming proof: you chose to die as a world, worshiping the universities who have destroyed you, by “playing god”: thereby taking all life with you/ even to the point of changing this solar system. Because igniting a nuclear fire, creates another sun/ and the heat of thermodynamics will cause this earth to explode; sending the solar system itself, into chaos. Water IS, made of atoms: which means the oceans will burn in a nuclear fire; leaving deep cuts in this globe.

WHAT, could possibly be; A GREATER ABOMINATION THAN THAT? The biblical prophecy of Daniel 12, begins 

The first experiment, by the first machine capable of igniting a nuclear fire: was on “April fools day” 2012. San Francisco Lawrence LIvermore Laboratories. The countdown ends in the spring of 2021: unless the new testament rules, as it begins with chapter 12. I don’t know; it all depends upon you. Even so, surprise/ surprise, the Aztec calendar was right: something truly important/ or horrendous; changed this earth, and all its future, as predicted.

 So by your own evidence you were correct: you are, the gods of SATAN. Which means: death (I give nothing back) overwhelming, a world of life (the essence of a gift, beyond true comprehension). To your eternal shame.

This is the one experiment that cannot by any means: even conceive of a tiny fraction of life on earth being able to survive all the other threats/ everything dies; even the solar system as we know it. So my legal demand for redress is: let something survive/ even if you are too damaged and dull from “cult worship of university knows”; to do anything else for yourselves.

for a more basic listing of threats for a cause as to why “Russia, is more belligerent“.  Question: how many ways does it take, “to kill a world”?

such as: The fundamental is: heat release by humanity is the cause of global warming/ led by air conditioning and a lack of real insulation. Every BTU removed is multiplied by three; given electrical and all forms of production involved; times a world catastrophe, and a demand for air conditioning growing: At the historical average population increase of 3% another quarter of a billion people arrive wanting to be fed each year/ making heat, using oxygen, demanding water. Fighting for “everything they want”. The end result is clearly predictable; and world war 3 already sits on our horizon.  Extreme, gambling with our world, and all life; experimentation exists. Stand up, and demand the change required, or we all die.

IT TAKES, a courtroom to prove beyond doubt, what is true. IT TAKES a democracy to accept by our vote: yes we must all accept this price of our survival. IT TAKES a proof of law, that we generate ourselves, to enforce that acceptance/ that right of LEGAL power, to control our nation or influence our world: AS, WE THE PEOPLE.

A tiny few people: are gambling with every life, and every future life for this whole world! Are they really “that damn smart”; that you let them decide the fate of every living thing on earth, including YOU? SHAME ON YOU, if you don’t know that answer instantly! TAKE THEM TO COURT/ MAKE THEM STOP/ DECIDE FOR OURSELVES: how is that wrong?  Take a vote! Do it now, fear won’t save you.

For the sake of this bribe, I give you till Sept 1, 2019;  to support this work {To establish the legal “we the people” right, to be informed:  to identify true threat/ to construct the reality of not letting others be severely wrong, with our lives or world/ and to democratically protect our future, with truth and law. NOT just believe, what we are told, or let anyone play god}. To see clearly:  the difference between their fantasy, and real truth; the destiny of what we choose.  Last three other sites gone at end of month. because you just didn’t care. Because the cost is irrelevant I may leave this site working; just as a witness “I was here, for you, and for life”. You were not here for me.

I, am not going to push you, or pull you, or beg you, or plead for this world, tempt, or in any other way remove the reality of your own choice: to save this world or not. YOU must make that decision for yourself/ as I have removed myself from your excuses. It has been forty years, and you didn’t care. This is now simply: fight for your world or you will lose it/ OR, you will prove your own evidence is wrong. Simple as that. Knowledge can potentially turn your march into chaos; but only if you decide: truth is better than living as a cult. They have bribes, lies, media, stories, colored lights, and the power to rule. I have only truth, backed by evidence: to prove the future is completely dead, unless you change. No bribe, no temptation, no propaganda, no fantasies to fall into, and no power to make you investigate to prove what is true. Only realities, that cannot be denied, without a lie!

The critical test is simple: past the point of no return, there is no turning back the clock; you lose everything. Nothing is more clear and certain of that, than the ignition of “atoms on fire”. Nothing is more present of that, than a nuclear war with all weapons of mass destruction: noted both world wars previous started in small ways for Europe/ with overcrowding in Japan/ with intellectual games, and control in China previous to that. Nothing is more sacrilegious, vile, or horrendous as to playing god: than deliberately trying to inject chaos into biology; “just to see what you can get”. Nothing will be more violent, than knowing without water, you, and all you care about; are going to die in 3 days. Etcetera, and more. While you know all these things: you absolutely refuse to accept the price of staying alive; not even as a world itself. To your shame.

The reality of choice presented is: to avoid the propaganda, escape the lies; and determine for ourselves: the cost of “their toys”. The future we will face: as is, the true price of gambling with nature and planet; and everything/ the university is no longer a game, there will be/ there are, consequences. To question their truth; instead of accepting their theory or stories. To begin understanding: in America we have been bankrupted/ our infrastructure abandoned/ our world threatened; because the few wanted “to play god”. Making our future, “behind the lies”, bleak indeed. So this work asks: “let the truth, and only the truth” be known. That we may not simply fall into “the abyss”.

Or more simply in the real decisions of life: NO, I will not just believe bringing the same energy source on the sun here to this earth is safe/ I want proof; or don’t do it. NO, I won’t just believe mutilating the basis of nature won’t end in disaster/ I want proof; or don’t do it. NO, I won’t believe: I WANT PROOF the future will survive.        The only proof that can exist is the reality of true public trial: to determine the fate of this world, by investigating the facts and choosing LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for this entire planet.. That demonstration of caring, must come now! Because the reality of world war is at hand.

For every action, there is a reaction. For every decision, or lack thereof/ there is a consequence. Because both are movements which entangle force; even if the result is not immediate/ reality will come. Because both are fundamental laws! Your choice has been to play games with both life and planet: a fantasy that will make you extinct. Because what you do, is far beyond what you, or your universities can control! I have given you the opportunity to access the cost of your games, the reality of your lives in these words. Your total failure to address such truths, will end this world. Just one tiny thing: Without ice, you cannot cool your drink in summer heat. Without ice, the planet cannot cool itself in summer heat. Without ice the atmosphere heat rises higher, expanding the mass farther from gravity, and is left behind: accelerating wind on planet earth/ just like other planets (average 700 mph). Without ice to melt, the temperature of earth will rise an immediate 30 degrees hotter, and last for months longer; making it impossible for life to survive. Without ice, the very last refuge for fish in the Arctic sea, will disappear. Without ice, a base food group for the oceans will not survive. 8 billion people, are currently melting roughly 20,000 cubic miles of ice per year, from the planet. [no, I don’t remember exactly how much it is/ but it is way more than you believe even possible] . Without cold at the poles, to pull atmospheric mass toward the center axis/ limiting centrifugal force: wind effect, begins to multiply.

Time is not a given thing; rather it is a reality set inside the boundaries of what truth will provide for the expressions of life, movement, and freedom. Destiny exists, where the experience of desire shapes the foundation that will become your own purpose. Love never measures, but conceives of the joy that gives life itself hope for an eternity, to share/ not to own. Because the essence and eloquence of thought is to understand the blessing of being alive. Such is the beginning of a journey into Creation. What you believe is pointless; as only truth can survive.   a value added for environmental hope. what every environmentalist wants and needs. This mechanical invention/ this gift: is big enough, to turn them away from war; for a short time. This is big enough, to establish a trial, IF you demand it. THIS IS CHANGE, which brings us to the question: WILL you change for, life comes first?     Answer the question.’

It is: the amount of heat you release, that causes Global warming. THIS IS now a bribe site; since you are blind, deaf, and dumb: the link above represents changes in energy production, that will total into roughly a quadrillion dollars worth of work and value. The purpose is: WAKE UP/ OR YOU WILL soon be extinct! Nothing is more guilty of that than air conditioning/ followed by useless and blind transportation, without a sustainable cause. This gift is: energy producing machines without significant impact on environment/ with the potential for more. And it does represent a small decision change in me; even though I despise a bribe. “IT IS”, a billion dollar bribe; because nothing is more important than reducing the threats of extinction against our planet, future, and lives.

The reality is, you are too insanely proud and afraid; to change first; not even for our world or its life or your child. So this is the opportunity to see a different future first, and then change or die .

The critical truth here is now changed slightly, without true and severe change in human behavior you will still, soon be extinct: read this site and THINK! Understand the games are dead; or you will be. YOU WILL NOT survive igniting a nuclear fire. YOU WILL NOT survive mutilating DNA (nature itself). YOU WILL NOT survive overpopulation of humanity; or its impact on drinking water. YOU WILL NOT survive loss of resources, or the devastation you have caused/ and so much more. This gift above, extends your time MAYBE. But it by no means changes the danger you are in, from extreme threats that will make you extinct; and easily, within a decade by the evidence. YOU ARE INSANE, from letting the universities teach you to worship fools; and who led you to all this tragedy. Either wake up or die. As to biblical prophecy, it has been held back for your last chance. STOP THE DEATH MARCH, END ALL EXTREME ENERGY, and BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS, MAKE BETTER DECISIONS IN EVERYTHING; or the final days of earth will remain counted. INVESTIGATE FOR WHAT IS TRUE, AND ACCOUNT, AND PROVE, THE REALITIES, for which you absolutely:  CANNOT let others, be WRONG about. OR, in an instant (we can’t go back); out of many irreversible human decisions;  life on earth will be lost.

True democracy is: assemble the best of what we know to be true/ WITHOUT bias. Taking that evidence and information to build the framework of law, and then deciding for ourselves by true public vote: what and how we shall live by the law we make for ourselves. The primary foundation element of every society: is to understand, no human being is “the government”/ they are merely employees. In this USA, “OUR government” is our Constitution, and its contributing documents: Declaration of independence & Bill of Rights. That is the definition of WE THE PEOPLE decide.  BY THE LAW WE CHOOSE TO CREATE FOR OURSELVES! The reality of America is: by this CONTRACT OF RIGHTS AND DUTIES; we choose to govern ourselves. By making our employees SWEAR they understand their duties to us/ and take an OATH of office that guarantees: THEY DO understand, penalties and consequences shall exist for their failure. They then get “the job”. Under NO illusion or delusion of context: is the deliberate creation of war allowed/ other than for defense!     To THREATEN, the severity of “obliteration, with the potential for all out nuclear  world war and more”: IS TO SO DRAMATICALLY DENY THE CONSTITUTIONAL PURPOSE OF OUR CONTRACT WITH EACH OTHER. That the only resolution possible: is to remove from office that person, that president, that general, whosoever: who has betrayed us all. BECAUSE WE CANNOT “LET THEM: NOT ANYONE,  BE THAT WRONG”.

OR, START SHOUTING: WE DO HAVE LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS/ AND LAWS; which do not allow for our employees to threaten or attack those who are not physically warranting that behavior. WE ARE THE OWNERS, AND WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT; through redress of grievances a first amendment law: TO CONTROL OUR EMPLOYEES/ AND REDIRECT OUR NATION. It is, time to impeach/ not for little things of no value: but for ultimate betrayal, as is the failure to accept foundation constitutional demands for that position. As is, YOU don’t own the military/ nor the money/ nor the legal right to impose war on us, or anyone who has not literally attacked with sufficient violence to warrant such an action or reaction. YOUR JOB, AS OUR EMPLOYEE: is set apart for all to see, in the preamble of that Constitution you swore to uphold. the words are:  WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS USA, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.  NONE OF THAT, allows for obliterating/ or interfering, where other nations reside.  ONLY CONGRESS, HAS THE POWER TO DECLARE WAR:  ARTICLE 1, SECTION 8, #11.   Then: ONLY AFTER, congress declares war, does the president become acting “commander in chief. Until then he exists only as a political official, who has sworn to obey constitutional intent and law.  Article 2 section 2. 1  “quote; the president shall be……… when called into actual service of the United States.” 

The greatest treachery ever devised:More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  According to university calculations: instantly becomes 4,000,000 times  MORE, once ignition is achieved {In terms of sheer scale, the energy potential of the fusion reaction is superior to all other energy sources that we know on Earth. Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times more than nuclear fission. https://www.iter.org/sci/makingitwork }  their words not mine.  It should be noted: that they have taken the 4 million times out of their site in response to this work: but make no mistake the difference between an atomic fire and a chemical fire is that great. As you read their words above: you should note, that in this introduction for the public: they are going to input 50 megawatts of power (enough for fifty million homes), and ONLY get a ten fold increase in the energy release! BUT for their science page “at the top of this page here”: they are going to get a 4 million times increase out of a fusion ignition.NOW WHY do you suppose there is a difference? Because obviously, they cannot both be correct!  “the greatest fusion minds in existence couldn’t be lying”?  OR, is it just fantasy?        Go ahead ask them:  www.iter.org   WHY!     Ask them: just how big a flame would fifty million watts of electrical energy times 4,000,000 be?  Ask them, if this is the same energy source as the sun, and the sun produces 10 million degrees of heat F:   then just how big, would the “plasma ball” that released all the heat that would be produced?  Ask them, with all the fuel (which are atoms) and all the plasma; these reactions could possibly release/ EXACTLY HOW is the atomic flame they produce, going to extinguish itself?
The “university gods” you refuse to even question; give you no chance to survive!  NOT even, when they attack by promising: we will ignite a nuclear (burns atom bonds/ everything is fuel) fire.   If you do not understand, there is no running away from a nuclear fire/ no hiding from the reality of “atoms are fuel to that fire”/ no comprehension of the truth: we cannot extinguish a nuclear fire. Nor acceptance, of the truth this is a one time only event: wherein a nuclear fire “just extinguishes itself”/ as the universities claim. OR, OUR WORLD, this earth becomes another sun; just like the energy release they intend to copy from the sun, that heats our world from at least 91 million miles away. With million mile long flames! And that DOES MEAN: there is NO, “WE will wait to see what happens”. Because WRONG IS THE END OF OUR WORLD.

You are: standing at the decision, to either go along with what is happening across this planet/ as is “we don’t care”! OR, You are faced with the decision: to alter the direction of life and planet, by demanding that we cannot let these others be wrong, with our whole world. It is that simple, and it is not reversible: only one direction can decide the fate of this world. EITHER we all fight for life and planet/ OR, you let it fail in ways that guarantee extinction. Plainly, a choice without the reward you want: no matter which way you choose. Because change won’t come easy: “want is dead”. While extinction will quickly become horrors, and tragedies; that none will escape. No going back, to change your mind: regardless of how much you might desire it. Life or death is your only true choice; and that choice, will decide for your children as well. The evidence of threat proves it is so. Establishing that proof, as an undeniable fact: is your first job! Communicating the reality of each threat, decides our fate or destiny, as a world! NONE ARE ASKED TO “BELIEVE”/ rather all are demanded: our world needs you to search for truth. No greater evidence of that is: the people who demand, they can play with bringing the same energy source as is on the sun/ to this planet. Without consequences: MY ONLY DEMAND OF THEM IS, PROVE IT. Because we cannot go back once that energy has been released.

I “think”, one last thing should identify or define the entirety of this work: so no one can claim it is something else. Therefore, I offer this/ and then seal the effort as done.

  The only real freedom is truth; the only real value is love; the only life you get to live, is the real desire and purpose of your heart. Cowardice steals all these things, by removing your own choice with fear! Love is a destiny you must build, the purer (more honest) it is, the greater that destiny shall be. Accepting thought as the basis of life: grants, “GOD” exists! Truth by the evidence proves, every miracle is in fact created by thought; as is the evidence of order, discipline, design, balance, conception, freedom, movement, senses, courage, love, truth, and respect.

As the university cult worshipers begin to scream: “its all chaos (evolution)/ an accident with no brain”. Remind them: just one human body builds itself, out of “trillions of independent parts and pieces, all constructed, transported, communicating, growing, reproducing, identifying, and freed to your own discretion: with NO help from you”. All working in near perfect harmony as life; most of the time! You can’t do more than a very tiny part of that, with even just a tiny few participants involved. They are BLIND guides. A brain merely measures your action or reaction/ thought is more.

Your university scientists believe they can do anything without consequences all it takes to prove them wrong, is one “point of no return”. As indicated in this link: the entire purpose of “university”is to find that point of no return; in energy/ in biology/ in resource loss/ world environment/ chains of life; and everything they can touch.Because they believe, if they can find out how to break it/ then they will learn how to be god over it. Just like they do in destroying bridges, to find the weak point. The only difference is: there is no coming back from defecating on the foundations which keep us alive.

 Your tiny excuses won’t save you/ nor will your greatest fears be lost, just because you hid from a nuclear fire, or the end of life as we know it; because of biological mutilation. You can’t survive without resources/ nor can your children escape that consequence of hell, you deliberately committed their lives too. The blind worship of “university” is over/ or our world shall die. What you can do is search for truth, identify realities that will not let you avoid them: and express the value of justice, truth, and love; as our only means to avoid extinction. Because we are so many people now, that nothing less can save a single one. This world has changed: and we, became “god” over it. Because the reality is: humanity has become more destructive than nature can repair. Which means: we must save ourselves, from our own destruction. Or we die! I leave you to your decision, reminding you all: there is no going back, from the point of no return. Your choice is to fight for this world/ or discard it, because you just didn’t care enough: simple as that

You can hide from yourself, in what you want, or what you believe: but you cannot hide from truth/ and it is “eternal”. I suggest you accept the cost, of being the life you honestly desire to be. It is NOT “free”/ but it is worth the price, “to feel alive”.

.Heartbeats    Insurgency  RESPECT   lies fail        Planting grain in extremely wet conditions food supply threatened.

Not to worry though, as the earth itself begins to burn, and all life knows they will soon be extinct: YOU, can say, I have an excuse/ I DIDN’T DO NOTHING!

If you only had a brain: you would see, the critical changes taking place as are “the impact of disease on the factory farms in China (human threat)/ the impact of weather on agriculture in America (food threat)/ the constant crisis growing across this world from “another quarter of a billion new human lives over deaths” that appear each year. (water threat) And the growing threats of war against all life on earth, among just some of the threats we face. While you wait for your media to tell you “what you think”/ reality closes the door; and the old testament biblical prophecy that says July 9, 2019 will be “the beginning of hell” takes shape. Ending this world on May 6, 2021 as judgment day: becomes harder to deny. Without true and significant change in humanity; July 9 represents the biblical point of no return:as (bland as I can make it).  The moment when according to the bible; nothing you will do, matters anymore.

In contrast to the prediction of Daniel 12; the new testament has a different view. However the truth of whether we have crossed the line; and cannot recover; remains as this. The cost of mutilating life is the predicted Armageddon (nature in chaos). The cost of ruining the water supplies, and over population is: an extreme war, because life needs water now; as is the predicted Apocalypse. The cost of trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here: is our world turns into HELL, because a nuclear fire cannot be extinguished. So the degree of “time has pasted” and we still seem fine; can in fact be an illusion. Nonetheless, I for one: have prayed, these are so horrible; let them not come, until the very end of what we can avoid.

True and significant change is; LIFE, for this planet COMES FIRST! NO, more gambling/ NO more “university cult worship”. RESPECT YOUR CREATOR!

Daniel 12 is the biblical countdown of days: it begins with the rise of the great abomination. Reality states: it is absolutely impossible to be worse than “humanity trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth just like on the sun”. Wrong means every life, every future life, the planet, and even the solar system will be lost forever. As the thermodynamics include this earth shall explode accordingly. The universities say : “not to worry, there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself”. WRONG means a fire that burns the bond in atoms, has been ignited on top of its own fuel supply. The first experiment (risen) that could have ignited atoms: was April 1, 2012. First death, the law cannot save us now/ second death, mercy is no longer given: July 9, 2019/ “half death” equals 666 days till judgment day May 6, 2021. End of time May 7. A biblical prophecy not mine! the new testament sees it differently in Revelation.

LEADERSHIP turns to law, and law defines itself with respect for all involved/ NEVER using life to create “an example” to the rest. Because that means you can never be trusted with justice. WORLD LAW, AND WORLD POLICING, with the removal of all weapons of mass destruction are THE ONLY ANSWER POSSIBLE; for governing leaders. Nothing less will let life on earth survive! IT IS, “a relatively small thing to do”/ by vote, among all people, and all nations: the laws which we the people then create to govern our leaders: shall be known.

IF, you do not understand the base foundation upon which everything else is dependent/ THEN NOTHING you derive as knowledge, will be correct! Every portion of the evidence will be tainted, with conclusions that do not exist as true.

   OH WAIT; I know, you are just going to get a water hose and put out their nuclear fire; after all, this is just life or death for our entire planet and all its life!  As is, the cost for being WRONG. So obviously, we can afford to wait!  The difference between you and me is: that I do the best I can, regardless of the outcome; for life, for GOD, and for me; as I cannot simply let this world die without a fight of some kind. You refuse to care/ accepting only “the university knows”. even though all they have is theory, fantasy, and expectations without any substantial facts whatsoever. Www.iter.org “your human gods (we can control the sun) trillion dollar investment”: a nuclear (burns atoms) fire, coming for ignition soon.  my sites are free for all to use.


The amount of fusion energy a tokamak is capable of producing is a direct result of the number of fusion reactions taking place in its core. Scientists know that the larger the vessel, the larger the volume of the plasma … and therefore the greater the potential for fusion energy.

With ten times the plasma volume of the largest machine operating today, the ITER Tokamak will be a unique experimental tool, capable of longer plasmas and better confinement. The machine has been designed specifically to:

1) Produce 500 MW of fusion power
The world record for fusion power is held by the European tokamak JET. In 1997, JET produced 16 MW of fusion power from a total input heating power of 24 MW (Q=0.67). ITER is designed to produce a ten-fold return on energy (Q=10), or 500 MW of fusion power from 50 MW of input heating power. ITER will not capture the energy it produces as electricity, but—as first of all fusion experiments in history to produce net energy gain—it will prepare the way for the machine that can.

As you read their words above: you should note, that in this introduction for the public: they are going to input 50 megawatts of power (enough for fifty million homes), and ONLY get a ten fold increase in the energy release! BUT for their science page “at the top of this page here”: they are going to get a 4 million times increase out of a fusion ignition.NOW WHY do you suppose there is a difference? Because obviously, they cannot both be correct!  “the greatest fusion minds in existence couldn’t be lying”?  OR, is it just fantasy?        Go ahead ask them:  WHY!     Ask them: just how big a flame would fifty million watts of electrical energy times 4,000,000 be?  Ask them, if this is the same energy source as the sun, and the sun produces 10 million degrees of heat F:   then just how big, would the “plasma ball” that released all the heat that would be produced?  Ask them, with all the fuel (which are atoms) and all the plasma; these reactions could possibly release/ EXACTLY HOW is the atomic flame they produce, going to extinguish itself?

Don’t get chemical reactions confused with nuclear reactions. An example of a nuclear reaction is an atomic bomb, while an example of a chemical reaction is combustion.

mcloudmax_thumbnail18ccc02f4-e081-227f-dab29ac4fd3140f8large1.jpg  vs. pipelinefire1.jpg

Nuclear Energy released in nuclear fission and fusion is several 100 million times as large as an ordinary chemical reaction like the combustion process. The reason why nuclear energy released in nuclear fission and fusion is so much larger than chemical reactions is because tremendous amounts of energy is released at one time. The nuclei in a nuclear reaction undergo a chain reaction, causing the neutrons to move extremely fast and release high amounts of energy. In an ordinary chemical reaction, the atoms changing do not move nearly as fast, causing the energy too be released much more slowly.  https://nuclearawareness.wordpress.com/chemical-reactions-vs-nuclear-reactions/   

Of the many basic lessons, that must be achieved in order to understand nuclear realities, the most important are these.

  1. That energy: the transformation of time into its base construction: that is what does move vs what does not move. That reality of movement/ as well as the ability to remain secured: is contained within the ability to use force. What determines physical force, is then the basis of time.
  2. The foundation of all physical forces in this universe is based upon nuclear construction: which is called “a proton kinetic mass at the center”/ surrounded by a neutron containment vessel composed of dark matter-energy. With electrons surrounding it as a means of transferring small amounts of that energy into the basis of what we call time.
  3. The actual construction of an atom, which holds the energy that we know is released in an atomic bomb: is not a simple fantasy. Instead the only known method of establishing and containing that energy is to “spin the proton”. A proton is a physical mass, and as the energy equation states: mass times speed = energy. Exactly how fast the proton must spin to establish the energy released in an atomic bomb: could be calculated but it is irrelevant. We can use Einsteins speed: which was introduced as, a proton spinning at the speed of light squared. Therein we now have energy of motion. At a speed which transfers incredible amounts of force, from very tiny weights in motion.
  4. In conjunction with this force, is the necessity to balance its motion/ and contain that proton as separate from the physical world apart from electron interference: so that it retains the energy, and then participates in time, by building the necessary interactions to achieve order, discipline, and balance. Time is not chaos: order/ discipline/ and balance destroyed. Time is the measured interaction of sustainable realities.
  5. TO BALANCE, DISCIPLINE, AND ACHIEVE ORDER in the atomic world: there must be an opposite force, which can then retain and control the kinetic forces. Science calls this “dark matter-energy”. Because they cannot visually identify it apart from finding an occurrence which cannot be explained in any other way. An atom MUST have an outward force to establish energy, AND the opposing force, which controls all invading peripheral influences: so as not to lose or endanger the spin/ or the atom decays, and loses its energy to exist.
  6. Dark force or anti-matter-energy is now viewed as a “black hole”/ wherein the known kinetic energy such as light, is drawn in, never to reappear. This black hole then proves the occurrence that it does in fact appear as a greater force, than does kinetic energy. So the question is: how do they meet, and what keeps dark matter-energy from completely overcoming kinetic forces?
  7. One method of conceptualizing kinetic energy versus dark energy: is to recognize, the differences in hot and cold. Kinetic energy is “hot (pushing out)”/ while dark energy is then cold (drawn in). To achieve a stable, sustainable atomic environment, there must not be an elemental exchange between hot and cold. Not even a little, or the atom decays into “without value”. Therefore a gap between the proton and the neutron does exist. The electron portal, at each axis point (least active spot); is the only bridge between the two.
  8. What you must now comprehend is: while the electron performs all the various functions which give us time; as an intermediary between the energy that is available, and the order that is disciplined, by natural balance between the two. The human disease of interference has now begun its assault on the very basis of earth time itself. They want to discard the disciplines of order/ removing the balance that sustains our existence: and burn the atomic bond that resides between kinetic and dark energy, so that a nuclear fire can arise. And have built machines to do that very thing. They want, to bring the nuclear fire on the sun, here to this earth. A fire that cannot be extinguished, because the fuel is an atom.


  1. THEIR claim for fusion is: that they can combine two atoms of hydrogen into a helium atom/ and the resultant heat loss is enough to “fuel the sun”.
    1. It is an absolute lie: because they prove not to know how the energy of an atom exists. Ask them?
    2. It is an absolute lie: because the only physical medium for containing energy in a balanced state is by spin. Which makes the combining of protons in two atoms, to make one new atom or proton; utterly impossible/ cannot be done.
    3. When pressures and temperatures are applied at a nuclear level, the spinning protons collide and explode.
  1. THEIR CLAIM: is, that a graviton (an element that is NOT found in nature/ nor have they ever created) exists. Even though their claim is then that the graviton is fifteen times bigger than lead. Pure fantasy.
    1. There is a reason why atomic elements stop at a specified weight. The inertia of motion makes it impossible for them to be self sustainable. The physical forces are simply too great/ the neutron coating (read my book: “building time; James F. Osterbur/ at kindle books) cannot contain it.
    2. There version of an element graviton: is equivalent to comparing a standard size marble/ to a basketball. Do you see the problem?
  1. THEIR CLAIM: is, that the entire sun is engulfed by tremendous temperatures and pressures: from the inside core, out. Making the fuel which powers the sun fully engaged from its conception. Which means no fuel is left to power a supernova event (more fuel added)/ NOR is there any fuel available for continued burning as is the known reality of thousands of years that we can prove it has. Or more simply you cannot burn all the fuel/ and still keep the fire burning. Once the fuel is gone/ the fire goes out.


THE SUN, sustains itself by creating a nuclear plasma that cannot be defeated. Or more simply, that nuclear fire exists, because the atoms being consumed are rubbing against each other, to frictionally release their energy over time. ONCE THE PLASMA reaches a sustainable state, the nuclear fire cannot be extinguished. Www.ITER.ORG exists as a last ditch effort, to build enough plasma in concentration: to cause that ignition event.

  1. They have built a machine with the intent to use 50 million watts of electrical energy to create a large plasma event.
  2. They have stated (even if now removed) that their fusion event will cause an instantaneous 4 million times more release of energy than the equivalent of coal. A bomb!
  3. They have established 50 million watts of input, times 4 million more: equaling an internal to the machine release of 200 million watts of pressure and heat. Which means the vessel will be breached/ but not before the atoms involved are forced into a tiny area, which then becomes the frictional cause of a nuclear fire.
  4. Just the radiation from this event will be enough to kill all of Europe in a few hours. As is consistent with what we do know about our sun.

In addition to the attack on life, planet, and future that is “the lies and fantasies of fusion”. There is also the raging curse of genetics: wherein the reality of cost and consequences are hereby displayed by the  consequences similar to their stated reality of fusion.  “its all a theory, a fantasy, an expectation build upon lies” that will end in our own extinction/ taking life and planet with them; because you are believers.

The energy being played with, that seeks our extinction: is absolutely so simple, and so obvious when compared with the biology of life/ that it could not possibly be misinterpreted by anyone with a true concept of all these miracles. Yet those who cannot even comprehend the obvious and the simple; as is the religion “university knows”/ believe they can play god. The ending of genetic manipulation by humanity:  is the same as fusion: extinction by horror, through terrors unleashed, that will never find mercy. Because you chose to gamble with all life and planet: believing the people who say, “this whole world of life, is just all an accident; to your shame. LIFE ON THIS PLANET IS:  A reality of complexity beyond comprehension. Yet university says:  all that complexity, didn’t even need a brain, to build”: and the believers say “lead on/ we want to be god (even life is beneath us) too”. THAT, is a reality so blind, and filled with deceit; Its called LIAR/ and those who believe are called FOOL. A failure of this humanity: because truth demands discipline, and order demands law, and balance requires justice rather than want.  so your choice instead of  the tiny price you pay for living is,  “we don’t need no Creator”/ there are no consequences to our truth; we can play god. Nothing can stop us now!  Reality of the evidence says, CHANGE OR DIE:  extinction comes quickly now!         Every storm begins, “with a single drop of rain”!

All across this planet: people in universities are throwing pieces of DNA from one species into another species/ hoping something new will survive (I am god). Putting anything that survives for an instant out into all of creation itself; so as to infect the rest “with evolution”. Crucifying everything living they experiment with, by inserting the most horrific reality life can endure: the consequence of order destroyed/ balance ejected/ and disciplines changed, so that it cannot live as life by design intended [sure, put a snake DNA into human, “some spider/ plant thistle/ lobster”; who cares, let’s watch it, (LIFE) squirm]. The purpose: THE BELIEVERS of evolution insist, WE MUST HAVE CHAOS, to play god! So, chaos is what you earned.

Just so it is absolutely clear: NO VIOLENCE IN ANY FORM/ can change our direction as a humanity on earth. Our only choice is to understand the reality of our situation/ identify its cause/ and work to correct the values and choices of a human heart: with truth. No other option is available, not even if you “pray”. Truth will decide the reality of our existence. Prayer will decide mercy. 

What you need to know: is, that the people who have made their living “with fusion or genetics or other”. Are threatened by the fact that could all disappear, because they threaten our world. The consequence of that truth is: they must choose between themselves, and their current stability OR, for a world that could be lost instead. The vast majority choose for themselves; because they are willing to believe “the university is god/ and they will be correct”. But belief is just a want/ not the acceptance of reality as defined in the evidence by its own truth; as is faith. Belief or want cannot save you from truth/ truth will win. Our most consistent truth is: gambling with this entire planet/ or with the biology foundations of all that is nature in genetics or any other manner. WILL END IN ABSOLUTE CATASTROPHE. Because the university men and women who write the books and claim to be “superior” to all the rest; are in fact just plain men and women “who you went to grade/ high/ college/ or other school with. WHO among them qualified as “god: can’t be wrong/ owner of everything”!

All these threats are about humanity wanting to play god with life and planet! Every major threat we face except one; is entirely established by men, or even women. The problem is our world has literally changed; because men and women have now found ways of avoiding the disciplines, realities of order, and balance that nature provided to protect life on earth. The problem is: those who took what did not belong to them as is, “the decision to gamble with EVERYTHING”/ EVEN IF, all die! Has occurred, and nothing is more evidence of that fact: than those who are trying to bring the same energy source on the sun, here upon this earth. Where reality does in fact prove; WRONG WILL BE, this earth becomes a sun. and there will be NO stopping a nuclear fire: it burns the elemental bond in atoms/ just like a chemical fire burns the molecular bond between elements.

The more you purify your own soul, {our relationship, with the creation of life itself, as is determined by desire}/ the deeper you can see into thought, as the value of your own destiny. Life is not a trophy or a game; it is an opportunity to seek eternity.

OR MORE SIMPLY: THIS DOCUMENT HAS TO MAINTAIN WORDS, which do not make you fear/ because humanity endlessly RUNS AWAY TO HIDE. and that is the only way, I can keep you involved: even a tiny bit.

I know, “you just want what you want/ and sure as hell don’t want what you don’t want; and that is all there is to this world: period”. Regardless of the fact that earth is a finite world/ human population is out of control and headed for extinction/ biology is being mutilated and destroyed/ the global environment is changing/ chains of life are being destroyed/ the ocean life has been decimated/ and even the oxygen we breathe is being consumed faster than it can be replaced: “but you don’t care”/ because you figure “not in my lifetime”/ and you WANT what you want (leave us alone). To destroy the future for all life on earth; eternally. Very well, but if biblical prophecy “Daniel 12” is correct/ mercy ends on July 9, 2019: when HELL begins/ judgment day 667 days later. Because that countdown begins with the great abomination/ and nothing can be worse than those who are trying to ignite the same nuclear fire here, as is on the sun. That began April 1, 2012 (the starting date). The new testament sees the end differently; and divides it into two distinct parts. Either the first part is men continue to lead/ the second beginning at Revelation 12 is women lead by law.

The most critical truth of our lives, is what happens when we die; because eternity then begins. The passage between time and life, is created by thought. Thereby the essence of it is thought itself. The constant contrast of thought over time; controls our existence/ while body controls our motion, in terms of freedom here on earth. Without motion, thought (dreams and so on, give a rise to that truth) remains: if energy exists to sustain an identity. So the real question is: within the three elements of eternity itself, are thought/ identity/ and energy. How they bond, governs our hope. Energy as an environment, constructs everything as a summary of order, discipline, and balance. Identity is the binding of trust to create the essence of an individual truth, that is formed and functions within a universal law. Thought however, is a freedom that lives or dies within the conception of why, should I remain alive? The essence of thought refines that truth, by encapsulating the purpose of life is love/ and the desire to exist is truth forms a home wherein the value of life is love as well. While thought can travel beyond itself, love cannot: unless it lives inside another. Love elevates life, into the dimensional construction of what builds our soul: thereby allowing for all, to experience and express a value to each other as equals. Family begins the journey, soul finishes that purpose for those who join. The question is: who has the right to come into “our home”? The answer is: only those who respect, and hold life itself as sacred.

Anguish means: your heart is asking your soul, if you have done enough? Only those who can love, know this expression. Only those who care, can answer truthfully.  I give you this one last message: it is your eternity you choose here! Not me, not time, but “who is your GOD”? Life, nature, the realities of earth and every miracle you see: OR university? Choose! The universities say “believe in us, we will find an answer”. I say: protect the life we have on earth, because it can be lost. The reality of trying to ignite sun fire here on earth is: “a one time only ignition”/ because we cannot extinguish a nuclear flame (just like the sun): if it does not extinguish itself, our planet burns. As is the constant, with all known experience or experiment. Theory can be wrong.

You need not worry about being informed when ignition occurs: by their estimate, what is a million mile long flame on the sun. Will only initially reach the moon in about a week (the oceans will boil and get sucked in); and the flame will be visible to literally half the world without even trying. The reality of atmospheric ejection: we cannot breathe/ and must go underground to survive at the most menial levels: just not take more than one month. Which means, although mercy ends soon, by biblical prediction. The reality of physical consequence “last day on earth”; should be roughly three months from the ignition. So they won’t likely ignite a nuclear fire to consume us all, on July 9/ but over a year later. “Have fun”/ or work for at least a chance to survive: how is that not realistic? If you don’t believe a few should be allowed to gamble with our entire earth, in a once is all you get experiment/ then speak up. How is that not true?

The answer to when is: time is a framework, where we build the future we do truly seek. When that time is cut short, and you have not completed your work: only mercy can establish the difference. To all others, the distance between where we are, and where we shall be in eternity: is measured by love. Love elevates truth into the creation of a law, that then cannot be destroyed: because laws rule the universe. The creation of truth is then how we become a participant within a reality, that will not be dissolved. So the question of self, is the question of your own personal truths. The question of identity, is governed by what will survive the test coming in death: that divides what is true from every single lie or failure to respect, defined as self. The question of a home beyond time, illuminates the expression: “what is light”? That answer resides in the foundations of energy itself, and cannot be revealed. But make no mistake; as is the sun to our existence on earth/ so is “light created” by and of itself, to the existence of an eternity.

is the difference between wanting (the foundation of all lies) something you cannot have/ and discarding that want for what reality will provide. Happiness, is the participation in life, with those who can and will live that life with you/ thereby NOT playing games. Insanity is the circle that demands: “I don’t want this”/ requires your decision for love, as is forgiveness and its like decisions or hate, and all that goes with it. If you are listening to voices/ you are not listening to yourself: or you would already know what you “think”. Those voices are the realities of this world, and all its chaos; that did get inside. To be stable, is to be anchored into truth: accepting the evidence/ rather than believing whatever you want, or have been told.

The human summary is: I want what I want, and I don’t want anything less, than what I want. In fact I want so much more; I cannot even imagine what that is. So we play games, to collect trophies, and identify “winner or loser”/ to insure we personally “get everything we can get”. Casting life, the future, and earth aside, because “toys are better”. Facing reality, only when forced, because growing up honestly, is hard. So we make up stories, and pretend, that courage is only “for hero’s”. To soften that reality, nearly “everybody gets to be a hero”. So say the news! To hide from our failures, the cult arises to make our decisions: saying “you can’t blame me now/ I just did, what I was told to do”. But alas, that was the decision you made: change that, or go extinct.

While it is true, “you DON’T want this”: you want to play with your hate/ you want to play with love/ you want more than you deserve, which does include slaves to do your bidding/ resources that never end/ where no consequences can touch you for the failure or fantasies of your ways. But, YOUR REALITY states, by the evidence, which can be proven true: your only other choice, without true change, is extinction. Change will mean: that time is given for life, love, freedoms within order, disciplines within behavior, friendship that has value, and the dignity that comes from being alive. It will not mean: you can continue destroying the planet, and playing games to evade truth or reality. You can accept those terms or die: change is up to you/ but remember this, once the point of no return is past on ANY reality of life or living: literally NOTHING will turn time back, so you can change your mind.

In life, we have to choose our destiny: its required of each one. The consequence of that is: what you do, or don’t do, has a distinct impact on your own reality. In reading my work, you will find a consistency against “what the university diploma” has done to this nation and this world. That is directed at those who consistently “ravage, rape, ransack, and terrorize life and nation”. Those who are involved in the opportunities to make life better/ have true and honest respect for life and nation/ do not cheat or steal as is the consequence of counterfeiting our currency, NOR proclaiming themselves “gods”. BUT search for truth, finding wisdom are in fact “very similar to me”. And I have compassion and respect for that truth, and that purpose, within the values of both love and respect. I have nothing but contempt for those others, who cause, endanger, enslave, and threaten life or earth. Simple as that, it is not a game: extinction is not “a toy”.

The only possibility life survives: REQUIRES, that we examine/ investigate/ and determine by the definitions in truth we know to exist; the realities that brings us all these threats of real life extinction for this whole planet. That literally means: questioning the specific forms of leadership, that has brought us all to these consequences of human decision. NO one is more responsible for those decisions: than those people who represent “the university elite”. Consequently, the value of this work seeks to remove the cult worship status of “the university knows everything”/ and replace it with: we MUST know the truth/ we MUST know the consequences of being WRONG/ we must think for ourselves, because nothing less will change our world into: ALL life, and planet, must come first! Instead of the current: be as selfish and greedy as you can/ make them slave.

The critical truth will decide, for your reality: search for it. True hate and love will become separated; so that love will have its own security/ and hate will receive what it deserves. Other than that, your lives will be determined by how much you are willing to share, particularly as a community; and within what boundaries are you able to care, beyond that point. That however will require some time to achieve. Life now has a price; fail and you lose. But then hey “you wanted to play god”; so you shall determine your own fate, or destiny, as a world! But make NO mistake: what you destroy, will not return. You are NOT “GOD”, and never will be. But that does not mean, you cannot or will not be happy; if you choose life as it was intended to be. Life is a decision.

Love is a disciplined hope; a destiny created by the elegant surrender into truth, as shared by two people who desire a value in the essence of what caring about life was intended to be. Love is, the discipline to understand only truth can keep love alive. Love is, the creation of an environment that belongs only within our hearts; the essence of where we search for life itself, and who we honestly desire to be.
The question of this work, the reality of all threats against us: is dictated by hate. Those who have determined: what they want, is greater than love or life. That reality of hate, is propagated throughout society; and its primary motivator is media/ greed/ and selfishness. So the real question is: can you escape, “the noose” of those trying to hang our world?



This is what a quadrillion looks like written out: 1,000,000,000,000,000.

Funds invested in derivatives alone total at minimum $544 trillion, and the high-end estimate is $1.2 quadrillion. In fact, there is more money in derivatives than in all the stock markets combined, which is a comparatively paltry $73 trillion. The U.S. accounts for the biggest slice of that global market cap pie, thanks to companies like Apple Inc. AAPL, +1.44%  , Alphabet Inc.GOOGL, -0.39% and Microsoft Corp MSFT, 


Or more distinctly: we have a right to stop an experiment/ so that the validity of science can be assessed in a court of law, “to prove as best we can”. Exactly what the possibilities of being WRONG are. To decide LEGALLY; as humanity on earth: if we let them proceed. THIS IS OUR WORLD/ it is not simply there’s to play with/ gamble with/ or destroy, because they want to play god.

OUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE, even our everything. WE DESERVE OUR SAY, BY OUR OWN VOTE, as a world. Yes we will accept the consequences of their failure/ OR, NO: the price is simply too high to let this proceed. Simple as that.


Not to worry, the constant foundation of human decision is; WE WILL WAIT AND SEE! Damn you for making us fear. After all, why not wait and see: it’s just an irreversible action, that insures not only the end of our planet itself/ but that all life on earth will burn, in a completely horrendous way. Now what could be wrong with that; after all, your gods/ your cult cannot be wrong; not even a one in one million chance. Ain’t that right; not even the possibility of putting out, “a ten million degree nuclear fire”. Once it ignites; life is over. So sure “go ahead and wait”/ why not!

YOU WOULD stop them,if you were not their cult worshipers. In case you forgot: the fuel source of an nuclear bomb and a nuclear fire (same as the sun) is the same: atoms! While to create a bomb the nucleus is destroyed: that is limited by actual space  and atomic disciplines between atoms. When trying to create a nuclear fire: the atomic spin is frictionally slowed, by a state of plasma. When ignited: thereby releasing energy in a “slow and steady progression” that consumes, by attacking the environment. Instead of explodes the atom (which grants space). As it is with fire; that consumption is only limited by the fuel. In a world filled with atoms: you get “sun”. NOT one theory regarding “their sun” has been proven true; and in fact, it is ninety percent entirely fantasy; as can be proven by known reality. in Trial! Utterly refused, because they want to prove themselves by igniting atoms on fire first: to proclaim “Yes we are gods”. A reality of death, which proves “gods of HELL”.

There is NO greater judge to the realities of our existence, the consequences of human decisions: than the evidence of each and every threat that can and will make us all extinct/ without true change. Those who deny that fact, orchestrate the end of life on earth. This is not a game, realities prove that true.

There should be, an understanding to the law that is consistent with its truth. That simply is this, the burden of proof required, for any legal decision to be made is: WHAT are the consequences for being WRONG? Given that in this reality of our time, the threats being exposed here are consistent with the claim: we, and this planet, and all its life, and all its future life can easily go extinct! The value of that legal claim: to our legal RIGHT, to be informed of all the critical information that can be identified, as a reality so threatening; we literally CANNOT let these people be wrong exists! The law is clear in this fact: that none are allowed to illegally play with, gamble, or destroy the life of others! The court DOES have a legal obligation to protect LIFE ITSELF. Even if the court would risk their own lives/ they legally cannot choose to risk the others. The judiciary is not god/ they are “legally sworn” employees, given the job to apply the values, and protections; we have granted to ourselves, through constitutional law, as a democracy called this USA. The worst of human lies, are those which invade a life, and cannot be removed: because the believer does not accept, or listen too; either truth or evidence of our provable reality. The worst of a judiciary is: to believe their own opinion, or beliefs; rule the law. Or, by “fake rules”; give rise to the insurgents who remove our democracy, steal our future, and gamble with our world.

You should be aware: only massive change, across the world, will save us in all matters of life. Such as back a few years the “stock market” was bragging: they had sold and used more resource in ten years/ than in all of human history previous. HOW long do you suppose any resource can last? You moved it all into your mountain of garbage; and soon there will be no more! Without that, it may in fact be more merciful to die in “sun fire”.   To challenge a discussion,  in our reality: the demand for trial, has again been repeated.  Enforcement is up to you; as I have been repeatedly thrown out of court; just as soon as they know: where this is headed.

This is now, roughly the seventh time, I have tried to quit this work; because you are unwilling to protect life or planet. This time I have prayed to finish the work: making it entirely your decision, your job to proceed or fail. you may donate to me if you wish the other sites to be brought back. Or if it is enough, I will advertise our need to communicate: things must change now, before we go extinct. simple as that; you are “god (Fail, and life dies) over your future”. Christianity will of course continue to say: “he ain’t perfect enough (other religions the same)/ we will wait for Jesus to come”. But the bible is clear: JESUS comes only to judge/ which means life on earth is now dead. That reality is like “the rapture”: which by ignition of a nuclear fire means: “you get sucked into, what will become a million mile long flame”. The evidence is simple: either change or go extinct! I DID my job/ I DID my duty/ I now surrender any excuse you have, to “its all you now.”  MY work is finished!

THE NOTE: to IRS, social security/ President, and various other outreach or media elements.