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The MONKEY POOP; a reality of university knows, and leadership led by a university education. As did lead to the current soup of failure, delusions, fantasy, destruction, rape of everything, ravaging the future, poisoning the world, threatening extinction to life, intentional ruin to everything, the insurgency against democracy, the lies, cheating, theft of all that has value, the crucifixion of life itself, and the intent to ignite hell on earth/ destroying even the solar system itself, by that event. Gee, what else could go wrong? Well pride proves men will choose war with weapons of mass destruction; in their game to be the winner/ as requires: then someone else has to lose.

The monkey poop is spread like all propaganda is spread: through the deliberate intent to remove knowledge and create a mob. Mobs have no brain, they are the religious zealots of whatever want they are demanding. All screaming: “we CAN believe anything we want/ we CAN believe anyone we want”; because truth does not matter. Only what we want, or don’t want: matters. Which is the basis of human society, and the constant that turns then to war.

Unfortunately for the children, they have been assassinated by their parents, and have only one option quickly dying; but at least potentially still here for a short time left. To survive “want must die”/ and reality must prove what is true or not true. The monkey poop will provide experts, as are bribed and produced strictly for the purpose of removing truth; by leading the people in whatever they want to believe;; as is the mob. The mob lives and even dies; to get more of what they want: because that is what they want, and that is what they live for/ the pride of trophies, the purpose of trinkets, and the blind fate of making someone or something a toy to play god with.

You don’t need a brain (the university educated us) to know: what a miracle is/ they are everywhere; that men are not yet finished destroying whatever they can touch. You don’t need a brain to know: that thought is the translation of laws into life/ not chaos by accident which can only destroy something complex; into something far more simple (not life). You don’t need a brain, to know life must come first; even a blade of grass knows that/ the propaganda so filthy as to take that away, and produce a level of ignorance beneath “the blade of grass”; is “awesome: look at what the universities did/ indeed they are gods of death”. They took life away, and gave the children poop instead; alas it isn’t even human poop/ by their own descriptions “its monkey poop”.

So lets be simple and plain; so that even a university diploma could at least attempt to understand.

  1. You currently have, people trying to ignite war that will quickly escalate into weapons of mass destruction. Because pride wants that, until it happens.
  2. You currently have hate igniting fires, to destroy humanity off the face of this earth. Because pride wants that, until it happens.
  3. You currently have a pandemic disease among the pigs of China; which will soon do so much damage; that people begin to starve, and even if the disease is stopped; humanity has spread to the point you cannot wait for livestock to recover. So they will eat the seed for next year; and cannibalism will erupt.
  4. You currently have people mutilating and crucifying life; even if you claim we don’t have to care. The reality of destroying the very foundations of our own existence is putting death first; as is the decision “we can be gods”/ if we just inject trash and chaos into every body of life on earth; as is being done every day by the monkeys of universities around the world. They will get their wish: absolute chaos in nature. But alas instead of playing god/ the will instigate their own crucifixion; as well as yours/ your child/ your dog/ your future. “oh well, the universities are god; now isn’t that so”?
  5. Let’s just ignite atoms on fire, like the universities and their zealots chosen for government are doing: THEN we won’t have to live anymore. Well, unless the fire won’t let us die. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! Oh wait, I know: “let’s just play games, and hide from realities we don’t like/ as in all things true; that are not toys, trophies, or trinkets”.
  6. A planet overheating, and will soon go past the point of no return/ water supplies being destroyed/ a human population overrunning all possibilities of survival/ oxygen depletion due to every fire of every kind/ an atmosphere that will soon detach itself from planet revolutions/ or more simply, an all-out assault by humanity against all life on earth, and even the planet itself: to your absolute shame. Courtesy of the primary leadership called “university knows”. Now ain’t they so damn smart: we must let them continue to make every decision/ OR DO YOU DESIRE LIFE?
  7. Humanity ready to tear each other’s throat out; because arrogance, pride, power, and want have destroyed the future. YOU DID receive your “exit door (change this human world)”/ in time to make a difference. Fear won’t save you/ only truth by the laws that are justified for all; and that includes an entire living earth. FAIL to exit the horrors of what your leaders chose,your own failures as well; and you die as a world. How is that not proven true!
  8. Or more simply, the liars, traitors, failures, fools, tragedies, “devils and worse”, bastards, whores, cheaters, thieves, terrorists, geneticists, experimenters, etc : ——— leaders and all power to make decisions for more than yourself, must be replaced with world law. By the power to make laws that then control our society, our nations, and our world for ourselves; by our own vote on the laws/ NOT PEOPLE to make laws for us. But our own vote, on our own law, for our own futures, and every child: by our individual citizen count. Or more clearly: we did it to ourselves/ instead of letting someone else, do it to us: as is whatever the future will bring, by our understanding, our respect or lack of it; and then vote. WE CAN take over the power of war/ WE CAN remove weapons of mass destruction and limit armies/ WE CAN protect the future, and bring back our world to life/ WE CAN end all extreme experimentation, and give revenge to all who fail to respect that truth. WE CAN AND MUST RETAIN THE FUTURE by protecting the resources. WE CAN LEAD OURSELVES; because we are the life or death of this world: stopping those who fail or threaten us all/ stopping ourselves where necessary, because we can; as we “the humans”, are our own worst threat. These are decisions based in truth and reality/ NOT WANTS, governed by pride, and immersed in the damn monkey poop of power, that is the religious zeal (we can play god) called “university knows”. At this point in time: if you wish any say at all, in the future of life or death to this entire world. You better run, to begin the decision that women shall have their own say; and it better be AN INTERNATIONAL DECISION. While men, who don’t wish to enter hell: had better support and defend them in a quest to save this world. Because reality can now begin its descent, and into the abyss we all go. Take a look at your world, and know: you are starting to fall off the edge.There comes a day, when law will NOT hold back revenge; as is the beginning of the end/ if not sooner, by university decree through experimentation. STAND UP FOR LIFE, OR DIE! Do, whatever it is, that YOU can do. THE LAWS that women must create are about the very big things, that we can all agree are justified, and need to be changed to protect life and planet from human failures or fantasy or war. It is not to be belittled, or dragged into the mud; with little things, that allow for “a thousand crying fools”, nor their endless complaint! CHANGING THE HUMAN WORLD, requires a different approach/ and that means, let the men sit on the side line; and let the women try. It is not, to be strewn with university sewage/ but must achieve a value to life and planet by establishing truth:  THAT MATTERS.This site provides access to social platforms, email is already on your computers or phones, translators and various other methods of challenging each other to conceive of EXACTLY WHAT CAN BE DONE/ AND EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. By the common method of conversation EXISTS: so do it, and prepare with value. The fault of apathy and fear, and even the death of this world; is in your own hands. MAKE YOUR DECISION. REMEMBERING; there ain’t no coming back, once we are past the point of no return. NO second chances, once university experimentation or war; has sealed our fate! Which does mean literally: NOW, OR never. Are you a university graduate: just itching to prove me wrong? Pride got your tongue? Stand up and prove me wrong, with evidence and truth; or slink back into your hole.

    OR, IF YOU honor life and planet stand up and prove the truth exists in this evidence; and we must fight for life and planet together; because a diploma does not convict/ it merely groups.

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Jim Osterbur

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