I have spent my lifetime, searching for an exit door: from a world that has created for itself, a long list of threats that will end in your extinction. They are literal, and proven by the evidence, and no amount of truth can deny they exist. Which means: we have entered into life or death of this world; because of what humanity, as led by university arrogance did do.

It is not the universities that need to be despised/ it is the arrogance, lack of respect, delusions, failures, stealing, and so on that is to be rooted out; and removed. It is the people themselves, who chose to follow, which makes the level of these threats possible. Because “yes we can”/ is more deadly, than all of history preceding this date.

I have built you an exit door: which is go to court, and identify what is true/ prove what happens if this goes WRONG. And provided excellent opportunities to determine for yourselves why these extreme experiments; will go wrong. I have showed you new and different ways; and created a platform, time, and location for DIFFERENT to identify itself, as is the elegant solution of “let women try”. Because truly this is the best men did do/ and we stand on a trap door leading to extinction: so, they are done.

We can examine different ways together, to resolve our world problems/ or you can go anywhere, or do anything you wish to do: it is your choice.

What you cannot do, is run away to hide; as that simply ends in your own extinction. Nothing proves that more than the people who are deliberately trying to ignite the same energy source here on this earth as is found on the sun: with many different machines. “the sun” does in fact, burn the atomic bond in atoms; which makes atoms, the fuel source (a nuclear fire; think about it)/ and decide if you can survive, when they are proven wrong.

Men will soon war with weapons of mass destruction. Human population growth will soon overrun the water and food supplies. Human use of fire in vehicles, etc will soon destroy the oxygen concentration that lets us breathe. Resources lost; just look at your garbage mountains; and understand as a child, that was your future. The planet itself in trouble, oceans in trouble, all habitats in trouble, chains of life in trouble, life itself being mutilated; by the curse of human arrogance and complete disrespect for life or planet. Which means this is no game.

Even religious biblical prophecy proving true. It is no game.

So, I have spent my life to stop the degrading of life, and destruction of planet; having failed that, I leave you with this one message. If you will not protect and cherish this earth and even your own life: you will soon lose it all, to that same apathy/ arrogance, and disrespect that brought you all to the edge of your own extinction. As will soon be: no one can deny, this is going to be “the end of our world” forever.

Last chance/ last choice/ last time: either stand up for your world, or you have chosen to let it all die; even you. As that is, “what the evidence will prove true”. NO MERCY BEYOND THAT POINT/ NO SECOND CHANCES TO MAKE A DIFFERENT DECISION: YOU MUST THINK FOR YOURSELF, AND DECIDE, “WHAT YOUR OWN DESTINY OR FATE SHALL BE”. Fighting for life and planet/ or just let it die. That is a choice, and you know it is true!

I did do, the best I personally could do. The rest is up to you!

One of, The MOST constant disgrace or disrespect of humanity, decisions is: the demand to judge. JUSTICE is not the right to judge/ justice is the demand of evidence, “to hear me speak”; not as a human being speaks, but as the evidence of what is, or is not true becomes clear; “as best we can”. Those who judge, measure the life of a human being; which cannot be judged, because you are not allowed to see the truth inside (unless hate has taken control). The demand to protect ourselves, is then the right to access the evidence, isolate what we can prove is true, and assemble the decisions that will prove this is what we were forced to do. Because when truth declares a threat beyond what we can allow to become WRONG; there is an immediate need to act. Not because we desire it/ because reality proves we must.

It is noted; that pride is our enemy, and a constant associated with all human disasters, either individually or as a group. Because pride seeks hate, when confronted with realities that person or people cannot defeat. Pride demands to be “the winner”; and in order for that to happen, the target must lose; thereby reducing people to an object or thing that has been judged. Once judged, the cost is always: someone to make be “MORE”/ or someone who has no value to me, thereby worthless. While the majority of humanity does get to remain in the middle; because pride is not playing with you at this time. The reality is; arrogance demands “I can become god”/ and prove it is so; thereby targeting large groups of people or life or things so as to demonstrate “I win”. Want is the liar/ but pride is the enemy/ and power is the purpose which proves I can become “god”. Of interest is: a derivative of pride is the decision, to escape loneliness and its consequences; many people will choose a target, that they believe “I am superior to you/ by whatever righteousness has accepted as truth”. And that provides an escape into the judgment of that person; whenever loneliness attacks, or fear overtakes, or the need to fell superior arises. Because it controls the mind, as it is powerful enough; to keep everything else at bay. Unfortunately, it is also the sign of failure; and the cost to your eternity itself, of what your life could have been. “the price, is very high”. Because pride fails to survive, and must be surrendered or you will die forever; or worse. Life is not a game, and pride knows nothing more than to make life a game; which then demands “I win/ or I lose, and with loss comes the jealousy called revenge, and the abyss of hate which consumes the life inside: as if, a “shell, that was once human” alive.

I suppose a little more is consistent with your needs. So, I will add in; the difference between love and hate is, that love aligns with life and its blessing to build peace and happiness through truth and trust in the laws that present us with life itself, and even eternity. Hate in contrast to that is the surrender of all things life or love, and its descent into internal chaos that surrenders even the soul which is built from the elements of love. Love and hate are complete opposites, and never occupy the same space for long. There is however a thin line between severe anger and hate; because once you surrender your ability to love, respect, or conceive of the values assembled by life: you have surrendered your soul. Hate then rules over you. Pride does not know love, and requires you to choose between love and pride; if pride wins, love inside of you will die/ if that continues to long, your ability to survive dies too.

The spiritual world “first step beyond the grave; for all but a very tiny few”; is not a place of love or hate/ it is the reality of truth, and how you interact with your choices; the cost of your own decisions; as designed by you. When truth has correctly identified you by the evidence of your response/ the choices that you will make: it is only then that the possibilities of life beyond truth, as is love/ or because of truth, as is hate will arrive. The constant delusion of humanity is: that the body represents life/ it does not, it represents time. The realities of life are given to be, our connection with thought, and the energies assigned which either bind us, or let us be, as free as the limits of life can be. The real question of a human heart asks: if I can be lonely here in time, surrounded by life that is also a clear miracle; will I be lonely beyond the grave, even if mercy is given to me? The critical answer: our relationship with truth and energy shapes our soul, and grants the values of our heart. Truth relies upon “nature”; and its decisions, as a participant in where you should be given refuge from the harsh conditions of life beyond time. Truth identifies this earth as an incubator of life, in search of those who find value in their soul; and thereby will join whosoever does exist beyond time/ at the level of life they too achieved. So the critical question is: who can and who does survive the truth of their own decisions in time? If you are not true to life, to love, to respect for GOD, and more; you do not survive for long. Hate however as a sworn enemy of GOD provides you with terrors beyond your imagination “forever”, as mercy never arrives. All those in between life and death as defined by love or hate: are lost, to dissipate into “nothing of value left”. Purity designs the level your soul will take for you to share: either in love/ or hate as the purge of failure plunges from grace.

Life, has altered my existence in truth, into what is neither male or female but parts of both. A complexity, with costs and consequences not yet fully recognized or known. The spiritual world accepts only truth, and will destroy the rest from passing through. Since I have already pasted through that world; I truly have no concept of the future for me; it has changed beyond the dimension of my world. My desire is for mercy, and trust it will be so. It truly is “complicated”, and a complete surprise.

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