The question rises, “what is the value of heart”? The answer is, heart is the guide to our destiny; a value beyond distinction or honor.

The discussion then rests upon the decision, to assemble and declare, “what my (your) heart shall be”. Reality states, the heart can never be, “more than a discussion”; these are, the intimate details of an individual life, and they do not form more than a conversation. Because none have a right to intervene, in that choice.

So the discussion begins with: what does it mean to assemble the truth, that then becomes our own eloquent dimension of thought; as can be seen in “a heart leading to soul”. The critical essence is built upon loneliness; as this gives dimension its shape and sorrows, as well as its joy and laughter.

Loneliness is the most intimate of all the details that compose and identify our lives; it is the single description of what can and does go deepest into the chasm that represents “what time shall become to me”. Some fail and die, most hide or faint, some hate, and some learn to live within the distinction of Creation itself.

We now learn, that life is not simple, or a game to win or lose/ but an essence to share as our own individual destiny comes into view. Heart lives here, in the critical search for what that destiny could be. It begins with essence, or the desire to identify and prove what has value to me. It is the search, for more than time. It is the question: what shall I do “with more than time”? It is the answer: to understand love.

So we begin our true journey, in the desires that form love under the blanket of trust; as exists only by truth, through respect.

Destiny lives or dies, because you have ascended from time into soul. Soul exists as the translation granted by love, to achieve a relationship with Creation; as does prove, “GOD” . In the miracles we see, nothing less than thought exists to prove the construction of life: no thought/ no life. Nothing less than energy contained and released in controlled motion exists, to prove the realities of life: no energy/ no freedom to choose or exist. That life begins in these two things; as do define existence itself; cannot be fundamentally disputed without lies.

So the heart begins its journey, as our own decision: to participate in creation, and thereby discover what can be shared, what can be learned, and what will be valued. These are your decisions, and they map out the definitions that are going to direct your path through time. Biblical text allows: “the herd travels a road/ but the soul travels a path”. The critical question is then: why must I search individually for myself? The answer is: because your soul is an individual relationship with “your, GOD”. Each chooses what that will be/ it is not an environment for others, it is only for you to define life.

The question then turns: demanding of you, “what is life/ and more distinctly, what is your life”?

I cannot answer for you; but I can answer for me.

LIFE, begins with the four parables of living: “we do not share the sword/ we share only the purpose; we do not share the moment/ we share only the desire; we do share the love, by our choices/ but only through respect; we ascend into destiny through heart/ but live only through soul.”

life then participates when its value achieves the dignity, to become the voice of your thoughts; and then becomes the reality of your own search for order. Order shapes the dimensions, of where we will live; inside the disciplines of soul. Soul will balance the measures of time, by giving back; the essence of love. Where there is love creation exists. Where there is Creation: GOD exists.

The heart searches for truth, but not for time. As time merely measures; but a heart will understand only truth survives. Therefore what we give to each other must be truth, or we fail each other. What we trust must be stable, so that our anchor is proven true. What we share between male and female, is the decision to care. That value then determines our love, by re-creating our lives as one.

The challenge of loneliness is: patience must not be undone.

The challenge of lover is: freedom and value, lives in trust.

The challenge of time is: GOD must come first, or life itself can be lost.

The definition of eternity is: never believe, search only for truth, and accept its dimensions as a question devoted to thought.

The quest for thought is: let us be happy, “miracles are born”.

I have given you everything you need and more; to keep this planet alive. 8 billion people, cannot continue to do; what 4 billion people could. Which proves, the end of this world shall occur; unless you change. Extreme experimentation will be chaos. Extreme weapons will prove you are fools, ending life on earth. Extreme resource losses is the assassination of life itself, in all categories of existence. Extreme stupidity as is nearly everything you do; cannot continue without consequences you will not be able to endure. Extreme beliefs in liar, lies, and even more lies; shall not support life/ it is only death hidden by fools. Stand up for life and planet; or know, that your own choice was to destroy it. CHANGE IS MANDATORY, as the evidence itself will prove. That, is entirely up to you; but unless you find your brain back; it will be too late, when reality forces the truth: YOU, just didn’t care enough/ and now life is gone from this planet called earth. The decision is yours/ WRONG, by even a little; and you’re dead. Too late, by even a little; and you’re dead. Refuse, because you want what you want; and don’t believe the consequences will catch up with you; as is “let the children pay”/ and eternity will remember even forever, the choice YOU made.

STAND UP, AND DECLARE: I AM_________________(YOUR NAME) fighting for this world, and this planet, and all its life comes first. By law/ by vote/ with wisdom, for our future. Simple as that, as best we can; because that, is what lives/ rather than dies. No more hiding/ no more running away; life or death. Because the evidence is true, and the consequences are predictable. Without change, we go extinct!

I have given to life and world; “my lifetime”; more is simply without use. All the rest, is up to you.

I will give you this last warning: unfortunately, my dad spent his last years as a richer man than most/ and that made him proud. So proud it changed his eternity. So proud that he wanted, what I could not provide; which was “a free pass” because he was my dad. So, given that truth; and unable to win a war; he chose to leave gossip (I found a grain of sand) as a means to prove how angry he was. After he did do as much damage as he could do; he found truth back, just before he died. Pride is a terrible thing, and I did in fact push him over the edge: so he could face his truth, and survive.

My mom was desperately trying to avoid death; because when she asked me “where does the bible fit me”/ I told her of a need for, what were only small changes. But alas instead of changing for life; she too chose pride. And hid from life instead; angry at the world inside. We were never able to talk again; because what she wanted “was to be secured in the certainty; I was better than the rest”. Or more distinctly I deserve my eternity. But life is not so simple as that, and none is allowed to judge/ as that, “to judge any life”; is literally one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

The primary lesson for all of life is: that life itself, is no game/ and pride will be surrendered; or it will kill you. Mercy allows for some relief, where love was constant and true/ but, why should you not change, and accept the price of life is, what it is?

I do, believe they found mercy; because they were of great assistance to me, in countless ways: and my life is, and was “given to GOD” ! That had value, to this work, and thereby all life on earth: as a message delivered to you.

Just for clarity, my ex-wife from over forty years ago; was basically just like every woman I was to meet: “she wanted what she wanted/ but I was destined to put this world first”. Simple as that.

Just for clarity, in the thousands of years, we can prove; that humanity has been on this earth; only the tiniest bit of anything has been given back to life and planet. That reality must now be changed; and what you want must now be removed, so that truth can rebuild our world. Nothing less will keep us alive! And all the human world says: “we are doing great”. While all the evidence of what our future is going to be says: we will soon be extinct! The difference between what is right, and what is wrong: MUST be determined in a public courtroom, where all threats, and all expectations are evaluated to prove what humanity must then not reject. Or life on earth ends. The game is over, because of the choices people made/ because of the choices university accomplished/ because of the endless propaganda that allows, “WE DON’T have to pay for nothing/ WE WILL, just go get more”. As all 8 billion of you chant. NOBODY is coming to save you from yourselves: you literally must use your brain, and conceive of thought. Because truth says; time on earth will soon be over. Without true change.

Nothing is left to say; as the proof you don’t listen/ you don’t care enough about life or planet: is real. Wake up or die.

I suppose there is one last thing to say; the entire concept of learning what it means to be female, as is the construction established by “a spiritual woman inside”. Relies upon the honesty, of traits, elements, and definitions that are female by nature. The boundaries of thought, regulate and enforce the differences between genders, as the essence of our need to each other/ as does establish value. The critical truth that is mixing genders together; resolves to discover only one essential ingredient: HOW could we save this earth together/ because the leadership of men, and their universities are killing it. It is however, a far more complex and difficult journey, than anything which could have been expected. It is absolutely true: “I only intended to ask one simple question: how would you save this earth”? But that could not be enough; and so the journey, to search for truth; began. How it ends, I do not know; but that is in fact true of all spiritual journeys. Because if you do know, the journey need not exist.

You have failed every part of life and living and earth to this date, as humanity on earth by the extreme masses as your choice. You will fail to survive without change; ending this world. But I have been told in no uncertain terms: “freedom, is freedom/ even if the consequences are beyond your conception; it is still your own right to choose.” So, my story ends; although what that fully means I do not know. I did do my job; simple as that.

Pardon me, I forgot to congratulate you all: you were right after all, “you are the only generations that mattered”. Because you were so busy being greedy, arrogant, and disrespectful; that you didn’t even notice/ or just didn’t care, about an entire world dying around you. Making you responsible, for terminating this earth. Not to worry, “eternity will remember”.           Goodbye.

I don’t intend to monitor comments anymore.

Because you don’t understand!

The critical truth is: we are NOT invited to “want” in eternity; which is why life is what it is/ as time separates those who cannot simply love and seek the elevations of being ALIVE in their own hearts. The value of life cannot be separated from soul; and soul cannot be separated from the purity that begins with truth. Thereby the quest for life beyond time, is assembled: “within yourself”. The realities of your own decisions, being all that stands between you, and the treasury of what life itself can become.

Love can exist, but it cannot achieve life beyond the limits of what binds life together. Life itself (not time), is a relationship with soul, and there is only one true soul, which we share.

My life is confined to “a soft prison”/ it is not harsh, but it is still a prison of sorts; and I am utterly refused the right to participate beyond what has been done. You as a herd cannot survive/ as a herd, you chose to destroy the future of life on earth. As a predator you chose to curse life on earth. As human’s being alive, without courage, your time here will be short. Find a heart/ find a brain/ find a truth worth living for, or dying for/ discover love and GOD your Creator. Do, the best you can.

Remember this: that there is no joining “the army” here, we are not going to be a mob or a herd, or predators/ only the law can rebuild our lives. That would mean: instead of taking everything you want as is a herd/ or rising up to get what you want, as is a mob, or stealing (killing) whatever stands between you, and what you want as is a predator. You must stand up, “sign your name (be recognized)” to, I am doing this work: which is life, nature, planet, and the future must all be protected, for every child, for every creature that would come/ including yourselves. Nothing less is a reality proving as a thinking human being, you are standing up in respect, for the life and miracles of living that you did already receive. Remember the price for being wrong; especially in igniting the same energy source here as is on the sun. Remember the reality of your body: it grew from sperm and egg, into “a miracle” without the possibility of accidents or chaos as is evolution. Simply start from the beginning if you must argue: why is blood beyond your ability to make it/ or skin/ or organs/ or anything else? When you say, “even a monkey can do it”. Or more deliberately: every bone in your body is manufactured personal to you/ each is transported to the place it belongs/ each is attached, including joints and muscles and all the rest; to make a body work/ each grows in unison with the rest; and few among you can even put them together in the proper order, outside the body/ much less build them. A heart does not work without valves, and muscles, and bones, and commands. Or more simply: there is literally nothing about a living body built by nature; that is not thoroughly designed, and thought out within the design of a very delicate structure called DNA. The human body works with “billions or millions; to one part” of very specific chemical concentrations, created one after the other, in order; so as not to interfere with the next building process”; that identify and create how and why a human body is formed; in roughly a trillion individual steps or so.  Altering those chemicals; MUTILATING DNA,  can only bring chaos/ and once chaos has taken over; even the monkeys, and the worms know, “you won’t be able to put it back together again”. Why then, not you? Answer, because religious cults (university knows) cannot question their leaders; its against the rules.  What do you get:  bow down and discard your mind.

And of course, the university “witch-doctors” say, in a billion years anything can happen; even life. But alas, the sun burns fuel and releases energy; as heats our world. So just how big, did a sun have to be; in order to burn for a billion years? Are there no consequences for that? Dumb-ass? The sun does not make helium in any quantity. The sun does not contain fantasy elements and utter delusions, to make it work. The gravity comes from tearing an atom apart; as it burns; and that means, their claim of “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire once ignited” is pure myth.

Every dollar” that is not based in reality; steals from the future; which is every child: it is all a lie, every penny, nearly across the world/ no resources left. Corn is a grass; to establish greater yields: every safe guard the plant has, is removed. Which means not only is this subspecies at risk of pandemic disease/ so is the foundation of every grass on earth: rice, wheat, oats, etc; as can all be lost forever. “just the beginning”!

And the cult says: “we don’t have to believe anything you say, we have a book”! But alas, what you believe is irrelevant/ what is true will decide. You trust the universities; yet you fear, “the germs that make you sick/ the virus that you simply inhale”: need a microscope to see it; and yet it can destroy “You” in time. But you don’t fear the people intentionally mutilating life and nature, adding horrendous decisions to our world. Because they are “gods” to you.

WAKE UP OR DIE, damn idiots.

STAND UP FOR YOUR WORLD, and pay the price for life to survive/ OR YOU will be found guilty of destroying this entire creation. Because you are the horde, that worships university, and grants the power of their destruction. Because you are the herd, that screams, “don’t tell me nothing/ I won’t do nothing/ I am free of responsibility because I WON’T know”! Or the predator that demands; I WANT MONEY/ and nothing will stop me, NOT even the destruction of this world. Or the fool, “with a gun”! Only law will bring back the potential to survive, absolutely nothing else will do: laws, that do not bow down to money or power; but achieve justice for our world. Use your brain!

This is a little reprieve; sometimes complaining honestly, does make a difference.

To achieve ANY real change, the construction of all things government must be changed. NO more leaders decide: that power is given only to law, and we must create those laws for ourselves, by our own individual vote. The policing in charge of sustaining that law, is then granted employment for that purpose; no more than 7 years maximum/ and every single position in the enforcement of those laws; is exchanged for another, every seven years or less/ one seventh each year or more. From all sectors to be represented. When It is not a leader that matters but the law itself: the court becomes critically open and without “a door” to hide behind. Every trial is graded by the public, for both law and justice. Every official involved is graded, and if they fall to a level that is unacceptable to the public: they are removed from ever working in that theater of life again. No more large armies, NO more weapons of mass destruction; etcetera. No more rules than absolutely necessary; as must be voted upon by the public. LAW MEANS: THIS AFFECTS ALL EQUALLY, either as life or planet. RULE means: this is to separate and divide, by measuring individuals, and thereby creating prisons to make them obey. Do you see the difference?

The rotting carcass of sewage” that is, the human road to shame; rises and falls dependent upon power, pride, and want. Power seeks continually to place the others in a subservient position so they don’t have any choice but to obey their leader (as has been the deliberate reality of university rules America)/ which ends in war, regardless of the nation. Pride continually demands life is a game, so they can be “winner”/ but alas that requires the rest to be “the loser”; or it ain’t no fun. Want seeks continually to have more of everything; particularly “more than you”/ so as to prove, I have the most; and want leads life in lies to attain that goal; as greed turns want into the decision, “you ain’t nothing to me”.

To achieve the reality of a human being upon a path; rising in thought, to become alive in the values, truths, trusts, respect, courage, love, and desire that signify a decision to belong as Creation designed us to be: demands, an identity created by your own decisions based upon truth, as a resolve to love. That has nothing to do with intellect or an IQ; but it does have everything to do with accepting truth alone must decide the path we take. As truth becomes pure, it releases the shadows of doubt, and can then predict the reality or consequences, of choices made. The critical decision is love or hate/ because these never walk together; they are opposites.

The tree of life, is built upon a foundation of trust. That trust exists, because truth as a “sea of knowledge” rises due to the evidence. Our ability to construct the definitions and decisions of our lives initiates as an animal, through want (I will take)/ pride (the others owe me)/ or power (they can’t say no to me). “animal”, because these attributes align strictly with time, and carry with it no conception of more than “an action or reaction” is all there is.

ALIVE: begins with OUR ABILITY to construct the value, hope, respect, desire, love, courage, and purpose of our lives initiates upon truth, and our decision to accept; only truth can supply “the waters (can’t live without it) of life”. Life exists, because we find in truth the substance of our relationship with this world, and therefrom conceive of what exists beyond time through the introduction of thought, as arises from understanding through wisdom.

The seed of hate is gossip; or more distinctly, “I have found a grain of sand, on an entire beach of truth/ discarding all truth, so that I can believe in and make stories from, that one tiny little thing”. If the seed is hate, and you don’t remove it with truth, reality, and by the evidence of knowledge/ it will grow, to consume your life. Never judge, as that is like fertilizer and much worse: ending in tragedy. Which does make “belief itself”; a very dangerous thing. Choose faith, in truth. Don’t be righteous (I know), when in fact; the only thing you know has so very little true value.

The foundation of hate is a decision to judge someone or something else, and thereby claim superiority, or revenge. Either method results in the prison of separation, from the life inside of you; and the demand you can be god over something else. One second, can separate you forever from the reality of life and living: because you let playing god be your choice. Some repent and find mercy/ most do not: either way, truth cannot be escaped. So the only true question in time is: WHAT shall become your own truth?

The foundation of love is an acceptance of Creation itself, the validity and truth, that life and body and earth, are all gifts and miracles beyond the simple lives we share with time. That elegant evidence of thought in motion, grants the blessing that we were loved to attain such a value as is this body in time, and all that surrounds us with life; as a creation we learn has value as well. Love proves the decision of our lives is acceptance; a grace eloquently developed as the soul rises inside to become the evidence we are ALIVE. Not simply life in time. The difference is profound, as living beyond the state of an animal; is a decision to enter within thought as our own choice. To recognize thought elevates the realities we share; understands and identifies: we are a sacred truth, a miracle of cherished existence that can no longer be taken for granted. But have become a treasure, for the purposes of an eternity instead. The essence of that journey is purity, to become trusted as a living example, testifying to the value of what GOD did do. Not by the simplicity of belief (I can believe whatever I want)/ but by the honesty of truth itself, as can be found in the journey we share with our heart. The heart bleeds, where chaos rules. The heart lives, where destiny knows the path into eternity shares the journey with love.

People dislike truth, because reality commonly interferes with their wants. The future, by definitions of truth has consequences; is given no place in any common decision; because it interferes with their wants. The universities are god, because they insist all wants are good; and we can play god without consequences. Leaders constantly insist; “let the children pay” and as a result murder the future; because 8 billion people cannot do, on this limited planet what 4 billion people did do. So they continue to destroy everything; because all insist, “nothing has changed/ we can take anything we can control”. Including mutilating nature/ energy “Just like the sun”/ poisoning the earth and destroying its every resource/ and even changing the planet itself without consequences. Making extinction the next truth we face; by a “thousand descriptions already in place”. All hail the universities leadership; under the guidance of men, and the fraud they call money; because that is all you have left.

True change as is needed for this world to survive, basically means: just identify everything the universities did do/ and stop that. And then understand: WE MUST ALL CHOOSE LIFE COMES FIRST, by protecting nature, resources, the planet, and asserting WE CANNOT LET THESE THREATS establish facts that cannot then be changed. Or simply put WE CANNOT LET THE UNIVERSITIES BE WRONG. Or, we all become extinct, along with our planet itself! Because believe it or not; trying to ignite sun fire here on earth, means: this planet itself can become another sun. Because it is a nuclear fire that fuels the sun/ and that means the fuel it burns is; to destroy the bond in atoms. Making this whole planet fuel! They don’t get to be wrong twice, “only once”: when ignition is achieved. But hey, “the university gods can’t be wrong/ right”?

That would bring us to one final thing; unfortunately, I have come to realize, “I am being broken to ride, like some horse”. Two months of finding an “invisible electric fence” in my way, for nearly everything I would otherwise do/ has proven to be: “need permission first, and It is not coming” (prison cell, kind of). It is a case of every time my tits get bigger/ this reality of controlled, gets worse. Simple as that; don’t know why, or why me. No clue what comes next; 66 years old, no teeth, not pretty; so “that” isn’t it. However Revelations 17 literally is, a highly intricate description of prophecy; and I look at it again to consider the consequence of this as described therein.

We begin with, this is about punishment and it concerns the descriptions of women who were taken, and forced for sex; throughout history. Some survived it and thrived/ most did not. Those who found themselves well cared for “played with kings”.

The second part identifies a scene built upon truth, where the woman is “common to all”; as in separate and alone or caught by man (beast) such as in a home or other reality of fear. In this prophecy it is the woman that is now in charge/ over the violence of men. Even though he remains with weapons and purposes of his own. The spiritual woman on the beast is clearly described as royalty, and carries treasures with her; even while riding the beast (a man). She also holds as the evidence in her hand all the abominable and hateful things men have done to women. She comes to describe and identify; the power of men, particularly in government, is the cause of these atrocities.

The third is a question: if a spiritual woman holding treasures as all can plainly see, with no other description of failure. Is guilty of drunkenness, murder, and cursing life/ then who is the accuser of such things? The answer is religion, because she is bringing to this earth; what the men of religion do not want. A reality of definition that will change their power structures, and destroy their pride: because truth, is better than belief. fair warning”: that is exactly what made the leaders of religion insist “JESUS, must die”. I AM NOT “Jesus”/ and I CANNOT save you; and that is truth. But make no mistake, pride is an enemy.

The fourth “mystery of the woman”: the beast (men), are given three descriptions/ the first is a scarlet beast meaning violence and evil. The second which would apparently be me (as man) as is “now is not”; represents controlled by women: or more distinctly women are to find themselves in control over men through laws they created. The third is a reality of men who are so distraught at being removed from power over women that they fail themselves, and become insane.

The fifth represents the army of men as they try to disassemble the laws and make this world back into the way it was. It will fail.

The sixth is a new army of men who will be trying in a different way to return men to their power over women; but it will not last long. They will be defeated by the evidence of truth, and the realities of eternity. Humanity will rise against them; because they have found a new way to live.

The seventh is a prophecy in itself: the power which made prostitutes real is war. But the world finds a new way, and now will not turn back to the way things were: “limited capitalism” will prove that true. The men who are “power mad”, however will hate that and they predict: we are coming back to make you fear, with such punishment, you will believe you should never have been born. “Their god” is Satan/ and Satan is the university; which means weapons of mass destruction will be their threat. The last verse is, a prediction that the spiritual woman who began this “change the world reality”; will accomplish her goal/ and rule over men, by establishing laws that take away their threat. That would be world law, with international policing, that then rules over leaders.

I am then a description, or example of : “yes she can”.

I suppose there should be a definition established, regarding “broken to ride”. Women commonly want an anchor between them and men “can’t leave me now”. Men commonly want a freedom, “to do what I believe I want or need to do”; while chemicals force a decision one way or another. A direct responsibility, such as is having a child; forces the need to pay for that child, with all his or her needs: because miracles should never be discarded or disrespected. Nature on the other hand, relies upon truth to decide who lives and who dies; regardless of miracles. My individual life, has varied only a very little bit from “schooling, the need to know/ because reality has forced that truth to be my world responsibility”. This particular change in “my world as life” however, is now a reality that has forced the acceptance of responsibility to individual miracles instead. It is a distinct change I am not familiar with. Instead of freedom or education or world: this is about, “female humanity”/ and represents a world of living beyond my realm of acceptance, by knowledge or understanding. Which has become: “you will do it anyway”. Which does mean, not free to decide for myself. Without true knowledge or understanding; I AM, at a loss to describe what that is then going to become, for me. NOT “looking forward to finding out”; as there is not going to be an escape or exit, from what truth will decide. Another surprise to me/ I honestly don’t like surprises. The constant accusation of course is: “he wants sex”. The true reality of my life is, no sex for at least 35 years (a job to do instead); I guarantee after 35 years, I can easily go the distance left without it. That was never an intent/ simply a reality of this work; but make no mistake, as recent events have proven: I don’t need a woman who knows everything, and listens to nothing.

There is no fraud/ no scheme/ no manipulation/ no intent for sex. Just a plain OUR WORLD AND ALL ITS LIFE WILL GO EXTINCT; without true change/ and you as women must participate. Because this is, the best men did do; and its ending is now, entirely predictable. If you desire help honestly, FOR THAT PURPOSE; I will help; beyond that, I have no clue. The scale has tipped, and the spiritual woman inside of me, will decide. “its complicated”; or more simply at this point, I am so utterly without options; I can hardly stand it! I suppose that too, is “to a degree”, an example of men; and the realities they face in this dying world, surrounded with their own, “threats of extinction”. Their warning is: as history always proves, it will come to war. My warning is; I have been replaced by a spiritual woman inside; how that ends is not going to be my decision/ like it or not, “trapped, in the back seat”. Truth is truth; like it or not, has no meaning. This is the best I did do, too: which means the day of final decision/ what are you going to do:  has arrived.

Just so its completely clear, women shall not rule this earth as men have done/ instead, they can create the laws that will rule this earth with justice, thereby gathering men to their aid. Those laws (over all) to be created will rule over life, earth, and money; even more, by your vote. Rules (you can’t) are a different level of authority, and will be worked out as time goes by.

Our warning, as a world, that will die together, is: IF your individual life or desire is worth more, than all life, planet, child, and future of a living world/ THEN we are dead. Make your decision; this ain’t no game. PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS WRONG/ or accept it, by the cause “we CANNOT let this become: WE WERE WRONG”.

Our warning, as a world, that will die together, is: IF your individual life or desire is worth more, than all life, planet, child, and future of a living world/ THEN we are dead. Make your decision; this ain’t no game. PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS WRONG/ or accept it, by the cause “we CANNOT let this become: WE WERE WRONG”.

Those who have presented us with these threats of extinction, have already proven themselves wrong/ as it should never have been our reality. However it is, and that leaves the rest of us with one single decision: to gamble “the universities can be god”. To believe, “weapons of mass destruction are your saviors”. To literally burn as a planet; when ignition of a physical nuclear fire, “expanding the energy released by 4 million times what a chemical fire can do instantly”; will just extinguish itself! EXCETERA. I REFUSE, as is consistent throughout my work. NO, GOING BACK; NO SECOND CHANCES; NO MERCY; as is absolutely seen true, particularly with a fire that burns the bond holding an atom together. WWW.ITER.ORG is only one example.

Unlike pride which makes life a game for winners/ or losers. Passion measures hope to define its acceptance of the risk to be wrong. The value of life cannot be measured by human conception (you have no tools); but the hope of a living world can become the destiny, of everything we could become when “united as one”. You do have an “endless list” of failures/ but we can conceive of saving this earth; because without doubt nor question: IT IS PEOPLE, who have caused nearly all, the massive threats. Therefore it is your own decisions, that will prove a passion to live/ or a decision to die. Life is not a game/ truth is not a toy, trinket, or trophy: but death is a reality. CHOOSE.

Wisdom erects the journey: when responsibilities are greatly enlarged/ freedoms die. It is a fact of existence, every honest mother would know. The choice to honor that responsibility, or walk away; is real, and has consequences. The need to express a relationship with the male contributor; cannot be underestimated: bound together, is no joke. Marriage is the relationship built upon trust/ without trust, and the acceptance of fair play, it dies. So, the question is: having started at the beginning to understand “life has a price”/ are you going to be responsible enough, to keep this “new-born life (we must do the work)” alive? Not a game; life or death. My freedoms have been curtailed, to construct the knowledge: “things have changed”. Your reality has been changed by the knowledge, nothing is going to remain the same: because it is all badly broken, by those who led you here; to an unending nightmare, about to begin. I have never asked you or anyone to believe that/ instead, I have demanded: go to court, and learn what is true; before the point of no return makes you extinct. Prove the evidence/ and accept the cost of life. Or this world will die; because that is what your leaders, and their universities guidance; have done. No second chances/ no going back/ no mercy will come: life or death by the costs of truth.

Reality decides the future, and reality says: humanity has solved its current problems by stealing from the future/ thereby leaving it desolate (every threat) and destroyed (every loss), in a very near time frame. You don’t have decades. Part of the problem is the competitor: I want to win, means everything is made into a game. Most are not vicious, which means to damage you/ instead most simply want to win, “to claim the trophy, and demand look at me, I am the one (not you)”. That is the essence of pride, and it forms the basis of human society from the beginning. And pride says, “why are you mad at me, this has nothing to do with you; I just want to win, I just want to have fun; its my right”.

In a world destroyed, that is war; because without a game, the competitor “feels lost”/ thereby destroyed from the description of “him or herself”. So they lash out, and take too much, to prove “look at, listen too; me”/ and the cost is to protect themselves: people fight back.

The curse of university is very serious and severe: their leadership has destroyed nearly every currency on earth (no reality left), which always leads to war. That fraud and failure and fantasy has allowed for the destruction of every resource life depends upon for its survival; which leads to war/ because without this we die; or you die. The cost of betrayal is: now that all the work and all the money is in the hands of only a tiny few/ the tyrant has been reborn, and when bankruptcy comes, armies will grow; because it is a choice of “fight for the ones who can give you what life needs/ or fight with the ones who must either beg, or kill to get what they need”. Robots and computers will soon participate in that fight; along with biological and other weapons to stop the endless numbers of people from taking what they need. You have already established: particularly with facial recognition and electronic money, the means to individually select who gets to live or die; by computer. As food supplies and everything else can be denied with just your face. Soon, lasers of guns will be able to kill, from within a group; as dissidents are identified or assumed and simply killed. Because after all, in a world that grows by a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year now: human life has become cheap/ and will in fact soon be on the human menu “want to eat bill or sue tonight”! Not to worry, with endless poisons entering the water supply, the atmosphere detaching from the planet surface/ low oxygen content from every form of fire/ a dead sea/ and every other decision made by “university knows”. Even the horrors of “biology in chaos”; will seem less/ because we have so little to live for. At least until the ignition of nuclear fire, as university extreme arrogance tries to prove they are gods, and can control the same type of fire as is on the sun. Gee, what could go wrong, with that? Solar flares are estimated to be 12 million miles long/ while the moon is a mere quarter of a million miles away: “what, could go wrong”? Use your brain. Open your mouth, and make a difference; as best you can.

What you don’t understand is: that your university leaders have acknowledged the future is dead, and will be soon. Therefore instead of fighting to save this world or its children/ they have simply decided “that is too much trouble”; and chosen to play instead, hiding the facts that population density is at maximum capacity; because the food we eat/ chains of life we all depend upon needs habitat too. Resources will soon be gone/ war will be declared, because the money has been stolen in a massive pyramid scheme. The gambling they can be god, is a last ditch effort to save the world one way (we can stop these people with biology) or another (a nuclear fire will be great). BUT the primary purpose is; LET NOTHING CHANGE/ because we want what we want; and change cannot support that. So, let’s just not tell the children; that their futures, are dead. And after all: the public won’t accept change, no matter what we do; now ain’t that so/ cause they just want what they want, and nothing else either; same as the leaders! HELL, the children are better off dead; than in a world different than this.

As the elders all scream: I won’t do nothing; we won’t change nothing/ because nothing bad is going to happen: until I am dead. THEN, its “your problem”.

The destiny of our world is determined by humanity itself; because the end result of it all is: that we are the problem/ having used university developments to destroy the balance and purposes of nature. Which is to preserve the whole, by limiting the numbers of each group, to what this planet/ this place, can provide: WITHOUT damaging the other groups of life. Which is to create boundaries that protect the planet and life itself; all of which are now in jeopardy due to humanity (yes we can), playing god. The constant curse is: “I want,,,,,,I want more,,,,,,, I want yours too,,,,,,, listen to me, I am the important one,,,,,,,I can make you a loser, because I am the winner here,,,,,,,I can make you cry, or shape your opinion or response, or shout for joy; as is the purpose of power.” Then comes violence, which is the decision to judge, so you can play god of death as well. All of which end in tragedy and disgrace.

So the only real question is: can you accept only truth established (for all life and planet comes first) gets to decide? Regardless of what you believe you want? Because nothing less can survive a world threatened with extinction. That truth, will not allow fraud, fantasy, failures, liars, thieves, traitors, terrorists, whores (only money matters), or extreme experimentation as is the constant with university knows religion; and all its zealots shouting “we are gods”. The change would be massive, the reality: a search for living with justice, in balance with all life and planet.

That purpose identifies: we can only attain this decision, through an open public courtroom designed by democracy; to initiate and command, “we the people have decided/ by our vote”. It is the law, NOT money that rules a nation! But never forget, power loves only money, and it will do whatever it can to destroy justice through democracy; as power shares nothing, not even government; as is the constant corruption to be removed: “with limited capitalism (we decide how much extra you get)”.

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