There are critical elements, to the value of life; a relationship with truth/ the decisions that identify the foundations of you/ the discovery of love, hope, courage, and trust.

Without these you do not own anything, that will survive. So the critical issue of life is, WHY should you desire life, within limits and boundaries that give us all peace and securities, through happiness? The answer is: that all forms of freedom, are not wise. Wisdom constructs the desire to build participation, in the values that keep us alive/ because we chose to care, and we agreed to accept sharing as our way. Competition forces us all, to conceive of the truth in this finite world, where all things are not “as good as we want”: that someone will win the best/ and others will gain only little of what they want. Because there simply is not enough for each to gain everything they want; even sometimes, what they simply need. That limits the value of life, and turns the relationship we share with truth into a battleground of who gets, what all will want.

The foundation of every heart is: that we must be fair to each other, and justify the realities of our lives with what we can all accept as the truth we will share; because reality forces a choice. Caring about each other then resolves the critical truth, that will provide both happiness and peace: in a world, that will understand, we the humanity of this earth, can no longer just take anything we want. That is constant with building the relationships that will survive. While it is certain, pride will enforce a war; because want is all they serve/ claiming freedoms are a right, even when it costs the rest their life.

The fantasies, failures, tragedies, thievery, betrayal, and descent into oblivion that is “university knows”; has brought us all into the slaughter pin, awaiting our turn through the door that knows: no life, for any of us, exists beyond this point. They have no wisdom/ only want and pride, forcing power through deceit. But they live through the worship of the rest; who will believe anything they are told/ even when they know better. Because a cult worshiper, is a believer; and a true believer, is never allowed to question their leaders or “its book”. Evidence will not matter/ consequences do not matter/ truth does not matter/ not even the future of all life or planet matters; because the believer, simply believes, and has sealed the rest of life and world outside their own prison walls.

The value of life divides upon happiness and hope: becoming a life of truth/ or when these fail, a life burdened by the costs of remaining alive inside, where love can die/ leaving hate. The critical question is: WHERE, does love come from, and WHY are there so many that fail? The fundamental answer is: love begins wherever trust can be formed, from truth/ among those who desire it! Hate exists too, and forms around the battlefield of those who participate only to “win/ or get what they want”. The question of why does life have value; lives here, among the weeds and treasures of living. Every aspect of love is a treasure to be experienced or expressed by the happiness or hope that it brings into your own life, and you reciprocate to another. Every aspect of hate, is a consequence of making life into a game, and using that game to play god over someone else s life. The failure is profound, as these consequences of hate build walls, and destroy friendships, and establish both violence & revenge. As the vast majority scream “I win/ I win (or I will make you lose too)”; because that is their truth. Love does not live here, and those who enter in will lose more than they expect.

Love or hate, is the question of life (past the point of survival, as in now I have a choice, other than death). Instead of picking one or the other; the endless masses of humanity all want to live somewhere in the middle, never choosing either/ because they want to retain both. They want some love to make themselves happy; even if they have to steal it. But they want some hate to make themselves stand out, and be recognized as someone to be feared as well; a reality intended to remove both love and justice entirely. The majority live far closer to hate, than love; but a large percentage of that is due to the truth; of what hate costs throughout a lifetime. People let these costs buildup, and that, then takes control of their lives. The price of freedom has many roads.

Extreme risks are about becoming the recognized winner; because if others don’t know you are “the winner” here/ then it has no value. Can’t win against these/ then pick on someone who you can win against, and be the winner there. As all of society jockey’s for position, and the claim: this is mine/ NOT ours. But make no mistake: if you are no true builder here: with life, work, justice, and hope/ then you have no claim.

Love is the direction we choose to value, by participating in the same search as gives us all a treasury of peace, harmony, hope, happiness, courage, dignity, respect, and truth expressed, which can then be experienced as trust. Each of these is not a game, but a foundation choice, building the values of life, “alive” within itself/ as is necessary, to achieve eternity.

Hope is the decision, to accept that freedom can never be chained. Instead hope is, the acceptance that I will receive something of value for me too; in this relationship I chose for life, and living alike.

Courage limits every choice, to the dignity of letting order, discipline, and balance decide: when I too, must make a stand for the greater good, than just myself. This decision is built upon truth, and never follows the crowd: but understands the risk, and accepts the cost that failure can bring. Is something I will pay, because love cannot turn away.

Trust opens the door, to let love inside; therefore it is absolutely necessary, to be certain that love is true. The cost of being wrong, “is a damaged, heart of love”. The cost of being certain, that I can trap this one with my love or sex: is a bad decision, because it seeks to imprison the heart/ and that will take love away. Trust builds upon the single desire: I have searched with value, I have found love through respect, I will accept the future that I have earned with truth. Because anything less will not survive. Want interferes in that element of life beyond the existence of time, and tragedies formed by lies, disrespect, or disgrace will cost much. Pride (life is a game) then forms around the broken heart (I will not care)/ or depression (I have no hope left).

The unfortunate reality of life surfaces again, as the consequence of too few are worth real love; because they made life a game/ and want to be “greater, than the rest”. That fact makes the few who are worthy of trust, a desire that surrenders more than it should to control, chain, own, or buy the life which owns a love, that is pure enough to build happiness in your soul. Freedom is a right, not a game/ nor a war.

Courage is a responsibility earned, in the discovery I can do, “the best I can do”. While hope lives or dies by the truth of your own reality, which shapes itself upon the decisions that you have made. Love experiences life as truth, and truth never accepts, “the price of this love is a prison”. Freedom recognizes love, but love understands the responsibility owed is not a game. Trusting in reality requires truth/ truth requires an acceptance of the evidence, lets wisdom decide the path I will take. Love is not “for free”/ but exists as an elemental right to participate in being alive. Love is never a want; want represents an animal. Love is not a game, there is no trophy to obtain. Love is not a trinket or a toy for you to play with. Love is an unbound respect, achieved only when truth accepts the trust needed to become truly free; and yet bound forever to the life that gives me, and I you: joy!

We then search for the truth of what an eternity could become: and ask the question required by loneliness. IF I could become “forever alive”, would that be “with friends”? Because it is a reality of truth, that the evidence of a universe beyond this earth, sees an endless amount of space, where nothing of value exists. Therefore the search is for: a value within the living, as is formed by the elemental acceptance, called “love is where I choose to live”!

To achieve forever friends, we must journey upon the same path/ that shall then become our destiny as one life shared. It is JESUS that showed evidence of love beyond this life. It is CREATION itself that proves love, and thought and much more; as is greater than human, exists. It is my choice, to follow along the path that is found from JESUS, to spend my life assembled “as best I can”; in the same decisions as HIS heart. Not perfect/ not your savior/ simply the desire: that love is where I choose to belong. I trust, and let that be enough; as is faith in the evidence at hand.

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Jim Osterbur

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