I suppose there is a final chapter beyond the definitions common to human existence; but that would be very hard to explain. What is critical comes down to three distinct realities: thought (the descriptions aligning purpose with truth and desire)/ decision (the definitions, that will determine the anchors of your world)/ and love (the question of trust that identifies whether or not, the value of life and happiness, is truly within you; and not just a game to you).

Thought is not intellect, as that is just an adjustment between predator and prey. Thought contends with loneliness (the expression of time without purpose), to achieve a journey into the destinies which both purpose and truth can conceive of. The desire to “pay the price” for attaining that goal, is consistent with your own value of life itself.

In this existence as time: the reality of a destiny beyond death expands from the determination to search beyond the boundaries of time, and discover where Creation begins. Only then can a journey be conceived; by its truth, in accordance with your own desire. If you are admitted into this spiritual (only truth can know) quest/ the purpose of your heart will determine if you live or die or cry. It is not a game; there are no winners/ only losers, and survivors.

The decisions of life are very simple, in a balanced state: literally your choice is love (life) or hate (death), because these are the only two true directions to life. But life in time gives options, and in “perpendicular conceptions to the direction of life”; are the elements of religion and power. Both have mixed realities of each; and do not consist of a true direction (at least not to love)/ but are instead the result of pride or want. Realities of hate (you are less) or apathy (I won’t care).

Love is an elemental search, for the treasuries that are the basis of all happiness and hope. Where there is true love, joined in the journey to our chosen destiny; an eternity of value, “lives in each day”. Love brings harmony through justice. Love establishes peace in the essence of “fair play”. Love identifies the miracles of life are a gift, that can only be attributed to love itself. Love grants the forgiveness, that is essential to our own ability to survive what is not pure. Love lifts the eloquence of a heartbeat, into the pounding rhythm, that becomes the gift of our own heart as love. Love hears the truth, and accepts the evidence; because nothing less than truth will survive. Love lingers where teardrops fall, because it does hear when the heart is crying. Love understands the responsibilities of respect, and lives where trust is certain.

Within these three things, a wealth of possibilities arise; because they are essential to the cause: opening your soul up to life. The critical element of this existence in time is: when death calls your body to the grave, THERE SHALL BE ONLY ONE MOMENT, when the energy that “gives you life”/ shall pass away from body, into eternity. IF YOU DO NOT GO WITH IT, in that journey to GOD . You will be left behind, to face desolation and dissipation; a ghosting until vanished. Hate has declared itself to be an enemy of GOD; and will inherit that reward: dependent upon whether you “cost GOD a life”/ that was HIS .

Whereas love has honored life with the value of “saving another for GOD “; by providing the truth, that is “we shall care, therefore we shall share”. In the reality of love, there are a great many levels of truth and thereby destiny (many rooms). The place you shall go, will be determined by you.

Unlike religion promises: life is never free/ it comes with truth, and truth understands; “living within the definitions of energy”, has a risk. Risks cannot be avoided, but if you are willing to learn, your world of experience and expression will grow. If you are not/ then your world shall be small. But that does not mean “unhappy”; as the basis of love where the living is true; accepts friendships are born when we share the truth about how we care.

The question of energy as the environment, that has replaced the body of time (which cannot be eternal; as old proves true)/ is elementally more involved than you can encounter.

The question of GOD lives within the description, that we have been given: as is Revelation 4. of necessity, the only thing we need to know is, throughout all of life: nothing approaches GOD that is not pure. Every miracle points to the truth: GOD IS REAL.

JESUS points to the truth, that we were not “simply created, and left”. But have indeed the possibilities of an eternal life, where love does rule.

Unfortunately, the message I have been given to deliver is: WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE IN HUMANITY, that “guarantee of JESUS”; can be washed away. Whereas the fate you have chosen for yourselves being extinction; will be allowed instead. IT IS, your choice; because the price of your disrespect/ your cult worship, is so high. Life itself is discarded for a game or greed: OR, let the universities be god.

Satan means: an arrogance so horrific, nothing of life is sacred (as is the mutilation of biology/ as is nature terrified by DNA manipulation). Satan is: an apathy so terrorizing, that even the cost of being wrong means, our world shall turn into a sun/ and even destroy this solar system itself. Because of what “men and their universities” have done. As are, the machines attempting to ignite a nuclear fire on earth; “same as the sun”.

Life or death is a choice; but when even one of the critical foundations: of what keeps this earth alive are lost, your death is forever, and you stole the future from every child, every living thing: because you just didn’t care enough! I would not, “be you”/ and as time has proven again and again; “you would not be me”.

The end result is: I will continue to hope, but that is all I can do; in a world that simply does not care enough!

Your universities are killing this whole world; and still, you worship them without questioning a single thing/ or the cost of being wrong. I cannot fix that. I cannot save you. I can only pray. As “your gods” continue to say: believe only in us/ while they destroy, “your very soul”; your child; and your world.

In the contrast, between “you and me”; the most stark reality I can define is: you seek the value of living/ while I seek the value of life itself. While you assert they are the same/ my evaluation of the truth enlists the composition of reality, that proves “life will be disconnected from body”{as is death (body still here)}. Therefore the question becomes, how do we encounter more than “pleasures or pain, and the consequences of want/ pride/ or power”?

The answer would be: to realign ourselves with the elemental truth called energy, and assert; in this environment, there can be found “a level of thought” beyond what simply living will allow. This search envisions a return to birth, which functionally removes all the elements of body, to assemble “what is life itself”! That is a spiritual quest; as it leads beyond the definitions of time; to confront truth, and ascend into that understanding by the “24 laws” which elevate trust/ by creating life. Trust, or the lack of it; defines us all!

The essence of abandoning body, to accelerate disciplines in thought achieves two objectives. To remove the complications of living/ to achieve the integration of thought within your own life; by discarding the constructions of humanity.

The critical path is; “anything less than the purity of truth”, will become tragic. Therefore it is not a path for the majority; and will destroy some of those who try. So the masses choose to be a herd, claiming “SAFE; we cannot all be wrong”. But in reality, every form of animal lives by want; and achieves only time, by body. Eternity is not that! Nor is it completely safe; because energy, the environment of life; remains as energy, a force with consequences. Which makes order an essential participant in existence. The universities all claim, “life is just chaos, and by accident [a quadrillion accidents all working together] became more”. Little is more foolish or blind.

We then approach balance; as the contribution we can make to life itself; because love is the greatest “balance of life”, in existence. By contributing the single most treasured reality of this universe: “with you, I am not lonely”.

Beyond the slightest doubt; the greatest love of this entire universe is GOD ! As all of Creation, by its design, desire, and abilities; does testify too.

As for me, I have continued my quest for knowledge; and now confront the beginning development; where male or female is decided. The simple truth is, I cannot go back farther into time; which means, life must turn back around, to face whatever the future will bring. It is not a choice, life does not give that away. Each must accept the journey called time, by its own realities.

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